I Was Sacrificed, but I Became a Disciple of the God and Mastered Martial Arts [Chapter 5] [Volume 1]


That night was different from the others.


When I felt a strange uneasiness, I woke up immediately and saw that a black fog was flowing into my room.

—This is…?

From that fog, I felt the same presence as when I faced the mud demons.

In other words, there was no doubt that it was an attack by the demons.

But I did not perceive any aggressive or hostile intent in that black fog itself, so I realized it late.

I immediately opened the window and tried to go out, but it seemed that the whole city was covered by that black fog, so it was clear that it would have swallowed me as soon as I went out.


I activated my internal magical flow and circulated my magic at a faster speed than usual. This, combined with covering my whole body with my Ki.

At the next instant, the black fog failed to invade my body and dissipated.

—It seems like this defense method works well.

By strengthening my body with magic, I managed to improve my immune system and my recovery ability.

At the same time, the Ki reinforced the exterior of my body, allowing me to face most external interferences by activating both abilities simultaneously.

—More importantly, where is Lise…?

—Here! Do you hear me?!


Lise rushes quickly towards me from her room.

—Lise, are you okay?

—Yes. But, what about you?

—I am fine, but you…

—Don’t worry, I am protecting my body from the black fog by strengthening myself with magic and Ki, but for some reason, you are not doing the same.

This created a great doubt in her about the current situation.

—For some reason, this black fog seems to… Avoid touching me.

—That’s true.

As Lise says, the black fog is somehow hovering around her, as if avoiding her body.

Could there be a reason why this black fog, unleashed by the demons, is avoiding Lise…?

—Lise, this fog definitely…

—Is the work of the demons. It is undoubtedly the same fog they used when they attacked us before. And it has the function of hindering the use of magic…

—Hmm… It’s no wonder I felt that my magic was a bit difficult to control…

However, since I have fought monsters with similar abilities in the past, having opponents who hinder the movement of my magic is not a major obstacle to me.

But it is still a great nuisance.

—More importantly, the city is unusually quiet.

—That’s right.

Even though it’s night, I felt an unusually calm atmosphere.

We immediately began to move to check the situation…

—Anna-san?! Guys?!

Anna, the innkeeper, and the adventurers who were also staying there, were all lying on the ground.

With obvious concern, Lise lifted Anna in her arms and checked her condition.

—Are they sleeping…?

Yes, all those who were lying in that place were plunged into a deep sleep, and no matter how many times they were called, they would not wake up.

I also briefly checked Anna’s condition.

—This is… It’s absorbing her magical energy.


—It seems that this black fog, in addition to putting people to sleep in this place, also has the effect of absorbing the magical energy of those who are asleep.

—What?! Then we must immediately get rid of this fog…

—I understand how you feel, but even if we were to temporarily disperse the black fog floating here, it would only be a temporary relief, considering that the black fog extends throughout the city. Fortunately, the absorption of magical energy has not yet had a devastating impact on people’s lives… But if they remain under its effects for too long, all the inhabitants of this city whose magical energy is absorbed to exhaustion will probably die.

This made Lise go pale and start trembling.

—Wh—What are we going to do…? All of this is my fault… For being in this city, everyone…

—Lise! — I exclaimed as I took her shoulders — You will have time to tremble later. First, we have to fix this situation.

—B—But… How… are we going to do that?

—There is no doubt that this black fog is the work of the demons. That’s why we have to find those responsible and make them stop.

—But… What if they are no longer in the city?

—An attack like this does not seem feasible to carry out from a very distant place.

Furthermore, the demons’ target is Lise. Therefore, we could consider that they created this situation to kill her.

If this is true and the fog is not enough to kill her, the demons will surely come towards us…

It is the most obvious move to make since their attempts to kill her have been unsuccessful. And this time they will want to ensure her death.

—That’s why we have to face the demons calmly. Do you understand?

—Yes, you’re right.

Her determined nod made it clear that this girl still has courage.

—I’m sorry. I’m okay now. I’ve been training for this moment… I will defeat the demons and save everyone…!


We left Anna and the others resting together in a place and rushed into the city.

As expected, the people passing through the street were all lying asleep on the ground.

—For them to do something like this…

—Yes, it means the enemy is also taking this seriously.

As we moved through the city in search of the demons, we suddenly sensed the presence of something approaching.



When I stopped Lise, a mud creature, similar to the one I had defeated before, appeared in front of us.

—Th—This is…

—I’m not sure what it is, but it’s definitely our enemy.

