Chapter 6: hypnosis


I was soaking in a bathtub from head to toe. It felt great to take a bath after a long day of playing indoor soccer.

After Tachibana-san threw up on me, she immediately found a cab and brought me to her apartment. The place where she lives is very luxurious, not to mention that her bathroom is much bigger than my room. The bathtub is big enough to stretch your legs, the walls have shiny tiles, not to mention that it also has a whirlpool tub. Tachibana-san’s mother always comes home late at night, and her sister Miyuki is still playing futsal. So, it’s just the two of us here.

—Shirou-kun. I’ll leave you a change of clothes here. I went out to buy it while you were taking a bath.

—You didn’t have to go through all that trouble.

—No… It was my fault that you’re like this now. Take your time.

Tachibana-san walked away from the door and I was able to relax in the bath again. The lavender scent of the bath salts hit my nose, it’s quite comforting. I’m the kind of person who likes to take long baths, and today was to be no exception.

After I got out of the bath, I toweled myself dry, and put on the new clothes that Tachibana-san had bought me. And it was very formal, the kind of clothes she would like me to wear. I dried my hair, and then walked down the hallway until I entered Tachibana-san’s room. She was playing with her hair as she sank into a large cushion.

—I was going to read a manga while waiting for you, but the thought of Shirou-kun being in my house makes me nervous….

Tachibana-san was dressed casually, a hoodie and shorts. Her slender thighs and legs were fully exposed. There was heating in her room, so we could walk around barefoot without feeling cold on our feet. 

That reminds me of when I first came to this place. At the entrance there were slippers for the guests, and plush slippers with a monster design, when Tachibana-san took off her shoes, she then very naturally put on those same slippers. But after a few seconds, she felt very embarrassed and took them off very quickly. She tried to excuse herself by saying that those slippers were her mother’s, but obviously that was a lie. Although if she had said it was her younger sister’s, I would have believed it.

The decor of her room was very uniform in color, and the furniture went with the whole design of her room. It was youthful, but it didn’t resemble a girl’s either.

—Shirou-kun, don’t just stand there, sit down. — She said as she pointed to her bed.

—That’s okay, I’ll sit on…

—There’s nowhere else to sit.

—What about your desk chair?

—It’s broken.

Tachibana-san urged me to sit on her bed, while she did too. She looked embarrassed, well, she’s a girl in love and wants to be close to her boyfriend, it was not a rare thing. With this in mind, I sat down next to her.

—I really like to be alone with you.

Tachibana-san leans her body on me. She’s right, I don’t remember the last time we had been alone in a situation like this.

—I’m sorry for what I did before, Tachibana-san.

—Yes, I also want to apologize for everything I said.

—Then, shall we make up? 

Tachibana-san nods and hugs me. She also compliments me on the way I’m dressed. She is essentially the kind of person who is happy with these little things. 

I like home dates, they always feel so intimate and generate a very comforting atmosphere. I don’t want to keep having absurd arguments like I used to, and going from something like that, to a paradise like this, makes me wish it would never end. 

—I wish I could be honest all the time Tachibana-san, but I find it hard to be honest, I’m sorry.

—It’s okay, I’m sorry too. It’s the same for me.

—Wow, that was easier than I thought.

—Yeah. That’s why I’m thinking about going back to primary school.

—Hmm? Primary school?

—Yes, if I go back to primary school, I’ll be able to tell Shirou-kun how I really feel.

—Hey, Tachibana-san. Are you sure you’re okay? 

—What? Wouldn’t you like to talk to the primary school me, Shirou-kun?

—Is that a trick question? Or is it some kind of metaphor?

—No, I’m serious.

Tachibana-san stood up and walked to her desk, from the drawer she took out a notebook and shyly offered it to me with flushed cheeks. 

—No way! Are you serious?!

What Tachibana-san was offering me was… The love notebook. 

—Did you get it from the club?


