Chapter 1: The Red Devil of Christmas Eve

The Red Devil of Christmas Eve

—What are we going to do for Christmas?

—Since we don’t have girlfriends, it’ll just be us, right?

One afternoon after class, two of my best friends sat next to me and talked about Christmas.

—We spent Halloween together, why not spend Christmas together?

—I don’t mind. Although I might end up crying if I see so many couples while we’re out.

—Don’t say such things… right, Hayato?

—Huh? Ah, yes, you’re right.

Unfortunately, I already have plans for Christmas. Arisa and Aina are coming over.

At first, we discussed going somewhere else or getting presents, but after some consideration, we decided to stay at my house and have a relaxing time with a cake party.

—Sorry guys, I have to do something for Christmas.


—Don’t tell me… A girl?

If I say it’s a girl, they’ll surely get upset, and if I mention that it’s the Shinjo sisters, they’ll get even more upset… I think it’s no exaggeration to say that they’ll kill me if I tell them I’m going out with both of them.

It looked like they were about to interrogate me about it, but they were obviously just joking and laughed immediately.

—Seriously, I have some family stuff to take care of.

—Really? Well, I guess I’ll just enjoy some cake at home with my family.

It seemed like they both had family plans for Christmas.

Instead of complaining about not being able to go out, it’s really nice to see them smiling while spending time with their families.

There’s no such thing as a bad person for those who value their families… It may be an extreme example, but that’s what I feel deeply.

—By the way, lately my mother keeps asking me if I’ve been drinking Hayato’s sweat as tea.

—Oh, I feel the same way! When I’m with Hayato, I naturally start thinking about my parents more. It’s obvious, but the difference in our awareness is incredible compared to before.

Hey, don’t look at it like that.

—Don’t give me that grateful look, you’re making my back itch!

—No, seriously, this is a great thing, you know?

—Yeah, exactly. And because of that, if you ever need help, we want to be there to support you.

—Thank you.

This is annoying, I’m starting to feel ticklish.

And it seemed that both of them were genuinely grateful, but they also noticed the teasing in their words, which made me turn my head with a certain sense of pride.

Since then, time continued its course and in the blink of an eye, the afternoon class was over.

What if you come to my house for dinner? My mother is looking forward to seeing you as always.

I received this message from Arisa.

Not only did they come to my house in the morning, but it had become natural for us to have dinner together, whether at my house or at theirs.

Sure… I’m going to hang out with friends and come back, so I’ll be there around six o’clock..

After sending this message, I put my phone away and walked into town with Souta and Kaito.

—Where are we going?

—How about we go to the karaoke?

—That sounds great!

We quickly decided on a destination and headed to our favorite karaoke place.

On the way, we passed some of our classmates who were buying food. Strangely, I could clearly hear their conversation at that moment.

—Have you noticed how happy the Shinjo sisters have been lately?

—Maybe they have boyfriends or something?

—If that’s true! It must be some kind of millionaire heir or something.

—Sure, buddy! Someone like us, ordinary guys, we couldn’t make her happy.

When I heard this conversation, without realizing it, I stopped in my tracks and turned to face them.

It’s not that I had any particular reaction to her words… Still, for some reason, I found myself naturally stopped in my place.

—Is something wrong?

—Did those guys say something to you?

—No, it’s nothing.

After shaking my head amidst their perplexed looks, I quickly rejoined them.

From then on, it was a lot of fun: we sang all kinds of songs, from anime themes to traditional ballads, all the while taking care of our throats.

Since the last exams before the winter break were already over, even though Arisa and Aina comforted me, I guess I still felt a little bit of stress, even if it was as small as a sparrow’s tear. Well, that might not be entirely accurate.

—Wow, I feel so good!

—Yeah, definitely, karaoke is great.

I nodded in response to his words.

It was around five fifteen… I guess it’s time to go. But at that moment, my eyes fell on a familiar face in the crowd.


She was wearing a different uniform from my school, and there was a girl in the group who was somehow etched in my memory.

—What are you looking at?

