I Was Sacrificed, but I Became a Disciple of the God and Mastered Martial Arts [Chapter 1] [Volume 1]

Island of demons

I just wanted to be recognized.

—Damn it! You’re useless! A disgrace to the Godo family!

No matter how much he shouted, my father’s assault didn’t stop. Since I could not use magic, and since it was impossible for a swordsman to be unable to manifest the [Vital Sword] that was practically his life, I had no place to belong.

—This is the eldest son of the Godo family, right? Hmm… I thought he was a beggar.

—Is he the firstborn? He must be a disgrace to his father.

—Yes, but what does it matter? Toji-sama is a really great guy, don’t you think?

—That’s right, didn’t he manifest the same [Vital Sword] as the Lord? That’s why it was decided that Toji-sama would be the next head of the Godo family in both name and reality, right?

No one acknowledged me.

—The way things are going, it seems impossible for that boy to become a swordsman. He will soon be disowned and probably end up as a farmer, don’t you think?

—Hey, don’t make fun of peasants! That useless person couldn’t possibly do farm work!

—Of course! After all, he’s a defective person who can’t use magic, right?

The people in the village mocked me.

—Toma. You are a strong boy. You are my greatest pride.


No… I was never strong.

Please forgive your incompetent son…


It was a morning like any other.

I woke up and, as usual, took a “food pill” for breakfast.

Although the taste is awful, it’s a pill that efficiently provides the necessary nutrients. However, it wouldn’t generally be considered a meal.

… Now that I think about it, I’d gotten used to taking it every day for many years. 

Even though I am the eldest son of the Godo family, a failure like me is not provided with food. 

It used to make me very depressed, and the taste would make me cry again and again.

But now I don’t even taste it. It’s all about getting nutrients to survive. 

If I could escape, I would run as far away from this house as possible. 

But my father, who wants to hide my existence, forbids me from touching the outside world. 

Therefore, even if I tried to escape, the people in this house would immediately catch me and punish me severely. 

But rather than that punishment, I was afraid of disobeying my mother’s words by running away. 


After I finished eating, I got ready and took a wooden sword and went to the training hall. 

I started running as usual, and then went on to train every part of my body. 

How many years have I followed this daily routine? I can’t even remember. 

When my body was on the verge of exhaustion, I took a short rest and then picked up the wooden sword. And I simply swung it downwards. 

I lifted it and brought it down in a straight line. It was a movement I had made thousands, perhaps millions of times. 

Under normal circumstances, I would have also studied and practiced the Godo family’s martial art, the [Koga Style]. 

However, as a failure who can’t handle magic, I couldn’t receive the Koga style from my father. Therefore, I had no choice but to learn swordplay on my own.


Only then did I find peace.

But on this day, things would not be as usual.

—Hey, useless! Who told you you could use that?



Toji-sama, who usually didn’t come to the training hall, appeared with his servant. Then Toji, visibly annoyed by my words, raised his voice.

—Toji-sama, huh…! You should address him as Toji-sama…!


I couldn’t see Toji’s movements at all.

Toji-sama’s fist hit my stomach.

I was thrown by the tremendous force and collided with the wall of the training hall.

—Cough cough.

—Hahaha, how weak, I only pushed you a little.

While I was coughing violently, Toji was mocking me in front of his servants, who were also smiling.

Unbelievable, he can’t even use a little magic.

Not being able to use magic must be very inconvenient, right?

Well, it’s a condition that we can’t understand.

Anyway, it’s annoying to have to worry about useless things.


That was the difference between Toji and I.

Magic is in everything, and when it flows through the body, it gives great power.

…No, magic flows naturally through the body, so the physical ability of Toji and the others is something universal.

Yet, magic did not flow through my body.

When I was a child, several doctors examined me to find the cause, and they discovered that I had magic in me. 

But the strange thing is that somehow this essential magic did not flow through my body. I had magic, but I had a distorted body that didn’t allow the magic to flow. 

That is why my physical abilities are the weakest in this country, if not the world. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I could lose to any child in the village. 

Normally, a child’s magic flow has already stabilized, and a body where magic doesn’t flow properly is something reserved for babies. 

In other words… I was as weak as a baby. Holding my sore stomach, I picked up the wooden sword and bowed to Toji.

—…If my words bothered you, I apologize. 

— I will take my leave. 

Toji, who saw me walking away, smiled at the sight of the wooden sword I was holding. 

—Damn it… Are you still obsessed with learning how to use a sword? Has swinging it every day changed anything?


Regardless of what was said, I couldn’t respond to his words, which made Toji angry again.

You… You have a lot of nerve ignoring me!


Thinking he was going to hit me again, I prepared myself, but Toji’s servants laughed at my reaction.

—Haha, I’m just talking to you and you’re already scared!

—Toji-sama, laughing like that… Haha.

—He has a talent… Acting like a clown, haha.

—…I’m sorry.

I put my head down again and tried to leave, but Toji wouldn’t let me.

—Wait a moment… I realize that I’ve been very cruel to you, so I’ll give you a chance to show me your skills. How does that sound?


—Are you refusing my offer?!

I didn’t want to submit to his games. And even if I tried to leave by force, I would only be humiliated in this place.

Besides, the servants had positioned themselves around me to make sure that I wouldn’t try to escape.

As I looked around, Toji held out his right hand.

—Watch carefully. Burn brightly… Yoko!