If I had to guess, Tachibana-san has taken a liking to this notebook, so far we’ve done a lot of crazy things that we end up regretting every time we apply one of those love “games”.

I have become a person who cannot eat Pocky that is not moist from Tachibana-san’s fluids. While she still can’t get over her behavior of wanting to be treated like a dog. And the game she had chosen this time was; “go back in time”.

The description of the game was as follows; Have you ever thought about how things would be nowadays if you had met the person you love as a child or if you had been childhood friends? This game is to take you back in time so you can go back to those golden years. Meaning, it’s a game designed to influence that person and how those actions are going to be reflected in the future. Of course there is no such thing as a time machine. But, the more I read about it, the more I was dumbfounded at the method to be used?

—Do we have to resort to hypnosis?!

—That’s right. You’ll have to hypnotize me, and then I can be Hikari-chan, the adorable little girl I was in primary school.

—Each thing that comes out of your mouth is much more disturbing than the last…

—I want you to imprint in my mind that I shouldn’t touch any man other than Shirou-kun…

—I think it’s a bit of a stretch to go that far…

—I knew you’d say something like that… Hey, are you sure you didn’t want to see me when I was in primary school?

—Yes, but, I don’t think it’s right…

—All right, if you don’t like the idea, I’m going to return this notebook to the school. There’s no point in having it if you don’t want to do it with me, and it’s something I only want to do with you, Shirou-kun.

Tachibana-san’s expression was sad, she was really looking forward to playing that kind of game with me. We haven’t had time to do things alone lately. And yet, she’s here striving to make up for that lost time, I could see tears welling up in her eyes at my rejection… I started to feel a strong pressure in my chest…

—Wait…! It’s okay… I’ll do it.

—Thank you, Shirou-kun! That makes me very happy! — Tachibana-san said happily.

—Let’s start with this…

—Yes! Let’s do it!

Since it was the first time we were doing something like this, I had my doubts about how hypnosis works, I asked Tachibana-san to try it with me first. 

We sat facing each other on the bed. The gesture of Tachibana-san sitting with her legs resting on it was quite easy on the eyes. She was holding a five Yen coin tied to a string in front of me, swaying back and forth. 

After a few minutes I was starting to feel sleepy….


[Tachibana-san’s perspective]

—Well, Shirou-kun. When I snap my fingers, you will become a baby.

There was no reaction from Shirou-kun after my words, it’s like he was in a trance, he just stared at the coin without saying anything else. I guess it worked after all. So, the next thing I did was to snap my fingers, and immediately Shirou-kun became much more cheerful.

—Come Shirou-kun, lie down on my lap.

As if he was an obedient child, he laid his head on me while babbling nonsense.

—Very good, Shirou-kun, you’re a good boy. I wish it would always be like that.

Shirou-kun laughed and started clapping his hands, it was quite a cute scene.

—I like you a lot, Shirou-kun… Oh, hey…! Don’t suck my thumb! Let go!

Hmmm, wait a moment… this actually gives me an idea…

—Hey, Shirou-kun, pay close attention. When you get back to normal, I want you to get really excited when you see me wearing pigtails and a school swimsuit… Do you understand?

As if he understood, Shirou-kun laughed while clapping his hands. 

—Good, that’s the way I like it. Now… When I snap my fingers, you’ll be back to normal, you’ll be the same old Shirou-kun. 

I snapped my fingers at the same time I said that, and in turn, Shirou-kun’s expression was no longer like that of a tender baby.


Hm, why am I on Tachibana-san’s legs, did it work? I wonder if the hypnosis was successful, although I feel like I’ve been in a very embarrassing situation…

—Hey, Tachibana-san, did it work?

—Definitely… Now it’s my turn, I want you to hypnotize me and take me back to when I was in primary school.

But before I could do that, she got up, and told me that she had to get ready first. After thirty minutes had passed, Tachibana-san came back, but with a different hairstyle, she had two pigtails in her hair, quite a different style than I’m used to seeing her have. And for some strange reason… I’m getting excited just seeing her like that. 