Since we’re in a big city and it’s common to see students from other schools, it’s not surprising that my friends didn’t react in a special way.

But for me, it was a person I didn’t expect to meet again after I became a high school student.

(…Well, we live in the same neighborhood, so it’s not that surprising, right?)

This girl used to be my classmate in the same junior high school… I had mentioned it to Arisa and Aina, although the relationship I had with this girl was completely fleeting.

It was a relationship that lasted only a few weeks, more like a child’s play than anything else. Although it was definitely nice to have a girlfriend, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about it. Even when she suggested we break up, I just nodded with a ‘yes, I understand’ instead of feeling devastated.

(I guess it just wasn’t exciting… Even when we were together, I didn’t do anything special for her).

…Ah! I don’t care! Stop it, stop it!

Even if I don’t care anymore, reliving those memories in this way is affecting me more than I’d like to admit. Frankly, it’s embarrassing.

We’re not together anymore, and I don’t have any attachments or regrets, so there’s really nothing to worry about.

—Well, see you, I’m off.


—Take care, guys.

I waved goodbye to Souta and Kaito and went straight to the Shinjo house.

By the time I saw the house where they lived, I had completely erased the encounter with that girl from my mind. So, as always, I tried to control my nerves and rang the doorbell.

—Arisa, Aina… Which one of you will come to greet me?

I tried to play a guessing game, even if it was silly.

Hmm… I bet it’s Aina! 

With that thought in my head, I waited at the entrance. Then the door opened and a woman smiled friendly from the other side.

—Welcome, Hayato-kun. We have been expecting you.

—Oh, hello, Sakina-san.

The person who greeted me was her mother, Sakina. Although she was the mother of two high school girls, her youthful appearance and style surpassed that of her daughters, and I couldn’t help but feel excited, even though I knew it wasn’t appropriate.

However, she was so kind that she easily dispelled these concerns.

Even though I was not a member of this family, and to Sakina I was just a friend of her daughters, she always greeted me with a “welcome” when I arrived here, and with a “you’re back” when I returned.

—You must be really cold, come in, it’s warm here.

—Um, thank you.

—But first, can you give me a big hug?

Sakina stretched out her arms, expecting me to come closer.

She definitely sees me as a son, right? I am always undecided as to how I should react to this, but this doubt disappears in an instant.

I approached Sakina and hugged her.

It was a feeling of security different from what I felt with Arisa and Aina, more like an adult’s compassion. But along with that feeling, I could also feel the kindness that Arisa and Aina had inherited from their mother. It was a touching experience.

(…Ah, the power of motherly affection is incredible)

I hugged her so tenderly that I felt completely enveloped by her, along with her overwhelming size and softness even through the clothes… 

I guess the reason I don’t feel uncomfortable, unlike with Arisa and Aina, is that Sakina’s kindness reminds me of my late mother, and that prevents any possible sexual desire.

—Where are the girls?

—They’re taking a bath together. I guess they wanted to do it quickly so they could spend some loving time with you afterwards, Hayato-kun.

—Haha, that’s quite an honor.

As we walked into the living room together, I checked to see if the girls had returned yet.

While I helped Sakina prepare dinner and waited for the girls, Aina came out of the bathroom first, followed by Arisa.

—Welcome back, Hayato-kun!

—Hello again, Hayato-kun!♪

That’s right, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, they both wrapped their arms around me.

They were wearing almost identical pajamas, with Aina in pink and Arisa in orange… But is it appropriate for me to see this picture, them in their entirety, in the privacy of their home?

Surrounded by their presence, which was different from when they were in uniform or casual clothes, I struggled to keep a firm expression on my face, even though I felt my cheeks about to slacken.

—Hehe, well, I’ll take a bath as well. I’ll leave the two of you in charge of the preparations until I return.


—Keep warm, it’s cold outside!

Sakina disappeared from the living room and it was just us.

There we were, Arisa and Aina in pajamas, just out of the bath… Feeling their arms around me after they warmed up in the tub was pleasant, and the smell of their soap and shampoo was really nice.

Both of them smiled at me like angels from both sides and gave me a soft kiss on my cheeks at the same time.

