Chapter 26: Warriors in the Auction Part 2

Warriors in the Auction Part 2

The auction had passed throughout the day and was about to come to an end.

“Well, I hope you enjoyed tonight’s auction, and I’d like to close it, but there’s still time, so if you have any requests for future items, please speak up here.”

I raised my hand and stood up.

It’s not just the moderator, but the eyes of the people around us are focused on me.

“I don’t want to make a request, but I have an item I would like to sell here. It has already been identified and confirmed as authentic.”

“Oh, an article by that gentleman! This is very interesting!”

I was invited on stage and placed the jar on a cloth-lined table.

I had an unexpected expense, but I am confident that I will recoup some of the money with this item.

I know the price must be high, but how high will it be?

“What is that?”

“It’s an elixir.”


The audience was stunned.

The elixir is a potion that can cure any wound or illness in a short time.

Even if your arm is torn off or your heart stops beating, if you drink it, you will be cured in seconds. It is a miraculous element that cannot be reproduced with today’s technology.

“You don’t mind if we examine the elixir here?”

“Yes, I have no problem.”

The appraisal scroll was brought into the room by the host.

He unfolded the rolled paper and recited a short incantation.

“Wonderful! No doubt it is a real elixir! You can state the desired value for this object.”

“Ten million.”

“Have you heard? Ladies and Gentlemen, the starting price is ten million!”

The room was filled with excitement and all participants started bidding at exorbitant prices.

100 million, 200 million, 300 million, 500 million, 700 million, 800 million, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 2,200 million.

“Sold for 2.25 billion!”

I nearly fell flat on my ass at the staggering price.

I knew the item was worth a lot, but I had no idea it would be such a ridiculously high price. In the upper class world, the elixir was a treasure that could easily be a bottled god to them.

They don’t want to buy it because they plan to use it, they buy it because they want that feeling of peace of mind.

Just by owning it, they can sleep soundly at night.

“Thank you for this last great exposure, we will pay you shortly, so please wait until we close.”

I left the stage.

I went to a small, clean living room. There was a simple table and a sofa.

The host entered the room with two young men and brought a cart with the skill sealing scrolls, the fairy and the gold.

“The last exhibition was a great surge of emotions. You need surprises like that from time to time. So, going into it, can I subtract the fairy amount from the sale price?”


“Very well, sir.”

Of the 2.25 billion, 1.1 billion is deducted and the remainder is 1.15 billion.

I originally had 1.2 billion, so now I have a little over 2.35 billion.

The ridiculous amount of money seems to paralyze my senses.

“Now, this is for you.”

I received a basket with the fairy inside. Inside was a little girl, about 20 centimeters tall.

She’s huddled in a corner, staring at me, looking terrified.

She reminds me of the old Kaede.

I took off my mask and showed my true face.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“It’s nothing.”

Now, what should we do with this fairy?

We returned to the house and I placed the basket on the table.

He had made a master-slave contract with the fairy, and had a pattern around his chest, like Kaede’s.


I opened the basket door.

“Come out, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Humans are very sneaky… I can’t let my guard down.”

That being said, she did not come out of the basket.

She had a lovely face, and her hair was in two pigtails of light green.

Still, he wore leather armor like an adventurer.

She has transparent wings on her back. In addition to a hammer on her back that was about the same size as her, she was small, but she could also fight.

“I’ll get you some tea, Master.”

“Thank you, Kaede… Do you want some too?”


“Kaede, can you make tea for the three of us?”

I received a yes from the kitchen.

She was still very cautious.

It’s no good if I don’t break the ice somehow.

Then I remembered something.

“I bought some cookies today, do you want some?”


She almost jumped out of the basket, but reconsidered and quickly returned to the corner of the basket.

Unlike Kaede when I first met her, this fairy is fine in every way.

Her expression changed greatly.

In any case, I offered her a cookie and put it in the basket.

She grabbed it in fear and ran to the corner.

“I’m not going to let you get away with this!”

“Is the drink hot?”

