Chapter 2: Dinner at Himemiya-san’s House

Dinner at Himemiya-san's House

I thought she was joking when she said she would cook me a home-cooked meal, but it turns out she was serious, and before I knew it, I was sitting on the couch in her living room.

If I had to define this house in one word, I couldn’t do it. I could categorize my home as a pretty big place. But there’s no point of comparison between Himemiya-san’s house and mine. The way this condo is structured and built could easily be categorized as a 5LDK, and even the interior design surpasses any expectations of how one might imagine the home of people who are well-to-do and usually dress elegantly in their day-to-day lives. 

Being here makes me feel like I’m a commoner, my desire to go home and lie curled up on my bed increases by the second.

—[…So, could you tell mom that I’m having dinner with some friends tonight?]

While Himemiya-san was humming and cooking, I was calling my little sister at home to tell her that there was no need to wait for me for dinner. 

And obviously, I wasn’t planning to tell anyone that I was staying at Himemiya-san’s house just because she invited me to dinner.

—[Okay, I’ll tell mom, but don’t be too late, okay? We’ve got something to do.]

My lovely little sister’s favorite virtual idol, Ciel Snow, is going live again today…. I’d completely forgotten…

—[Oh, right… I don’t think I’ll make it in time, why don’t you watch it without me? The TV in the living room is connected to the internet, surely, it’ll be more enjoyable if you watch it on the big screen, right?]

—[It won’t be! It’s only fun when I watch it with you, Yuu-nii! That’s why you have to come home soon!]

After that reply from her, she hung up the phone.

I’m really stuck, I don’t know how to act from here, if I don’t come home soon, I’m going to be in big trouble. Although I also can’t leave suddenly when Himemiya-san is preparing my favorite food…

—I see that you are very close to your little sister, Okugawa-kun. — Himemiya-san said as she pursed her lips and watched me with a pouting look.

It seems that she had already finished cooking, as she approached me and sat next to me as if it was a very natural thing to do.

Himemiya-san’s two lush breasts bounce and are so close to me that by just moving my arm a few inches away, I could touch them. And the citrus scent given off by their presence made my nose tingle a little.

—D-Do you think so? I think we’re just like any other pair of siblings.

I felt a lot of confusion after Himemiya-san’s sudden behavior towards me. So I tried to hide it by responding quickly and firmly. Although, I couldn’t deny that my sister and I are very close.

Although it hasn’t always been like that from the beginning, since my sister and I are actually step-siblings. We are not related by blood.

—Really? She sounded just like a wife impatiently waiting for her husband to come home after a hard day’s work. If my thoughts are correct, then that means you’re committing infidelity, don’t you think so, Okugawa-kun? And since you’re here with me, it means I’m your lover? Jeez, you’re just like all men. I’m starting to feel a little disillusioned.

—And the image I had of you in my mind hasn’t stopped going downhill….

Sighing was inevitable after hearing Himemiya-san’s outrageous comments. 

—Oh, in that case, what kind of image did Okugawa-kun have of me so far? Go on, say it, I’m curious!

She exclaimed while having a seductive smile on her face. 

I guess this would be my chance to say whatever famous cliché phrase the MCs say to the heroines in the story to romance them. But I don’t want to act like I’m a lion who just saw his prey in front of him and was acting unsuspectingly.

—I haven’t weighed anything specific…. I’ve just had this image of you that you’re someone beautiful and great. But now that I’ve gotten closer to you, I can’t help but see you as a cat chasing its tail….

—So… Okugawa-kun has become disillusioned by seeing my true nature? — she asked with a worried expression on her face.

It’s quite worrying the way her expression changed from one moment to the next. I’ve never seen her as insecure as she is now.

—Not at all. In fact, I’m getting to know a side of you that I haven’t seen before, I’m kind of excited if I’m being honest.

—I see… I’m glad to hear that. I have no choice but to work hard to make Okugawa-kun even more excited with me!

Please don’t try any harder. I’m not sure if my heart can take it… And it’s not an exaggeration to say that that’s dangerous considering I’m alone with the most beautiful girl in the whole school… No, possibly with the most beautiful girl in the whole country.

