Chapter 5: Planning a study session with Kanade-san

Planning a study session with Kanade-san

It was the end of April.

And I was on a rare occasion when my whole family was together and watching TV over breakfast. A day before golden week started. Even though it was a matter of days before golden week started, I was completely blank about the plans I had for those 7 days. All I could think of doing was staying up late and doing nothing at home.  Or maybe get another part-time job to kill time.

On the other hand, Matsuri will stay home for the vacation and just watch Ciel-chan’s streams. 

—Hey mom, are you not planning to have a vacation during GW this year either?

—Unfortunately, yes. I’m tired of continuing to work for that evil black company that is sucking my young soul.

With a heavy sigh, my mother expressed her dissatisfaction with her job. 

By the way, my mother’s name is Okugawa Akemi, and just like my cute stepsister, she’s a bit childish in attitude, but she’s still the best mother in the world.

—It’s a shame that mom has to be forced to slave away when someone else sitting at this table spends most of his time playing golf with her business associates…

—My daughter is too tough. Yuuto, please do something!

—Why do you always come to me when Matsuri mentions your faults? It’s quite disappointing, it’s about time you let go of your daughter and let her live her life.

These harsh words were directed towards my stepfather, Okugawa Motoaki, who shrugged his shoulders and began to sob.

To Dad, Matsuri is the princess in his eyes. He is very fond of her and is very weak when it comes to her, so much so that it hurts him when Matsuri says hurtful comments. But I guess it’s normal considering she’s a girl in the middle of puberty.

In fact, every time she sees dad get depressed like that it makes her repulsed.

—Yuu-nii is right, Dad. I’m not a little girl anymore, and I don’t know how much is okay for the CEO of a company to be so vain about his daughter.

When Dad is at home, he’s usually a man who cares a lot about his daughter and goes out of his way to get some of her attention and love. But when he leaves the house, the image he gives to the world is of a successful businessman who built his own company from scratch to become one of the biggest in the industry.

Dad’s business is in the IT services and application development industry. He also has a subsidiary that focuses on representing and managing business opportunities and contracts for V-Tubers.

As fate would have it, my mother met Matsuri’s father when he was interviewing qualified personnel for the newly formed V-Tubers subsidiary.

After that interview, it didn’t take long for the two of them to hit it off, since if they had anything in common, it was that they were raising their children alone.

—I’m sorry to both of you. I was really hoping to spend this GW together. But I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to take a vacation, as someone still hasn’t been able to give me the staff, I’ve been asking for months…. 

—I’m really sorry. — Dad replied as he bowed his head. 

Looking at it from this perspective, it would seem that my mother is Dad’s boss, not the other way around.

—Since Dad and I are busy, you two will be left alone. But if you like, you can invite your friends and have a sleepover here.

—Are you serious? Does that mean I can invite Noel-chan to a sleepover?

At that question, Mom winked at Matsuri as if giving her approval. 

This is ridiculous, why are you giving Matsuri such power, haven’t you realized the situation yet? I’m a man going through puberty, to what extent do you think it’s right for someone like me to be alone at home with two girls? Sometimes I think I’m the only one who has their feet on the ground in this family.

Although I wouldn’t be able to do anything improper with my sister’s best friend either.

—But, Noel-chan goes on a trip abroad every GW with her family, so isn’t it not possible for her to stay over?

—In that case don’t invite anyone, don’t force something that isn’t possible…

—I got it! What about Himemiya-senpai? I’m pretty sure she’ll come if you invite her, besides, she’s a fan of Ciel-chan too! I’ll be able to enjoy the stream with her, and we’ll kill two birds with one stone! No! Three birds!

—This is not about killing two birds with one stone. Kanade-san staying in our house doesn’t bring any benefit, one of us will probably end up losing, and I’m sure that will be me.

—Hey, Matsuri, who’s Himemiya-senpai? Could she be Yuuto’s first love? Or are they officially dating already?

Damn. It was a bad idea to mention Kanade-san just now. My mother is a gossip who can’t stop herself when it comes to my personal life.

