Chapter 2: break curfew

break curfew

Autumn is the time of cultural festivals. And in our high school, the festival is usually longer, as we have a pre-festival and a post-festival.

Since the preparations have begun for this activity, all the students stay up late to contribute to the preparations. 

—If it’s a puzzle-solving game, I think it will be very popular since it comes from the research club.

Maki expressed with much enthusiasm.

After classes were over, Tachibana-san and I were relaxing in the club room as usual when Maki suddenly appeared and asked us to prepare something for the school festival.

—…I don’t think it’s a good idea.

I started this club as an excuse to have a place to relax and have time for myself. I didn’t plan on doing anything mystery related. But during summer vacation, we were forced to do an activity with the theme of the club, since I was at risk of losing this place.

Although the two of us are the only members of the club. Both of us just read some mystery novels, but we don’t have any creative motivation to create something similar or related to it.

—What do you think, Tachibana?

Maki turns to Tachibana-san for a small sign of approval.

—I don’t really have anything to say. But if the president wants me to do it, I won’t have a problem with it.

Tachibana-san replied with an expressionless face and a cold tone of voice.

—Did the temperature in this place drop drastically for some reason? Oh, come on, it’s a school festival. Raise your spirits, you guys. You have to think of something, otherwise Miki-chan won’t agree to this.

Tch… I guess I have no choice but to do something about it. Luckily, thinking is free.

—Am I still in her sights?

—Well, you know. Miki-chan’s taking a big risk if they find out she’s not really advising this place. So, you’ll have to make an effort. And for that reason, I’m going to give you this.

Maki holds out two tickets to me.

—What is this?

—They’re for an amusement park. There’s a haunted house, escape games, and many more attractions. It will be very useful for you. 

After those words, Maki left the room. He seemed to be very busy. As the president of the student council, his task of supervising the festival preparations must not be an easy one. 

Tachibana-san and I are alone in the room again. Silence returns to the place, and the only sound heard is the turning of the pages of my novel.

After a moment of silence, Tachibana-san spoke.

—Well, I guess the student council president is gone now, right?

Tachibana-san dropped her book and stood up. 

—President, would you like some coffee?


After that, she went to the table and prepared a coffee with a siphon. This is a more elaborate method in which coffee is prepared instead of the simple way everyone usually does in the coffee pot.

When classes started after summer vacation, Tachibana-san brought the tools to the club room. And since then, she prepares me a cup of coffee every day.

—Here you go, president.

Two cups of coffee are placed on the table.

—Thank you.

—It’s my pleasure.

After saying this, Tachibana-san sat next to me with an indifferent look. It was too close to be the usual distance of a president and a club member. And what makes this situation more frustrating is that she is engaged to Yanagi-senpai. But… Her white thighs that were extending from her short skirt pressed against my legs.

—Tachibana-san…. Do you know how big this room is?

—I just want some sugar.

—Still. This sofa is wide enough. You don’t need to be so close to me to take the sugar. 

—Today my coffee is a little stronger than usual. I hope Shiro-kun likes it.

—Tachibana-san, are you even listening to me?

Not only does she make coffee for me, she now calls me by my first name when we’re alone. Also, she is quite reluctant to sit across from me. So now she’s used to sitting next to me.

—When I’m with Shiro-kun…. I can’t help but get a little nervous.

—I don’t think we’re having a conversation at all.

—You can do things to me that you wouldn’t do to any other girl, and I can do things to you that I wouldn’t do to any other guy.

Said Tachibana-san with a serious expression on her face.

—Do you really think that’s how things should be?


—Finally! We’re having a conversation. 

—I’d be very happy with anything you do to me, Shiro-kun.

—That’s going too far!

Though maybe it can be the same with me. When it comes to her, I’m happy no matter what she does to me. Maybe that’s what I like most about being with her.

—You know what’s the greatest thing about us? Right now we’re together as normal people, but at any moment, a lot can change. It only takes a little push to destroy our emotions, or… Let them take over and express what we really feel for each other. Every time I think about this… I can’t help but feel nervous.

As those words left her lips, Tachibana-san tried to press her slender body to mine. And on my part, my desires to embrace and possess the girl I adore the most make me lose my sanity. But… A part of me rejected such an idea, and I pushed her body back.