—Well, Aina, let’s do our best to cook for Hayato-kun.

—Of course!♪ So, Hayato-kun, stay here and relax, okay?

Although they asked me to relax, I had already helped Sakina, so I looked at the girls with a determined expression, ready to get to work.

—I really feel like I’m getting weaker and weaker.

It’s a luxury in itself to see the beautiful sisters happily cooking, but the fact that they’re doing it all for me, moving their arms to prepare the food, is even more… Idyllic.


Since then, I’ve watched them cook without doing anything else.

After Sakina joined them after her shower, the preparations progressed quickly.

In addition to the generosity of Arisa and Aina, Sakina also took care of me in the kitchen, resulting in a truly exceptional dinner, full of love and effort.

—How was dinner tonight?

—Yes, it was delicious.

—I saw you enjoying every bite. That makes me happy.

After dinner, we were in Arisa’s room.

We had to go back to school tomorrow, so it was time for me to leave, but I wanted to spend some more time with them before I left.

—Christmas is just around the corner, right? And then the winter break… Mmm, I’m very excited to think about spending a lot of time with you, Hayato-kun. It will be really happy♪

—You won’t get bored. I guarantee it. I’m going to make this winter break unforgettable! So get ready, Hayato-kun.

—Yeah… That sounds a little intimidating…

The days to come should have been happy ones, as I was looking forward to them, but for some reason, my back was shaking a little, as if something unsettling was about to happen.

And so, as I shivered slightly, the two of them pounced on me at the same time. I couldn’t bear the weight of both of them, so I had to lie back on the soft carpet.

—Nights are lonely.

—Yes, nights are lonely.

—Arisa… Aina…

Loneliness… It was a confession of her feelings about my leaving.

In reality, it wasn’t that difficult to meet or talk if we wanted to, we could even stay connected with a simple phone call.

—Still, when the time comes to say goodbye, even if it’s temporary, they immediately become vulnerable.

—I wish we could live together soon.

—Yes♪ Then we would be together from morning to night… I’m really looking forward to living together!


The anxious and lonely expressions they had a moment ago have completely changed, and both of them are enthusiastically discussing their future.

After that, I packed my things and left Shinjo’s house despite my reluctant farewell.

Leaving their warm home, I was greeted by the cold winter… The night was quite chilly, and if I didn’t dress properly, I might catch a cold.

I didn’t want to get sick and worry about them… Not only Arisa and Aina, but also Kaito and Souta would worry about me, I guess.

Still, I thought about how fulfilling every day was.

I have a friendship as solid as my lifelong friends, and I enjoy irreplaceable happy days with the two girls who became my girlfriends. Could so much happiness cause some kind of negative reaction?

Although it worries me, it’s probably just an unfounded worry… No matter what happens, I don’t see even a hint of a desperate future waiting for me.

No, I’m not the only one. They feel the same way.

I won’t let them have a sad future. That’s my promise… And from now on, I will keep these feelings in my heart.

—I’m home~♪

After I ate there, I didn’t have much left to do. After taking a bath and brushing my teeth, I returned to my room and checked my phone. There was a message from Aina.

Are you home already? I had so much fun today, Hayato-kun♪ Both my sister and mother and I had a happy time together. I really appreciate you! I love you, Hayato-kun!

Even though they were just words, I felt a great intensity in them.

The message seemed to convey Aina’s passion through the words.

I apologized for the late reply and told her that I had already taken a bath and that I just needed to go to sleep.

I understand. Well, good night then… Hayato-kun, I’ll think of you until you fall asleep ♪

—This girl is incredibly cute.

Right now, I’m alone, so no matter how much I smile, no one can see me.

My reflection in the window glass clearly showed that I was smiling, but I definitely couldn’t show this expression in public.

—Phew, I’m very tired.

After returning to the room, I quickly made preparations for tomorrow and went to bed.

The time I spent with Arisa and Aina, as well as the time I spent with Sakina-san, was wonderful, and of course the time I spent with my two best friends was also amazing… But I never thought that I would see my ex-girlfriend again.


