I Reincarnated into Another World with Zero Magic Power, So I Trained My Swordsmanship for 1000 Years: Chapter 1

I have no magic power

I, Yuuri Izumi (18 years old), also known as Yuzuri, one day lost my life saving a girl who was about to be run over by a truck. 

Before me appeared Alistia, a beautiful young lady with silver hair who called herself a goddess from another world. According to her, in reality, it wasn’t me who should have died in that accident, but the girl. 

I had changed the predestined fate with my own hands.

“Despite having lost your life for that, you can’t be happy… But don’t worry. For achieving that great deed, you are granted the right to reincarnate.”

“Right to reincarnate?”

“Yes. By rules and regulations, this will involve a world different from Earth…”

Since there was no reason to reject the idea, I decided to accept it. 

The next thing that intrigues me is to know the world I will be reincarnated into. When I asked, Alistia explained it to me in detail. A world with swords, magic, and monsters. It was just as one would imagine when hearing the phrase ‘another world’; a world full of fantasy.

“By the way, as a benefit for being a reincarnated individual, Yuuri will receive three abilities.”

“That’s a relief. It wouldn’t make sense to try to survive in another world as I am.”

“Here are some options for abilities. Please choose the one you like the most.”

And so, Alistia handed me a book. It was like a catalog of gifts. However, my future will depend on the choice I make among these abilities. I opened the book with excitement. But…

“Huh? How strange, there’s nothing written here!” 

The book was blank.

Upon seeing my confusion in this unexpected situation, Alistia also furrowed her brow.

“Really? That can’t be… What?!” As if she had a realization, Alistia suddenly stood up.

“What’s wrong?”

“I think I know what’s happening. Yuuri, please allow me.” 

After saying this, Alistia extended both hands towards me. From her hands emerged a white light that completely enveloped me.

After a few seconds, Alistia let out a surprised cry. 

“What…? Zero magic energy?!”

“Is it so rare to be surprised by that?”

“Yes. Regardless of the world you are born into, living beings are supposed to possess a certain amount of magic energy. However, when they don’t…”

Then, Alistia explained several concerns to me.

Firstly, it seems that activating an ability always requires magic energy. Since I don’t possess any magic energy, there are no abilities available to me, which is why the book was blank.

However, the obvious question arises: couldn’t the body be transformed during reincarnation to have magic energy? So reincarnation involves reviving the original body and sending it to another world. If the original amount is zero, it seems it will remain zero even after reincarnation.

Alistia had a look of guilt on her face. 

“I’m sorry. If only you had a bit of magic energy, there would have been ways to increase it…”

“So, if it starts at zero, there’s nothing that can be done?”

“Yes. That’s the situation…”


Until a moment ago, I thought I would lead a life in another world, mastering everyone with trap abilities, as I’ve seen in stories. Therefore, I feel quite shocked. Seeing this reaction, it seems like there’s nothing that can be done about it. So, the only option left is to adapt.

“Can I receive a weapon instead of an ability?”

“Of course, there’s no problem, but… With your current capacity, Yuuri, even if you were to obtain a weapon, without abilities, you wouldn’t be a match even for low-level monsters.”


Although I already knew this, hearing it directly affected me deeply. However, I can’t stay depressed forever. Alistia mentioned that with my current state, it wouldn’t be enough.

“So, before reincarnating into another world, give me time to train.”


“Yes. At the very least, you need to have enough strength to defeat low-level monsters effortlessly.”

“…Alright, I understand.”

Apparently, Alistia picked up on my determination and nodded gravely.

“So, let’s prepare for the InterTemporal Space.”

“The InterTemporal Space…?”

“For those like you, Yuuri, who wish to test abilities before reincarnation, in the InterTemporal Space, time and the flow of the outside world change so you don’t age, and any damage or fatigue you suffer instantly recovers. So, there, you can train until you are satisfied, understood?”

“I see, that’s useful.”

“No, it’s my duty.”

The decision was made. Subsequently, I received a sword from Alistia. It was a common sword with a notable silver blade.

“Is this my weapon?”

“Everything is ready.”

As I examined the sword with curiosity, the space in front of me gradually distorted, connecting to another dimension. It seemed that this was the InterTemporal Space exclusive to me.

“Alright, I’m off.”