—Himemiya-san, I don’t know if it’s good for me to stay here for long. What if your parents come back, wouldn’t they be angry if they found out that you’ve invited a man you haven’t even socialized with before?

—Relax, we won’t have any problems, my mother comes home late from work. Unless Okugawa-kun wants to stay over here…

The word “mother” caught me off guard, but I’ll ignore it for now.

—What do you mean?! Like a sleepover?! Stop making jokes like that.

—Even if it sounds like some kind of joke, I’m serious… But eventually we won’t be alone in this house anymore, so, surely that must be sad news for you, Okugawa-kun?

—…When you say things like that and in that tone, it makes me ashamed… Let’s just forget about it, is it possible for us to have a quiet dinner?

—Why are you in such a hurry? Tonight, my little brother is staying at a friend’s house, we have plenty of time for him to come back, so we can relax and take it easy… Don’t you think so?

While saying that, Himemiya-san continued to move even closer to me. Her long eyelashes, well-shaped nose, and soft cherry-colored full lips were just as hypnotizing as watching a coin swinging back and forth.

—Wh-What’s wrong with you all of a sudden, Himemiya-san? Why are you coming so close to me?

—Hmm? I don’t understand, isn’t this the distance I usually stand with you? — she replied, while staring at me and her face completely red. — Umm, this is the first time I’ve said this to anyone, but… Actually, I’ve always wanted to be a princess. 


Now that I remember, she mumbled something like that while reading her book in the coffee shop. I really thought that was an unintentional comment that came out of her mouth after reading that book. I didn’t expect it to be true.

—For some reason, guys often say that I sound very strong like a man with the way I speak, although much prettier than one. It’s been that way since long before high school, don’t you think that’s kind of awful?

It certainly is. Himemiya-san has a mature and beautiful face that is different from that of a high school student, and her usual demeanor is calm and dignified in every gesture.

—I don’t want to be seen like that. I want to be the delicate princess who is rescued by a handsome prince on his white horse!

—Umm… Himemiya-san?

Himemiya-san looked so angry that it gave the impression that at any moment the vein throbbing in her face would explode at any moment. If only she would show that cute side of her more often to everyone around her. I have no doubt that she would become a princess in no time.

Or maybe the students at the high school are overwhelmed at the new side of the most moe girl ever.

—But finally, the prince on a white horse that I’ve always been waiting for in my life showed up… And I guess you know who he is, right, Okugawa-kun?

Himemiya-san’s fingers touch my cheek. Then, her fingers slowly and gently trace a path from my cheek to my mouth and down to my neck, finally reaching my racing heart. The distance between us is now almost non-existent, causing Himemiya-san to be in a position almost as if she is on top of me.

—Umm… Maybe she could be… The coffee shop manager?

—The manager is so cool that it’s a pity she’s a woman, she’d be the ideal prince…! And that’s not what I mean! Stop making fun of me!

Himemiya-san gives a flippant response to my null and low seriousness to the situation, as it’s an effort on my part to hide my embarrassment. 

While clearing her throat, she looked me straight in the eyes again with a serious expression on her face.

—Okugawa-kun, you are definitely the ideal prince for me, and I knew it the moment when you saved me today at the coffee shop. Besides, you risked your life for me again when you escorted me back home…. — she said as she placed her hand on her chest.

Every word her beautiful lips uttered was a shot of adrenaline to my heart. And if that wasn’t enough, my mouth was unusually dry due to the nerves that invaded me. 

—Bu… But the manager told me to help you. Besides, even if you hadn’t been the one in trouble, I would have done the same to someone else. It’s not because Himemiya-san is special…

—Hmm… In fact, that comment would only increase my desire for you more. But are you aware of that?

—No, how could that be?

—That thinking is that of a hero rather than a prince. This makes it a big problem. If you don’t control it, other girls might discover Okugawa-kun’s hidden charms… Should I mark my territory on you before it happens?

After saying that, Himemiya-san comes even closer to my face. Our distance is practically at zero, that if I move even a little, I might be able to touch her lips.

Before I could open my mouth to ask her what she was doing, she pursed her lips and closed her eyes.

