Chapter 8: A story with a happy ending

A story with a happy ending

The next morning. 

I rubbed my sleepy eyes while munching on toast.

After the commotion on the futon, Matsuri and Kanade-san fell prey to sleep quickly, although I couldn’t sleep well due to Kanade-san’s worrisome comments. That’s not to mention that I had my beautiful classmate sleeping a few meters away from where I was. 

Thanks to that, I couldn’t sleep at all…

—Hey, Yuu-nii, I’ve discussed today’s plans with Kanade-nee… What do you say the three of us go shopping?

—Hmm, I don’t dislike the idea. Is there anything you want to buy?

—Yes! I want to see the new line of summer clothes that the fashion stores will be selling. And I want Kanade-nee to accompany me in order to make me look more mature.

—Besides Matsuri-chan, I’m also looking forward to buying some new clothes for myself.

If you ask me, I think it would be a bit too cruel for me to ask Kanade-san for help in regards to finding Matsuri clothes that make her look more “mature”. For that she needs a certain breast size and a slimmer body, two essential things that Matsuri lacks. 

She’s probably in for a big disappointment.

—Ah, and by the way, you’re not just going to be in charge of carrying the shopping bags, Yuu-nii. You have a very important role here, too.

—What could be more important than carrying your shopping? Don’t tell me you want me to give you my wallet too, do you?

—That’s not true! Yuu-nii’s role is to guide Kanade-nee.


You’re asking me to pick out clothes for a girl who has the body of a supermodel? You’re insane, Matsuri! 

—I agree. I want to pick out clothes that make Yuuto-kun think about how pretty I look. So, you have no right to refuse.

—I don’t remember having no rights to complain.

—Look at it from this perspective, Yuu-nii. This is your chance to get Kanade-nee to dress the way you’d like her to look. Make the most of it!

Normally I would have smacked my sister upside the head for saying such absurd things. But my lack of sleep causes my ability to think to become very impaired.

—I see… So, I’ll be able to dress Kanade-san the way I like?

—That’s right! Today’s mission is to turn Kanade-nee into the princess of your dreams. And if you want, you can also guide me.

—I already have my hands full with Kanade-san. So, I’ll politely decline your proposal.

—Fufufu, I can’t wait to see what kind of clothes Yuuto-kun will choose for me. I’m counting on you, okay?

—I’ll do my best not to disappoint you, but please don’t get your hopes up. I’ve never picked out clothes for a girl before.

I’m also not a person with a great sense of fashion. I’m the kind of person who buys the clothes the salesperson recommends or what the mannequin is wearing.

But despite the anxiety I was experiencing, and the feeling of regret in my heart about performing this task, Kanade-san was very happy.

—Kanade-nee, you’re exposing yourself too much! Are you really so happy that Yuu-nii picks out your clothes?

—Of course. Yuuto-kun will choose clothes thinking that I would look pretty if I wear them. I can’t help but feel happy, that’s why—….

—That’s why?

—I’m happy to be Yuuto-kun’s first time. I thought he had already done it with you or Noel-chan.

After hearing Kanade-san’s answer, I started repeatedly slapping my forehead. She has to be doing it on purpose… She’s deliberately trying to embarrass me by confusing me like that?

—In case you’re wondering, this is my first time too, Yuuto-kun. So don’t worry about it.

—We’re talking about clothes, right? 

—Of course… And also, about the other thing you’ve imagined. So don’t make me say it again, you idiot! — Kanade replied with slightly flushed cheeks.

And if that wasn’t enough, the tone she said was somewhat sensual. This will sound somewhat irrational, but even with her embarrassed face, I think she’s really cute… I’m at my limit.


After breakfast, we took the train to a shopping complex on the outskirts.

The mall is not only ideal for choosing clothes, as it is full of famous brands, but it also has a movie theater, a bookstore and even a game center, making it a place where you can spend a whole day having fun.

Not to mention that we were in the middle of golden week, and the place was busier than usual. We were supposed to be clothes shopping, but it’s been an hour since we arrived, and we’ve just been window shopping. 

And for a strange reason, I’m alone with Kanade-san, since Matsuri left about ten minutes ago with some random excuse that I still can’t quite believe.

There seemed to be a vaguely evil smile on her lips as she walked away, but I’d like to think it was just my imagination. She is probably in the vicinity spying on us and listening to my conversations with Kanade-san. Or maybe she’s reporting to my mother every step I take.

—Why do you have that expression on your face, Yuuto-kun? Is something wrong?

—No, I was just thinking about when Matsuri will be back. What should we do? Should we wait for her?

