The demon king is the hero’s wife [Chapter 12]

Sacred Sword enters a new phase

With the sacred sword in hand, I stood in the training grounds, swinging the sword.


A shockwave erupted, and the earth split open.

“This is…”

My power has definitely increased.

After being at death’s door and coming back, it seems there has been a change in my abilities.

“I see. It seems I have advanced to a new stage after all.”


I felt a voice near me.

But there was no one around me.

“Can you hear my voice, Hero Sion…?”

Once again, I heard the voice.

“Could it be…?”

Suddenly, I understood.

“The sacred sword…?”

In the next moment, a light emanating from the sacred sword formed the silhouette of a person.

“You are…”

His appearance was that of a young man in his mid-twenties.

A face so perfect that exuded a certain coldness.

He was a young man with silver hair, blue eyes, and tall stature wrapped in a white cloak.”

“It is the first time we meet in this way, Master. I am the one residing in Faryaleida.”

He introduced himself.

“Does that mean you are the spirit of the sacred sword…?”

“Hmm. It’s not entirely accurate, but something similar, perhaps.”

He nodded.

“Then, calling you the sacred sword… might sound strange. Since you are called Faryaleida… Can I call you Faria?”

“If you wish.”

As he spoke, a slight smile appeared on his lips.

“Oh, is something bothering you?”

“No, I originally don’t have a name. Faryaleida is the actual name of the sacred sword. I have no identity of my own.”

The young man stated.

“When you called me, I felt something special. Having a name… is quite comforting.”

“Haha. Then, I’ll call you Faria from now on.”

“Yes, call me as you wish. Feel free to do so.”

The expression that seemed so cold softened slightly — now he appeared much kinder than before.

“The fact that you can hear my voice and manifest my form means that the sacred sword has advanced to a new stage. It is proof that your power as a hero is increasing.”

“My power is increasing…”

I murmured, echoing Faria’s explanation.

Indeed, my power has increased significantly.

Since that “suicidal act” from which I miraculously survived.”

“Hmm… it could be that the near-death experience is the cause. Or perhaps…”

Faria looked at me.

“You may have truly died once.”


“By gaining a new life, one obtains a new power; since ancient times, many heroes have gone through that.”

“A new power, huh?”

I looked up at the sky as I murmured.

I have been training hard to defeat the Demon King.

I have been honing this power while fighting.


Now that I have obtained this new power, how should I use it?

“What’s wrong, Master?”

Faria tilted his head in puzzlement.

“You don’t seem very happy about this.”


“Increasing your strength means that fulfilling your duty as a hero will be easier, isn’t it?”

Faria stared at me.

“Isn’t your goal to defeat the Demon King, Master?”


I was speechless.

Defeating the Demon King.

Just hearing those words made me tremble.

Killing Vilarzord…

In the past, I would have considered that my duty.

But now, in my current situation…

I can’t do it.

I can’t face Vilarzord.

I simply can’t bear to even think about it.”

The demon king is the hero’s wife

The demon king is the hero’s wife

魔王は勇者の可愛い嫁 ~パーティの美少女4人から裏切られた勇者、魔王と幸せに暮らします。4人が勇者殺しの大罪人として世界中から非難されてる?まあ因果応報かなぁ~ | Maou wa Yuusha no kawaii yome ~ Paati no bishoujo yonin kara uragirareta yuusha, maou to shiawase ni kurashimasu. Yonin ga yuusha koroshi no taizainin toshite sekaijuu kara hinan sareteru? Maa ingaouhou kanaa~
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
The final battle with the Demon King. Hero Sion had the Demon King cornered, but was betrayed by the four beautiful girls who were his companions, and they were all blown up with the Demon King. However, saved by the Demon King, Sion miraculously survives and starts living in the Demon King's country under the condition that his injuries heal! The Demon King's name is Vila. Despite her lovely appearance, she struggles to lead the radical faction of demons who are eager to start a war with humans due to their strong power. Sion, who sympathizes with Vila, his lifesaver, and her efforts to protect the demon tribe's way of life and peace, cooperates in suppressing the radicals while concealing his hero identity. The two gradually become attracted to each other and end up in a political marriage for certain reasons! Sometimes sweet, sometimes with a tense distance, their happy newlywed life begins... On the other hand, the four who betrayed Sion, initially praised as heroes who saved the world, gradually begin to reveal the crime of killing the hero...?!


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