If I help sisters who hate boys without telling my name, what will happen next [Volume 3]

New school year in cherry season

April 6th: Finally, the first day of classes as a second-year student has arrived.

Taking a glance outside, cherry blossom petals danced in the air, and these cherry trees should beautify the upcoming entrance ceremony.

While I hoped it would be a good memory for the new students, I ironically smiled, thinking that perhaps few high school students would be as excited about cherry blossoms.

—Dad, Mom, I’ve made it to the second year.

After getting ready for school, I stood in front of the family altar. I spoke to my parents about my progression to the second year, facing their photos.

Of course, it’s natural that I’ve grown a lot compared to when my parents were alive, but still, it’s a bit sad not to be able to show them all of this.

—…Maybe I’m being a bit whimsical.

After contemplating the photos for a while, I left home for school.

Spring break has ended, and now it’s the beginning of a new life… Even though the path to school hadn’t changed at all, it was refreshing in terms of mood.

—Ah, good morning.

—Good morning.

I greeted an elderly couple out for a walk, then continued on and passed by the Shinjo family’s house, and to my surprise, my friends were waiting for me.

—Hey, Hayato!

—You finally made it.

—It’s not that big of a deal… Good morning to both of you.

These two boys, sharing knowing smiles, are my close friends and best male friends. Souta and Kaito know about my family situation and always care for me. They are genuinely considerate friends.

—Hey, do you think we’ll be separated in class?

—Well, it’s a possibility. In fact, it would be a miracle if we weren’t, don’t you think?

—Yes, you’re right.

With the class change, we anticipate seeing entirely new faces compared to last year. We might end up being separated, or there’s a chance I could end up in the same class as Arisa and Aina. If that happens, even if we keep our relationship secret, we’ll probably have more opportunities to talk in the classroom than before.

By the way, even though we didn’t spend much time together during spring break, I asked them what they had been up to.

—I was watching anime and reading manga!

—I hit the gym! You gotta keep this body in shape!

Souta was fully immersed in his otaku interests, while Kaito seemed to have been exercising to maintain his impressive physique.

After asking them that, it was natural for them to ask me a question too.

—And you, what were you up to?

True, Hayato’s replies in the group chat used to be delayed, were you that busy?

…How should I respond to this? During spring break, I spent most of my time surrounded by Arisa, Aina, and with Sakina joining in, it was really lively.

From studying for the second year to having fun like a student, everything was colored by the warmth I received, enough to leave loneliness behind.

—Let’s say I was up to plenty of exciting things.

—I see.

—Haha, I was worried you’d be all alone and down. But it seems my fears were unfounded.

I hadn’t expected my friends to be concerned about me. Thinking about that, I felt so grateful for how caring these two were, and I moved to hug them.

—Hey, if you wanted to hang out, you could’ve just said so!

—So, after school today, let’s go somewhere! Anyway, school ends at noon!

So, spontaneously, we decided on our after-school plans. After that, still embracing each other, we headed towards school…

As we walked along the path filled with cherry blossom petals, I thought about how beautiful it would be to walk this place with Arisa and Aina. Maybe we would take a picture together to capture this idyllic moment.

While thinking about that, I was surprised to see them walking ahead of us.

—Hey, look at them!

—…They are so beautiful, aren’t they?

Arisa and Aina walked with their friends, unaware of us, continuing on their way to school.

—This will be my year… I want a girlfriend! I want a beautiful girlfriend like those sisters!

Since Souta had spoken so confidently that this year would be the definitive one, I just couldn’t resist asking him.

—If you were to get a girlfriend, what do you think you would do with her?

I was just curious.

And it’s not just Souta I was concerned about, but also Kaito. I was very curious about what kind of life they would lead if they actually got a girlfriend.

Souta seemed surprised by my question and, with his arms crossed, he thought deeply.

After a while in silence, he sighed as if he were disappointed. With a look of complete despair, he weakly opened his mouth.

—I…There’s really nothing I want to do even if I had a girlfriend… I’m an otaku, so I don’t have confidence in getting along even if I had a girlfriend…

—Hey, don’t cry, Souta!

—That’s right! You just need someone who accepts you as you are!

Kaito and I comforted Souta. Despite constantly expressing his desire to have a girlfriend, it seems he is disillusioned when he thinks about it from a realistic perspective…

However, seeing Souta in that state, it seems that Kaito is also reflecting on various things.

