Chapter 7: Kanade-san’s swimsuit and pajamas

Kanade-san's swimsuit and pajamas

—What a hassle… I haven’t even completed half of the game yet, I still have a long way to go.

It had already been three hours since I did the dishes, it would soon be 23:00 hours. Usually by now I would be showered and getting ready for bed. But during all that time I had been investing time and effort in playing a video game my mother had asked me to play. I was starting to lose my patience.

—What am I supposed to tell my mother about this? Any inexperienced gamer who tries it will most likely be overwhelmed by the sheer difficulty it possesses… 

Dying is the crux of this video game. It is the only way you can learn the necessary patterns that will help you defeat the enemy. But being forced to die in order to learn the weak points is tedious.

Hence, you use your mental strength to get feedback from your previous kills and reinforce your techniques. But this is my first time playing this genre, and I can’t help but cry at the irrational attacks of the enemy.

But on the other hand, this game is very enjoyable and I can’t stop. This was my thought at the same time as I received a call from my mother.

—[Oh, hello Yuuto, is it okay if I call you now?]

—[Yes mom. What are you doing up at this hour? Are you at work?]

—[You have good instincts. Yeah, if you don’t mind me asking, how are you doing with the video game? Do you like it?]

I’m honored that my mother continues to work late into the night. But I’m also concerned about her health, and she shouldn’t strain herself that way. Although she’s probably ignoring my warnings about resting… 

—[I’m only halfway through, but it’s hard. The enemies are strong and it’s easy for the character to die easily, so it can be stressful for some people. But…]


—[It doesn’t matter how complicated the opponent is. The player has the opportunity to challenge them again and again without giving up, as long as they have the guts and motivation of course. I have faith that it is a videogame that can be very interesting for any V-Tuber.]

—[…I see. That’s my boy, you know exactly what you’re talking about! This is the next video game we’ll be sending to Ciel-chan! Thanks for your help, Yuuto.]

—[It’s a small price to pay, mother. I’m not complaining, but I appreciate the chance to play a lot of games for free].

—[Fufu, that’s right. Ah, how about a slumber party instead? Did some kind of lucky lewd event occur?]

She asked me with the high tension of a high school girl chatting about love with her group of girl friends during school break. It’s a very embarrassing question. I didn’t expect my mother to ask that kind of question.

—[Unfortunately, nothing happened. I mean, lucky breaks don’t happen all at once, do they?]

—[Yuuto, remember everything you learned in romantic comedies. The MC is always attacked unaware by the heroine who comes out of the bath with only a towel wrapped around her body! You must create that situation!]

—[Can you not replace your child’s life with a romantic comedy?]

—[Just put yourself in context. Imagine such a situation happening, don’t you think Himemiya-san would also be pleased that something like that would happen between the two of you?]

As I listened to my mother’s crazy ideas. From outside my room occasionally came the laughter that Matsuri and Kanade-san were having from the living room… She might be right. But Kanade-san hasn’t made a move either. She hasn’t visited my room even once.

Though with Matsuri by her side playing the role of the imp who whispers bad ideas to her, it wouldn’t be long before a surprise attack from her side would appear.

—[Don’t you think it’s very strange that you’re so quiet playing video games in your room and talking to me while Himemiya-san hasn’t tried anything? And even more so when she’s planning to sleep over at our house.]

—[Could this be the calm before the storm?]

—[It’s a great probability. I suppose you too have noticed that her luggage was very large only for it to be only two days and one night. So maybe you have planned several things in advance with Matsuri].

Even my mother noticed that? Now I can’t help but think about what those two are up to… Or maybe their master plan has already begun and as soon as I leave my room I’ll be attacked.

—[I’m sorry for creating all the uncertainty in you. But it’s not something you should take seriously. As I said in the beginning, what you’re expecting is an erotic situation with a beautiful girl like Himemiya-san! Don’t run away from your destiny, Yuuto!]

I don’t know how to qualify my mother’s comments. But I’m sure that if Himemiya-san’s parents heard them, they wouldn’t be happy with her at all… 

—[In any case, if you want to avoid a stroke of perverted luck, you have to try really hard. I’m sure Himemiya-san will try to do something tonight.]

