Chapter 2: End of classes and a ghost from the past

End of classes and a ghost from the past

The day came for the closing ceremony at the end of the second quarter. 

It was the first time in a long time that I witnessed this scene. After the ceremony, as I was walking down the hallway with Souta and Kaito, I saw a senior approaching Aina at the entrance of the next classroom.

—Shinjo-san, please go out with me…

—I’m not interested~

The attractive-looking boy spoke to Aina, and she responded with a clearly annoyed attitude… It was a somewhat awkward scene. Although I wasn’t sure if it was a confession or something like that at that moment, I couldn’t imagine that Aina would react like that without a reason.

So at that moment, I was sure that it was a confession or an invitation to go out from that boy.

—Shinjo-san is definitely popular, right?

—Yes, she’s very beautiful, there’s not much to be done about it. However, it would be better if she didn’t persist, considering that she seems to be uncomfortable in this place.

I took a quick look inside the classroom, but it seemed that Arisa wasn’t there… In that case, I went to where Aina was.

—Hm? Will you help her?

—No problem. We’ll go with you, brother.

Brother? What does “brother” mean?

Souta and Kaito were unaware of any connection between them and me, so they must have wondered why we were going to Aina like this… Nevertheless, they walked confidently at my side.

Even if I wouldn’t have been able to act ignorant in their absence, their presence would put some pressure on the older boy.

—Uh… Shinjo-san.

Seeing the three of us who suddenly appeared, the senpai showed a rather obvious expression of annoyance, but Aina looked at me and her face lit up with a radiant smile, as if a flower had bloomed… And apparently, she understood my intention when I called her by her surname instead of her first name.

—You finally arrived, Domoto-kun and friends. As I said, Senpai, I already have a prior engagement, so you can go with your friends.

—Huh? But I don’t have–…

—And I don’t have any unfinished business with you, senpai. But I do have things to do with them.


The senpai gave us an angry look and quickly walked away, visibly frustrated.

Aina sighed with relief after the senpai left. Because of the tension in the air, Souta and Kaito were equally tense and inevitably did the same.

These guys must think that this is the best day of their lives… Am I being selfish? Anyway, I’m glad that everything turned out well.

—Hehe, sorry guys. I know this was all unexpected, but I told you we had things to do together ♪ — Aina said with a laugh.

—Oh, don’t worry about it, it was fine! — Sota replied hastily.

—We did it to help Shinjo-san! — Kaito added.

Those guys… Aina chuckled as she watched them, then looked at me and continued talking.

—But Domoto-kun took the initiative… Was this all your idea? Thank you ♪

—Ah… Something like that…

Actually, Aina seems to really enjoy this conversation.

Anyway, I’m supposed to go to her house today as well, so we’ll meet in the afternoon.

—Hayato, it’s time to go.

—Yes, we’re running out of time.

—Got it. Well, Shinjo-san, see you later.

—Goodbye, and thank you for helping me ♪ — Aina said as if she had waited for Souta and Kaito to distance themselves a little.

Then Aina approached them with a calculated gentleness, as if taking advantage of the opportunity.

—After all, Hayato-kun, you’re quite handsome, you know? ♪

—…I’m glad you said that. Even though our relationship is a secret, I couldn’t sit still when I saw other guys flirting with you, Aina.

—Aaah~! ♪♪ When you come home today, promise me that you will let me spoil you to the fullest, okay? In return, I will let myself be spoiled a lot too♡

After hearing such a charming request and proposal, I decided to follow her lead. We gathered in the shoe section and while discussing where to go next, the conversation naturally turned to Aina.

—Anyway, why did you both decide to come with me?

—That’s because it’s you. I thought you wanted to help Shinjo-san. — Souta said.

—Yes, that’s right. Besides being too kind, Hayato is a good person. — Kaito added.

—I see… Thank you both.

Obviously, Souta and Kaito understood what I was thinking even without expressing it in words, they laughed and put their arms around my shoulders.

—Hey, stop with the hugging!

—Come on, it’s okay, don’t you think?

—Don’t be shy.

I’m not shy, I’m just uncomfortable!

Despite the fact that these two were labeled as annoying, while they continued to smile incessantly even after letting go, we enjoyed our time together… Until it was time to say goodbye.

When Kaito went to the bathroom, leaving Souta and me alone, Souta said something unexpected.

—Whenever you see someone in trouble, you come to help… It reminded me of the first time we met.

