Chapter 6: An evening study session with Kanade-san

An evening study session with Kanade-san

Several days had passed, and golden week had begun. 

As agreed, Kanade-san had come to our house to spend a few days with Matsuri and me. In her hands was a backpack and a paper bag, which was too big to hold the clothes you’ll need for only a couple of days.

—Welcome to the Okugawa family home. You must be the rumored Himemiya Kanade. I am Okugawa Akemi, Yuuto and Matsuri’s mother. It’s nice to meet you.

—H—Hello, nice to meet you. I’m Okugawa Yuuto-kun’s classmate, Himemiya Kanade. I’ll be staying at your house today and tomorrow. Thank you so much for accepting me!

Kanade-san lowered her head with a bow as she said in a slightly trembling voice. That’s understandable. I’d be nervous too if I went to a friend’s house and I was greeted not by the friend but by the parents.

—Well… I’ve heard a lot about Himemiya-san from Matsuri and Yuuto, but I didn’t expect you to be so beautiful.

—Yes, yes. When I met Himemiya-senpai, I was surprised how beautiful she was…

—Matsuri showed me a photo of you, and ever since then I’ve been looking forward to meeting you and talking to you! Thank you, Matsuri!

Of course, the blame for this whole situation unfolding this way is thanks to my beloved stepsister. The plan was simple. Go to the Marble coffee shop at 13:00 and meet Kanade-san there and then bring her home. But for obvious reasons, she came straight to our house at 10:00. 

Was I tricked into letting my guard down so she could come to meet my mother?

—Yuuto, it’s unfair for you to hide these kinds of things from your mother. What other secrets do you have hidden besides befriending the prettiest girl in high school?

—Certainly. And you also didn’t tell mom that you saved Himemiya-senpai from some stalkers during your work hour, at what point did you become so secretive, Yuu-nii?

As my mother let out tears, Matsuri smiled mischievously. And if that wasn’t enough, Kanade-san, who was listening to everything, fixed her gaze on me. 

—…You look like you want to ask something, Kanade-san.

—Not at all, I’m fine.

She’s lying. It’s clear that she’s repressing her urges. And to clarify, I’m not a secretive guy, in fact, I like to talk… The fact that no one asks me how my day was is a completely separate issue. And I wouldn’t get a chance to explain to Kanade-san either, since Matsuri would intervene. 

—Well, I’d like to stay a little longer with you and get to know each other better. As well as talk to you about a lot of things about Yuuto. But it’s getting late and I have to go to work.

What do you mean, talk about me? You’re not going to show her pictures of me as a baby, right? I won’t let you do that, even if it costs me my life.

—So, Himemiya-san, have fun at the sleepover — Yuuto, I’ve given the money for dinner to Matsuri, buy whatever you guys want.

—…Okay, thanks for everything. Don’t try too hard at work, mom.

—Don’t worry, I don’t plan to make the same mistakes as before. Make yourself at home, Himemiya-san! We’ll talk calmly next time!

After those words, my mother left the house. At that moment I let out a big sigh that I had been storing in my heart. The sleepover hasn’t even started yet and I’m already feeling tired. I’m beginning to doubt that I can make it through these two days. 

—All right! Now that you’ve met my mother, let’s get the sleepover and study session started, Himemiya-senpai!

—Thank you very much, Matsuri-chan. So, Yuuto-kun, take good care of me for these next two days. — Kanade-san expressed with a smile on her face. 

And thus began Matsuri’s longed-for sleepover. God, please prevent a catastrophe from happening…


Kanade-san’s plan was simple. First, we would do the activities we didn’t want to do, and then we could play at ease in the evening without worrying. In this way we invested two hours of study in the morning, and another two hours after the lunch break. 

At first Matsuri complained, but as the hours passed, she gradually concentrated on her studies until she was able to do the work without much effort. Perhaps Kanade-san, who showed a lot of dedication to her studies, was responsible for this.

After several hours of study, the long-awaited snack time arrived. Right now, we were in the living room drinking coffee and eating Kanade-san’s homemade cake.

—Ummm… Himemiya-senpai’s homemade cake is so delicious! Its sweetness and fluffiness are on par with what you’ll find in a fancy restaurant.

