Chapter 2: Three-person date

Three-person date

—Do you want this world to cease to exist? What do you mean by sharing? — Hamanami expressed concern. 

—Well, Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san agreed to share me between them.

—Are you serious?! That’s the first time I’ve heard of such a crazy thing!

It wouldn’t be correct to say that the relationship we have is polygamous, since if I had to say who my official girlfriend is, that would be Tachibana-san. Only Tachibana-san shares me with Hayasaka-san.

—What are the three of you thinking?! How far do you plan to go with this?! Keep in mind of the consequences, think with your heads!

It was lunchtime, and I was with Hamanami in a classroom on the first floor in the old school building. It’s the same one used by the disciplinary committee for their meetings. 

She was aware of my love affair with the two girls, and because I had been part of Tachibana-san’s plan for me to be displayed with her on the stage of the school festival, she couldn’t help but feel worried to know what my outcome with Tachibana-san was. So, I decided to tell her everything.

—Everything is fine, you have nothing to worry about.

—No! It’s not all right! It’s too worrying!


—To be honest, I thought you’d be heartbroken by now. Love is beautiful, but also very dangerous… You’re in a counterproductive position, do you really think it’s good that those girls are telling you what to do?

—Yes. That was the deal we came to, to do whatever they tell me to do.

—And you’re okay with that, Kirishima-senpai?

—Yes, it’s all my fault…

This was nothing but the result of my bad choices in the past. When things were starting to go well with Tachibana-san, I didn’t end my second relationship with Hayasaka-san as I had originally promised.

—That’s why, I will do my best to enjoy it.

—…Kirishima-senpai, can you repeat that? I don’t think I heard it right. — Hamanami says while sticking her finger in her ear.

—I’m going to enjoy this relationship with two girlfriends. 

—You… YOU’RE MESSED UP IN THE HEAD! — Hamanami shouted at the top of her lungs.

—Yeah… I think so too…

When Hayasaka-san, Tachibana-san, and I made this agreement. I apologized for not acting the way I should have. Tachibana-san apologized to me for not listening to her feelings and being stagnant about her family’s situation. And Hayasaka-san simply apologized to me.

—And that’s how it all came to this, we can’t change the past, and it won’t make sense to insist on it forever. We left behind everything that happened, and now we just want to enjoy the present.

—You guys are a mess… Oh, look, just in time. — said Hamanami as she pointed to the window overlooking the courtyard.

At that moment, Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san were walking together. They hadn’t noticed us, and sat on a bench with their backs to the window. 

—What do you say we do a little eavesdropping? 

—No, it’s not nice to spy on the girls.

—But aren’t you curious if they’re enjoying this relationship, you three have?

—… I guess I kinda am…

We quickly passed under the window and crouched against the wall. Very swiftly, Hamanami quietly opened the window, and the voices of Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san filtered in along with the cool winter air.

—Tachibana-san, have you already chosen a career?

—Yes. I will study music at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. And you, Hayasaka-san?

—I haven’t decided yet. 

—How about studying veterinary medicine? You said you liked animals.

The endearing tone between the two girls could be described as lighthearted, and a very feminine talk.

—Are you waiting to see which University Shirou-kun chooses?

—It would be logical to assume that Kirishima-kun will go where Tachibana-san goes… Although he doesn’t know how to play any instruments.

—The Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music also has painting classes.

—Kirishima-kun also has terrible artistic skills….

—That’s true. I admit that I would like us to go to the same university.

At the conversation between the two girls, Hamanami looks at me with much regret and addresses me in a whispering tone.

—Kirishima-senpai, they won’t even let you choose your own career.

—It seems so…

The topic of conversation about which university I will go to comes to an end. And the reason for that was because there is another topic of interest and doubt with Tachibana-san, that if I’m sensing correctly, has surely been bothering her a lot. 

—The girls keep asking me if I have already ‘done it’ with Shirou-kun. — Tachibana-san says in a sulky tone. — Is it really that important to do that?

—Surely, they want to see Tachibana-san embarrassed. Don’t worry, but you don’t need to tell others either… Personally, I think it’s very important for the bride and groom to do that kind of thing.


—Because it is an act of reaffirmation of the feelings you have for that person.

