I Was Sacrificed, but I Became a Disciple of the God and Mastered Martial Arts [Chapter 2] [Volume 1]

Inheriting a power

Five years have passed since I became the master’s disciple.



Right now, I’m fighting a demon here on the Island, it was a test entrusted to me by my master.

This demon is much larger than me, and its bulging muscles speak of the strength of its body.

Additionally, it has an eye in the forehead, and it seems that this eye has the power to perceive magical energy and fighting spirit, unlike normal vision.

I don’t know the name of this demon.

There is little information about this place, and it’s not clear which demons inhabit it. So I simply call it “three-eyed demon” despite how obvious it may seem.

Moreover, the number of demons I originally knew was quite limited. But it doesn’t matter now; I just know I must defeat them.


The demon attacked me by launching one of its attacks.

I continued to dodge them with great skill, but every time I did, a strike from that arm caused the ground to crack, there was a loud noise, and the sheer force of the wind from swinging the arm made the surrounding trees fly off.

It’s already quite difficult to withstand that wind force. If I were to receive a direct hit, my body would be crushed in an instant.

And of course, I won’t allow that to happen easily.

I synchronized my movement with the strike of the three-eyed demon, placed my hand on the side of its fist, and then moved forward, spinning towards its chest while enveloping it entirely.

At that moment, I focused my fighting spirit into my fingers and channeled my magic as I touched the arm, precisely hitting the point that could destroy it.


The strike was precise, and the arm of the three-eyed demon that I had struck with my finger swelled in an instant and then burst.

Taking advantage of the three-eyed demon being immobilized by the explosion of its arm, I leaped upon it and plunged into its chest.

Then, I confronted it with a fist imbued with fighting spirit and magic against the three-eyed demon’s stomach.


— Gaaaaaaaa─—!

My fist sank into the three-eyed demon’s stomach as if piercing it. I managed to pass through its entire body until emerging from its back.

However, I frowned at the sensation in my hand.

…Too shallow.

Due to the resilient body of the three-eyed demon and, above all, the eye on its forehead, it seemed to have detected my magic in advance, so I couldn’t penetrate the impact perfectly.

Furthermore, my intention was to bounce my magic off the magic within the body of the three-eyed demon and make it explode, but it seems that by prematurely detonating the arm, the three-eyed demon went on guard and instantaneously strengthened control of its magic. Thanks to that, I couldn’t inflict any internal injuries.

Therefore, the three-eyed demon didn’t fall but instead leaned forward and stood firm. But…

— Again…!

I directed another Hoten towards the jaw of the approaching three-eyed demon. It was then that the three-eyed demon, whose jaw I had shattered, raised its face and fell backwards.

I checked the condition of the three-eyed demon without lowering my guard, and I saw that it was dead.

— Phew…

—…Well, I guess you’ve passed.

At that moment, the master appeared silently by my side.

That I am able to wield magic and fight demons like this is thanks to my master.

—I know I don’t need to tell you, but you still have much to learn.


I myself was very aware of it. I have not yet been able to perfectly inherit the master’s techniques.

The techniques and knowledge have been instilled in me, but I still lack the ability to use them.

At most, right now, I have only acquired the basics of everything I have been taught, but that’s all.

As I pondered on this, the master nodded once more.

—Well. Then, the next will be the final test.


I widened my eyes at the master’s words.

—W—Wait! I am still immature! And yet, the final exam…

—Indeed, you are still immature. However, I have already taught you all that I know. The rest is up to you to hone your skills. And… It’s time.


As I looked closely, the master’s body began to turn transparent.


—When I first met you, I told you that my life was coming to an end, didn’t I?


I couldn’t accept the master’s words.

I still have much to learn from him. And yet…

Then, the master smiled sadly.

—Don’t put on such a sad face. It is my last moment, and it is sad to bid farewell in this way. Besides, instead of worrying about me, you should worry about yourself.


—…Your final exam is to reach the center of this island.


I opened my eyes at those words. Ever since I became the master’s disciple, I have fought against several demons in this place.

That being said, I am still at the point where I can fight in the middle of the vast forest that stretches across the island, and the rocky peak rising in the center, which is the deepest point, is very far away.

The further you venture into the Demon’s Island, the more powerful the demons inhabiting it become.

And I run the risk of facing a pack of demons like the one I just encountered.

—Hahaha. Do you understand how challenging the final exam is?


—…When you reach the center of this island, the power to live that you sought will become a reality. And there is probably something else you seek there.

—Something I seek…?

Initially, I was searching for my place in the world, but after my father left me five years ago and I arrived in this land, I had no choice but to seek the power to survive before finding a place in the world.

Apart from that, what is it that I seek…?

As I tilted my head, the master gazed towards the center of the island.

—Initially, I didn’t understand what the barrier was for. However, as I spent time with you in this land, I gradually began to comprehend. That place is somewhere you, Toma, must go.


—Haha… Well, it’s fine. When you reach that rocky peak rising in the center of this island, you’ll understand.

As the master spoke, his body became even more transparent, as if he were about to disappear at any moment.

—Well, Toma. Once you have passed the final exam… You can do whatever you want.

