I Reincarnated into Another World with Zero Magic Power, So I Trained My Swordsmanship for 1000 Years: Chapter 2

I kept swinging my sword

Through the distortion of space prepared by Alista, he found himself in a completely white environment that stretched as far as he could see.

“So, is this the InterTemporal Space?”

According to Alista’s explanation, in this space, one did not age. Additionally, there was no need for food or anything similar, which meant that one could stay until they felt satisfied.

However, the feeling of loneliness and boredom was impossible to hide, and most of those who had set foot in the past left this place after about a month.

Undoubtedly, staying in such an empty place for several months seemed quite exhausting.

“To get out of here as soon as possible, I need to acquire enough strength to defeat the low-level monsters.”

I decided to start practicing immediately with renewed spirit. For now, I tried holding the sword given to me by Aristeia in a raised position.

“Is this okay? Before dying, I only had experience handling a kendo sword in physical education classes, so I feel quite unsure…”

Despite some apprehension, I decided to give it a try. I continued moving the sword following the memories of my past life.


It’s been a month.

During that time, I dedicated myself exclusively to practicing with the sword.

I considered that establishing a solid foundation was the most important thing.

It seems that idea was not wrong.

Gradually, my stance became more stable, and the speed of my sword movements increased.

I clearly felt that I was growing as a person, and even sensed how my motivation was strengthening.

“At first, I thought I would get out of here in about a month, but if I keep going like this, it seems I’ll be able to continue a bit longer.”

Also, since I haven’t heard from Alista, I suppose I haven’t yet acquired enough strength to defeat the low-level monsters.

It seems I still have a lot to train, so I psyched myself up to keep going.


It’s been a year.

For the past six months, in addition to practicing with the sword, I have also started training for real combat scenarios.

I imagine moving monsters and trying to dodge while handling the sword.

This proves to be quite challenging, and the difficulty is completely different from practice without opponents.

Despite it all, thanks to my constant efforts, I believe I can now move quite well.

However, I still haven’t heard from Alista.

“Is it still not enough…? Maybe the monsters in this world are quite strong even at a low level.”

Or perhaps, the fact that I have zero magical power is a great disadvantage.

Even Alista’s reaction suggests that maybe it was not expected for a person without magical power to fight monsters.

Nevertheless, I made a commitment to myself.

I cannot give up here due to a matter of pride.

“Just wait and see, I’m going to keep getting stronger from here.”


A decade has passed.

Even after all this time, I continue to wield the sword with determination.


The blade that falls from my skillful footwork cuts through the air with unwavering precision and speed.

But that’s not all.

Using my foot as a pivot, I traced a gleam of the sword with a reverse strike.

I keep going without stopping, continuing with a barrage of strikes.

When it comes to facing monsters, there is no guarantee of defeating them with a single blow.

I must be ready to fight without letting my guard down at any moment and in any circumstance.

Through training that takes place day and night (although there is really no concept of day and night here), under that awareness, I have acquired a considerable skill… Or at least I thought so.

And this is because I still have not received any news from Alista.

In this situation, even my resilient mind starts to show signs of weakness.

I momentarily stop the training and breathe slowly.

“Has it really been ten years since I arrived here? I have been training all this time, and although I feel I have become stronger…”

Despite being self-taught, I have learned numerous sword skills, and my physical ability has improved enormously.

Indeed, my growth has been exceptional, and I am already starting to achieve movements that surpass earthly human limits.

If I remember correctly, ten years ago I heard that people reincarnated in this world experience a renewal of their growth limits, and it seems that information was true.

“But what is really important now is not that…”

Once again, I reflect on my current situation.

Undoubtedly, I have powers stronger than any person on Earth.

Despite that, it seems that I have not yet reached my goal of defeating the low-level monsters.

“Will I really reach a point where I can achieve that goal with my current training? Or maybe I already have enough skill but Alista has forgotten her promise…? That would be quite unlikely, wouldn’t it?”

But when I remember Alista’s divine aura, I shake my head.

It does not seem likely that she would make such a simple mistake.

“Forget it,  it seems all I can do is keep wielding the sword.”

After finishing the review of my situation, I slap both cheeks with my hands.

“Alright, let’s get back to training! Surely in a few more years, I will receive news from Alista!”

With that hope in mind, I begin to wield the sword again.


And so, a thousand years passed.

I Reincarnated into Another World with Zero Magic Power, So I Trained My Swordsmanship for 1000 Years ~The World’s Strongest, Who Believes He’s a Lowly Swordsman, Unconsciously Makes Enemies Tremble~

I Reincarnated into Another World with Zero Magic Power, So I Trained My Swordsmanship for 1000 Years ~The World’s Strongest, Who Believes He’s a Lowly Swordsman, Unconsciously Makes Enemies Tremble~

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: 異世界に転生したけど魔力0だったので、1000年間剣技を鍛えてみた ~自分を低級剣士だと思い込んでいる世界最強は無自覚に無双するようです〜
The protagonist, Yuuri Izumi, one day loses his life due to a certain event and undergoes reincarnation in another world. However, according to the goddess, Yuuri's magic power is zero. She is told that him is too fragile to survive in the other world. Therefore, before reincarnating into the other world, Yuuri decides to receive time for training. But, due to a mistake by the goddess, he ends up training for 1000 years, even though he was supposed to train until she became a lowly swordsman. Yuuri becomes the world's strongest after 1000 years of training. But he mistakenly believes that he has finally become a lowly swordsman and sets off on a journey to the other world. There, Yuuri mistakes a Fenrir for mere dog under. Mistakes the strongest dragon for a mere bird and instantaneously defeats it, and discreetly saves a S-rank party of beautiful girls renowned throughout the country. This is a story of the strongest swordsman without magic power, engaging in unconsciously overwhelming battles.


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