—I see, we have no choice but to finish it off. — Lise said, raising her right hand and preparing to attack — Thunder, roar and advance! ‘Thunderbolt’!

At that moment, a golden lightning bolt was launched straight towards the mud creature with astonishing speed, piercing through the black fog and striking it, reducing it to ashes instantly.

—I… I did it… I did it! My training with Bella-san has paid off…!

And to add more merit to her act, she managed to break the magic seal that this fog had on her.

It was also the first time I had seen a spell with golden lightning that shone in that way… For a moment, I thought it was something common for her, but her expression of unease said otherwise.

—I don’t understand… How was I able to replicate that spell again…? So it wasn’t just a one-time thing during my training with Bella-san?

It’s not surprising to feel confused after possessing a different power than usual. Although…

—Lise, you’ll have to reflect on that later.


—It seems like the enemy has realized our presence.

Originally, I wanted to find the main demon responsible and confront it directly, but it seems that we’ll have to first deal with its minions.

—It will be a problem if our opponent shows up after these creatures have worn us down physically and mentally. Let’s fight while we search for the leader of these creatures!


We ran together, and as if they were waiting for us, the Mud creatures began to attack us one after another.

—Gather, lightning, and clear the path! ‘Thunder Sword’!

Lise chanted a three-verse spell and created a sword made of lightning in her right hand.

When she wielded the sword towards her target, it turned to dust upon contact.

—It’s strange, I don’t feel any resistance…


As Lise tilted her head in curiosity, I came to a conclusion.

Every time she attacks those creatures, they turn to dust instantly. But when I try to attack them with magic, I don’t get the same result.

It seems that Lise’s magic is the only one that has an absolute effect on the demons.

…Maybe that’s why the demons are trying to go after her.

—…Could this be the reason…?

—That possibility seems very likely.

—But I don’t understand why my magic…? What makes it special?

—Let’s analyze that calmly later.

—…Yes, you’re right.

While we were having that conversation, we kept fighting, but unfortunately, the demons were numerous, and I began to notice signs of fatigue in Lise.

—Ugh! How many more are going to appear…?!

As expected, her magical energy is depleting more than usual.

At this rate, it won’t be long before the main demon shows up, or simply escapes and regroups elsewhere, so while fighting, I carefully watched my surroundings.

Of course, if the enemy moves away from this area, the black fog that is draining the magical energy of the city’s inhabitants is likely to dissipate.

But letting it escape and regroup to launch an even more ruthless attack is something we want to avoid.

We must definitely find and deal with it as soon as possible…

—I found it!


—Lise, jump.

—W—Wait… Jump…? What?!

I held Lise and we jumped from the spot.

At that moment, the mud creatures had gathered in one place, forming black waves that rushed down like an intermittent geyser.

—Wait, wait! They are still chasing us!

—[Void-Piercing Feet!]

Using those creatures as a base, I stomped forcefully and released my magic directly towards them, causing them all to explode instantly.

This technique acted as a boost to speed up the jump and get closer to the main demon.


While flying through the air, I noticed the demon who appeared to be the leader of the slimes, attempting to escape the city.

—You won’t escape! 

I continued to shoot consecutive ‘Piercing Feet of Void’ into the air, accelerating further and then abruptly landed on the ground to block his escape route.

I managed to catch up to him, but he had already gone out through the city gate and was on the brink of escaping.

—Haha… I thought I was going to die…

—I’m sorry. I had no choice but to use that technique.

I let Lise down on the ground, and she regained her breath with a pale face. The fact that she wasn’t complaining meant she understood the situation.

Quickly she shot a sharp look at the demonic man.

—We met again.

—You… How are you still alive?!

—Unfortunately, I am persistent. I can’t die until I get my revenge on you.

Despite Lise’s firm attitude, the man seemed overwhelmed for a moment, but soon showed a smile.

—Haha… No matter what you say, do you really have the power to carry it out?

At that moment, the man emitted a dark mist from his body, and once again, the slime demons surrounded us.

—That dirty trick again…?!

—Hahaha! Foolish girl! Killing you is a piece of cake! How foolish of you to show yourself in front of me again… hahaha! This time I will make sure you die! Now, die!

At the moment the man gave that command, the slimes surged toward us in mass. However, Lise remained calm in front of them.

—I am not the same as before! Thunder roars, rumbles, and falls upon us! ‘Thunderstorm’!

Lise quickly recited a four-verse spell, and in an instant, dark clouds gathered overhead.

