Chapter 4: A planned encounter

A planned encounter

You know your life is complicated when you even have to get up early on Sundays. 

Although I don’t do it for banal reasons like watching a specific anime. If I’m awake now, it’s because I had to come to my part-time job.

—By the way, Yuuto-kun, how were your classes going? Are you having a good time?

While I was taking a short break after finishing the preparations for the opening of the coffee shop. The manager suddenly spoke to me.

Is it just my imagination or does a devilish grin seem to be appearing on her face?

—Yes, things are going reasonably well. Luckily, I’m in the same class as some of my old friends.

I’ve barely been here two weeks since classes started. And after the little romantic comedy scene that happened between Himemiya-san and me in the coffee shop, I came to think for a moment that my life would be completely ruined… But surprisingly it didn’t turn out that way.

I was especially surprised by the reaction of the girls, who gave me a warm and touching look from a distance at my strong declaration towards Himemiya-san. I felt like I was cheering up, although feelings of hatred and jealousy were also mixed at times…

—I’m glad to hear that. I always dreaded it every time I moved on a year, since I didn’t know if I was going to be with my old friends or be with a bunch of new people.

—Hahaha, I didn’t expect you to be scared of that kind of thing, manager.

I always thought the manager was some aloof high school girl who didn’t care what class she was in, and focused on creating her own path.

—You’re really mean, you know that? I was just like all the girls, I was in love with a beautiful prince, I got nervous during exam times and also felt a lot of anxiety every time it was our turn to change seats.

It’s very interesting, the hidden personality of the manager as she talked nostalgically about her high school years. It was like watching unparalleled beauty as the morning sun streamed through the window.

—Although talking about my high school days is irrelevant. Better tell me how things are going in your new class.

—Hmm… I’d say it’s pretty lively. My classmates are funny, my teacher is also very nice, although at times she has a firm and imposing attitude. But at no time does she make you feel bored.

—That’s very good. School life should be fun. So… How are things going with Kanade-chan now that you and she are in the same class? Is everything going well between the two of you?

—I’m starting to wonder how you know that she and I are in the same class… But I must say that we get along very well even though we are next to each other. However, thanks to that things have been a bit complicated.

The moment the seating order was decided, and everyone saw that Himemiya-san would be next to me, the sighs of the boys were so intense that the atmosphere was very heavy. Not to mention the complaints that many were muttering to each other.

It was not a pleasant thing to hear. Irrationality invaded the minds of my companions.

—I wish you the best wishes for this school year, Yuuto-kun. — Said the manager with a smile on her face.

My heart unconsciously pounded at the sight of her beautiful smile, and I involuntarily nodded my head.

By the way, it’s worth mentioning that my friend Juri is sitting in front of me, and next to him is Shiina. If you think about it, it’s quite a coincidence that the seats are distributed like this.

—Fufu, I’m happy for you, Yuuto-kun. You’re lucky to be sitting next to Kanade, the most popular girl in school. I also heard that she and you had an interesting talk in the cafeteria. Could you tell me more about it?

—How come you know about it?!

—I thought I told you that Kanade-chan and I are very good friends. And it’s natural that we always talk over LINE.

For a moment I thought it had been Matsuri who went to her with the gossip, but to find out that Himemiya-san was the one who leaked that information makes it even more surprising. I must admit that it’s a bit unsettling that the manager has information about what’s going on with me and Himemiya-san, plus, I have the urge to ask her what other kinds of things she knows. Though ignorance is bliss, and it’s best not to open Pandora’s box.

—I thought I had gotten to know you during the time you’ve been working here. But it never crossed my mind that you were that kind of guy who does things shamelessly.

—What were the things Himemiya-san told you? Please don’t think the wrong things about me.

—Fufu, she didn’t say anything wrong… I just didn’t think you’d be able to pat the most popular and beautiful girl in school on the head in the cafeteria surrounded by all the students. But that wasn’t all… Right? You didn’t say any punch lines as if you were some kind of MC in a romantic comedy trying to mark their territory?

