Chapter 1: The missing left hand

The missing left hand

It’s a sunny autumn Saturday afternoon. The four of us are walking down on a busy main street. On either side of Yanagi-senpai, stand Tachibana-san and Hayasaka-san. A flower in each hand. I am watching the three of them from a little ways behind.

Tachibana-san is wearing a navy blue hooded sweatshirt and a cap, a very rough outfit. She looks sporty and youthful, but because she is clearly pretty and has long legs, she looks like a model strolling down the street on her day off in a modest outfit.

Hayasaka-san, on the other hand, wears a fluffy beige sweater, a plaid skirt and has a small bag slung over her shoulder. In other words, she looks feminine, but her facial expressions and gestures are fragile and brittle. She is strangely sexy.

The men she walks past stare at her. Maybe it’s the way her sweater accentuates the outline of her body, or maybe it’s the unhealthy air she exudes that makes men look at her with desire.

—I really wanted to read the rest of that story.

Hayasaka-san has been talking to Yanagi-senpai with a cheerful expression for a while now.

—So I rode my bike to the bookstore and bought all the books.

—It is a very interesting manga. I have them too.

—Huh? You too, senpai?

When Hayasaka-san found out that Yanagi-senpai liked the same manga, she became very excited.

—I spent all day reading it because I was very interested in what would happen at the end.

—A whole day, huh? That’s amazing.

—Yes, although the timing wasn’t really good… It was nearly time for exams…

—But were you able to get a good grade?

—I don’t know if I could call it good, but I’ve always scored above average in all subjects.

—You really are smart, Hayasaka-chan.

—N-No, not at all. I’m not who you think I am.

When Yanagi-senpai praised her, Hayasaka-san turned her face away as if she was embarrassed. Her cheeks are red.

—I’m just… an ordinary student…

—Studying is important. Sure, reading manga is a fun thing to do, but it’s not good for your school grades to drop.

After that, Yanagi-senpai scratched his head, as if saying “oops”, and then fearfully looked sideways at Tachibana-san who was on his other side.

To make matters worse, during the exam preparation period, Tachibana-san read a lot of manga and got bad grades.

When the research club was active, we sometimes studied together. However, all activities ceased due to the exam season. Tachibana-san had completely bypassed her study obligations and decided to waste her time reading manga. She’s such a careless woman…

—Hey, well, you know, studying isn’t necessarily everything.

Yanagi-senpai deliberately spoke aloud. 

—There are more important things than that.

It’s like watching a monkey trying to clean up its feces. 

—It’s not like your life is over if you get a bad grade on your exam.

Yanagi-senpai likes Tachibana-san very much, so he doesn’t want to spoil her mood for anything in the world. But on the other hand, Tachibana-san just keeps a dumbfounded expression on her face. Maybe she doesn’t care at all about what they might think about it. She’s not that kind of girl.

She is someone who has artistic and musical gifts, therefore, she doesn’t feel any interest in other subjects. When we were sitting in the club room the other day, she was proudly showing off her exam results. 

In the middle of such a situation, Tachibana-san said; “While I was studying for the exams, my textbook had magically turned into a manga. Don’t you think that’s a big mystery?”

It was clearly not a mystery at all, just the result of a girl who has no interest in studying. 

The manga she was reading during exam time is the one that was taking center stage between Hayasaka-san and Yanagi-senpai’s conversation. 

The relationship between the three of them is getting more and more complicated. Hayasaka-san and I have a relationship in secret, where we do not treat each other as that desired love we aspire to, but more like a subcategory of true love to which we resort to supply our needs.

I guess it is already more than clear who we really desire. But our goals of achieving that desired love have been compromised after learning that Yanagi-senpai and Tachibana-san are engaged to be married.

—Senpai, did you see the national team play yesterday?

Hayasaka-san pulls out a new topic to discuss with her platonic love interest. And this time, it’s about soccer, a subject he has a lot of knowledge about.

—Of course I saw it. It was a great game.