Intense lightning bolts fell one after another, dispersing the slime demons.

—How could you–…?! This is not possible…!

—I told you, I’m not the same as before!

The man felt overwhelmed by Lise’s words, but soon composed himself and smiled.

—I admit it, you are not the same as before, you are impressive. But… How many times do you think you can use that spell?! Come here!

The man raised his hand, and despite all the slime creatures being defeated, they sprouted again in great numbers!

—How…? Where does he get such power from…?!

—Hahaha! These hidden beings are created from the magical energy of the city’s inhabitants! Furthermore, these are different from the previous hidden beings… They have increased the amount of energy absorbed from humans, in other words, they possess an overwhelming amount of power!


This is bad, as long as that man summons more of these creatures, it will increase the consumption of magical energy from the people under the effects of the mist.

Additionally, the creatures in front of us are considerably more powerful than the previous ones.

The time is getting shorter and shorter…

However, with a completely relaxed attitude, Lise filled the atmosphere with her fighting spirit and took a step forward.

—I won’t allow it.

—You won’t allow it? And what do you plan to do about it?

—I’ll defeat you right here…!

With the thunder sword in hand, Lise ran toward the demonic man.

But at the same time, the slime creatures stood in her way, preventing her from advancing.

—It’s useless! At your level, you won’t even be able to get close to me!


—In that case, I will clear the way for you…


I darted forward in front of Lise and aimed a punch at the approaching slimes.

—[Celestial Dominion Fist]

In that instant, the bodies of the slimes were sent flying, clearing a direct path towards the man.

—What in the world are you?!

Ignoring the man’s surprise at my technique, I turned to Lise.

—Run! I’ll take care of clearing the path!

—Thank you…!

—I won’t allow it!

The creatures began to crawl towards Lise, and as I calmly observed the situation, I eagerly found their weak point.

—[Break War Formation]

I charged both hands with magic and fighting spirit and unleashed a series of furious blows. Each one accurately hit their weak points, causing these monsters to disappear instantly.

—What?! How did you do that…?! Wait… Your appearance… Are you that famous shoulder from the country of the sun? Were you the one meddling in my plans all this time…?

—Don’t lose sight of what’s happening around you!

—What…? Aaahhh!

Lise reached the man and, with a swift movement, managed to cut the man’s body with the thunder sword.

However, having swiftly dodged it, the man did not receive a mortal wound. Nevertheless, the wound was deep, and smoke emanated from the cut area.

—You… Accursed descendant of the Elementia lineage!

Then, the demonic man raised his right hand and released a black flash towards her.


—Regret attacking the city’s people…

Surprisingly, at the same moment that a golden magical energy surged from Lise’s body, ‘Thundering Thunder Spear’ was released without an incantation.

The golden thunder spear collided with the black flash and, in an instant, dissipated the darkness, piercing the man’s body.


Even the slime creatures surrounding him were dragged by his spell and vanished.

The demonic man suffered a severe wound to his chest and fell to the ground.

—Ha… You did it…?

A blow that would undoubtedly have pierced a vital point of the man. Normally, that would have been enough to kill him.


—No, it’s not over yet.


—The black mist has not disappeared.


Despite defeating the man, the black mist did not change, and the slimes were still sprouting.

Even if I had deployed a large-scale spell, even by defeating the demonic man, the black mist would not have dissipated.

And so, the man who was supposedly defeated staggered to his feet.

—Can… He moved with that wound…?

…It’s impossible. That wound, for sure, should be mortal.

Despite that, he can rise like that… Could the anatomy of humanoid demons be different from ours…?

Even so, I refuse to stand idly by as the man rises.

I immediately prepared to deliver the final blow to the man, but…

—You two… right now… I’ll kill you…

The slime creatures then simultaneously surged toward the man, adhering to his body until he was completely engulfed.

—What’s happening?!

In the midst of the sudden turn of events, the black mist that had spread throughout the city began to accumulate like an avalanche towards him.



The force of the black mist descending upon the man was tremendous, even I, who was moving to deliver the final blow, was thrown.

Finally, there were no traces of the mist, nor of the creatures; all had merged into the body of the mysterious man who sought to end Lise’s life.

Now, in front of us, there was only a monster in human form. 

His skin was dyed black, with flickering, pulsating, mysterious red lights and his eyes shone with a golden color.

On his back, crystallized wings of black mist, and on his forehead, two sharp horns.

It was a truly embodiment of evil, and we were left speechless as we saw it.