—Himemiya-senpai is a classmate of Yuu-nii’s, she’s beautiful, cool and is ranked as the prettiest girl in the whole academy. Most surprising of all, she said she fell in love at first sight with Yuu-nii when he saved her from two guys who harassed her during spring break.

Love at first sight? Maybe Himemiya-san told Matsuri and Noel-chan about it that day in the coffee shop? My curiosity continues to grow.

—Matsuri! Do you have a picture of Himemiya-senpai? I want to see the kind of girl who’s in love with Yuuto!

—Mom, calm down a little.

—How can you ask me to keep calm?! Yuuto has never been interested in love before, and suddenly he has a potential candidate for his young love to come true?! It’s normal for me to be very interested in seeing this girl!

—Fufufu. I thought that’s what my mom would say, so don’t worry, I took a good picture of her!

The photo Matsuri showed my mother was one of Kanade-san making the peace sign with a filter with cat ears and mustache. To a certain extent, it looks very cute.

—What?! Is she really Himemiya-senpai? She’s too cute!

—Right?! Noel-chan is cute like an angel, but Himemiya-senpai is such a beautiful person that she’s comparable to the beauty of a goddess! When she’s in high school, she maintains the image of a mature woman with hidden secrets. But when she talks to Yuu-nii, she turns into a child!

Both my mother and Matsuri put their hands to their cheeks and let out a little scream. Although it’s still very early in the morning, the mood of the two of them was so high that I didn’t understand where they were getting so much hidden energy from.

—I can’t believe that such a pretty girl fell in love with Yuuto at first sight… One is definitely never prepared for the surprise’s life throws at you.

Aren’t those words a bit cruel? And even more so when you express yourself like that about your own son. I feel like I have no motherly support right now…

—What do you think of her, Yuuto? Do you like her?

—You’d better be honest and release those feelings you have trapped inside your heart, Yuu-nii. Time is running out for you, so do something fast!

After those words, Matsuri and my mother approached my face with a wicked smile. And on the other hand, my father remained calm. The only way out of this situation is to answer clearly and bluntly. Complaining or deflecting the conversation will only make things worse.

—If what you want to know is whether I like Kanade-san. I still don’t have an answer for that question, this is the first time something like this has happened to me. Therefore, I feel very confused.

I have zero experience in love, so I don’t know how to deal with these feelings I have towards Kanade-san. But one thing I’m sure of, what I feel for her I’ve never felt for another girl before. So, if this is love, then maybe I can be—…

—You two, leave Yuuto alone. If you bombard him with so many questions, the only thing you achieve with that is to make him even more confused.

In a desperate situation, I was able to have my father’s support. Thank you. 

—Buuh… I really wanted to delve deeper into Yuuto’s feelings. But dad’s right, so I’m going to shut up and just support my son’s first love. Do you agree, Matsuri?

—Well, I really wanted to know at what point Yuu-nii started calling Himemiya-senpai by her first name. But since mom insists, I won’t continue to insist.

What a relief, now I can have breakfast in peace. The freshly baked bread has cooled down completely, so I have no choice but to eat it like this.

—Yuuto, can I ask you something?

—Sure, tell me, Dad.

—Don’t ask anything of that girl that will put you in a situation where you can take advantage of her. It’s not right. You understand?

My father’s expression was serious. And his eyes reflected a strong emotion akin to that of a serial killer. He tacitly let on that he wouldn’t forgive me if I do something that turns out to be insolent towards Kanade-san.

It’s the first time I’ve seen that kind of expression coming from him. Since he’s usually a rather pompous father when it comes to Matsuri.

—I know. I won’t do anything that might make Kanade-san cry. Never. 

—How can you say cool stuff like that and not know if you’re in love with her, Yuu-nii? You’re weird…

Matsuri’s comments deserved nothing more than getting a smack of my hand on her head. And this caused her to shrug her shoulders in much dismay.


This morning’s unexpected interrogation has left me drained of energy. I feel depressed about the long day ahead of me…

—What are my plans for Golden Week anyway?

It will soon be a month since school started. And it wasn’t enough that I had to go with Matsuri every day to the same school, but we were also joined today by Kanade-san for some unknown reason.