The manager came up to me with a look on her face that made my hair stand on end… Jeez, this woman knows absolutely everything that happened. This is not an interrogation, she just wants to taunt me before the store opens. 

—I’ll just say that my words have been twisted. I said she was cute, but not in a way like I was marking territory.

—You know Yuuto-kun, you may not know this, but every year there is a national beauty pageant in which high school girls participate. What do you think would happen if Kanade-chan entered the contest?

This is the first I’ve heard of it. But without a doubt, Himemiya-san would win first place. Agency talent scouts would flock to her and she would have the golden ticket to the entertainment industry. On her debut alone, she would explode in popularity and quickly become an idol in no time.

—You have a great imagination, Yuuto-kun. But yes, don’t rule out that probability. But you know something? That’s not what Kanade-chan is looking for.


—Yes, what she really wants is for someone to make her feel protected. 

—Make her feel protected…

—You see, she’s not looking for a handsome man or a prince… What Kanade-chan is looking for is someone who doesn’t focus on her outward appearance, but to look inside her, her thoughts, her personality, for someone to love her as she really is, and as a result, to protect her.

After saying that, the manager smiled wryly… I’m not sure whether to see this as a kind of help or a warning.

—And that’s the detail. Guys come up to her and say things like “I like you,” but they only notice her appearance and not on a personal level. These are things that guys don’t usually do, and that’s wrong, ignoring a girl’s feelings is unacceptable.

—Is that really all they need to conquer a girl like Himemiya-san?

—Haah… That kind of thinking is what pollutes the minds of guys nowadays, seriously, why are they so insensitive…? Yeah, that’s all it takes, now can you understand why Kanade-chan is having a hard time?

The store manager shrugs her shoulders in disappointment as she lets out a big sigh. 

But what did you mean by Himemiya-san having a hard time? You’re not talking about me doing something wrong?

—What I’m trying to tell you is that you shouldn’t be afraid to approach Kanade-chan. Don’t overthink things, just do what your heart tells you.

As usual, that’s easy to say. Maybe I do overthink things instead of acting, but for that I would have to know exactly how I feel towards Himemiya-san.

I was silent as these thoughts invaded my head, and the manager put her hand on my shoulder with a sympathetic look.

—I understand that you care about your family’s happiness, but you also have the right to be happy. Be happy, Yuuto-kun. Because that’s what your family also wants for you.


Come to think of it, Matsuri had told me something similar regarding that I should think more about my own happiness.

—Things have changed, and you have no reason to keep working part-time here anymore. Why don’t you take this time off to hang out with Kanade-chan on the weekends?

—That sounds good, but… Himemiya-san and I don’t have that kind of relationship.

—Fufu, it’s okay. Let’s leave things like this for now, there are a lot of things we have to do. It’s time to open the shop! Since it’s Sunday, we’re going to be very busy, so let’s do our best!

For some reason, this talk left me with a bad taste in my mouth. But I decided to ignore it and walked out of the shop to put up the ‘open’ sign and all of a sudden….

—Hehehehe. Good morning, Okugawa-kun, it’s a nice day, don’t you think?

Himemiya-san appeared behind me with a shy smile on her face.

Unlike her usual school uniform, the outfit Himemiya-san was wearing today consisted of tight black pants that emphasized her beautiful legs and a lacy beige cardigan. Today she looks more charming than usual. Perhaps it’s due to her large breasts that leaves behind her ‘high school girl’ appearance and is replaced by the appearance of a beautiful mature woman. 

—Huh, Himemiya-san… What are you doing here so early in the morning?

—What a rude reaction coming from you, Okugawa-kun. I came here because I really wanted to have a cup of coffee and read a good book.

—Ah, now that I remember, you had told me before that your favorite pastime was reading books at the coffee shop, but… Where did you leave your book?

Himemiya-san was only carrying a bag so small that she could only store two books in them. Which is a very questionable amount if your intention is to spend all day in a coffee shop reading.

