I Reincarnated into Another World with Zero Magic Power, So I Trained My Swordsmanship for 1000 Years: Chapter 5

The second opponent was a bird

After parting ways with the dog, I began to reconsider how to exit the forest. 

I am surrounded by trees filling my entire field of vision. 

I won’t be able to simply walk out without a plan. 

Therefore, using another method seems to be the best option. 

“Once decided…” 

Immediately, with strength, I kicked the ground and leaped. 


The speed was so strong that a great pressure hit me.

But it was only for a moment. Soon, I stopped, and my body was engulfed in a feeling of floating. 

“Ah, what a beautiful view.” 

Thanks to the previous leap, I was now floating at a height several times higher than the trees. 

From above, I could clearly see the surrounding area. 

Nevertheless, at this moment, I only see the forest. Moreover, I am likely to fall soon if I continue like this. 


On this occasion, I used the atmosphere as my platform to accelerate forward. 

The “Skywalk” is a technique I acquired during my training. 

With this ability, I can move freely in any situation, which is very convenient. 

Additionally, there was a pleasant surprise for me on this occasion.

“Wow! With unlimited movement, I can accelerate as much as I want and it feels great!” 

The Intertemporal Space was a very limited place. Therefore, there was also a limit to the amount of accelerations I could make.

But now it was different. 

The sky stretching infinitely towards the horizon was endless. 

Enjoying the outdoor air I hadn’t tasted in a thousand years, I repeatedly kicked the air to accelerate. 

Acceleration, acceleration, acceleration. 

In less than a second, I surpassed the speed of sound and kept accelerating without stopping. 

Ah, what a refreshing sensation! I want to keep flying without limits! 

(No, calm down. I’m not flying in the air for fun, but to find the way out of the forest from above. More precisely, I’m looking for the city where there might be people.) 

I stopped the acceleration for a moment and continued moving through the air as I looked around. 

After approximately 30 seconds of travel, I turned my face to the right and finally saw what I was looking for in my field of vision. 

A circular urban landscape with numerous castles and residences, surrounded by huge walls. Undoubtedly, there was a city there radiating human activity. 

If I go to that place, I might encounter someone. 

Being newly arrived in this alternate world, I know very little about it. 

Alister hasn’t given me many clues either. 

Therefore, to gather information, the first thing I must do is head to that city. Perhaps it was because I was lost in my thoughts while flying in the sky. 

I realized it at a critical moment, and it was already too late. 


(What was that?!) 

Suddenly, I felt an overwhelming pressure and quickly turned my gaze forward. 

Just about ten meters away, I saw something so huge that it completely covered my field of vision. It was so large that I couldn’t see its entire body.

(Damn! I thought there was nothing in the air and I accelerated without looking ahead. If I keep this up, I’ll crash!) 

Additionally, due to its large size, I didn’t even have time to dodge. 

What should I do in this situation? 

Right at that moment, my body reacted instinctively. I unsheathed the sword at my side and accelerated once more. 

With that momentum, I thrust at the speed of light. 


With that swift attack, I easily split the colossal body before me in two. 

Taking advantage of the resulting gap, I elegantly passed through while accelerating. It seems I managed to avoid a direct collision. 

After about 500 meters of progress, I wondered what exactly I had just faced. Slowing down my speed, I looked back. 

There, a creature with huge wings was falling to the ground, split in two. 

Ah, I see. 

“With those wings, it might just have been a bird.” 

Although it was quite large and its skin was strangely rough… Well, I guess in a different world, such things happen. 

Judging by how it fell with a single blow, it must not be a monster. 

“Well, never mind. More important than a bird, is reaching that city I finally found. I should head there without delay.” 

I changed direction and swiftly headed towards the city I had just found. 


After Yuuri left the scene, a group of girls found themselves in the midst of confusion.

“What was that…?”

“Hey, what the hell just happened? Did the dragon just split in two suddenly?” 

“For a moment, I saw something like a shooting star, but…” 

The three present girls had a beautiful appearance, and it was natural for them to react in that way. 

In the midst of this great forest appeared the strongest S-rank monster: the Sky Dragon, also known as the Celestial Dragon. 

Amidst the battle against that beast, the Sky Dragon split in two and crashed before their eyes. 

“This… I don’t understand. Could it be that I’m dreaming?” 

Alicia Von Spring, the blonde and beautiful leader of the only S-rank team in the adventurer city “Grantree” called “The Four Elements of the Sky,” decided to recall the previous events to try to understand this strange occurrence in this dimension.

I Reincarnated into Another World with Zero Magic Power, So I Trained My Swordsmanship for 1000 Years ~The World’s Strongest, Who Believes He’s a Lowly Swordsman, Unconsciously Makes Enemies Tremble~

I Reincarnated into Another World with Zero Magic Power, So I Trained My Swordsmanship for 1000 Years ~The World’s Strongest, Who Believes He’s a Lowly Swordsman, Unconsciously Makes Enemies Tremble~

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: 異世界に転生したけど魔力0だったので、1000年間剣技を鍛えてみた ~自分を低級剣士だと思い込んでいる世界最強は無自覚に無双するようです〜
The protagonist, Yuuri Izumi, one day loses his life due to a certain event and undergoes reincarnation in another world. However, according to the goddess, Yuuri's magic power is zero. She is told that him is too fragile to survive in the other world. Therefore, before reincarnating into the other world, Yuuri decides to receive time for training. But, due to a mistake by the goddess, he ends up training for 1000 years, even though he was supposed to train until she became a lowly swordsman. Yuuri becomes the world's strongest after 1000 years of training. But he mistakenly believes that he has finally become a lowly swordsman and sets off on a journey to the other world. There, Yuuri mistakes a Fenrir for mere dog under. Mistakes the strongest dragon for a mere bird and instantaneously defeats it, and discreetly saves a S-rank party of beautiful girls renowned throughout the country. This is a story of the strongest swordsman without magic power, engaging in unconsciously overwhelming battles.


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