I can’t see Tachibana-san’s face from this angle, but if I had to bet, she would have surely blushed when imagining such an act.

—And when you do that kind of thing, guys tend to get excited, and girls, you know… It’s like showing our naughty side that we don’t usually bring out. I think it takes a lot of courage to do something like that.

—Yeah, I’m really too embarrassed just thinking about doing something like that…

—But I think it would be wonderful if we could show those not-so-pretty parts of us, and still accept ourselves as we are. For that reason, I wish I could.

That’s typical Hayasaka-san thinking. In front of the public, she has an image of purity that everyone around imposes on her. But in reality, it’s quite the opposite, she is the exact definition that appearances tend to deceive. 

—…And did you feel that way with Shirou-kun last night?


Hayasaka-san’s tone of voice denotes that she had abandoned her sense of purity that she maintained until a while ago.

—You know, once you start, you can’t stop unless you go all the way.

—I know, I’ve realized that recently.

—That’s why, I couldn’t help but feel that way again and again with Kirishima-kun last night.

—Didn’t you even try to sleep?

—I tried. But maybe I shouldn’t have tried to sleep in my underwear… We tried to sleep cuddling, feeling each other’s body heat, but… You know, I immediately started touching his back, his shoulders and even kissed his body…. So, Kirishima-kun got excited, and, you know, when he started touching me here, and there, I also got excited. It was when he started playing with my body, that made me feel good, I couldn’t help but get wet, moan, and that made Kirishima-kun even more excited… And every time I tried to sleep, the process of suddenly remembering it over and over again… I even had to change my underwear three times and the sheets in the morning… I could hardly sleep.

—…Hayasaka-san, your nose is bleeding… — said Tachibana-san while taking out a handkerchief from her pocket.

—Thank you… I’m sorry, I said something irrelevant. Anyway, what I meant by that is, it might be embarrassing, but still, I think it’s a noble thing to do, and… I think it’s okay to do it with someone you like…

—Yes… I will also do my best.

—Remember that you can’t go all the way, Tachibana-san.

—I know, I won’t do anything to break our promise. There will be a punishment if that happens… But, will Shirou-kun be able to endure it?  I understand that it’s something that boys want very much.

—And what if he goes to another girl, what are you going to do with him then?

—About that… Shirou-kun was touching another girl again. — Tachibana-san said in a serious tone.


—Yes, and he was quite happy about it.

—…We can’t let that happen, it’s unacceptable.

—Yes… I asked him to stop touching other girls…

—Kirishima-kun… I don’t understand why you do things like that… That’s what you have Tachibana-san and me for. If you still don’t understand that… Then I’m going to have to break your glasses…


Then, I heard the sounds of footsteps walking further and further away. By the way, what Tachibana-san said about me touching a girl, it was just a brush of my shoulder when we passed each other in the hallway…

From afar, Tachibana-san was watching me with puffy cheeks that time. And I definitely wasn’t happy about that.

— It looks like Kirishima-senpai is in a difficult situation. — Hamanami says in an uncaring tone. — They seem to be having fun, though. 

—Are you serious?

—Yes, I could tell that the three of you have your sense of ethics broken. And the way of conduct the three of you have is a false one! The good terms you say are shallow! That’s what you all are, shallow monsters!


—Oh come on, I guess you’re smart enough to realize, with so many rules and control over you, it’s like they’re trying to control the inevitable!

—It’s just that rules are necessary for everything to work.

—You’ve never been the rule-following type. 

What Hamanami says is harsh, but true at the same time.

—And now you expect me to believe that you’re dating two girls at the same time, don’t you? Sooner or later, the day will come when you will have to choose one of the two.

—Maybe you’re right, although this weekend the three of us are going on a date.

—And on that day, hell will come to earth. They may be nice girls on the outside, but inside they’re nothing but monsters… There will be times on that date where they will fight and start a war to see who gets the prize… That’s you.

—Don’t be so paranoid. I don’t plan to go unarmed.

—I’m just saying, at most, be careful not to get trampled.

—If that were to happen, I’ll probably end up getting crushed by Hayasaka-san.

—So, are we monsters?

Suddenly, a cold voice was heard from above, my whole spine shivered, and a few seconds later I realize what was happening. I looked up in fear, and saw Tachibana-san and Hayasaka-san looking at us from outside the window.

