The demon king is the hero’s wife [Chapter 15]

A peaceful moment for a hero and a demon king

That day, I had been talking to Vilarzord since the morning.

“Repairing the barrier?”

“Yes. As you know, the Demon King’s Kingdom is protected from human army invasion by a barrier that covers the entire territory. However, a part of the barrier in the southern region was damaged during the recent battle and has not been fully repaired yet,” explained Vilarzord.

“…The part I destroyed?”

During the final battle with the Demon King, I destroyed a part of the barrier with the sacred sword Faryaleida and invaded the Demon King’s Kingdom with my companions.

That part of the destroyed barrier is what Vilarzord mentioned.

“No, I’m not blaming you or anything like that. It was a battle, and you simply made the obvious choice,” Vilarzord hurriedly said.

“No, don’t worry… I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable…”

“I thought you might have been offended,” said Vilarzord somewhat concerned.

“No, not at all. It was just a factual explanation. Please continue,” I indicated.

“Yes. In summary, our main priority right now is to repair the barrier. If we fix that part, we can completely prevent the human army invasion,” concluded Vilarzord.

“Destroying all the barrier-generating devices surrounding the Kingdom’s territory would make the barriers disappear, but it’s not so simple to destroy the four with the forces of the human army,” I mentioned to Vilarzord.

“That strategy has been considered in the past, but it was mainly rejected due to the lack of strength,” she replied.

“Is it okay to reveal that information?”

“It may be… but if known, wouldn’t there be less reason for demon king to attack the human world? Overall, their approach is defensive, right?”

“That’s right. If there’s no way to break through the barriers from the human side, conflicts are less likely to occur,” Vilarzord nodded.

“I hope the barriers are repaired soon. If that happens, will I be okay staying here a bit longer…?”

“Of course! It would be great to have you here. Personally… I want Sion to stay and get to know him better,” Vilarzord replied cheerfully.


“N-Not, not in that way. W-What did I say…? Oh no, I jumped the gun and said it… ugh”

Vilarzord suddenly became embarrassed.

How adorable.

Lately, I have felt a great interest in her, and I hope it continues to grow.

“I want to spend more time with you, Vila,” I unintentionally said out loud.

She was right in front of me.

With her long pale pink hair and the black horns extending from the sides of her head.

Although her magnificent beauty exuded an almost divine presence that set her apart from humans, I had been feeling a closeness to her lately.

“When you look at me so much, I blush. I…”

Vilarzord shyly smiled, speaking like a normal girl, not like the Demon Queen.

“I’m sorry…”

“No, it’s okay. To return the gaze, I will also watch you,” Vilarzord said as she gazed at me.

“Uh, I’m definitely blushing at this.”


Vilarzord’s playful giggle made her seem charming.

On a peaceful day, during a serene and joyful moment, Vilarzord suddenly raised her head.

“What’s wrong?”

“There’s an extremely intense curse reaction. But that should be sealed…”

Vilarzord’s behavior was somewhat strange.

She seemed surprised, nervous, and… angry.

“It seems like something has gone wrong. I will go to the location right away.”


“I’m sorry for interrupting, but I will continue with you later. Sion, please stay here quietly.”

“No, I will go too. I may be able to help.”


And so, we both headed together towards the scene.

The demon king is the hero’s wife

The demon king is the hero’s wife

魔王は勇者の可愛い嫁 ~パーティの美少女4人から裏切られた勇者、魔王と幸せに暮らします。4人が勇者殺しの大罪人として世界中から非難されてる?まあ因果応報かなぁ~ | Maou wa Yuusha no kawaii yome ~ Paati no bishoujo yonin kara uragirareta yuusha, maou to shiawase ni kurashimasu. Yonin ga yuusha koroshi no taizainin toshite sekaijuu kara hinan sareteru? Maa ingaouhou kanaa~
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
The final battle with the Demon King. Hero Sion had the Demon King cornered, but was betrayed by the four beautiful girls who were his companions, and they were all blown up with the Demon King. However, saved by the Demon King, Sion miraculously survives and starts living in the Demon King's country under the condition that his injuries heal! The Demon King's name is Vila. Despite her lovely appearance, she struggles to lead the radical faction of demons who are eager to start a war with humans due to their strong power. Sion, who sympathizes with Vila, his lifesaver, and her efforts to protect the demon tribe's way of life and peace, cooperates in suppressing the radicals while concealing his hero identity. The two gradually become attracted to each other and end up in a political marriage for certain reasons! Sometimes sweet, sometimes with a tense distance, their happy newlywed life begins... On the other hand, the four who betrayed Sion, initially praised as heroes who saved the world, gradually begin to reveal the crime of killing the hero...?!


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