For some reason, when the image of my ex-girlfriend from junior high school came to my mind, the words of the boys who passed by us came back to me.

Sure, buddy! Someone like us, ordinary guys, we couldn’t make her happy.

We couldn’t make her happy, right?

In reality, for a moment, a short moment, I started to believe what I was telling myself.

Will I be able to make Arisa and Aina happy? And if I can’t, will they drift away again?

—Damn, how pathetic. — I said, shaking my head violently — I’ve thought about this before. Ever since I decided to be with both of them, I’ve been determined to do whatever it takes to make them happy. This isn’t the time for doubt.

Instead of wasting time thinking about whether I can make them happy or whether they will eventually drift away like my ex-girlfriend, I should be thinking about what I can do for them right now.

It’s not complicated. I just have to reciprocate the feelings they give me and return my own feelings to them.

—Yes… This is about shifting the focus, keeping the balance…

So I set out to calm my emotions while thinking about the matter of Christmas.

It’s practically confirmed that I’ll be spending time with Arisa and Aina, but I wonder what this Christmas will be like… In Arisa’s case, Aina seems to be planning something as well.

—…Gah! I’m so excited, damn it!

I couldn’t hide my excitement and kicked the bed vigorously with my feet.

It’s not about lascivious thoughts, it’s just about being excited by the idea of spending Christmas with them. That’s right, absolutely! I won’t accept any objections from anyone!


After all that excitement, what followed was an overwhelming fatigue.

I turned off the lights in the room, and as I stared at the dark ceiling, I quickly felt sleepy… Just before I fell asleep, I mumbled something like this.

—I hope it’s a fun Christmas… No, it definitely will be.

And so I entered the world of dreams.




It’s December 24th, Christmas Eve has finally arrived.

It had been snowing for the past few days, and although it didn’t accumulate much, the city was covered in a beautiful blanket of snow.

Today, Christmas Eve, it was Friday and school was in session.

The atmosphere in the school was a bit restless since the morning. Many boys invited girls and vice versa.

(Well, it’s an opportunity to make Christmas memories.)

Even if you didn’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend, it would be fun to hang out with close friends and do all kinds of crazy things. I guess even if I didn’t go out with Arisa and Aina, I’d probably be fooling around with my friends.


Well, it’s almost five in the afternoon.

I’ve already gone to pick up the cake I reserved for today, and as for dinner, Arisa and Aina, who are cooking specialists, will take care of preparing something delicious for us. Everything is ready.

—It would be great if Sakina-san could join us…

Originally, I wanted to invite Sakina-san as well, but I was told that it would be better for us to enjoy this night with just the two of us, considering how special it is.

That’s the only thing that’s still up in the air, but if that’s the case, we can invite Sakina-san some other time and enjoy it all together.

—I wonder when they will arrive.

Right after I muttered that, the doorbell rang, so I went to the front door.

When I opened the door, I saw the two of them standing there with shopping bags, and they also carried bags that surely contained their clothes to change into…

By the way, isn’t Aina’s bag a bit big? Well, she’s a girl after all, I guess she must have a lot of things she needs.

—We’ve arrived♪

—We’ve arrived♪

As the two of them smiled sweetly, I exclaimed in my mind how adorable they were.

I was a little worried if I had an awkward and embarrassing smile on my face, but trusting that they hadn’t noticed, I invited them into the house.

—Was it… Snowing?

—Yes, just a little.

—It was beautiful, you know? Sort of a White Christmas♪

It wasn’t snowing when I returned home, but it seems that it was snowing a little when they came here. I could tell by the tracks of melted snow on their coats.

As soon as they entered the living room, which was already warm thanks to the heater, they began to take off their coats.

Of course, they were wearing casual clothes underneath… It’s not surprising that I feel a little nervous just from the gesture of them taking off their coats.

…Besides, the two of them will be staying here tonight.

Since tomorrow is a day off, the two of them will be staying at my house, and I already have Sakina-san’s approval for that.