—I haven’t had a girlfriend either, and I used to be someone troublesome… I don’t have any plus points…

—I can’t start creating an uncomfortable atmosphere at the beginning of the new semester!

Noticing the looks from other students, I quickly told them to leave and patted them on the back to get them moving.

—Sorry, I don’t like facing reality when it comes to these things… Hah…

—Yeah, it’s quite depressing…

This is too bothersome, so I just stayed quiet and didn’t continue with the jokes. I’m quite tired.

By the way, Arisa and Aina, who were ahead of me, apparently noticed all the commotion and saw me laughing and having fun with my friends.

—Hey, don’t you realize you’re attracting a lot of attention?

—Oh… Did the Shinjo sisters notice too?

—…Seriously, they are beautiful even when they laugh.

Of course, they are my amazing girlfriends.

Uh, is this how you say it in this kind of situation? But with this phrase, I’m not saying I’m amazing, but that they are amazing, so it’s not that bad, right?

After that torturous walk, we arrived at school quickly.

The first thing we headed to was the bulletin board beyond our lockers. There was a paper posted with the class distribution.


—Coolt! We’re together again!

—Count on me throughout the year!

Just as Souta and Kaito said, once again, we ended up in the same class. And the important thing is… While Arisa was in the same class as me, Aina ended up in another.


—…You’re so lucky, little sister.

Arisa was delighted to see the class distribution, while Aina looked at her with envy.

Aina is the only one who knows why Arisa is so happy, while her friends don’t understand the reason behind her excitement and joy.

(She’s probably happy to be in the same class as me, right?)

Although that may be the reason. I think that thinking that way is too self-centered…

But I was also happy to realize that this was probably true, yet I felt sorry for not being in the same class as Aina… It seems I’ll have to handle both Arisa’s happiness and Aina’s disappointment for some time.

—Anyway, we’re in the same class again!

—Haha! We’ll be able to spend time together without worries!

The excitement of Souta and Kaito rose upon seeing the class distribution.

However, it wasn’t just Arisa; there were many other students who were equally happy. Right behind me and beside me, I saw boys who were also thrilled to be in the same class as Arisa and Aina.

—Let’s go into the classroom for now.

I suggested to the two and we headed towards the classroom where we will spend the next year.

There were already more than half of the students in the classroom, some of whom were my classmates last year, as well as those who were not. It was an exciting sight.

After confirming my seat on the list posted on the blackboard, I moved away from the two for a moment to gather my things and head to my seat.


I looked around the classroom again.

As I mentioned before, the other half of the students were still missing… All of them would become study partners in the coming year.

—I’m happy to be in the same class as Shinjo-san!

—Yes, it’s not like I’m thinking of dating her, but… I hope we can be good friends, at least!

—Why don’t you just say you want to date her?

—There’s no way that’s going to happen! Besides… You have to be pretty handsome to date someone at that level, and you’d certainly attract the attention of the popular guys.

—…Yes, I guess you’re right.

There are certainly other girls who are also topics of conversation, but undoubtedly the spotlight is on them.

—Hey, Domoto. I hope we can get along well this year too!

—Yes, of course. Likewise.

The boy sitting nearby called out to me from his seat. Although we haven’t interacted much, it’s reassuring to receive greetings like this.

Souta and Kaito were also chatting with other nearby guys, seeming to integrate quickly, which eased my mind a little.

(…am I the guardian of those two?)

When I first saw them, well… I couldn’t ignore them.

Recalling what happened last year, the boy next to me, Inoue, who greeted me earlier, tapped me on the shoulder.

—Hey, Domoto.

—What’s up?

—Domoto… Aren’t you interested in kendo?

Kendo… I think my expression clearly changed upon hearing those words.

But why kendo all of a sudden?

—Well, the truth is I’m somewhat interested in kendo… In our school, there is a kendo club, but the number of members is small, right? It’s like an informal club, but it’s catching my attention.


—It seems there are only three members in the club… And, well, I’m not even sure if they are active, but somehow it seems cool.

—I see.

—It seems like you’re not interested at all…

—It’s not that I’m not interested at all, but I have no intention of joining a club.

—I understand… That’s a pity.

Inoue seemed genuinely disappointed.

Kendo… I used to practice it in high school and even took part in a national tournament… But in the end, due to family circumstances, I had no intention of joining a club in high school.