Again, a very friendly atmosphere is created between the two of them. Looking at the situation from afar, it was a very nice thing. But after a moment, in a truly abrupt way, he turns to Tachibana-san.

—What about you, Hikari-chan?


—Did you see the soccer game last night?

—No, I was sleeping…

As usual, Tachibana-san gives short and precise answers. Although Yanagi-senpai continued to insist, as if trying to somehow continue the conversation with her.

—You’re not much of a soccer fan, are you?

—Not exactly.

—In that case, do you want to go to the stadium with me next time? It’s such a fun sport to watch.

Given this situation, it’s more than obvious who Yanagi-senpai’s priority is. Despite the rather natural conversation he was having all this time with Hayasaka-san and his kind attitude, it is still just that. He’s just being someone kind and respectful to other people. Since his devotion is directed towards his fiancée.

Such an attitude does nothing but hurt Hayasaka-san, who looks clearly depressed, as if a bucket of cold water was poured over her after having warmed up in the warm fire she had been building with her beloved. 

A feeling of destruction begins to invade her whole body, causing her to quietly say to herself; “I…. I have to be strong…”

—I will do my best to make him fall in love with me.

—You’re being very positive.

—This is just the beginning. I still have time before the movie starts. 

These words were said by Hayasaka-san who had started walking beside me after hearing the proposal Yanagi-senpai made to his fiancée. 

Three days ago, Yanagi-senpai sent me a message proposing this outing for the four of us. Since that camp where we shot the movie, the four of us started to see each other more frequently. It seems that Yanagi-senpai finds it easier to interact with Tachibana-san when he is with other people. 

Since then, Hayakasa-san has been nothing but motivated, wishing for this day to come, her intentions clear. To fall in love with her Senpai, so that she gets to be with him, and consequently, I get to be with Tachibana-san.

—Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.

—Don’t worry, I have everything under control. Being together with Yanagi-senpai only motivates me.

—It’s okay.

I won’t deny that hearing that made my chest ache a little. I know I have no right to complain since the person I want is Tachibana-san. Although I still have mixed feelings about Hayasaka-san.

While I was lost in these thoughts. I couldn’t help but notice that Hayasaka-san was looking at me happily.

—So, you’ve become jealous, hehe.


—I really like seeing that expression on your face.

—You’re getting jealous too.

—No, it’s just a relief. I like you a lot, Kirishima-kun.

—Like the second one.


After those words, Hayasaka-san took my hand. She took advantage of the moment when no one was looking at us, and grabbed my hand. She then immediately pulls me into her arms. I could feel the warmth of her breath and her breasts on my arm.

This was her way of expressing her feelings of love. A rather risky dirty tactic given the situation we were in. 

I’m not sure what to do now. Would I be putting my hands in the fire if I reacted with lust in the same way the men walking past her were acting? I feel a strong urge to do so. 

However, we rushed to separate our bodies, and as if it was an instant reaction. Tachibana-san turned around and looked at us. 

—What’s wrong with you two?

—Nothing, why do you ask?

—…I see. I hope so.

Tachibana-san said while looking at me with great distrust. After that, she goes back to her conversation with Yanagi-senpai, as if she didn’t care about anything else.

—Hayasaka-san, you’d better control yourself.

—Yes, I’m sorry. I got carried away for a moment…

I don’t think it was a situation where things escalated into something more. But I’m not going to tell her that, it would just unconsciously provoke her. 

—Hey, Kirishima-kun.

Hayasaka-san calls out to me again but this time in a whisper.

—Do you remember when we kissed in front of Tachibana-san at the camp?


—Um, and there have been no problems between the two of you after that?

—No. And it’s not a subject that Tachibana-san and I have talked about again.

—I see. I usually get along well with Tachibana-san, and we go out shopping for clothes together.

—That’s comforting to know.

—But she might come to think that you and I are still doing that. So, I made up the excuse that you were my practice boyfriend.

—It doesn’t really matter. After all, Tachibana-san is with Yanagi-senpai.