“Not bad… Tastes good.”

“What a sad assessment.”

Kaede comes over and places the cup and sits next to me.

She also placed a small bowl in the basket.

The fairy cooled her drink and then took a sip.

“By the way, Master, why did you buy this girl?”

“I heard a voice saying to help her.”


The fairy was elated.

“Did you hear Frau’s prayer!?”

“Well, at first I thought it was a hallucination, but it didn’t seem like one, and it would be a shame to ignore it, so I made an offer.”

The fairy jumped out of the basket and prostrated herself in front of me.

“I didn’t know it was you, my Lord! I apologize for my rude attitude!”

“Hey, what do you mean by [Lord]?”

“Forgive my rudeness, but what race are you?”

“A Dragonoid. Half human, half dragon.”

The fairy raises both hands and shouts, “Yes, oh, oh! I finally found it!”

I wonder if it is possible to lower the volume of his voice a little.

I am concerned that it will be a nuisance to the neighborhood.

“Wow, your master is a dragon man?”

“What are you talking about now?”

Kaede was surprised.

Does the fairy have appraisal skills?

Kaede replied, “Yes, he is my master, and he is a dragonoid!” And so, her eyes widened.

What is the reason for this reaction?

What’s wrong with being a dragon-man?

“Master, by the great race, by dragonoid, you mean the Dragon Men, don’t you?”


“Why are you answering so casually!?”

“Why, I don’t know.”

I was a human, but my stats tell me I am a dragonoid.

Even if I was told that the great race was the Dragon People, it still doesn’t make sense.

The fairy sat upright and folded her hands in front of her chest. “My name is Frau, of the fairy race, and I thank you for rescuing me from the clutches of humans.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll cancel the master-slave contract right away. So you can go back to where you came from.”

“Not so fast, my Lord. My father, mother and brother will blame me if I go back to my hometown after finally finding our great master. They’ll all hate me, they’ll say things like; ‘You useless washboard!’ ”

“What do you mean by ‘washboard’?”

Well, I won’t pay attention to it.

“However, if you do not want me to break the contract, then you must plan to follow me.”

It is difficult to count on fairies as a force to be reckoned with.

“But you can rely on me! I may be cute, but I’m also a warrior who can fight really well! I’ll overcome anything!”

“Warrior, what level are you?”


Based on her physique, she would be equivalent to a level 20 human. Obviously, a dragon’s level cannot lose to a human’s level, and this same goes for a human and a fairy.

The size is too different in the first place. Even at the same level, there is a big difference in capacity depending on the size.

By the way, I am a dragonoid, but I feel just like a human.

I haven’t seen a level 300 human in the first place, so I can’t compare, but I think the basic abilities are about the same… Maybe.


Pande comes out of its seal.

As soon as he sees Frau, he rubs himself against her and seems to enjoy it.

“Uh… Master, What is this white stuff?”

“This is Panda, he’s your new friend.”


Frau and Panda soon became friends and flew around the house.

A Warrior Exiled by the Hero and His Lover

A Warrior Exiled by the Hero and His Lover

経験値貯蓄でのんびり傷心旅行 ~勇者と恋人に追放された戦士の無自覚ざまぁ~
Score 5.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
After losing his girlfriend to a brave hero, Toru is expelled from his S-Rank party. With a feeling of sadness and pain in his heart, he defeats a demon he meets outside the city, and his ability [to save experience] is broken! Toru becomes level 300 in the blink of an eye! With this power that far surpasses that of heroes, there is nothing that can stop him. Kaede, a s*ave he met on his journey, forms a group called the “Mangyu Brigade”, and easily completes dungeons, acquires the legendary sacred weapons, and thanks to his skills, his friends level up easily! He rescued a countess who was attacked by bandits on the road, and befriended a legendary beast. Toru’s journey continues at a leisurely pace, as he repeatedly encounters various people along the way, while his former party of heroes are deprived of opportunities to play an active role and fall into decline. This is the beginning of the life of a 300 level warrior!


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