Living with a Beautiful High School Student: A chance encounter after seven years [Chapter 1] [Volume 1]

Living with a beautiful high school girl

In the middle of a quiet office, the sound of a keyboard being euphorically pressed echoes through the place. 

It was a cold April night, and I was busy with work. I averted my gaze to the clock on the wall, and the hands read eight o’clock at night. Most of the employees who had already finished their work went home, only a few were left, and among them was me, forced to work overtime.

—Haah… I should be able to go home before nine o’clock. — he sighed as he said those words to himself.

—Thanks for your hard work, Yuya-kun.


Immediately after hearing the woman’s voice, something hot touched my neck. Making my whole-body shudder. 

Panicking, I looked back and could see who it was. It was my boss, Chizuru Tsukishiro. She was holding a canned coffee in her hand as she smiled brightly.

—Chi—Chizuru-san. Don’t scare me like that.

—Fufu. Your reactions are so funny. I can’t help but make fun of you. Here, I brought this for you.

—Thanks… You know, you should do that kind of thing with your boyfriend.

—Huh? Boyfriend? 

Chizuru’s slanted eyes became sharp. Shit… I forgot that I’m forbidden to talk to Chizuru-san about her age and romantic relationships.

—Yuya-kun. Why is there no such thing as a perfect man?

—I don’t think I’m the best person to talk about this… What is your image of the perfect man?

—That’s obvious, he must be a very handsome man who can drink better than I can.

—…I don’t know where you can get someone like that.

Chizuru-san is a big drinker. I’ve never met anyone who drinks more than her. The day when I meet a good man still seems a little far away.

—Hmph. I wish the whole world would burn if I don’t find a good man.

I was astonished at Chizuru-san’s frightening words. I ignored her comments and took a sip of my coffee. It’s not all bad with her though, despite that scary attitude, she’s someone with great looks, and she’s taken good care of me since I joined the company.

She has beautiful black hair, she has an intellectual aura about her, and both her chest proportions are very generous. In short, she has all the elements necessary to be popular.

But despite all that perfection, she doesn’t have a boyfriend because of her problematic personality and excessive alcohol consumption. 

—By the way, Yuya-kun, your tie is crooked.

—Huh? Oh, excuse me. Sorry for being careless. — He said, while fixing his tie in a hurry.

—Fufu. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to reprimand you for it. But you should be more careful about how you look in front of business associates, okay?

—Yeah… Um, thanks for the coffee. I have one more job to do, so it’s a big help.

—Huh. You’re still working. Why don’t you go home today?

I’d like to go home, but I have to check on the progress of the other team members…

Being a systems developer is a very stressful job. Depending on the nature and progress of the projects, my workload can decrease or increase overnight. Usually, it always increases and being the one to design the system and manage all the staff’s jobs makes it hell.

—I am glad that you are very responsible with your work and pay attention to every detail. That’s one of the reasons why I value you so much… But you look more and more haggard.


—Yes, when you came to this place, you had a very young and energetic face. But now you’ve become someone who’s always tired and overwhelmed. You have become quite a salaryman.

I was very surprised to see that Chizuru-san cared about me. And honestly, I haven’t noticed the change in my appearance…. Do I really look like a salaryman? I’m only 24 years old…

As soon as I started to feel depressed, Chizuru-san smiled softly and touched my shoulder.

—But don’t worry, you’re not alone, you can rely on me if at any time you feel overwhelmed with so much work, okay? I’m your boss, it’s my job to make my subordinates depend on me.

Her kind words give energy to my tired heart. This is why I love Chizuru-san as a boss.

—…Thank you very much, if at any time I have problems, I’ll let you know.

—Well, and another thing, take it easy, if you work too hard, you’ll never get anywhere, worry more about your health. Well, goodbye. 

Chizuru-san waved her hand in farewell and left the office.

She is quite right. I’ve been so tired that I haven’t had enough energy to take care of the housework. My room is a complete mess.

In my first year with the company, I was very diligent about cleaning and being more responsible with my personal tasks… But now I’ve been here for three years. I’ve been tasked with a lot more work, which has caused overtime to become a habit. And as a result, fatigue has taken over. 

—Huh… I’d better finish this work.

For now, I’m going to take care of what’s in front of me. I drank the can of coffee and went back to work.



It was after nine o’clock at night that I was able to leave the office. I walked up the stairs of the building and opened the door to room 202.