—Is something wrong, Shirou-kun?

—No, nothing… Everything’s fine.

Why, why am I feeling this way? I have so many desires to do naughty things with Tachibana-san. I tried my best to suppress all those urges and started to swing the coin in front of her. 

Tachibana-san’s eyes started to go numb, her eyelids closed little by little, it’s as if she had gone into a trance.

—Well, Tachibana-san, when I snap my fingers, you’ll go back to being Hikari-chan, a kind primary school girl.

After my words, I snapped my fingers, and from one moment to the next, her eyes widened. 

—Shirou Onii-chan. — said Tachibana-san cheerfully and in a very sweet voice.


—I’m hungry. Make me something. — says Hikari-chan as she pulls my sleeve towards the kitchen.

No wonder she’s hungry, after she threw up on my clothes.

—I see that you’re the kind of girl that her mother did everything for.

—I want Hikari’s secret food! The one my mother doesn’t know about!

Then she opens a door at the back of the pantry, and inside was a large number of rice noodle cups stacked in a messy pile. I don’t like the idea of her eating something as nutritionless as instant food, so I grabbed some ingredients from the fridge to make her a simple salad and scrambled eggs.

—Put some ketchup and mayonnaise on it too~.

It seems that Hikari-chan was a fan of ketchup and mayonnaise on her scrambled eggs. After I finished cooking, she carried the dishes to the living room, and happily started tasting. I just watched while she ate, and also wiped the sauce residue on her mouth with a wet wipe.

—It’s time for a break.

After she finished eating, she went back to her room and laid down on her bed, at the same time motioning for me to lie down next to her. So I curled up next to her. 

It was strange. Although her body and limbs were like those of a sixteen-year-old, her mannerisms, way of speaking, and facial expressions were like those of a first-grade girl.

—Umm, Shirou Onii-chan, Hikari is very confused.

—Why? What’s wrong?

—I love Shirou Onii-chan very much, and I will always love him. But… I’m also in love with Yanagi Onii-chan. And that confuses me a lot…

—…It’s very honest of you to say that.

—But, I don’t want to feel like that. I just want to think about you, Shirou Onii-chan.

—…I understand.

—Shirou Onii-chan doesn’t like this Hikari-chan? …Do you hate me?

—That’s not true.

I find this version of Tachibana-san very charming, someone honest and caring. But it’s not a realistic version of her, I like naturalness first and foremost.

—And with what I said won’t it make Shirou Onii-chan fall more in love with Hayasaka-san? Would you be able to choose Hayasaka-san over Hikari?

—Well, I…

—Aaah! I have long nails!

Before she could answer, Hikari-chan got distracted by a very banal topic that caused her to leave the room and return after a few minutes with a nail clipper. That’s very primary school girl behavior.


I placed Hikari-chan on my lap while sitting on the bed, and in turn began to cut her nails very carefully. She remained quiet and watched what I was doing carefully. The sound of clipping nails echoes in the room with a steady rhythm. Since she is a girl who cannot prepare her own food, cut her own nails or sleep alone, I have no choice but to take care of her. I have this compelling need to protect her.

Her fingers were beautiful, slender and long, like those of a ceramic doll. They are the proper fingers of a sophisticated piano player. Once I finished trimming her nails, I stroked her fingers from the back of her hand to the tips of her nails.

—It feels so good to be touched like this. — Hikari-chan said as she leaned against me and closed her eyes — It makes me feel very dear.

After I finished with her left hand, I moved on to her right. The expression on her face was ecstatic.  By the time I finished trimming her nails, I was captivated by the beauty of her fingers. I used the file to polish and shape her nails, smoothing the contours of my love and devotion to her.  Once I finished trimming her fingernails, I stroked her fingers once more, I really enjoyed doing this, and so did she. She was completely devoted to me, and doing this was nothing more than a way to show her my love. 