A dark flash was emitted from the demon’s eyes, and without a second thought, I positioned myself in front of Lise to stop the attack with my own hands, deflecting it towards the sky.

—Guh… Aghh!

—T—Take this!

The emitted flash pierced through the clouds and exploded in the sky.

—Impossible… What kind of attack was that…?

The dark flash that the man had just unleashed was nothing compared to the one he had launched at Lise a moment ago. If that attack had been directed at the city, not only the city but the entire region would have vanished in an instant. Although I managed to discern the strength and direction of the attack towards the sky, if I had stopped it directly, I wouldn’t have emerged unscathed.

—Kukuku… Ahh, it feels good!

The man showed an ecstatic expression and carelessly waved his arm. Just with that, a violent dark storm was unleashed and attacked us.

—[Dominant Sky Palm]

Seeing that it was impossible to dodge it, I immediately launched my technique, but the opponent’s devastating wind engulfed us before my technique could penetrate his storm.



—Kukukuku! You should have let me escape from the beginning! Now I am invincible!

The man delighted in his own strength.

…Certainly, he had become abnormally powerful. However, my eyes clearly perceived that the magical energy swirling within his body was on the verge of losing control. While it was true that he had gained tremendous power, he seemed to be gradually losing his rationality, and in the end, he would surely be consumed by his own magical energy until death.

Even so, we didn’t have time to wait for that to happen. Our opponent clearly intended to kill us, and if his magical energy went out of control in this place, the consequences for this country would be enormous. So, I took Lise in my arms and forcefully traversed the storm. But in directly escaping from the powerful dark wind, the black mist pierced through my spirit-fortified body, corroding and rotting a part of my skin.

—Take this!

—I’m fine. A wound like this would be routine on Demon’s Island. My master thoroughly trained me in the art of healing, so even if I were to lose an arm or a leg, I would be able to regenerate them.

I left Lise on the ground, and the man displayed a displeased expression.

—You’re skilled, I admit. Not just anyone survives my attack. However, if I eliminate you first, you won’t be a nuisance in my path anymore.

Then, a dense black mist and magical energy gathered in the man’s palm and were released towards us at once. This attack was charged with enough force to easily raze an entire city. And the city of Resteral was in the line of fire of this attack. We were caught between a rock and a hard place, as we couldn’t avoid it.

—[Celestial Dominion Fist]

I launched my fist as if directly piercing the dark flash. As my fist collided with the dark flash, the pressure pierced the final point of the flash, dispersing it into the mist. Previously, I couldn’t instantaneously perceive the final point of the powerful dark flash, but after receiving the attack once, I could now clearly see its endpoint.

—Wh—What are you doing?! You…!

The man, surprised that his attack was pierced head-on, widened his eyes.

—No… I can’t allow it!

Driven by emotion, the man recklessly flapped his black wings. Just that action provoked a furious storm that attacked us over and over again.

Unlike before, within the furious storm, there was something like a black pillar… A mass of malevolent magical energy flying towards us, tearing through our bodies. These pillars were probably the man’s feathers.

—I’ll tear you to pieces!

Certainly, I couldn’t counter the previous storm. But that trick won’t work on him a second time. I had already discerned all the dispersed endpoints within the storm. Taking aim at those endpoints and at the numerous pillars coming towards me, I unleashed a strike with the palm of my hand.

—[Thousand Hands Palm]

This technique, developed from a unique method of applying magical energy and martial arts, used in the technique inherited from the First Emperor, was something I had recently invented. 

The First Emperor’s stepping technique was an ability that created mere substanceless projections. However, by combining it with the Hoten method of applying magical energy, I succeeded in not only creating projections, but real manifestations with the aid of magical energy and martial arts. 

While “Hoten” was a technique of successive strikes, “Thousand Hands Palm” was a technique that unleashed countless simultaneous palm strikes. By shaping the palm strikes with magical energy and martial arts, I managed to pierce all the endpoints of the attacks coming towards me.

—Curse you brat! How dare you?!


Exploiting the commotion of the demon man, I infiltrated his guard and launched my fist. However, it seems that his body has also been strengthened, as with this single blow, I couldn’t completely defeat him.

Despite fixing my aim and launching my finishing blow to the endpoints, he shifted position. To make matters worse, I also couldn’t perceive that part of the punch impact was absorbed.

Anyway, I just have to pierce him once more…

Preparing to unleash the technique with my fists and palms to adapt to the constantly shifting endpoints, the demon man, upon observing my movement, suddenly shrunk.

—…Don’t think you’ll put an end to this like that!