—Himemiya-san, I don’t think it’s wise for us to do this.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her away from me, using what little rationality was left in me to talk some sense into her as well.

I may never get another chance to kiss Himemiya-san, but, even so, I felt I had to reject her because her feelings for me were falsely created from her fiction. 

—You are just intoxicated by the feelings that have been generated in you because of what happened in the coffee shop. You don’t really like me, you only like the fact that I saved you from those two ruffians. 

—That’s not true…!

—…Then explain something to me, why is your body shaking?

Even before I grabbed her by the shoulders, Himemiya-san’s body was trembling slightly. And not necessarily because she was nervous due to the kiss. This is nothing more than the result of the body’s reaction to unspoken feelings of insecurity and fear mixed with perverted thoughts.

I can understand why she longs for a prince.

—I think I understand why Himemiya-san longs for a prince. I too wonder if a pretty princess will appear in my life. I’d be lying if I denied that I’ve come to think that princess would be you. But that doesn’t mean I’ll take advantage of you when you’ve gone through a traumatic time. 


—If we kiss now. We’ll probably regret it later. That kind of thing is only done when we’ve gotten to know each other better, right? Despite being classmates, this is the first time we’ve had a real conversation. Kissing a person you’ve barely interacted with and bonded with on a sentimental level could be counterproductive.

I admit it, I’m not the kind of frivolous guy who takes advantage of a woman’s feelings to satisfy his own wants and needs. If I’m going to kiss someone, I want to go beyond banal feelings first, I want to feel real love, I want to feel admiration for that person, and I want that person to feel the same for me.

—So, Himemiya-san, let’s forget what just happened and keep our composure. Let’s talk while eating our food, and then…


After a few seconds of silence, Himemiya-san calmly stood up from the sofa while replying in a weak voice.

—…You’re right, it’s the first time in my life that something like this has happened to me. I was a little nervous when those two guys approached me, and when they grabbed me by the arm, it caused me to get really scared… But it all disappeared when you came to my rescue, is that what they call the suspension bridge effect?

(The suspension bridge effect is a theory that explains why a person tends to fall in love with someone or something in a moment of adrenaline or danger.)

—Yes. It’s good to know that you’re aware of it.

—But that doesn’t mean I’ll let Okugawa-kun go home like this. I’ve gone to the trouble of cooking your favorite hamburger steak. You wouldn’t do such a horrible thing as leaving without eating, right?

—Um… Yes, I’d be happy to try your food.

Since I had told my sister I was going out to eat with friends. I can’t come home on an empty stomach. And the aroma coming from the kitchen was so delicious that it stimulated my appetite.

—Then let’s have dinner a little early. I’m going to grill some hamburgers, so wait here a little longer.

—Thank you, Himemiya-san.

I sat on the sofa while watching Himemiya-san’s back as she headed towards the kitchen with somewhat light steps.

I think it’s unbecoming of a guest, but with what just happened between us, I feel mentally drained… so I hope she will forgive me.

I haven’t felt this way since that day my mother notified me that I was having a sister.

As soon as she returned to the kitchen, she started humming and singing something cheerful while grilling the burgers. I regret giving her a sidelong glance.

—It’s not fair… She’s too beautiful.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Himemiya-san looked as delicate as a princess. That charm captivated me so much that I couldn’t help but mutter how beautiful she was while covering my face with both hands.

—Thank you for inviting me to dinner, Himemiya-san, it was delicious…

—Not at all. I’m the one who should thank you, Okugawa-kun… Thank you for everything you did for me today.

Himemiya-san’s homemade burgers were better than any burger I’ve ever eaten.

Her culinary skills truly are on the level where she could open her own restaurant. Obviously, I told her so, and she laughed at my comment, but I don’t think it was because she thought it was funny, I think she did it because she felt gleeful at such flattery. 

It was around 19:30, and I was outside her home ready to go back to mine. To some it may seem a little early, but me being a high school kid, it was a very late hour for me not to have returned home.

—More importantly, is your little brother okay, Himemiya-san? It looks like he hasn’t come back yet…

—Ah, don’t worry about him, while Okugawa-kun was relaxing on the sofa, I sent him a message telling him to go to a friend’s house for dinner because I was bringing my boyfriend home. So, he won’t be back for now.