Suddenly, a powerful force seemed to emerge from Toji’s right hand, and a sword appeared from it.

The sword with a silver blade and red waves was Toji’s sword, Yoko.

—This is my sword, Yoko. What do you think? Isn’t it beautiful? If you are cut by this sword, your existence will be consumed by flames!

The personal sword is the most important power for a swordsman in this country, and by possessing this sword, the swordsman gains the right to call himself a swordsman.

This is because every personal sword contains powerful abilities.

But I…

—Come on, draw your personal sword too.


—Oh, that’s right, I forgot. You don’t have a personal sword! Hahaha!

No matter how much I wanted to, I couldn’t materialize a personal sword.

The residents of this country have the opportunity to manifest their personal sword at the ages of three, five, and seven through the Emperor’s personal sword, the Outo.

The eligibility to participate in this rite is granted to all the inhabitants of this land, and it is called the “King’s Selection Blessing”. It is considered one of the most important rituals in this country.

However, the manifestation of the personal sword is strongly related to inheritance and is almost exclusively given to the children of swordsmen who belong to a family of swordsmen. 

However, there are exceptional individuals who manifest a personal sword despite being the children of farmers.

And I am one of the “Seven Great Celestial Saints” who holds the highest rank among swordsmen, the purple rank. I am the son of Godo Toru. Even so, my personal sword did not manifest.

—Could you really not have a little compassion? A family as illustrious as the Godo family, with ties to the Imperial Family and the Imperial Guard swordsmen who have protected the Imperial Family for generations… For such incompetence to be born in a family as illustrious as the Godo family… I can’t help but feel ashamed.


I didn’t want to be born in this house either. I just wanted someone to recognize me. 

That’s all.

—Oh, I see. You were born because your mother was incompetent. Speaking of which, it was said that your mother was fragile for a long time, right? Just like you, she couldn’t use magic, right? Incompetent children are born to incompetent mothers.


Toji’s words immediately made me angry. I didn’t care if they mocked or insulted me, but I couldn’t allow them to mock my mother.

—Mother… Don’t you dare speak ill of her!

I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I jumped up and stomped on him with all my might while swinging the wooden sword downward with my eyes fixed on the blade.

But while he taunted me, Toji casually avoided me.

—Come on, don’t get mad, I’m just telling the truth, right? My father told me that your mother was beautiful. But he regretted having a son with her, since your existence was the consequence.

I just swung my wooden sword desperately and shuffled my feet to try to strike again.

But it was in vain, for Toji dodged all my attacks. He immediately lunged at my chest and hit me with the Tiger Yang hilt.

—Haha… How pathetic.

How many years had passed since I started practicing? Three years? I’m starting to think that it’s pointless to swing this rod from the time I wake up until I go to bed…

While I was struggling to breathe, Toji kicked me mercilessly in the face.

—Your efforts are in vain.


And finally, he started kicking my face.

—Do you understand now? Your lifelong efforts can’t even compare to one day of my training.

After that, Toji, bored of playing with me, left with his servants.

—Sometimes, it’s good to get up early to practice. Although it would be an insult to classify this as practice at all… But I can’t deny that I feel fresher.

—Certainly, young master… There’s no denying that this useless one has improved his ability to act like a clown.

—Yes, this just shows that in order to avoid making the same mistakes as my father, I need to choose my partner very carefully so that my son doesn’t turn out to be like that failure… Being the next head isn’t that easy.

The mocking voices faded. Listening to their laughter, I could do nothing.


When I returned to my room, dragging my body, my father, Toru Godo, was reading a letter.

—The day of the sacrifice on Demon Island has finally arrived…

…The first emperor who founded the Land of the Sun defeated a certain demon.

However, that demon turned into an evil spirit and brought various calamities to the Land of the Sun.

To appease the demon’s wrath, every ten years the Land of the Sun offered sacrifices on Demon Island, where it’s believed the demon was defeated.

Nowadays, no one believes in this legend except the Imperial Family. 

To this day, the Imperial Family continues to offer sacrifices as a traditional ritual to demonstrate the great achievement of the first Emperor and to reassure the people of the country. 

However, since many in the world do not believe in this legend, this ritual has been treated as a form of exile for criminals to maintain a certain balance. 

Most importantly, even if they do not believe in the evil spirit of the demon, Demon Island is so infested with terrifying monsters and demons that not even Toru, one of the Seven Great Heavenly Saints, dares to go there carelessly. 

Therefore, offering a sacrifice on Demon Island is tantamount to extreme punishment.

—Haha… I really am lucky. — Toru said as he pressed the letter together and burned it completely with the fire of his magic — I’ve often thought about killing this failure with my own hands… But if I act directly, I’ll be surrounded by scandal somehow. Of course, the world won’t know anything about this useless guy. But I couldn’t bear to be blamed for giving birth to a useless one. That’s why I’ve endured until now. With this method, I can eliminate him, raise the status of the Guardian family, and then…

With a dark smile, Toru began to prepare his plan.


A few days passed quietly after the interaction with Toji. As usual, I ate my rations and prepared to train with a wooden sword… Or so I thought. But today, instead of the usual, someone came to this hut, a place no one would normally approach.

—Are you Toma?


Several well-armed swordsmen stood at the entrance of the hut.

Upon closer inspection, I found that they were strangers to the Godo family, and their armor bore the crest of the Land of the Sun with a dragon holding the sun, symbolizing the Imperial Family.

