I Was Sacrificed, but I Became a Disciple of the God and Mastered Martial Arts [Chapter 3] [Volume 1]

An atypical meeting

I… Lise, I was in a desperate situation.

—I finally found you. — a group of men said as they surrounded me, their weapons at the ready.

However, the attitude of these men was not normal.

They all had bright red eyes, with a vacant expression as if they were possessed.

They cornered me at the edge of the merchant ship, with the rough sea at my back.

In the maritime area leading to the Land of the Sun, storms are common, and without a merchant ship like the one I was on, it would be impossible to reach there.

And just at that moment, bad luck decided that it would be a stormy day.

Although in cases like this, I kept a magical pocket ship in my magic bag, unfolding it in a sea like the current one would turn the small magical pocket ship into seaweed debris in an instant.

Moreover, even if this were a calm sea, they would have attacked me the moment I tried to board a magical ship, or even the difference in ship performance would mean that this merchant ship would soon catch up to us.

At that moment, a kind of dark mist began to appear out of nowhere on the ship.

—Who are you?

It was sudden that the men aimed their weapons at me.

Until now, there had been no problem during the sea voyage, as I was in charge of protecting the merchant ship heading to the Land of the Sun on behalf of the guild.

However, as we approached the Land of the Sun, the crew and company members suddenly drew their weapons and pointed them at me.

At that moment, a man, unlike the others, who seemed to be in his right mind, spoke.

—Answering that question is unnecessary knowing you are about to die.

—What are you saying…?

—Well, kill her.

The man instructed those around him as if no further dialogue was needed.

In that instant, they raised the weapons they held towards me.

—[Thunder Rope]

I immediately began to chant a magical spell. A thunder rope appeared and tightened around the bodies of the approaching men.

As electricity ran through the bodies of the men caught by the rope, their bodies momentarily paralyzed before losing consciousness.

However, other crew members attacked me, and urgently I activated another spell.

If they were mere thieves, or if they were associates of the man in front of me, I wouldn’t hesitate to eliminate them.

But those attacking me at that moment were clearly being controlled by the main man, unaware of what they were doing.

Since they had no connection to the main man, I couldn’t harm them.

Furthermore, there was another reason why I couldn’t fight effectively.

The man laughed at my appearance.

—Hehehe… Are you really a rank A adventurer? By now, you should have dealt with all of us.

This was due to the dark mist hanging over the ship.

Every time I tried to cast a spell, this black mist blocked the flow of magical energy, preventing me from casting spells effectively.

If I were at a party, the situation would have been different. But for certain reasons, I was compelled to travel and work alone.

That’s why, I had trained to be able to face any enemy on my own…!

“Haha. I thought you would have at least one companion, but it seems you’re alone. Well, for me, it’s easier this way…”

“Do not underestimate my power!”

While managing the crew’s attacks, I cast a spell at the man, but the dark mist surrounding him seemed to shield him from my spells.

Fuck… If only I could use all my magical energy, I could easily defeat that man…!

Under unfavorable conditions, I managed to use magic and restrain the attacking crew, when the main man snorted.

—Tch. Stop dodging so much.

When the man pointed towards me, he unleashed a black flash from his finger.

The flash flew directly towards me, attempting to pierce through me.


Instantly, I deployed a defensive spell, but as he reinforced the spell, its power increased, allowing his attack to penetrate my defense in an instant.

However, seizing that brief moment, I rolled across the ship’s deck to evade the black flash.

Upon witnessing that attack, I finally understood the true nature of the opponent in front of me.

—This spell… It can’t be, Forbidden magic?!

At first, I thought it was just a spell of dark magic, but the ominous presence rising from the part of the ship struck, told a completely different story.

Everything that came into contact with that magical energy withered and died.

Such magic could only be wielded by the demon tribe, as told in certain tales.

However, it had always been considered mere stories, and I had never heard of the existence of the demonic race in reality.

Hence, when I expressed my disbelief, the expression on the man’s face vanished.

—…Your family is truly dangerous. Although it was only for a moment, the fact that you can withstand our magic…

There were many questions I wanted to ask the man, but first, I needed to get out of this situation.

—Be good and die quietly and silently, just like your parents…

—What… What did you just say…?

The man’s words left me stunned.

In the past, my family had been betrayed and murdered by a vassal they trusted.

The demonic race cannot be related to this…

—Well, humans really are foolish creatures, aren’t they? You give them a little power, and no matter how much they have served their master, they will easily betray them!