—Fufu, you’re so sweet, Okugawa-kun. You’re sweeter than honey-filled tortillas! Don’t worry about that, with this device I can read as many books as I want anywhere.

As she quoted those words with a proud expression on her face. Himemiya-san took out a kidloo from her bag, it’s a kind of tablet with which you can read many e-books.

—I see, it’s certainly quite a handy device. And even more so since you can read a lot of manga on the internet these days.

—Exactly. I also don’t need to run to the store in the morning when a new chapter of my favorite series is released since I can read it as soon as it comes out on the internet.

Just imagining Himemiya running to the store to buy a weekly magazine makes me laugh. 

—But paper also has its advantages. If I really like a book, I buy it on paper. That’s why my shelves are full.

—The shelves in my room suffer from a similar problem. And so as not to run out of space, I share my manga with Matsuri.

To be honest, I don’t like the idea of sharing, but I have no choice but to do so because I have no space and no money.

—What kind of manga do you read, Okugawa-kun? Fantasy? Isekai? Shonen? Action? Or romcom?

—I don’t really have a predominant taste. But I do like fantasy stories a lot… And a bit of romcom, though the latter I read because of Matsuri.

Unlike me, Matsuri is wilder with manga. If she finds one that might be interesting, she immediately becomes obsessed with wanting to collect all the volumes for it. And unfortunately, the money that goes into buying them comes out of my part-time job. 

Sometimes I wish she would be more conscientious with money and learn to save…

—I’d like to visit the Okugawa-kun house someday, so I can talk to Matsuri too… Aaah! I have an idea!!!! Okugawa-kun, how about during the next weekend we-….

—Hey, Yuuto-kun, how long are you going to be out here?

Before Himemiya-san could finish saying her horrible idea, the manager came out of the store and interrupted us with a shocked face.

—Oh, hello Kanade-chan, welcome, we have a lot of empty seats, why don’t you come in and sit where you feel more comfortable? I’ll bring you your usual coffee right away. 

—Yes… Thank you…

—Yuuto-kun, show Kanade-chan to her seat. I know you’ll want to talk a lot with your dear colleague here, but remember that you’re at work.

—Yes… I’m sorry.

On the manager’s face was a big smile, but her eyes held a deep well of despair. I think it’s best not to push my luck…

Himemiya-san, just like me, felt pressured to have us enter the store without any hesitation at all. 

—Hahaha… I made the manager angry. I’m sorry, Okugawa-kun.

—It’s not something you should apologize for, Himemiya-san. More importantly, where do you want to sit? As you can see, all the seats are empty, you are free to choose your ideal place.

After all, she was the first customer of the day. The selection of seats were all located from the window to the counter. 

Those seats are the most popular since at break time the office workers come here and sit in those seats to get a closer look at the manager. 

—I think I’ll sit at the counter today. There I can chat with the manager and watch Okugawa-kun work.

—You’re not going to try to play a joke on me while I’m doing it, right?

—Fufu, take it easy, Okugawa-kun. I’ll just stick to watching you work while I read manga, I promise.

—…Today will be a difficult day.

There’s nothing more stressful than one of my classmates watching me work. Bitter memories linger in my mind of when I first started working here and Matsuri would come to visit me at the store every day. She would almost always tease me. 

—I’m not going to tease or make fun of you. It’s quite rude when someone puts effort into such an activity.

Saying that, Himemiya-san gave me an angry look I hadn’t seen from her before. I wish she wouldn’t change her facial expressions so easily, it makes my heart confused.

—Good luck today in your work, Okugawa-kun. I’ll support you in any way I can.

—Thank you. Please make yourself at home, Himemiya-san. I’ll bring you some water right away. Is there anything else you wish to order besides your coffee?

—No, I’m fine with just coffee for now. I’ll think about it again when I’m hungry. 

—Okay. Call me if you need anything.

After saying that, I turned around and went behind the counter, where the manager, who had returned from the kitchen, was standing. 