It’s the first time they’ll be staying overnight… I always thought a day like this would come, but I never thought it would be so soon… To be honest, my heart is already beating fast.



Oh… I ended up giving a strange answer…

Not only Arisa, who called me, but also Aina smiled. It seems like they both realized how I felt… However, their expressions immediately turned serious.

—Can we say hi to Mom and Dad?

—Yes, of course.

As they nodded in response, I watched them while murmuring a word of thanks to myself.

We went to a corner of the living room where there was a Buddhist altar.

Arisa and Aina bowed before the altar, closed their eyes for a few seconds, and then spoke.

—Today we are also here… to visit Hayato-kun’s parents.

—Good evening, we come to your home… Hayato-kun’s mom and dad.

It’s strange… It makes me very happy to see them bowing before the altar.

Kaito and Souta do the same thing when they come home, but somehow it feels very appreciated and heartwarming.

Finally, as the two put their hands together and remained silent, I looked at their backs and then at the photos of my parents on the altar.

(I wish Mom and Dad could actually be here…)

Truly, that was the only thing that left me with a slight sense of regret.

Well, this is the farewell to that little twinge of sadness that passed through my mind. While Arisa was getting ready for dinner, I asked Aina about something that intrigued me.

—Hey, Aina.

—What’s up?

—Compared to Arisa, you had a pretty big bag… What do you have in there?

When I asked that, Aina produced a deeper smile… Wait, that smile, I’ve seen it somewhere before.

While I was wondering where I had seen that smile before, Aina put her hand to her lips and answered playfully.

—That’s a secret, you know? Maybe something to enjoy later.


Well, she didn’t say it exactly like that.

I had no intention of pressuring her to tell me, and even though it seemed to be getting a little interesting, if she tells me later, that’s fine… Oh, but now I’m really itching with curiosity.

—Well, I’m going to take a bath first.

—Enjoy your time in the bath! By the way, if you need help with your back…

Considering the recent colder weather compared to before, I politely declined the offer to wash my back.

Well, it’s true that Aina’s suggestion surprised me a bit, but since Arisa seemed willing to stop her, I didn’t have to give in, right? Although… I was definitely disappointed that I missed another chance to bathe with her.

Afterwards, while the two of them were saying goodbye, I went to the bath and made sure to warm up my body.

As I expected from Aina, I had prepared myself for a possible surprise attack, but to my relief and disappointment, the time in the bath passed peacefully without any incidents.

—I’m done. Aina, would you like to come in?

—Yes, I’m going to enjoy what’s left of the water, Hayato-kun!

Girls shouldn’t say things like that!

Well, I admit that the statement about “enjoying what’s left of the water” is a bit strange, and while I feel that her affection is still overwhelming, I also realize that I’m someone who needs to feel loved in that way to be satisfied. Sometimes I wonder if I’m already lost.

After a while, Aina returned with a satisfied expression and a bright smile, and Arisa took her place in the bathroom.

—…Ah… ah~♪

—What’s wrong?

—It’s nothing, I just feel like Hayato-kun is hugging me all over my body…♪

Aina crossed her arms in front of me as if hugging herself, and with a playful expression, she let out a trembling sigh accompanied by these words.

—I could get pregnant just from the warmth of your body ♪


The next moment, I threw myself into the reflexology massage I had prepared.

The intense pain coming from the soles of my feet made me involuntarily shed tears. Seeing this scene, Aina ran up to me with a worried look on her face.

—Hey, hey, what are you doing?

—Let go of me… Let go, Aina!

—Hayato-kun, are you going crazy?!

Although I might have lost my composure due to various things that happened, thanks to this, I can keep my sanity.

Yes, I was completely stunned by Aina, but this is necessary… It’s necessary!

—But it’s still painful.

—…It’s supposed to be a foot pressure point massage… Come on, a little pressure!


As if trying to align herself next to me, Aina jumped over to my side with determined enthusiasm.

Of course, the relievers eagerly awaited Aina’s beautiful foot as she came down… At that moment, Aina’s surprised scream echoed in the air.

—What are you two doing?

Arisa, who had just come out of the bath, looked at the two of us in disbelief.