Matsuri happened to see Kanade-san walking alone and approached her, but was this encounter really a coincidence?

—Yes! If you’re free, would you like to stay at our house? My parents are on a business trip during Golden Week…

—And that’s why you’re looking for someone to come to your house to play, and to sleep over too, right?

—That’s right! As expected from Himemiya-senpai, you are very quick to take hints! I have my mother and father’s permission for you to stay over, so don’t worry about that!

I mercilessly dropped my chopping hand on Matsuri’s head, who was raising her voice a lot. Aren’t you worried about saying such scandalous things like that shamelessly? Besides, I clearly told her that inviting Kanade-san would be detrimental… To my heart! I’m beginning to wonder if Matsuri will have some trouble retaining information in her brain…

—Hmmm… Does that mean I’ll be able to spend the night under the same roof as Yuuto-kun? 

—You got it right!

—Don’t think that’s going to happen Matsuri, stop getting ahead of yourself.

Just thinking about the possibility of her spending the night with Kanade-san makes my head lose all sense of reason. Although I’m sure nothing will happen as long as I stay in my room.

—Why not, I want to talk about many things with Himemiya-senpai and watch Ciel-chan with her all night!

—Don’t be selfish, silly. In the first place, Kanade-san must have her own plans and other things to do.

After saying that, I once again dropped a hand chop on Matsuri’s head, and then turned to Kanade-san.

—Sorry, Kanade-san. Sometimes Matsuri ignores that everyone else has a personal life, you don’t have to feel obligated to do what she asks you to do.

—I’m sorry, but it’s a promise I can’t make. Besides, I really want to play with Matsuri-chan too and spend the whole night watching Ciel-chan with her.

—…Huh? What are you talking about, Kanade-san?

—Fufu. It’s obvious, isn’t it? I’m staying at Yuuto-kun’s house during Golden Week.

—Just what I wanted to hear from Himemiya-senpai! I knew you wouldn’t abandon me!

—This is the first time I’m going to a guy’s house to hang out, and even stay over. So, I’m really looking forward to it. Ah, I have to prepare which pajamas I’ll wear…

—Don’t worry about that, Himemiya-senpai. I have a lot of pajamas that you can use, and they’re really cute! You don’t need to wear anything that day.

—Thanks, in that case, I’ll take your word for it. But still, I can’t leave empty-handed. I’ll need underwear and that sort of thing.

—…Ah, right. Hopefully you’ll bring your own underwear. I don’t think I can help you with that now that you mention it…

Matsuri’s spirits plummeted in the blink of an eye, and the next thing that happened was a dark aura forming around her body as she placed her hands on her breasts.

The gasp she let out was so intense that it made it clear she was disappointed by her flat chest compared to the large mountains Himemiya-san had, which by the way, were visible even underneath her uniform.

—Damn it… I drink milk every night before I go to bed, why aren’t my breasts getting bigger! Tell me, Yuu-nii!

—Could you keep your voice down? That’s not the kind of conversation you have on the way to school. And don’t ask me, how about asking Kanade-san for advice?

—Huh? Why me?! I think you should ask Fumika for help, her breasts are much bigger than mine.

Even Kanade-san panicked a bit because of my recklessness. But Shiina-san certainly has bigger breasts than hers.

—From my perspective, Himemiya-senpai has pretty big breasts too! What’s your secret? Do you have a daily routine? Is it because you’re in love with Yuu-nii? Or is it true that your breasts get bigger when your boyfriend massages them? Wait… Don’t tell me you’ve already done it with Yuu-nii?!

The students walking around us stopped at Matsuri’s outrageous comments and turned their gazes towards us. 

I don’t blame them at all, I would have done the same thing too if someone else was in my position.

—Matsuri-chan?! What… What are you saying! Yuuto-kun and I haven’t done that kind of thing yet, and there’s an order to everything… I think it’s important for a couple to hold hands first, then comes the kissing, and eventually… What are you making me say! Yuuto-kun you idiot!

—Why is it suddenly my fault?!

