Thank you very much for your interest in downloading the PDF versions of these novels.

This is a small sample of what we had planned to do regarding translations of light novels. Create PDF formats, edit covers, images and even colorize the black and white illustrations. But unfortunately, we didn’t get enough interest and support to continue with many other novels we were already working on and had purchased.

And since we were very sad that all this work was done in vain, we decided to release it for free so that anyone could download and read it.

Many people worked to create this, and I hope many of you can appreciate what we did.

[Living with a Beautiful High School Student: A chance encounter after seven years] [Volume 1&2]

This novel does not have color illustrated versions.

[Click here to download volume 1]

[Click here to download volume 2]


[I Was Sacrificed, but I Became a Disciple of the God and Mastered Martial Arts] [Volume 1]

We have only translated volume 1 of this novel.

[Click here to download volume 1] [Colored]

[Click here to download volume 1] [Original]

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