—What are you doing?

—You have to come with us.


Before I could resist, the swordsmen quickly immobilized me and dragged me out of the cabin.

—What are you doing?! I—…

—Don’t open your mouth.


They hit me in the neck and I tried desperately to stay conscious, but my efforts were in vain and I passed out.


—Ugh… Where… Where am I…?

—Who gave you permission to speak?!


Just when I thought I was finally awake, I was suddenly slapped in the face.

Hurriedly, I started to think and somehow just moved my eyes to look around…

—Is that the person this time?

—Isn’t he the eldest son of the Gotou family?

—I see, so this is their plan.

It was a place that seemed to be the garden of a large unknown mansion, and I was lying on the gravel path below.

However, at the top and bottom of the mansion, there were countless adults dressed in very elegant clothes.

The looks they gave me were cold, as if they were looking at an object, and my body tensed.

How could they look so indifferent?

I realized that there was no emotion in those looks.

Moreover, it seemed that they had immobilized me and forced me to bow down.

And right in front of me, behind a curtain, there was a man sitting quietly in the highest position.

Who is he? 

When I opened my eyes to look at him closely, I was hit again.

—A lackey like you shouldn’t raise his head without permission!

As I endured the pain, I heard a familiar voice.

—This is my worthless son, Toma.

—Wh… What…?! Father…!

—I told you not to open your mouth!


He beat my head mercilessly.

But there’s no mistaking the voice.

Since my chest was crushed, I couldn’t raise my voice, so my father and that person… The emperor of this country began to speak.

—I see. So you chose this man to be sacrificed on this occasion?

—Yes, sir.

—But are you sure?

—Of course. I am the most loyal servant of His Majesty the Emperor. And if I can prove my loyalty even a little…


—Moreover, the blood of a mere sinner may not be sufficient as a sacrifice. Therefore, if we use the noble blood flowing through my veins, the sacrifice will be more effective. Of course, I am not belittling the bloodline of the Imperial Family, but even a drop should be able to play an important role. This is a very important sacrifice for this country. And it is what this boy desires.

—Wh… What?!

What kind of sacrifice are you talking about? 

And what is my father talking about?

No matter how much I struggle, I can’t escape from this swordsman’s grip without using magic.

Then His Majesty the Emperor nodded.

—That is correct. Originally, it was said that the most effective way to appease evil spirits was to sacrifice noble blood. But of course, we didn’t want to impose this task on our loyal subjects like you.

His Majesty the Emperor said this and closed his eyes as if he was suffering something.

—If we don’t make a sacrifice, the evil spirits won’t be appeased. But as a last resort, we have offered sinners as sacrifices. Maybe that’s why the astrologers have been saying in recent years that the time until disaster comes is getting shorter. If we continue like this, the world will fall back into chaos because of the evil spirits…

—That is why I have decided to offer my son as a sacrifice for this occasion.

—Hmm. I understand your resolve. If it’s a member of the Gotou family, then the You-Ryu family blood also runs through his veins, even if it’s distant. What better sacrifice could there be?


—Very well! Then the sacrifice for this occasion will be a member of the Godo family! Prepare yourselves!

—As His Majesty commands!

His Majesty the Emperor made this declaration and left without a care in the world.

Wait, is this for real? Are they really going to sacrifice me?!

—I… I just…

As I desperately tried to move my mouth, the swordsmen holding me grabbed both of my arms and lifted me up to expose my chest.

Then, out of nowhere, some sinister men dressed in black robes appeared.

In the hands of these men was a red-hot iron.

—Wh… What is this…?

—Shut up.


I was hit hard in the face and groaned in pain, but the next moment… an even sharper pain hit me.

—Ah! Aaaah!

The man in black had plunged a red-hot iron rod against my chest, causing me to scream in agony.

Why? Why? Why?

No matter how many times I asked this question in my head, no one answered me.

After a while, the man removed the red-hot iron rod that had been piercing my chest.

—Hmph, a fitting mark for a useless person.

—The Godo family really thought this through. With this, the Godo family’s honor will be maintained, and they can also get rid of the useless one…

—Well, at least he provided some entertainment.

While I was crying and lamenting, the people around me looked at me coldly and mocked me.

I wanted to writhe in pain, but since I was tied up, I couldn’t even escape.

The next moment, I felt a strong blow on the back of my head.

It’s a blow from one of the soldiers holding me.

As my consciousness fades, I look at my father in despair, but…


My father didn’t even look at me.



As I jumped up, I found myself in an unfamiliar place.

I looked around, not knowing what had happened, but all I saw was the ocean.

Apparently, I was on a beach, and the waves were gently wetting the sand.

However, when I looked into the distance, I saw that the ocean currents were quite strong, and there were whirlpools everywhere.

—Where am I…?

Dazed by the sound of the waves, I accidentally moved my hand and touched something.


What I had touched was a human bone.

Not only that, there were many similar bones scattered around.

—B–But… What is this place…?

As I said this, I remembered what had happened just before I lost consciousness.

—This is…! I was with my father…! Ugh!

When I said that, I felt a sharp pain in my chest.

I looked down in fear and saw that the [Sunset Mark] was deeply engraved on my chest above the burned skin. This mark was proof that I was a sinner, a victim.

When I saw the mark, I felt my long-suffering heart suddenly chill.

I was abandoned.

No matter how they treated me, I always believed that one day they would accept me…

No, I had to believe it, but my heart couldn’t bear it. All I wanted was for someone to recognize me.

