Journey of an Exiled Middle-Aged Adventurer Becoming a Hero [Chapter 11]

Overwhelming muscles!

“Um… that’s…”

“Vision block, calm down Yui. With this, we can’t see anything.”

Both girls seemed to have taken immediate action.

Yui and Elisa obscured their vision, blocking the image they had in front of them.

“What’s going on?! Suddenly using magic, do you have muscle problems?!”

Wow… His pectorals are trembling.

I haven’t seen someone move them in a long time.

“Um, sorry just to confirm, but are you Count Rieton…?”

“It’s me! I was waiting for you!”

“Um… when it comes to nobles, the image we have is that they are experts in magic chants…”

“Chants, you say?! So, you want to hear them!”

He said that, raised his feet on the table, and squeezed his arm tightly.

“I love muscles! I am loved by muscles! I am Rieton!”

“I didn’t mean that kind of chant…”

“It’s a chant!”

“Kyle-san, what is that man exactly saying?”

“I think he’s not saying anything.”

“Kyle-san, are you sure we can associate with this man?”

“I don’t think he’s a bad person.”

The soldiers said, ‘you’ll know when you meet him,’ was this what they meant?

Yes. You surely know when you meet him.

He is a dangerous person.

But on the other hand, even if it is said that this individual was just avoiding the worm, it would still be convincing.

Yes, anyway he is a dangerous person.

“Don’t you mind putting on a shirt? There are girls present…”

“You’re right! My apologies!”

Count Rieton said that and finally put on his clothes.

I think neither for men nor for girls finding this muscular man pleasant…

“You’re safe now, girls, you can look again.”

“[Clearing]… Ahh, it’s nice to see again.”

“I was so scared…”

I don’t blame them, I was uncomfortable too.

“Now, thank you for requesting my help directly. I’m very glad.”

“Yes! I had heard about you, and I wanted to meet you!”

This man is quite intense.

“I heard that you’re able to defeat any monster with a single blow, so I thought you would be a muscular man as well… And now that I look at you closely, you’re very slim.”

“Haha… my peculiarity lies in my ability…”

Indeed, his enthusiasm obviously waned.

He truly is someone who loves muscles.

“So, where is the worm?”

“Aah… About the worm…”

Saying that, Count Rieton put his feet back on the table and struck a pose.

Is it necessary to do that?

“First of all, I want to fight you! That’s why I chose you directly! Ha!”

He exclaimed boldly while smiling and pointing at me.

“Eh… with me?”

“Yes! With you!”

Impossible… Am I going to fight this person?

Journey of an Exiled Middle-Aged Adventurer Becoming a Hero

Journey of an Exiled Middle-Aged Adventurer Becoming a Hero

久々に健康診断を受けたら最強ステータスになっていた ~追放されたオッサン冒険者、今更英雄を目指す~ | Hisabisa ni kenkou shindan o uketara saikyou suteetasu ni natte ita ~ Tsuihou sareta ossan boukensha, imasara eiyuu o mezasu ~
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
Adventurer Kyle has been steadily working solo for ten years since he was expelled from the party for being incompetent. He is now 30 years old, and people think it is time for him to retire from being an adventurer due to his declining physical strength, but for some reason he has become able to defeat the highest ranked monsters with one punch. Suspecting that he may be under some kind of curse due to his skyrocketing ability growth, Kyle undergoes a medical check-up for the first time in a while. But what the doctor told him was-. “You have deviated from being human due to the awakening of [late bloomers].” What was happening to Kyle was the awakening of a unique skill [Late Blooming] that increases his status little by little every day! Knowing that he is in good health, Kyle accepts an invitation from budding adventurers Elisa and Yui to join their party ''Hero's Proof'' and begins a new life as an adventurer... An exhilarating adventure drama about such a late-blooming and strongest 30-year-old!


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