—What are you talking about?

As I took a sip of my drink, I turned to Souta and he continued talking while looking at the sky.

—At first, when I was having trouble fitting into the class, it was Hayato who talked to me. That was also a way to help me, right? It really made me happy.

Oh, now that he mentions it, I remember it.

Some time after the initiation ceremony, I approached Souta, who was having trouble adjusting to class… And from there, our friendship began.

—Like Souta, Kaito also had trouble adjusting to the class.

—That’s right. Unlike an otaku like me, he had the appearance of a troublesome guy.

Back then, I could never have imagined that we would become such good friends… But looking back, I realize that I didn’t make a mistake by acting the way I did back then. After all, I was able to make friends with valuable people like you two.

Although it was a bit uncomfortable, it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling.

Kaito returned from the bathroom and asked us what was going on, so I told him in detail what we were talking about. He covered his chest and crouched down, looking stunned.

—Stop talking about it… The lone wolf from back then, he’s dead!

—Oh, by the way, Kaito. Didn’t you say something like ‘Don’t come near me or you’ll get hurt’?

—Stop sayig that!

Kaito, whose unpleasant memories had been brought to light, shouted at the top of his lungs, not caring about the looks of the others.

Souta and I, although feeling guilty, enjoyed Kaito’s reaction very much, which made me think about whether or not it would be good to expand on this anecdote for our entertainment… But well, maybe it would be better to leave it alone.

—Oh, by the way.


—Hayato, I see you’re always helping out Shinjo-san. Do you have a good relationship with her?

—…Why do you ask that all of a sudden?

Looking at Souta, I asked him why he suddenly asked that question. He crossed his arms and continued to talk.

—Somehow, I had this feeling… I mean, isn’t it a little unusual for Shinjo-san to talk to a guy like that? Well, I guess it’s just an unfounded assumption since they’re in different classes… But considering that they have not had any kind of interaction until now, both Hayato and Shinjo-san seemed to be quite close.


Well, it’s true, that could be another way of looking at it.

Based on the content of the conversation, it seemed like they only knew each other by sight… Still, it’s surprising how Souta has a good eye for detail and observes things well.

—Well, it was just a passing thought, so don’t worry. After all, Hayato is part of the same ‘Anti-Popularity Alliance’ as us, right? So there’s no way something like that could happen!

—Hey, I don’t remember joining an ‘Anti-Popularity Alliance’.


What is the Anti-Popularity Alliance? I’ve never heard of it…

Souta laughed out loud and said, “But there’s nothing wrong with that, right?” Both Kaito and I gave him a look that seemed to say, “Seriously?” At that moment…

—Huh? Could it be Domoto-kun?

A familiar voice called my name from behind.


I turned around in surprise to see several girls… Especially the one in front brought back memories: Yes, she was my ex-girlfriend whom I had seen before.


Saeki Aika… I never imagined that we would meet face to face like this. Although I don’t care anymore, I felt a little uneasy.


—Ah, it’s that girl from another school we saw the other day…

When she called me by my name, it seemed like Souta and Kaito were intrigued as well… Well, how can I explain this in a situation like this?

She was my ex-girlfriend… If I said that, it would refer to the previous conversation, and I can imagine how Souta could make fun of me…

While I was thinking about it, Saeki smiled softly and said:

—Actually, we dated when we were in middle school, right?



The piercing eyes of my two best friends pierced my gaze.

Seeing that I had no objection, Souta and Kaito approached me and encircled my shoulders… Although I had been nervous in front of Aina, are these two really going to do this to her?

—Well, it’s true that it happened that way, but in the end, our relationship barely lasted a few days…

—Even if it was for a short time, it’s still a fact that you had a girlfriend!


After I got out of their arms, they started beating me on my back.

I was about to protest how annoying they were, but at that moment, Saeki spoke as if remembering old times.

—As Domoto-kun says, we didn’t last long together. I guess our compatibility wasn’t that good… Maybe it wasn’t that much fun after all, right?

Saeki’s words echoed in my ears.

Anyway… How should I react in this situation? Although I was a little shocked that she said it wasn’t fun so directly, it was true that I had similar thoughts.

But if we both had those thoughts, it’s no wonder our relationship didn’t last… In fact, maybe it was better that it ended without complications.


—Uh, well…

Even Souta and Kaito, who used to bother me a lot, seemed to mumble because of the tension in the air. Although I had a feeling that this might happen.