—I’m home.

I have no one to welcome me after a long day’s work. I feel empty.

I set the work suitcase on the floor and proceeded to heat up a bento in the microwave that I bought at the supermarket. After it had warmed up, I grabbed it, headed to the table and prepared to eat.

—Let’s eat… Hm?

Before I started eating, I noticed that my phone started to vibrate, and the screen displayed a single word; ‘mother’.

—Oh… I remember now, I got a call from her last night.

Just before I went to bed last night, I got a call from my mother, because I was so tired, I couldn’t answer, and I had planned to return her call today at noon. But again, I completely forgot.

I picked up the phone and tapped the screen on the accept button.

—[Hi. Mom, it’s been a while since we’ve talked].

—[Yeah, I was calling you yesterday and you didn’t pick up.]

—[I’m sorry. I forgot to call you.]

—[I hope you haven’t become a man who only works. You weren’t like that in your student days… Are you eating well? What kind of life are you leading now?]

—[I didn’t want you to worry, mother… I’m fine, tell me, what’s the matter?]

[Oh, right. Yuya, do you remember Aoi-chan?]

[Aoi? Yes, of course, I remember her.]]

Hearing that name again makes my cheeks naturally relax. Aoi Shiratori. She’s a girl eight years younger than me, and she lived near my parents’ house. I used to play and take care of her.

The last time we saw each other was when she was in third grade. And we haven’t seen each other since she moved to another city with her mother for work.

—Aoi-chan wants to see you again. She’s coming to your apartment on Sunday.

—[I don’t mind seeing her again, but… Isn’t it a bit sudden? I mean, did you even bother to ask me if I have plans for that day?]

—[You’ll spend the whole day locked up in your apartment, right?]

—[Well… That’s right.]

Damn, she got me. I couldn’t reply to her answer. I’m in the final stages of pre-delivery on my job evaluation, so I’m free that day.

—[I heard that Aoi-chan has entered the second year of high school. And I was surprised to learn that the high school she will be attending is near your department. It’s a coincidence, isn’t it?]

—[High school… I see. That’s right, Aoi must be starting high school].

As a child, Aoi was a kind girl, but she had a whiny and obtuse personality. I remember boys used to tease her, and I used to help her up when she fell down and scraped her knee.

Now that she’s grown up, I’m looking forward to meeting her to find out how much she’s changed.

—[This is still something unexpected for me, is there a reason behind this, mother?]

—[Ah yes, it’s related to her mother’s job… Ah! Yuya, your father is calling on the other line, I’m hanging up the phone, how about asking her directly? They said they’ll be at your house around 1:00 p.m. Best of luck, my son]!

—[Huh? Hello? Mom!]

And before I could say anything else. My mother had hung up the call.

I put the phone down on the table and crossed my arms as I thought. Had she talked to Aoi’s mother beforehand? What did she say? Why did they suddenly want to come see me?

Maybe they just want to come to visit me… But isn’t it strange that they would go to all this trouble for that? There must be another hidden reason.

—…My food is getting cold.

Amidst the silence and solitude of my room, I proceeded to eat my supermarket dinner.



Several days have passed since my mother called. 

Working overtime is hard enough. But yesterday I had to work on my day off. This is because our client requested a sudden change in the work we were doing.

Fortunately, there were no major changes. But because of this, we had to adjust my schedule and I was forced to come to the office yesterday. 

Today is Sunday, the company is closed, but Aoi will be visiting in the afternoon. I can’t afford to rest today either. This morning I got up before the alarm clock went off. So, I have some time before she arrives.

—Well, I’d better get up now and get this place cleaned up.

I stretched out on the bed and then proceeded to look at the sheet on my phone… It was a little after noon.

—Shit… I fell asleep! — he exclaimed as he threw the phone away. 

I got out of bed in a panic. I really thought I woke up before the alarm went off, but the reality was quite the opposite, I couldn’t hear it at all. There was less than an hour left before Aoi arrived, and my room was a big mess.

I looked around, and the room was full of mangas and empty plastic bottles. These were not the right conditions to receive visitors.

I don’t want her to see all this mess. So, I will take a couple of bags, put the plastic with the plastic, the mangas in one place, and hide it in the closet until Aoi and her mother leave. 

