The demon king is the hero’s wife [Chapter 19]

Cooperation between hero and demon king 2

“The true Demon King, huh? I didn’t know there was another Demon King besides Vila.”

I slowly approached them.

“Hey, don’t come closer… or rather, who the hell are you…?”

“Is this guy not a human…?”

The demons seemed to finally realize.

“That’s right. I am Sion, the hero. I am currently under the protection of the Demon King,”

I moved even closer.

Carefully closing the distance so as not to agitate the demons too much.

I have only one chance.

I glanced briefly at Vila, who was standing behind me.

She subtly nodded with a barely noticeable movement, subtle enough for others not to notice.

“The hero?”

“Why is a hero in the Demon King’s Realm…?”

The demons looked increasingly puzzled.

“The humans tried to sacrifice my life to kill the Demon King.”

I smiled maliciously.

So, I decided it would be better to join the side of the Demon King. Fortunately, it seems that the Demon King values me. Being here allows me to gain some interesting advantages.”

“…Hmph, humans really are cunning.”

“Yes. That’s why I thought we could get along.”

I continued to smile sinisterly and took a step closer, then another.

“I told you not to come closer. You know? I could make this explode.”

“Eh? If it explodes at this distance, won’t you be involved in the curse as well?”

I extended my right hand forward.

I called upon the sacred sword, Faryaleid.

I stared at them intently.

As I spoke, I directed my gaze towards Vila behind me.

She nodded slightly.

Good, the preparation is ready!

“If you keep approaching… you will regret it!”

“Hmph… Such things can be easily disposed of!”

The demon raised the orb in his hand.

Was he planning to throw it out the window and make it explode?

“Let’s get out of here!”

The demon said as he threw the orb. At that moment,


With a buzz, Faria appeared next to the demon, grabbing the orb that had been thrown in the air.

The demons did not recognize Faria’s presence.

So, Vila applied her invisibility magic to him and stealthily approached the demons.

And now they threw the orb, she managed to snatch it away.

“W-What is this?”


I lunged towards the bewildered demons.

The fact that I could get close so quickly was proof that my skills had improved since the last time.



I took down one of the demons, leaving only one…

“Don’t kill him, capture him, Sion!”


Yes, we needed to gather information about this “true Demon King” from him.

I approached the last demon and immobilized him.


Vila quickly cast a restraining spell and captured him entirely.

The demon king is the hero’s wife

The demon king is the hero’s wife

魔王は勇者の可愛い嫁 ~パーティの美少女4人から裏切られた勇者、魔王と幸せに暮らします。4人が勇者殺しの大罪人として世界中から非難されてる?まあ因果応報かなぁ~ | Maou wa Yuusha no kawaii yome ~ Paati no bishoujo yonin kara uragirareta yuusha, maou to shiawase ni kurashimasu. Yonin ga yuusha koroshi no taizainin toshite sekaijuu kara hinan sareteru? Maa ingaouhou kanaa~
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
The final battle with the Demon King. Hero Sion had the Demon King cornered, but was betrayed by the four beautiful girls who were his companions, and they were all blown up with the Demon King. However, saved by the Demon King, Sion miraculously survives and starts living in the Demon King's country under the condition that his injuries heal! The Demon King's name is Vila. Despite her lovely appearance, she struggles to lead the radical faction of demons who are eager to start a war with humans due to their strong power. Sion, who sympathizes with Vila, his lifesaver, and her efforts to protect the demon tribe's way of life and peace, cooperates in suppressing the radicals while concealing his hero identity. The two gradually become attracted to each other and end up in a political marriage for certain reasons! Sometimes sweet, sometimes with a tense distance, their happy newlywed life begins... On the other hand, the four who betrayed Sion, initially praised as heroes who saved the world, gradually begin to reveal the crime of killing the hero...?!


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