Journey of an Exiled Middle-Aged Adventurer Becoming a Hero [Chapter 16]

Again at the hospital

“I don’t want to go… I don’t want to go!”

“Why are you saying that now? You already said you would go!”

“Exactly! There’s nothing wrong with going to the hospital!”

I was kicking and screaming in front of the hospital.

At thirty years old, I felt embarrassed in front of the girls.

But the truth is, hospitals are scary.

You never know what they might do to you.

Doctors, without hesitation, cut not only skin but also flesh with blades.

It’s impossible not to fear them.

Besides, in this hospital, they freely tell you that you have five months left to live.

When you think about it, it’s absurd!

I can’t even trust that old doctor!

“Stop complaining! Let’s go to the hospital!”

“I truly hate it.”

“What do you think is happening in your body right now? Why are you acting like a child?”

“But, Yui, my back…”

“That’s why we’re going to treat your back.”


As I was complaining, suddenly I was hit on the back.


The impact made me feel sick.

Trembling, I touched my back and looked in the direction of the hit.

“Shall we go?”


“Oh… I’ve upset Yui.”

Yui was staring at me silently.

Her eyes clearly showed hostility, or rather, murderous intent.

I nodded several times and opened the hospital door.

After checking in at the counter, I sat down on a nearby chair.

I tried to sit up, but the pain in my back was too intense. After getting permission from the nurse, gratefully I lay down.

“Elisa, could you bring me a manga?”

“Of course.”

Yui and Elisa were on each side.

But, out of fear, I couldn’t ask Yui. Elisa willingly brought me the manga.

“You seem to be trembling.”

“It’s normal.”

“Do you always tremble while reading manga in the hospital?”

“It’s normal.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m your fan, and I always will be. Right, Yui?”

“That’s right. Even in this state, we love you the same.”

“Elisa… Yui…”

Getting emotional, I tried to reach out to them.

At that moment…

“It’s a lie that I only have one month left to live!”

Cried a boy as he ran down the hallway.

A lie? Another person given only a month to live? This hospital is truly dangerous.

“Kyle-san, please come in.”

In my mind, all I could see was the word ‘death.’

“Come on, Kyle.”

“Need help getting up?”

“I-I need your help to stand up.”

Somehow I managed to get up and entered the examination room.

I sat down in front of the doctor.

Journey of an Exiled Middle-Aged Adventurer Becoming a Hero

Journey of an Exiled Middle-Aged Adventurer Becoming a Hero

久々に健康診断を受けたら最強ステータスになっていた ~追放されたオッサン冒険者、今更英雄を目指す~ | Hisabisa ni kenkou shindan o uketara saikyou suteetasu ni natte ita ~ Tsuihou sareta ossan boukensha, imasara eiyuu o mezasu ~
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
Adventurer Kyle has been steadily working solo for ten years since he was expelled from the party for being incompetent. He is now 30 years old, and people think it is time for him to retire from being an adventurer due to his declining physical strength, but for some reason he has become able to defeat the highest ranked monsters with one punch. Suspecting that he may be under some kind of curse due to his skyrocketing ability growth, Kyle undergoes a medical check-up for the first time in a while. But what the doctor told him was-. “You have deviated from being human due to the awakening of [late bloomers].” What was happening to Kyle was the awakening of a unique skill [Late Blooming] that increases his status little by little every day! Knowing that he is in good health, Kyle accepts an invitation from budding adventurers Elisa and Yui to join their party ''Hero's Proof'' and begins a new life as an adventurer... An exhilarating adventure drama about such a late-blooming and strongest 30-year-old!


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