Also, I’ll vacuum and lightly clean the kitchen surface and table to give it a better look… Should I also check the neatness of the toilet? Yes… That will be the best.

And to conclude, I will prepare the tea… I have a lot to do.

—But I have faith that I’ll make it just in time… Let’s get to work!



It’s less than 10 minutes to 1:00 pm, and Aoi still doesn’t show up.

—Ugh… I made it just in time.

The room is clean, I’ve already boiled water for tea. And I’ve also prepared some snacks for my guests. I’m a little worried that everything went too well.

While I was thinking about this, the intercom rang.

—Oh, they’re here. Wait a second, please! — he exclaimed happily.

As I headed for the door, my heart leapt with excitement. I hope I don’t go into cardiac arrest.

As soon as the door opened, I saw a girl standing behind it. Even though it was Sunday, she was wearing a school uniform, which consisted of a blazer, a white button-down shirt, and a plaid skirt.

This uniform looks familiar. It is the one worn by the high school girls I pass on my way to work. Her face has matured considerably, but the kind look in her eyes is a shadow of its former self.

—Yuya-kun, is that you? — asked the girl in a state of bewilderment.

—Yes, it’s me. It’s been a long time, Aoi.

—Yes, same here, Yuya-kun.

Aoi narrowed her eyes and smiled softly. 

Seeing that cute smile full of kindness made my mood change a little.

—You’ve grown up so much. You used to be so small.

I looked at Aoi from head to toe again. She’s probably about 5’6″. She has well-proportioned breasts, full lips, semi-long brown hair and a goddess-like aura wrapped around her.

—Yuya-kun looks very different. Adult life is killing you. — she said while looking at Yuya with concern.

I’m beginning to believe that’s my true appearance now. If Aoi noticed that, it may be true that my job is sucking my vitality. 

—But that doesn’t mean I look like an old man… Right? — he asked Aoi with trepidation.

—Fufu. Maybe you do look like an old man. But Yuya’s gentle appearance is still present.

It can’t be… Chizuru-san was right. This is really depressing.

As I was sinking into my misery, an unrecognizable-looking woman appeared next to Aoi. I didn’t notice that she was hiding behind the door.

—Hello, Yuya-kun.

—Eh… Ryoko-san!

—That’s right. Oh, Yuya-kun! I see you’ve become a very handsome man.


—Yes, you’re looking very s*xy, good for you, Aoi. Yuuya-kun is still a great big brother.

—Oh mother, please don’t say unnecessary things!

Aoi blushed and patted Ryoko on the shoulder. Ryoko is Aoi’s mother. Unfortunately, her father died of an illness when she was a baby. Since then, she has taken care of her on her own.

But more importantly… Why is Ryoko-san here?

It’s a little strange for mother and daughter to come visit me. After all, I don’t think they just came to find out what my life is like as an adult.

Well, I’d better invite them in and hear what they have to say.

—Come into my home, it’s a small place, but feel free to make yourselves comfortable.

—Thank you, Yuya-kun. Aoi, would you mind saying “excuse me” correctly?

—Don’t treat me like a child. That’s common sense.

—Ara Ara, you’re in your rebellious age.

—Mo! Mother!

Aoi puffs out her cheeks and expresses her anger towards her mother. It’s a very nostalgic scene that I used to witness a lot when she was my neighbor.

—I don’t have much to offer, but here’s a cup of tea.

I told them to sit at the table, went to the kitchen, and prepared the pot of tea along with Earl Grey Darjeeling tea, Aoi’s favorite. I placed the cups on the table and sat down in front of them. 

Aoi proceeded to hold her cup, and a gasp escaped her as soon as she took her first sip. 

—This refreshing citrus aroma… Yuya-kun. This tea is…

—Yes, Aoi’s favorite tea, right?

—Yes. You remembered…

—Ara. You see, Aoi? Yuya-kun loves you, I’m so happy. — Ryoko expressed with a smiling face.

—Mom, please be quiet.

—How cruel you are. That rebellious age makes you hate your mother.

—It’s your fault, mother!

Aoi grunts and looks at Ryoko-san. I don’t think it’s rebellion, nor that Ryoko-san is teasing her daughter too much. She’s just embarrassed, any child would feel that way with her mother saying such comments.

—Ara Ara… By the way, Yuya-kun. I heard that you’re busy at work. Your mother told me. She said you work overtime every day. Thank you for making time for us in the midst of all that.