Now, thanks to everyone in the Shinjo family, I obviously have the mental calmness I need, but still, the idea of joining a club… Well, I feel it’s not necessary.


While pondering this, Arisa finally entered the classroom.

All eyes in the classroom turned towards her, and some boys were so excited they couldn’t contain their enthusiasm, clearly indicating how popular she was.

After confirming her seat, Arisa glanced at me and made her way to her seat, which, to be honest, was on the opposite side from Inoue’s seat.

—This is my seat… What…?!


—This year we’re in the same class again!

As soon as Arisa sat down, a group of girls who seemed to be her friends all approached together.

While Arisa chatted animatedly with them, she glanced over at me occasionally.

(Last year we were in different classes, but this year… We are much closer to each other…)

—Arisa-san and Domoto… They seem separated, yet at the same time, they’re not.

Actually, I would like to tell that guy, who’s giving me an unpleasant look as if he doesn’t like me being his neighbor by chance, not to look at me like that.

(…But… We’re actually dating. And furthermore, with both sisters at the same time… Not only the entire class but all the students in the school are interested in these beautiful sisters.)

It’s natural to feel a slight sense of superiority in this situation, but I won’t exaggerate or make any mistakes. I just want to protect this relationship with them, and above all, I don’t want to sadden Arisa and Aina.

—Alright, Arisa, let’s go.

—Yes, see you later.

While I was lost in my thoughts, it seems they finished their conversation, and their friends, waving their hands, returned to their seats.

Of course, I’m concerned about Aina, who ended up in another class, but I’m even more concerned about Arisa, who is now clearly closer.

(…Yes, it’s precisely because she’s closer…)

It was at that moment, when I muttered that quietly, that Arisa called me.


With her soft voice, she called me, and though I flinched, I turned my gaze towards her.

Arisa looked directly at me, unaffected by the curious glances around us, and continued speaking.

—Since we’re neighbors, I would love for us to get along from now on.

While smiling slightly, her expression was just like the one I see at home.

Our relationship cannot be revealed… But now that we are sitting close, it wouldn’t be strange to get along in the classroom.

—Yes. Pleased to meet you, Ari… I mean, Shinjo-san.


Seeing me about to accidentally say her name, Arisa laughed.

Her gesture of covering her mouth and suppressing laughter remained adorable, and seeing her like that tempted me to address her with my usual voice and style.

But since there was no one nearby, I spoke to her softly enough for Arisa to hear me.

—Pleased to meet you, Arisa.

To this, Arisa nodded slightly with a smile.

—Yes, pleased to meet you too, Hayato-kun.

It’s natural to use our names in a private setting, but calling them in school made it shift gears.

The exchange of words we just had, in a whisper, was a secret exchange between the two of us… And even now, I feel a slight sense of superiority towards the guys looking at Arisa.

—Now that we are neighbors, I want us to get along. Oh, my sister will probably come here often, so I ask you to treat her well when that happens.

—Ahh… Yes, I understand.

—Thank you♪

Surely, if Arisa is here, it wouldn’t be strange for Aina to also come to this class.

Each time this happens, there will be a point of contact with them in school, and I will be able to enjoy new days… Yes, it’s not bad at all, in fact, I’m excited.

As I smoothly exchange words with Arisa like this, the teacher arrives and starts the morning meeting.

It’s the first day after moving up a grade, so the morning assembly was a bit longer than usual. Topics about the entrance ceremony for tomorrow and simple class matters were discussed, all marking the beginning of a new day.

While listening to the teacher speak, I felt someone throwing sidelong glances from the seat next to mine.

My seat… That is, next to Arisa, is also the furthest from the front of the classroom, making it hard for the teacher to see from their position.

That’s why, even when I address Arisa, it’s easy for her not to notice.

—Is something wrong?

When I quietly asked, Arisa wrote something in the corner of her notebook and showed it to me.

[What will you do after school?]

When I saw that, I was greatly surprised.

Because… Because this is what is called written communication, right? A means to communicate in a situation where words can’t be exchanged directly… And moreover, she’s doing it with me, her boyfriend! Somehow, this touched me.

[I’m going out with my friends. Sorry, Arisa.]

Upon seeing my response, Arisa appeared clearly disappointed, but quickly nodded as if changing the subject.

(When I see that expression on her face, I feel the urge to prioritize her… But I don’t want to break the promise I made with my friends at the beginning…)

Today we had agreed to have dinner at the Shinjo house, so I wrote to her that I wanted to be affectionate with her from the moment she arrived until I left, and Arisa responded with a big smile.