Tachibana-san’s beautiful eyebrows arch at my unexpected rejection.

—What’s wrong?

—I’ve told you a million times. I’m not going to accept this ‘second girlfriend’ thing.

That night at summer camp, I kissed Tachibana-san for the first time. Not caring about the fact that I had also kissed Hayasaka-san in front of her. And that caused many things to go out of control, such as the fact that she was willing to be my lover even though she had an engagement with Yanagi-senpai.

Since then, whenever Tachibana-san approached me in an embarrassed manner, I would physically and immediately push her away from me . 

—It’s too immoral. We cannot keep doing this to Yanagi-senpai.

—I see that you still want to be a good person.

Tachibana-san’s shy expression turns cold. 

—I don’t like it when you do that.

—You know this isn’t right. What would Hayasaka-san think if she knew we were doing these things?

—So you’re only interested in doing these things with Hayasaka-san?

Tachibana-san still doesn’t know what’s going on between Hayasaka-san and me. It seems like the lie that I’m her “practice boyfriend because she’s attracted to someone else” paid off.

Although I feel like it won’t work for long. Tachibana-san has a good intuition. There’s no way that secret will stay in the shadows forever.

—Or maybe you’re hiding something from me? But it’s okay, it doesn’t matter. Even if Hayasaka-san really likes Shiro-kun, I don’t care. I’ll settle for being your second girlfriend.

She quickly grabbed my tie and brought her face close to mine to kiss me. But… Just as it was about to happen, I grabbed her shoulders again and stopped her.

—Do you think it’s okay to do that to friends? Or don’t you see Hayasaka-san as your friend?

The two of them have been getting along well lately. During break time, Tachibana-san sometimes goes to Hayasaka-san’s class to braid her hair, which turns out to be quite a ‘precious’ scene for the onlookers who are usually in the vicinity. 

—I think you’re right about that.

—Despite how popular Hayasaka-san may be, she doesn’t have many friends who treat her with respect or give her the support she needs. I think that’s why she’s very happy to have met you. 

—I understand… I feel that way too, and I’m glad to be friends with Hayasaka-san.

—Perfect. So I hope you now know that it’s not a good idea to hide things from your friends.

—It’s okay… I won’t do it again. Even if you are Hayasaka-san’s practice boyfriend.

Tachibana-san wrinkles her eyebrows again, looking very unhappy to accept the reality. I haven’t kissed her since that night, and I refuse to do it again. 

When a girl who doesn’t usually show any kind of expression suddenly shows a slight change in it, no matter how small, it makes it clear that her accumulated frustration has reached its limit. I think I’m very cruel for being happy with the reaction she just had.

—You held my hand at the movies.

—Well, that…

—I didn’t mind.

At that time, I didn’t try in any way to make Tachibana-san let go of my hand. So, to a certain extent, I was also an accomplice. However, she did not continue that conversation, but instead said something totally unexpected.

—I understand you Shiro-kun. You don’t want to betray anyone. So, you and I will continue our current relationship. You’re the president of the club, and I’m just another member.

—Good, I like that.

—If that’s what the president wants, I’m willing to behave properly. I won’t do anything to embarrass you. I’ll be a good girl. I no longer feel any interest in the president… And I didn’t like you in the first place either.

Tachibana-san turned away from my body as she said that.

—I think you’re being quite cruel.

—Now you’re nothing but an outsider.

—That’s too extreme.

—I’ll go home. I don’t enjoy being with you at all.

As Tachibana-san prepared to leave, she noticed something on the table. She sighed and picked up two pieces of paper in an unmotivated manner.

—What are we going to do with these?

‘These’ being the tickets for the amusement park that Maki gave us.


—I think it’s normal for both of us to think about what the club will do for the festival.

—Yes, I think so… We have no choice but to go this Saturday.

—Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we’re going on a date or anything like that. Don’t expect anything romantic from me.

—Thanks for clarifying that fact.

—We’re just going as club members.


—To be honest, I don’t want to go there with you.

It’s very important to point out these facts. This way, no one will be betraying their respective partners, and there will be nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty about afterwards. It’s just a friendly outing between two club members. But… I don’t think we’ll say anything about this to Hayasaka-san or Yanagi-senpai.


