Journey of an Exiled Middle-Aged Adventurer Becoming a Hero [Chapter 19]

Saint Lucia

“Anyway, what do we plan to do from now on?”

“Receiving a time-limited notice… I’m worried.”

We left the hospital and sat on a bench in the capital square.

The sky is clear.

Looking up at the clear sky, I exhale.

“We have no choice but to reach the saint. It’s the only thing we can do.”

To be honest, I’m still in shock from the time-limited notice.

Many thoughts are running through my mind about what to do next.

But there’s nothing to do.

It’s pointless to regret at this point, as nothing can be changed.

Besides, even if I say regret, I don’t regret anything.

At that moment, I believe it wasn’t a mistake to repel the demons.

“Anyway, about the saint. When it comes to being known globally, I have some ideas of who it could be.”

Indeed, many people probably have an idea of who it could be.

After all, she is extremely famous.

However, everyone gives up.

“How could we reach her?”

Firstly, we can’t contact her.

Since she is of global stature, state affairs are involved.

Once the state gets involved, common citizens have no chance.

“It’s a complicated situation. But you’re probably thinking of that person, aren’t you?”

“Lucia is the exclusive saint of our country, right? Are you thinking of seeking her help?”

“Yes, it’s her.”

In our country, we have a globally famous saint.

Her name is Lucia.

According to rumors, it is said that she can cure any curse.

“Well, let’s go back to the guild for now. While we gather information, let’s inform the guild about completing the request and quickly rise to rank B.”


“The request has been completed. Congratulations! Now you are all a rank B group!”

“For now, mission accomplished.”

“We’ve been promoted! I’m so happy!”

“Good job to both of you. Even though the situation is what it is.”

I patted both girls on the head, and they smiled happily.

“Now you can receive even more requests. Let’s keep working hard!”

“By the way, as your rank in the guild increases, you’ll be able to receive more requests.”

“Now that you’ve reached rank B, you should be able to accept certain types of requests.”

“Wait a moment…”

I suddenly stopped and calmly asked the receptionist.

“If I remember correctly, you told me that as an adventurer, I am rank S, right?”

The receptionist tilted her head slightly and replied:

“Yes, that’s correct. Is there something you need?”

With a determined expression, I leaned over the counter and asked.

Rank S. That is, the highest rank in the guild.

Moreover, this is the largest guild in the royal capital.

There should be numerous requests available.

“By any chance, is there any request related to the Sword Kingdom?”

“Eh? Yes, there are… But why are you suddenly interested?”

“I want to accept one of those requests!”

“What?! But what’s happening suddenly? What about your party…?”

“Of course, I will protect the members of my party. If I recall correctly, with a leader, it’s possible to accept requests of a higher rank, right?”

“Indeed, that’s correct… So, you really want to do this?”

“I’ll take it!”

This is something I cannot refuse.

I must get as close to the kingdom as possible.

“Eh? Are we going to accept an S-rank request?!”


Although I am exposing both girls to a dangerous situation, I will protect them.

Also, it’s possible that I may die myself.

Even though I will die whether I do something or not.

However, the receptionist smiled ironically.

“But… there are only extremely challenging requests.”

Saying that, she showed me the requester.

In the requester section, it was written “King”.

The target is an “Officer of the Demon King’s Army”.

Journey of an Exiled Middle-Aged Adventurer Becoming a Hero

Journey of an Exiled Middle-Aged Adventurer Becoming a Hero

久々に健康診断を受けたら最強ステータスになっていた ~追放されたオッサン冒険者、今更英雄を目指す~ | Hisabisa ni kenkou shindan o uketara saikyou suteetasu ni natte ita ~ Tsuihou sareta ossan boukensha, imasara eiyuu o mezasu ~
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
Adventurer Kyle has been steadily working solo for ten years since he was expelled from the party for being incompetent. He is now 30 years old, and people think it is time for him to retire from being an adventurer due to his declining physical strength, but for some reason he has become able to defeat the highest ranked monsters with one punch. Suspecting that he may be under some kind of curse due to his skyrocketing ability growth, Kyle undergoes a medical check-up for the first time in a while. But what the doctor told him was-. “You have deviated from being human due to the awakening of [late bloomers].” What was happening to Kyle was the awakening of a unique skill [Late Blooming] that increases his status little by little every day! Knowing that he is in good health, Kyle accepts an invitation from budding adventurers Elisa and Yui to join their party ''Hero's Proof'' and begins a new life as an adventurer... An exhilarating adventure drama about such a late-blooming and strongest 30-year-old!


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