After this strange situation, the three of us began to prepare dinner in earnest, and delicious dishes like chicken and soup were placed in front of us.

—It looks very delicious… Bon appétit!

—Please enjoy!

—Thank you for the food!

The food that Arisa and Aina had prepared, although it was a special Christmas menu different from what we normally eat, was still exceptionally delicious.

—I always say the same thing, but you really seem to enjoy the food, Hayato-kun.

—That’s true… By the way, haven’t we had this conversation before, sister?

—Is there a limit to how many times I can say it?


While I smiled at the exchange between the two, I enjoyed the food.

As I enjoyed the food, what I noticed most was not only how delicious it was… but more than that, how the comfort of this room enhanced the flavor of the food.

(This spacious living room, which used to be lonely, was transformed into a warm and inviting space with the presence of Arisa and Aina.)

When it becomes the Shinjo household instead of just “my house,” Sakina-san will join in, making it even more vibrant.

Thankful for the warmth they provided, I felt a particularly intense yet loving gaze.

—What’s wrong?

—Haha, It’s nothing, really.

—It’s nothing, really!

Hmm, I’m not entirely convinced by that answer. But I guess I won’t push it.

After we finished eating, we shared the cake we bought together.

It was a cake from a famous bakery, and although it was expensive, it was worth it for its delicious taste. I was very satisfied because both of them loved it.

And so, as time passed, I found myself alone in my room waiting for the girls.

I had tried to help with the cleaning, but Arisa took care of all the dishes, so Aina and I left the living room together. But Aina said she had something to do and left.

—Something to do?

I had left a room free for them to stay in.

They said they would do something there and then come back here… As I crossed my arms and thought about it, I heard a knock at the door and Aina’s voice.

—Hayato-kun, can I come in?

—Yes, of course.

It seems that they have finished their preparations.

I wondered what it could be… But my thoughts stopped when she entered the room.

—Ta-da~! What do you think?


Not only had my mind collapsed, I couldn’t even breathe.

Why…? Well, the one who appeared in front of me was Aina, dressed in a daring Santa Claus outfit.

With a predominantly red design, which is something natural, but it’s not just an ordinary Santa Claus costume.

Conventional Santa Claus outfits are usually warm, but what she’s wearing is a dress… A style of dress that boldly exposes the neckline and completely ignores the season by being mini-style… Dazzling thighs and a garter belt…

—Are you mesmerized, Hayato-kun?


—Don’t worry. Keep looking, keep looking at me… Until something awakens in you.

—Ah, Aina…

She got down on all fours and approached me.

Her stance was like that of a female panther… She had me completely in her sights and didn’t take her eyes off me… Slowly and calmly, as she approached, I backed away… But at that moment, Aina opened her mouth and ran her tongue over her lips as if she was licking something.

—Why are you running away?

—No, well… It’s just that…

Her look was completely seductive. Just like a succubus, making me feel strange sensations.

—Do you want to escape so much, Hayato-kun? Do you want to run away from this?


(What is she planning to do?)

Just as I thought that, she suddenly jumped at me.

While Aina pushed me, I tried to hold her, but my hands didn’t land in the right place. My fingers were wrapped in an ethereal and delicate softness.

Yes, my fingers were firmly gripping her ample breasts.

—Um… Hehe, I love it when Hayato-kun is rough like that.


—The fabric is very thin… You can feel it, right? Little by little it gets… Tighter.

…This is really complicated, this is serious, it’s dangerous to go on like this.

Even though Aina should be embarrassed, her smile continues… Every sensation, even the one transferred to the center of my palm, is clearly perceived. Wrapped in a sweet scent and a special atmosphere, Aina’s face gradually approaches mine… And just as our lips are about to touch, the door opens with a metallic sound. 

—Hey, Hayato. Is Aina here with you? Ah…



The three of us freeze for a moment.



Even though there shouldn’t be any negative factors like being caught in an act of infidelity, what is this indescribable atmosphere? 