—Whatever I want…?

—Yes, whatever you want.

Even though he told me something like that, I can’t think of what else I could do. As I have only lived impulsively, I don’t know what it means to live on my terms.

—You could return to your hometown or travel. You can do whatever you want. Take your time to face your own desires. That’s what living is about.

—My… Desire…

For now, no desire comes to mind. Perhaps I will never know.

Even so…

—…I understand. I want to live to make the master proud.

—Good. I am happy to spend my final moments with you.

The master smiled one last time and then disappeared into the world as if dissolving.

The master said that the time he spent with me was happy. But did I give the master something to feel that way?

As far as I can remember, he was the one who gave me everything.

His protection, his knowledge, his wisdom, and above all… Happiness. For the first time, someone recognized and trusted me.

—Uhhh… Ahh…

Tears naturally welled up in my eyes.

When was the last time I cried so purely for someone?

It was different from the tears of despair when I was first thrown onto this island.

I knelt down and bowed deeply.

—Master… Thank you so much…!

…That was my final farewell to the departed master.


After the master left, I forgot to eat and sleep and dedicated myself to training.

As a result, after two years, I was able to see the rocky mountain rising in the center of the island as I ventured into the depths of the forest surrounding the island.

At the same time, the strength of the demons attacking me was becoming unusually strong.



A huge wolf the size of a house attacks me without any hesitation.

The Great Wolf has purple flames around its limbs, and those flames do not burn the surrounding trees but instead heat their target, me, with precision.

—[Heaven Collapse]


To avoid being hit directly by that attack, I lowered my head and slid on the Great Wolf’s chest, delivering a punch.

When my fist sank into its defenseless stomach, the Great Wolf screamed and flew off.

Then, taking advantage of the gap in the battle between the Great Wolf and me, a sharp strike like an arrow shot out.


I turned my face to avoid it at the last moment, and where the blow had flown from, a frog the size of the Great Wolf, a [Great Toad], was staring at me… Was the earlier strike the giant toad’s tongue?

As I rushed towards the Great Toad, a rain of objects fell on me from above.

I dodged them with the unique foot technique passed down in the [Supreme Lord’s Fist], and when I looked up, I saw a herd of [baboons] watching us.

The objects that fell from the sky were stones thrown by the baboons, and the ground was filled with deep holes, illustrating the strength of their throws.

The baboons gathered more stones and hurled them towards us.

— Ha!

I leaped forcefully off the ground, causing the ground to crack around me, sending debris flying in all directions.


While making sure not to break any of the flying debris, I unleashed a flurry of punches, sending them flying in a straight line and annihilating the baboons.

And then, right after I attacked the herd of baboons, the tongue of the Great Toad shot out, trying to impale me.


— Gooarg?!

I grabbed the tongue of the giant toad as it stretched out and shook it vigorously.



I flung the Great Toad away while knocking down many surrounding trees.


Just as I was about to take a breath after surviving the consecutive attacks of a Giant Wolf, a Giant Toad, and many baboons, a large shadow loomed over me.

In a panic, when I looked up, there was a huge humanoid skeleton, large enough to engulf this forest… The Great Skull!

…Darn. I was so focused on advancing through the forest that I lost track of time.

The Great Skull is a mysterious demon that appears during the nights on this island.

I don’t even know the official names of this Great Skull, the Great Wolf, the Great Toad, and the Baboons I fought earlier, so I call them as I want.

And this Great Skull is probably the most powerful demon on this Death Island.

It constantly emanates a chilling atmosphere, as if filled with the grievances of those who died on this land.

Despite its imposing presence, even I, who have perfected my presence detection skills on this island, couldn’t sense its presence until it appeared.

When the Great Skull saw me, it spewed green smoke from its eye sockets and swung its huge hand to crush me.


I jumped with all my might from the spot, and the hand of the Great Skull fell in front of me.

At that moment, the ground shook violently.

With an incomparable power compared to the previous demons, a single strike blew away half of the forest, leaving the surroundings in a deplorable state.

Up until now, I had avoided this creature because it wasn’t particularly harmful if you didn’t see it, but it has finally found me.

I suppose I was so excited about getting closer to the rocky mountain, my goal.

Fortunately, the barrier said to surround the rocky mountain doesn’t seem to be affected by the terrain of this Great Skull and remains intact.

Although this demon’s movements are relatively slow, the range of its attacks with its huge body is tremendous, and it will be difficult to escape from it.

—…I have no choice.

I decided to brace myself, circulating my fighting spirit throughout my body in an instant, all my magical power flowing through my veins.

And then I leaped onto the hand of the Great Skull descending to the ground, causing it to shake its hand to dislodge me.

—[Breaking Kick]

But before it could shake me off, I took a great leap and, using the air as a foothold, jumped in front of the Great Skull.

—[Heavenly Strike]

I unleashed my fist with all my strength against the skull of the Great Skull.


At that moment, the skull of the Great Skull exploded and it fell backwards with a chilling scream.

However, just after falling, I saw its shattered skull regenerate with green smoke.

—What?! Headshot doesn’t even work?!

I definitely made my magic and the Great Skull’s magic repel each other, causing its skull to explode.

