Journey of an Exiled Middle-Aged Adventurer Becoming a Hero [Chapter 3]


.”My body is in perfect health… My unique skill is incredible, huh?”

I can’t believe my skill is awakening now.

Well, it’s too late for that.

However, as I age, instead of feeling weak, I gain an excess of energy.

Life is truly surprising.

I opened the guild door and headed to check what missions are posted on the quest board.

At that moment.

“Kyle! This time you will join our party!”

“Please, we’re counting on you!”

“…You two, huh?”

The mage Elisa and the archer Yui.

These girls, for some reason, have always been close to an old man like me.

Many people had invited me to their parties because I am strong, but after rejecting for a long time, now I am only with these two.

It might be rude, but I thought they found me interesting.

After all, it is impossible for me, an old man who says “I don’t know when I’ll die,” to keep being annoying.

Though it may sound arrogant, honestly, it’s quite annoying.

“Alright. I will join your party. Just to confirm… You don’t mind being with an old man like me, do you?”

When I asked again, the two suddenly fell silent.

Uh, maybe it’s not okay for them to be with an old man like me after all?

“I-Is this for real… are you really joining?”

“Are you sure you’re telling the truth…?”

“Yes. The possibility of me dying soon that I always mentioned has disappeared.”

“Wow! Thank you! I have always been a fan of yours, Kyle, so I am really excited!”

“This isn’t a dream, right?! If it is, please slap me!”

“Uh, are you two okay…?”

As I watched both girls excited, somehow, I couldn’t help but smile resignedly.

I see that they really wanted to be with me.

“Let’s go, let’s go on a mission right away! I want to see Kyle’s skill with my own eyes!”

“Yes… it’s not that thrilling, but if it makes you happy, that’s fine.”

Saying that, we went to exterminate goblins.

Upon reaching the designated location in the request, I faced the goblins below the cliff.

“Here I come!”

“I will cast a buff on Kyle— huh?”

“I will assist with my bow— huh?”

I jumped from the cliff and struck with force.




And upon landing, I struck with all the momentum into the ground.

In an instant, there was a loud bang.

The ground cracked deeply, and a shockwave resonated around it.

The target goblin nearby disappeared without a word, leaving no trace.

I pulled out my fist embedded in the ground and sighed.

“Oh, um… Kyle.”


“Oh, sorry. The request only mentioned goblin eradication, but is it okay that I eliminated them completely?”

Perhaps I thought I had messed up by doing something different from what the request stated.

I may have gotten too excited trying to show off my skill to the young ones, something that didn’t happen often.

“It’s incredible! What the heck was that?! Are you a monster?!”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen you fight in person! I’m so excited to be by your side, Kyle-san… it’s moving…! I’m your fan!”

“I see. I’m glad to know I didn’t do anything strange.”

I was a bit worried that maybe I did something wrong.

But apparently, everything was fine, and that reassured me.

“Let’s work hard together! Thank you so much for joining us! Um… Even though we are a C-rank party…”

“We’re not a very strong party, but… I’m happy that you’re with us, Kyle-san.”

“Alright, alright. The rank of a party doesn’t matter, you two are young, so you’ll level up soon.”

Well, since I’ve mainly been doing solo activities, I have to make sure not to cause any trouble.

I’ll strive not to disappoint the expectations of my fans.

“Once again, welcome to our party ‘Hero’s Proof’!”


Journey of an Exiled Middle-Aged Adventurer Becoming a Hero

Journey of an Exiled Middle-Aged Adventurer Becoming a Hero

久々に健康診断を受けたら最強ステータスになっていた ~追放されたオッサン冒険者、今更英雄を目指す~ | Hisabisa ni kenkou shindan o uketara saikyou suteetasu ni natte ita ~ Tsuihou sareta ossan boukensha, imasara eiyuu o mezasu ~
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
Adventurer Kyle has been steadily working solo for ten years since he was expelled from the party for being incompetent. He is now 30 years old, and people think it is time for him to retire from being an adventurer due to his declining physical strength, but for some reason he has become able to defeat the highest ranked monsters with one punch. Suspecting that he may be under some kind of curse due to his skyrocketing ability growth, Kyle undergoes a medical check-up for the first time in a while. But what the doctor told him was-. “You have deviated from being human due to the awakening of [late bloomers].” What was happening to Kyle was the awakening of a unique skill [Late Blooming] that increases his status little by little every day! Knowing that he is in good health, Kyle accepts an invitation from budding adventurers Elisa and Yui to join their party ''Hero's Proof'' and begins a new life as an adventurer... An exhilarating adventure drama about such a late-blooming and strongest 30-year-old!


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