—Thank you, Matsuri-chan. It was worth all the effort to have worked hard to bake it. There’s plenty to go around, so eat as much as you want.


After responding cheerfully, Matsuri took another bite of the chocolate cake on her plate. Kanade-san watched her with a cheerful smile. She’s really looking pleased about it.

—Matsuri-chan is so cute. I wish she was my little sister.

—Hehehehe, really? If I’m honest, I’d also like to have an older sister like Himemiya-senpai! Is this what people call mutual love?

I continued to be amazed at Matsuri’s ability to draw energy where she has none. Until a moment ago she was so tired from studying so much that she could barely keep her eyes open.

—I’d also like to hear Yuuto-kun’s opinion. What do you think? Do you like my cake?

Kanade-san’s expression as she asked that question denoted a somewhat uneasy look. Is my opinion that important to her?

Matsuri has already said how delicious it is, that should make it clear enough, right?

If you ask me, it’s quite appetizing. The cake she made us was a Sachertorte. It’s a chocolate sponge cake filled with raspberry jam and topped with dark chocolate.

—Even though I’m not a big fan of the cake. This is definitely the best I’ve ever eaten.

—Really? It’s better than any cake you’ve ever had?

—I may be exaggerating, but I’m an honest man. I’m not flattering you just for the sake of it, this really is the best cake I’ve ever eaten. Thank you, Kanade-san.

It really is very delicious, the contrast of sweet and sour is also combined on the palate, which makes it impossible to make you get bored of eating it.

—Yuu-nii is right, Himemiya-senpai! In fact, I could eat it every day if I wanted to!

I think if you ate it every day, you’d have a big sugar problem. But I totally agree in that sense, that’s how good it is. Surely the coffee shop manager would have no problem adding it to the menu if we asked her.

—Hey… Stop exaggerating. If you flatter me so much, I’ll have no choice but to make more.

Kanade-san wiggles her body in a cheerful and shy manner with slightly blushed cheeks.

—Haah… Yuu-nii keeps flattering Himemiya-senpai every chance he gets. Do you like seeing her like that so much?

—What? What are you talking about? I don’t… It’s not like I like to see her embarrassed expression either…

—You confessed it! You think I don’t notice that kind of thing, Yuu-nii? I’ve watched you, I know you kept looking at Himemiya-senpai while she was studying. Surely in your head you were saying things like “Ah, Kanade-san’s face of concentration is so beautiful!”.

This girl… How did she know that! Could it be that my cute stepsister has the power to read minds?

—Although it wouldn’t be fair if I expose you alone. Since Himemiya-senpai was doing the same thing.

—H—Hey, Matsuri-chan! What are you talking about?! I wasn’t looking at Yuuto-kun…!

—…Himemiya-senpai, if there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s lies. Are you going to deny that you weren’t staring at my brother with a damsel in distress expression while thinking how handsome he is?!

—Uugh… Please don’t say anything more, Matsuri-chan. I beg you!

Kanade-san tries to cover Matsuri’s mouth with her hands in panic as she screams. But Matsuri dodges her with a smile and ninja-like grace. From my perspective it looks like a friendly, smiling scene between two beautiful girls, but that’s not how it feels at all…

—Hmm… I will, as long as you allow me to call you “Kanade-nee” from now on, how about it?

—Hmm? If you can keep quiet with that, then your wish will come true! 

Kanade-san’s confusion on Matsuri’s part was more than reasonable. Since she already has a younger sibling, she’s probably used to being called “onee-chan”. 

—Yay, I’m so happy! — Matsuri expressed as she energetically jumped on Kanade-san — Hehe, I’m so happy. I’ve been alone with my father for so long that I’ve always wished for an older sister, although I was also very happy when I had Yuu-nii!

—Don’t say it like it’s already a fact. You haven’t heard Kanade-san’s answer yet. And you haven’t asked her if she’s okay either, since you made her trip over you. Are you okay?

—Yes. It took me a bit by surprise, but I haven’t hurt myself. Besides, I’ve always wanted a little sister. — Kanade-san replied as she stroked Matsuri’s head.

It was very hypnotic to see Kanade-san caressing Matsuri. The image was just like that of a Goddess protecting her child.

—What’s wrong, Yuuto-kun? You look pale, are you feeling well? Are you sick?