Even if they treated me badly, my family wouldn’t abandon me.

Deep down, I always wanted that.

But it didn’t happen.

My father, who had never cared for me, had really abandoned me.

Maybe I was greedy?

Is it arrogant to want someone to accept me?


I don’t need status or honor or any of that.

All I want is a place to be accepted.

Was I wrong to ask for that?


I couldn’t control my emotions and screamed with all my strength. Then, as if to deny the mark engraved on my chest, I scratched at my chest without thinking.


Is that a cry of rage?

From the lingering pain in my chest?

From hatred of all that has denied me?

None of the above. I was just sad.

Why am I different than everyone else?

Wouldn’t I have been sad if I had been born in a normal family with a normal body.

I don’t know.

I don’t understand anything anymore.


How much time has passed?

No matter how long I cried, there would come a point where none of it would matter.

My mind can’t keep up with my body.

My scratched chest is a mess and the blood keeps flowing.

When my body crosses the border of sadness, I remember my father’s conversation.

I am here as an offering for a ritual.

A ritual held every ten years to appease the spirits of demons slain on this land, and it is a celebration to mark the arrival of peace in the Land of the Sun. 

It is one of the most important events in the Land of the Sun. 

I never thought that they would choose me as a sacrifice. 

The many human bones on the beach are also of sinners who were sacrificed, just like me. 

It is said that this island is infested with demons, and the surrounding waters are surrounded by strong currents, so even a purple-ranked swordsman like the [Seven Great Saints] cannot cross the sea.

Probably a purple-ranked swordsman brought me here and abandoned me. Or maybe it was my father…

And now, the Land of the Sun is holding a festival to celebrate another ten years of peace. 

—Haha… If I die, will everyone be happy? 

When I die, the Land of the Sun will be at peace and everyone will be happy.

As I gazed at the sea in a daze, I suddenly felt a presence behind me. I turned to the source of the sound and my body stiffened.


A strangely swollen stomach, and thin arms and legs that did not match its body. 

Deep-set eyes with red pupils, and saliva dripping from its wide open mouth. 

There it was, a demon from the land of the sun, the “Dakki”. 

…Probably attracted by the smell of my blood.

Originally, the strength of swordsmen and demons was classified into six levels, with the highest being, in descending order, the Purple Rank, Blue Rank, Red Rank, Yellow Rank, White Rank, and Black Rank. 

Among them, this Dakki was classified as white rank.



The Dakki formed a large pack. And as their name suggests, they are hungry and fallen demons. When they find prey, they attack without mercy. 

Therefore, demons that should not normally act in packs. 

Because Dakki eat each other. But for some reason, they act together. 

This demonstrated the abnormality of this supreme demon island. 

The danger level of a pack of Dakki should be much higher. The most disappointing thing of all is that I am not even a swordsman, but a helpless child-like being who cannot handle magic power. 

Even against a single Dakki, I have no chance of winning, let alone against this pack… The odds are one in a million.



One of the Dakki from the pack pounced on me. 

I watched the scene emotionlessly. 

No one needs me anyway. 

It would be more useful for someone to die here. I am tired. Of waiting for something. 

Of trying to react to something. I will end everything here and go with my mother ────. 

That’s what I thought.

“────Toma. I’m sorry… It’s my fault, I’m sorry…”


I suddenly opened my eyes, and although I staggered, I managed to dodge the Dakki’s attack.

Fortunately, the Dakki was charging in a straight line, so I was able to dodge it. However, it was surprised to see me dodging its attacks, as I had just been in an apathetic state.

When I was about to accept my death, the words that had been said about my mother came to mind. 

Is everything I go through her fault? 

No! I refuse to accept that! 

My mother, who had always been physically and magically weak, fell ill when I was five and never recovered. 

By that time, I could no longer handle magic and was despised by everyone, but my mother always accepted me. 

She always protected me. 

And always apologized to me. For giving birth to me with such an imperfect body. 


It’s not my mother’s fault. 

It is my fault for not being able to handle the magic power. For not being able to manifest the [Vital Sword]! 

As much as she denied it, my mother was blaming herself. 

It is true that it is hard for no one to recognize you. It’s painful. But to be my mother’s son… Is my pride. 

If I die here, I will acknowledge my mother’s regret. 

That is the only thing I do not want…! 

Dodging the Dakki’s attack, I grabbed a human bone rolling in the sand and stood guard. 

—I will live to the end…! To make my mother proud… I will prove that I am her son! So… don’t get in my way!

My roar made the Dakki feel intimidated for a moment. 

However, as soon as they regained their composure, they showed their fierce teeth in a radical change from before. And to finish me off, they charged at me with all their might.


Their speed was in no way inferior to Toji’s, and in an instant, I found myself cornered and bitten on the shoulder.


The Dakki’s fangs sunk deep into me.

I screamed in pain, but gritted my teeth and struck at the demon’s face with all my might.


Even I, who was weak, managed to push the Dakki back for a moment. But at that moment, the Dakki bit off my shoulder.



The Dakki let out a piercing scream that ripped through my eardrums as it gleefully devoured the flesh from my shoulder.

The other Dakki, witnessing the scene, were spurred on and pounced on me in unison.

I thought only of survival and waved the bone in my hand.