So, were our vassals in contact with the demonic race…? Why…? Why us…?!

I couldn’t contain my anger and screamed.

In response, the demon scoffed.

—That’s because your family is a nuisance to us.

Why were we a nuisance to the demons? We were just living peacefully…

—I won’t forgive you…

—Oh, and what are you going to do about it? Do you think you can defeat me in this situation? You can’t run away anymore, you know?

The man was right. I was in a desperate situation.

In front of me, there were people mentally controlled, and behind them, the man of the demonic race whose abilities were unknown.

Behind me, the furious sea swirling with its fierce marine life.

Even standing on the deck of the ship was impossible. And I couldn’t use magic properly because of the black fog.

It’s practically hopeless for me to survive.

But if I manage to survive…

For a moment, I glanced at the sea behind me.

The surroundings of the Land of the Sun have very strong sea currents, and it is considered very difficult to cross the sea without a specific route and a boat of a certain size.

…I have no other choice.

Determined, I placed one foot on the edge of the ship.

—Are you really sure about what you’re doing? Do you think you will survive if you jump into the sea?

—I trust I will survive. And I will definitely get my revenge on you.

Shouting those words, I plunged into the sea.

The next instant, the raging waves enveloped me.

As my vision faded, I could see the man looking at me coldly from the deck.

—That woman is a fool. Well, at least she saves me the trouble of killing her. I just have to inform my master…

With those words, the ship sailed further away from where I was.

—I will definitely… Survive and get my revenge…!

After that, I don’t remember well what happened.

After being dragged by the strong currents, I finally managed to escape the effect of the black mist. In my weak state of consciousness, I did my best to use various spells in the hope of surviving.

However, I don’t exactly remember which spells I used, and in the midst of that raging sea, it was impossible to cast a proper incantation. Even if I managed to cast a spell, it would barely be a weak spell due to the interruption of the incantation.

When I finally regained consciousness, I found myself in a lush grove.

As I looked around in a daze, an unexpected voice spoke to me.

—You’ve finally woken up.


Upon suddenly hearing the voice of a man, I jumped up and aimed towards the source of the voice. For a moment, I remembered the black mist, but my magical energy flowed normally through my body, ready to cast a spell at any moment.

—Who are you?! Speak!


Despite exclaiming those words, I closely observed the person in front of me.

That person seemed to be a foreigner, maybe from the Nation of the Sun. With his shining dark hair tied up in a bun and fresh eyes looking at me with bewilderment.

Even to my feminine eyes, it was undeniable that this man possessed a haunting beauty, exuding a celestial air in his presence.

However, something was clearly abnormal! Upon closer observation, I could perceive it.

This man… had no presence whatsoever…

Even as an A-rank adventurer, I couldn’t sense his human presence… That’s probably why I didn’t even realize his existence until he spoke to me.

Anyway, unaware of where I was or who this person was, I couldn’t let my guard down.

The man seemed somewhat embarrassed and scratched his cheek.

—Um… Hey, do you understand what I’m saying?


The man’s words made me bow my head. 

I clearly understood what he was saying. However, it seemed to be challenging for him to understand me. 

It is true that in the continent that includes the Kingdom of Aurst and the Land of the Sun, languages are different. 

But to overcome this language barrier, we all wear a ‘language ring’ on our right hand. 

Initially, these rings were extremely expensive, but now they are mass-produced and have become common even in the Land of the Sun. 

Still, without mutual understanding, we couldn’t do much. That’s why I took out an extra ring from my magic bag and tossed it to the man. 

—Should I put it on… Here? 

I nodded, and the man showed no sign of caution as he put it on immediately. 

Normally, one would show some level of caution when accepting an object from a stranger, but the man had no hesitation in putting it on. Was he naive or just friendly? In any case, it was convenient for me. 

At least I knew he was not part of those who were chasing me. After the man put on the ring, I spoke again. 

—So, who are you? And where are we? 

—Ah… I can understand you now… I’m sorry. My name is Toma Godo. This is the Island of the Demons.

—Island of the Demons… Godo, if I remember correctly, is the name of a distinguished family from the Land of the Sun, right? 

When I said that, the man, Toma, smiled sadly. 

—…That’s correct, the Godo family has close connections with the Royal Family of the Land of the Sun, but… That name doesn’t mean much to me. Please, just call me Toma. It’s a long story, and now is not the time to talk about it. “

—You mentioned that we are on the Island of the Demons. This area is known to be extremely dangerous, isn’t it? 