—Did you really say something like that to your brother?! What would he think of you, Himemiya-san?!

—Fufu, I’m kidding. He actually told me that he’s staying over at his friend’s house. 

—…Please don’t keep making that kind of joke.

—I guess I’m still far from being able to take possession of your heart — whispered Himemiya-san.

—Hm? What did you just say?

—Nothing, I just said that it wouldn’t hurt to slow down a bit.

For a moment I thought Himemiya-san had said something sinister, but it seems it was just my imagination.

Is it also my imagination that she seems to have a look of regret on her face?

—I wish I could stay a little longer. But if I don’t come home soon, my sister will be very angry with me and I’ll be in serious trouble…

In fact, I’ve been getting messages on my phone every few minutes for a while now, and the time intervals between messages are getting shorter and shorter, which is starting to scare me…

I’m worried that my sister might become a stalker in the future.

—In that case, I don’t blame you. Family is important. Have fun with your sister and enjoy Ciel-chan’s live stream, while I watch it alone… VERY ALONE!

Himemiya-san emphasizes the fact that she’s alone, as if she’s implying to me that it’s very important and that she doesn’t want me to leave.

—Well, I don’t really like V-Tubers that much. I only watch them because my sister insists that I watch it with her.

—Then why don’t you do that with me too? No, you must do it, you have no choice.

Himemiya-san extended her right pinky finger while her cheeks were dyed bright red.

What is this, are you forcing me to make you a promise to accompany you to watch a V-Tuber livestream together? Hahaha, this must be some kind of joke.

—Sorry, but I’m very serious, Okugawa-kun. So, stretch out your pinky and promise me that one day you’ll watch Ciel-chan’s livestream with me in my room!

Himemiya-san’s pouting like she’s a spoiled child was really cute, and makes me want to watch her forever. I resisted extending my pinky, but surely, she would have been really angry if I didn’t.

So, I had no choice but to reluctantly promise her. 

—If you don’t keep your promise, your finger will fall off, okay?

I feel like I’ve made a ridiculous promise, but that stopped mattering to me as soon as I saw Himemiya-san smile like that.

—So, Okugawa-kun. Um, be very careful on your way home. I guess we’ll meet again when the new semester starts, right?

—Yes, spring break is almost over already.

—You’re right. As for me, I’d love to see you tomorrow and Ciel-chan together, but… I’ll leave it for another time.

—I agree, it would be better to wait a little longer.

—Fufu… Oh, by the way, before I forget, Okugawa-kun, how about exchanging our contact information, are you okay with that?

Himemiya-san asked while bowing her head and clasping both hands together. I guess there’s no reason to want to refuse in the face of such a request. It’s a pity that the purpose of this is for anything but something kinky.

—Thank you, Okugawa-kun. Now you can call me whenever you want, no matter if there’s no reason behind it.

—Please don’t you dare call me for no reason…

As harsh as my words may have sounded, the cheerful princess seems to have ignored them completely. I guess it’s best not to give it too much thought…

—Well then, Himemiya-san. See you at school.

—Yes, in high school… I hope we can study together, Yuto.


Even though it will soon be April, it was very cold at night. 

As soon as I get home, the first thing I’ll do is soak in the bathtub with hot water. What happened today was one of the five most hectic situations ever in my short life.

Thanks to it, I feel very exhausted. And to be frank, I would like to lie in bed right now and let Morpheus take me to the world of dreams… Although I’m sure that won’t happen.

—I’m home…

—Welcome home, Yuu-nii! I was so worried because you didn’t come back!

As soon as I got home, my younger sister rushed over to me to welcome me from the living room. Her cheeks were puffy, indicating that she was in a bad mood. But her ponytail wagging from side to side was nothing but an indication of happiness. 

Her name is Okugawa Matsuri. She is fifteen years old, and she is my stepsister from my mother’s second marriage. She is a very pretty girl even from my perspective as her older brother.

However, unlike Himemiya-san, she still doesn’t do justice to her charms, especially in terms of breasts.

