If I help sisters who hate boys without telling my name, what will happen next [Volume 3]

Overcoming obstacles

At the entrance ceremony, the gazes of the already enrolled students were fixed on the new, lined-up students.

Last year, I was also in that position, but I had quite a few doubts about whether I could get along well in new human relationships, in addition to the expectations for my new life.

As I reflected on that, in the middle of the entrance ceremony, I was surprised to find myself yawning and covered my mouth with my hand.

Fortunately, many of my classmates also seemed sleepy, and some even yawned openly without covering their mouths.

—From now on, all of you will be classmates who will work together in this school. Both teachers and older students should support your school lives.

Unlike me, she did not yawn at all; she kept a straight posture and looked straight ahead.

While I thought she looked impressive even just sitting there, once I located Arina, I wondered if I could find Aina if I looked around.

—…Oh, there she is.

Although we are in separate classes, the location of Aina and me is quite distant. Still, I found her immediately because she had been looking at me all the time.

She was sitting diagonally in front, slightly apart, and apart from the obvious short brown hair, her large bosom that protruded beyond her arm was Aina’s distinctive feature.

(Sometimes I think I am a terrible person for having to recognize Aina because of her bust.)

The physical allure of Arisa and Aina stood out from the rest, although there were other girls with good physiques; for me, these two were undoubtedly the best.

Certainly, physical appearance is a factor that makes my heart beat faster and is one of their charms, but there are many other reasons why I am attracted to them… And if I ever told anyone, it would take more than a few hours to explain it all.

—From now on, she will give a speech on behalf of the new students.

I heard that voice and turned my gaze to the front.

The representative of the new students was a girl with a commanding appearance, but I immediately noticed that her expression was excessively stiff and tense.

However, the speech continued smoothly to the end, and everyone, including myself and the other students alongside the teachers, gave her a warm applause.

(Oh, yes, these kinds of situations are truly nice)

Seeing the new students with so much freshness and tenderness is something characteristic of an elderly person.

The mix of hope and anxiety on the faces of the new students reminded me of myself a year ago, and that was probably what made me feel this way.

After that, the entrance ceremony was completed smoothly, the new students left, and we returned to our classrooms.


I sighed deeply in my seat.

In these kinds of ceremonies, one often stays still and surprisingly, if you don’t move much, you get tired more.

—Are you tired?


Arisa, who was sitting next to me, asked as if she had noticed something, so I nodded.

I don’t know how to explain it, but I thought the same thing yesterday: having Arisa so close in school is quite refreshing.

As for the conversation, it was rather superficial and didn’t feel close… So, besides the guys who had talked a bit with Arisa, I didn’t feel many looks directed towards us.

Sitting still all the time is also very exhausting.

—Would you like to use my thighs as a pillow? You’re free to—…

At the moment Arisa mentioned the idea of using knees as a pillow, I accidentally hit my foot sharply against the desk.


Seeing my reaction, Arisa was also surprised and covered her mouth.

Fortunately, it seems that no one heard that explosive statement, which reassured me, but like me, it seems that Arisa also relaxed due to the different intimacy from last year.

—Is there any new student who catches your eye, Domoto-kun?

Despite it being an unexpected situation, Arisa veiled the situation with that question.

—Any new student that interests me…? No, I don’t think there’s anyone in particular. Anyway, if someone interests me, they’re almost within arm’s reach.

—…Haha, I see. By the way, who is that person?

—I can’t tell you, I think that would be too much. But I’m sure you can get an idea of who I’m talking about.

—If you say it like that… Yes, I would surely know immediately.

This conversation… Although I started it, it’s so embarrassing that I feel hot in the face.

By the way, Arisa also seems to have a slight blush on her cheeks, so it seems that, like me, she feels both embarrassment and joy from this interaction.

(…I wonder if it would be more fun if Aina were here.)

It’s obvious that if Aina were in the same class, it would be much livelier and enjoyable. However, dealing with her various schemes would be a challenge, so surprisingly, the current situation doesn’t seem so bad.

Well, if I were to say this, Aina would definitely show a dissatisfied expression… But I was also thinking a lot about increasing the time I spent with her in school, seeing how lonely she seemed to be in different classes.