As soon as I approached her, a smile formed on her face that made my hair stand on end.

—Yuuto-kun, please don’t mix your personal relationships when you’re at work. This shop is not a place for you to flirt. 

—…I know. You don’t have to remind me.

My response to the manager’s words was blunt. Deep down I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed as this conversation was being observed by Himemiya-san.

How did she know I was going to be working here today in the first place?

Questions begin to float over in my head searching for an answer.


The clock struck twelve noon, indicating that the breakfast menu had come to an end to give way to lunch. 

And before this event, the doubts that I had in my head during the morning begin to dissipate, just like the pieces of a puzzle that fall in the right places. 

In mystery novels it is often said that the culprit always returns to the scene of the crime, and this would not be the case. The person who leaked the information that I was going to work at this coffee shop today entered the place with an expression of having few friends.

—Hi! Yuu-nii, I’ve come to visit you!

—Hey, Matsuri-chan. I don’t think it’s right to say Yuuto-san’s name so loudly.

As soon as Matsuri made her appearance, an expression of satisfaction showed on her face. And behind her was Noel-chan, who looked down as if trying to apologize.

—Welcome, Noel-chan. I’m sorry Matsuri put you through this.

—No, no… I’m used to Matsuri-chan doing this kind of thing, so it’s okay.

Saying that, Noel-chan smiled cheerfully. She really is a very pretty girl, just like an angel. Unlike Matsuri who is more like an imp. 

I wonder how innocent Noel-chan is friends with my step sister?

—Hey, Yuu-nii. I’m a customer too. Why are you only focusing your attention on Noel-chan?

—It’s okay. Welcome to both of you. Please take the seat of your choice.

—Hmph. Your attitude is not very convincing, remember that the customer is God, so treat me accordingly. — Matsuri said as she puffed out her cheeks and stomped her foot on the floor. 

When I left the house this morning, she was very tired since she stayed up all night watching Ciel-chan’s streaming. But now she seems to have a hundred times more energy than before.

—If you came here to make fun of me, then go home now. It’s bad enough I have the manager watching me every moment. 

—Well, that’s fine. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t come here to make fun of you, but the reason I’m here is because Noel-chan insisted!

—Huh? Is that true, Noel-chan?

—I’m sorry, Yuuto-san! That’s right, I asked Matsuri-chan to accompany me to come. I heard that you don’t like to be seen working, but I really wanted to take a look….

After apologizing, Noel-chan bowed her head. I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty, her delicate shoulders were shaking, and there were even signs as if she was about to cry.

—I don’t think it would be fun to watch me work.

—That’s not true! Matsuri-chan had shown me pictures of you working, and I really… I thought you were great, so… I’ve been looking forward to coming here ever since.

Noel-chan struggled to speak with a cracked voice and tears in her eyes. My feelings are not made of hard enough stone to ignore her. And since Himemiya-san is here for the same reason, I guess having another person watching me while I work won’t make much of a difference.

—I’ve refused to bring her so many times before that I couldn’t come up with any more excuses…

—Okay, but Matsuri… Why did you necessarily have to bring her today?


Matsuri’s reaction hinted at her hidden reasons. She could have refused or brought her another day, but no, she came here precisely on the day Himemiya-san came here.

—Okugawa-kun, can I have another cup of coffee?

Himemiya-san was quietly reading a manga in front of the counter, but she had turned her attention away from her reading to make such a request to me when she could perfectly well have asked the manager in front of her.

—…Just to make sure of something, Matsuri, was it you who told Himemiya-san that I was going to work today?

—Hehehehe… Yes, I admit it, I’m the one responsible for it.

I consider myself a gentle brother and at the same time someone understanding. But I’m beginning to doubt that I can continue with that attitude much longer.

—Do you really enjoy seeing me suffer so much, Matsuri?

—You’re wrong, Yuu-nii! Well, I admit that I do enjoy seeing you in trouble, just a little. But in my defense, I’m doing this for your own good… Hey?! Don’t leave me talking to myself! Yuu-nii, trust me!