However, just like when I fought Toji earlier, my attacks were easily dodged, and this time they bit me all over, in my arm, stomach, leg…

—Still, I…

As I fought with all my might against the Dakki that was tearing at my flesh, the Dakki that had bitten off my shoulder pushed me.

It looked me in the face and grinned maliciously. Then it bit my neck.

The blood flowed freely. My consciousness slipped away. This was how I would die.

Even so…

—No… I won’t… Die…

It was at that moment that I unconsciously murmured.

—Hahaha. What an amazing life force.

As my consciousness faded, the head of the Dakki that had bitten my neck suddenly flew off.

With that as a signal, the rest of the pack that had bitten my body were also destroyed one by one.

—Well… I managed to save you, but what am I going to do now…?

With these last words, my consciousness sank completely.


…Come to think of it, it’s been a long time.

I have reached the realm of the gods, I have left the mortal world, and thanks to my training, my [Supreme Lord’s Fist] has improved even more.

But the end always comes.

Even demigods die.

Demigods usually don’t like to leave their realm.

This is because when they attain divinity, they get tired of the ugliness of the mortal world and lose interest in the outside world.

So they lock themselves up in their realm, and each demigod follows his own path.

There are some eccentric demigods who descend to the mortal world and lead people with almost divine behavior.

However, they are a small minority.

Most demigods follow their own path until their time of death comes.

In order to master medicine, I have studied all the medicinal herbs and how the human body works using my own body, and in order to master my own fighting style, the [Supreme Lord’s Fist], I have created various styles over hundreds of years and have defeated all kinds of demons.

The other demigods are similar. That is the natural way, and that is what I thought.

However, when I realized that I was going to die, the shadow of doubt came over me.

Am I really okay like this?

Am I missing something important?

To confirm this, I decided to travel through the world I had lived in before I died. 

There I saw the figure of people struggling to survive in every country. 

The mortal world, which we consider ugly, was filled with people who lived intensely in their short time. 

Of course, the ugly side remained very prevalent. But this world was not all ugly. 

There were people who, though poor, came together and lived, cherishing every moment. That was what I had lost long ago. 

What I had discarded now seemed beautiful to me. 

Ah… Did I throw away such a beautiful world with my own hands? 

What a waste.

…Much as I regret it, I cannot turn back time and do all the things I once refrained from doing because of my arrogance. I guess I have no choice but to engrave this beautiful scenery in my mind.

As I traveled around the world, I came to an island. It was an unfamiliar land to me, who had never seen such a place before becoming a demigod.

—Huh? Is this island…?

There was a strange barrier in the middle of the island. Fortunately, it did not cover the entire island, but only a very small area in the center. So I limited myself to observing the scene from above the barrier.

—This… Is an incredibly powerful barrier. Not even a demigod like me can break through it…

After further observation, I discovered that this barrier was erected by a demigod from the era of the gods shortly after the death of a… ‘God’. 

The demigods of the God Age and modern demigods like us have very different powers. 

The Age of Gods was a time of much ignorance.

—Will there be a way to deactivate it? Oh, I see. It only allows people with a certain bloodline to pass through… It’s powerful because the principle is easy to understand. Literally, no one can pass except those who have the bloodline of the person who materialized it. Besides, it doesn’t even allow you to see inside the barrier. I wonder what they are trying to hide in there… At least it doesn’t seem like there’s anything sealed inside.

I don’t know what kind of bloodline it needs either. 

But since it was such a strong barrier, there must be a reason. It seems to have some purpose other than preventing the outside world from entering, but I don’t know what it is. 

I would like to investigate this barrier more closely, but unfortunately, the time I have left is short. 

Under the circumstances, it doesn’t make sense for me to stay here and dedicate the rest of my life to this. 

Besides, I took a look at the island… And there are some pretty powerful demons lurking around. It won’t be easy to investigate the barrier while facing those demons alone. 

But before I left to continue my journey through the world, I saw this… 

A child who looks to be about ten years old is being attacked by a group of demonic creatures. I had never seen these creatures before, but they pose no threat to me. 

But it must be different for the boy who is fighting them.

The demon sunk its teeth into the boy’s body and was about to kill him, but the boy didn’t give up. Even in the face of death, he was sure that he would live.


—Hahaha, this kid has incredible life force.

Before I knew it, I was raising my fist and helping the boy.


I opened my eyes as I felt myself slowly regaining consciousness.

—Uff… Ah…

—Oh, so you’re awake.


I remembered hearing a man’s voice before I lost consciousness. When I looked in the direction of the voice, I saw an old man with a peaceful smile.

—How are you feeling?

—My body… Right! I was—…

I looked at my body with concern and amazement. I had no more bites or wounds; I was completely healed.

It was unreal. How could I have no scars? My skin looked brand new. However, I couldn’t say the same for my clothes. They were completely torn from the demon attacks.

As I stared at my body in amazement, the old man nodded in satisfaction.

—It’s been a while since I used my healing powers, but I see I’m still in shape.

—Oh… I apologize for my rudeness!

I remembered that the old man before me had saved me, so I immediately thanked him.

—Y–You saved my life, Master. Thank you so much!

—Oh, don’t mention it. Don’t worry about it. I just found you by chance.

—I see… Oh! By the way! What happened to the demons?

—Don’t worry, I took care of them all. Although I must admit that I got carried away and tore them apart until they turned to dust…


It seems that what I saw before I lost consciousness was the work of that old man.

This man… He’s no ordinary person. 