—[…I understand. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks, Mom.]

—[Ah! Another very important thing! Don’t ever get carried away, okay?! No matter if something happens that keeps you from thinking clearly, don’t ever get carried away! Always use protection! Is that clear?!]

I didn’t respond to any of her exclamations and simply hung up. If only she were a normal mother, she wouldn’t have to put me in a position like this.

I sighed heavily and threw myself on the bed. If I’m not careful, I’ll fall fast asleep. And I wouldn’t want to do that without first taking a bath.

Mom said to be on constant alert. But, Kanade-san wouldn’t go so far as to barge in while I’m taking a bath, right?

Honestly, I don’t know how to react to a situation like that. And while I was thinking about this, my door opened loudly to which Matsuri was entering with great momentum. 

—Hey, Yuu-nii! Are you awake?

Matsuri burst into my room with great joy. Her hair was damp, wet and she was wearing her pajamas. Which made me understand that she had just taken a bath.

—What do you want?  I always tell you to knock before you come into my room. What were you going to do if I was sleeping?

—I thought you didn’t want me to come into your room and throw myself at you… But that doesn’t matter now! I wanted to know if you had already bathed. You’re about to?!

—…Yes, I was about to. 

—Hehe. As expected, I know everything, since I’m your younger sister, Yuu-nii. 

If you know these kinds of things, then you wouldn’t have to come and ask.

—Besides that, there’s something else I wanted to tell you, Yuu-nii. I find it unacceptable for you to be locked in here when Kanade-nee came here to sleep with you! As punishment you’ll have to stay with her until she goes to sleep after her bath!

—Wait a minute, Matsuri. What does that mean?

—What does it mean? I’m talking about comforting Kanade-nee, who was abandoned by you! Get your ass in the bathtub and do what you have to do, stupid brother!

After saying that, Matsuri ran out of the room as fast as a rabbit. What is this girl up to?

—Well, it’s useless to think about it. I think I’ll take a bath anyway.

There’s no point in investing what little mental strength I have in deducing Matsuri’s delusions. 

After saying that, I headed for the bathroom. This place in the house is very spacious, and the bathtub is big enough to fit two adults. It also has a state-of-the-art system that sprays warm water around your shoulders and runs it comfortably down your lower back.

Dad said the bathroom is the one place in the house where you relax after a hard day’s work. And that’s why they spent most of their money here. Therefore, I’m not exaggerating when I say that this place is probably the most expensive part of the house.

Quietly. I washed my body quickly and carefully before slowly immersing myself in the bathtub. I would love to be able to spend the whole year submerged in this warm water. All the accumulated tiredness that has been stored in my body during the day is slowly starting to fade away. Matsuri always teases me about being an old man when I tell her this.

—Haa… Tired. I’m really tired today…

The sound of bubbling water invades my eardrums and makes me lose myself in the atmosphere as I look up at the ceiling and talked to myself.

Why do I feel so tired? If I’m not careful, I’m probably going to fall asleep here… 

—After I get out of here, I’ll most likely go to sleep. But… Can I trust on it? Matsuri and Kanade-san won’t be up to anything else, will they? More importantly… Where will Kanade-san sleep?

—What if I tell you that tonight I’ve decided that Yuuto-kun’s bed is where I’m going to sleep?

—Hmm? Does that mean I’ll be able to sleep in the same bed as Kanade-san? If so, that would be great, but it’s a bit risky, don’t you think?

—Hehe… Sleeping together is great. But why do you think it would be risky?

—I don’t think it’s wise for a man and a woman who are in a position where they’re not even a couple to sleep together in the same be–. Wait a minute…

When I said that, my consciousness, which was drifting from a deep sleep, began to question who I was talking to, so I opened my eyes, and the surprise I got was…

—Thank you for your hard work, Yuuto-kun. I came here to wash your back as a thank you. Is it a little late?

At that moment I felt that time had stopped. And the reason for it was that I had Kanade-san watching me with a bewitching smile on her face like a goddess.