“Yes. When you have acquired enough skill to defeat low-level monsters effortlessly, I will bring you back, as you mentioned, okay?”

“Yes, please.”

Although I wasn’t sure how strong exactly the low-level monsters were, I trusted Alistia to handle that aspect.

Once again, I entered the InterTemporal Space. 

After Yuuri headed to the InterTemporal Space, Alistia, who was left behind, had a look of apology.

“I didn’t expect Yuuri to have no magic energy at all. I wanted him to be able to live peacefully at least in another world…”

While she pondered that, suddenly, a distortion appeared in the space in front of her. Alistia wondered if something unusual had happened to Yuuri, but soon realized her concerns were unfounded.

“Alistia-sama, I have returned.”

From the distortion emerged a young girl who was a subordinate of Alistia. Upon seeing Alistia, the young girl appeared puzzled and asked with a curious expression.

“Alistia-sama, you seem worried. Is something wrong?”

“Well, actually…”

Alistia explained the entire situation up to that point to her subordinate. The failed attempt to reincarnate Yuuri into another world due to the lack of magic energy. Therefore, she gave him a sword instead of an ability and sent him to the InterTemporal Space to acquire the minimum competence needed.

After hearing the whole story, the subordinate seemed puzzled about something.

“The InterTemporal Space?”

“Yes. Are you familiar with it?”

Although it was the first time a reincarnated individual had no magic energy, the said place had been used several times before. It was a routine confirmation, but the young girl shook her head.

“No, I don’t mean that. If the reincarnated individual has no magic energy, how would the tracking marking be done?”


“But, the InterTemporal Space consists of small scattered areas within an infinite space. To locate a target from there, it is assumed that we follow the traces of magic energy. If there is no magic energy in the target… How…?”

Finally, Alistia understood and, as if setting aside her elegance and nobility, she stood up shouting. Since an existence without magic energy was unprecedented, Alistia had not taken this concern into account.

Seeing her lady in that state, the young subordinate’s face quickly paled.

“Alistia-sama, is this for real…?!”

“What… What should we do? If we continue like this, Yuuri will be trapped forever in the InterTemporal Space…!”

Furthermore, there was a more complicated issue. 

The InterTemporal Space had a different flow of time and space compared to the outside world. Usually, time passed faster than in the outside world, sometimes even at a scale of up to 10,000 times faster, as had been confirmed.

If that were the case, more than just a few days could have passed while Alistia spoke.

“No, this cannot continue like this. We must find the InterTemporal Space that Yuuri headed to as soon as possible.”

If Yuuri were to be trapped in that place without having reached the minimum competence needed, the suffering of being locked in that infinite prison could destroy his soul before he gained any power. Fearing this possibility, Alistia decided to search for Yuuri in the infinite space.

And so, unaware of Alistia’s anxiety, Yuuri had already begun his training without delay.

I Reincarnated into Another World with Zero Magic Power, So I Trained My Swordsmanship for 1000 Years ~The World’s Strongest, Who Believes He’s a Lowly Swordsman, Unconsciously Makes Enemies Tremble~

I Reincarnated into Another World with Zero Magic Power, So I Trained My Swordsmanship for 1000 Years ~The World’s Strongest, Who Believes He’s a Lowly Swordsman, Unconsciously Makes Enemies Tremble~

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: 異世界に転生したけど魔力0だったので、1000年間剣技を鍛えてみた ~自分を低級剣士だと思い込んでいる世界最強は無自覚に無双するようです〜
The protagonist, Yuuri Izumi, one day loses his life due to a certain event and undergoes reincarnation in another world. However, according to the goddess, Yuuri's magic power is zero. She is told that him is too fragile to survive in the other world. Therefore, before reincarnating into the other world, Yuuri decides to receive time for training. But, due to a mistake by the goddess, he ends up training for 1000 years, even though he was supposed to train until she became a lowly swordsman. Yuuri becomes the world's strongest after 1000 years of training. But he mistakenly believes that he has finally become a lowly swordsman and sets off on a journey to the other world. There, Yuuri mistakes a Fenrir for mere dog under. Mistakes the strongest dragon for a mere bird and instantaneously defeats it, and discreetly saves a S-rank party of beautiful girls renowned throughout the country. This is a story of the strongest swordsman without magic power, engaging in unconsciously overwhelming battles.


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