I smiled with some irony. The friends standing behind Saeki also seemed uncomfortable.

—Even though we weren’t together for long, it’s really strange to see each other again after such a long time. In a way, it’s a little weird to meet my ex-boyfriend.

—Hahaha… Yeah, it’s definitely a little weird. I feel the same way.

I wonder… How would Saeki react if she knew that I have a girlfriend? Would she ask what she’s like or wouldn’t she care at all? Well, it doesn’t really matter.

Even though this meeting was unexpected, it’s still just a chance meeting. Saeki and I didn’t have anything else to talk about, so we said goodbye in silence.

—Well then…

—Yeah. Take care.


Saeki waved as she left with her friends and disappeared from sight.

I watched her figure until I couldn’t see her anymore and then Souta and Kaito approached me and surrounded me again.

—What is it? Are you going to make fun of me again?

When I asked them, they both shook their heads and said:

—No, no… We were just thinking about how meetings are followed by goodbyes.

—Yes, that’s right… We thought about how Hayato experienced this farewell.

—Hey, don’t make those faces.

I know you’re really worried about me, but you don’t have to look at me with pity for my ex-girlfriend.

If it had been a cheesy conversation between Saeki and me, their reaction would have been different, I guess… But anyway, it wasn’t an unpleasant encounter.

(Anyway… Even though they didn’t insult me or think badly of me, it was a bit shocking to hear that neither of them was having a good time).

With that in mind, I quickly moved away from them.

—Well then… Let’s go!



However, it seems that Souta and Kaito still think that the experience of having a girlfriend and then breaking up is something sad. They looked at me with concern until we parted.

It’s true that it was a little sad and lonely at the time, but it doesn’t affect me that much to lament about it. Besides, at this moment I have two beautiful girls that I love… So I’m really okay.

—The thought of breaking up makes me afraid to have a girlfriend.

—Well, if you don’t get along, there’s not much you can do… But if it’s your first girlfriend, I think you would feel sad for a few days, at least I think so.

Well, those two who said they wanted a girlfriend so much are now afraid of love!

Is strange for your first girlfriend to be the one you’re destined to be with for the rest of your life, and even if it were, the odds are very slim.

Whenever there is a meeting, a parting shall follow.‘ is not a lie.

Somehow, both of them seemed a little shaken up by the breakup talk, but by the time we said goodbye, they were back to their usual selves.

—See you later!

—Let’s spend time together during the winter holidays! Let’s stay in touch and find moments to meet.

—Of course!

I waved goodbye to both of them and then went to Shinjo’s house.

With no one around, I couldn’t help but think about our recent conversation.

—…It really was a long time ago. Even though, from my point of view, I only saw her for a short time.

I was thinking at that moment, too, but both she and I have gone from high school students to preparatory school students. It was a bit nostalgic.

Well, not many years have passed, so there isn’t a drastic change in appearance, but she and I are getting closer to adulthood little by little. Talking to her again, I realized how sweet she was.

—…The beginning of our relationship was really a coincidence.

While I was talking to my friends at the time, the question came up: “Who do you think is cute?” Without meaning to, I mentioned Sakai’s name as a girl I personally found cute.

Somehow those words reached Saeki’s ears, which led us to start talking more… And eventually we started dating.

…When we started dating, we were really excited. Apparently, I was Saeki’s first boyfriend, and that added another level to our conversations… But step by step we both started to feel that something wasn’t quite right.

Partly, our relationship started suddenly and that affected our perception. Maybe we idealized love too much and finally had to face reality.

I will say it as often as necessary… I hold no grudge.

But the reunion with Saeki awakened some sentimentality in me, and I found myself wanting to share those feelings and seek comfort in Arisa and Aina.

Well, maybe I’m thinking about it too much.

I hope Arisa and Aina don’t think that way about me. I shouldn’t invalidate their feelings…

So I scold myself for even thinking such thoughts.

—What the hell am I thinking? Instead of focusing on that, I’ll focus on what’s ahead!

With these words, I began to run. The cold wind blew and the snow fell lightly as I ran along the road. My breathing became harder, but I didn’t stop moving my legs. Eventually, I arrived at Shinjo’s house.

I rang the doorbell and soon heard hurried footsteps from inside. The door opened and Aina appeared in the doorway.

—Welcome back, Hayato-kun! — Aina called with a smile.