She invaded the bathroom with a bath towel wrapped tightly around her body. Her porcelain skin, exposing her slender limbs, along with her tight cleavage and firm buttocks caught my gaze effortlessly. I did my best to look away at her large breasts, although covered by a towel, they were nonetheless stimulating to the eye.

I unconsciously started counting prime numbers in my mind to keep my sense of reason clinging to me.

—Why are your ears turning red, Yuuto-kun? Maybe you’re embarrassed?

—Of course I am! Better yet, Kanade-san, why aren’t you ashamed?! You knew I was here! Why did you come in?!

My mother told me not to let my guard down, but I really didn’t think this would ever happen. Matsuri had just taken a bath and was in her pajamas, so I thought Kanade-san would have bathed with her!

—It’s because… Since about three hours ago, you locked yourself in your room at no time did you come out to hang out with me. So, I’ve been lonely… 

—You’ve been lonely…? But I thought you were enjoying Ciel-chan’s broadcast with Matsuri.

—Yes, that’s true… But still… I really want to spend time with you! I want to get to know you more, I want to get closer to you… Idiot! — Kanade-san said with pursed lips and a muffled voice.

The fact that she was wearing a tight bath towel and had a sulky expression like a child created a very big contrast between her mature adult look and that of an infant.

I couldn’t look directly at her, so I covered my face with both hands because I really thought she looked cute.

—Boohoo, what kind of reaction is that? Are you saying I’m not worth seeing because I’m not attractive in a bath towel?

—You’re wrong, I’d say it’s the opposite of that. You’re too attractive for me to look directly into your eyes. I mean, Kanade-san, under that towel you… You’re naked?

I have to control my impulses, I don’t have to look at her, I don’t have to imagine anything. If I do, I doubt I can control myself!

—You really are an inexperienced boy. Usually at times like this is where the man would ask me to take off my towel while swallowing saliva and trying to put his hands on me, right? Well, since you’re different, I’m happy to show you what’s underneath if you want.

It was then that Kanade-san winked at me. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see her, but I’m afraid if I do, there’ll be no turning back. I’m even convinced that from now on I’ll only be able to do certain things with her.

—Fufu. You don’t have to worry, Yuuto-kun. I’m not a slut, and it’s impossible for me to wear nothing under this towel.

—I see. So… Is everything safe under the towel?

Calm down, Okugawa Yuuto. Don’t get carried away by the atmosphere of the place. Even if she’s wearing something under the bath towel, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re going to bathe together.

In the first place, Matsuri must have been involved in making this situation happen. So, it’s no wonder that she’s not wearing anything under the bath towel and that she’s thinking of surprising me.

—…I can pretty much guess what you’re thinking about when you’re so quiet. So, I’ll make all those doubts clear your mind.

I can’t believe that the day has finally come when I can finally witness the moment when I will see Kanade-san’s two big, beautiful fruits… 

As soon as she untied her towel, her breasts burst open. I don’t even need to touch them, just by looking at them my heart will be filled with such great happiness—….. NOOOOOOO!!!!

—What do you think, Yuuto-kun, do you like this swimsuit? — asks Kanade-san with a somewhat anxious look.

This is quite disappointing… Although, to some extent I’m relieved that she’s wearing a swimsuit under her towel. This will keep my mental health in balance for a little longer.

Although it will take time for my brain to recover from this damage… 

—Yeah, right… It really suits you. It’s so cute that I can’t put it into words. 

The swimsuit Kanade is wearing is a halter neck bikini with a front twist. Its design is simple but beautifully presented, while highlighting her attractive cleavage.

The color is a glossy black that goes well with her skin and creates a sex appeal that is not appropriate for our age… And not for the situation either. It’s perfect to say the least.

If we were in a pool or at the beach instead of this bathroom. She would have been a magnet for many men’s eyes.

—Hehehehe, I see… So, it suits me. Thank you, Yuuto-kun! I’m so happy to hear you say that!

—I don’t think there’s a single person in the world who would say otherwise.

—I wanted Yuuto-kun to tell me that I looked good, that I was cute. That’s why I was so nervous before I showed it to you. Well, I’m still so nervous that my heart is about to explode. 