—Not at all, Kanade-nee. Maybe Yuu-nii fell even more in love with you. He’s probably wishing he could stick his head in your big breasts!

—You’re right about the first part, but wrong about the second. And please stop making comments like that. Don’t normalize sexual harassment.

I’m starting to get sick of Matsuri’s petulant comments. It will make Kanade-san get the wrong ideas about me. There are good jokes, and bad ones. 

And clearly this was one of the bad ones.

—Hey Yuuto-kun… If you really want to that much… You can touch my breasts.


What did Kanade-san just say? I thought she asked me if I wanted to touch her breasts, unless I’m going deaf.

—You don’t have to limit yourself to touching them though, if you want, you can also rub them… Or if you want, you can do more than that….

Kanade-san’s face had turned as red as a tomato. And she kept saying outrageous things while squeezing Matsuri tightly. 

I had a slight impression that smoke would come out through her ears.

It was the same for me, though. My cheeks were slightly warm, and my heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it would burst at any moment.

—As I told you before, you are welcome to do whatever you want with me. So, I came prepared in case Yuuto-kun wanted to do something… you know, wild tonight.

Damn it! How am I supposed to be strong after hearing those deadly words! No! I won’t give in to my impulses! I have to be strong! Although…

—Just out of curiosity… What kind of stuff have you prepared?

—Nice underwear that Yuuto-kun will probably love… Although I don’t know if it’s my size, and it might be a bit tight on me.

—Stop! Don’t say anything else! -You’re more prepared than I thought!

I didn’t expect Kanade-san to be so wild and want to go all the way for these two days. I thought this kind of thinking was something exclusive to boys, but it looks like she’s no slouch either… I hope she’s prepared contraceptives as well.

—What do you expect me to bring on a sleepover, let alone when I’m staying at a guy’s house! I had to be ready for anything, even if you are a kind and gentlemanly man, I can’t rule out the possibility of you turning into a wolf hungry for my body during the night! So, I decided to buy new underwear, and since I was somewhat daring, I found it somewhat embarrassing and also had myself at the convenience store to buy con-….

—I told you to stop! Why do you keep talking about that! 

While I was replying to Kanade-san, I could tell that Matsuri was mumbling something between Kanade-san’s breasts. I wish I could take her place right now and dive into those big breasts… Wait a minute, oh shit….

—Hey, Kanade-san, there’s something more important to deal with right now… Don’t you think it would be a good idea for you to let go of Matsuri? Since if you don’t do it soon, we might possibly have a problem…

As soon as Kanade looked towards Matsuri, she realized that she was choking her and was waving her arms around desperately looking for a way to get out of those two beautiful moral traps.

—Kyaaaa! Matsuri-chan?! Are you okay? Can you breathe? Don’t die, please!

The moment Kanade-san let go of Matsuri, Matsuri was able to breathe again but this time with great desperation, and then proceeded to crawl towards me and clung tightly to my arms as her body trembled. 

—I almost choked to death on Kanade Onee-chan’s boobs. Thank you for saving my life, Yuu-nii… Thank you…

—Ugh… I’m sorry, Matsuri-chan. You’re cute like a little animal, and I didn’t realize how much I was hurting you when I hugged you… I’ll be much more careful next time.

—No no! Not at all, it would be an honor to die inside Kanade-nee’s breasts. You don’t have to apologize for anything, since this is all Yuu-nii’s fault. — Matsuri replied while giving me a serious look.

—Hey, why am I the bad guy here, this was all caused by Kanade-san’s pouting!

—Shut up! Kanade-nee has been trying so hard to be with you for the past two days, and you just react like a coward. You disappoint me so much that I can’t even look at you.

—Oh yeah? So, tell me, how was I supposed to have responded to Kanade-san’s words?

—You’re obviously supposed to accept her wishes! But instead, you’re acting like a chicken and looking for excuses like a coward! Or are you just not interested in seeing the pretty underwear Kanade-nee bought for you? This is your chance to have the girl everyone wants all to yourself.

Matsuri was so hysterical that she was snorting wildly. And worst of all, I couldn’t retort anything she threw in my face. But it was Kanade-san who hit her over the head with a hand sword to stop her from continuing to behave in such an irrational manner.