(Although I didn’t intend to be so affectionate, I feel lucky that she’s so happy.)

But this agreement is like one I also made with Aina, who isn’t here.

Indeed, with Aina, I can clearly imagine that I will simply pamper her as a way of making it up to her, even including the fact that our classes are different. Even that is something I look forward to.

Today there are no classes, but, evidently, there is a break… Which means Aina would come here at that time.


—Oh, Aina.

The moment she entered the classroom, Aina drew the boys’ attention, as expected.

Although she approached where Arisa was, standing together, even I couldn’t help but look away.


Simply put… Aina, upon seeing me, showed a disgusted expression.

I soon understood that the cause of her expression was related to the class separation, but there was nothing I could do about it…

—Aina, stop it.


Aina was firmly reprimanded by Arisa.

Once the two were together, their mutual friends began to gather around them.



The friends who often hang out with the two approached, and soon, other girls joined, turning the place into a girls’ area.

—Let’s have fun!

Meanwhile, a striking girl sat at my desk.

Clearly, her behavior wasn’t the best, and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was okay to do that with someone present. Arisa scolded the girl for her actions.

—Can you stop that? It’s rude, don’t you think?

—Oh… I’m sorry, I did it without realizing.

After being reprimanded by Arisa, the girl quickly backed off.

Although I thought I might receive an unpleasant look, the girl sincerely apologized and even clasped her hands in apology, so I quickly told her it was okay and smiled.

—Oh… Thank you, Shinjo-san.

After expressing my gratitude, I was about to head towards Souta, who looked bored, but Aina suddenly stopped me.

—Wait a moment, Domoto-kun.


Caught off guard, I let out a rather loud exclamation.

I couldn’t hide the clumsiness of my response at that moment, so I just looked at Aina resignedly, and she continued with a teasing expression.

—When we talked earlier, I thought of something… Both Arisa and I have the last name Shinjo, right? If so, wouldn’t it be easier if you called us Arisa and Aina instead of using our last name? That way, there won’t be any confusion.


I’ll make a statement: Aina definitely finds this situation amusing!

While Arisa stares at me with cold eyes, Aina, unruffled, looks only at me.

…Alright, I’ll respond to this challenge with all my might.

—Understood, Shinjo-san!

—[Are you doing this on purpose?!]

I felt great satisfaction seeing Aina surprised by my response.

Even their friends, who were watching our interaction, seemed to be enjoying and laughing.

It seems my response wasn’t a mistake… Well, although I’m receiving some sharp looks from the guys.

—…Dealing with you is tough, Domoto-kun.

—Better luck next time, Aina. Also, the bell will ring soon. You should go back.


Reluctantly, she replied and withdrew…

With the relief that the storm called Aina had passed, I sat in my seat completely forgetting that I had originally intended to go towards Souta.

In this situation, Arisa spoke softly.

—I’m sorry. That girl feels very lonely.

—…I see.

With everything that just happened, I truly believe it would have been good if the three of us were in the same class.

Time passed quickly, and soon it was 11:30.

It was the end of the first day of classes for the second year, and everyone was preparing to go home. It was then that Aina quickly arrived at the classroom.

Through Arisa, Aina learned that I wouldn’t go to their house until the afternoon, and she couldn’t hide her displeasure, clearly showing her anger and pursing her lips, just like during the break.


—I understand… When you come back, I’ll pamper you a lot!

I should feel happy about what they’re saying, but I shudder with fear a bit.

Their friends invited them to go out with them, and instead of accepting, they said they would spend a quiet day at home with their sister… However.

—I think we should all go sing at the karaoke together and bond. What do you say?

These words came from a boy’s mouth.

It seems he’s only inviting his close friends who are beside him, and by ‘everyone’ he refers to, it doesn’t seem like he’s indicating the whole class group.

—Let’s go, Hayato?


—I’m hungry, so let’s grab a bite first.

As we were about to leave the classroom, we stopped when we noticed Arisa and Aina were together.

Souta and Kaito paused to let the two go first, so I did the same.

—Haha, see you.

—See you tomorrow!

Arisa nodded slightly, while Aina waved her hand.

While Souta and Kaito responded nervously, the boy who had mentioned going to karaoke earlier spoke to them.