Going out with Tachibana-san naturally means that attention will be on me. When we walk down the street, both men and women stare at us. And the reactions on their faces were the equivalent of someone observing a beautiful oddity that is unusual to witness in the middle of an ordinary day.  

We were sitting side by side on the train. The coastal scenery flowed through the windows of the train. It was almost hypnotic to watch such a view, the surface of the sea glistening under the intense rays of the sun. 

We both had a short conversation yesterday to arrange a departure time. Her tone of voice was languid throughout. It seems she really did lose all interest in me.

—Tachibana-san, do you still listen to the Nippon Broadcasting System?

—You’re someone who listens to Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, right president? You’re playing with fire by asking me that question.

—Lately I’ve been listening to TBS Radio more.

—I see. I’m not interested.

The friendly conversation failed. The current atmosphere between us is nothing more than that of two people who are together out of obligation for a school assignment. Then, when I tried to resume the conversation, I realized that Tachibana-san had fallen asleep. And she hadn’t leaned on my shoulder to rest her head either.


As soon as we arrived at the amusement park, Tachibana-san made it very clear that she didn’t want to take pictures in the square with the fountain, or buy hats in the stores, or anything else that a normal couple does.

—Let’s go to the haunted house first. I want to see it.

After those words, I followed Tachibana-san in the direction of that attraction. 

—Is this where our investigation will begin?

—Something like this.

—What do you plan to do, Tachibana-san?

—Search for the witch.

They say she wears a white dress and her long hair hangs in front of her face.

—I’m going in.

Being true to her word, Tachibana-san entered the haunted house. Her eyes gazed quite carefully at the surroundings, as if it was her job to find the slightest imperfection. 

The whole place was completely dark, and there was music in the background so horrible that it made your skin crawl. But Tachibana-san didn’t flinch at all. 

—Are you not afraid, Tachibana-san?

—Not at all.

The next moment, a woman in a kimono with terrifying makeup tried to scare her. Tachibana-san did not run away, but approached her and looked at her carefully. Then she touched it, and the ghost let out a scream, causing me to reflexively do so as well.

—It’s not real.

—Then… It’s just a dummy on a stick?

—Does it make you feel more at ease to know that it was a simple dummy, president?

—Not at all. I’ve just been feeling a little sick before coming here.

—Really? A moment ago, you shouted.

—It’s vocal exercises. My throat hurts.

—Do you want me to walk you out?

—I’m not scared!

I was able to complete the haunted house from the beginning, and everything went smoothly. It’s a classic place to strengthen bonds between a boy and a girl in a natural way. But In my case it was totally different. Tachibana-san has too strong a tolerance for horror, and I could barely contain myself a bit.

We then headed towards our next destination, which is the event hall.

—What’s wrong?

Tachibana-san asks me when he sees me looking in a particular direction. In my field of vision, I came across an ice cream shop.

—Well, I was wondering if you liked ice cream, Tachibana-san.

—I didn’t come here to have a date with you.

—I see. 

The next stop was a time-limited escape game. The objective was very simple. You are trapped in a room with a bomb and you have to solve a riddle to find the number that will unlock the room so you can escape. 

—They say that only 17% of the people who play the game manage to escape the room.

—It sounds like it’s not easy.

—Yeah, but we’re from the mystery club, it’ll be a piece of cake.

—I guess.

We entered the room and sat down to listen to the presenter’s explanation. Once he had finished all the points to be discussed, he left the room and gave us a signal indicating that we could start solving the puzzles. 

As soon as Tachibana-san saw the crossword paper on the desk, she instantly threw it away. 

—I don’t like this kind of test very much…. I’m allergic… 

—We have no choice.

We had to solve a series of puzzles to arrive at the final solution. While the other teams worked together to solve the first puzzle, I had to do it alone. 

—I found the word ‘kabefumiro’ in the crossword.

—Could it have something to do with that?

Tachibana-san pointed to the wall of the room. Among the striking patterns on the wall, there was only one number. Given that the wall was huge and there were a number of other objects stuck to it, I was surprised that she was able to spot it instantly. 

Thus, we had to collect another set of numbers that were scattered randomly around the room in order to open the door. But it was too late.

—We were so close.

—Not at all. We only had three of the ten digits needed to open the door.