—Hmm, well, she’s been taking too long already. I’m sure she’ll get us later, we’d better go ahead with the shopping, I think it would be easier for you if Matsuri-chan isn’t around, right?

Kanade-san is right. Even if she watches me from a distance, it’s a lot easier for Kanade-san and I to be alone. That way I don’t have to worry about her overhearing our conversations either.

—Yeah, I guess so. I don’t want to waste time waiting, so let’s do it. I’ll call Matsuri later.

—I agree with you! Let’s go look at some clothes I’ve seen before! — Kanade-san exclaimed while taking my hand. 

My heart jumped with happiness the moment I felt her slender hand. Damn, I feel my cheeks blushing just by walking with her.

—There are a lot of people here, so it’s dangerous to run, Kanade-san.

In order not to expose my obvious feelings, I addressed her with a soft and calm voice, which caused her to stop abruptly.

—It’s okay, no problem! — she replied with a mischievous smile — Hey, Yuuto-kun, you’re holding me too tight.

Kanade-san muttered as her face turned red up to her ears.

The reason for this is because I held her hand tightly and pulled it unconsciously. 

—I’m… I’m so sorry, Kanade-san!

—No, no! Don’t let go!

I hurriedly tried to pull my hand away, but this time, Kanade-san held my hand tighter. 

—Yuuto-kun. Can… Can you hold on to me tighter, please? — she asked in a panting voice.

I guess it wouldn’t be very like me if I refuse when she says it that way….

—Yes, if that’s what you want, Kanade-san… -Okay.

—Thank you, Yuuto-kun!!!!

Right after that, Kanade-san clung onto my arm very tightly. This is really unexpected. My heart won’t bear it.

—Kanade-san?! Why are you doing this now…?! We are in front of many people.

Our close physical contact makes the scent of her perfume penetrate my nostrils, while her soft and fluffy breasts clearly visible over the clothes numb my brain.

—I’m sorry, Yuuto-kun. I couldn’t help myself. — she said while sticking out her tongue and smiling. — Is it okay if you accompany me properly?

I wish I could feel those soft breasts a little more.

—Yes… Sure… 

At my stupidly obvious expression, Kanade-san covered her mouth and laughed in a very tender way. Damn, I should know how to control myself more. After our embarrassing scene. Kanade-san and I slowly made our way to our destination holding hands firmly so as not to get lost in the crowd.

—Ah! That’s the store, Yuuto-kun! I think the pants that peanut is wearing matches that outfit, but what do you think?

As soon as we arrived, Kanade’s eyes lit up and she pointed to dark blue jeans and a black camisole. The fabric she wore was so sheer that it exuded beauty and sex appeal at the same time. If one had to decide whether this outfit suited Kanade-san or not, it would certainly be the former. Ten out of ten people would probably answer that. However…

—I have no doubt that it would look great on you. But I don’t think this is the right thing to do if you want to look cute. I think it would be used to want to give off another sense of charm, if you know what I mean. 

—Yes… You’re right.

The main purpose of shopping today is to pick out cute clothes for Kanade-san. Unfortunately, this outfit deviates a bit from that point.

—I’ve been wondering for a while now, how did Kanade-san come to be called Prince?

—I’m a little embarrassed that you would ask me that. But maybe it’s because of my tone of voice, or the way I carry myself. I guess you already noticed that my way of speaking is very masculine.

—Hmm… Now that you mention it, that might be the case.

—Fufu. It was because of my little brother that I have this tone of voice. And it’s because my father died of an illness when I was in high school, and my little brother was just starting elementary school.

The melancholy expression on her face made it impossible to take my eyes off her, and I had the strange feeling that everything except her voice had disappeared from the world. Kanade-san continued her story, looking off into the distance with somewhat nostalgic eyes.

—My mother is a lawyer and works late into the night for me and my brother, so inevitably I had to take care of the house. But my little brother couldn’t understand that his father had suddenly disappeared. Daily he would ask me where he was.

Kanade-san let out a bitter laugh as she told her tragic story. 

I understand how your brother feels. I used to ask my mother the same question when my father died. I still vividly remember my mother’s sad smile at that time.

—So, I decided to take my father’s place for my little brother. Although my mother was reluctant to that idea. 

It’s understandable that her mother would object. No matter how hard you try, her real father will never come back. And in time, her brother will come to understand. I think Kanade-san’s mother was reluctant because she knew that for sure.

—But at that moment, I could think of no other way to heal my brother’s pain. Seeing me so desperate, she stopped objecting, but she made me promise one thing.

—Promise? What kind of…?