First of all, we’re on an island full of powerful demons, a place only purple-ranked swordsmen can reach. It’s impossible for an ordinary old man to set foot here.

And yet, he appeared out of nowhere and destroyed a whole horde of demons in an instant. 

Normally, someone with that level of power would have an overwhelming presence, no matter how much they try to hide it. 

But I don’t feel any significant presence from this old man. In fact, his presence is so weak that I begin to doubt if he really exists. But there’s only one being that meets all these requirements.

—Are you a demigod?

—Oh? Do you know about demigods at your age?

Demigods are people who have attained divinity in some field. 

I learned the word a long time ago while reading a history book about the Land of the Sun, but it’s not very well known. 

This is because demigods often withdraw from the world and retreat to their own realms. 

It is said that the first emperor of the Land of the Sun also became a demigod. 

When I saw the old man laughing happily at my question, my suspicion was confirmed.

—I can’t believe that a demigod helped me…

—You don’t have to be so formal. I helped you on a whim. Besides, even if I’m called a god, demigods are nothing more than a group of freaks.


I couldn’t say anything else to him. 

Even if the old man says that all demigods are oddities, I still consider them to be superior beings.

—What were you doing in a place like this?


Faced with the demigod’s question, I couldn’t help but grimace. 

The truth is, it’s not a pleasant story to tell people. Not only because I’m the one telling it, but also because I thought that even if I told it, it wouldn’t be interesting. 

But the demigod is my benefactor.

—It’s not a very interesting story, but do you mind if I tell you?

—Go ahead, I’d love to hear it.

He nodded, and that’s when I started to tell him my story. 

At first I wanted to summarize it, but before I knew it, I was telling him everything. My life, my father, my mother, my brother, the abuse, the hatred, the ridicule. 

I guess I needed someone to listen. Since my mother died, I didn’t have anyone to talk to. 

I’ve swallowed all my helplessness and suffering every day since I can remember.

—I’m sorry. I think I’ve said a lot of unnecessary things. I’ll try to be shorter…

—No, no, it’s okay. Although… Now I understand… No wonder your body had a strange spell.


I opened my eyes at the demigod’s words, and he frowned.

—The seal placed on you has a tracking spell and a death spell.


—Yes. It’s a spell that can track the location of the person the seal was placed on, and it can also tell if the person with the seal has died. In other words, this spell was put on you to prevent you from escaping… And make sure you died. Well, I also undid that spell when I healed your wounds, so whoever put that spell on you must think you’re dead now.

I couldn’t say anything in response to the demigod’s words. 

So… My father had prepared this spell just in case I survived… 

I feel sadness, but what I feel most right now is a feeling of emptiness.

—…Thank you again.

—Don’t mention it… By the way, it was also a very painful story for me to hear.

The demigod stroked his beard and seemed to be thinking. Then he sighed deeply.

—Hmmm… How old are you?

—Um… Ten years old.

—You are still a child. And you were brought to a place like this… That’s why I hate humans.

The demigod muttered, sounding truly disgusted.

—Well, the truth is that my time is coming. So before I die, I have decided to travel the world.

—What?! A demigod is going to die?!

This was a big shock to me. After all, a demigod is someone who has entered the realm of the gods. I couldn’t believe that such a person could die a natural death like any other person.

Seeing my reaction, the demigod laughed.

—Do not be surprised. I was a human at first. It’s true that when I became a demigod, I left my human body and got a new one. But everything has a beginning and an end. A demigod’s body also has an end.

—I see…

—But I have lived for over a thousand years. And to be honest, I’ve lived long enough.

I never imagined that a demigod could live for over a thousand years. But when you think about it, it makes sense. If demigods didn’t have lifespans, this world would be full of demigods.

—So, what are you going to do?


—You don’t want to die as a mere sacrifice in this land, do you? If that’s the case, I can take you back to your homeland.

It might be easy to escape from here with his help. But…

—Even if I go back, I have no place to call home. Besides, if the spell he mentioned has been undone, they will eventually find me if I return to my homeland. And I’ll face a much worse fate. Going to another country is not an option either, it’s hard for a powerless human like me to survive…

—Hmmm… So what do you want to do?

What do I want to do? I don’t know. Right now I don’t know what I should do or what I want to do. I have no concrete plan. But there’s one thing I can say.

—I want to live.

To make my mother proud. To prove that my mother wasn’t wrong. I just wanted to live.

When I gave him this vague answer, the demigod laughed.

—Do you want to live? That’s a good answer.


—All right. This will be my last great task before I die.

To my astonishment, the demigod stood up.

—Boy, what is your name?

—Godo Toma.

—Toma… Become my disciple.

The demigod said, looking at me intently.

—Me…? To be a disciple of a demigod?

In the face of these unbelievable words, I cannot help but ask again.

The demigod nodded his head arrogantly.

—That’s right. As I said before, I traveled the world before I died. During that journey, I realized the wonders of the world that I had overlooked. And at the same time, I realized that I no longer have a connection to the world…

—A connection to the world…?

—Demigods, except for a few, are basically confined to their own realms. That’s why their connection to the mundane world is completely severed. Besides, even before we became demigods, we were humans who tried to master our respective paths. That’s why our connection to the mundane world was weak even when we were human.

—I see…

—In other words, there will be no evidence of my life left in this world.


I finally understand what the demigod is saying.

However, the expression on his face indicated melancholy.