Tachibana-san is usually a very picky person when it comes to solving mysteries, and with me doing all the work, we could barely make any headway. Anyway, when we left the assembly hall, I looked up at the sky and was surprised at how much time had passed.

—The sun is already setting.

—It was past noon when we entered the hall.

—Would you like to do anything else?

—No, I have to go home. I have a curfew to keep. 

The park turns on all its lights, and couples walk all over the place holding hands. We head for the exit without even turning to look at the roller coaster or the Ferris wheel. 

There was a considerably large space where a person could stand between Tachibana-san and me.

—The student council president wants to organize an escape game for the school festival, but it’s impossible to do so.


—We have to make an impromptu exhibition to hide our failure.

—I think I’ll make a list of mystery-related book recommendations and also put up an exhibit of my favorite works.

—If you think of anything else, send me a message to keep me in the loop. 

When our conversation concluded, we were outside the park. We walked along the boardwalk in the direction of the station. The street lights were on and the sea breeze was a bit chilly. 

Since she had a curfew, Tachibana-san was walking faster than me. I started to think that we would continue this ambiguous relationship for a while. But I think things are better this way. 

I can’t betray Yanagi-senpai like that. I also don’t want to ruin things in Tachibana-san’s family. And above all, I don’t know what to do about Hayasaka-san. The agreement between her and I was that if things worked out with the person we longed for the most, our relationship would come to an end. 

When I think about our relationship, about my feelings, about everything we’ve done so far…. I definitely like Tachibana-san more. But my way of thinking makes me unable to be with her the way I would like to. Just being able to see her up close fills me up enough to feel satisfied. This way I’m not hurting anyone, and I’m going to keep a proper distance from her no matter what… Or so I thought.

—This is boring.

Said Tachibana-san, stopping dead in her tracks and looking back.

—I can’t keep fooling myself with this charade.

The way she acted now was very different from back there. She was back to being that dramatic, intense, sharp and beautiful girl.

—We’re on a date, aren’t we, Shiro-kun?

She said as she gave me a piercing look.

—No. This is just a task on behalf of the club to gather information. 

—That’s garbage, it is what it is. You knew from the start that we wouldn’t do any of that.


—Shiro-kun, I know you’re a member of the executive committee for the school festival.

That’s right. I’m in charge of setting up the stage for the festival. I also knew that Tachibana-san was busy playing a ghost for her class project. I always knew that the research club would never do such an activity for the school festival. 

—You didn’t ask the chairman of the board to create that whole amusement park lie to go out with me, did you?

Tachibana-san’s eyes were moist. She looked like she was about to cry at any moment. And her next words were as painful as a thousand blades entering my heart.

-I… I thought this was a date.

This whole farce was suddenly exposed. And I was struggling to see the stark reality that was being laid out in front of me. I was pretending not to notice what was becoming increasingly clear before my eyes. And it was that Tachibana-san was in a fragile and distressed state. 

Those were the words she had been keeping deep in her heart all day today. But she could no longer hide those feelings until the end. 

—I’ve been looking forward to this day. I wanted to take a picture together at the entrance, I wanted us both to wear the same hats throughout the park, I wanted to eat ice cream with you, I wanted to ride the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel. I wanted to walk while holding hands with you… But Shiro-kun was just pretending. He wasn’t even interested in making me believe otherwise. 


—Shiro-kun. What was your plan with me today?

Tachibana-san’s eyes reflected the lonely anxiety of a girl who longed to be told something that could save her from a monster hiding in her closet. My answer could be that light in the room that would help her make that fear disappear.

—I wanted a date with you.

—So you knew I was acting out all this time? And yet you decided to pretend I didn’t want to go on a date with you?

I always knew Tachibana-san’s ulterior motives from the beginning. The other day when the four of us had that meeting at the movie theater, she tried to hide her beautiful hair with a cap, not to mention that her appearance was that of someone trying to go unnoticed.

But today, all of that was different. She was the complete opposite of that day. She was wearing a white ruffled blouse, a blazer and a skirt. She looked quite feminine and elegant.

—You just decided to pretend otherwise. You’re horrible.

—I’m sorry.