—No, it’s okay, I was really looking forward to seeing Aoi too, though… Um, for what reason did you come today?

—Um… Your mother didn’t tell you anything?

—She just told me that Aoi was coming to visit.

—Ara Ara. What a surprise. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to barge in so suddenly.

—Please don’t apologize. I’m glad to see Ryoko-san, too. It’s just that since you and your daughter are coming together, I thought it was for something important.

—Yes, you’re right… I came here because I have something important to talk to you about, Yuya-kun.

Ryoko’s smiling face turned serious. I feel an unusual atmosphere and my back straightens up without thinking.

—Mother. Let me explain.

—Uhm… Does that mean Aoi is the reason for this visit?

—Yes. It’s about my future.

Your future…? Seems like a pretty serious topic. I guess this won’t be the typical proposal of; can we go back to being friends like before?

—All right. If there’s anything I can do to help Aoi, I’ll do my best. Tell me about it. 

I said those words with a smile on my face as a sign of confidence towards Aoi. This way she can relax and tell me very confidently what she has to say.

—Would you live with me on the premise of marriage? — Aoi asked with flushed cheeks.

With her hands clenching the hem of her skirt, she fidgeted and blushed.

At that moment, time seemed to stop with a humming sound. I didn’t mishear. Aoi was now clearly talking about “living together in marriage.”

—Wait a moment. What is this sudden proposal about?

—It’s not sudden. I waited for seven years for this.

—Seven years…?

—Yes. Seven years ago… That’s how long it’s been since we got engaged!


Seven years ago, when I was in high school.

At that time, Aoi was in elementary school… What was I doing getting engaged to a little girl? I didn’t have that kind of taste, did I?

I think I’m going to panic. This story is developing too fast. What is she trying to say? I’m trying to look for a logical relationship behind all this, but it’s impossible.

—Or maybe Yuya-kun forgot about our engagement? — Aoi asked with a gloomy expression on her face.

There’s no way I could have gotten engaged to a schoolgirl… Although, if Ryoko is here with her, it’s because it must be real.

I’m going to listen to what Aoi has to say first, and then I’ll make a decision.

—Sorry. I really don’t remember what happened then… Did I ask you to marry me?

—No, I asked you to marry me.

—And what did I say back then?

—You… You said that if I still loved you when I was older, you would agree to marry me.

What kind of embarrassing answer is that? Even in today’s romance manga, a protagonist isn’t capable of saying such garbage.

—…I’m sorry, Aoi. Can you give more details about the story back then?

—Okay… I moved when I was 9 years old, remember?

—Yes, when I was seventeen. Aoi moved to another city because of Ryoko’s job.

—Yes. Do you remember the day you said goodbye to me?

—The day we said goodbye…

Seven years ago… It was quite a long time ago. Let’s remember it well in order, so I tried to replay that day in my brain.



It was spring. To be more specific, it was late March and it was very cold. I remember that year the cherry trees were in bloom, and the spring breeze sucked the cherry blossoms into the clear blue sky.

Ryoko got into the car first and Aoi stayed outside saying goodbye to me.

—Egu… Hikku…

—Aoi. Don’t cry, okay? It’s not like we won’t see each other anymore, right?

—But I won’t be able to play with Yuya anymore… I’m going to miss you a lot.

—I’ll be lonely too. But that pain will be worse if my last memory is seeing you cry.

—…It’s okay. I won’t cry in front of Yuya-kun anymore.

—You’re strong, Aoi. Don’t feel sad, everything will be fine. — He said with a smile on his face while stroking her head.

We will both miss each other a lot, but I want our farewell to not be so sad. I didn’t want her memory of us to be this way.

—It’s time for you to go upstairs, Aoi, your mother is waiting.

Yes… Um. Would you mind if I asked you one last selfish question?

—Okay. And what’s that?

—I… I love Yuya-kun. Please marry me! — she exclaimed with a red face and closed eyes.

It’s a very serious request from a nine-year-old girl to a 17-year-old high school student. But at the same time amusing for a once-in-a-lifetime proposal. I wanted to reassure Aoi, so I patted her on the head.

—Thank you for telling me how you feel. When you are older, and you are still in love with me, then I will marry you.

Aoi will live far away from me, the years will pass, she will go to high school, and in the process, she will meet people much nicer than me. And when we meet again, the love she had for me will be engraved on a page in her album as “memories of my first love“. Honestly, I don’t expect her to wait for me for so many years. 