Saying that, Kanade-san blushed and smiled. It’s outrageous for her to be labeled as “a prince”. Kanade-san is more of a lovely girl like an angel right now.

—Well, now that I’ve shown off my swimsuit, I think I’ll take a soak in the bathtub too. I still have to thank Yuuto-kun for all the work he did, from preparing dinner to washing the dishes.

—Really? There’s no need to thank me, so please don’t come in.

—Don’t be shy, okay? I want you to take it as my reward for a hard day’s work.

While showering, Kanade-san licks her lips like a predator that has found its prey. The aesthetic expression on her face makes me gulp saliva.

—I’ve heard a lot about you from Matsuri. Yuuto-kun likes big boobs, right? I’m not proud of it, but I think I have big boobs too. So…

—So… What do you mean by that?

Even though in my head I knew I shouldn’t ask, my instincts were screaming at me to listen, so I was half-excitedly asking. The answer that came was…

—I’m going to give you a big hug from behind! And I’m going to give you a good massage too! How about that?

I don’t know how to respond to that question when she says it with a smile like that on her face. I have to confess that this proposal is something I’ve wanted since forever… Surely Matsuri told her about it.

So, I simply nodded my head.

—Besides, I want to talk to you more and get to know you better… And I want you to get to know me more too. Aren’t naked dates the best way to do that?

—In that case we don’t need to do this in the year, we can have that conversation under the comforter, is that okay with you?

—Hehe… So, Yuuto-kun  is trying to say “I won’t let you sleep tonight, little kitten”? You’re more predatory than I thought.

Kanade explodes with tenderness as she mimics a cat with her hand on the edge of the bathtub. I had the urge to love this cute kitty to the bottom of my heart, but I suppressed that desire with all my might and jumped out of the tub.

—Yuuto-kun, you’re a coward… 

Kanade-san exclaimed her displeasure at my lack of courage. But I didn’t care what she had to say, so I simply escaped from that hellish trap.


I managed to overcome the most difficult situation of the day, which occurred in the bathroom, but it was followed by a new ordeal that would not leave me a moment’s rest.

—Hey, dear stepsister, can you explain to me what this is all about?

After escaping Kanade-san’s trap, I got ready for bed and as expected, I had to go through the living room, where for some reason, there were three futons on the floor.

—It couldn’t be more obvious, Yuu-nii. Kanade-nee and I moved the couch and placed the futons for the three of us to sleep here. 

—I see, but my question is, weren’t you guys supposed to sleep in your room? Why do this so suddenly? Was this already planned?

—This wasn’t my idea, in fact, our mother suggested that the three of us sleep together here, so don’t blame me.

Hmm, it seems that Matsuri isn’t the only one pulling the strings behind this strange malevolent plan…

—And by the way, Kanade-nee already agreed to sleep here with us. So, all the responsibility doesn’t fall on me on this decision. 

—I see. Kanade-san agreed? Give me a break.

—What’s wrong? Don’t you want to sleep with me, Yuuto-kun?

While I was thinking about this situation, Kanade-san entered the living room after coming out of the bathroom. I turned around to let her know how wrong she was. But I was speechless the moment I saw her in her pajamas.

Her bathing suit certainly was the exact definition of sex appeal. But her pajamas had an equally destructive power. The nightwear she wore was from a brand popular with women for its cute, furry design. However, the brand was also noted for its sensuality as well as its beauty. Also, since the front was zippered, it was half-zipped, and her beautiful cleavage was again exposed. All this again gave an attractive and captivating air that enraptured me just by looking at her.

—Hm? What’s wrong, Yuuto-kun? Is something wrong? Is there something on my face?

—Ah, no… It’s nothing like that…

Kanade-san asked me while leaning forward to look at my face. At that moment, her breasts became slightly exposed and a fascinating scenery came into view.

I involuntarily swallowed my saliva.

—Yuu-nii felt lust after seeing Kanade-nee in her pajamas?

With a wry, mocking smile, Matsuri jabs me in the ribs with her elbow. What are you talking about, silly little sister?!

—What the hell are you talking about? I don’t feel lust!

—It’s hurtful when you say it like that, Yuuto-kun…. Uugh.