I wanted to act like we were on a date. But I also wanted to pretend that I didn’t notice it. If Tachibana-san and I act on our feelings, someone will end up getting hurt. I still can’t let go of Hayasaka-san, and I have many precious memories with Yanagi-senpai. That’s why I wanted to keep the relationship between me and Tachibana-san ambiguous. But… right now, she is very hurt.

Her eyes are about to burst into tears.

—I couldn’t sleep last night. I kept thinking about how I could make you think I’m pretty. I took a bunch of clothes out of the closet and stood in front of the mirror changing clothes for hours. I even watched makeup videos and ironed my hair too. 


—It’s painful to pretend that today didn’t happen…

I don’t think it’s right for her to say such things. Considering that there are four people involved.

But finally, a teardrop runs down her cheek. And that’s when I plucked up the courage to tell her what I had been holding back all this time.

—You look very beautiful today, Tachibana-san. You usually are, but today you look more beautiful than ever.


Tachibana-san’s expression became even brighter. It makes my heart quite relieved to see the girl I love the most looking so happy. 

—All the things you mentioned… Yes, I was dying to do them. Taking pictures together, and even though I was a little embarrassed to wear matching hats, I was still willing to do it. Just like eating ice cream, riding the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel. Even doing something as boring as having a cup of coffee with you is something that would please me a lot. 

—A cup of coffee is never boring.

—That’s good to know… Anyway, I was really looking forward to going out with you.

—I see…

Tachibana-san wiped her eyes, and turning away as if she was embarrassed, she held out her hand to me.

—…At least we can hold hands.

The moment I took her hand. A myriad of inexplicable emotions invaded my heart. It was as if the world had taken on color. The sunset, the road overlooking the coast, the streetlights… Everything looks so different now.

We walked hand in hand while a battle of emotions took place within us, happiness and sadness having a duel to the death to see who would prevail.

—I like to pretend that I am not aware of my surroundings, but there is something I would like to make clear now. 

—And what is that?

—Do you want to go out with me or not? I want an answer now.

Tachibana-san said very firmly.


—Your hands are bigger than I thought.

—And your hands are as delicate as they look to the naked eye.

—Don’t go by looks. I play the piano, so they’re stronger than you think.

Tachibana-san puts all her strength into her hand and squeezes mine hard. As her fingers put a lot of pressure on my hand, I could feel the sensation of her bones. It’s quite comforting to a certain extent. 

Since Tachibana-san had a curfew, we couldn’t keep wasting time, so we arrived at the station and got on the train. 

Since there were no seats available, I stood in front of the door, while Tachibana-san was seated, and as surprising as it was, our hands were still clasped together. 

The words she said to me a while ago kept turning me around. “I want an answer now.” I still didn’t have the courage to answer, and I started to realize that it’s becoming a problem, as I noticed that Tachibana-san was somewhat worried.  

If I didn’t give her an answer or simply rejected her, she would surely distance herself from me and treat me indifferently. Or so I thought.

—What’s wrong, Shiro-kun?

—No, nothing, everything is fine.

I don’t want to betray my senpai. And I don’t want to ruin things in Tachibana-san’s family either. If she really wants us to go out and be my second girlfriend as she says so much, we’ll have to go out secretly. 

Will it be okay if we start now? What will happen to Hayasaka-san when she finds out that we are doing this? So many questions and doubts invade my thoughts, but I also don’t want to see the woman I love cry again. 

While I was absorbed in my thoughts. More and more people were getting on the train without me noticing, getting to the point where the train was so crowded that I couldn’t move. 

—I would vomit if a man other than Shiro-kun touched me.

After Tachibana-san said those words, I asked her to stand in front of the door. This way I would become a wall for her and thus prevent any person from trying to crush her in front of the large number of people in the carriage.

—T-This is like the Kabedon you did to me.


I’m very close to Tachibana-san’s beautiful face. And at the same time, I could smell her sweet scent. The perfume she’s wearing today smells really nice.

I tried to stay firm and neutral so as not to fall for Tachibana-san’s charms, but again things didn’t go my way.

-Shiro-kun, I think it would be better if you come closer to me.

—B-But Tachibana-san, you’ll be crushed.

—I’m not made of glass, I’ll be fine.

I guess it would be good for the other passengers so no one could feel uncomfortable in any way. And there would be a little more space in the carriage. Also, I’m really looking forward to touching Tachibana-san.