—I want to be able to talk to Hayato-kun at school, like my sister does…

If she says something like that to me, I can’t just stand by.

If Aina were to come here, the distance between us would naturally decrease, but the attention on us would be even greater, and with the constant presence of her friends, it would be difficult to have a normal conversation.

—Hey, Hayato.


Suddenly, Kaito hit me on the shoulder, and I looked up.

Apparently, I had gotten lost in my thoughts in the middle of my conversation with Arisa, and I didn’t even realize Kaito’s presence until he approached.

—Is there a handsome boy among the new students?

—Hmm, I didn’t really notice anyone.

—And you, Arisa? Any boy who caught your eye?

—I’m not interested in anyone either.

Unintentionally, Arisa had also joined the group of friends, so, regretting ending the conversation abruptly, I mentally apologized and focused on the conversation with Keito.

—And Souta?

—In the bathroom. It seems he’s been holding it in for a long time.

Oh… It would be fun to tease him later for holding it in for so long.

Since there was no one in the seat in front of me, Kaito sat down without hesitation and faced me.

—Is there any girl you’re interested in?

—Don’t pressure me.

I had just talked about that with Arisa a moment ago.

I sighed and gave a similar response to Kaito… But apparently, it was a disappointing answer for him, and his disappointment was evident.

—Don’t be discouraged for not getting the response you expected.

—Sorry, sorry. I just wanted you to say something like ‘I’m interested in that girl’.

—Even if I were interested in someone, in the end, being you, you would just say ‘oh, I see’, and that would be it.

—Well, that’s possible.

After that response, I lightly hit his shoulder.

By the way, the moment Kaito mentioned the same topic as Arisa, I felt Arisa’s gaze on us… And I’m sure it wasn’t just my imagination.

After that, Souta returned, so we spent the remaining time near his seat.

—Hey, Hayato, and Kaito.


—Is there a girl you’re interested in?

—…You too, huh.

—Sorry, buddy, but I beat you to the punch and asked that question.


Souta and Kaito… You two are very similar.

Well, I suppose, by being with these two, I am too, but certainly, in this situation, I also feel the need to ask them.

—Since both of you asked me, it’s my turn. Do you have someone you’re interested in?

Upon hearing my question, they both looked at each other and responded with somewhat ambiguous expressions.

—No… There were certainly cute or pretty girls, but…

—It’s like, watching girls who are out of our league… I know it sounds bad, but that’s how it feels.

—I see…

It’s definitely not a comfortable situation.

But somehow, I can understand how they feel… And it’s not just with Arisa and Aina, but in general, it’s probably due to the high standard of girls in our year.

Of course, there are many attractive guys too… But of course, we’re excluded from that analysis!

—Ah, Hayato, instead…


At that moment, Souta signaled for me to come closer.

It seems to be something he doesn’t want others to hear… What could it be?

—If you ever are in trouble… Let us know, okay?

—Was that the important thing you had to tell me?! Haah… But it’s okay, the same goes for you guys. You’re my valuable friends, so I’m willing to help you with whatever you need.

—Haha, understood.

—Well, who would have thought you could say those words without embarrassment.

—Idiot, you two just did the same.

I thought to myself but didn’t say it out loud… Because I was embarrassed at having said something so cheesy.

To hide my flushed face, I returned to my seat just as the teacher entered.

Although it was the day of the entrance ceremony, we, the current students, had a regular schedule starting today, so we couldn’t just chat like the new students and go home.

But upon recalling what had happened, I realized how embarrassing it is to express directly to my valuable friend. Thinking about it overwhelmed me with shame, and I couldn’t concentrate in class with a red face.

And finally, time passed, and the much-awaited lunch break arrived.

—Let’s have lunch together, Arisa.

—Sorry. Actually, I had already agreed to eat with my sister…

Just before leaving the classroom with her lunch in hand, I heard that conversation.

When I glanced at Arisa, our eyes met, but I didn’t react and left the classroom as if nothing had happened.

I headed towards the rooftop; that was our meeting point.

With a creak, I opened the slightly rusty door, and at that moment, someone bumped into my chest.


—Bam! Welcome, Hayato-kun!