Still, she is a very energetic and cheerful girl, so she is fun to be with. But at the same time, it can be a bit overwhelming. Soon classes will start, and she will be attending the same high school as me, so that means she will be my Kouhai.

To this day I still think it was not necessary for us to attend the same school. Won’t it end up being a bit tiring to always be together at home and now also in an educational center?

—As I promised, I came back before the live broadcast started, so you have no reason to be angry, right?

—Yes! You can do many things alone in your room, but you should always be next to your cute little sister when Ciel-chan starts her live broadcast! That way it’s more fun!

I want to believe that every older sibling in the world goes through this kind of thing. And don’t call yourself cute, you’ll just be letting people know you’re self-conscious.

—What if I tell you I’m not going to watch it with you?

—In that case, you leave me no choice but to inform mom of the existence of an important secret collection of magazines that are on the bookshelf in your room that she probably won’t like very much when she sees them.

—Hey, Matsuri, what did you just say a moment ago?

—Didn’t you hear me? Well, I’ll tell you again. I said that if you don’t watch Ciel-chan’s livestream with me, then I’ll show her all the collection of perverted magazines you bought at the end of last year.

—How did you know I bought those magazines? And besides, how did you know where they were hidden? Don’t tell me you have surveillance cameras in my room?

—Fufufu, I see you’ve figured it out. Yes! I admit it! I’ve installed several surveillance cameras in your room, Yuu-nii…! Well, not really, I’m just kidding. I discovered them by mere chance when I was looking for a manga to read on your bookshelf. 

Matsuri likes manga and light novels just like me, for that reason we both pooled money from our allowance so we could buy things that caught our attention and so we shared books. And since I’ve been working part-time and earning a steady paycheck, I’ve been able to buy a lot of books, including certain kinds of books I’ve been wanting to read, but I didn’t think it would hurt me like this…

—I’m so mad at you! Why do all those sex-related books you bought only have female protagonists who are a beautiful and voluptuous Onee-san! You didn’t buy a single manga where the female protagonist is a cute and cuddly stepsister! — She stomped her foot on the floor as she exclaimed.

It’s rude for someone to spy on your stuff. And there’s nothing sadder than having to explain my tastes and preferences to my younger sister. I need a break…

—Well, I can understand Yuu-nii’s need to want to be spoiled too. But it’s sad to know that you’d rather be cuddled by a Onee-san with big boobs than a tender and cute step-sister like me. Yuu-nii you’re a traitor!

—…Calm down, Matsuri, shouldn’t you be watching the livestream? Ciel-chan should have started her broadcast. 

—Yuu-nii you idiot! Why are you telling me now?! — she expressed as she returned to the living room in a panic. 

How easy it is to manipulate Matsuri. Even though I rushed back home, I don’t have a moment’s rest. This is so unfair…

—Yuu-nii, what are you standing there for! Come here quickly! Today’s broadcast starts with a climax, so you can’t miss a second of what happens!

—Yes, I know, I know. But let me get some rest. I’ve had a long day and I’m tired.

—I can’t help it… You’ve got three minutes, so hurry up!

I headed to my room while ignoring my sister’s chattering. I opened the door and the first thing I did was lay down in my bed while mumbling nonsense in my mind.

—Haa… I’m so tired.

I rested my face on my pillow, and let out a deep breath. The last thing I want is for anyone to know that I went to Himemiya-san’s house today, the most beautiful and popular girl in high school noticed me today, almost kissed me, and even cooked me a delicious home-cooked meal. 

If this were to leak out, both men and women would watch me with jealousy and murderous intent.

—Himemiya-san was not only cool…

She is a whole box of surprises, from her personality, the way she acts in front of people, her deepest desires… She makes the whole maiden mask crumble exposing the fragile person she is.

As I was thinking about it, my phone, which had been placed under my pillow, starts vibrating. It turned out to be a notification from LINE. 

When I opened the notification, I discovered that the person who sent me the said message was Himemiya-san.

—[Okugawa-kun, Ciel-chan is live right now, are you watching it?]

Matsuri and Himemiya-san are so alike, they feel like sisters. 

—[I’m lying down, I’m feeling a bit tired. I’ll watch it in a few minutes.]

