Chapter 116: Foggy City and Warriors Part 2

Foggy City and Warriors Part 2

I did not immediately understand the words the young man had said.

He doesn’t mind killing innocent people?

Some of them were still small children.

“Humans are a weak race that is at the mercy of the elves, what does it matter if a few die?”


“Do you have any idea how to free them?”


“Then get out of my way.”

He shoves me and raises his sword towards the girl again.


Our swords clash again and a metallic sound spreads through the air.

I stopped his sword again.

“I see you still haven’t learned your place yet.”

“I’ll find a way to fix this. So don’t kill them.”

“That doesn’t matter to me. All I care about is getting what I want.”

“This isn’t about pleasing a client. We’re talking about the lives of innocent people.”

“You’re annoying. How dare you get in my way? You’re human.”

I pushed his body back with my sword, at the same time protecting the girl.

However, the young man immediately regains his stance and heads towards me.

It’s difficult to fight while protecting a child, but considering the influence on the surroundings, it’s not a situation where I can clash swords with the intention of hurting him.

Kaede is also busy dealing with the magician over there, and also with Frau fighting the black knight.

Maybe I can convince him if I can persuade him.

“Please listen to me.”

“Damn human, how come you can stop my attacks? My level is over 500, it’s quite annoying not being able to kill a disgusting human.”

It’s like you won’t listen to me.

Please listen to me.

Ah, shit, what should I do?


“Not likely.”


As soon as he raised his sword, I gave him a light kick in the groin.

I kept my blow from being too hard so that his balls hadn’t been crushed–I hope.

With this he should have calmed down.

The young man dropped his sword, grabbed his crotch and crouched down.


“…What happened to him?”

The other two, who are probably his friends, also interrupted the fight and rushed towards the young man.

Kaede and Frau move behind me.

The teary-eyed young man is supported by the magician and stares at me

“Okay, it’s okay, I’ll quit this time. You can thank me later.”

“I don’t mean to ruin your work, but it’s not right for you to kill innocent people.”

“Shut up. If you don’t solve this, I’ll come back here and kill every single person in this place. Tell me what the name of your party is.”

“I’m Toru from the Manyu Brigade. And these are my friends, Kaede and Frau.”

“I am Zig, the hero of Petardaus, a member of The Wise Sword of the Sacred Forest, and these are Celtina and Aid.”

Oh, so he is the hero of this continent.

Well, he does bear a resemblance to Sain.

“I have memorized your names and faces. The next time we meet, you will pay for what you did today.”

Zig turns the back of his right hand toward me.

The Mark of the Beast was there, glowing red.

“Get out, Sylkvia!”


A gust of wind is generated and a beast appears.

It is an inorganic object that looks like a flower.

In the center was an octahedral mass slowly spinning like a jewel, surrounded by a large flat scaffold of what appeared to be four petals.

Zig and the others climbed onto the petals and floated gently.

“I hope you’ll do your best to find the cause of this problem.”

“See you later, fox girl☆”


Apparently, that thing is called “Sylkvia”, and it’s a type of flying Beast.

Huh, I didn’t know that kind of beast existed.

Maybe it’s a creature that hatches from a huge beast egg.

We have already confirmed its presence in the elven village.

“It’s hard to believe that they’re elves like Alusha-san.”

“Jumm, not at all! It’s not fair to compare Alusha-san to these elves. Besides, both Kaede and Alusha-san have respect for the Lord.”


I agree with Kaede.

I can’t imagine Alusha talking the same way as these guys… Although I think she did when we first met, but then she changed.

Or am I wrong?

Well, no time to think about it, there’s a lot of work to do.

“Kaede, do you see anything suspicious nearby?”

“…No. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the vicinity that’s causing this.”

“It’s possible it’s hidden. Frau, is there anything we can detect?”

“No. At least it’s not hiding in this area. I’ll check again from above.”

Frau flies directly overhead, further extending her range of visibility.


Snowflake-inducing magic dyes the ground pure white.

The feet of the approaching villagers are now covered in ice and cannot move.

This will buy us some time.

As expected of Kaede, she can always be counted on.

“There’s a lake over there! Judging by the density of the fog, I’d say that’s where it’s coming from.”

“That means there’s something that’s creating this crazy fog. Shall we go to the lake then?”


Kaede and I decided to head to the lake following Frau’s guidance.

“What do you think, are there any suspicious creatures?”

I noticed a large reaction in the center of the lake. It appears to be an aquatic creature called a Mistmaker. According to my appraisal, it creates a hypnotic fog and manipulates living creatures.”

“It’s a monster I’ve never heard of – is it reasonable to think of it as an endemic species living on the mainland? Anyway, the cause has been found. Sharkboy, are you ready?”.


I activated Mega Boost in case it was even more dangerous than I think.

Sharkboy headed towards the monster at breakneck speed while raising a column of water.

I couldn’t see the fight due to the thick fog.

I only managed to see the red light emitting from Sharkboy. Besides that, I could hear the roars of the monster and SharkBoy.

The thick fog starts to fade.

Maybe it’s over?

“What is that thing coming towards us?”

As Frau said, there is a large mass floating on the surface of the lake, coming towards us.

But it’s not swimming, it’s more it’s like drifting.

It came to the water’s edge with the current.

The Mistmaker… It looked completely like an octopus.

It was about ten meters long, with a slimy body surface and a dark blue color.

On its head, there were innumerable holes that looked like exit wounds.

It looked like it had been mauled by a shark, and there were many burned holes on it. Also, its lungs seemed to have stopped completely.

“Glup glup!”

Sharkboy came out of the water.

I patted him on the head, and he began to shake his body with glee.

“I guess now the villagers here should be back to normal.”

“Wow, I never imagined there would be monsters like that around here. Frau isn’t very good with octopi or animals with soft bodies.”

Kaede smiled as Frau poked the monster with a branch.

“Thank you for your help!”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t save everyone.”

“Don’t be sorry for that. Without you, the adventurer would have killed us all.”

The village chief shook my hand in gratitude.

The survivors present also nodded at his words.

More than thirty residents were killed by Zig and his companions.

It’s a shame to think that I could have saved them had I arrived earlier.

“Thank you for saving me, Onii-chan.”

“I’m glad you’re okay.”

The girl’s smile seemed to save me a little.

The Wise Sword of the Sacred Forest.

If I ever get the chance to see you again, I’ll punch you in the face.

I don’t care if you are a hero of this country.

I will never approve of your way of doing things.

A Warrior Exiled by the Hero and His Lover

A Warrior Exiled by the Hero and His Lover

経験値貯蓄でのんびり傷心旅行 ~勇者と恋人に追放された戦士の無自覚ざまぁ~
Score 5.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
After losing his girlfriend to a brave hero, Toru is expelled from his S-Rank party. With a feeling of sadness and pain in his heart, he defeats a demon he meets outside the city, and his ability [to save experience] is broken! Toru becomes level 300 in the blink of an eye! With this power that far surpasses that of heroes, there is nothing that can stop him. Kaede, a s*ave he met on his journey, forms a group called the “Mangyu Brigade”, and easily completes dungeons, acquires the legendary sacred weapons, and thanks to his skills, his friends level up easily! He rescued a countess who was attacked by bandits on the road, and befriended a legendary beast. Toru’s journey continues at a leisurely pace, as he repeatedly encounters various people along the way, while his former party of heroes are deprived of opportunities to play an active role and fall into decline. This is the beginning of the life of a 300 level warrior!


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