—B—But, how did we end up here…? 

At that moment, Toma smiled

—That is precisely the question I want to ask you. I found you unconscious on the shore of the beach and brought you here.


Upon hearing that, I finally realized the situation. 

If I had looked closer, I should have noticed that Toma, the man I encountered, had kindly helped me by letting me rest on the grass and providing a coat to keep me warm. 

Even if he were a subordinate of those demons, he could have done many undesirable things to me while I was unconscious. 

But there was nothing strange about my body; it seemed like I had simply been saved by this man. 

…I am truly pathetic. 

Feeling the warmth in my cheeks, I bowed my head. 

—I—I’m sorry… I was rude, even though you helped me…

—No, considering the situation, it’s natural to be cautious.

Seeing him smile softly made me feel even more embarrassed. 

—Um… Thank you. Also, it seems we are of similar age, so there is no need to use formal language. It would be more comforting for me as well.

—I understand… Then, I will take a more casual approach with you.

Although his somewhat rough tone surprised me a little, Toma spoke again.

—So… Will you tell me who you are?

—Ah! I—I’m sorry. My name is Lise. I am a Rank A adventurer from the Kingdom of Aurst.

I thought I was making a fairly normal introduction. 

—Kingdom of Aurst? Adventurer? 

Toma tilted his head in bewilderment. 


[Toma’s Perspective]

I bowed my head at the words of the woman who introduced herself as Lise. 

Initially, when she woke up, she showed signs of caution and seemed to be asking me for something, but I didn’t understand her words. 

Then, she took a ring from her waist-tied pouch and tossed it to me. 

Upon instantly checking the ring with magic and ki, I felt no malevolent energy in it but discovered that it had the ability to assist in some skill. Therefore, urged by Lise to put it on, I did so immediately, and inexplicably, I could understand her words. 

Now, I had the freedom to inquire about her and how she had come to this place. 

I had never heard of the Kingdom of Aurst or the profession of adventurer. Perhaps she was someone from another country or continent, as I had heard from my master. 

And apparently, she knew perfectly about the Land of the Sun. She also had certain knowledge about my family and the Island of the Demons. 

I did not think it was something she could have learned from mere rumors. 

—I’m sorry, but I have no idea what the Kingdom of Aurst is or the word ‘adventurer.’ But it seems you know a lot about the place where I live. 

In response to my reply, Lise cautiously asked me a question. 

—Um… I see that you also have no knowledge of the ‘language ring’… How long have you been on this island? 

—I have been here for about seven years. 

—Seven years?! 

Now that I think about it, I have indeed spent a long time on this island. 

—I see… In that case, it’s not surprising that you didn’t know… 

—Hmm? What do you mean? 

—During these past years, the Yang Kingdom, where you live, and the Kingdom of Aurst, where I live, have begun trading. Therefore, I believe there are now quite a few people from the continent like me in the Yang Kingdom. 


That is certainly something amazing…

So, are there many people like Lise walking around the Yang Kingdom these days?

—So, what are your plans, Lise?


—I don’t know what you’ve been through, but to end up in this place, it must have been an unfortunate event, right? Are you thinking of going to the Country of the Sun or returning to where you live?

—Oh… I would like to if I could, but—…


At that moment, Lise unexpectedly stumbled.

I quickly caught her and checked her energy flow.

—You don’t seem to have any injuries, but your energy is disturbed. Can you wait a moment?


—I’ll be back in a hurry.

Carefully, I had Lise sit down and focused my ki and magic in my eyes, to scan the forest.

After locating the prey I was looking for, I directed my magical and fighting energy to my legs and jumped to the prey’s location in one leap.

I was in the middle of the forest, dealing with another demon beast and feasting on it.

Seizing the moment, I stealthily approached from behind without making a sound, enveloped my hand with fighting energy, and cut off the demon beast’s head.

I quickly carried the demon beast’s body and returned to Lise.

—Sorry for keeping you waiting.

—I—It wasn’t even that long, you were very qui… W—Wait! You, what… What kind of beast is that!?

Lise pointed at the demon beast I was carrying with a surprised expression on her face.

—I’m sorry, I don’t know the name of this demon beast either.

—You don’t know about it?!

As Lise said, this creature had the appearance of a bear, but its size is completely different. They usually have a gigantic body that resembles a small mountain, with enormously developed claws, and three horns protruding from its forehead.