I tried to pull away from Matsuri as she clung to me. As much as she says it’s for my own good, I don’t understand how it could be anything beneficial that she told Himemiya-san that I was going to work today. This has only had the opposite effect where I have received nothing but scolding from the manager.

—Hey, Okugawa-kun. I know you like talking to your little sister, but please don’t ignore my order.

Himemiya-san exclaimed while puffing out her cheeks. I know this comment is inappropriate, but her anger is kind of cute in a way.

If I took pictures of her right now and sold them at school, I would surely make a fortune.

—I don’t think Yuu-nii would be able to sell her treasured pictures, right?

—Wait a second… How do you know what I’m thinking?

—You’re too transparent, Yuu-nii. Your facial expressions reflect your thoughts. You were probably thinking that you could make a lot of money if you took a picture of Himemiya-san with puffy cheeks and sold it to the kids at school, right? And that’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard in my life!

—It was just a silly thought. My desire to monopolize Himemiya-san is greater than any sum of money. Just contemplating that idea alone makes me—…..

I was about to say that I felt a great hatred inside me. But luckily, I was able to shut my mouth. Again, my emotions are leaking out of my mouth.

—Haah… I’m really surprised at your ability to say outrageous things like that in front of your dream girl, Yuu-nii….

Matsuri shrugs her shoulders as she lets out a sigh. What’s worse is that I can’t retort at all, since she’s right about that. When I speak without thinking, I let out my deepest desires.

I just hope Himemiya-san didn’t hear me.

—Hey… Okugawa-kun, why are you saying such strong statements like that out of nowhere? Do you want to make me die of embarrassment?

I was too optimistic in believing that Himemiya-san wouldn’t notice my words.

Her cheeks were slightly reddened with a smile on her face as her body moved like jelly.

—Hey, Yuuto-san, can I ask you a question? — Noel-chan asked.

Her tone of voice was so intense that I felt a shiver run through my body. As soon as I hurriedly turned around, the sweet and beautiful angelic aura Noel-chan gave off completely disappeared to make way for a dark demonic aura. I tried to ask Matsuri for help in explaining this misunderstanding to Noel-chan, but she just whistled while looking away as if she didn’t want to get involved.

—Yuuto-san, who is that woman over there? You told me you didn’t have a girlfriend, but it seems like you have a relationship similar to a dating relationship with that girl. Did you lie to me when you said you were single? I want to know what’s going on, so please explain this to me in great detail.

Even though she was clearly angry, she continued to have a smile on her face. But there was something different about her, and that was her eyes, they were practically jet-black. The murderous looks my classmates were giving me were no match for Noel-chan’s gaze…

—Ca… Calm down, Noel-chan! She’s not Yuu-nii’s girlfriend yet! Remember that girl I told you about on the phone? That’s her!

Oh, come on, Matsuri, you’re making things worse instead of fixing it…. And what do you mean Himemiya-san isn’t my girlfriend “yet”? Am I missing something I should know? 

—Hm… Now I remember… You told me that you exchanged contact details with a girl you met when you started school. Is that her?

—That’s right! Her name is Himemiya Kanade, she’s quite popular where I study. She and Yuu-nii are classmates. She’s considered to be a kind of prince in our academy.

—Well… She’s certainly a very beautiful woman. Although that goofy smile she has on her face looks more like a Cinderella who has found her prince as opposed to her being one.

—Um… Yeah, you’re right, I think so too.

Matsuri gave up very hastily at Noel-chan’s argument. She really didn’t make any effort at all to appease the wild waters that lashed this tide.

—Now, Yuuto-san, could you explain to me what kind of relationship you have with Himemiya-san? Are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?

—No, Himemiya-san and I don’t have that kind of relationship speci—….

—Okugawa-kun, I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep secrets right now.