The one who bumped into my chest was Aina.

In the classroom, I can always find Arisa, so if I want to find time to be with Aina, it basically comes down to breaks, and now that the weather is warm, there’s no reason not to make use of the rooftop.

—And your sister?

—I think she’ll come soon.

–That’s good.

So, after all, Arisa will also come to eat with us. I thought she was trying to avoid something.

Aina led me by the hand to a bench, and the moment I sat down, she drew me towards her generous cleavage.

—Hey, hey.


—Do you also act like this with my sister in the classroom?

—You’re kidding, right?

—Of course, it’s a joke♪

If I did something like that with Arisa in the classroom, I probably wouldn’t be at school anymore.

—Sorry for making you wait… Haha, Aina is already hugging you.

Arisa arrived a little late.

Today’s lunch was made by Sakina-san, but seriously, I can’t find the right words other than “delicious”… It’s truly delicious!

—So, from now on, Hayato-kun will keep enjoying lunch, right?

—Haha, Mom also said so, so we’re motivated too!

The lunch they prepare is so delicious that I think it’s something special, and homemade tamagoyaki is so tasty with an exquisite flavor.

—Thank you for the meal!

It was so delicious that I ate very quickly, and the two of them were worried that I might choke.

—Aah, I don’t think I can ever get tired of this.

—I don’t think it’s good that you eat so fast.

—Yes, it would be a problem if a piece of food got in the wrong place, right?

It’s annoying to choke on food remnants or cough, and it’s certainly a concern to eat too quickly… But seriously, the lunch they prepared was so delicious.

Since the two of them also had 25 more minutes on break once they finished eating, Aina said she would stay until the last minute and didn’t move away from me.

—Even though we could be together as much as we want if we go home, I think school has its own charm, right?

—Do you believe that?


—I understand that feeling, Aina. Hey, Hayato-kun, can I let Aina do as she pleases for now?

She shouldn’t even have to ask me that.

If Aina wants to be like this, I want to allow it, and personally, I’m happy it’s like this.

—…We’ve become second-year students, haven’t we?

—Yes, that’s right.

—That’s true.

I felt a slight sense of nostalgia.

During the fall of the first year of high school, I didn’t think there would be many significant changes from junior high… But meeting them brought a big change in my life and led us to the current situation.

—Since that Halloween day–… I’m sorry!

I mentioned the word Halloween as if I were immersed in memories, then realized my mistake and hurried to apologize.

That day was the one that united me and them… But for them, it was the worst day.

Although I was a bit distracted, I shouldn’t have let those memories come to light… I’m the worst.

—Don’t apologize, Hayato-kun.

—That’s right. How long do you think has passed since then?


There was no malicious intent behind that… But the two seemed fine.

Perhaps there had been a similar exchange in the past… Anyway, they didn’t stop smiling even when they remembered that moment.

—I don’t plan to see that event as something good. But, thanks to that, I got to meet you, Hayato-kun.

—They were about to do something unpleasant to me… I still shudder when I recall it. But you know, thanks to that, I got to meet you, Hayato-kun.

Arisa and Aina affirmed that.

While overwhelmed by their words, I reflected on what happened back then: when I passed by the Shinjo house, I felt something strange upon seeing the slightly open door.

I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t followed my instinct at that moment…

—At that moment, Hayato-kun looked really cool, didn’t he?

—Yes, he did. With a cool pumpkin mask and a toy lightsaber… He looked like the hero of justice.


—I feel like it would be terrifying to have a hero like that… But yes, I suppose my style at that moment really was that of a hero to both of us… It’s strange to think about it again.

Aina stepped away from me, tilted her head, and suddenly grabbed a nearby thin stick and brandished it with a buzzing sound.

—A thief who tried to attack my sister, mom, and me! Suddenly, Hayato-kun appeared! He took down that despicable guy and defeated him!

—I didn’t take him down.

—No, he didn’t take him down.

Despite being corrected in unison by Arisa and me, Aina continued to move the stick.

It’s endearing to see the sister who is usually called the beautiful one wielding a stick in this manner as if in a samurai movie… Maybe I should enjoy the sight for a while.