However, even after having its head blown off, it is recovering without showing any particular signs of suffering.

Most living beings do not get up after having their heads blown off.

…Well, it’s unclear if this Great Skull is alive or not.

In any case, if blowing its head off doesn’t work, I just have to aim for another area…

As soon as I looked all over the body of the Great Skull, which had finished repairing itself, it grabbed me with tremendous force.

—Heavenly Strike! Guh?!

Realizing I couldn’t avoid it in the air, I used ‘Heavenly Strike’ with both hands to break free from the restraints it had on me.

However, its immense strength almost overwhelmed me.

But still, I gathered my magic and fighting spirit to the maximum, and when I attacked with both hands, I finally found the core of the Great Skull!

—Breaking Kick

Using the air as a foothold once again, I leaped towards the center of the Great Skull’s chest.




I unleashed my ‘Heavenly Strike’ with all my strength against the chest of the Great Skull, causing its sternum to shatter, and I penetrated the green light sphere hidden in the center of its body.

In the next moment, the Great Skull screamed and then dissolved into the air.

—Ha… ha… I… I defeated it…

I would like to savor the victory at this moment, but it wouldn’t be good if I were attacked again by a horde of demons.

I ran away from there and headed straight for the rocky mountain.

And finally… I arrived at the land of the final trial.


—Huh… This is…

The atmosphere there was clearly different from the forest I had encountered so far.

Because only that part was clear, with a rocky mountain and a giant cave at its base.

—According to the master, it seems that here is what I am looking for…

Even after two years, I still don’t know what it is that I am seeking.

Moreover, the master had mentioned that some kind of barrier has been set up here.

Originally, this land was an island where the first emperor defeated a demon… However, after spending seven years here, I have no idea what demon that was.

It is said that the vengeful spirit of the defeated demon is appeased through sacrifices, but so far, I do not recall seeing such a vengeful spirit.

No, that Great Skull had a form that could be called a vengeful spirit, but it would be more accurate to say it’s the vengeful spirit of sinners who died on this land.

If there really is a vengeful spirit that the first emperor defeated, there is no way my current self can defeat it.

But there is also no doubt that the demons inhabiting this island are fierce, and if you are banished to this island, survival is almost impossible.

And I, who have spent a long time on an island like this, felt a presence more ferocious than any demon I have faced on this island, including the Great Skull, emanating from the cave in front of me.

This presence… It could be even greater than that of the master.

—What kind of demons are in there…?

I don’t know if the master’s trial includes the interior of this cave… But it would be a lie to say I am not curious.

All of this is very strange to me. Nevertheless, I must believe in the master’s words, and if he sent me here, it was for a specific reason.

I decided to prepare myself and stepped into the cave in front of me.


The moment I stepped into the cave, I felt as if all my strength was being drained away. Even my consciousness was fading.


I desperately tried to hold onto consciousness, but before I knew it, my vision had turned dark.


— Wh… at…?

My consciousness gradually returned to me.

I don’t know how much time has passed, but it felt like my consciousness had slipped away for just a moment.

—What on earth is happening…?!

As I uttered those words and looked down at my feet, I was left speechless.

—What is this?!

How is it that… My body is lying at my feet?!

It seemed to be deeply asleep, showing no signs of waking up.

—Wh—What is going on?! Then what am I?!

I hurriedly looked at my own body, and indeed, my physical body was there.

However, it was somewhat transparent and didn’t seem to be in a normal state.

It was as if I were in an astral projection state.

—Damn… It’s not working.

I tried to enter the physical body at my feet, but there was no response.

—…Will this be resolved by moving forward?

This situation began the moment I set foot in this cave… The barrier.

In that case, it’s highly likely that what I need to get out of this situation is also inside this cave.

I gazed again at my body at my feet.

—…I’m worried about leaving it here, but there’s no choice…

There was nothing I could do, so I had to leave it behind.

However, there were no signs of demons entering this cave, and the barrier erected here was probably rejecting the entry of all but those meant to enter. If so, then I am at ease…

I looked back towards the depths of the cave, focused, and moved forward.

The interior of the cave, unlike the exterior, was made of stone and had a solid structure.

Come to think of it, this is the work of humans.

Perhaps, was this sanctuary built long ago as a place to honor vengeful spirits?

As I thought about this, I eventually emerged into a spacious area.

At that moment, torches on the surrounding walls lit up.


—It took you quite some time to get here.


Suddenly, a voice echoed.

I immediately assumed a combat stance, but for some reason, I couldn’t see the figure of my opponent.

After parting ways with my master and continuing my training, I should be sensitive to magic and presences, but I can’t perceive anything at all.

The host of the enigmatic voice then chuckles.

—Kukuku… Don’t be so alert. I am right in front of you.


In the next instant, a middle-aged man appears in front of me.

With flowing black hair and luxurious attire. His presence is extremely majestic, and it is immediately apparent that this man is not ordinary.


—His body… It’s transparent…

Just like me now, his body was also transparent.

Then, the man smiles like a mischievous child.

—Indeed, I am no longer part of this world.

—Then, what am I…?