While Hayasaka-san and I were having an even conversation with a slow walk. Tachibana-san and Yanagi-senpai walked ahead of us. 

—Look at them, the two of them make a good couple. Anyone around us would think the same when they see them. 

Such words were spoken by Hayasaka-san.

—So, I guess I was wrong to think that there’s a possibility of separating them.


I was surprised at what Hayasaka-san said, but she quickly started to shake her head with her head down.

—I have to do my best to seduce him. I can’t give up.


Yanagi-senpai had taken us to a new movie theater that had recently been built. It was a large commercial building with an arcade and a restaurant area spread out on different floors.

—We still have time before the movie starts, so let’s get some coffee.

So, we headed to a coffee shop and sat down at a table to chat. We arranged the seats in such a way that Hayasaka-san was sitting next to Yanagi-senpai. While Tachibana-san was next to me. 

Hayasaka-san had been very happy to be able to sit next to him.

The conversation between the four of us had come naturally, but the situation started to stagnate after a few moments because Hayasaka-san herself is not good at keeping long conversations going.

So, I took out my phone under the table and sent a message to Hayasaka-san.

—[Repayment of favors].

After receiving my message, Hayasaka-san moved her fingers under the table and drew a circle on my thigh. It turned out to be quite a risky act, but perverted at the same time. 

She feels a lot of desire to conquer her senpai. And we didn’t get to this day without having a plan with us.

The day we found out about the movie outing, we both met in an empty classroom at school.


[A few days earlier]

—In psychology, there is something called “Repayment of favors”.

—How do you know that, Kirishima-kun?

—I found it in the love notebook in the club.

The love notebook was left by a former member of the research club. Rumor has it that he had an IQ of 180. He tried to write a romance and mystery book when he was still in school. But his desire led him down the wrong path, and he ended up creating a manual with many secrets and tricks related to love. 

Although it seems more like a manual on how to become a pervert. Not to mention that you touch on many topics from the psychological spectrum. 

The “Repayment of favors” is one of the psychological approaches he talks about.

When someone does us a favor, we have a psychological tendency to return the favor to that person in the same way.

—And what does it mean?

—It means that you must put Yanagi-senpai in a position where he will do the same for you.

We’ve all been in a situation like that at one time or another. 

—So, should I be direct and tell him that I love him?

—Something like that.

—But I’m not in a position to tell him something like that. Tachibana-san will also be present that day, right?

—Even so, you have to praise him anyway.

It’s not just a matter of telling him that you like him. In female reviews, it’s often said that the best way to seduce someone you’re interested in is to compliment the opposite sex. It’s simple, but it has a psychological basis behind it.

—So, you mean I should praise my senpai all the time?

—Yes, you’ll be pushing him to be nice to you too.

—Now I get it!


I took a sip of my coffee and immediately engaged in small talk with my senpai while glancing sideways at Tachibana-san, who was still quiet since we sat down. 

I picked up my phone again, and sent a message to Hayasaka-san.

—[I’ve never seen him in those clothes before. I think he bought them recently.]

Surely if you praise him for his clothes, Yanagi-senpai will be pleased.

Hayasaka-san looks at her phone and nods.

As soon as my conversation with Yanagi-senpai had concluded, Hayasaka-san hurried to take the floor. 

—Ah, umm…

She lowered her gaze after saying two words. She seems to be very nervous.

—I’ve been thinking about something since I saw you at the station… I like your clothes, you look good… Tachibana-san!

I spit out my coffee after listening. 

—You look very elegant!


Tachibana-san nods her head in an embarrassed manner. She’s more docile than usual, as she’s usually a bit defensive. But despite the recent flattery, Hayasaka-san doesn’t hold back.

—Yes! You have very good taste, Tachibana-san! You’re a real fashionista!

—Um, thank you.

Hayasaka-san was so nervous and embarrassed that she chose to praise Tachibana-san at the last minute.

I resumed my role as a counselor again and picked up my phone to tell her the obvious, not counting that this time I noticed a detail in which I could get Hayasaka-san out of her predicament. Yanagi-senpai is wearing a different hairstyle, so clearly he must have gone to the hairdressers beforehand. 