—I’m back, Aina… huh?

I looked away from Aina and noticed that Arisa’s shoes were not in the foyer.

Sakina-san must be working if her shoes aren’t here… While I was wondering what could have happened, Aina realized something and explained it to me.

—Mom came home early today. So my sister went shopping with her.

—Oh, I see.

—That’s why it’ll be just you and me until they come back,-Aina added enthusiastically.

—I see… So why don’t we make the most of our time together? 

At my suggestion, Aina nodded excitedly while squeezing my hand. 

Following her lead, we went into the living room. Without the presence of Arisa and Sakina, the room seemed much more spacious than usual. 

When Aina went into the kitchen to prepare some juices, I watched her from behind and suddenly remembered what had happened earlier. At the same time, I realized how much I had longed to see them and how far I had run just to be with them. 



I wrapped my arms around her from behind and hugged her, putting my hands around her stomach. 

Even though it was winter, running had made me sweat. I couldn’t help but worry if I smelled bad or looked unkempt, but I couldn’t tear myself away from Aina. 

—Is something wrong, Hayato-kun?

—Well, something might have happened. But it’s nothing that affects me that much.

—I see. Hey, let’s quench your thirst with something cold first.

—Yeah, you’re right… Thank you.

I followed her suggestion and walked away, accepting the cup of juice she offered me. The cool liquid felt soothing against my warm body and quenched my thirst at the same time, making me feel truly revitalized.

—You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?

After I finished the drink in one gulp, I put the glass down and Aina stretched out her arms, waiting for me.

—What do you say, Hayato-kun? Do you want to rely on me a lot?

Before I could nod, I was already on my way to her.

Her arms were outstretched as if she was waiting for me, and when I jumped towards her, I felt a sensation that told me she wanted me to stay like this forever.

—Will it be like this all winter?

—Of course. It’s not just my sister and me, mom is here too… Hehe, as I warned you, I won’t let you feel bored at all. I won’t let you feel lonely, Hayato-kun. — Aina said with a smile.

—You don’t have to say it like that, but thank you.

—Oh, but I’ll say it anyway! By the way, if there’s anything you need, just ask.



—…Aina knows that joke too, right?

It was some kind of joke that was going around the internet, and Aina knew it too…

Well, aside from that, being able to respond with a witty word when someone says something like that is what it means to be a friend. That’s why, while I continued to stroke Aina’s hair, I said:

—I’m like that too, so if you ever feel lonely, just call me and I’ll come running. So feel free to contact me anytime.

—Aww… Yes♪ I love you, Hayato-kun♪

Of course, I want to tell Arisa the same thing.

But… Just as Arisa and Aina think of me that way, I think of them that way, too. It’s quite normal.

However, there is another person who comes to mind: Sakina-san.

I really want to do something for Sakina-san. She helped me a lot, and she is also the mother of Aina and Arisa. She is also a very important person to me.

The fact that she tells me that I can call her “mom” whenever I want shows how much she cares for me too… If that’s the case, I don’t feel any obligation, it’s just natural to want to do something for her, right?

While I was thinking about Sakina-san in this way, something happened: Aina looked at me as if she was in another world.

—What is it?

—You make me feel many things… When you have this serious expression. I like it.

—…I see.

Although I’m not sure how serious my expression was.

Aina stares at me, and although I’m not sure if she’s aware of it or not, she puts her hand on my thigh and starts caressing it… Together with her expression, it creates a somewhat seductive atmosphere.

(Ah… right, there’s no foot massage cushion here)

I shouldn’t take this for granted, but inwardly I’m making a witty joke.

I looked at the clock and it was around five thirty… Arisa and Sakina-san still hadn’t returned, and the atmosphere between Aina and me was getting a little tense.

—Are you nervous?

—Huh… Probably.

—Haha, you’re so cute, Hayato-kun ♪

Aina broadened her smile and moved her face closer to mine.

After a soft kiss, Aina pressed her face to my chest and stayed still, whispering softly.

—Hayato-kun, you are not only willing to receive, but you also want to give something in return, right?

—That’s right…

Even though we had had this kind of conversation before, I felt nostalgic. But my way of thinking hadn’t changed. Aina lifted her face, leaving behind the seductive atmosphere from earlier, and continued with a serious and gentle look.

—That is why we love you more and more. We fall in love without limits, so be prepared, okay? My sister and I… And mom, we will tell you again and again that we are happy to have met you, Hayato-kun.