—This girl…

—Haha, seeing Aina brandish the stick like that… It reminds me of something. It reminds me of how I used to be.

—How did you used to be, Hayato-kun?

—When I used to wave a toy sword, longing to be a hero of justice.

—Ah, I see…

Arisa looked at me with a gentle smile.

Well, longing to be a hero of justice is every child’s dream, and in my case, after my father left, I felt a strong desire to protect mom.

After chatting a bit more with them, we parted ways just as there were five minutes left until the end of the break.

—Come on, Aina, we should go back soon.

—Ugh… Fine.

I still didn’t want to part ways with them; I wanted to spend more time together. I smiled wryly as I watched them leave.

I also have to go back soon, but I want to relax a bit more.


After being left alone on the rooftop, what I think is that I am now a second-year student… Which means I am halfway through my high school life.

New relationships that didn’t exist when I was a first-year student, and many new experiences surely await me.

And… It’s time to start considering my future path.

—…Ugh, thinking about that feels overwhelming.

Really, what will happen with our future…? Well, there’s still plenty of time.

Fortunately, I have many people I can turn to for advice, and I realize I also have people who will support me… I guess there’s no need to worry too much.

—Well, I think it’s time to go back… right?

Time is starting to run short, so I prepare to head back, but then I notice a thin cane that Aina had been using moments ago.

However, I am drawn to it and walk towards her position to pick it up.


I stare fixedly at the cane I have grabbed.

It’s strange… As I observe it, I feel as if the spirit of adolescence that I thought I had left behind in high school is resurfacing.

—…Is it still present… Inside me…?

The desire to want to crush everyone… The desire to submerge those who oppose and rise above their defeats.

…As I say this, suddenly I feel ashamed and throw the cane away.

The cane rolled and returned to its original place. I felt relieved that there was no one else but me in that place.

—Well, I said a lot of things, but it’s like the feeling I had when I practiced kendo…

Kendo… An activity that I have nothing to do with anymore.

Not that I lost interest, and I still vividly remember the excitement I felt when I advanced to the national championship solo.

But it’s true that the fervor for kendo has already cooled off, just as I explained to Inoue-kun the other day.

However, my involvement in kendo again… That will happen in a few days, in an unexpected way.


[Aina’s Perspective]

(Not being in the same class as the person I like…)


—What’s wrong, Aina?

—It’s nothing~

I replied to my friend’s question.

She was looking at me with a certain skepticism; she is a common friend of my sister and me, the three of us were together last year, but luckily she’s with me this year too.

—…Do you miss Arisa?


—Oh, so you admit it.

It’s true that I miss my sister.

But… But but but! I miss even more not being in the same class as Hayato-kun! Last year, we weren’t together either, but since my sister was close to Hayato-kun, I miss him more!

—Although it’s something more…

—Eh? Is there someone you’re interested in?

—I don’t know… Who knows…

Yes, of course, there is someone I’m interested in, I have a crush, someone I love!

She wouldn’t understand our relationship… That’s why she doesn’t know the person I like.

But… Even if I sincerely said that I am dating someone, she wouldn’t believe it because of the kind of person I am. Someone who hates men.

—I thought it was about Domoto-kun, but isn’t it?


…God, for a moment I got scared.

It’s not that I boast about it, but I’m pretty good at hiding my emotions… Yes, in front of Hayato-kun and my sister, I can only show my true self, but in these kinds of situations, it’s fine.

—It’s just that I see he gets along very well with Arisa.

—…Ah, I see.

After hearing that, I calmed down a bit.

It’s only been a few days since we became second-year students, and our classmates are starting to get used to the current atmosphere.

I also get along well with my friends and I’m adapting to the class environment… But my real goal, under the pretext of visiting my sister, was to meet with Hayato-kun.

(Of course, I’m not getting involved in anything suspicious… But will they notice because of the atmosphere?)

After all, the friends my sister and I have are good people and I’m sure they wouldn’t do anything bad to Hayato-kun; in fact, I think he would like them.

While thinking about that, she suddenly exclaimed.

—Oh no!

—What’s wrong?

—I forgot they called me to deliver something to the teacher!

—To the teacher’s office?

—Yes! Hey, Aina, come with me!