—Hamanami-san, Shirou-kun, don’t move from there. — Tachibana-san said with no expression on her face.

—Kirishima-kun, is that what you think of me? — Hayasaka-san said with a smile on her face

She said nothing more, and headed towards the entrance of the school building. It looks like they have intentions to enter the classroom. I think it’s time to say goodbye to my glasses. 

Next to me stood Hamanami with her head in her hands trembling with fear.

—Hey, Hamanami, tell me, how are things going with Yoshimi-kun?

—Th—This isn’t the time for that kind of question~~~!!!!


If I had to define in one word the act of Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san sharing me with each other, it would simply be; dangerous.

As Murphy’s law dictates; whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. And more so in a relationship where there are two women sharing the same man. Only one will be able to become the official lover, while the other will be left aside, causing her to fall into a deep sadness. That is the rule of love that prevails in the world. But… If we allow the same person to be shared, in that case, no one will suffer. Although there will be a little friction in between. 

The fantasy of pure love is a value that varies depending on the person you ask. And if you ask me, possessiveness and jealousy are more instincts than feelings that are added to the moment you start to fall in love with a person. 

Where am I going with this? Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san right now are fighting those instincts, just because they share me with each other, doesn’t mean there isn’t the risk of jealousy and possessiveness in them. It just opens the door more for them to continue to compete with each other. And this was something I wanted to put to the test on our weekend date. 

It was early afternoon, I walked through the exit door of the train station, and set out to walk to the square that was several yards from the station. That’s when I saw them both standing in front of the statue. A boy who looked like a college student was talking to them.

—Are you going shopping? If you want, I’ll go with you and then we’ll go somewhere else to have fun.

—I… I’m sorry, I’m waiting for my boyfriend. — replied Hayasaka-san shyly while looking down. 

And on the other hand, Tachibana-san was standing next to her with a stern face. The contrast between the two was strong, like day and night.

Coming to a fairly short distance between me and the girls. Hayasaka-san made eye contact with me, and started shouting in excitement beckoning me to come closer. 

—You’re late! — Tachibana-san exclaimed as she ran up to me and grabbed my sleeve. — It was difficult, people kept coming up to us and making conversation.

Hayasaka-san was wearing a coat of soft tones and a scarf of warm colours. And Tachibana-san looked very feminine, wearing a white coat. Without a doubt, the two of them are eye-catching together.

When Tachibana-san goes into girlfriend mode, she is very sweet and kind. Even now she is like a puppy seeing her owner that she has missed so much with blushing cheeks.

—Huh? So… The boyfriend thing was true? Too bad then… — said the man who was harassing Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san as he walked away downhearted.

—Well, let’s go. 

—Yes, it’s time, Shirou-kun. 

After those words, Tachibana-san looked at the hand with which she grabbed my sleeve, and stood thoughtfully for a few seconds, then let go of me, and made eye contact with Hayasaka-san.

—Shall we, do it?

—Yes, let’s do it.

Then, both girls nodded mutually, took me by both hands, and started to walk, making me walk with them and made it feel as if I was in a form of inertia. In part this is a relief, no one is fighting to see who will hold my hand, and I’m not forced to having to choose either one of them. I had a feeling that everything was going to flow well in this relationship, with no fear of either girl getting hurt or someone making a bad move. However, that hunch betrayed me…

—Kirishima-kun, why are you just standing there?

—Sit down quickly, Shirou-kun.

—…Why are you two doing this?

We arrived at a popular parfait store in the restaurant area of the mall. The girls had agreed to eat parfait with seasonal fruits on our date today. And there was nothing wrong with that. The problem came later, the moment we walked in and made our way to the table, both girls sat face to face. That meant I had to choose who I was going to sit with.

—You want to sit with me, right Shirou-kun?

—Or do you want to sit with me, Kirishima-kun?

When I tried to sit with Hayasaka-san, Tachibana-san frowned. And when I was going to sit with Tachibana-san, Hayasaka-san looked at me with a tense smile. Both of them are going to make me lose my sanity… 

To be fair, Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san should have sat together. This way, I would have both of them in front of me, thus avoiding this bad situation. But it seemed that both of them were trying to play a joke on me, although Hayasaka-san had an angry expression on her face, she started to laugh.