A person’s physique and face doesn’t count, when you are not willing to do these kinds of acts for the people you love, that’s where pure love lies.

—It’s time for the bath! — Hikari-chan says as she kicks me in the face and gets up from the bed with much trepidation.

—Bath time?

—Yes, Hikari is very sweaty, she needs a bath!

That’s right, Tachibana-san hadn’t showered when we came back from futsal. Only I had. I imagine she had been feeling uneasy about it all this time.

—And you’re going to help me Shirou Onii-chan!

—Um, Hikari-chan… Are you sure? 

—I can’t wash my hair by myself, Shirou Onii-chan, it’s your duty to do it.


The minds of Tachibana-san and Hikari-chan are very different. On one hand, we have a teenage girl who is shy when it comes to love, and the more she is aware of her feelings, the more embarrassed she feels about it. Whereas Hikari-chan is a free spirit who doesn’t think about such banalities and likes to enjoy the moment. The message in this game is clear. She wants me to force her to do something she wouldn’t normally be able to do.

—Out of clothes! Let’s get rid of everything! — Hikari-chan said as she raised her hands and I took off her sweatshirt.

She was in such an energetic mood that I had no choice but to take off her shirt and shorts as well. The underwear that appeared in front of me was of a boyish design. It was a very ample contrast compared to the body she has.

—From here on you will have to take off your clothes by yourself. I’ll just wash your hair, so make sure you cover your body well.

—Shirou Onii-chan is embarrassed to see Hikari naked!

—Don’t say things like that out loud.

—Well well, I’ll call you when I’m ready.

Thereupon, Hikari-chan grabbed a white towel and went into the bathroom while I undressed and put a towel around my waist. 

I don’t know what Tachibana-san is thinking of having generated a situation like this, I don’t want to think badly of her and that this is all an act with perverse thoughts behind it. I am trying my best not to possess inappropriate thoughts towards Hikari-chan, I just want to give her my pure and human love.

I tried to stifle any kind of unhealthy thoughts. When Hikari-chan called me to the bathroom, the first thing I saw when I entered was her wearing a white school swimsuit.

—Why are you using that?

—Because Shirou Onii-chan asked me to hide my body.

On the front was her name written in Hiragana. She brought it straight from school! She’s definitely prepared all this in advance, ever since she went back to reading that damn notebook!

And I don’t know why, but seeing Hikari-chan with that hairstyle, and wearing the school swimsuit, makes me feel really excited. Even though I don’t want it, an insatiable desire to touch her body and put my hands inside that swimsuit has been awakened.

—Shirou Onii-chan, are you okay…?

Hikari starts to wet her body with the hot water from the shower. The surface of her school swimsuit becomes shiny.

—Yes Shirou Onii-chan, you can rest assured, I won’t tell my mother or the teacher, you can do whatever you want with me.

The things Hikari-chan says were very dangerous… Although she is Tachibana-san at heart, her mental age is a separate issue. 

—We can do adult things together. Do all the mischief you want with me. Hikari is an inexperienced girl, so… Shirou Onii-chan can teach me.

My body started to move on its own, I was not conscious of myself, I only felt the desire to touch that wet and slender body. But then… Hikari-chan shouted as if she had remembered something, and came out of the bathroom with her body still wet. After a few seconds she came back, and in her hand was a brush along with a toothpaste.

—I have to brush my teeth, Shirou Onii-chan!

Apparently, when Tachibana-san was a child, she was the kind of girl who brushed her teeth when she took a shower.

—Come here, then.

I sat on the floor and placed Hikari-chan on my lap. She stands in front of me and places her hands around the back of my neck. I held her head with my left hand while holding the toothbrush with my right.

If I have to be honest, I have to say that Tachibana-san had a big problem with her plans. The fact that she wanted to go back to when she was in primary school so that she wouldn’t feel embarrassed did indeed work. But… She has uncontrollable behavior, causing there to be slight deviations from her original plan.

