Chapter 192: The home of the warrior and the fox slave Part 3

The home of the warrior and the fox slave Part 3

Have you already done indecent things with her?

Will that be the first thing she’ll ask me at our first meeting?

This old woman is beside herself.

—What? You haven’t done it yet? What a stupid boy. You’re a coward to have a girl like her by your side and not even try anything. Is she some kind of ornament to you?

—No, you’re wrong.

—I’ll teach you. You just have to hold them tight.

Two women are holding me firmly by the men from behind.

Tamamo stands up, and lifts her attire little above while revealing her long legs.

Then she put one hand on the ground, and leaned forward taking the pose of a beast. Making her large breasts fall forward.

—Grandma! Enough with the games!

—Oh, so you’re done with what I asked?

Kaede opens the door with great force and looks at Tamamo with a furious expression.

She is not dressed in her usual attire, but in a brightly colored garment. I think it’s called Kimono, and she was even more beautiful than usual. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Tamamo returns to her original position and looks at his claws in a bored manner.

—I wasn’t playing around. I just wanted to see what this man’s instincts were like. It would be a shame if the princess’s first one was a bad experience. I guess I’ll have to teach him a thing or two.

—No thanks! The master is wonderful that way too!

—Well, I’m just saying that you….


No no no no, let her finish.

I want to know what things you’ve been saying about me to your grandmother. And everything implied that Kaede already understood what her grandmother was trying to say, because, from one moment to the next, her face turned very red.

—Ugh, I’m so embarrassed.

—That girl used to be very quiet and whiny. Maybe this man has influenced her to that extent.

Tamamo was very happy, and Kaede stared at her.

—Grandmother, please don’t be so violent. You are in front of the man who saved my life.

Kaede sits in front of Tamamo, puts her hands on the ground and bows her head deeply.

Her gestures were beautiful and refined.

She had an air of unreality that made me wonder if the girl I had been with was an illusion.

No, I’m wrong. She is just being polite. After all she is a princess, a person of noble education.

—I was very sick and dying, but Toru-sama saved me. He gave me love, strength, friends and even a place. Reasons to be able to go on. If he hadn’t found me that day, I wouldn’t be here.

—I know, you were sick before you left, too…

—I can’t tell you how grateful I am to him. And as the next head of the White Fox family, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the name of the whole clan.

It’s a little embarrassing to be thanked for everything I did. Even the atmosphere is different from usual.

—You saved her, made her grow up, and brought her back home. You did a good job. It must have been a long trip for you, so take it easy from now on until you feel better.

For some reason. I don’t feel comfortable with Tamamo’s words. It’s strange.

And as the doubts generated in my head, Kaede quickly intervened.

—Grandmother, I’ve already told you.

—What are you talking about? Now that you are here, the family is complete again. Surely this man will be happy to be rewarded with a fortune he can never spend. Everyone is happy now, aren’t they?

—That’s not the way it is! This is not where my heart is! I told you I was just coming to visit you and that I would continue traveling with Toru-sama!

Oh, I see. So Tamamo wasn’t going to let Kaede leave with me again.

I didn’t see it clearly until this moment.

—Wait a minute, old woman, you’re not going to let Kaede be with Frau and Panda!?


—Who are you calling an old woman? And, to begin with, this girl belongs to me. I’m the one who decides where she goes, and not some stranger like you.


—It’s already decided. You’ll stay here, and you’ll be the heir. If you want to have children with this man, I won’t stop you, you can have as many as you want. I’ll give you all the time you need for that.

If you think about it, it was very natural for something like this to happen.

But what’s this about asking her to have children now? She was missing for years. Also, kaede is incredibly cute, so it’s no wonder grandma is overprotective.

—I will always protect Kaede. You must trust me.

—Trust you? You? A dragon man?

She knows I’m a dragon?

The smile disappears from Tamamo’s face and is replaced by an angry look.