Before I could finish my words, Himemiya-san interrupted me and stood in front of Noel-chan as if she was a knight facing a Demon King. The most interesting thing is that the expression on her face was not one of contempt, but of interest. 

—It’s nice to meet you. My name is Himemiya Kanade. And you are…? 

—Yumeno Noel. It’s a pleasure to meet you. 

—Pleasure’s mine, Noel-chan. As for my relationship with Yuuto-kun, just like Matsuri-chan said, we are classmates, we sit next to each other. We are not boyfriend and girlfriend, but we do have such a close relationship that Yuuto-kun even goes to my house to have dinner with me. 

The smile Himemiya-san had on her face hinted at the satisfaction she felt, as if she had performed a Checkmate in a game of chess.

Why is she doing that, wasn’t Matsuri’s comments enough, now she wants to bring a storm down on this place too?

And don’t call me by my name in front of other people either, it makes me nervous. 

—But, now I’m the one who feels interested in the relationship you have with Yuuto-kun. You’re not his girlfriend, are you? 

—Yu… Yu… Yuuto-san’s girlfriend?!  That… That’s possible?! Umm… I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought about that possibility, being Yuuto-san’s girlfriend….

Himemiya-san’s counterattack was enough to leave Noel-chan seriously injured and she’s stunned with her eyes darting around as she whispers things to herself. 

She probably didn’t realize we could all hear her, though I’ll pretend I didn’t hear anything.

—Fufu, in that case, Noel-chan and I are rivals. I assure you I won’t lose. 

—I won’t lose either! I’ll be Yuuto-san’s girlfriend!

And as expected, things got out of control between these two girls. Although I’ll just observe, if I intervene here, I would probably get involved in even bigger trouble.

—Congratulations, Yuu-nii, you’ve finally become popular. How does it feel to have two beautiful girls fighting over you? — Matsuri asked as she wedged her elbows into my rib. 

—How do you think I feel? At no time in my life have I ever sought fame. Take care of this situation between the two of them, I won’t be able to keep working if things continue like this.

—Hey, Yuuto-kun, what’s all the fuss about? Don’t tell me you brought two girls who are madly in love with you to rub my face in the fact that I’m single, right?

—This is a misunderstanding, manager. I am not popular, let alone attractive to girls, please don’t think things that are not.

I could see how the vein on the manager’s forehead was about to burst along with her tense smile. So, I felt compelled to object and dispel her doubts as soon as possible before everything got even more out of control.

—So how do you explain this situation? For all intents and purposes, they are two beautiful girls fighting over you. — asked the manager as she shrugged her shoulders.

—Huh… We were trying to solve a problem about… An order I delivered wrong?

In fact, while I was trying to give a somewhat convincing explanation to the manager, Himemiya-san and Noel-chan kept arguing with each other, so it seems they didn’t listen to my pitiful excuse. To be honest, I have nothing to offer to any woman, and it’s impossible for two such pretty girls to fall in love with me. 

—Do you think so too, manager? That’s what I’ve been trying to tell Yuu-nii for a long time… It’s time for you to think about your own happiness, throw all those bad thoughts out of your head now, and stop worrying about our family.

Both Matsuri and the manager let out a big sigh. 

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me worrying about my family, right? I mean, it’s a man’s duty to put his family’s happiness first.

—Do as Matsuri-chan says, Yuuto-kun. How can you be in charge of your family’s happiness if you’re not?

I guess they’re both kind of right about that. But it’s not the time to think about that kind of thing now. I can’t show weakness in front of Matsuri and the manager.

Let alone in front of Noel-chan and Himemiya-san.


—Well manager, I’m going now, see you later.

—Yes, have a nice evening, Yuuto-kun. Be careful on your way home.

It was a little after 18:00 in the evening. It was one of the hardest days I’ve had since I started working part-time, but I managed to get through it.

However, I’m at my physical and mental limit, so I’m not going to watch the Ciel-chan stream today, I intend to sleep early today.

—Sorry, but that’s not going to happen, Okugawa-kun. I won’t let you sleep tonight, so get ready, okay?