—It’s okay, don’t worry Kirishima-kun, you should be sitting with Tachibana-san, this way if anyone from the school sees us, we won’t have to make any excuses.

After that little bad moment. I sat down with Tachibana-san, we ordered the parfait and after several minutes, a waiter brought it to the table. From then on, a conversation between both girls arose while eating their dessert about whether I should eat more than one parfait because of how delicious it was. Thus, the date continued happily between the three of us. However, the wind of peace that was blowing, began turning to another direction in a strange way.

After we had finished our parfaits, we headed for the women’s clothing stores. We stopped at one of the many clothing stores around us, while Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san looked at the clothes, I stood in front of the store counter, suddenly, the sales clerk approached me in order to distract me. She probably thought that I, as a man, was bored in a place like that, and wanted to distract me while the girls were busy.

—The girls you hang out with are very pretty. Which one of them is your girlfriend?

A deadly hard question to answer.

—Oh, better yet, let me guess, I’m good at that kind of thing.

When Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san overheard my conversation with the sales clerk, the glint in their eyes changed immediately…


The girls’ competitive spirit was more alive than ever. At the store counter, the sales clerk responded in a teasing and childish manner by saying that she was simply an escort.

As a result, the situation calmed down a bit, putting that issue to rest… But it was only in that store, because once a woman’s competitive spirit is ignited, it’s hard to extinguish again. Every store we went to, the girls would ask the salesgirls questions about which one of us was my girlfriend. Several would accept the challenge, while others would read the mood perfectly and simply walk away with a tense smile on their face. 

We arrived at a select store where Hayasaka-san stopped to buy a new scarf, and the clerk there didn’t run away, she agreed to answer Hayasaka-san’s question.

—Hmm, no doubt, the girlfriend is you.

The chosen candidate was Hayasaka-san.

—Why did you think he is my boyfriend? — asked Hayasaka-san expectantly.

—I felt that the two of you look good together.

—Ehehe~ right!

Hayasaka-san smiles like a little girl who was given a popsicle. While talking to the sales clerk, she took other clothes besides the scarf.

—Hey, Mr. Boyfriend! What do you think of this? Do you think it will look good on me?

—Yes, I think it will look great on you.

—In that case, I’ll try this, that, and this too. I have to look nice for my boyfriend! I’m Kirishima-kun’s girlfriend!

The moment Hayasaka-san entered the fitting room, Tachibana-san put on an angry expression, and whispered something in a low voice.

—First, she touches you with her feet while we were eating Parfait, and now this.

—So, you noticed that.

—Of course.

While we were in the restaurant, and I was talking to Tachibana-san, Hayasaka-san was touching my leg with her feet, and at times she would place it near my crotch. 

—Don’t do that with any girl other than me, okay?

Tachibana-san was very dissatisfied. Still, she couldn’t seem to resist, and after hitting my shoulder with her small fist, she gave me a hug.

—You don’t know how much I wanted to do this all day, I wish to be alone with you…

For Tachibana-san to say something like this, it’s quite honest and very vulnerable of her. 

—Shirou-kun, you are my boyfriend, please don’t forget it.

Next, Tachibana-san stood on her tiptoes and pressed her lips against mine. It was a very brief kiss that lasted less than a second. But the store clerk who observed us was struck with astonishment. And I don’t blame her, for a girl’s boyfriend to kiss another girl while she’s in the fitting room of a store is pretty bad.

—Kirishima-kun, how about this? — Hayasaka-san asked as she walked out of the changing room.

In turn, Tachibana-san immediately separated from me, and acted as if nothing had happened.

—Hmph… That’s how things will be then. 

Hayasaka-san’s response said it all. She was ready to go on the attack. 

And the battle between which one will be the best girlfriend proceeded to its second round. And it happened when Tachibana-san was looking for a dress for her piano competition at another store. So, she seized the moment to ask the question that was starting to scare me so much. The sales clerk identified me as Tachibana-san’s boyfriend, saying that I seemed to be madly in love with her. 

—Exactly. Shirou-kun is my boyfriend, and he’s madly in love with me. That’s all there is to say.