—[That’s unacceptable! Ciel-chan is fighting against a very powerful boss right now, so you’d better watch it quickly. She’s trying really hard, so you have to support her!!!]

I could imagine Himemiya-san cheering for Ciel-chan behind the screen and gesturing with her hands in excitement. And the notifications kept coming in. 

—Yuu-nii, how long are you going to be in your room! Come quickly!

—Okay, okay, I’m coming, just wait a little longer!

Damn it. When it comes to Ciel-chan, Matsuri gets very lively, and that’s a problem. And from the looks of it, the princess isn’t much different from her.

—[Kyaaaa! Zombies are too horrible! Ciel-chan’s going to die!]

Who is this girl? I want to believe that the person I’m talking to on LINE is Himemiya Kanade. The messages she sends give me the impression that she was someone else.

Although if we were talking on the phone, I probably would have thought the same thing. 

—Why is Ciel-chan laughing while shooting them in the head? If it were me, I’d be eaten by a zombie in an instant!

Well, that would be simple to explain. Some people enjoy violent video games like that. 

—[There he is! The final boss! The final boss has arrived…! Huh? Ciel-chan’s dead already?!

—[Calm down, calm down a little bit]

I write my message out loud without meaning to. Fantasizing about what would have happened if we had watched this stream together at her house.

I got out of bed and headed to the living room where Matsuri was waiting for me. It’s about time to take care of her too, because she’s too noisy.

—Ah! Yuu-nii, finally! The last boss suddenly appeared and killed Ciel-chan in the blink of an eye!

Matsuri exclaimed as she grabbed me by the shoulders. She started shaking me with teary eyes as she puffed out her cheeks.

I can understand that you’re surprised and angry about the sudden irrational situation, but don’t take it out on me.

—Calm down, it’s just a video game, the character will reappear again.

—Really? Ah! Yes, he’s coming back to life!

—[Ciel-chan is okay right? The main character is still alive?]

As weird as it sounds, both of them care to extreme levels about a fictional character. It’s crazy. And what’s worse is that it doesn’t seem to want to end anytime soon.

—Hey, stay calm and focus on the screen! If you watch Ciel-chan’s every move, you’ll know what’s going to happen!

After saying that to Matsuri, I sent the same message to Himemiya-san, who a few seconds later replied with a penguin sticker with the words “understood” on the side.

I must admit it’s very cute… Maybe I’ll buy that sticker pack.

—Hey, Yuu-nii, why are you laughing while looking at your phone? Don’t tell me you were looking at illustrations or hentai while talking to your cute sister?

—Why do you say things like that? And I’m not watching that kind of thing. I’m on LINE responding to a message… I wasn’t laughing either. 

—…Well, I’ll let you off this time. But I’m going to interrogate you sooner or later, so get ready! 

Matsuri responded with a lot of momentum while pointing her index finger at me. I wanted to say, “Don’t point your finger at people,” but seeing Matsuri’s fearless smile, I felt a shiver run down my spine and couldn’t help but ask her what she was talking about.

Then my step-sister laughed like a demon king and said:

—Of course, it’s about the fact that Yuu-nii had dinner at the girl’s house after work today!

The moment I was told that, I let out a muffled scream as every muscle in my face tensed up… How did she know!!!!

—Did you really think I wouldn’t hear the woman in the background humming when we were on the phone?!


—I thought you weren’t coming back all night because you’d finally be ready to take a leap into adulthood… If you know what I mean.

My dear sister’s imagination is really disturbing. And the smile on her face makes it much worse.

For starters, I’m not the aggressive type of guy who is a sexual animal. If anything, I’m more of a quiet, herbivorous type.

—Well, let’s put that aside. Who’s the girl you preferred to leave me aside with! What’s her name? Do you have a picture?

Matsuri asked me as she brought her face close to mine, as if she was a nosy reporter trying to force out any secrets about my private life.

—Weren’t we supposed to watch Ciel’s stream?

—Right now, I don’t care about Ciel-chan, I care about Yuu-nii’s future relationship! I want you to be happy for all the sacrifices you’ve made so far!

Matsuri replied having slightly moist eyes and a serious look. 