Cornered by Aina and at the limit of my endurance, my mind suddenly cools, and without realizing it, the heavy snowfall behind the window becomes clearer. 

—Aina… You…!

—Well… I already knew that, but it seems like this isn’t really good, right?

Arisa shakes slightly, her fists clenching and her voice getting louder.

—I told you not to do that, why are you using that!


Wait, what is Arisa saying? 

I still had my hand on Aina’s breast, and she moved away from me, laughing softly and scratching her head. 

(Maybe she’s disappointed?)

While lamenting the loss of the sensation in my palm, I finally understood the meaning of Arisa’s words and Aina’s subtle smile. 

—In reality, this was something my sister had prepared for me. But to be honest, I told her that we’d probably be too busy for her to put it on… Thinking about it, though, it seemed like a shame.



—That’s not a ‘hehe’, Aina!

So… Does this mean that Arisa was the one who prepared that Santa costume? Arisa had already shown me a maid’s outfit before, but was she trying to make me happy again like she did back then…?

Although Arisa and Aina weren’t arguing openly, Arisa made a rare childish gesture and pursed her lips at Aina with a glare, something unusual for her. 

—Hey, Arisa…

—…What’s wrong?

Ah, she’s definitely mad…

At moments like this, I’m not sure what words to use… But maybe because of the fluctuation between excitement and calmness, I was acting strangely. And before I realized it, I said something unexpected.

—I… I would like to see Arisa wearing this as well…

After I said it, I realized what I had said, but it seemed to be the right answer at that moment.

My words brought a radiant smile to Arisa’s face, as if she was blossoming, and Aina, nodding while smiling, suggested something unexpected.

—Leaving the room to change would be uncomfortable because of the cold, right? I have spare clothes… What do you think, sister? How about I change right here?



The first part made sense, but what did Aina mean by the second part?

If both of them change here, that means both of them will be practically naked… No, no, that would be too much… huh?

—Right. It’s warm and cozy here… So, Aina, take off your clothes.



Not only did I immediately close my eyes, but I also covered myself with both hands.

Along with her giggles, I could hear the sound of clothes falling… And once again, I felt my body temperature rise.




[Arisa’s Perspective]


—Although I wanted you to see me wear it from the beginning… Actually, I would have preferred to be the one to wear it first, but… Anyway, I was really happy that you wanted to see it, Hayato-kun. My mood is at its highest.

—You’re so cute, Hayato-kun. I wouldn’t mind if you saw me.

—Please, let’s avoid that! The situation is already complicated enough.

—Hmm? What’s bothering you?

—Right, like Aina said, I wouldn’t mind if it was Hayato-kun who saw me… I would even prefer it… And I would like him to give me orders as if I were his property.

—Lil sister? Is something wrong?

—No, it’s nothing.

I shook my head slightly and took the Santa suit Aina was wearing.

Even though it’s a Santa suit, it’s quite revealing for the winter season… This form clearly manifests the desire to see Hayato satisfied.

Like Aina, my style is one of the best, and I know very well that Hayato always gets excited… That’s why I chose this.

(…But that’s not all. There’s another reason.)

The reason is simple and clear: By making a more revealing appearance, I can clearly show that it’s only for him and that I belong to him.

—Hayato-kun~! We’re done changing.

—Huh? I’m still in the middle of changing… Neither Aina nor I are wearing anything right now.



Hayato opened his eyes for a moment but closed them again when he saw us.

That guy… But it’s strange… Because I’m not embarrassed at all that Hayato can see my skin, in fact, I wish he could see much, much more of it.

—Hayato-kun, you’re adorable♪.

Although I thought Hayato-kun looked charming with his blushing and embarrassed face, I didn’t want to put him in an unnecessary predicament, so we quickly finished changing.

—We’re ready now, Hayato-kun.

Despite my reassuring words, Hayato-kun cautiously opened his eyes.

Although he calmed down when he saw that we were dressed appropriately, his gaze changed when it landed on me.

(Oh… Hayato-kun is looking at me… He’s staring at me…)

There’s no doubt that he has burning desires in those eyes, and it’s really wonderful to see him looking at me like that.