Kanade-san slaps my shoulder as her face turns red. I wish she’d stop doing that, I’m starting to get sore from her slaps. And if she’s going to talk about her crazy personal fantasies, I’d like her to do it quietly. Thanks to that, I’m starting to get more jealous looks than usual…

The guys around me started having unreasonable conversations related to Kanade-san and me. This will only make their jealousy reach unreasonable limits…

On the other hand, the girls had their cheeks flushed and were looking at Kanade-san with a somewhat rapt expression due to her showing her deepest feelings like a princess wanting her prince’s attention. I’m afraid I can’t even describe how much more terrifying this is. I’ll pretend I haven’t seen or heard anything.

—Hey, Himemiya-senpai, please calm down. Like you said, you have to go in order with Yuu-nii first. And I’m sure with the sleepover the relationship will flow very well between the two of you. I will do my best to help you. 

—Matsuri-chan… yes, thank you. I’ll definitely take this chance you gave me!

—That’s the spirit, Himemiya-senpai. We’ll talk about the details later. I’ll leave you to it then. Yuu-nii, make sure you escort Himemiya-senpai well!

With that said, Matsuri walked away from us at high speed. But what was the point of such a request? Since we were at the school gate, there’s no danger at all… Right?

—And so, Yuuto-kun… Will you escort me properly?— Kanade-san asked while making a very delicate gesture with her hand.

—Hmm, no way. I don’t need to tell you what would happen if I were to hold your hand right now, do I? 

Don’t tell me you’re pretending to do that again? I guess this girl hasn’t understood how bad that is.

—Don’t overthink things, that’s the problem. You worry too much about what other people think of you. Drown out those voices in your head and let yourself go.

—Unfortunately, unlike Kanade-san, my mentality is as soft as tofu. And I’m falling apart just by walking next to you.

—Haha, funny you should say that, since if you haven’t noticed, all this time you’ve been calling me by my name quite naturally.


I certainly hadn’t noticed it until Kanade-san pointed it out to me. And that’s when I became aware of all the sharp gazes I had around me.

Needless to say, I ran away from the place without looking back.


The lunch break came.

Juri, Kanade-san, Shiina-san and Matsuri were sitting in the cafeteria eating. It seems that our group has already consolidated since that day. 

—Well, Yuuto. Don’t keep it to yourself anymore, will you tell us what kind of intimate relationship you have with Himemiya-san?

—What on earth are you talking about, Juri? — I replied as I shoved a spoonful of curry into my mouth.

I know I won’t fool Juri with that, but I’d like to stretch the question a little further to find out the right words to get out of this.

—You have a lot of nerve to want to play dumb. No matter what you say, it’s not normal for you and Himemiya-san to call each other by first names. That’s saying a lot.

—Takanashi-kun is right! Kanade-chan, since when are you and Okugawa-kun a couple?

The person who raised her voice in protest while pounding on the table was Shiina-san, who was sitting next to Juri.

—Calm down, Fumika. What makes you think that Yuuto-kun and I have a romantic relationship? That’s not true at all. 

—All that comes out of your mouth are lies! If you want to pretend that’s not the case, don’t blush every time you say Okugawa-kun’s name! Hide your aura of love a little, bitch!

—W-W-W-W-What are you talking about, Fumika? I’m not giving off that kind of aura, am I? Stop saying weird things!

—I’m saying weird things? Well then, how do you explain to me that you’ve “forgotten” your textbooks and for that reason you stuck to Okugawa-kun today in order to understand the class?

Interestingly enough, ever since Kanade-san started calling me by my name, every now and then she forgets to bring her textbooks, but is that really the case? Come to think of it, every time she approached me, she looked kind of happy.

—It’s not what you think! It’s totally true that I forgot my textbook, and I asked Yuuto-kun to teach me.

—If what you say is true, then how about we check your backpack to see if you really forgot your textbook at home? Or, maybe said book is in your locker.


If I assume that Shiina-san’s assumptions are correct. Then I can’t deny that she’s too good at seeing through Kanade-san’s lies.

On the other hand, Kanade-san was in a cold sweat, maybe what Shiina-san says is true, and her lie was exposed. So, silence prevails several seconds later at such an accusation.