My master also seemed unfamiliar with the demonic beasts that inhabit this island, and this bear-like creature called it the ‘three-horned bear’. It’s a simple name, but it’s fine if it’s descriptive.

Instead, I considered this three-horned bear as a demonic beast, but Lise seems to refer to them simply as monsters.

Now that I think about it, my master also mentioned it that way. It must be a common understanding on other continents.

—F—Facing such a giant monster and defeating it in an instant… Who or what are you…?

It’s true that this three-horned bear is strong, but I didn’t expect to cause so much surprise.

Anyway, now I need the organs of this demonic beast.

The organs of this creature have a revitalizing nutritional effect and can soothe the nerves when consumed.

I lifted the body using attribute-less magic, fixed it in the air, and with a sword made of fighting energy, I skillfully cut its belly.

Then, I removed the desired organs, generated water with one hand, and washed them carefully.

Afterward, I placed the organs in a mortar I made myself, crushed them, and then added several herbs that grow on this island.

Gradually, the organs and the herbs blended, and when the color became uniform, the refined medicine was ready.

This medicine is another thing I learned from my master.

—It’s better if you take this.

—Me? Take what?

—Setting aside the taste, I assure you it works.

—Is this… Is this a joke?! I c—can’t take something like this!

Lise rejected the medicine I prepared with an incredulous expression.

—Alright… I’m sorry, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you.

—Ah… I’m s—sorry. But… It’s just that it’s too strong for me… Thank you anyway for caring about me.

Lise expressed it somewhat hastily.

Certainly, for someone seeing it for the first time, it would be quite difficult to drink. Maybe I didn’t show enough consideration.

Perhaps deep down, I was in need of interaction with another human. That’s why I feel very excited to have Lise here.

Well, the result is that I ended up wasting time.

Despite everything, I considered it would be a waste to leave the medicine unused, so I decided to take it. Since it has revitalizing effects, there is no problem if I take it.

At that moment, Lise opened her eyes wide at seeing me act this way.

—Oh, you… Can you drink that easily…?

—Yes, I’m already used to its taste.

I have spent my whole life consuming rations to survive. At this point, I don’t mind drinking this type of medicine.

In fact, even after starting my training with my master, I still frequently consumed rations.

Although their taste and smell are very unpleasant, they are extremely efficient in terms of nutrition, and moreover, the materials to make them are easy to find on this island.

Well, I have also eaten the meat of demonic beasts that I defeated during my training, but since I don’t have cooking utensils or culinary skills, they end up just being roasted in the end.

—So, what is your plan from now on?

—…Of course, if I could, I would like to return. But the marine flows near the Land of the Sun are very turbulent… Especially around this island, I guess that’s the reason you’re here, right?


I was stunned, not knowing how to respond to Lise’s words.

Certainly, at first, when I arrived on this island, escaping from the island was impossible.

However, thanks to seven years of continuous training, I had acquired enough skills to leave the island without any problems.

But, I was unaware of the direction to the Land of the Sun. I didn’t even know the direction of the continent.

—If I told you I could help you leave this island, would you be able to go back home?


At my question, Lise was surprised for a moment, but then responded quickly.

—Yes, if we could escape from this island, we could use the portable magic boat and reach anywhere we want… No, it’s impossible. Even if we could escape, this area of the sea is very turbulent, and, above all, it would be impossible if sea monsters appeared… I suppose we are trapped and will spend the rest of our lives in this place.

Lise’s face contorted with frustration.

Judging from her expression, it seems that there is a reason why she has to escape from here somehow. However, in the current situation, she has no means to escape from this island. She is expressing her negativity because she understands that reality.

Still, in her eyes, I could detect a firm determination to escape from here, even in a situation where it seems she can only give up, an unwavering will not to give up.

Having overcome my master’s trials and those of the first emperor, I no longer have any special reason to stay on this island.

Maybe if I decided to stay, the only advantage I have is that I will be able to train quietly without fear of disturbing anyone else.

But that’s it, there was no benefit in it. I was just making excuses, looking for reasons not to leave this island. Simply because the outside world scares me.

I didn’t have the courage to leave the island on my own… But my master used to say that he regretted not having explored this wonderful world. And unlike me, in a desperate situation, there is Lise trying to escape from this island. Perhaps… It’s also part of fate.

—Haah… If only I had a teleportation spell scroll…


—Ah! Y—Yes? What’s happening?

—I’m going to take you home.



The portable magic boat that Lise referred to turned out to be a small two-seater vessel, but it’s design differed from the sailboat I knew. 