—The stupid dogs out there would have easily wagged their tails and showed their bellies anyway. Not me. I’ll never forget what they did to me. When you guys finished your work, you took off. You threw away all the loyalty, respect and love we had for you.

Their hair stood on end. Her fingers tightened and her fingernails sharpened.

She had a fierce murderous look on her face.

—Hmm, but I guess it’s unfair to blame you for things in the past.

But she suddenly calms down after those words.

But I, on the other hand, was really confused.

This is not a simple master-slave relationship between a celestial beast and an ancient race. She was really angry because of what I am.

I wonder what happened.

—Ah, my blood pressure has risen. I knew this was going to happen as soon as I saw your face, being someone who has blood running through his veins from the ancient race. And I did nothing but take my anger out on you.

—Grandmother, history is not yet written, it would be unfair to stay living in the past.

—I will not let you travel. You’ll stay here, he’ll get his reward and you’ll say goodbye.


—End of story. We are still fighting a fight against the invaders. They will come back sooner or later, and when they do, you will have to fight for your home.

Tamamo got up and left the room with a slight limp in her right leg.

It looks like that old woman is badly hurt. Even if it doesn’t look like it, everything points to the fact that she is making an excessive effort to stay on her feet.

I’m also curious about those attackers.

Suddenly Kaede turned around, and leaned toward me.

—I’m sorry. Grandmother is very grateful to the Master, but she regrets making me escape from this unprotected place when I was so small and weak.

—I think there’s one more reason why she’s acting like this.


—It can’t be helped. I guess we’ll need a little more time to persuade her.


Fortunately, the old lady said we could stay as long as we wanted.

Kaede will have to make the most of it if there’s still a chance to change her mind.

—Um… Master, I’m not ready to have a baby yet.


When I was guided to the hot springs, Yatsufusa, Obi and the other white wolves were already immersed in the water.

—Oh, I’m sorry for not expecting you, master.

—That’s all right. Grandfather works harder than I do. I didn’t want to take it before him.

I sat down on a wooden chair, and proceeded to wash my head and body. Then proceeded to sink into the waters overlooking the night sky.

—This is like being in paradise.

The open-air baths of the white foxes have always been special. Every once in a while, I come here to take a bath. But that old woman charges a lot of money. If it weren’t for this, they’d let us go for free.

I see, so this was one of the reasons they took on the reconstruction of the place.

The white wolf bath was good, but this bath is also good, with a different atmosphere.

—Don’t worry about the old woman, she’s just a little weak-minded after the attack. If necessary, I will convince her.

—It’s okay, this is our problem, we’ll take care of it ourselves.

—Is all this because of that girl?

—No no… Well yes.

—Hoho. It’s okay, that old lady is a problem. Obi still won’t accept one of her daughters, and I’m already starting to feel worried about that.

Grandpa looks at Obi.

Obi, his dead eyes full of distrust, replies in a muffled voice.


A Warrior Exiled by the Hero and His Lover

A Warrior Exiled by the Hero and His Lover

経験値貯蓄でのんびり傷心旅行 ~勇者と恋人に追放された戦士の無自覚ざまぁ~
Score 5.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
After losing his girlfriend to a brave hero, Toru is expelled from his S-Rank party. With a feeling of sadness and pain in his heart, he defeats a demon he meets outside the city, and his ability [to save experience] is broken! Toru becomes level 300 in the blink of an eye! With this power that far surpasses that of heroes, there is nothing that can stop him. Kaede, a s*ave he met on his journey, forms a group called the “Mangyu Brigade”, and easily completes dungeons, acquires the legendary sacred weapons, and thanks to his skills, his friends level up easily! He rescued a countess who was attacked by bandits on the road, and befriended a legendary beast. Toru’s journey continues at a leisurely pace, as he repeatedly encounters various people along the way, while his former party of heroes are deprived of opportunities to play an active role and fall into decline. This is the beginning of the life of a 300 level warrior!


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