—Aina… Thank you very much. I feel the same way.

Somehow… There was really nothing to worry about. Even though Sakina’s words kept echoing in my head, if I had someone to prioritize, I didn’t have to worry about anything else.

—By the way, don’t you think Arisa and Sakina-san are taking too long?

—Yeah… I hope nothing happened…

When Aina murmured worriedly, I instinctively moved away from her. It wasn’t because I was tired of being near her, but simply because I felt so uncomfortable that I couldn’t stay still.

—…Maybe I overthink things too much.

—Haha, I want to say yes, but… After all, because of the way we met, it’s not right to feel insecure again.

Being attacked by thieves again… The same could be said about being raped, but it is not right that these tragedies happen to them again and again.

But because of these incidents, Aina and I felt even more anxious and worried about Arisa and Sakina, who took so long to arrive.

—Well, let’s do something to calm our nerves… What shall we do, Miss?

—Hmm, what a dilemma, Mr. Night.

—Don’t call me Mr. Night, it sounds strange.

Anyway, we couldn’t just sit around, so Aina and I decided to contact them… But before we could do that, Arisa and Sakina returned home just in time, each holding a bag.

—You two are really late! — Aina said firmly.

This made Arisa apologize with a nervous smile.

—I am very sorry. The year-end holidays are usually very busy, and because of all the shopping we had to do, we were delayed.

Well, that can be a more than justified reason, it makes sense to me.

As for me, I also had some shopping to do at that time, but since I was alone, there was no need to rush… right? I could even go shopping tomorrow and finish everything.

Anyway, the concerns that Aina and I had turned out to be unfounded, and we breathed a sigh of relief.

—You worry about us, don’t you? You’re such a good lil sister.

—Of course! Anyway, you have your absent-minded moments sometimes, sister.

—The word ‘absent-minded’ is a bit strong, don’t you think?

As I watched the two of them laughing and joking on their way to the living room, I noticed that Sakina, who was standing next to me, put her hand to her mouth and whispered something with a smile.

—In fact, when Arisa realized that we were taking too long, she was worried because she was expecting that reaction from you.

—Yes, my thoughts came true.

—Exactly. And it seems that not only Aina was worried, but Hayato-kun as well.

How did she know? Maybe I had that look on my face.

In such a situation, Sakina gently stroked my head with an expression full of affection, like a true mother.

—Don’t worry. I don’t intend to talk lightly about what happened, but I will firmly protect my daughters… After all, I am their mother.

Sakina sounded like a mature woman and very elegant when she said that, but of course I responded by overlaying my words over hers.

When she says these things, it’s really impressive. But do you understand that if something happened to her, we would all be sad? I would be too. I don’t want anything to happen to you, Sakina.


It’s true that Arisa and Aina are important people to me, but the same goes for their mother.

–Even if you say that. Sakina-san, you are an important person to me as well… So my desire to protect you is the same as my desire to protect your daughters.


As I looked into her eyes and said this, Sakina lowered her head in embarrassment.

Although this woman is much older than me, her youthful appearance and this reaction together make her truly charming, I think.

(Perhaps Sakina’s late husband felt the same way about her. It’s similar to the way I feel about Arisa and Aina).

Besides… It might sound strange to say, but because of the small differences in how we spend our time, there might be a future where I feel attracted to her as well.

—Hayato-kun… You’re very handsome, you know?

—I’m just saying what I feel… From Sakina-san’s point of view, it’s probably silly for someone young like me to think about protecting her, but still…

—That’s not true! — she exclaimed, quickly raising her face.

Not only did she squeeze my hand tightly, but she also looked at me from a very short distance, causing me to take a step back, then another… But the more I stepped back, the closer Sakina came.

—Uh, Sakina-san?

Without realizing it, she put her hand on my shoulders. Finally, she stopped her steps there and suddenly, with an enchanting cry, she clung to me.

After resting her cheek on my chest for a while, Sakina lifted her head and showed a warm and maternal smile that radiated her loving nature.

—There is no reason for you not to be trustworthy. Of course, Arisa and Aina trust you very much, but after spending time with you, I have come to rely on you as well, Hayato-kun.

Sakina gave me a gentle pinch on the cheek and then wrapped her arms around me, bringing my head to her generous chest.