—Hey, Matsuri-chan! What kind of things are you saying?

—Why are you suddenly hitting me, Kanade-nee?! I’m trying to help you, didn’t you tell me you wanted to do it with Yuu… Uuuh…. 

—Matsuri…Chan… That was our secret…

—Idiot sister, Kanade-san… Can either of you two explain to me what this is all about? And if possible, also tell me what this “secret” you’re speaking of is all about?

Kanade-san hurried to cover Matsuri’s mouth, but it was already too late. I had already heard everything, but still, I wanted one of them to tell me what was going on and the plan behind it all. 

But instead of receiving an answer, Kanade-san just looked at me worriedly as drops from her forehead started to slide down her face.

—Well… You see…

—If that’s too hard to answer, I’ll say it for you, okay? All these bold statements Kanade-san is saying were previously orchestrated by Matsuri. And all this for the purpose of embarrassing me, right?

Matsuri really believed that I wouldn’t be prepared for a situation like this, and more so when Kanade-san will be staying over at our house, and is vulnerable in every aspect.

If I had to describe this situation with an analogy, I’m on the verge of a knockout, where if I get hit again, I’ll surely go down. I don’t want a barrage of storming blows thrown left and right at me right now.

—Booo… Even after coming this far. Yuu-nii’s mental strength is still going strong. Kanade-nee don’t succumb to him!

—Yes! I’ll definitely take this chance you’ve given me, Matsuri-chan! I’ll do my best! — Kanade-san expressed while clenching her fist tightly.

It looks like she has renewed her determination. Although I don’t want to be cruel and destroy her spirits, I just hope she won’t try so hard.


It was a little after 22:00. Kanade-san and Matsuri were having dinner while watching Ciel-chan’s broadcast. 

Meanwhile, I was preparing the food. Tonight’s menu was going to be curry. It was the best I could come up with because the ingredients in the fridge were perfect for this dish. Kanade-san wanted to help me, but it’s not right for a guest to help you prepare the meal. And I can’t ask Matsuri for help either, since she’s not very skilled with knives and that might cause an accident. 

Therefore, I feel safer cooking alone.

—It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten Yuu-nii’s special curry, and it’s still as delicious as usual!

—You’re right, Matsuri-chan, this curry is really good! I’m surprised Yuuto-kun knows how to cook. 

Kanade-san’s expression is tinged with astonishment at the dish I’ve prepared for her. Does she really find it so surprising that I can cook? I mean, I don’t think that’s a reason for anyone to be shocked.

—Yes, when Mom comes home late from work, Yuu-nii cooks for her. In fact, he’s the family cook, he can make all kinds of dishes. From Japanese to Western cuisine.

—Stop making things up. I’m not a chef who can cook just about anything.

I’m really getting tired of Matsuri’s petulance.

—What do you think, Kanade-nee? My brother Yuuto is handsome, strong and a good cook! His grades aren’t very good, but he still has a lot of room for improvement. He’s quite a catch. Trust me.

Why are you talking about me like I’m an object you want to sell? Besides, I don’t think Kanade-san would be interested in buying me if that were the case…

—Matsuri is right. He’s handsome, brave, acts like a prince and even knows how to cook… Could it be that he’s also the strongest man in the world? 

—That’s why this is your moment, Kanade-nee. There are strong rivals out there, but you’re the only girl he’ll recognize as someone of the opposite sex. From my point of view, you’ll have him eating out of the palm of your hand if you insist one or two more times!

—Do you really think so?!

This is not good… Kanade-san is starting to become bamboozled again by Matsuri’s silly ideas.

—Of course. Trust me. My sister sensor tells me you have a 95% chance of beating him. Maybe tonight will be enough of your killing blow to have him all to yourself.

—That’s enough of your nonsense, spoiled little sister! – I exclaimed as I slammed my hand on Matsuri’s head.

—I see… So, there’s a 95% chance of having Yuuto-kun… Thank you, Matsuri-chan! I’ll try my best tonight!

—That’s the spirit, Kanade-nee! Don’t worry, if we follow that strategy, you’ll make it. And if that doesn’t work… Then Yuu-nii is crazy! 

—What the hell are you two talking about?

I looked at Kanade-san and Matsuri who were gesturing with their fist in triumph. 