Kanade-san covered her eyes and expressed her disappointment sadly.

This is the first time in my life that I’ve seen such fake and bad crying. Or rather, is your intention to make me feel lust?

—How dare you make Kanade-nee cry! She missed you so much, Yuu-nii!

—Why am I to blame?!

—That’s because Yuu-nii honestly won’t confess to looking at Kanade-nee’s breasts, who clearly did it on purpose for you to see them!

She doesn’t even feel ashamed to admit that it was on purpose! Besides, I’m not about to admit something like that, and even more so when I didn’t do it on purpose… They just appeared in front of my field of vision and it was impossible not to look at them.

—I’ll ask Yuuto-kun in due time if he was lusting after me. But now the important thing, I bought these new pajamas for today, but what do you think? I think they are very nice for me, but what do you think?

Clearly, she is aware of how attractive she is. She just can’t wait for me to tell her.

—I really still don’t understand why this is such a big concern to you. 

—Because… Because I’ve never worn such a nice looking outfit before…

That’s a lie. I’ve seen her wear clothes out of school uniform on two occasions. And the impression she gave was that of a beautiful and attractive woman. 

Although on those two occasions she wore pants. But that doesn’t mean that feminine clothes like dresses and miniskirts or shorts don’t suit her.

—But Matsuri-chan told me that wearing this kind of clothes would make Yuuto-kun happy, so I mustered up the courage to buy it, but it seems that it wasn’t worth it. — she expressed while shrugging her shoulders.

Kanade-san is starting to get sad. And that makes me feel angrier and angrier.

—Everyone at school sees Kanade-san as a pretty girl or in other cases as a prince, but if you ask me, I think you’re not only great. But also, wonderfully cute.

—Yu, Yuuto-kun ……?

—You like shoujo’s manga, and your longing to be a princess is very cute. The way you smile when you eat pancakes or puff out your cheeks when you sulk is childishly cute and makes me want to pat you on the head. I think your swimsuit and the pajamas you’re wearing now look great on you and are cute. Besides that, it’s unnecessarily erotic. Which makes it hard to keep the focus on your beautiful eyes.

—Um… Please, Yuuto-kun. Don’t keep saying things like that. It makes me happy, but at the same time it makes me feel so embarrassed.

Kanade-san’s face, ears and even her neck turned red to the point that she started to twist her body from embarrassment. 

And Matsuri, who was next to me, was dumbfounded when she heard the things I was thinking about Kanade-san. I’m aware that I’m saying outrageous things. But once I start saying it, I can’t stop.

—What I’m trying to say is that there isn’t a single moment of the day that I didn’t enjoy being with you, Kanade-san.

—…I think things are clear now, Yuu-nii.

—It’s never enough! Kanade-san is not only great, but she’s also very pretty. In my opinion, Kanade-san is the prettiest high school girl in all of Japan.

—Wow, I’m the prettiest girl in Japan…? Yuuto-kun, do you really think so?

Kanade-san stared at me with a feverish, lustful, debauched expression. Her eyes were moist and she was breathing heavily.

I wish I could give in to my urges to hug her as tight as I could and tell her in her ear how pretty she is. 

—Don’t make me say it over and over again….Stop it, I’m dying of shame.

But I didn’t have the guts to do that, so I decided to be a coward and turn away. 

However, Kanade-san didn’t seem to like this answer.

—Huh?! Come on, say it, it’s not like you’re going to burst if you say it one more time, right?

Saying that, Kanade-san approached me and grabbed my shoulder and started shaking my body violently. The refreshing citrus-scented aroma that emanated from Kanade-san numbs my brain and my ability to think plummets.

But I can’t give in. I mobilized all my remaining reasons and tried to put up a desperate resistance to Kanade-san.

—I don’t know what it is, but something important inside me is diminishing! That’s why I won’t say it again!

—Yuuto-kun you’re mean! What do you think, Matsuri-chan? There’s no difference between saying it once or twice, is there?

Wouldn’t it be dirty to go to Matsuri! It’s obvious what Matsuri’s response to this will be, because if we go by logic, Kanade-san is right, but that’s something she doesn’t understand because of how I’m suffering from it!