She opens her mouth wider so I can brush her back teeth.


Just like when I was trimming her nails. I brushed her teeth very carefully.

—Shirou Onii-chan, brush my tongue too.

—I didn’t know you were also very careful with it.

—Yes, I saw a video recommending it, they say it’s good for your health. 

—I see… But it will be my first time doing it, so I’m particularly bad at it.

Despite my answer, Hikari-chan agreed without any problems. So I placed the toothbrush on her tongue and started rubbing. But since I was inexperienced at this, I stuck the toothbrush in too deep, causing her to choke. 

—I’m so sorry, Hikari-chan!

—No, it’s okay, Shirou Onii-chan. The truth is, if it’s you… I don’t mind. I liked it, it felt really good.

She replied with a look of pleasure. So I brushed her pink little tongue again. Each time I pushed the brush deeper, her stomach contracted and her eyes filled with tears, but despite that, she was happy.

—The lower part of my abdomen tickles… Every time I think of Shirou Onii-chan, I get even more excited.

Tachibana-san you’re such a cheat! After all it was your idea! You planned this from the beginning!

The more I kept brushing her tongue on the back of her throat, Hikari-chan’s body reacted. And after a few seconds I began to notice something curious. I saw water dripping down the inside of her thighs, so I came and scooped some up with my fingers.

—Hikari-chan, what is this? It’s not water.

—I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Shirou Onii-chan, I’m a dirty girl, I need to be punished, punish me a lot, Onii-chan.

I think I’ll have to do more than punish her. 

—You can do anything you want to me. All the naughty things that Shirou Onii-chan can think of.

—…Are you serious?

It would be easy to imagine what would happen next. Tachibana-san nodded shyly with blushing cheeks looking embarrassed.

From here on, it would be quite inconsiderate of me if I give details about what happened between the two of us. But what I can say is that it was very pleasant.


I was drying Tachibana-san’s hair in her room. 

A lot of things happened in the bathroom, and for various reasons I can’t even begin to number, she couldn’t get up or walk on her own, so I had to bring her here, change her clothes and now help her with her hair. 

And as expected, we were in an over reflective mood. We agreed not to continue with the games in that diabolical notebook. And if we did it again, it is totally forbidden to make plans far in advance.

—It was amazing, though. I became Shirou-kun’s doll, that makes me happy.

—I treated you with a lot of love.

—How did it feel to do what you wanted with me as a primary school girl?

—I just took care of you.

—Really? Well… I have a feeling in my body that tells me otherwise.

—Don’t say anything…

—I’ll have Hikari-chan make more appearances in the future.

—No, it won’t be like that.

—When we go on a date, who would you rather take? Hikari-chan? Or Hikari as a dog?

—They’re both good choices.

I’m glad Tachibana-san is enjoying this. She’s been in a very unstable state of mind lately.

—Hey, Shirou-kun, were you able to print something in my head?

—Why do you ask?

—Well, it’s just that… When your hands usually touch my hair, I… I feel really good…

—Oh, that.

To be honest, I did do something during Tachibana-san’s state…

—So… You made me only feel comfortable and happy when I’m touched by you? That’s not good.

Tachibana-san was a bit worried, her skin itself is very sensitive, including her five senses. So, every time I touch her, that feeling is heightened tenfold.

—I did it because you probably imprinted something unusual in my head as well.

—…That… That’s not true.

Tachibana-san becomes uncomfortable and looks away. She has obviously given herself away.

—Tell me what you did to me, or I’ll do this…

—Wait, Shirou-kun!

I hugged Tachibana-san from behind. She tried to resist while wriggling her body, but quickly calmed down and started rubbing her thighs.

—No… Shirou-kun… This underwear is new…

—Tell me what you’ve done to me.

—I… I made you get excited every time you saw me wearing pigtails and a school bathing suit.