I didn’t take it seriously at the time, therefore, this bittersweet confession I forgot about with the passage of time…

—Are you serious, Yuya-kun?

—Yes, it’s a promise.

At that moment, Aoi’s big eyes light up with determination.

—Wait until I’m in high school! Until then, I’ll do my best to become a lovely wife who’s cute and can do housework!

—I see… I’m looking forward to the day when I can see the adult Aoi again.

—Yeah! Take care, Yuya-kun!

Aoi says goodbye with a smile on her face. Her tears have completely dried up, and the car slowly started with her inside.

The last thing I remember is continuing to wave my hand until the car disappeared from my sight.

I can’t believe it… What stupid thing did I say at that moment! Only handsome men have the right to make such a promise, I suck

The Yuya Amae of that time is very different from now, he was a silly boy who thought he was cool, but the truth is that he was a shameless guy who did nothing but delude a 9-year-old girl.

But still… Did she remember that promise all that time? To be honest, I’m glad that she still loves me to that extent, but… I feel guilty for forgetting that promise.

—Yuya-kun. Did you remember our engagement?

—Yes. I completely forgot about it and I’m really sorry.

—No wonder you forgot. It was a long time ago.

—…But, Aoi’s feelings for me haven’t changed, right?

—Yes… I like Yuya-kun. Please don’t make me say embarrassing things, you idiot.

Aoi said that with red ears. And her face was even redder. I had the slight impression that at any moment smoke would come out through her ears.

How do you expect me not to be happy that such a lovely girl is in love with me?

But at the time, I didn’t take Aoi’s confession seriously. I thought it was the weak first love of a child that would naturally be forgotten with the passage of time. And it doesn’t cease to bother me that she suddenly came to my home asking us to live together as husband and wife.

—I understand the situation better now, but for you to come and ask me to live together…

—Yuya-kun. Regarding that matter, I’ll explain it to you. This is related to my work.

Ryoko, who had been listening quietly until now, joins the conversation.

—I have that kind of job where they usually move me around a lot, and they did it again.

—Oh yeah? Where are you going now?



Honestly, I found it very unexpected that her job would want to take her overseas. Although Australia isn’t too far from Japan, it’s still a considerably long distance.

—Yuya-kun, do you know what Australia is like?

—I don’t have much knowledge about it, but I imagine there is a lot of wildernesses. I have an image of Ayers Rock and beautiful coral reefs. Also, is the country famous for its koalas? There are also eucalyptus forests.

—You know a lot. I don’t know anything about that country, except about koalas. And that’s why I’m embarrassed to take Aoi to a foreign country. But it also makes me uncomfortable to go away and leave her alone. My husband died many years ago, and I have no relatives I can trust. She is my precious only child.

Ryoko looked at Aoi with a lot of compassion in her eyes.

Now I can understand the story better. I can really understand a mother’s fear of leaving her daughter alone when she goes to another country. And that combined with Aoi’s feeling of love for me, she believed that the only viable solution would be for her to live with me.

But man and wife living together is still too big an obstacle. As a mother, she should also be concerned about going far away and leaving her only daughter in the care of a grown man.

While I was thinking about it, Ryoko kept talking as if she had read my thoughts.

—I think Yuya-kun would be a good person to entrust Aoi to.

—Really? I didn’t know you trusted me that much…

—Yuya-kun, you took such good care of Aoi for a long time when she was a child. I know you, if I leave her in your care, I’ll be calmer. You are kind, and considerate and I know you would never do anything to hurt her. When I look into your eyes, I don’t see evil, I see kindness.

Still, an adult man sharing a room with a high school girl… Don’t you think that could create misunderstandings?

—There’s nothing to worry about as long as you treat her as your fiancée in the public eye! I’ll support the love of you two! — she expressed while breathing heavily.

—Mom, stop it!

Aoi hides her face with her hands full of shame. It really is a very picturesque scene.

—Well, I’m just joking about the engagement… But I’d like you to be her guardian for now, I want you to take care of her, Yuya-kun.

—Guardian, huh?

—She’s a good cook and housewife, she’s a girl who accomplishes anything. I think she’s totally capable of living on her own. But I’m still worried. But since she’s an only child, she’s a spoiled, lonely little thing. Like her mother, I don’t want her to become sad.