—Wait a moment, hold on. Shinjo-san, won’t you come with us to karaoke? We can all chat together and grab a meal too.

In response to this, Souta muttered quietly: “I hate extroverts.

The two girls who were invited just gave a sideways glance and, showing no interest, shook their heads.

—Sorry, we don’t usually hang out much with people of the opposite sex.

—I agree with my sister. Why don’t you try inviting other guys? Besides, as for me, I’m in a different class.

—Don’t say that… I mean, Aina-san, even if you are in a different class, you are more than welcome! Come on, let’s all have fun together!

Although the reason for their close relationship doesn’t matter, inviting them again after being rejected once can come off as a bit insistent.

Moreover, it’s not just the exchange of words, but the moment the boy tried to hold the hands of the two, I intervened to stop him.

—Why are you so insistent? Don’t you understand what rejection is? — I said while grabbing the boy’s arm.

—Eh? Why are you interfering…?

—Both of them said they wanted to spend a quiet time together as sisters today. Why insist so much on inviting them?


Initially, the boy looked at me angrily, but slowly, he began to lose his momentum.

The two are so beautiful that they are called ‘the beautiful sisters.’ I’ve seen many times where they are invited this way, but this insistence is too much, and I have no choice but to stop it.

I can’t express it openly, but as their boyfriend, I naturally feel a sense of possessiveness telling me that he shouldn’t interfere with my girls… Of course, I feel sorry for it.

—We’re leaving now, but do you want to come with us for a while? — I said while looking directly at Arisa and Aina.


I don’t know where this confidence came from, but I did it without much thought.

Arisa and Aina immediately agreed to my proposal and walked alongside me as if the boy who invited them hadn’t been there from the beginning.


As for that boy, even though he gave up, he clicked his tongue before leaving.

I can’t help but think that it’s not right to make obvious noises with the tongue in front of girls, but seeing that behavior, I feel a strong conviction that he will never try something like that in front of them again. 

As I thought about that, the five of us headed towards the dressing room. 

Even though Souta and Kaito were extremely nervous, I, on the other hand, had no inhibitions in dealing with them. 

Of course, I made sure not to make comments that hinted at a relationship, but occasionally Aina seemed like she was going to touch me and then quickly pulled her hand back; she was so adorable. 

—Well, the three of us will say goodbye here. 

—See you later! 

We waved goodbye as they both walked away from us together. After a few seconds, we also left. 

—Hey, Hayato. 


—You’ve helped the Shinjo sisters before…  


—Being able to act naturally to protect them in that way… It’s genuinely cool. 

—You think so? 

I was surprised when Souta suddenly told me it was cool, but it seemed that Kaito also thought the same, nodding as he crossed his arms and opened his mouth. 

—I knew Hayato was a cool guy, but seriously, lately… It’s as if that attitude is natural in you. It doesn’t feel like you’re trying to please the girls; it’s as if you really are like that. 

—Hey, don’t analyze things so simply. 

Or rather, it’s uncomfortable and even embarrassing! 

After that, once we finished our lunch at the restaurant and spent time bowling and at karaoke, we had a fun time that, despite not being different from the usual, was definitely enjoyable. 

—Well guys, I trust you this second year!

—Yes, of course. 

—Let’s have fun this year too. 

As if we were recreating a scene from a youth manga in real life, we had that kind of exchange before parting ways.


—Sis, how envious… How envious! 

—Enough already… You’re bothering me, Aina. 

It was already late afternoon, almost the time when Hayato would come. 

Mom should also be back, and I have to take care of dinner, bath, and other things, but Aina keeps hugging me from behind all the time. 

It’s really a problem… 

—Are you so jealous? 

—Of course! Switch places with me in class!

—No, thanks. 


Even if you make that angry face, do you think you could switch places in class? Well, it’s exaggerated, but no matter how much money I offer, I’m not interested in changing. 

Being next to the person I love… That’s what I’ve been wishing for since last year. 

—There’s no way that will happen. In fact, you should be happy that it’s me who is next to Hayato instead of another girl, don’t you think? 

—That’s true, but… Haah… Well, at least it’s better for it to be my sister by his side. 

Even if I had been in the same class, I’m really glad to be by his side instead of another girl, I would’ve been so jealous! 

—Anyway… The way Hayato saved us today, it was amazing, don’t you think? 

—Yes… Didn’t that boy think about how pushy he was?