—You’ve turned me into a criminal! Hurry up and erase that from my head!


Tachibana-san replied while being in my arms and exhaling sweetly and softly. She approached the desk, but instead of taking the five yen coin, what she grabbed was some hair ties and put her pigtails back on.

—That’s not fair!

—In war and love, all is fair! Besides… There’s still a little more time before my piano lesson starts.

Tachibana-san was still in my arms, her skin was moist and her body temperature was warm. This is what I turned her into, the kind of girl who has to change her underwear just because I’m around.

—Well, now that I think about it, I also have a little more time before my shift at work starts.

At this moment… We both nodded, as if we knew what we should do next.


—Shirou Onii-chan…

With a feeling of pleasure that we normally don’t reach, bringing our lips close to each other, but just before we kissed…

—I’m back~ Huh? Onee-chan, have you cooked yet?

We hear a voice coming from outside. The footsteps coming towards us from the kitchen were fast, and from one moment to the next. The door opens loudly without even knocking.

—I thought you were hungry, I was a bit worried, so I went to the store and bought some… Food…

Miyuki saw both of us hugging each other at the same time she dropped the food on the floor. Then, after standing at the door for a while, she opened her mouth.

—Huh? What are you doing with my hair elastic? — she said with a terribly cold expression on her face.


After the whole embarrassing situation with Miyuki, we proceeded to erase everything we had imprinted in each other’s minds, making everything as if nothing had happened.

We were both standing on the platform waiting for the train. I’m heading to my part-time job and Tachibana-san to her piano lessons.

—Your sister hates me.

Miyuki knows that Tachibana-san is engaged to Yanagi-senpai, so she didn’t like at all that I, a nobody, was doing inappropriate things with her sister.

—I don’t care what my sister thinks, it has nothing to do with how I feel.

—Are you sure you’ll get along after this?

—That’s not the point now. Shirou-kun, you didn’t do what I asked you to do, you could have implanted in my head to stop liking Yanagi-kun, besides any other man… But I guess you’re afraid of influencing me and my family, right, Shirou-kun?

—Well, that’s…

—You’ll feel guilty if something bad might happen, right? That’s why you don’t want that kind of responsibility.

That’s true. Every time I think about the consequences it might bring on Tachibana-san’s family situation or her future, it terrifies me. She was so angry that she wouldn’t even look at me.

—You think that if you choose Hayasaka-san, everything will be fine with me and Yanagi-kun, therefore, nothing in my future or my family would be harmed.

Continuing to have a relationship with both of them at the same time is no longer feasible. The day will come when we will graduate and each of us will have to choose what kind of future we will have. It’s obvious that Tachibana-san is going to get engaged to Yanagi-senpai and eventually get married.

—You even planned to be with Hayasaka-san for Christmas.

—About that…

In the past few weeks we’ve been doing a lot of things together starting from the point about who will spend Christmas with whom. Making there to be a buoyant tension between the three of us. But the truth is, there’s a half-truth that Tachibana-san hasn’t wanted to face, and that’s been bothering me.

—Tachibana-san, being together on Christmas is impossible. It was like that from the beginning.

After saying this, Tachibana-san’s face turned pale. There was no reply, her silence was a sign of affirmation to my words.

Yes, I knew from the beginning that everything was arranged. Even if I wished for it and had tried my best, Tachibana-san and I were not going to spend Christmas together, and the reason was simple…

—You always knew that you would spend that day with Yanagi-senpai, you knew that I wouldn’t have a chance with you, and yet, you gave me a choice between Hayasaka-san and you.

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese

Kirishima and Hayasaka are two classmates who have a secret relationship in public.

In their school life they pretend that they don't know each other, but behind the scenes there is much more to them than people can imagine. The two get into a relationship that is difficult to break and ends up being impure, unhealthy, and complicated, as the relationship between them was nothing more than an affair that simply created a love triangle before Kirishima's first love and his second love.


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