If the man in front of me is a true spirit, what does it mean for me to be in a similar state to this man?

To my question, the man responds.

—Right now, you are in what is called a spirit state.

—Spirit state?

—That’s right. As a result of the effect of the barrier I have deployed, your body and spirit have temporarily separated.

—Why would you do such a thing…?

Upon asking again, the man smiles.

—Haha… My descendant is a curious boy.


—If you are here, then you have come this far by facing the demons that inhabit this island, isn’t that right?

—Y—Yes, but…

—In that case, you have passed my test. And you have earned the right… The right to receive everything from me.

—Wait a moment!

I couldn’t help but exclaim.

After all, there are so many things I don’t understand.

Who is this man in front of me? And what does he mean by “descendant”?

And furthermore, tests, rights… This is all so sudden and unfamiliar.

However, the man showed a look of astonishment.

—The manners you have before me… They don’t seem like those of someone from the Yoryu family at all.

—Yoryu family?!

Upon hearing the name of that family come from the man’s mouth, my eyes widened completely.

This is because the Yoryu Family represents the royal family of the Nation of Yang. Seeing my reaction, the man showed a surprised expression.

—Hmm? Why are you so surprised…? Wait. You seem unusual to be one of my descendants. Why don’t you carry the “Royal Sword” with you?

The ‘Royal Sword’ is precisely the sacred sword wielded by the royal family, and I shouldn’t have it.

In that instant, the man’s presence changed.

—Hmph… I don’t know what’s happened in the kingdom, so I have no choice but to check for myself.


—Let me see your power.


It was an instant.

Indeed, I was taken aback by the man’s words, but I didn’t let my guard down or show any carelessness.

However, this man managed to slip through my defense in the blink of an eye.

And in the man’s hand materialized a sword with a silver blade and beautiful blue patterns, a single sword.

—Don’t die, alright?


In an instant, I maximized my magic and energy, wrapping my arms, and managed to stop the man’s attack. If I had let my guard down even for a moment when enveloping myself with magic and energy, my arm would have undoubtedly been severed.

I tried to escape his power, but the strength of the blow was too intense to resist, and I was violently thrown backward.

However, at the moment I blocked the man’s attack, before the wounds reached me, I experienced a strange sensation.

—Hmm… A great amount of magical power flows through your body. There is no doubt.

Somehow, at the moment the man launched that strike, I instantly understood what type of attack it was, what magical flow ran through it, and how it transformed into a technique. That information rushed into my mind.

Surprised by this sudden phenomenon, the man nodded.

—You have clearly inherited such knowledge; there is no doubt that you are my descendant. Let us continue.


Before I could stop him with words, the man unleashed another attack with overwhelming force.

The man’s strikes were very cunning: if I tried to defend, he quickly found an opening, and the trajectory of his sword changed in an instant.

Each of these attacks was incredibly powerful, and I barely managed to withstand them.

Each time I received one of the man’s attacks, his movements and techniques were engraved in my mind.

Recalling the words “inheritance” mentioned by the man, I realized that I was somehow being instructed by him.

Nevertheless, if I had lacked even a fraction of my magic or energy, I would have departed from this world in an instant.

Furthermore, I enhanced my vision to the maximum with magic and energy, but without that, I couldn’t even follow the man’s movements.

Still, as I desperately watched the man’s movements, I began to visualize the flow of magic running through his body.

Thanks to that, I managed to compare the information presented in my mind with the flow of magic I saw with my eyes, allowing me to anticipate and handle the man’s attacks.

Seeing this, the man smiled playfully.

—Oh? You have a good ‘eye’. In that case, I can pick up the pace a bit more.


Without fully understanding what was happening, the man’s attacks became even more ferocious.

But the most frightening thing was that the man executed all these attacks calmly, as if he wasn’t exerting himself at all.

In other words, for this man, these attacks were simply a game.

Although I had gained some confidence in my skills by reaching the depths of the island, that confidence vanished in an instant.

But being defeated without putting up a fight didn’t sit well with me.

If only I were defeated, it wouldn’t be an issue.

But losing would mean losing the “Supreme Lord’s Fist” technique I inherited from my master.

I couldn’t allow that.

—Don’t underestimate me!


Reading the man’s magic flow and breath, I swiftly moved to dodge his attack.

After enduring the man’s continuous attacks, I finally managed to organize in my mind the movements and techniques that had been passed down to me.

Furthermore, by detecting the breath and body movements of the man himself, whom I had been defending against until now, I could more effectively find safer openings.

And then, as if seeking revenge for all that I had endured, I delivered a punch with all my strength.

—Heavenly Domination Fist!

Inherited from my master, it is the culmination of his life, his secret technique.

To master the “Heavenly Domination Fist,” it is essential to find the end of all things.

It may not be well understood when expressed like this, but as my master told me when we met, everything has an end.

There is a point that leads to that end in all things, and by hitting it, that thing is forcibly guided towards its conclusion… That is the divine essence of the ‘Celestial Dominion Fist.’

Even the most resistant rock can be definitively broken upon reaching its end point, its ‘termination.’

When I find the end point of the air floating in this space, I thrust my fist towards it as if piercing it.