—Kanade-chan. School is a place of learning, what’s the need to want to flirt with Okugawa-kun during class?

—Huh…. Yuuto-kun, help! I’m afraid of Fumika!

—No, I think what Shiina-san says is a good argument that can’t be disputed. It’s not right for you to pretend that you forgot your textbooks to get close to me. Thanks to that, all the guys in the class feel like murdering me.

—Yuuto-kun has no heart! — Kanade-san exclaimed with crocodile tears in her eyes. 

—Hey, Takanashi-kun, what do you think about this, do you think Kanade-chan will learn her lesson?

—I don’t know, but then again, it’s pretty obvious that the two of them have some kind of interaction as if they were newlyweds. What do you think, Matsuri-chan?

—Me? Well, the only thing I’m thinking in my head right now is, why Yuu-nii and Himemiya-senpai still don’t have a formal relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend?

The three of them sighed in unison and dropped their shoulders then exhaled.

—But don’t worry, I, Okugawa Matsuri, will take full advantage of the GW to make Yuu-nii and Himemiya-senpai officially boyfriend and girlfriend!

The cafeteria suddenly fills with color as Matsuri declares this out loud while clenching her fist. Juri and Shiina-san, as usual, also have sharp eyes and a curious expression on their faces.

—Hey, Matsuri-chan, how do you plan to develop a relationship between Okugawa-kun and Kanade-chan without falling into the cliché of a romantic comedy?

—Right. I don’t think Yuuto will make it unless he’s prescribed some kind of drug, or an idea as absurd as living together with Himemiya-san under the same roof.

Both Shiina-san and Juri have very strong opinions about me and Kanade-san’s possibility of becoming a couple… Which is not too far from reality.

—Fufufu, leave that to me. I know how to guide both of you to the finish line and be a couple!

—I’m looking forward to seeing that. However, if Matsuri-chan were to succeed, I doubt Yuuto could survive in this school.

—Yep… Kanade-chan is very popular among men and women alike. So that could mean big trouble for the person who dates her.

—Hey you two, stop saying such sinister things like that… Kanade-san, can you say something about it?

I shrugged my shoulders and asked Kanade-san, who was sitting next to me, for help. But for some reason, the beautiful girl sitting next to me put her hand on my shoulder with a fearless smile on her lips.

—Fufu. Don’t worry, Yuuto-kun. I will protect you. — Kanade-san replied while winking her eye. 

After that, the girls around us screamed like hardened madwomen. I no longer have any privacy whatsoever while I’m in this place.

—Huh… This is pathetic, I don’t know which one of us is the princess in that relationship anymore. Although at times Himemiya-san acts more like a prince than a princess.

—Yes… I’ve been Kanade-chan’s friend for a year, and this is the first time I’ve seen her smile like this…

—Hey Yuuto, it’s time to grab the bull by the horns, the feelings of love Himemiya-san has won’t do everything for you, you know? 

I wish Juri and Shiina-san would shut their mouths instead of meddling in my personal life… 

—By the way, it’s fine that you want to enjoy GW, but remember that we’ll have a test right after the vacation.


After hearing those words, Matsuri froze and dropped her chopsticks. The expression on her face gives the impression that her whole world is starting to crumble around her.

—Didn’t you know, Matsuri-chan? It seems that your teacher hasn’t given you such information yet. Midterms at our school are held in the week after GW. 

I wish I could tell Matsuri not to worry about the exams, but I totally understand that feeling. Since I was in a similar state last year when I learned such information as well.

—But the difficulty of the test is very low, so there’s no need to be pessimistic… Hey, Matsuri-chan, are you okay?

—All my plans for the GW… Have been ruined… — Matsuri expressed quietly with her head bowed down.

I must admit that it’s a funny reaction from my stepsister. But since Kanade-san and Shiina-san saw her for the first time in that state, they were very surprised. 

—Damn… I thought of spending the whole GW doing nothing but sleeping late and watching Ciel-chan…!

Matsuri voiced her displeasure as she slammed her fist on the table. Shiina-san was surprised and Juri burst out laughing at her funny reaction.

