Chapter 6: A girl in trouble

A girl in trouble

Several tens of minutes ago, in a field near the adventurers’ city of “Grantree,” where numerous and powerful monstrous beasts abound, lies the deadly forest known as the “Deadly Forest.”

There, a group of S-rank adventurers was present.

Group name: “The Four Elements of the Sky.”

The group consists of four members.

Blonde swordswoman: Alicia von Spring, known as “Sword Gleam.”

Red-haired fencer: Ceres Summer, nicknamed “Crimson Swordswoman.”

Green-haired archer: Tio Autumn, called “Emerald Guardian.”

Blue-haired sorceress: Monica Winter, known as “Blue Sage.”

This all-female group appeared today near the entrance of this great forest with the purpose of defeating the S-rank monster that dwells within it, the Sky Dragon.

The situation was abnormal as the Sky Dragon, which usually resides deep within the forest, approached close enough to be seen from the city.

Its power stands out among the S-rank monsters, and there is fear that if it were to attack, the city could be completely destroyed.

For this reason, fate led the city’s only S-rank party, led by Alicia, to confront this threat.

However, the power of the Sky Dragon far exceeded the expectations of these adventurers.



“Hah! Despite the distance, what an intimidating sensation…!”

Ten minutes into the confrontation. In the face of the roar of the Sky Dragon hovering high in the sky, the leader Alicia, “Sword Gleam,” couldn’t help but tighten her expression. The same happened with Ceres and Tio behind her.

At this moment, they were clearly at a disadvantage.

Alicia and her group were fully aware of the formidable strength of the Sky Dragon. 

It’s not that they lacked strategies to win. They had Monica, the “Blue Sage,” who excelled in magical abilities, to cast flight and support spells with the intention of seizing control of the skies, the Sky Dragon’s main battlefield.

However, they were facing an exceptional opponent even among the S-rank monsters, the powerful Sky Dragon. 

Magical creatures that have lived a long time often possess intelligence, and the Sky Dragon immediately identified who was the key piece of the group.

As a result, shortly after the confrontation began, Monica was knocked down by an enemy attack, forcing Alicia and her companions to fight on solid ground.


“What are we going to do, Alicia? We don’t have the element of surprise on our side from here!”

Tio, “Emerald Guardian,” asked as she shot arrow after arrow. 

Her bow was one of the few means of ranged attack they had, but against the Sky Dragon, it barely served to contain it. 

In fact, the arrows were easily deflected by its occasional breath, and the magical shockwave accumulated damage on the group. The situation looked desperate.

“I’ll go! I just need to bring it down, right!?”

Ceres, “Crimson Swordswoman,” declared as she wielded her sword the size of her own height. Indeed, with her physical strength, she could reach that height with a jump.

But Alicia shook her head at their words.

“No. Without Monica’s enhancement spells, a frontal attack is not permitted. Our opponent is the Sky Dragon.”

“So what are we going to do? Besides, Monica was thrown quite far!”

In response to Tio’s question, Alicia replied with a distressed expression.

“…There’s no other choice. We retreat.”

“Are you serious?!”

“Yes, Ceres. Since things have come to this point, returning to the city and joining the defense alongside other adventurers should significantly reduce the losses.”

“…Tsk, there’s no other option.”

“That’s right. It would be too reckless to proceed.”

Despite their frustration, Ceres and Tio showed resigned reactions. At that moment, while looking at the Sky Dragon floating high above, Alicia added cautiously…

“However, if that beast were to ignore us…”

Although the Sky Dragon seemed to be leisurely circling in the sky, it did not let down its guard in the slightest. Whether it be an attack or a retreat, at the moment they showed any action, the dragon would respond as well.

Thus, a state of equilibrium was reached. Alicia and the others kept watch for the Sky Dragon’s long-range attacks, waiting for an opportunity to pull back.

But just then, something unexpected happened.



Even though they had taken no action, the Sky Dragon suddenly let out an imposing roar. 