Tachibana-san seemed satisfied at that answer, after looking at the dress for a moment, she hummed and entered the fitting room.

—Why did she say that you are Tachibana-san’s boyfriend? Kirishima-kun is my boyfriend, right? And I’m your only girlfriend, right? — Hayasaka-san asked anxiously. — Wasn’t it enough for her to hold your hand under the table at the restaurant?

—Did you notice…? 

—Of course, I noticed…! Tachibana-san is easy to read…! It shows on her face when she does something wrong! 

—I see…

Tachibana-san usually has a poker expression on her face, making it hard to tell what she’s thinking. But she has a weakness, and that’s when she acts like a girl in love. She’s too embarrassed to do what normal girlfriends do. Tachibana-san seemed to be trying to get over herself on this three-way date, she tried to bring my hand under the table, and place it a little on the inside of her thighs. As a result, her face turned red with embarrassment.

—I don’t care how much she wanted to get Kirishima-kun’s attention, using her body is forbidden!

—What? Ah, yeah…

—Hey, Kirishima-kun, give me a kiss.


—I’ve been holding back all day. And we can’t be alone at all either. 

—But weren’t the three of us just supposed to walk around this day?

—But you were able to kiss Tachibana-san right? — Hayasaka-san said staring at me. — Since she kissed you first and without permission, it’s my duty to clean it from your lips.

—…Okay, but make it quick.

Hayasaka-san clung to me, and pressed her lips against mine, and inserted her tongue into my mouth. The sales clerk was watching us, while repeatedly shaking her head towards the fitting room back and forth in a state of worry, as if she had seen something terrible… I guess that’s only natural…

—What do you think, Shirou-kun?

Tachibana-san walks out of the fitting room, and Hayasaka-san immediately walked away from my body. But it wasn’t fast enough, because Tachibana-san had noticed the kiss between her and me.

—…What do you think you’re doing with my Shirou-kun? He’s my boyfriend, and you know it.

—That’s not true! — exclaimed Hayasaka-san — Kirishima-kun is my boyfriend, and I’m his only girlfriend!

Where was the kindness between these two girls that they had for each other a while ago?

From this moment on, everything happened just as Hamanami predicted, the war between two fearsome monsters had begun, and their threats were made through me. When one of the two was not looking, the other would take me by the hand, and even came to kiss me on more than one occasion when the other was distracted. 

The discussion between the two of them even extended to the way I dressed. They both wanted to change the way I dressed, but again, they disagreed about what kind of clothes I should wear. Hayasaka-san wanted to take me to a store where the clothes were more casual. While Tachibana-san wanted to take me to a place where the clothes were more elegant and formal.

—Kirishima-kun can’t wear fancy clothes, he’ll look ridiculous dressing like that!

—Shirou-kun can’t be dressing casually all the time, that Sunday dad style doesn’t suit him. Shirou-kun, if you don’t dress smartly on a more recurring basis, you won’t achieve anything in this life.

—Oh my god~, Tachibana-san is wrong!

—No! You’re the one who’s wrong, Hayasaka-san!

—I like clothes that are more comfortable.

What did you say?

Both girls exclaimed at the same time while giving me belligerent looks. 

—Huh… No, nothing.

For a moment, I thought the whole thing was going to get out of hand. Surprisingly, however, the discussion came to an end rather prematurely.

—Tachibana-san, it’s about time! — Hayasaka-san exclaimed while looking at her watch.

With those words, both girls came back to reality. While holding my hand.

—Let’s go, Kirishima-kun~~

I was taken to a planetarium that was located on the top floor of the commercial center. The exhibition posters helped me understand why I was brought here. 

—That’s… My favorite band…

A group of musicians are collaborating on this project so that people can listen to music while viewing images of celestial bodies. The sound of the synthesizers is very poetic, and the word “night” is often used in the lyrics, making it fit well in the atmosphere.

—Hehehehe, we always keep in mind the things you like, Kirishima-kun. 

—I hope you like it, Shirou-kun…

Hayasaka-san looks pleased at my reaction, and Tachibana-san averts her gaze in embarrassment.

They both thought of a place for our date that I could enjoy. Apparently, the reason why today’s date was at this place was because of this, and not because of shopping as I had imagined. 