The next instant, the shrunken body of the man was enveloped by the black mist, transforming into a complete black sphere.

—What is this…?

I observed the sphere in astonishment. What is he trying to do? Is he trying to confuse me to make it impossible to attack his weak points?

Amidst my confusion over the unusual situation, Lise cast a spell.

—Thunder, run! Instant thunderbolt!

Lise’s spell, which has a huge effect against demonic beings, was launched. However, the moment it touched the black sphere, it was nullified.


—…Hahaha… It’s useless! This perfect defensive form, created using an enormous amount of magical energy, is impossible to pierce. My body will explode on its own and I will take you with me to hell.

I understand, since he saw himself unable to defeat us, he chose to continue overflowing his magical energy after evaluating his own condition. Does that degree of irrationality still remain in him? What obsession drives him to pursue Lise at all costs…?

His magical power, combined with the power of the people absorbed by the city, has reached incredible levels. I have never seen a living being with such a colossal amount of magical power, not even on Demon’s Island.

If this magical power goes out of control and the man’s body explodes, this city will disappear without a trace. To stop the uncontrolled explosion of his magical power, it is necessary to find the endpoint of that power and attack it.

Without an uncontrolled explosion, the magical power will begin to crumble and disappear naturally.

—My attacks are not over yet!


Despite his obvious defensive stance, the man did not stop launching attacks. So we were forced to keep our distance while dealing with black flashes and violent gusts of wind.

—Even though our attacks are neutralized, the enemy is still capable of attacking… What can we do…?

In a situation that could be considered desperate, Lise turns pale.

…It’s frustrating, but with my current fist, I won’t be able to break through that defense. So, I had only one last technique left to use. I focused my mind and opened my mouth.

—Supreme Queen────Emperor of Swords!

In response to my call, a sword emerges from the center of my chest.

The sword shines in a pale tone, reflecting the moonlight with a blue glow.

—Is that weapon…?

Lise is astonished to see the Emperor of Swords emerging from my chest.

—Lise, I’m going to defeat that guy. Can I count on you to make it there?

…It’s embarrassing that, after saying I would clear the way for her, I’m asking for her help.

Lise was surprised for a moment, but quickly smiled.

—Yes. Trust me. We are… Partners, after all.


That’s right… Until now, I have only thought about wanting to protect her. But the reality is different. It’s not one-sided protection, but mutual support because we are partners!

In response to Lise’s words, I also smiled.

—Thank you. I will trust you, Lise.

As soon as I started running at full speed, a violent gust of wind attacked me directly.

—Idiot! Do you think that just by running, you’ll achieve the same result?


Though I managed to repel the violent gust attacking me, a black flash took advantage of that opportunity to descend.



The shining golden “Thunder Spear” deflects all attacks aimed at me.

Carving my way with Lise’s help, I advanced towards my target and finally stood before the demon man, jumping directly towards him.

Focus. This is the battlefield. I cannot afford to take my time as in training.

—There! He has an opening!

However, due to my lack of complete mastery in the Divine Single Cut Technique, I couldn’t execute it immediately. Seizing that opening, the demon man unleashes all his moves against me.

—It would be convenient if you stayed that way!

—I won’t allow you to touch me with that sword!

When I thought I had lost my opportunity, Lise raised both arms, and golden lightning sprang from them, dispersing all the man’s attacks.

—Grrrr! Elementia brat, aaaaaah!

—It’s your turn, Touma. Finish him!

Following Lise’s words, I nodded with determination, and without further hesitation, I stopped paying attention to the sounds around me and then… I launched my attack.

—It’s useless! With this defense, my safety is──..

—[Divine Single Cut Technique]

As my sword impacted with the immense mass of magical energy, it caused it to split in two. It was a technique so powerful that it could even bring down a God.

…Unfortunately, in my current state, I can barely release a hundredth of its true power.

Even so… It was more than enough to defeat this man.

Silence dominates the scene as the man’s body turns into a sphere and silently slides downward, eventually turning into dust and disappearing with the wind.


A few days have passed since that battle.

After defeating the man of the demon race, the people in the city regain consciousness safely.

However, due to the sudden loss of consciousness of many people, an investigation is immediately carried out by the city’s leaders.

Since both Lise and I presented ourselves as involved in the incident, we both also underwent the investigation.

It was at that moment when Lise decided to communicate the existence of the demon race through the Guild Master of the Adventurers’ Guild.

—Hmm… The demon race, huh?

