Chapter 4: promotion?


After deceiving the innocent grape lady, I got into the carriage, and we headed towards the city of Gerku.

We arrived in Gerku at dusk and got off in front of an inn.

“Thank you. Please, return to the capital. But keep this a secret.”

As Maria spoke those words, she shook hands with the coachman.

“I understand. Then, I will take my leave.”

The coachman climbed into the carriage compartment and drove back with the horses.

“Even such a pure country girl now resorts to bribes.”

Lisha nodded, impressed by the interaction between Maria and the coachman.

Maria’s handshake with the coachman was to pass him a coin.

“In the countryside, everything is filled with bribes. Otherwise, people like me couldn’t attend a noble school in the capital.”

It’s strange for a baron’s daughter to attend a prestigious noble school in the capital.

“There’s no escaping it.”

“That’s right. In a way, even the wine you used to give away was like a sort of bribe.”

Was that the intention…?

Maybe that’s why she managed to fit in.

Although Maria was nicknamed the grape lady and teased, she was loved by all and not discriminated against for her status or position.

“You’ve had your hardships too.”

“No, no. Thanks to that, I was able to enter the church. Even if I couldn’t marry someone of high status.”

Probably Baron Flandor, Maria’s father, wanted her to marry someone of high status by sending her to the prestigious noble school in the capital.

“Yes, life has its ups and downs. I, on the other hand… Well, I shouldn’t complain in front of my husband.”

“B-But more importantly, you must be tired! Please, come in. Although it may not be luxurious for you, it is the best lodging in town.”

Maria noticed the tension and recommended the lodging to us.

Following her suggestion, we entered the inn.

Then, Maria checked us in at the reception, and the three of us headed to our rooms.

“Please do not go out. I will sleep in the adjacent room; if you need anything, do not hesitate to wake me.”

She truly is a good person.

“Sorry for the trouble.”

“Don’t worry, it seems eating in the room is fine, so I will bring the food later. I will go buy the tickets at the airport.”

“Maria, I’m sorry to bother you…”

Lisha looked at Maria with an uncomfortable expression.

“I understand! Let me take care of this! I will buy your tickets too!”

She is so kind… I start to feel guilty.


“Thank you.”


Maria responded enthusiastically and left the room.

“Well, everything has gone smoothly so far.”

When Maria left the room, Lisha smiled with a grim expression.

“Yes, it seems so.”

“And now? If we continue like this, we will go to the ecclesiastical nation.”

“That would be troublesome. If we are not careful, our information could leak, and we could be deported.”

Due to the extensive church network that spans the world, there is a high chance that our arson and escape activity could be discovered.

“So, let’s hijack the ship as planned. Once on board, we will take it and go elsewhere.”

“That’s right.”

It was a great help to have Maria.

“However, I feel bad for Maria… After all, she was rising in the ecclesiastical nation.”

Apparently, Lisha feels some guilt even towards Maria.

“Not so much.”

“Huh? Why? Wasn’t she among the elite?”

Lisha seemed surprised.

“This is what I heard from my late mother: it seems there are two types of training in the ecclesiastical nation.”

Due to the proximity to Walter, the home of my maternal family, information easily came from the ecclesiastical nation.

“Two types?”

“One is the true elite, that is, leader candidates. And the others are the disposable ones.”


Exactly. They simply make them work indefinitely.

When it comes to training, some enjoy it. Especially those with dreams…


“Apparently. Well… That’s something you don’t need to know.”

It’s not something to tell a lady.

“You don’t need to say more, I understand.”

Well, they are just overly sweet priests.

“And how do you think the daughter of a poor baron from a distant country would be treated?”

“She would probably become a disposable servant.”

Although I didn’t mention the word “servant,” it’s more or less the same.

“Didn’t it strike you as odd?”

“Yes, it was when I heard her story that I realized. It doesn’t make sense for Maria to have only a coachman as an escort.”

Yes, despite Maria rising in status, she only had a coachman as an escort.

Although bandits and monsters are rare near the capital, it’s not impossible for them to appear.

And yet, she only had one escort.

Moreover, it was a man.

Normally, daughters of nobility are assigned a woman as an escort.

“That’s wrong.”

It’s evident that the church did not value Maria as they should.

“If it’s true… Why didn’t you tell her?”

“I couldn’t have.”

“That’s true… Those bright eyes are intimidating.”

An innocent girl’s eyes can be scary.

“Even though Maria is the daughter of a poor baron, she is still one of our nobles. We cannot allow the church to treat her like trash.”

If she is truly in her ascent, I would be happy to bid her farewell and bless her.

But not as a slave.

“So, are we going to take Maria with us as well?”

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea. If we go to Walter, we could ask for help from my uncle.”

If she wants to return to this country, we’ll let her return, or if she prefers to serve in Walter, that’s fine too.

With her healing magic skill, she would be a valuable asset.

“I see. It’s a pity for Maria, but we will accompany her to that point.”

“Yes, but first, we need to plan the abduction.”

As I said that, Lisha approached.

“Yes. What’s the plan?”

“The safest way is to board the ship, put the crew and passengers to sleep with my sleep magic, remove them, and I’ll take care of piloting.”

“Do you have enough magical power to do that?”

“Yes, don’t worry.”

“In that case, let’s do it.”

Lisha and I continued detailing the abduction plan.

While doing so, Maria returned with the food.

After Maria brought the food, we decided to stop talking and dine together.

Once we finished the dinner, enjoying old stories among the three of us, we decided to go to sleep early.

“Oh, um, Your Highness, Lisha, be careful, the walls are thin here.”

Blushing, Maria warned us and hurriedly went to her room.

“What did she mean?”

Lisha asked.

“Hit that wall.”

Curiously, Lisha tapped the wall, and from the other side came Maria’s voice saying “Ouch!”

“Ah… I see. She really enjoys this kind of romance.”

Lisha finally understood.

“I need to replenish my magical energy, so I’m going to sleep.”

“I also need to rest my sore legs.”

And so, Lisha and I settled into separate beds.

“These beds are really uncomfortable.”

“I know, I hate them.”

Despite our complaints, we were completely overcome by fatigue and fell asleep.


The Exiled Prince’s Dazzling Escape Drama ~The Unscrupulous Sorcerer Who Embraces All Methods Desires a Decadent Existence~

The Exiled Prince’s Dazzling Escape Drama ~The Unscrupulous Sorcerer Who Embraces All Methods Desires a Decadent Existence~

廃嫡王子の華麗なる逃亡劇 ~手段を選ばない最強クズ魔術師は自堕落に生きたい~
Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Prince Lloyd, a genius of magic, engaged to a peerless beauty, spends his days leisurely immersed in research. However, his father, the king who belittles magic, disinherits Lloyd. In a playful act of retaliation by Lloyd and his fiancée, the palace catches fire! Thus begins a daring escape to another country.

Joining forces with a nun with an unfortunate fate, Lloyd embarks on a journey as an adventurer, yet he remains carefree as ever. In the midst of the journey, effortlessly destroying annoying harpies, hijacking an airship... encounters with legendary adventurers along the way continue to astonish and lead to a whimsical adventure filled with surprises?


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