—That’s the problem, they don’t think about it, that’s why they are so annoying. Moreover, if you consider the fact that they are always approaching us with such proposals, it’s not surprising. 

—That’s true, but… Look, it’s fine if it’s the post-sports festival party or the school festival where a lot of people gather, but I don’t like the idea of hanging out with a group of guys outside of school casually. 

—I agree with that. 

I consider it important to maintain good relationships with my classmates… However, I have no intention of enduring an unpleasant environment just to maintain those relationships, and that’s a thought I don’t intend to change in the future. 

—But setting aside the boys who are so insistent, when it comes to girls, isn’t it great to share a classroom again with one of them? 

—Yes. Today, I spoke for the first time with some girls, and they all seemed nice, so I feel relieved. 

—Yes, yes♪ 

Not just me, it seems that Aina is also really at ease regarding her friendships. Although, there’s something that’s starting to bother me… 

—Aina, it’s time to let go. 

—Nooo~ Just a little bit more like this~ I’m not being selfish, it’s just the wish of a younger sister who wants to pamper her dear older sister!


I don’t mind her hugging me, but suddenly, she squeezed my chest, and that’s a very sensitive area. 



Aina squeezed my chest… I understand that in Aina’s case, this is just an affectionate gesture. 

However, there’s only one thing I remember when this happens to me: it’s the moment when Hayato-kun touched my chest. 

It was a brief moment, but the sweet and tingling sensation of that moment is unforgettable.

Feeling the touch of the person I deeply love stirs an indescribable joy within me, particularly in such a tender moment. The overwhelming longing to give myself completely to Hayato-kun, the keeper of my heart, is beyond my control. 

(But I can’t help but wonder, is my intense response a result of my bold nature?)

As I pondered this, Aina unexpectedly pressed against my chest. 

The sudden sensation triggered a swift reaction in me – a mix of determination to resist and a compelling urge to not yield to my sister. Taking her by surprise, I swiftly overpowered Aina, casting her to the ground in a moment of impulsivity.

 Aina didn’t respond with anger but with defiance in her eyes. “Why, sister, you’ve done well.”

—It’s not my fault if you were careless… 

I began, contemplating how to reprimand her.

—Sis, you’re giving off such a wicked vibe!

—You’re the one to blame–not me!

—Sounds like dialogue from a manga. — she retorted.

I edged in closer to Aina with an ulterior motive, appearing to overpower her, yet anticipating reclaiming my dominant role after so long. 

—Sis, you scare me!!

—I, too, sport this demeanor occasionally. Doesn’t it feel quite nostalgic? While we didn’t engage in physical skirmishes like this before, we often battled over pride, didn’t we?

—But every time, you were the one who conceded!

—Shut up!

It’s time for me to assert my authority as the elder sister. I seldom mimic others to exert dominance or display superiority, so seizing control brought about a revitalizing sensation.

—So, how should I reprimand you?

—Aahh, sister, bad and good things are happening to me!

Although she showed no signs of being cornered, Aina spoke in a tone that seemed to provoke me… No, it’s not like that, is it? Today I’m the one who’s cornering you, so don’t have so much fun!

Perhaps because I was provoked, I did the same as Aina had just done to me: I put my hands on her breasts, which had grown as much as mine.

But… It was at that moment that tragedy struck.

—We heard voices, are you okay… Arisa? Aina’s home too, right?

The living room door opened with a click.

While I laid Aina on the floor and touched her chest, Hayato-kun and Mum looked at us with a stunned expression.

—Sakina-san, do you need help with something?

—Yes, could you peel the carrots and vegetables?

—Hey, at least react a little!

—Yes, it’s unbearable that you two don’t say anything!

Although it was my fault, the lack of reaction was hard to bear…

When I explained how we ended up in this situation, Hayato-kun and Mum nodded and laughed.

—But it was refreshing to see something so unusual. Arisa, I didn’t know you did that with Aina.

—Both brought back memories for me too. They were both like that when they were little.

Aina and I looked away in embarrassment because of the warm looks that Hayato-kun and Mama gave us.

It was true that I was homesick, and I also felt obliged to show my dignity as an older sister in front of Aina. However, I realized that it was an oversight not to have noticed that Hayato-kun and Mum had returned, and I regretted it.

—I’ll prepare the bathroom.

With that, I left the room to calm down a bit.

While making sure that the hems of my clothes didn’t get wet, and that everyone could use the bathroom comfortably…

—I’m going to help you.