—Why me? Go by yourself.

—Please, accompany me, I don’t want to go alone!

—…Well, I guess it’s okay.

It’s a bit annoying, but it’s hard to refuse when she asks me like that.

So, I set out to accompany her to the office so she could do her errands… But along the way, as we descended the stairs, we bumped into a first-year student.



He was a first-year student. Of course, I didn’t know his name, so I bowed my head in apology to him, who was staring at me without saying anything.

Even though we didn’t exchange any words in particular, he didn’t stop me on the way; I reached the office and waited alone in the hallway… Shortly after, she came out.

—Thank you, Aina~! We made it on time!

—It’s fine, no problem. Let’s just head back.

Although I accompanied her, I didn’t ask her about the details of her errand.

To be honest, I didn’t care much, or rather, I wasn’t interested at all. In fact, at that moment, I was mainly thinking about Hayato-kun.

This week we will be staying over at Hayato’s house… Hehe. I’m going to leave my mark on his back ♪!

While I imagined bathing with Hayato, I worried if I had a silly smile on my face, so I peeked out and saw my reflection in the window glass… Yes, it seems I’m fine.

—The first-year guy we bumped into just now was super handsome, right?

—Eh? Seriously?

To me, he was just another guy; not very handsome, not very cute, not normal, not ugly… To be honest, he didn’t make a lasting impression on me.

—You don’t seem to have any interest in any guy at all.

—Of course I have no interest, there’s no reason for it. — I affirmed confidently.

And my words were completely true.

To me, the only special guy is Hayato, and besides him, all the other guys are the same… Well, maybe I’m exaggerating, but I don’t care about any of them at all.


Just before entering the classroom, Hayato was passing by.

He was probably coming back from the bathroom, and his usual friends were with him… When our eyes met for a moment, I felt an overwhelming joy.

When Hayato and I met, his expression seemed surprised for a moment, but then he quickly gave me a kind look… Is Hayato aware of this? Even if it’s unconscious, it makes me incredibly happy!


At that moment, I saw Hayato make a barely noticeable gesture with his fingers.

Then, he said goodbye to his friends and, with his back turned, started to walk away. So I ran to catch up with him.

—I also have something to do, so I’ll be right back!

—Eh? Wait, Aina!

Ignoring my friend’s shouts, I ran after him, and we ended up in an empty classroom.

For me, the idea of an empty classroom implies a secret meeting with someone special… It has a very special meaning for me!


—Oh, I see you noticed my signal after all.

—Of course! The gesture earlier was a sign for me to come closer, right?

—Yes. We still have a little more time.

—Ehehe, thank you ♪

Although sometimes we sneak off to eat together, it’s not possible every day… That’s why Hayato still makes time for our meetings, just like last year.

Maybe he does this simply because we have less time together compared to my sister, but still, isn’t it wonderful that he invites me in this way?

—So, tight hug?

—Tight hug!

Time is limited, and I thought we could only do that… But I wanted… I wanted much more from Hayato.

—Hey, can you pet me?

As soon as I asked, Hayato without hesitation began to stroke my head. He did it very gently, as if treating me like something fragile…

And even though I liked it, it wasn’t enough.

As if longing to make up for the time we were apart, I searched for more and more with my gaze… And then, he started to stroke my back a bit more sensually.

—Umm ♪

I don’t know if he’s doing it consciously, but these sensual caresses comfort me… and bring pleasure and excitement to my body.

After that, I bid farewell to Hayato, with a feeling of longing.

I felt happy enveloped in the care shown by Hayato and in the hug he gave me… Although I felt sad as I walked away, when I returned to the classroom, my smile returned.

—Hehe… Hehehe ♪

—Aina… Have you gone crazy?

Not only my friends, but also other classmates looked at me suspiciously, but now I don’t care, I’m happy!

—Classes are different. But there’s nothing to worry about, right? ♪

In fact, isn’t it great that they think of me like that?

If my sister heard me, she would probably mock me for only thinking about what benefits me, but it’s okay to think that way, right?

Hey, Hayato, even if we are in different classes, I will continue to strive.

When we meet at home, I would be glad if you told me, “good job”.

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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