The sacrifice thing is an exaggeration, but still, I’m happy enough.

—And if possible, I’d like to invite Yuu-nii’s girlfriend to watch Ciel-chan’s stream, so the three of us can have fun together!

Give me back the feelings of respect I was starting to feel for you, silly sister. You just want someone to hang out with and do girly stuff with. And it worked out so well for you that Himemiya-san is indeed that kind of girl.

—Don’t stay quiet anymore, just tell me her name! Is she a classmate at school or a senior? Oh, maybe a client from your part-time job?

I’m starting to worry that every thought that goes through her head is pretty accurate. I was so surprised that such an expression was reflected on my face, and Matsuri noticed it.

—I see… So, a pretty girl from your school who happens to be a client of your part-time job is a potential girlfriend for you, Yuu-nii?

—Wait a minute, Matsuri. How do you know the other person is a pretty girl?

It’s no coincidence that she’s getting every one of her thoughts so precisely right.

—Simple coincidence… What’s more, I didn’t think Yuu-nii would save such a pretty and beautiful girl in his work, and be invited to her house to eat a delicious home-cooked meal. You’re quite the stud, brother!

—I won’t say it again, how do you know all that?

—I asked your work manager how your day was today.

Stupid manager! Why can’t you keep a secret?! More importantly… At what point did Matsuri and the manager become close friends?

—She and I exchanged LINEs in case something happened to you. Also, she’s like a model, she’s elegant, beautiful and cool. I secretly admire her. — With a rapt expression on her face, Matsuri replied.

Certainly, the manager is a very beautiful and stylish person who could be mistaken for a model. I can understand why Matsuri admires her so much.

—You told me that you would return home when your part-time job was over, but you suddenly decided to go out to dinner with your friends, so it’s only natural that I thought something was going on, right? So, I asked the store manager and she told me everything that happened.

—You know everything! So why did you bother to ask me?

I can easily imagine the manager’s face writing a message with a happy face. Because that person is a criminal despite her sweet appearance.

—I wanted to hear it directly from you, you know, to have a smooth communication between siblings!

—In that case, ask the direct question instead of beating around the bush.

—Whatever, more importantly, I’m very happy that love has finally knocked on your door, Yuu-nii, since you’ve never had a girlfriend, surely mom will be very happy.

It’s too early to say that love has knocked at my door, dear sister. And I wish you didn’t get your hopes up so high, maybe then you won’t become disillusioned.

—Now that you’ve told me what I wanted to know, I’ll check Ciel-chan’s stream again… And you should answer the messages on your phone, it’s been ringing for a long time. — Matsuri said as she pointed to my pocket.

She was right, my phone was constantly vibrating and ringing from the messages I was receiving one after another during the time we were talking. And of course, there was only one person who was responsible for it.

—[Hey, Okugawa-kun! Are you watching Ciel-chan’s stream?! You haven’t fallen asleep, have you?! Can I call you?!]

The single word written in the last message sent by Himemiya-san makes me shudder. Why does she want to call me right now when I’m standing in front of Matsuri…? 

And just as I was thinking about it, I received a phone call from her.

—Yuu-nii, don’t worry about me, okay? Go ahead, talk to your girlfriend all you want, but you’re going to have to tell me everything you two talked about, okay?

—…Himemiya-san is not my girlfriend, and I’m not going to tell you anything either.

—Why are you so cruel to me?!

Ignoring Matsuri’s heartbreaking cry. I left the living room and went back to my room and then answered the phone call. 

—[H—Hello. What’s going on, Himemiya-san?]

—[Nothing’s wrong! I thought you had fallen asleep without watching Ciel-chan’s livestream since you weren’t answering my messages, so I thought I’d wake you up!]

Is it my imagination or is there a slight annoyance mixed with the interesting tone of voice?

—[I’m sorry for leading you to believe that, Himemiya-san. It’s just that my sister asked me a lot about today and I couldn’t let it go.]

—[If so, it can’t be helped. I’m sorry, Okugawa-kun. For interrupting your family time]

—[No… It’s not something you should apologize for. More than that, what about Ciel-chan, do you think she can beat the Boss.]