In this way, the air reached at its end point ceases to resist the fist, and as a result, my fist reaches its maximum speed.

Furthermore, due to the maximum intensification with magic and energy, this strike is truly a divine speed.

While I was confident that my blow would be accurate, upon looking at the man… He had a fierce smile on his face.

—Kuhahaha! Excellent, excellent! The outside world seems to have become very exciting!


The man, light and agile, evaded my fast punch!

Then, he stepped back slightly and displayed a unique fighting style.

—You are skilled, but will you be able to avoid my next blow?


The man’s peculiar step disrupted the distance between us, constantly changing the pace, making it difficult to anticipate his movements.

What surprised me the most was…

—What will you do?

—What will you do?

—What will you do?

…The man had duplicated himself.”

If it had been a simple projection, I would have been able to immediately detect the original by following his presence and flow of magic.

However, the projection generated from the unique fighting style of this man kept his presence and flow of magic intact.

…Or rather, if I had observed carefully, I would have noticed a slight difference. But the man would not give me the time to observe that difference closely.




The man’s projections lunged at me in unison.

—Don’t even think about it!




I advanced with force, just as I faced the barbarians.

At that moment, the ground shattered, scattering rock fragments around. Those fragments attacked the man, who stopped his attack and retreated once again.

Now is the time!

Seizing the opportunity, I struck with the palm of my hand towards the men.

—Take this!

This is a palm strike intensified with magic and energy, where the air is compressed and shot out.

The compressed air launched from my hand flew towards the man and suddenly exploded.

The resulting air explosion caused several men to scatter, leaving only one.

—Oh, you have read my move well.

—At first, I clearly perceived solid magic and energy even from your projections, which led me to believe they had a tangible existence. However, after observing it carefully, I noticed small differences and fluctuations in that magic and energy… Without a tangible existence, complete control of that magic and energy would be impossible. That is to say, the projections do not have a physical existence. For that reason, I thought I could eliminate your projections with an area attack like this.

—Even if you can perceive magic and energy, you should not be able to discern it to that level… Kukuku, it seems like you really have a good ‘eye.’

Upon hearing my response, the man smiled with satisfaction.

—As a thank you for showing me something interesting. Let me show you my true power…


I didn’t understand what was happening. But for some reason, I began to feel something strange in my body, something was emanating from it.

I looked down, and what I noticed were countless wounds. A large amount of blood was dripping all over my body.

Astonished, I looked up, and saw the man carrying a sword over his shoulder.

—Wh—What is happening…?

Involuntarily, I fell to my knees, but upon examining my body, perhaps due to being a specter, the wounds were already healed.

—Have the wounds vanished…?

—It would serve no purpose for my heir to die before receiving my ability. Don’t you think? That’s why I am here as a specter. However, it is a fact that I fought with the intention of killing you… Well, it doesn’t matter if I am a specter or not, I do not need a weakling who cannot face me and come out unscathed.

…I lost.

I used all the skills inherited from my master and fought with all my might, and still, I lost.

Gazing in astonishment at my own hands, the man fell silent for a moment and sighed.

—Hmm… You underestimated yourself, didn’t you?


—How long do you think it took me to reach this level? And, despite many years of effort, a mere youngster put me in a tight spot.

—I didn’t…

—You have shown your worth by facing someone like me seriously. If you are not proud of that, it would be disrespectful.


Upon hearing those words, I realized.

Certainly, I used my master’s skills and lost. I was perfectly defeated despite giving it my all.

But this is the result of the most intense training that this man has undergone compared to me.

If my master had fought this man, I wouldn’t know how the fight would have turned out.

However, regretting losing to this man is shameful and insulting to him.

I immediately stood up and bowed to the man.

—I apologize for disrespecting you. Thank you very much for your teaching.

Certainly, one does not have the opportunity every day to face such a strong opponent.

Furthermore, during my encounter with this man, his sword skill definitely flowed through my body.

—Hmm… Very well. By the way, what is your name?

—My name is Godo Toma, sir.

—If you have entered this realm, then the blood of the Yoryu family must flow within you. That is to say, you are not a direct descendant… No, that doesn’t matter anymore. More importantly, it is astonishing that you have achieved such a high level in unarmed combat… No, is unarmed combat like yours common in this era?

—Not exactly. It is all thanks to my great master…

—Your master has trained you to this point…? Frankly, I am surprised that you have been able to fight so well just with your hands. You must have been blessed with a great master.


I became very happy after being praised in that way.

—…When I was alive, it would have been impossible for me to have a disciple.


Now that I think about it, it’s strange that a man as talented as he did not pass on his knowledge and skills to anyone else.

Furthermore, it is uncommon for such an important family like Yoryu to let so many valuable skills go to waste.

—…There was no other choice. Back then, there was no one in our family who could inherit all the skills I possess. Although there have been several generations of peace, our country is united by the sword. Cracks will eventually emerge. And for peace to continue prevailing, power is needed. Also, one cannot only worry about internal affairs. Enemies also exist outside the country… That is why I placed this barrier that allows my descendants to enter and inherit all my skills. Apart from you, no one else has reached these lands… One question, does the Yoryu family still exist?