As soon as Hayasaka-san read my message, she gave me a thumbs-up sign that she got it right away.

Honestly, I don’t think she’s going to be very successful in her crusade to win over Yanagi-senpai, but I can’t tell her to give up either. So once the conversation is slack again, Hayasaka-san returns to the charge.

—You know, I’ve been thinking about something for a while…

This time she spoke as she stared at him.


Suddenly, Hayasaka-san turns her head abruptly towards Tachibana-san.

—That hairstyle looks really good on you, Tachibana-san! The way you have it tied up and the length it falls on your body makes it naturally splendid!


Again, Tachibana-san tilts her head at such flattering words.

Tachibana-san really has beautiful hair, and she changes her hairstyle according to her mood. Although right now she is wearing a cap, as she partly wanted to hide her messy hair.

Today she’s been quite unmotivated, or to be more accurate, it’s like she’s in a state of laziness. And despite her clearly static state, Hayasaka-san continued to praise her while her eyes were blank.

The plans of praising and conquering her senpai went in a completely opposite direction. It’s like watching a spaceship go out of control.

—It seems that Hikari-chan is very popular even among girls.

Yanagi-senpai expressed with a smile on his face.

—I don’t think so. People say it’s hard to get close to me. 

—Hayasaka-chan proves otherwise. 

Tachibana-san starts to play with her hair shyly.

—I also think Hayasaka-san looks good.

It all got out of our hands. The main goal was for Hayasaka-san to conquer Yanagi-senpai. But the unexpected twist ended up being that Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san praised each other.

Suddenly, I received a message on my phone from Hayasaka-san.

—[Say something to senpai!]

She’s completely lost her temper. I guess I have no choice but to save the day. 

—How are things going with indoor soccer, senpai?

—I’m not complaining. Besides, even though the place is small, the goal is still to kick a ball, so it’s fun.

—And are there a lot of beginners?

—Yes, I’m teaching a lot of new kids to play.

—And you’re teaching Hayasaka-san too?

I looked at Hayasaka-san as I quoted those words. It’s time for her to take control of the situation again.

—Yes, he has been teaching me very well.

Hayasaka-san has a look of embarrassment and depression. 

—I’m clumsy and make a lot of mistakes, so I need a lot of help. He’s been very kind to me, so I’m very grateful.

She turned completely red up to her ears. Well, it looks like everything is getting back on track…. Or so I thought until I saw her turn her head towards me.



This is bad, Hayasaka-san is panicking again. This time she’s dragging me with her in creating an embarrassing situation that involves the three of us. 

—Thanks for everything. You always help me when I’m in trouble, casually follow me around, cheer me up, so I’m very grateful to you Kirishima-kun.

She continued speaking with a tearful smile on her face, as if she was trying to tell me, “I’m an idiot, please stop me.” After all, she was back to her usual Hayasaka-san self.

—Kirishima and Hayasaka-chan make a great couple, don’t they?

And with the sound of those words coming from Yanagi-senpai, she finished putting the final nails in the coffin. Time was up, and the movie was about to start. So, we decided to leave the cafeteria.

—I’m sorry, Kirishima-kun. I’m not very good when I’m nervous.

Hayasaka-san expressed softly while we were on our way to the movie theater.

—Don’t worry, you did very well today.

—I know I could have done better.

We were on the escalator, with Tachibana-san and Yanagi-senpai two steps away from us. They again gave off an air of being a perfect couple who love each other very much.

Once we arrived at the movie theater, we bought our tickets and popcorn. We proceeded to enter the theater and each took our respective seats. We lined up from left to right, Yanagi-senpai, Tachibana-san, myself and lastly Hayasaka-san. 

We bought two jars of popcorn. One was shared by Yanagi and Tachibana, while mine was shared with Hayasaka-san.

The movie was a beautiful portrayal of a romantic relationship between a boy and a girl.