Although Aina looks at me with envy… Silly me, remember that you were wearing this just a moment ago, and especially that you were hugging Hayato-kun! Control your impulses!

—Maybe I should give my lil sister a chance here. Well, I’m going to go to the bathroom for a moment~

Aina left the room and for a short moment, Hayato-kun and I were alone.

I sat down next to Hayato-kun and cuddled up to his arm… I could feel him very close and I could sense that he felt me as well… Truly, it was a moment that I adored.



—You look incredibly cute… It suits you.

—Oh, thank you♪

I like how he manages to put it into words even though he is shy.

When I look at Hayato-kun, my body heats up as usual… The same thing happens to Aina, but I want to do a lot more with Hayato-kun.

(Maybe even more… daring things… If it’s with Hayato-kun, I’d be willing…)

No matter what I am asked to do, even if it is an order, I want to obey.

In fact, I long for it… I want your mark to be engraved on my body as proof that I am yours… That’s why I want to be conquered by you, Hayato-kun.

I want to be dominated by him in every way… Such an overwhelming desire that I couldn’t help but express it.

—Hayato-kun… Could you use this ribbon to bind my wrists?


Hayato-kun was surprised by my suggestion, but he quickly tied my wrists with the ribbon.

With the red ribbon I gave him, he tied my hands together, restricting my freedom of movement… Then I said these words.

—I am your gift, Hayato-kun…♪

—A… Arisa…

When I saw that my words made Hayato-kun blush, something clicked inside me.

(…Come on, Arisa! Aina did it before!)

With determination in my mind, I threw myself at Hayato-kun with all my might.

It seems that he wasn’t prepared and fell without a struggle, and I landed on top of him in a position that covered both of us.


—It’s okay if you think I’m Aina, I don’t care, I just want to be with you.

I wondered if it would be too hard… With this fear in my mind, I approached Hayato-kun, wanting him to feel everything from me.

At this closeness, our eyes met and we shared a kiss that was barely a brush of our lips.

I just thought that I wanted to do more things with him… But with just one kiss, I felt completely satisfied… My heart was completely filled.

—By the way, Hayato-kun, can we… Sleep here?

—Do you want me to put your futon here? 

I nodded at his question. 

It was nice of him to give us a separate room… But since this is the first time we’re staying together, I wanted to sleep in Hayato-kun’s room. 

After thinking for a moment, Hayato-kun seemed to understand and agreed, hugging me with a smile. 

—We’re finally home~… Aren’t you being a bit cunning, sister? 

—I’m just following your example. Aina, let’s sleep here tonight. Hayato-kun agreed. 

—Huh? But I guess you didn’t have to ask, right? 


…Sometimes when I watch Aina, there are aspects that I could learn or imitate. 

Maybe I should be a little more selfish, like her…

Would that be acceptable for Hayato-kun? Of course, always within limits so as not to bother him, but maybe I could be a little bolder… I really want to express myself more!


At that moment, Hayato let out a big yawn. 

Seeing how tired he looked, I exchanged a glance with Aina and we decided it was time to go to sleep.

Even though the night is just beginning… Maybe this is for the best. 

It’s the first time we spent the night with Hayato… Instead of him being nervous and unable to sleep, it’s better that he drifts off like this.

—He’s already asleep, right?

—Yeah… Hey, Aina, did you have fun?

—Yeah. I really enjoyed it… Hehe, once you’ve experienced something like this, you can’t forget these days at all.

I nodded strongly at those words.

Hey, Hayato, the winter vacation is about to start. As I promised you before, Aina and I will make sure that you never get bored… We’ll surround you with our love and give you an exciting winter vacation without any boredom.

So please, enjoy it to the fullest!

—Well, Aina, we should sleep too.

—Got it~!

…But before we go to bed, maybe we could do a little ritual.

I sat up on the bed and watched Hayato’s sleeping face… Aina also looked at his sleeping face next to me… After admiring it for a good ten minutes, we finally fell asleep.

And so Christmas night, in which Aina and I spent time with a boy for the first time, came to an end.

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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