I Reincarnated into Another World with Zero Magic Power, So I Trained My Swordsmanship for 1000 Years: Chapter 3

Mastering the Sword

1,000 years.

Yes, 1,000 years.

Not 100 years or 200 years… 1,000 years.

During that time, I was in the Intertemporal Space.

The number of times I felt like my heart was about to break surpassed 10,000, and I couldn’t keep count anymore.

While waiting for the hand of salvation extended by Alista, I kept wielding my sword without thinking of anything else.

Now, let’s take a look at how I got here.

After 50 years passed, I was able to unleash more than two sword flashes at once.

And after another 100 years, that number started to exceed 10.

Still, no communication from Alista arrived.

After 300 years, I decided to change my approach, temporarily set aside the sword, and focused on improving my physical skills.

I spent around 200 years solely focusing on that, and as a result, I was able to move at a speed similar to teleportation and even kick through the sky.

After 500 years passed, I decided to wield the sword again.

At that moment, the concept of fatigue completely disappeared from my being, without taking any breaks, I continued to wield the sword.

It was at this point, after 1,000 years since I arrived here, when the number of sword flashes exceeded a thousand, and I could completely fill the Intertemporal Space.

On that day, a strange certainty took hold of me.

“Today, somehow, the sword feels more familiar in my hands than usual.”

This kind of sensation had been experienced many times in these 1,000 years.

Each time, it was followed by overcoming a great obstacle in the near future.

Therefore, this was a kind of omen.

A direct intuition that I could once again surpass my own limits.

“However, this time is a bit different from the previous ones.”

If the previous sensations were like climbing a single step of the staircase, this time it was a certainty so powerful that it felt like jumping over 100 steps at once.

Intuitively, I understood that an unprecedented breakthrough was on the way.

I exhaled deeply, raised the sword high with both hands.

I closed my eyes and silently “waited for that moment.”

How many hours, days, or months passed while maintaining that posture?

Throughout all that time, I kept my focus without losing consciousness.

Finally, that moment arrived.


Following an inspiring intuition that struck me like lightning, I brought the sword down with force and precision.

The blade surpassed the speed of sound and even the speed of light, cutting through the Intertemporal Space.

“I did it.”

Just one move…

But that single move had a value that far exceeded all the billions of moves I had made so far.

I slowly opened my eyes.

And there, I saw something astonishing.

“Is this… A distortion in space?”

Yes, it was the same distortion I passed through 1,000 years ago when I entered here.

Witnessing that scene, I nodded with deep emotion.

“I see. Finally, this moment has arrived,” I said confidently.

And with that certainty, I proclaimed:

“I have finally acquired enough strength to defeat the low-level monsters!”

There is no doubt about it. This distortion is the ultimate proof.

It is thanks to the strength I have acquired that Alista has finally prepared this distortion to take me out of here.

Upon closer inspection, it seems the distortion leads to another world.

Probably, that was a different world. Alista wants me to cross the distortion and step into that different world.

Although it saddens me a bit that she did not come to fetch me herself, the excitement and joy filled me more than that.

“Finally. I can finally leave the Intertemporal Space and go to a different world!”

Of course, after a thousand years of training, only having the strength of a low-level monster, the different world will be a challenging and difficult environment for me.

Nevertheless, it will be much more wonderful than being alone in this empty space.

“Farewell, I will depart now.”

I bid farewell to the place that was my training home for a thousand years, taking a step towards a bright future.


A little over a month after Yuuri’s search began, Alista sensed the change.

“What is happening here? Suddenly, I felt a great reaction from a part of the infinite empty space…”

After a moment of hesitation, Alista decided to head towards where she had felt that reaction. Since she had no clues at that moment, any small anomaly was valuable to her.

“I did it! This is definitely the place where I sent Yuuri… Huh?”

Alista’s decision was correct as she successfully arrived at the Intertemporal Space where she had sent Yuuri. However…

He was no longer there; instead, there was an empty space left only with a massive distortion leading to another world.

Witnessing this scene, Alista found herself perplexed.

“Where is Yuuri? No, before that, why did this door open? It seems different from the one I opened myself…!”

Finally, a possibility crossed her mind.

“No way… Did Yuuri open this door himself?! But no, it’s impossible. Yuri, who has no magical power, couldn’t do such a thing. However, if it wasn’t him, then what is this door…?”

First and foremost, she needed to verify what had happened.

With that thought in mind, Alista approached the distorted door…

“Ah, no, wait!”

Unfortunately, at the worst possible moment, the door closed.

This meant that she didn’t even know where the door led.

Unable to help it, Alista put her hands to her head.

“Where on earth has he gone now? Yuuri-san~!”

Despite all these unforeseen events, the search for Yuuri will continue.

I Reincarnated into Another World with Zero Magic Power, So I Trained My Swordsmanship for 1000 Years ~The World’s Strongest, Who Believes He’s a Lowly Swordsman, Unconsciously Makes Enemies Tremble~

I Reincarnated into Another World with Zero Magic Power, So I Trained My Swordsmanship for 1000 Years ~The World’s Strongest, Who Believes He’s a Lowly Swordsman, Unconsciously Makes Enemies Tremble~

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: 異世界に転生したけど魔力0だったので、1000年間剣技を鍛えてみた ~自分を低級剣士だと思い込んでいる世界最強は無自覚に無双するようです〜
The protagonist, Yuuri Izumi, one day loses his life due to a certain event and undergoes reincarnation in another world. However, according to the goddess, Yuuri's magic power is zero. She is told that him is too fragile to survive in the other world. Therefore, before reincarnating into the other world, Yuuri decides to receive time for training. But, due to a mistake by the goddess, he ends up training for 1000 years, even though he was supposed to train until she became a lowly swordsman. Yuuri becomes the world's strongest after 1000 years of training. But he mistakenly believes that he has finally become a lowly swordsman and sets off on a journey to the other world. There, Yuuri mistakes a Fenrir for mere dog under. Mistakes the strongest dragon for a mere bird and instantaneously defeats it, and discreetly saves a S-rank party of beautiful girls renowned throughout the country. This is a story of the strongest swordsman without magic power, engaging in unconsciously overwhelming battles.


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