The demon king is the hero’s wife [Chapter 18]

Cooperation between hero and demon king 1

“…There is a massive accumulation of curses in that,” Vila whispered in my ear.

“When that orb explodes, all the curses inside it will scatter…”

“What…?!” I was speechless.

“That orb alone could contaminate a couple of human countries with the amount it holds. Why were they storing something like that?”


“We never meant to use curse weapons. However, just because we don’t use them doesn’t mean they can be easily discarded. Getting rid of weapons is synonymous with spreading curses,” Vila explained.

“I thought of purifying all the curses within the orb. It will take time, but slowly and surely—”

“Ah, there are places in human countries that are undergoing similar purifications,” I said.

“I see… The purification was progressing well. But I didn’t expect them to come and snatch it from me by force… Perhaps I was too confident.”

“Anyway, let’s retrieve those curse weapons from them. Just one unit?”

“No, there are two. They must have another one, someone in their group must have it.”

And then,

“Retrieve it? Hmph, I won’t allow it, Demon King,” said the demon with the orb, laughing.

“It is you who will spread these curse weapons.”

“What are you talking about?!” Vila frowned.

“Yes, a vast number of curses aimed at the world of humans, isn’t it?”

“Humanity will come at you with everything they’ve got.”

“And in turn, it will weaken all your power.”

The demons boasted amidst laughter.

Were they deliberately announcing their goal to psychologically pressure Vila?

Or perhaps Vila’s earlier spell was taking effect, making them more willing to share their true thoughts?

“These guys—…”

I stared at them intently.

I mean, are these individuals pretending to be Vila and planning to use curse weapons in the human world…?!

“I won’t allow such a thing.”

An aura of dark energy surged from Vila’s entire body.

“I will demand that they return the curse weapons. Even if it’s necessary, by force.”

“W-Wait, don’t come any closer…!”

The demon yelled in panic.

“If you do anything to us, I will make this explode.”

“You wouldn’t want to spread curses in your own territory, would you?”

“Filthy beings…!”

Vila exclaimed.

“We don’t care. It would be ideal to use them in the human world, but even if we use them here, the people’s loyalty to you, the leader, will surely diminish.”

“Your people will brand you as Vila the plague, the one who made a grave mistake, and who is not worthy of being the Demon King. Everyone will demand a much more competent leader than you.”

“If that happens, we can pave the way for our true lord to become the next Demon King.”

“And are you willing to sacrifice people? Does your true leader agree with that?”

Vila asked with a look of disgust.

“I cannot allow someone like that to sit on the throne as king.”

“…Vila. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this, I will help you retrieve the weapon from these wretches.”

“An alliance between the hero and the Demon King, huh?”

“Yes, don’t you think it would be interesting?”

Honestly, fighting alongside her, who used to be a mortal enemy, was a development that truly ignited my heart.

“…Yes, very interesting.”

Vila looked at me and smiled.

It seemed we had the same impression.

“So, what’s the plan?”

“Well, how about this…”

The demon king is the hero’s wife

The demon king is the hero’s wife

魔王は勇者の可愛い嫁 ~パーティの美少女4人から裏切られた勇者、魔王と幸せに暮らします。4人が勇者殺しの大罪人として世界中から非難されてる?まあ因果応報かなぁ~ | Maou wa Yuusha no kawaii yome ~ Paati no bishoujo yonin kara uragirareta yuusha, maou to shiawase ni kurashimasu. Yonin ga yuusha koroshi no taizainin toshite sekaijuu kara hinan sareteru? Maa ingaouhou kanaa~
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
The final battle with the Demon King. Hero Sion had the Demon King cornered, but was betrayed by the four beautiful girls who were his companions, and they were all blown up with the Demon King. However, saved by the Demon King, Sion miraculously survives and starts living in the Demon King's country under the condition that his injuries heal! The Demon King's name is Vila. Despite her lovely appearance, she struggles to lead the radical faction of demons who are eager to start a war with humans due to their strong power. Sion, who sympathizes with Vila, his lifesaver, and her efforts to protect the demon tribe's way of life and peace, cooperates in suppressing the radicals while concealing his hero identity. The two gradually become attracted to each other and end up in a political marriage for certain reasons! Sometimes sweet, sometimes with a tense distance, their happy newlywed life begins... On the other hand, the four who betrayed Sion, initially praised as heroes who saved the world, gradually begin to reveal the crime of killing the hero...?!


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