—Yes. The Yoryu family continues to rule unchanged.

Upon hearing this, the man smiled melancholically.

—I see… I am partly glad that my country and my family have been able to maintain their dominance. On the other hand, I regret not taking on an apprentice… Hmm, your master must be very happy to have such a talented apprentice like you.

—…I will do my best to continue deserving that thought. However…


—For me, you are also my master from this moment onwards.


My words left the man astounded.

—…Honestly, I still don’t understand why I was chosen. However, here, after facing you and receiving your teaching, I have truly inherited your skills. Therefore, for me, you are also my master.

—No, that is simply the deserved reward for passing the test and reaching this place. I have done nothing to justify you calling me master.

—Even so, for me, you are also my master.

Looking straight into the man’s eyes, I told him that.

—I see… My disciple, huh…?

The man murmured with some emotion, then smiled.

—Hahaha… I never thought that after my death I would have the opportunity to take on a disciple… Well, all right. While you have acquired a wonderful art of combat with your hands, it wouldn’t hurt you to also learn the art of fencing. Although, I get the impression that you have aptitude for it as well. — the man said as he looked at my hands.

There were many calluses formed from training with a bokken (wooden sword) that I had been carrying out since I started my training with my master.

…This shows that I never gave up my attachment to the sword.

Despite knowing that it made no sense, I continued forging my own wooden sword and practicing with it, even as I learned the wonderful art of unarmed combat from my master.

—I didn’t belong to any particular school, I simply spent my days wielding a bokken from top to bottom.

—Anyway… You have passed my test. I will give you the final reward.


The man extended the sword he held in his hand, and the sword floated in the air. The floating sword moved slowly, disappearing as if it dissolved into my chest… At that moment, I felt that my heart and that sword were connected. It can’t be…!

—I entrust my sword to you for you to use as you wish.

—T—This is too much! I don’t know if I can a—…

—It’s fine, I want to do it, you have earned it. — the man said with a satisfied expression on his face — Since you have passed my test, you have the right to receive my personal sword.

Although he said something like that, I don’t know to what extent it is right for me to keep such a valuable object that I have not earned by myself.

Nevertheless, the man was amazed by my reluctance.

—Hahaha… Despite being my descendant, you are very meticulous. Listen well. If you do not take it, anyway, this personal sword will disappear. Therefore, it is better that you take it and use it. Do not let something so valuable disappear from this world.

—Well, that’s…

—A moment ago, you said I was your master. Isn’t it a master’s duty to give a gift to their disciple when they meet their expectations?

The man was determined not to allow me to reject his gift.

—Well… I still have time until my body disappears. Therefore, there is only one thing to do.


At that moment, in the man’s hand, apart from the personal sword he had given me, he held a golden sword with a red blade pattern.

—T—That is…

—Yes… I brought it into existence after a long time, but it is still very subtle.

The golden sword that the man casually wielded was undoubtedly the “Outo,” the royal sword held by the current Emperor of the country of light.

And so, standing in front of the man who called the most powerful sword in existence “subtle,” I was left speechless.

—Why do you stand there like that? Get ready at once!


—Didn’t I tell you we still have time? During the remaining time, I will teach you some training as your master.


—Yes, if you do not prepare yourself… I will cut you!


In an instant, the man closed the distance between us and immediately materialized the sword I inherited, stopping the man’s attack.

—All right… Let’s fight until we are satisfied.

With a fierce smile, the man began an intense duel.


…How much time has passed since then?

Although it seems that time in this place is isolated from the outside, and I have been fighting with the man for years, decades, in terms of perception, if I were to leave the cave, not even a second would have passed.

During that long period, I inherited the man’s sword and faced him in a bloody training. In the midst of this, his sword skill was completely instilled in me.

The training was extremely tough; the man cut my body without hesitation.

If this training had taken place in a mortal body, I would no longer be in this world. After all, my throat and torso were cut several times. Since this training took place not in the physical body, but in the spiritual plane.

Therefore, I am concerned that all this training will be reflected when I return to my physical body.

At that moment, the man spoke as if he had read my thoughts.

—Hmph. It seems you think this training here will serve no purpose, isn’t that right?

—N—No, it’s not that it won’t serve a purpose…

—You can rest assured. It is true that, in nature, the spirit is dragged by the body, with the body as the leader and the spirit as the follower. However, the spirit that has spent so much time here training will surpass the body. The spirit will be the leader and the body the follower. It is possible that the body will be led by the spirit once you return.

—S—So, does that mean my body will age instantly when I return to the original form…?

—No, don’t worry about that… Haha. Let’s leave it as a surprise, you will realize it once you return to your physical body.

The man laughed like a mischievous child.

Then, I noticed the man’s body becoming increasingly ethereal.

—His… His body!

—Well… It is time. If my descendant had not come here, my divine will, which I left here along with the barrier, would have disappeared… But now, by confirming the existence of such an exceptional descendant, I can depart in peace.

—Divine will?

—Before dying, I left my will in this place, along with this barrier. Thanks to this, I can communicate with you.

—Oh, I see…

—Anyway… You have passed my test. Now I can depart in peace.

—…Thank you very much.