A middle-aged man who has just learned of the existence of the demon race in front of her is Lord Leiden Granhalt, the noble who rules Resteral.

Although Lord Leiden seemed very puzzled by Lise’s revelation about the existence of the demon race, the Guild Master, Bella, intervenes.

—I believe what this girl is saying is true. Do you think Lise is lying?

—No, I don’t think Lise is lying… But we consider the demon race to be nothing more than a mere fairy tale…

As Lord Leiden points out, the perception of the demon race in this country is limited to being “evil beings that appear in fairy tales”. Therefore, even if it is said that they actually exist, it is hard to believe.

This simply means that until now, their existence had not been confirmed, only mere rumors and fantastical beliefs.

—I’m not doubting you.

—Oh, I’m sorry. It’s not that I doubt you, but I want you to understand that it’s hard to believe.

—You certainly have your reasons for thinking that way, but as far as I know, there is evidence that they exist and pose a real threat.

—…You’re right.

As Bella mentions, in the place where we fought, numerous worn-out craters were created, and those marks are precisely the evidence of the existence of the demon race.

While the power of the demon race is similar to dark magic in terms of its dark nature, its ability to rot life is something that dark magic does not possess.

Therefore, from the residual magical energy left in the marks of our battle, as well as the overall situation, it was concluded that it was the work of the demon race.

That’s why Bella seemed distressed.

—Still… It’s regrettable… that even though you were in the midst of such a thing, I didn’t even notice…

—We… Well, there wasn’t much you could have done. After all, the entire city had been put to sleep by the power of the demon race…

—Then, why weren’t you and that boy affected?

Bella gave me a cautious look, but since I hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary, I responded truthfully.

—I sensed a disturbance and immediately countered it with my magical energy and combative spirit.

—…To be able to perceive a disturbance that even I didn’t notice, who the hell are you?

—A guy who likes martial arts.

That’s the only answer I can give her. It’s complicated to explain where I come from, what I did to obtain this power, and who my family is.

—…Anyway, we understand what you’ve told us. There will probably be a more detailed investigation, but I believe it’s safe to assume that the appearance of the demon race is a fact. Haa… How should I explain this to His Majesty…?

As Lord Leiden contemplates these matters and grabs his head, he walks away.

Watching him leave, Bella poses a question to Lise.

—So, what is your plan from now on?

—…I have thought of heading towards the royal capital.


Lise, who previously showed hesitation when considering leaving the city, expressed her decision with a determined look.

Noticing my surprise, she looks at me and gives a wry smile.

—…Not long ago, I was scared. I wondered if I could achieve my goal if I moved forward… But thanks to the True Sword, now I have confidence. Besides, if I stay here, I might end up causing trouble again. That’s why I have decided to embark on this journey.

—…I see. It’s definitely nice having you around… — Bella murmured nostalgically — But I guess it’s okay, after all… You have… The True Sword by your side, right?


—In that case, I can rest assured. Whatever happens from now on, you’ll be fine.


With tears in her eyes, Lise accepts her friend and protector’s words.

After that emotional moment, Bella gives me a serious look.

—Take care of her, please.

—…I will.

Finally, Lise embraces Bella and then we leave the Adventurers’ Guild Headquarters.

—So, our journey to the capital begins now.

—Yes. There, I will investigate the demon race and work on preparing myself in the dungeons. And… Last but not least, reclaim my country.

Lise moves forward with unwavering determination.

Then, shyly, she looks towards me.

—So… From now on, can I count on you?

—Hehe… Of course.

Smiling at the contrast between her brave attitude earlier and her current plea, I nodded happily.

I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I must strengthen myself to be able to support her.

And with these determinations in mind, we headed towards the royal capital.

I Was Sacrificed, but I Became a Disciple of the God and Mastered Martial Arts

I Was Sacrificed, but I Became a Disciple of the God and Mastered Martial Arts

Bushinden Ikenie ni Sasagerareta Ore wa, Kami ni Hiroware Bu o Kiwameru
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: 武神伝 生贄に捧げられた俺は、神に拾われ武を極める
Since his childhood, Toma Godo has been unable to use magic, and as a result, he was despised and treated as incompetent by his own father. As a result, he was sacrificed on the island of Kyokuma. Where wild demons roam. But there he meets a demigod who helps him master the art of combat until he becomes invincible. One day a girl called Lise appears on the dangerous island, Toma vows to protect her and they both escape from the island while hiding their secret of being the most powerful man in the world in order not to affect their own survival in the world and the human race.


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