I learned one thing today, and that is that despite everything, both Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san are kind and respectful of each other’s feelings, so much so, that they can put aside their differences to make the person they love happy.

—Thank you for this.

When I said that, Hayasaka-san laughed happily and Tachibana-san’s cheeks turned red. I have always felt responsible for having come to this kind of relationship with them. Therefore, I must face this relationship with a positive attitude, and make them both feel happy, equally.


—…I’m sorry.

—Me too…

When we left the planetarium, Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san apologized to me. This was because I could not concentrate at all on the planetarium show. I had sat between the two girls, with Hayasaka-san on my right, and Tachibana-san on my left, but as soon as they turned off the lights. Both girls could no longer stand the feeling of wanting to do things that lovers usually do when they are alone, because there wasn’t many people in the place, the inevitable happened. It was hard to concentrate on the music when I have two wriggling tongues in each side of my ear.

—…Do you want to go again? — asked Hayasaka-san.

—It’s okay, I enjoyed it very much.

Besides, if we go in again, the same thing will surely happen, or even worse…

—Well, it’s time for me to go.

—What?! Why…? Was our date boring? Is it because of me? I’m sorry… — said Tachibana-san in a state of sadness.

—No, no, I enjoyed it very much. It’s just that I have to go somewhere else at 6 o’clock — I answered while waving my hands and trying to raise Tachibana-san’s spirits.

—Ah, that’s right. You wrote it in your message… I see that my efforts to make you enjoy the time with me and make you cancel your plans didn’t pay off…. 

Tachibana-san’s selfish intentions come out with those words. She’s acting more and more like a jealous and possessive girlfriend.

—Well, I don’t trust you at all. Lately you’ve been saying you have other plans, and those plans don’t include Tachibana-san or me. Tell me what you’re up to! — Hayasaka-san exclaims.

And despite their demands, I tried my best not to say anything. As a result, I was able to calm them down, and they said they will continue walking around the mall together for a while longer.

As soon as we parted, Tachibana-san ran up to me, and put her forehead on my chest.

—Don’t make me too nervous…. I’m even feeling jealous right now.

—I’m sorry.

—It’s okay… But that thing you have to do now, it’s not with another girl, right?

—Yeah, trust me.


Tachibana-san looks at me with a soft expression and then closes her eyes. She’s waiting for me to give her a kiss….

—Oh please~!

Hayasaka-san quickly grabbed her neck and pulled her away from me.

—You’re in a public place!

—Nooo…! My… My boyfriend! — Tachibana-san expressed while stretching her arms and in turn being dragged by Hayasaka-san.

—He’s my boyfriend too! — said Hayasaka-san completely blushing. 

The fight between the dragon and the tiger was about to start, and I didn’t want to be present when that happened, so I quickly left the place. 


Once outside the commercial building, I saw the night take over the sky. Christmas season lighting was lit up everywhere, the streets were beautiful, and the wind was cold. I froze my shoulders, and stuck my hands in my pockets as I waited for the traffic light to change colour. 

I noticed that Tachibana-san is becoming more and more unstable than how she usually is. The expression on her face when she asked me if I was going to see another girl stuck in my mind. Maybe it’s not just Hayasaka-san and I that are the cause of her emotional instability.

At the same time as I was thinking about this, I unconsciously bumped into a woman.

She was wearing a very thick coat, underneath it a hoodie and a scarf around her neck. And I could tell the colour of her hair was pink.

—Hey, Kirishima, I noticed you were with two pretty girls.

—So, you were watching me.

—Not at all, I also came to buy some things, it was just a mere coincidence to meet you here. And, tell me, the girl with the big breasts is your girlfriend, right?

—What made you think that?

—Well, the other black-haired lady already has a boyfriend. I saw her by chance last night, she was walking with a very handsome guy, he looked like he plays soccer. They both looked very nice, and they were walking hand in hand.

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese

Kirishima and Hayasaka are two classmates who have a secret relationship in public.

In their school life they pretend that they don't know each other, but behind the scenes there is much more to them than people can imagine. The two get into a relationship that is difficult to break and ends up being impure, unhealthy, and complicated, as the relationship between them was nothing more than an affair that simply created a love triangle before Kirishima's first love and his second love.


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