—Let’s see… I’m really sorry to say this to Kanade-nee, but I have a few words to say here. You guys are the most awkward couple I’ve ever seen! That’s all I have to say. Thank you very much for your attention.

Matsuri quoted such words with dead fish eyes and then let out a big sigh.

The unexpected words made Kanade-san and I exchange glances. But still, isn’t it too much to say that Kanade-san and I are partners? It’s not like Kanade-san and I are boyfriend and girlfriend.

—Haah… I didn’t expect Yuu-nii to be so in love with Kanade-nee. I’m really surprised by this fact.

—What?! I’m not in love with Kanade-san!

—I won’t let you contradict me! The way you treat and express yourself about Kanade-nee is very different from the way you usually are with me and Noel-chan. The treatment is simply not the same, it’s very different when it’s for love and when it’s for pleasure.

Matsuri insisted while puffing out her cheeks. 

And before I could deny that her theory was true, she opened her mouth and continued speaking.

—I really didn’t expect Yuu-nii to be crazy in love! Kanade-nee, you’d better be prepared. Yuu-nii has a natural talent for saying sweet words without realizing it, to the point that you’d want to die of embarrassment.

—Yes… Yuuto-kun is certainly a very dangerous boy in that respect. But I’m very happy when he tells me I’m cute, so I can accept that. I hope he won’t hurt me too much though, okay, Yuuto-kun? I hope you take care of me – Kanade-san replied with a smile on his face.

Again, I was captivated by her beautiful angelic smile… Well, that certainly was a backlash.

—I can hear Yuu-nii’s voice in his mind saying. — Kanade-san’s smile is very beautiful. Why don’t you try to hide it a little bit?

If life were an FPS, Matsuri would be a wallhack in human form. I can’t hide because she immediately reveals my position. And I can’t reproach her either because she’s right.

—Well… It’s time for us to go to bed! If we continue talking, my mental health will die because of you two lovebirds.

For the first time during the night, I agreed with her.  As soon as Matsuri said that, she collapsed in the middle of the three futons, and quickly got into it.

—Wait a minute, Matsuri-chan. Why this sudden change of plans? Wasn’t Yuuto-kun supposed to be the one sleeping in the middle? Why are you going to do it?

Kanade-san asks Matsuri such a question in a slightly angry voice. For starters, I wasn’t even told that I was going to sleep there.

—You’re too naive, Kanade-nee! The war situation is fluid and ever-changing. In other words, the moment Kanade-nee and Yuu-nii lie down next to each other, I doubt the two of you will be able to sleep through the night.

—That sounds logical…

I really doubt my ability to be able to sleep peacefully if I have Kanade-san next to me. Especially if she’s the one who will try any trick to get close to me physically…

—Sorry, Kanade-nee, but you’ll have to give up your dream of using Yuu-nii as a pillow tonight.

Kanade-san was planning to use me as a pillow? This is unbelievable! I can’t believe she’s blatantly upfront with her plans either! I feel like something in me is going to explode…

—Hmm… It’s a pity. But sleeping next to Yuuto-kun with Matsuri in between isn’t so bad if you consider it preparation for the future.

—I’m sorry, but I have to ask, what do you mean by a preparation for the future?

—Isn’t it obvious? It’s a preparation for when Yuuto-kun and I become a family. — Kanade-san replied while winking at me.

Her face is as beautiful as an idol’s, it’s inevitable that my heart beats hard every time I see her. But, for now I can’t help but think about what she just said… Please, Kanade-san, stop saying things like that…


Himemiya-san, a maiden and cute girl in front of me

Himemiya-san, a maiden and cute girl in front of me

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Status: Completed Author: Artist: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese

Yuto Okugawa is a high school student who works part-time in a cafeteria during his summer vacation. One day at work, he meets the most popular girl in high school, nicknamed "Prince of Amanodate", who, as her name suggests, is the most desired girl by men and the most admired by women.

But unforeseen events made Kanade Himemiya take notice of Yuto, to the point that a romantic attraction was born in her. Thus begins the story of how the girl who rejected all the men who declared their love for her fell for the charms of her classmate after he saved her from a serious situation.


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