Himemiya-san was standing in front of the door with an anxious expression as if she was waiting for her favorite Idol.

—…Isn’t that kind of thing supposed to be what a man says, Himemiya-san? More importantly, what are you doing here? I thought you left early with Matsuri and Noel-chan.

After the chance meeting between Himemiya-san and Noel-chan, the two got along relatively well after a short while for some reason, and spent a lot of time chatting happily at a table with Matsuri.

And unfortunately, the shop started to get more and more crowded and I couldn’t hear the conversation that was going on between the three of them. Although on the other hand it’s very relaxing to know that they were able to get along. As soon as I get home, I will ask Matsuri about what they were talking about, although I really doubt that she will tell me the truth…

—I tried to go home too, but halfway there I remembered that the latest volume of a manga I’m reading went on sale, so I took another way to the bookstore, then I wandered around the place looking at other matters of interest, and before I knew it, it was getting late, so I came back here to wait for you to get out of your shift.

—…And you expect me to believe that story?

—Well… if I’m honest, I really wanted to be alone with you… Is that wrong?

—No, it’s good.

I hate my weak will that succumbs to the beautiful eyes of the most beautiful girl in Japan. If this keeps up, I’m going to be in deep shit…

—Thank you, Okugawa-kun. Shall we go home then? — she asked, while holding out her hand.

It’s not like I wasn’t aware of what this meant. But just to be sure, I decided to ask her just in case.

—Um… Himemiya-san, why are you holding out your hand?

—Would you really make me tell you? Or are you just doing it to make me feel embarrassed?

—No, that was not my intention…. 

—Hehehe, good. — she replied while hugging my arm.

All the alarms in my brain start ringing. I think it’s about to overheat at the outrageous action she just did. The touch on my body before Himemiya-san’s big breasts that are as soft as a marshmallow manages to annihilate the rationality of my mind.

—Hey, Himemiya-san, what are you doing?!

—I want to get close to you, Okugawa-kun! Even though we sit next to each other, you’re always talking to Takanashi-kun, while you ignore me!  — she exclaimed while puffing out her cheeks.

Please don’t do that, you look so cute that it makes me want to hug you tightly while caressing your head.

—Besides, I could tell that Noel-chan was a very cute girl, unlike me. And I got the feeling that Okugawa-kun is very open with her. I couldn’t help but feel jealous… I want to call you by your first name too, and I want you to call me by mine…

I had the impression that Himemiya-san and Noel-chan were getting along well after spending the whole day chatting at the table. But I didn’t expect those kinds of thoughts and emotions to be thinking through her head at that moment.

—Well, it’s been almost a year since I met Noel-chan. Because she’s Matsuri’s best friend, I can’t help but see her as another younger sister. And unlike you, I’ve only been getting to know you and talking to you for less than a month. It’s a situation where it ties my hands. 

—What do you mean by that? Are you saying you’re a bother to be with me?

—If you were a bother to me, I would have walked away from you as soon as you took me by the arm. But, for my part, I’d like to take a little more time to deepen our friendship, or maybe figure out what kind of relationship we have, because I don’t know to what extent friends do this….

My right arm was tucked between Himemiya-san’s two large breasts. I have never been as happy in my life as I am now. But I can’t be completely relaxed, what if someone saw me right now? And my rationality is hanging by a thin thread, so I can’t think clearly either.

—Fufufu. If you want me to let you go, you’ll have to do me a favor first.

—…Okay, I’m listening.

—You don’t have to get defensive, just relax a little. All I ask is that you call me by my first name, just like you do with Noel-chan.

—…Just for today or do you want me to do it every day from now on?

—Every day, please… — replied Himemiya-san lowering her head and in a low voice.

There is no man on earth who can refuse this request, let alone coming from someone like Himemiya-san who is as beautiful as a maiden.

And if there is such a one, bring him before me as soon as possible, and I will change his mind.