—…I used to think that was okay. But when I traveled around the world before I died, I realized that I had cut off my connection to such a wonderful world. And then in that wonderful world there will be no evidence of my life. When this body perishes and disappears, no one will remember me…


—That’s where you come in.


—Yes. I have dedicated my life to perfecting this fist… The [Supreme Lord’s Fist]. In a way, this skill is the proof of my life. Therefore, if I pass it on to you, I’ll be able to have some connection to this world and my existence.

—Pass it on?

When I ask fearfully, the demigod nods again.

Of course, of course I want to have the power to survive. And in that sense, if the demigod can give me his power, there is no better offer.


—Is that possible for a defect like me?


—I already told you. I am a defective product who cannot use magic. With a body like mine, the demigod’s martial arts…

As I grind my teeth, the demigod laughs softly.

—Don’t worry about it. Your magic can also be repaired.


That’s what I wanted most.

But it wasn’t a statement I could easily believe.

—Wh–What did you say? Are you saying that my body can be healed?


I was stunned to hear the words of the demigod who stated this fact with great confidence.

Under other circumstances, I might have been angry, because what I had experienced so far was inhumane.

But coming from someone like him, maybe it’s not a lie.

Since I consider it a lifeline, the demigod wears a stern expression.

—But it will cause you unimaginable pain.

—Wh… What does that mean?

When I accidentally ask, the demigod puts his hand on my back.

—Hmm… When I healed your body, I thought you were a very unfortunate boy.


—Yes… Do you know what a [Celestial Body] is?

—No, I don’t know.

—A heavenly body is an ideal body that is more suitable for martial arts. Some people are born with this body, while others can acquire it later through training.

—I see…

—Besides this celestial body, there is also the [Celestial Demon Body]. This is the ideal body for handling magic. It contains a large amount of magic, the flow of magic through the body is abundant, and it can handle more powerful magic than an ordinary person can use. By the way, even though there are still some people with Heavenly Bodies, those with Demon Heavenly Bodies are very rare.

—So… what does that have to do with my body?

—You have a Celestial Demon Body.


—In addition, you also have a Celestial Body.


I am speechless in the face of these unexpected words.

—Apparently, the Celestial Body is something you acquired later. It is the result of training your body while efficiently absorbing nutrients.


That’s exactly what I’ve been doing every day with the ration pills I’ve been eating as food and my daily training.

Seeing my reaction, the demigod laughed.

—It seems like you know the reason.

—Yes. I have been eating only ration pills, followed by intense daily training.

In reality, I started eating those ration pills because my father and the other family members stopped preparing meals for me.

Even when I tried to prepare meals myself, I was not allowed near the house, so I couldn’t borrow the kitchen, and I lived alone in this storage shed.

Fortunately, it seems that I was allowed to eat the ration pills, so I’ve been eating them every day, which were originally in the storage shed.

Who would have thought that would happen…

But there is still something I don’t understand.

—I understand about the Heavenly Body, but is the Demon Heavenly Body real…?

That was the only thing I still couldn’t believe. After all, I can’t use magic, and that was the only thing that didn’t fit with what the demigod said.

—That is exactly the problem. Your body is a Heavenly Demon Body… But it’s incomplete. — He replied with a stern expression.


—Yes. Magic is pumped from the heart and circulated throughout the body through an organ called the magic vein. The magic supplied by the magic veins, which run to the finest details of the body, acts on the muscles, nerves, and cells, allowing great strength to be exerted. This is also the reason why babies whose magic veins are not mature are weak… I mentioned earlier that people with Heavenly Demon Bodies are few and far between, right?


—That is because only a few children can withstand the amount of magic in the Celestial Demon Body and the pressure of the magic flowing through their bodies. Only babies who fully adapt to this torrent of magic will receive the power of the Celestial Demon Body.

—And you, although you have the right amount of magic for a Celestial Demon Body, you do not have the right magic veins to circulate it.

—But… I’m alive…

—That’s where you’re wrong. From what I can see, your magic veins are terribly hard and narrow. The magic veins of a normal heavenly demon body are flexible and elastic. The magic ejected from the heart of a Heavenly Demon Body would easily break weak magic veins. In your case, however, because your magic veins are narrow and hard, even if your heart pumps out the magic forcefully, the amount of magic that reaches your body is minimal. As a result, it’s as if the magic doesn’t flow. This means that your Heavenly Demon Body is incomplete.

—This is…

—Your misfortune is due to the fact that your magic veins are hard. If your magic veins were just narrow, they wouldn’t have been able to withstand the flow of your own magic, your magic veins would have burst, and your health would have suffered. In the end, you would have died from your own magic.


The image of my mother flashed through my mind.

For some reason, my mother was always weak. No matter how many top doctors examined her, the reason was unknown. And in the end, she died.

—As you may have noticed, your mother also died because she had an incomplete Heavenly Demon Body… Considering that she gave birth to you, your mother seems to have endured to some extent… But if you are not fully adjusted as a baby, your life will be shortened. And from what I’ve heard, your mother wasn’t much of a fighter, right?


—That is where you differ. You have trained your body to fight, so you have protected your body by subconsciously hardening your magic veins. But even that has its limits.


Seeing my expression, the demigod showed his sympathy.

—…Anyway, your problem lies in your magic veins… So I’m going to interfere with your magic and help with the flow. If I can accelerate that flow and make it collide with your hard and blocked magic veins, we might be able to force a large amount of magic to pass through. That way, we will force it to complete itself.