Once again, I bowed my head to the man.

—For granting me your personal sword, and also, for your skill with the blade—…


At that moment, the man called me by my name for the first time.

Surprised, I looked at the man’s face, and he was watching me with a serious expression.

—Stop underestimating yourself.


While I remained stunned by the unexpected words, the man continued to speak.

—Ever since you met me, you have constantly underestimated yourself. I do not know why you have adopted such an attitude, and I am not interested.


—But the fact that you have overcome each of my tests makes you completely worthy of my skills and knowledge.


Radiating a powerful presence that overwhelmed anyone who looked at him, the man declared it unequivocally.

—My tests are not something that can be overcome with superficial determination. Underestimating yourself after overcoming them is practically an insult to me. And not just to me. Do you intend to underestimate those who have strengthened you to this point?

—No, I would never!

—If you mean it, then hold your head high! You have passed my tests and have become the rightful heir who receives everything from me.


These words, conveyed once again, resonated deeply in my heart.

In my confusion, the man’s presence softened.

—Well, it may be difficult to do so immediately. But if you ever lose confidence, remember my words.

—I will engrave them in my heart.

I solemnly nodded, and the man smiled.

—Hm… You have a good expression. To-Shin, let me ask you something. Even though it was for a short time, like your martial arts master, was I… A good master to you?

—Yes, you were.

—I see… I am proud to have had a descendant… A disciple like you.

And so, the man gently smiled and then disappeared.

Watching the man leave, I stood in shock when suddenly, the entire cave began to shake violently.


The tremor intensified rapidly, and it seemed like the cave would collapse at any moment.

Furthermore, my body was still lying at the cave entrance.

—Curse it! If I don’t do something soon, I’ll be crushed by the cave rubble!

But to my surprise, as I spoke those words, my spiritual body was pulled with a forceful impulse by a strange force. It was impossible to resist.

—What… What is happening…?!

I tried to resist for a bit, but in the end, my body was dragged in a direction with an unstoppable force.

At the same time, my consciousness was forcibly pulled away, and suddenly, my vision completely blurred.


Upon waking up, I noticed that I was in my physical body.

—Th-That just happened… Was it the sensation of being pulled back into my body…?

Perplexed, I looked down at my own body when suddenly I heard the sound of the cave collapsing behind me, reminding me of the dangerous situation I was in.

—Ah! I must get out of here…!

I hastily exited the cave, moving away from the site to avoid being trapped in the collapse.

As I felt the mountain of rock behind me completely collapsing, the cave collapsed entirely.

Confused by the sudden turn of events, I directed my gaze towards the cave where I had collapsed, suddenly noticing that some letters were carved in a part of the rubble.

Were these letters written somewhere in the cave from the beginning and I simply didn’t notice?

Thinking about that, I started to read the carved letters on the cave rubble nonchalantly.

—Philo… Sophy of the sword… Huh?!

In that instant, my vision blurred once again.


Several days after the encounter with the First Emperor.

In addition to training in my master’s “Heavenly Dominion Fist,” I also dedicated myself to practicing the Emperor’s sword technique, the “Style of the Divine Singular Sword.”

The Emperor’s sword style, as the name suggests, is a strike that can even bring down gods.

However, the royal family sword technique that was passed down to me should be completely different.

In fact, the First Emperor mentioned that until now, he had not found anyone to whom he could pass on his own skills.

So there is a possibility that no member of the royal family has truly recreated the “Style of the Divine Singular Sword.” Although I have no way to confirm this theory.

Regardless, once inherited, I must only refine that skill.

At the same time, I had to experience firsthand the meaning of the words the Emperor spoke before the cave collapsed.


It was as if my body was screaming, as if I had been training relentlessly for many years.

—Ugh… Guh… Aaaghh!

The pain was intense, an agony similar to what I felt when my master forced my veins to open so that magical energy could flow through.

Despite feeling like my muscles and nerves were about to tear apart, I desperately activated the healing technique and managed to withstand that acute pain.

This must be what the Emperor was referring to, dragging the body with the mind.

The result of my spirit, which had undergone intense training, finally reached my body, causing such pain.

For many years, I fought against the pain that assailed my whole body, but it was worth it as the fruits of my training with the Emperor were firmly rooted in my body.

But I definitely do not want to experience that pain again.

The pain was so intense that I would prefer to be devoured by relentless hunger than to feel it.


Despite all this, I managed to obtain a Personal Sword.

In reality, this is also an inheritance from the Emperor, but now I feel a strong connection to my own life.

—The Imperial Sword.

I have heard about the Royal Sword, but this is the first time I hear about the Imperial Sword.

The Royal Sword has the power to manifest the personal sword of children born in our swordsman lines.

In other words, when the Emperor wields the Royal Sword, the children of the swordsmen take up their personal swords and start a new path as swordsmen.

However, since there are rare cases where the personal sword manifests in people outside the swordsman lines, every year, children of three, five, and seven years old gather at the palace where the Emperor resides to have the Royal Sword wielded in front of them.

This is called the ‘Royal Choice Blessing.’