Under the blue sky, a boy pedals his bicycle toward a girl on a hill. Watching the climax of the movie, I thought that love should be made in such a passionate way. But that’s when it happened. 

“Hey, Hayasaka-san!”

I made no noise of any kind, but I had addressed her between grimaces with my lips. Hayasaka-san took my hand that was resting on the armrest. But just as I did, she gave me a look to understand that everything was fine. 

I looked to my left, and noticed that Tachibana-san and Yanagi-senpai were concentrating on watching the screen. 

—I’ve worked hard today, I want my reward.

Hayasaka-san whispered those words in my ear. I ignored her, and just stared at the screen. The movie is about to end. But it wasn’t all over there. 

She started breathing in an agitated way in my ear, while biting it carefully. Her breath is getting wetter and wetter and she breathes harder. 

I had no choice but to take her by the hand. It was then that I realized how happy she was even while being in such a dark room. So, she simply rested her head on my shoulder, and remained completely docile during that time. After all, she’s the kind of girl who likes affection. 

Just when I thought everything had been under control and nothing bad would happen, a bombshell dropped on me.

—Summer camp.

Hayasaka-san muttered those words again in my hatred.

—What did you do with Tachibana-san that night after I left?

In the light of the screen, her face seemed to be somehow giving hints of sadness.

—…You didn’t do anything, did you?

I nodded involuntarily when she asked me that question with no sign of emotion in her voice. Hayasaka-san squeezed my hand very tightly, it started to hurt a little.

—Did you do anything wrong?

—Nothing happened.

I felt worried again as I said those words. 

Hayasaka-san’s expression quickly turned into a big smile.

—I thought so!

She then clung to my arm with a happy expression on her face. Then she buried her face against my clothes so that no one could hear the next words that came out of her mouth.

—Kirishima-kun is still the best. You are mine, I know you will never betray me. Forgive me for being an idiot, I just think of a lot of crazy things… I’m glad that you always worry about me, you make me very happy…

After that, Hayasaka-san kept muttering my name to herself over and over again.


When we were on our way home, I was carrying Hayasaka-san on my back. How did we get into this situation?

Well, it’s quite funny… As soon as we had left the cinema, Hayasaka-san ran to senpai, trying to thank her for today. But since Hayasaka-san was a bit of a klutz, she fell on the way, causing the heel of her shoe to break.

Seeing that Hayasaka-san could not walk on her own, Yanagi-senpai suggested that I help her with this pathetic situation that arose. Personally, I think he should have helped her, as his physique is superior to mine. But Tachibana-san was present, so it would not be the most appropriate thing to do.

Besides, knowing Yanagi-senpai’s clear intentions and his way of thinking, he was trying to make Hayasaka-san and I hit it off more. I guess I can’t blame him for being so innocent.

—See you later, I’m going to accompany Hikari-chan home.

—Hayasaka-san, are you okay?

That question was asked by Tachibana-san, to which Hayasaka nodded her head.

—I’m very clumsy, so this kind of thing happens all the time. I’m used to it by now.

—All right, in that case, why don’t we go out again?

—Yeah! It would be so much fun to have a girls’ day!

—Sure. Goodbye, president.

Today Tachibana-san was even less talkative than usual.

This is how our day ended, and this is also how I ended up carrying Hayasaka-san on my back.

—I’m so angry!

Hayasaka-san exclaimed while on my back.

—Hey, pull yourself together or you’ll fall off.


Hayasaka-san starts to move her hands and feet wildly, and her breasts bounce as they hit my back rhythmically… It looks like she’s not wearing underwear that fully covers them. And I am also quite aware of the softness of her thighs hugging my body.

—I really tried hard! I tried to get senpai to notice me! But nothing helped! 

—I know.

—I feel so ashamed…

—Don’t think about it, you did well.

As I tried to calm Hayasaka-san down, I could feel her erratic mood slowly dissipate. It seemed to have a good result. Besides that, dusk was approaching, and I could feel the end of the day coming, the sun quickly setting.