—Does that mean my body will heal?

From what I’ve heard, even if the magic veins are opened, they won’t become magic veins that can withstand the pressure of magic.

—…Of course, it’s not as simple as just opening them. In reality, I’ll have to open your magic veins and at the same time make them strong by injecting my own magic into them so that they can withstand the intense flow. But as I said at the beginning, this will cause you unimaginable pain. You may even die from the pain… Are you willing to do this?

If the words of the demigod are true, I should be able to use magic once I overcome this pain.

So I have to endure pain that, as the demigod says, will make me ready to die.

Nevertheless, I am willing to do it.

—Please, do it.

—…Are you sure?

The demigod asks me again to confirm, but it didn’t matter, because my decision was made.

—I am sure. I have no choice but to survive in this world as a useless person and spend the rest of my life hiding from my father. This is undoubtedly worse than the possible death that awaits me. 

Physical pain is bearable for me.

But to be ridiculed as useless. To be insulted by my dear mother. To be judged and abandoned as a defective human being. All these things are caused by my weakness… There is nothing more painful.

I knelt down and bowed my head deeply.

—Please… Give me the strength to live.


The demigod replied as he waved his hand.

At that moment, my body was lifted into the air and hung in space. The demigod then placed his hand on my back.

—Now… I will grant your wish…

—Wait, what?!

As soon as the demigod said those words, I felt a crushing pressure on my heart.

The pressure caused my heart to beat with unprecedented force. 

Its beats, which exceeded the limits of the human body, caused not only magical power but also blood to flow through my body at a dizzying speed.

Unable to withstand the pressure, the blood vessels throughout my body burst, and blood gushed from my limbs. 

It poured out of every orifice, including my eyes and mouth.

In addition, the blood, now a torrent, sent a large amount of oxygen to my brain, making my head feel like it was about to explode.


—Toma! Stay calm! If you get distracted even for a moment, you’ll die.


I clenched my teeth with all my might.

Then, from my pounding heart, I felt a force other than blood begin to move.

It was my magic power that had been lying dormant at the bottom of my heart all this time.

With the help of the demigod, my magic power began to forcefully open my constricted blood vessels.

Every time the magical blood vessels opened a bit, the surrounding muscles and nerves were activated with force, and unable to withstand such an impulse, my body began to twist in strange directions.


Damn it! The activation is too fast…!

The more the magical blood vessels opened, the louder my body screamed.

The bones broke, unable to withstand the hyperactive muscles, and the nerves tore.

The internal organs, seemingly working beyond their limits, were quickly crushed by the surrounding muscles.

Damn it…! Who would have thought that the celestial body would have side effects…! The strength of the activated muscles is too much…! At this rate, I’ll be crushed to death by my own muscle power…!

I could no longer hear the words of the demigod.

Although I had been warned beforehand, it was truly a hellish pain.

The demigod seemed to have anticipated this and cast healing spells at the same time, but the rapid activation speed of my magic power was too fast for the healing spells to keep up.

Bones, skin, muscles, nerves, everything was torn apart.

So much so that the heat of the mark or the fact that my body was consumed by ravenous hunger seemed like a joke.

My entire body was literally being torn apart.

It was the first time I had ever experienced such pain.

But even if I had to endure this pain, I wanted to have power. So that I could live with my head held high in front of my mother!

Every time my own body tried to kill me, the demigod healed me again and again.

There wasn’t a single place in my body that was intact.

But as the Demigod had said, everything comes to an end.

…My body, which had been desperately resisting, was now filled with magical power.

—Heh… heh… We… We made it…


The moment I heard those words from the demigod, I lost consciousness as if a thread had been cut.


—Heh… Well, that’s impressive.

I muttered as I looked at Toma who had fainted in front of me.

Frankly, it was a risky gamble.

Opening the magical blood vessels is much more dangerous than words can convey.

The body and magical power are so closely related that touching the magical blood vessels that circulate that power through the body is, of course, a matter of life and death.

But the boy managed to pull through.

Even though his entire body was shattered and crushed, he clung desperately to life.

This vitality will be of great help when I pass on my Supreme Lord’s Fist and my martial spirit to him.

As soon as I thought that, a sudden pain ran through my heart.

—Phew… That was a bit risky…

Although a mere mortal’s magical power is nothing out of this world, controlling the magical power of a heavenly body is very difficult even for a demigod.

The activation of this power was so fast that the healing magic couldn’t keep up.

However, thanks to this, Toma’s body is now filled with magical power.

All that’s left now is for me to teach him how to use that magic power. But for that, he’ll have to undergo five years of training…

I Was Sacrificed, but I Became a Disciple of the God and Mastered Martial Arts

I Was Sacrificed, but I Became a Disciple of the God and Mastered Martial Arts

Bushinden Ikenie ni Sasagerareta Ore wa, Kami ni Hiroware Bu o Kiwameru
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: 武神伝 生贄に捧げられた俺は、神に拾われ武を極める
Since his childhood, Toma Godo has been unable to use magic, and as a result, he was despised and treated as incompetent by his own father. As a result, he was sacrificed on the island of Kyokuma. Where wild demons roam. But there he meets a demigod who helps him master the art of combat until he becomes invincible. One day a girl called Lise appears on the dangerous island, Toma vows to protect her and they both escape from the island while hiding their secret of being the most powerful man in the world in order not to affect their own survival in the world and the human race.


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