—I would have liked to have been friends with Hayasaka-san.

—You still can be.

—No… Because I like you, Shiro-kun.

—And what about senpai?

—I wish I had never fallen in love with you. 


—And that’s the bad thing. I love you, Shiro-kun, so I can’t respond to Yanagi’s feelings. And I can’t be a true friend to Hayasaka-san either.

I can’t pretend that I don’t know what she’s trying to tell me regarding her feelings. After saying that, she rested her head on my chest, and I could touch her fine hair and part of her cheeks. I can even go beyond that. But suddenly the train shook, causing Tachibana-san to stick even closer to my body, and I fell forward, causing us to be in a rather awkward position with my knee between her legs. 


—You don’t have to apologize…. Um, you… You can do whatever you want with me.

But as soon as she saw my knee between her legs, her cheeks got a little red. Tachibana-san is that kind of woman who has the air of being a very mature woman, but deep down she’s still a child when it comes to this kind of thing.

—Your face is red.

After I made that comment, Tachibana-san made a face of displeasure.

—It’s hot.

Then she puts on her usual calm face, and squeezes my leg tightly with her thighs. Her legs are thin, but her thighs are still very soft, and they make me feel a strange sensation. 

I looked around the train car and vaguely said…

—I wonder how we’re going to get out later. This place got crowded with a lot of people.

—I feel very happy being here.

—But, you’re supposed to have a curfew.

—I’m sixteen and I don’t care if my mom gets mad at me for breaking a silly curfew…. Besides, do you know what will happen if I arrive on time?

—I don’t think I want to know.

—I’ll be going out with my mom to have dinner with Shun and his parents.

There are six more stops to go before we reach our destination, and I don’t want to have to face Tachibana-san’s question. Still, her previous question remains a mental problem for me. But I can’t keep running away from that fateful destiny, so it’s time to say it now.

What we are going to do is wrong. We will be deceiving Hayasaka-san and Yanagi-senpai. All with the intentions of both of us being lovers. This is unforgivable. But, it’s also ridiculous. The more I ramble on about what’s right and what’s wrong, the more I know I’m just looking for excuses to get out of this. 

And right now, I find myself in the middle of a dilemma. On one hand, I’m hesitant to date her because I know it’s wrong in the public eye to date someone who has a partner and is engaged. On the other, my sense of reason repeatedly tells me that, if I agree to date her, I’ll be doing it because I simply had no other choice. 

It doesn’t matter what I choose. I am leaving my decision in the hands of something I am not really feeling from the bottom of my heart. I looked at Tachibana-san again.


She was staring at me. Her eyes are like two crystal balls. I could see my face reflected in them. She’s the kind of girl who always speaks her mind, and never makes excuses for anything. I’ve been enjoying the atypical relationship we have for a long time. And yet, I have always blamed her for everything because, in my mind, I perceived that she was taking advantage of me because she likes me. 

Even being in the movie theater, when I held her hand, it was on my own impulse. And despite that, I kept lying to myself that I was not betraying Hayasaka-san. 

My true feelings are simple. I like Tachibana-san, and even now I don’t want her to stay with Yanagi-senpai. But I also don’t want to betray him, let alone hurt Hayasaka-san.

Therefore, I must make this decision at my own responsibility. let it be what I truly think and feel. I must be aware of my own desires, even if it leads me to be a part of this immoral love.

—Hey, Shiro-kun.

Tachibana-san spoke to me again, pulling me out of my world of thoughts and doubts to bring me back to reality. Tachibana-san moved even closer to me, and I couldn’t help but smell her hair.

—You smell nice.

—…I’m a little embarrassed that you would say that to me.

Tachibana-san’s cheeks were red. This was the kind of reaction I wanted to see from her. I like the fact that she tries to play tough, but when she is attacked, she becomes completely vulnerable even to my compliments. 

—Where did you put the perfume?

—On my neck.

I will make this love between us immoral. Everything will be my own responsibility, with no one to blame for what happens. Let it all fall on me.


Tachibana-san’s breath escaped her. I could feel her body trembling.

—Shiro-kun, we’re almost there…

The train is gradually slowing down. If we don’t get off here, Tachibana-san will break her curfew, and she won’t be able to go to dinner with Yanagi-senpai.