It is an important ceremony for the swordsmen and, for the common folk, it represents the Emperor’s blessing. The Royal Choice Blessing is the largest and most important event in the Kingdom of the Sun.

As a result… Despite coming from a swordsman line, I was the only one who could not manifest my personal sword.

Despite that, I inherited the personal sword of the First Emperor.

Coming from someone so important, I expected it to have a power as strong as that of the royal sword, but… The effect of the Imperial Sword that I can activate currently is just one.

It never breaks.

Although that’s not all.

Apparently, it has other abilities, but at the moment, I do not understand what they are.

At the present time, this ability is rather modest compared to other personal swords… But still, I accepted it.

Even in the form of a divine will, after meeting the First Emperor, I find it hard to believe that he relied solely on his sword’s abilities.

Indeed, during my training in the cave, the Emperor did not use the abilities of the Imperial Sword at all. For the Emperor, besides ‘never breaking,’ perhaps it was an unnecessary skill.

In that sense, the ability to ‘never break’ seems to be the most important for handling the Emperor’s Style of the Divine Singular Sword.

If it were a common sword, it would have broken relatively easily.

Nevertheless, as I continued my training to acquire new power, I was also indecisive.

It was about the future. My master had told me to do as I pleased.

But at this moment, aside from mastering the techniques passed down by my master and the Emperor, I am not seeking anything in particular.

…No, I know that’s not right.

Just as my masters passed down their legacy to me, I also have the responsibility to pass on my masters’ techniques to someone else.

Although I may end my life without passing on the techniques I learned, my masters wouldn’t say anything about it.

However, that is not enough.

To repay the favor I received from my masters, I want to leave the legacy of their lives in this world.

Of course, I will not teach it excessively indiscriminately. If I pass on my masters’ techniques to everyone without discrimination, I would risk malicious individuals using those techniques, which should not happen.

In any case, that will be one of my life goals. To grow and study enough to then seek a disciple.

…But, the reason for my distress is the fear of venturing into the outside world.

Even now, escaping from this island would be simple for me. But I would lie if I said I am not afraid of what I will encounter outside.

I am concerned that I won’t fit in anywhere and… That’s what is holding me back.


Today, I headed to the beach to get food.

It was precisely on this beach where I first met my master, and it is also the place where I swore to survive in this world.

While nostalgically contemplating this place filled with memories, I noticed something unusual.

—Is that…?

In addition to the scattered bones around, something else had been washed up on the shore.

Approaching cautiously, I realized it was a person.

I hurriedly approached and was surprised by the appearance of this person.

It turned out to be a woman with golden hair and unfamiliar clothing.

If a person like her were walking through the country of the Sun, there would surely be rumors… Upon closer inspection, she appears to be around my age.

After checking the woman’s condition, I noticed she only seemed to be unconscious.

—…She doesn’t seem to have serious injuries.

If I leave her here, her body will cool down. I better do something.

I took the coat my master gave me for the cold and placed it on the woman, carrying her through the forest for the time being.

On the way, I gathered edible plants and fruits.

After obtaining some fruits, I collected herbs and built a bed, where I let the woman rest.

Then, I cut down manageable trees and made firewood. To start a fire, I concentrated my magic in the tips of my fingers.


As I recited this, a small flame flickered on my fingers.

…Although I learned a bit about magic during my training with my master, controlling the vast magical energy of my body proved challenging, and I still couldn’t effectively use spells of two levels or more.

While wrapping it around my body or circulating it internally was simple thanks to the results of my training, releasing the magic from there was not something I was skilled at.

After finishing the preparations, I turned my attention back to the woman.

—Where could this person have come from?

Certainly not from the country of the Sun… Could she be someone from the continent across the sea?

I was aware of the existence of other countries thanks to my master.

However, since I have never seen them, I have no idea how those places will be. Will there be many people with appearances as strange as this woman?

As I thought about this, the woman’s breathing changed.

—Ugh… Huh…?

—Hello… You finally woke up.


Although I tried to speak to her in a way that wouldn’t make her uncomfortable, the woman instantly jumped and pointed her palm at me.

I observed closely and saw that her palm was gathering magical energy, so she could cast a spell immediately if she recited it.

However, since I expected her to be on guard, I was not overly surprised and tried to calm her at that moment.

—Hey, calm down, I’m not going to hurt you…


Despite my efforts, I encountered a big problem… I couldn’t understand the woman’s words.

I Was Sacrificed, but I Became a Disciple of the God and Mastered Martial Arts

I Was Sacrificed, but I Became a Disciple of the God and Mastered Martial Arts

Bushinden Ikenie ni Sasagerareta Ore wa, Kami ni Hiroware Bu o Kiwameru
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: 武神伝 生贄に捧げられた俺は、神に拾われ武を極める
Since his childhood, Toma Godo has been unable to use magic, and as a result, he was despised and treated as incompetent by his own father. As a result, he was sacrificed on the island of Kyokuma. Where wild demons roam. But there he meets a demigod who helps him master the art of combat until he becomes invincible. One day a girl called Lise appears on the dangerous island, Toma vows to protect her and they both escape from the island while hiding their secret of being the most powerful man in the world in order not to affect their own survival in the world and the human race.


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