On the other hand, Kanade-san sat thoughtfully with her hand on her chin… What could she be thinking about?

—I got it! Hey, Matsuri-chan, how about studying with me for exams during GW?

A priori Kanade-san’s idea is a good one. She’s the most diligent student in the whole school, plus she has the best grades in the class. Being Matsuri’s tutor could be very good. But my intuition says that it won’t end well, or it won’t be as good as I think… 

—Studying with you for exams? Even during the sleepover?

—Sure. We can study during the day, and have fun at night during the sleepover. What do you think? We can study together until Ciel-chan’s streaming starts.

—If you say so, then I have no objection. Let’s involve Yuu-nii in that study plan! Then the three of us can study together! 

—I agree. And if there’s something you don’t understand, you can ask Yuuto Onii-chan for help!

Kanade-san called me Yuuto Onii-chan, and almost made me lose consciousness. I was not prepared to receive a mortal blow like that. Luckily, my willpower is as sturdy as tough armor so I wouldn’t fall for these kinds of things. Although… What would have happened if I hadn’t?

—I don’t think I’d be able to teach Matsuri, in fact, I was thinking of asking Kanade-san for help too.

—In that case, I’ll take care of everything and teach Yuuto-kun many things in a very polite way. Don’t worry, I’ll be polite.

Kanade-san changed her attitude from that of a kind goddess to that of an imp who was licking her lips with a fearless smile. And as expected, I wasn’t strong enough to endure it, and I unconsciously swallowed saliva.

No! I must remain calm at all costs! I have to keep all impure thoughts out of my head, Kanade-san will only help me study, and nothing strange will happen between us!

—Fufufu, if Yuuto-kun wishes, I can teach him various things besides studying.

Stop it! Don’t blow your sweet, hot breath on me! This is a school canteen, it’s a public place! This is no place to blow my ears!

—Hey, Shiina-san, are you sure the two of them aren’t dating? They keep flirting with each other, all this romanticism makes my stomach churn, how can they plan a sleepover without being boyfriend and girlfriend?

—Don’t tell anyone, Takanashi-kun. But it looks like Kanade-chan is planning to stay at Okugawa-kun’s house during the GW, even though they’re not boyfriend and girlfriend.

—I’m starting to doubt everything Yuuto says. There’s definitely something going on between those two.

I’m not the one responsible for all these misunderstandings! It’s Matsuri and Kanade-san! Although it’s already absurd enough for me to retort in my mind. 

And if that wasn’t enough, Juri and Shiina-san have found out that Kanade-san will be staying over at my place. I hope no one else finds out about this, or else I’ll be dead… 

—Hey Okugawa-kun, don’t go do anything weird with Kanade-san, okay? Just because she’s going to sleep at your place, doesn’t mean you have the right to do whatever you want with her body.

—Shiina-san is right. Don’t let your carnal urges and desires control you. If you cross that imaginary line, I’ll stop being your friend, okay?

—All right. Can you two shut up?

This is exactly what breaking the cord of patience means. With all my might, I dropped my chopping hand on Juri’s head, who kept saying ill-judged remarks in front of all the people. Seriously, do you think I’m a monkey in heat? I’m not going to do anything improper with Kanade-san. 

I let out a sigh of exasperation, then Kanade-san tapped my shoulder. 

The next thing she did was to bring her lips close to my ear, and whispered a few words that made my whole-body tremble. 

—…You are welcome to do whatever you want with me, Yuuto-kun. 

Seriously, give me a break… 

Himemiya-san, a maiden and cute girl in front of me

Himemiya-san, a maiden and cute girl in front of me

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Status: Completed Author: Artist: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese

Yuto Okugawa is a high school student who works part-time in a cafeteria during his summer vacation. One day at work, he meets the most popular girl in high school, nicknamed "Prince of Amanodate", who, as her name suggests, is the most desired girl by men and the most admired by women.

But unforeseen events made Kanade Himemiya take notice of Yuto, to the point that a romantic attraction was born in her. Thus begins the story of how the girl who rejected all the men who declared their love for her fell for the charms of her classmate after he saved her from a serious situation.


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