I stayed in the same position, making Tachibana-san unable to move. Finally, the train stops, and the carriage doors open. But I continued to stand where I am, and that’s when Tachiban-san spoke.

—Shiro-kun… Is everything alright?


We were stranded for twelve seconds. The moment was such that we could feel each other’s breath against the stillness of the world around us. Finally, the doors close and the train begins to move. 

The train moves forward with a steady noise. At the same time, Tachibana-san clings to my body, pressing her hands hard on my back. 

—I’m not a good boy after all, am I?


—I did what I wished the most in my heart. I could have just let you go. But this was what I really wanted. Even though I know you’ll get in trouble for this.

—You’re a bad boy. Although, I’ve always wanted to see this side of Shiro-kun.


—Yes. I want us to push all these emotions to the limit.

In the middle of a crowded carriage, I hugged Tachibana-san with all the strength I could muster in my arms. That was my genuine desire that I let run free at that moment. To hug the woman I love the most.

Tachibana-san’s back arches. 


—I’m sorry. Are you in pain?

—No… It’s just that… This feels too good to be true.

While there were still a few people left in the train car, we were still hugging each other. 

We arrived at a very rural station and the return train was not due to leave for another hour. The platform was dark and the buzzing of insects made it seem as if they were giving a recital.

There were no houses in the vicinity either, but that didn’t matter to us. We were completely in love and focusing our attention on each other. Tachibana-san and I went to the end of the platform, where we were sure no one would see us. It was then that I slowly approached her lips and gave her a kiss, slipping my tongue into her.

Tachibana-san was completely at my mercy. So she let herself go before my kisses, limiting herself to simply gasping, and little by little our bodies came together until we were completely glued together as we continued kissing. 

—Finally… Shiro-kun kissed me. I love it when you force me to kiss you like this… Do it again.

Tachibana-san said with unbridled ecstasy. For such a beautiful girl to ask me to do these things was the understatement of the year.

I hugged Tachibana-san’s slender body as tightly as I could. Her back arches again, and her body shudders with pleasure. Being like this with her makes me so very happy. I hugged her tightly again.

Tachibana-san’s body shuddered again, and then she had a small spasm that ran through her whole body. The intensity of our kisses rises after every brush of our lips that we no longer felt like we were part of this world. 

—Shiro-kun… I… I need to… Breathe…

Our kisses were so intense that we both almost ran out of oxygen simply due to not stopping to breathe for a moment… But that worry again was pushed aside when Tachibana-san said the following.

—Do… Do it again, I want more…


Our kissing session resumed, and this time in a more passionate and exciting way. Each kiss felt kinkier and dirtier than the last. But that intense flame inside us was suddenly extinguished the moment I heard the sound of a phone shutter. 

Such a sound made our bodies freeze, the origin must have been from a small distance from us. It seems we are not the only ones in the place. 

—I think someone took a picture of us.

—Yes, I think so too.

If someone takes the trouble to take a picture of us, it’s very likely that they know who we are. We have no doubt that this is a serious problem, and it could cause us a lot of headaches later on. Or so I thought…

—It’s okay, it really doesn’t matter.


I feel like we went back to the club room and did the love notebook games. We get really stupid and don’t think about the consequences when we try the things written on those sheets.

So, we continued to kiss each other without a care in the world. And even though it was hard to breathe, we still didn’t care about that detail. 

When the heat of the moment passed, we went back to being ourselves, as always. On the train ride home, sitting in our respective seats, we quickly established a rule.

The rule is that we don’t kiss or hug in public places like schools or train stations. You never know who you might run into, or who might see you from a considerable distance. In any case, one thing is certain.

—So, does that mean we’re dating?

Tachibana-san asked in a tone full of doubt and bewilderment.

—Yes. We’ll start dating without Yanagi-senpai and Hayasaka-san knowing about it.

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese

Kirishima and Hayasaka are two classmates who have a secret relationship in public.

In their school life they pretend that they don't know each other, but behind the scenes there is much more to them than people can imagine. The two get into a relationship that is difficult to break and ends up being impure, unhealthy, and complicated, as the relationship between them was nothing more than an affair that simply created a love triangle before Kirishima's first love and his second love.


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