But as soon as I caught their attention, Kanade-san looked at me with sharp eyes. My heart began to race, and it’s not because we both made eye contact. But because of her pupils, I could see what her hidden plan was. 

—Fufufu. Don’t worry, Yuu-nii, I’m sure the events that will happen from now on will be the best experience you’ll ever have in your life! When the morning comes, you’ll thank me.

—I have serious doubts about this…

—Trust what Matsuri-chan says, and don’t worry. I’ll do my best to make you feel great!

—These statements only make me even more nervous…

With flushed cheeks, Kanade-san shouted something outrageous. Is this cute and beautiful girl’s head really full of pink flowers! Is Kanade-san actually a pervert?

—Fufufufufu. I can’t wait to see how Yuu-nii will react. Will my beloved stepbrother be able to keep his sanity?

—Are you thinking of something that’s not morally right? Don’t you think so, Kanade-san?

In response to my question, Kanade-san whistles dryly and looks in another direction. I can’t read her thoughts at all. My heart aches with anxiety at what’s to come…

—Well, now that we’re done eating curry, let’s enjoy Ciel-chan’s streaming! Kanade-nee will also watch it with me, right?

—Of course. I wanted to watch Ciel-chan’s stream with Matsuri-chan. Ah, but before that, I have to do the dishes…

—I’ll do the dishes, so you can go with Matsuri.

I stopped Kanade-san who tried to stand up with the dishes in her hand. So, I took them and headed towards the kitchen.

—Yay! As expected from Yuu-nii! Then I’ll take your word for it! Let’s go to the couch, Kanade-nee!

—But… I can’t leave all the work to Yuuto-kun, even if he insists on doing it.

—It’s okay, don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of everything, so go with Matsuri to watch the stream and relax.

—You heard him, Kanade-nee, Yuu-nii is going to take care of everything, come watch the stream with me!

Matsuri waved her arms and legs like a spoiled child on the couch. Kanade-san seeing this behavior on her part didn’t know what to do. It was like being between a rock and a hard place.

—Please don’t let Matsuri’s mood get worse. And as you mentioned before, the main purpose of this sleepover was to have fun with her, right? In that case, go have fun with her. 

—No no! Wait a second, Yuuto-kun! I certainly said so, but the truth is, that’s not the main reason for the sleepover…

—Calm down, Kanade-nee! Now’s not the time! Is it that hard for you to keep control?! Remember our plan, you’re almost at the finish line.

—Really?! Well… Well… If Matsuri-chan believes it, then I’ll stick to my guns! I intend to go all the way no matter what!

I don’t know what to think about all of this anymore… And even if I ask them directly, they won’t tell me the truth. I’d better just watch and wait for things to happen.

—That’s the spirit! And while Yuu-nii is washing the dishes, let’s take that opportunity to fine-tune the details of our plan.

—Okay. I’m sorry I have to leave all the work to you, Yuuto-kun.

—Don’t worry about it, go talk all you want with Matsuri. After I do the dishes, I’ll do some things in my room. So, if you need anything, call me. 

Honestly, I don’t like the idea of staying in my room knowing that Kanade-san is here, but I also have to do what my mother has asked me to do.

—Okay! Then I’ll call you when it’s time to take a bath! We’ll take a bath for the first time in a long time! Oh, and if you want, we’ll tell Kanade-nee to join us. And yes, the three of us will wash our backs.

I ducked my head at Matsuri’s silly words and decided to ignore her as I drank a glass of water and watched out of the corner of my eye the panicked reaction Kanade-san had on her face.

I should sew my pitiful stepsister’s mouth shut…

Himemiya-san, a maiden and cute girl in front of me

Himemiya-san, a maiden and cute girl in front of me

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Status: Completed Author: Artist: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese

Yuto Okugawa is a high school student who works part-time in a cafeteria during his summer vacation. One day at work, he meets the most popular girl in high school, nicknamed "Prince of Amanodate", who, as her name suggests, is the most desired girl by men and the most admired by women.

But unforeseen events made Kanade Himemiya take notice of Yuto, to the point that a romantic attraction was born in her. Thus begins the story of how the girl who rejected all the men who declared their love for her fell for the charms of her classmate after he saved her from a serious situation.


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