I asked while turning on the laptop I received from my father. Before I left the living room, I took a quick glance at the screen and realized that she was in the final boss dungeon, so I should be able to make it in time.

—[She’s about to fight the final Boss now. Have you ever played this game, Okugawa-kun?]

—[Of course. I’m enough of a fan to play the whole series.]

Although I only started recently thanks to Ciel-snow, I can’t say I’ve been doing it for a long time. 

—[Wow, that’s amazing Okugawa-kun. So, maybe you’ll also play the game Ciel-chan is going to play next?]

—[Ah, if I remember correctly, the next game I was going to play next was the popular Elden Ring, a demonic game that mercilessly sends not only beginners but also those who have completed all the previous games in the series to their deaths.]

This game nearly destroyed the second half of my spring break. I often had to stay up all night to go to my part-time job, but even then, I was surprised that I still hadn’t completed even half of the game.

—[Oh, really? Then I’ll give it a chance.]

—[I don’t intend to forbid you, but if you’re going to do it, you’d better be prepared. The main goal of this game is for you to die.]

—[I see. If that’s the case, if I do it with Okugawa-kun, even a beginner like me can pull it off. Right?]

Himemiya-san says with a cheerful laugh, does that mean you want to come to my house to play with me?

—[Could you tell me how you came to that conclusion?]

—[I don’t think I have the same skills and excitement as Ciel-chan to play that kind of video game, so I’m sure I’ll most likely get stuck and give up easily. But if I learn from Okugawa-kun, I think I’ll be able to beat any strong opponent!]

I thought I saw Himemiya-san clenching her fist dumbly on the other end of the phone. Apparently, she’s serious.

—[Sure, I’m not asking you to play tomorrow, the new school year will start soon, so we can do it when everything calms down. Promise?]

I felt pressured to say yes or no to you. I let out a sigh in my mind and then responded to the princess’s request.

—[Okay. We’ll play together once the new term starts and things calm down.]

—[I knew you’d say that, Okugawa-kun! I’m looking forward to that day.]

—[In many ways, I’m starting to feel uncomfortable…] 

—[I’d like to ask you what you mean by that, but let’s leave it at that for today. If I keep talking to Okugawa-kun like this, I might miss out on a memorable moment from Ciel-chan].

Ciel was finally facing the final boss. So, I can guess that it really was a very important moment for her. 

—[Well then, Okugawa-kun. Thank you again for today. Good night.]

—[No problem. Good night, Himemiya-san.]

Himemiya-san giggled like a little girl and then cut the call. 

Never before has a girl outside my family said good night to me. And when that person is a beautiful girl like Himemiya-san, it’s no exaggeration to say that I have used up all my luck for the rest of my life on this day. 

I highly doubt I’ll ever get another lucky break like today until the day I die.

—I wonder what would happen if we both studied in the same classroom… Well, I highly doubt it would happen. 

I threw myself on the bed while smiling. I was tired from everything that had happened, and as soon as I closed my eyes, my conscience darkened.


Days passed, and high school classes had begun. 

My first day of classes as a sophomore in high school finally arrived.

The moment I entered the classroom where my friends, with whom I would spend the next year, were waiting for me, I was astonished.

Because there was Himemiya-san with a big smile on her face. She left her friends around her when she found me, and approached me.

—Good morning, Okugawa-kun. I’m really looking forward to spending this year with you.

—…Morning, Himemiya-san.

Looks like my luck hasn’t run out… More importantly, will I be able to live through this high school year without incident?

I hope so… Even though every part of my body says otherwise…

Himemiya-san, a maiden and cute girl in front of me

Himemiya-san, a maiden and cute girl in front of me

Score 8
Status: Completed Author: Artist: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese

Yuto Okugawa is a high school student who works part-time in a cafeteria during his summer vacation. One day at work, he meets the most popular girl in high school, nicknamed "Prince of Amanodate", who, as her name suggests, is the most desired girl by men and the most admired by women.

But unforeseen events made Kanade Himemiya take notice of Yuto, to the point that a romantic attraction was born in her. Thus begins the story of how the girl who rejected all the men who declared their love for her fell for the charms of her classmate after he saved her from a serious situation.


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