Summer is completely gone, and we are heading towards the end of autumn. As the seasons are constantly changing, our relationship, and we ourselves continue to remain the same. 

Or that was how I was able to observe it. 

—Hey, Kirishima-kun.


—Do you think I weigh too much?


—But do you think I’m a little heavy?

—Not at all.


Hayasaka-san’s arms get stronger and she clings to me tighter. People walking around the place noticed us. I’m sure they see me as the groom carrying his cute menopausal girlfriend on his back. Although, it’s still nice to have a girl shower you with unconditional goodwill.

—It’s true what they say about favors being returned. I’m falling more and more in love with Kirishima-kun because he’s being so nice to me. How about you Kirishima-kun?

Hayasaka-san says in a sweet tone of voice.

—I’m falling more and more in love with you too.

—That makes me happy.

It’s very natural to like someone who likes you.

—It’s okay, I know. It was a pretty complicated day. With the four of us being together, emotions tend to work against us.

—It’s different, they are engaged to be married.

—Senpai said he was going to take Tachibana-san home, but it won’t be like that, will it?


They’ll probably go to dinner together. In such a special atmosphere like this, it’s likely that Yanagi-senpai is trying to do things to create good memories with Tachibana-san. 

—And just because they’re engaged, you’re going to give up? You’re pathetic, you just took three steps back with that thought.

—Not exactly.

—And that doesn’t hurt you, Kirishima-kun?

—I still won’t give up.

—Who knows, you have a weird habit of enjoying jealousy.

Hayasaka-san laughs after those words.

—I don’t know what I’m going to do. Senpai treats me like a younger sister.

—You have to create a romantic interest between the two of you. 

Yanagi-senpai thinks I’m in love with Hayasaka-san, and he’s trying to help me with that love aspect. That’s the reason why we were called together today. And also, the reason why I’m returning home with her.

—The senpai is a very kind person to Kirishima-kun.

—I guess it’s normal, we’ve been friends since high school.

As long as senpai thinks I like Hayasaka-san, he’ll never look at her any other way. He’s the kind of guy who respects other people’s partners.

—It must be hard for you to be in love with your best friend’s fiancée. 


If I were to go out with Tachibana-san.l, it would be a very serious betrayal of our friendship.

—You’ll be fine. All I have to do is to conquer senpai, then the engagement between the two of them will dissolve. That way, Tachibana-san will be free, and you won’t have any reason to hold back, right?

—Yes, but it must be bad for Hayasaka-san to be under that kind of pressure.

—Why? I like Senpai, I’m not doing anything wrong… You have to be patient, Kirishima-kun, I plan to change the course of things.

Hayasaka-san clings to me tighter.

—I’ll do anything for you.


—Therefore, you won’t do anything that will make you betray your senpai.

—I understand.

—You’re not a bad person.

—Thank you.

From that moment on, Hayasaka-san had entered her docile mode.

—Even though everything went wrong, I gave my all today.

Every time she spoke, she took on a different attitude. She started playing with me, sniffed my neck, and covered my eyes. She was in her naughty girl role.

The relationship between Hayasaka-san and I hasn’t changed at all since we started this relationship on the sly. It could be said that we’ve progressed in terms of feelings, but otherwise, everything has stayed the same.

But sometimes I can’t help but feel guilty for keeping things from her… Today, before focusing on Tachibana-san and Yanagi-senpai, Hayasaka-san told me to “be good today”. And although I tried my best to stay out of everyone’s way, I committed a huge sin today. 

When we had entered the movie theater and the movie started, while Hayasaka-san was holding my hand on the armrest… My other hand was under the second armrest, and Tachibana-san was holding onto it at all times, ever since we entered the theater.

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese

Kirishima and Hayasaka are two classmates who have a secret relationship in public.

In their school life they pretend that they don't know each other, but behind the scenes there is much more to them than people can imagine. The two get into a relationship that is difficult to break and ends up being impure, unhealthy, and complicated, as the relationship between them was nothing more than an affair that simply created a love triangle before Kirishima's first love and his second love.


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