The problem wasn’t just the volume of its voice, but also the intensity. 

Compared to the previous roars, this one sounded filled with tension and hostility, making everything before seem like mere child’s play.

Faced with the possibility of a stronger attack than ever, Alicia instantly prepared herself. However, her fears were quickly surpassed.


“What’s happened?!”


It was a fleeting moment.

Suddenly, a streak of light crossed the sky, and the body of the Sky Dragon split in two, slowly falling to the ground as two large lifeless masses of flesh.

As confusion overtook Alicia and her group, they begin to voice the questions arising in their minds.

“What was that…?”

“Hey, what just happened?! Did the dragon just split in two suddenly?!”

“For a moment, I saw something like a shooting star…”

The only ironic fact that everyone in that place managed to grasp was that no one knew what had really happened.

However, everyone was certain that something like that doesn’t happen without reason. Therefore, only one conclusion was possible…

“Did someone just defeat the Sky Dragon in an instant…?”

Faced with such an incredible statement, Alicia felt a shiver run through her body.

Is it really possible that someone exists who can defeat the Sky Dragon so quickly, to the extent that not even they, as S-rank adventurers, are noticed?

It seems implausible. That much they are clear on, but they can’t find a plausible explanation based on the evidence and the current situation.

In the meantime, the stress begins to weigh heavily on their minds. Alicia decides that they won’t get any more answers at the moment and focuses on thinking about more practical matters.

“First, let’s check if the Sky Dragon has really died. Then, we have to search for Monica, who might have been sent somewhere…”

“Then I’ll go look for Monica.”

“Certainly, if it’s about finding people, Tio is the best choice. I leave it to you.”

In any case, Alicia and her group, who managed to escape the desperate situation, each set off to accomplish their goal.


During my 1000 years in Intertemporal Space, I have had this thought countless times.

I miss the people.

I miss having conversations with anyone, no matter what they are about.

Although I was lucky to meet a dog shortly after arriving in this different world, I feel that it is not exactly what he was looking for.

So I decided to head to the city as soon as possible, in the hope of connecting with anyone.

I have fantasized about how happy I would be when that wish came true.


“H–Hey, person standing there, I need your help! I would be very happy if you could help me!”

“Ah, yes”

…What should be the appropriate reaction if you encounter a human being for the first time in a different world, speaking directly to you in your mind while drowning in the river?

At least I couldn’t raise both hands in joy.

However, I couldn’t just leave her there, so I decided to pull that blue-haired girl out of the river.


I Reincarnated into Another World with Zero Magic Power, So I Trained My Swordsmanship for 1000 Years ~The World’s Strongest, Who Believes He’s a Lowly Swordsman, Unconsciously Makes Enemies Tremble~

I Reincarnated into Another World with Zero Magic Power, So I Trained My Swordsmanship for 1000 Years ~The World’s Strongest, Who Believes He’s a Lowly Swordsman, Unconsciously Makes Enemies Tremble~

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: 異世界に転生したけど魔力0だったので、1000年間剣技を鍛えてみた ~自分を低級剣士だと思い込んでいる世界最強は無自覚に無双するようです〜
The protagonist, Yuuri Izumi, one day loses his life due to a certain event and undergoes reincarnation in another world. However, according to the goddess, Yuuri's magic power is zero. She is told that him is too fragile to survive in the other world. Therefore, before reincarnating into the other world, Yuuri decides to receive time for training. But, due to a mistake by the goddess, he ends up training for 1000 years, even though he was supposed to train until she became a lowly swordsman. Yuuri becomes the world's strongest after 1000 years of training. But he mistakenly believes that he has finally become a lowly swordsman and sets off on a journey to the other world. There, Yuuri mistakes a Fenrir for mere dog under. Mistakes the strongest dragon for a mere bird and instantaneously defeats it, and discreetly saves a S-rank party of beautiful girls renowned throughout the country. This is a story of the strongest swordsman without magic power, engaging in unconsciously overwhelming battles.


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