—I want to get close to you, just like Noel-chan and Matsuri-chan. I want it to be mutual…

—Hmm? Wait a minute. Mutual? That means you…

—Yes… Can I call you Yuuto from now on?

Both my mind and body went blank, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t think, the joints in my mouth were frozen. I was so surprised at this sudden fact, so I just nodded my head.

—Hehehehe. Thank you, Yuuto…! So, you’ll also do the same, right? If you don’t, I won’t let you go, or is that what you want? You feel very comfortable feeling my breasts?

—Okay! Okay! Okay! Don’t keep pressing your breasts against me!

—You like big boobs, right? I asked Matsuri-chan, but I wanted to hear it from you. And she also told me that you like women with a Onee-san aura, right? Unfortunately, I don’t look like one, but I do meet the criteria for big breasts, don’t you think?

Don’t say that while smiling mischievously! However, I’m already intrigued, Himemiya-san knows about my secrets and tastes. This is bad, knowing she can use that information against me.

—Come on, Yuuto. Call me by my name! Or are you a prude who likes it when I press my breasts against you? — she said, whispering sweetly in my ear.

I felt an electric current run up and down my spine, and each time I felt all sense of reason leave my mind. I can’t go on like this…

—Ca… Calm down a little, Himemiya-san, we are in the street, someone may see us.

—If you want me to stop doing that, you’ll have to call me by my name in a friendly and affectionate way as soon as possible, it’s as simple as that. Get it?

—…Ugh, shit. Okay, I will, but stop teasing me like that, Kanade-san.

I had no choice but to accept her wicked request, although I must say that I succumbed to her dirty tricks, otherwise, I would have backed out… I feel so ashamed right now…

—I’ve already called you by name, now let go of me!

—Again! Call me by my name again! I’m still not satisfied! — Kanade-san exclaimed as she grabbed me by the shoulders and shook my body.

Even though my arm was released from that death trap, my body was still relatively close to her. I guess I have no choice left.

I took a deep breath, and then looked Kanade-san in the eyes.

—Kanade-san, I don’t want you to misunderstand me, but you’d better keep your distance. If you keep approaching me like that, I’m going to have a serious problem.

—Why do you say that? — she asked with a mixed expression of anticipation and anxiety.

This is my chance. I’m going to get back at her for all the teasing she’s done to me during this day. I took another deep breath, then gently placed my hand on her face.

—Because having you so close to me, makes me want to hold you very tight, and do things to you that I would never want to do with a woman, Kanade-san… So, could you keep your distance a little?

—….Yes… Sure…

As soon as Kanade-san heard those words, her face turned so red that steam was almost coming out of her ears, she lowered her face and moved a little away from me.

This feels so liberating, a few more seconds, and I don’t know what would have become of me. I’ve really been trying so hard to suppress my desire to hug her.

—This is completely unexpected… I didn’t expect Yuuto-kun to be so… Aggressive…

—It’s because you look so beautiful today, Kanade-san.

—Ugh… I should have recorded that. Hey, Yuuto-kun, would you be so kind as to repeat that?

Don’t ask me something like that when I feel like my heart is about to explode right now. Not to mention that I still can’t get used to calling her by her name, I die of embarrassment every time I do it…

—Give me a break…

Needless to say, after that there was a struggle between the two of us to appease Kanade-san’s selfish desires for me to continue praising her beauty.

Himemiya-san, a maiden and cute girl in front of me

Himemiya-san, a maiden and cute girl in front of me

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Status: Completed Author: Artist: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese

Yuto Okugawa is a high school student who works part-time in a cafeteria during his summer vacation. One day at work, he meets the most popular girl in high school, nicknamed "Prince of Amanodate", who, as her name suggests, is the most desired girl by men and the most admired by women.

But unforeseen events made Kanade Himemiya take notice of Yuto, to the point that a romantic attraction was born in her. Thus begins the story of how the girl who rejected all the men who declared their love for her fell for the charms of her classmate after he saved her from a serious situation.


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