From what I heard, it apparently operates on magical energy, allowing it to sail regardless of the wind direction, among other things. However, it seems to be quite vulnerable to strong ocean currents and headwinds. 

This is because the more it opposes those currents, the greater the consumption of magical energy, making stable navigation difficult.

While I was lost in thought, observing the magic boat, Lise, visibly nervous, asked:

—A—Are you sure it will be okay?

—Yes, don’t worry.

At first, she seemed to hesitate, considering it was a reckless idea. But she ultimately changed her mind and embarked on the journey.

Perhaps she thought that if she were to rot on this island, she might as well risk it and set sail. This girl certainly has a bold personality.

Though I wouldn’t allow anything to happen to Lise. I will do everything in my power to keep her safe.

After hesitating for a moment, Lise finally made up her mind and channeled magic into the magic boat.

—Well, here we go…

And so, we headed towards the immense whirlpool surrounding the island.

In addition to that whirlpool, the area was covered by tremendously strong ocean currents, causing our boat to sway violently.

—I—It’s impossible! The waves are too strong. We’re going to sink.

Exposed to the wild waves, the boat seemed on the verge of capsizing. Meanwhile, I stood at the bow of the boat, gazing at the whirlpool spreading before me. Seven years ago, when I contemplated these wild waters, I felt overwhelmed by my own helplessness. But now it was different.

—It’s right in front of us!

—I’ll take care of it!

—What are you going to do?!

Ignoring Lise’s words, I took a slight leap where I stood and dived into the whirlpool. And then…

—Supreme Palm of the Heavenly Demon!

In a constant and fluid flow, there are multiple endpoints, all intricately intertwined. Therefore, instead of striking with a fist, it is necessary to attack with the surface of the hand to strike all endpoints simultaneously.

The moment my palm touched the surface of the whirlpool, the force of my palm countered the swirl, instantly transforming the sea into a calm environment.

—It’s… impossible…

I concentrated magical energy in my legs, leaped, and landed back on the magic boat. Then, I turned towards the Island of the Demon.

—Thank you for everything so far.

I expressed my utmost gratitude to the land that had allowed me to grow both physically and mentally. With overwhelming sentiment, I bowed my head.

Then, as I lifted it, I looked forward again.

—Alright, Lise. Let’s head to your country.


Master… I also wish to see the world just as you experienced it. I intend to fulfill that wish as a gesture of gratitude for having trained me.

And so, I embarked on my journey towards a new world.

In a room of a mansion, the man who attacked Lise was leaning his head against a glass. A voice could be heard from the glass.

—…So, have you eliminated the descendant of Elementia?

—She… Threw herself into a dangerous maritime area on her own. I have no doubt that she’s dead by now.

—You didn’t kill her directly?


The man felt an overwhelming pressure coming from the glass, making it difficult for him to breathe.

—Don’t you understand how significant of a threat that girl is to us?

—Yes, I do…

—Then, why do you act with such indifference in a situation where you’re not sure if she’s dead?

—I’m very sorry…

The man, sweating cold, hurried to kneel down on the floor.

At that moment, the pressure emitted by the glass continued as a deep voice resonated.

—You’ll have to monitor the port city until that girl shows up. It’s an order.

—M—Monitor? For how long…?

—Until you’re certain that girl is dead. I’ll send someone to investigate the area where the girl fell. If what you say is true, then her body should be nearby on the coast of the Sun Country or some island.


—Listen. In the event that the Elementia girl is still alive… Ensure to eliminate her with your own hands, or it will be me who eliminates you.

And with that declaration, the presence disappeared completely from the glass.


I Was Sacrificed, but I Became a Disciple of the God and Mastered Martial Arts

I Was Sacrificed, but I Became a Disciple of the God and Mastered Martial Arts

Bushinden Ikenie ni Sasagerareta Ore wa, Kami ni Hiroware Bu o Kiwameru
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: 武神伝 生贄に捧げられた俺は、神に拾われ武を極める
Since his childhood, Toma Godo has been unable to use magic, and as a result, he was despised and treated as incompetent by his own father. As a result, he was sacrificed on the island of Kyokuma. Where wild demons roam. But there he meets a demigod who helps him master the art of combat until he becomes invincible. One day a girl called Lise appears on the dangerous island, Toma vows to protect her and they both escape from the island while hiding their secret of being the most powerful man in the world in order not to affect their own survival in the world and the human race.


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