—I know exactly what you’re talking about.

Before, when Ryoko came home late, Aoi felt lonely and cried a lot. So, she always clung to me and wanted me to spoil her and make her feel good.

—That’s right, besides, she always told me that she wanted to learn how to cook, as her dream was that Yuya-kun would praise her one day. Since then, she’s been training to be the perfect wife. Don’t you think she’s a cutie?

—M—Mom! You said it would be our secret!

There’s no need for you to be shy. Remember how you always said you wanted to take care of Yuya-kun and fulfill all her personal demands? Since then, she has taken the initiative to do all the housework herself.

—Oh Lord, don’t say another word!

After saying that, Aoi lightly slapped Ryoko’s shoulder. Then, she opens her mouth shyly.

—I… I… I’m willing to serve you a lot, so please keep me close to you, Yuya-kun… I’d be very happy if we could live together. — she expressed with an uneasy look on her face.

When she told me about our old promise of marriage and living together, I didn’t know what to do. But if I take care of Aoi as if I were her guardian, it’s a completely different story. I would be helping her not to feel so lonely, and at the same time, I would like to be by her side as her protector. Because I really think she needs someone like that by her side.

—All right. I’ll take care of Aoi as if I were her protector… Aoi, please, I want us to live together.


—Yes… I’m looking forward to working with you from now on.

—Oh, well… Thank you very much.

Aoi smiled in relief. Although she is a high school girl now, her tender smile from those days was still present. And beside her, Ryoko looked relieved as well.

—Thank you very much, Yuya. For accepting this sudden request.

—No. After hearing what you said, I felt the need to want to protect Aoi.

—Ara Ara. How sexy that sounded. You’re like a knight protecting a princess. I’m rooting for you!!!!

—Huh? Ah, no. I mean I want to protect Aoi as if I were a protector, not in the sense that Ryoko-san means….

—Fufu. I know what you mean. I just want to emphasize how good you two look together.

You say that, but you still have that weird smile on your face… You really don’t understand me at all.

—Mother. Please don’t say strange things.

Aoi protested with a frown. Her snow-white cheeks reddened slightly.

—Ara? The rebellious Aoi appears again.

—I’m not rebellious! And stop saying things like that!

In contrast to the angry Aoi, Ryoko was still being cheerful and saying sarcastic remarks that would only make her get angrier. It’s a very funny scene that shows how well the two of them get along.

—Um, Yuya-kun. Please take care of me from now on.

—Sure, and I’m really looking forward to trying Aoi’s homemade food.

—Moo, don’t make fun of me too, Yuya-kun…. Hmph. But I’ll do my best to live up to your expectations.

Aoi expressed laughing cheerfully. 

From this day forward, I must do everything I can to protect that innocent smile.

—I’m glad to hear that. Now I can go to Australia with peace of mind. Thanks to Yuya-kun.

—It’s my pleasure, I won’t leave Aoi alone.

—Fufu. As expected from Yuya-kun, you’re so reliable… Oh right. I found a western style restaurant in this neighborhood that looks good. Why don’t we have dinner there tonight? It’ll be a celebration of our living together.

—Oh, that sounds great, so we can catch up on everything that’s happened in these 7 years… There are so many things I want to talk about.

—That’s right. Aoi also wants to hear Yuya-kun’s story, okay?

—Yes. I’m curious to know what you do for a living, Yuya-kun.

—Do you know hell? Well… I work in the devil’s office…

Living with a Beautiful High School Student: A chance encounter after seven years

Living with a Beautiful High School Student: A chance encounter after seven years

Kutabire Salarymen no Ore, 7nenburi ni Saikai shita Bishoujo JK to Dosei wo Hajimaru
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: くたびれサラリーマンな俺、7年ぶりに再会した美少女JKと同棲を始める
Amae Yuya, an office worker in his third year of employment, is completely exhausted by the daily grind. Then, for the first time in seven years, Yuya meets Aoi Shiratori, a girl eight years younger than him who used to live in his neighborhood. She had grown up to be a beautiful JK girl who was good at housework, and she said to him, “Yuya-kun, would you like to live with me under the premise of marriage?” Aoi desperately wants to live with Yuya, her first love. Yuya, who is puzzled, agrees to live with Aoi as a guardian for the time being, but Aoi’s aggressive approach makes him very nervous inside.


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