—My hair… She made me promise never to cut it. She said it was okay for me to imitate my father in voice and personality. But, never to change my appearance, as she feared that if I went all out in that role, I would never come back. 

It is often said that hair is a woman’s life, and Kanade’s long, silky, pure black hair, like the night sky, is her identity. Her mother must have feared that if she let her go, Himemiya Kanade’s very existence would disappear from this world.

—I have dark hair, inherited from my mother. It’s long, it’s beautiful… I’ve loved it since I was a little girl. That’s why I let my hair grow like that, instead of copying my father. Do you understand now?

—Yes, I understand. Thank you for telling me this, Kanade-san. You did a good job. — I replied as I gently stroked her head.

Her eyes widened, she was surprised at my sudden action towards her. But they soon changed to a calm expression and her eyes narrowed with some joy.

—Thank you, Yuuto-kun. You’re the first one to say that to me.


—Yes. Everyone just said to me; “that must have been hard” or “how hard that sounds”. But, no one really took the time to listen to me.

Kanade-san is not looking for people to praise her, or to tell her how hard she tried to fill her father’s job. She did it for the sake of her family… And what I should do for Kanade-san is….

—If you force yourself so hard to be like your father when you’re with your brother, and act like a prince in front of everyone at school… Wouldn’t it be better to be a normal girl when you’re with me?


—The first time I saw you in the coffee shop, I heard you mumbling something about a prince… You’re wishing you had your own, aren’t you? Unfortunately, I’m not. But for you, I’m willing to take that role, as long as you let me.

I don’t know why I’m saying this. Not even a romcom MC would dare say such a self-conscious and embarrassing comment. I wish I had a hole in front of me that I could just crawl into and disappear.

—Hey, is it true about what you just said? Do you want to become… My own prince? I must have heard wrong…

Contrary to my feelings, Kanade-san squeezed her chest tightly and asked with a mixed expression of expectation and anxiety.

Her voice is as faint as snow that falls and disappears, and her beautiful eyes are moist, as if they were about to burst into tears.

Usually, she maintains a strong and bold attitude, hence she has received the nickname ‘prince’, but the fragility she shows now makes her look more like a maiden, and arouses my desire to want to protect her. Even to want to embrace and love her.

—You’re not mishearing. If it’s alright with you, I’ll be your prince… Don’t make me say it twice because it’s embarrassing, you idiot… 

Having said that, my embarrassment was close to the limit and I turned my face away because it was so hot that I might get burnt. Seeing that, Kanade-san broke out in a smile.

—People say that if you make a wish, it will come true, but I never thought it would come true. You never really know what’s going to happen in this world.

—I never even thought the day would come when I would say something like this.

—You can no longer regret or repent your words. You are forbidden to do so. — Kanade-san said with a serious expression on her face.

She entwined her arm around me and stared at me, exerting pressure as if she was never going to let me go. 

—Well, it’s time for you to choose an outfit that will make me look pretty. Fill me with your colors, Yuuto-kun, relax, I’m kidding. — she said while sticking out her tongue.

Don’t say things that make me nervous and don’t make cute gestures. After this I’m going to need one of those heart-shock devices. I think I just had two mini heart attacks… 

—Haah… Give me a break, Kanade-san. You’re too pretty.

—Heey! Don’t be so direct, it’s embarrassing! And from now on, you can’t just say “pretty” to any girl other than me! You’re my prince now! Only mine and no one else’s!

Kanade-san puffed out her cheeks as she pouted. I must admit, there is no greater pleasure for a man to be able to monopolize a beautiful and charming maiden such as her. 

—Let’s not waste any more time, let’s go inside and choose a nice outfit for me! Lead the way, my prince.

I entered the store together with Kanade-san.

After spending a considerable amount of time deciding what clothes would be good for her, I took a long one-piece off-shoulder cherry blossom-colored dress and asked Kanade-san to try it on.

Needless to say, she looked so beautiful and delicate that I was completely captivated by her enchanting beauty.

Himemiya-san, a maiden and cute girl in front of me

Himemiya-san, a maiden and cute girl in front of me

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Status: Completed Author: Artist: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese

Yuto Okugawa is a high school student who works part-time in a cafeteria during his summer vacation. One day at work, he meets the most popular girl in high school, nicknamed "Prince of Amanodate", who, as her name suggests, is the most desired girl by men and the most admired by women.

But unforeseen events made Kanade Himemiya take notice of Yuto, to the point that a romantic attraction was born in her. Thus begins the story of how the girl who rejected all the men who declared their love for her fell for the charms of her classmate after he saved her from a serious situation.


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