—Is that you, Hayato-kun?

Hayato-kun suddenly appeared and started cleaning.

Although I was surprised, I was very happy to be alone with him.

And so, time passed after dinner.

We were together, keeping the promise we made at school: to be affectionate with each other.

—Hayato-kun ♪

—Hahaha, isn’t this the best, right? ♪

Of course, as I snuggled up, it was natural for Aina to join us, and Hayato-kun ended up caught between us, unable to move at all… But it’s okay, right? He doesn’t seem bothered, in fact, he looks happy.

—You know, every time I think that Arisa and Aina are no longer in the same class, I can’t help but feel sad, but I guess it can’t be helped.

—Hahaha… Indeed, I thought it would be nice if Aina were also in the same class.

—Although being alone with Arisa is also beautiful, I think the days would have been even better if Aina were with us too.

Hayato and mom were talking enthusiastically, and their words filled me with happiness.

—I’ve always felt the same way as you… I wanted to be in the same class as Hayato, sit by your side, and always feel your presence… I feel like a little girl falling in love with the first boy that catches her eye.

—I would have liked to be in the same class as you too, Hayato…

—Give up, Aina.

—Ugh! You’re so cheeky!

Aina looked at me with frustration as I smiled proudly.

Hayato and mom looked at us with a concerned but tender smile… Ah, I really love this atmosphere.

—It’s okay, it’s okay! Anyway, this way we can cuddle even more!

As Aina clung even tighter to Hayato, I also embraced her tightly, pressing my whole body against his.

Even now, he still blushes when we do this… Haha, he’s really so cute.


—What is it?

It was at that moment, while Aina and I felt Hayato’s body heat.

He began to speak with a serious tone, and Aina and I, still clinging to him, straightened up a bit.

—As we become second-year students, a new stage will begin in our lives. I, as Arisa and Aina’s boyfriend, will protect them no matter what. Of course, both of you are very kind, so this doesn’t mean one-sided protection, right? That’s why I want to give my all with you and share happy and fun days.

…Hayato… Do you realize?

You should realize that both Aina and I are looking at you with passionate eyes… This clearly makes me happy… So happy that I can’t help but smile.


However, at that moment, I saw Mom blush at the sight of Hayato’s serious expression.

When Mom and I made eye contact, she coughed slightly to cover it up, but he didn’t let her escape.

—Oh, and of course, Sakina-san is included too. I want you to be part of Arisa and Aina’s happiness, because if Sakina-san smiles too, I will feel even happier!

Hayato’s expression as he said this was a dazzling smile… And Mom, seeing that smile directly…

–Y–Yes… Yes!

Mom replied with a clearly excited smile.

–Hey, sister.

—What’s up?

—Hayato-kun is definitely dangerous, in a certain sense.

—Yes. He’s like a special charm for our bloodline.

—What are you two talking about…?

Hayato needs to be aware. He has a special charm that affects not only Aina and me, but even Mom.

—Oh, it’s getting late.


—I see…

Upon hearing Hayato’s words and looking at the clock, Aina and I sighed clearly disappointed.

Tonight wasn’t a night to stay over, so there wasn’t much we could do about it. Although we would see each other soon the next day, farewells always feel a bit sad.

—Actually, I’ve been holding it in for a while… I need to go to the bathroom.

—Be careful.

Apparently, Aina had been holding in the urge to go to the bathroom for quite a while but didn’t want to go because she longed so much to cling to Hayato, as if she thought it would be a waste of time to separate from him.

After she left with the promise to return soon, I turned to Hayato.

—Hey, Hayato-kun…


—What you said… It was really cool.

—Really? After a while, I thought maybe I overdid it.

—No, not at all. Both Aina and I, and even Mom, seemed happy, don’t you think?

Actually, anything Hayato says makes me happy.

I proceeded to hug him while resting my cheek on his chest, causing him to hug me back and wrap his arms around me.

—Hayato-kun… I hope to rely on you this year.

—Of course, I’ll be by your side at all times. After all, I need you, Arisa.

So far, I’ve felt a mix of excitement for the new life ahead, as well as the annoyance of being the subject of unpleasant looks, but this year is completely different.

The fact that Hayato is close in school… I sincerely appreciate the miracle of being in the same class, and even more, in the adjacent seat.

—Hayato, I love you.

I’m sure this year will be more fun than ever… I’m very certain of it!


If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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