When my face was enveloped by that fluffy sensation, I felt less embarrassment than a sense of calm… It was a pleasant and comforting feeling, and I couldn’t help but enjoy it to the fullest.

—So this is what they call ‘sappiness’…

—’Sappiness’? Hahaha, are you going to be a baby, Hayato-kun?

When someone like Sakina makes a suggestion like that, even in jest… Well, I have a feeling that things might get dangerous.

Shortly after that, she let go of me.

The embarrassed look she had just had seemed to have completely disappeared, replaced by a completely motherly expression on Sakina’s face. As I looked at her, I felt a sense of déjà vu.

And the reason for this sense of déjà vu was that Sakina resembled her two daughters in some ways.



It’s similar with Arisa and Aina… It’s natural since she’s their mother, but what I felt wasn’t just because of her appearance, but because of her way of being.

(Her determined personality is like Arisa’s, while the part that tries to be sweet and charming is like Aina’s… Somehow that’s how I feel.)

She’s kind of like a cross between Arisa and Aina, right?

On top of that, Sakina combines compassion and maturity… Without a doubt, this woman could be the strongest.

—Hey, how long are you going to stay there?

—Oh, right! And, wait, Mom, are you trying to seduce Hayato-kun?!

Sakina and I exchanged a knowing look when the two girls called out. Just as we were about to go over to them, Sakina tapped me on the shoulder.

—Is something wrong?

—We will be going on winter vacation soon, but my daughters and I will always wait for Hayato-kun. If you ever feel like dropping by, don’t hesitate. Well, I suppose there will be occasions when my daughters will go there as well.

That was a very kind suggestion.

Of course, I intend to give notice before coming here, but the way she expressed herself and her desire to see us, I don’t think it will be necessary to give notice at all… Right?

—Thank you, really.

—Hehe, you’re welcome♪

Sakina is a woman with a really charming smile.




[Aina’s Perspective]


—What did you and mom talk about?

After a bath and dinner, I confronted Hayato-kun.

It didn’t seem like they were having a secret conversation, so Hayato-kun explained it to me without hesitation.

—I told her what I talked to you about earlier. I told her how much I care about you and that I want her to trust me more… So I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but she said that if I ever want to come to this house, I can do it anytime.

—You’re so straightforward!

Although Hayato will always be welcome here, whether he notifies us or not. Well, except when the house is empty, but usually it’s rare that both of us are away at the same time… Mom finished her work early, too, and I don’t think he has any negative experiences coming to our house.

—You can come anytime. And if you want us to come at any time, you will tell us, right?

—Yes, thank you, Aina.


Feeling a warm and exciting sensation in my chest, I approached Hayato-kun’s arm as if I wanted to hug him.

—You’re okay?

—Of course. But, you know… Both Aina and Arisa seem to enjoy it as well, right?

—Yes, that’s true… I guess it’s something you only understand when you have a boyfriend, but I like hugging you like this. I’m sure my older sister feels the same way… Or rather, we do it because we enjoy it.

—Anyway, I really like it.

Of course, as long as it’s with someone you trust, hugging like this can make your heart feel warm and make you feel happy.

—You like it and it makes you happy, right, Hayato-kun? Look, like this, with my breasts pressed against you.

—Uh… Well, yeah.


As I pressed my breasts, which were slightly larger than my sister’s, against him, Hayato-kun blushed and looked away.

I wish I didn’t have to look away like that.

We’re already together, so it’s okay to do more than that… Ah~Ah~Ah… I want to have sex with Hayato.

…Hayato. I want to conceive your child.

I continued to stare at Hayato while he moved his feet from side to side… Hayato says he’s thirsty, gets up and leaves the room.

—Fufufu… He’s very cute.

Was he thirsty or embarrassed? Anyway, Hayato is very handsome and cute, and I’m already in love with him.

—…It may sound a bit inappropriate, but Hayato-kun looked great when he was worried about my older sister and mother.

It happened in the late afternoon, when I expressed my concern out loud about how they were doing. It’s a little embarrassing that I worried after saying it out loud, but Hayato-kun immediately changed his expression and showed even more concern for my older sister and mother than I did.

I was captivated by his attitude, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw Hayato-kun showing his kindness.

—I’m lost… Lately, all I can think about is Hayato-kun. Every time I do, my body heats up and my desire for Hayato-kun grows stronger.

My hands seemed to slide to my chest and hips, but I shook my head in alarm and snapped back to reality.

Hayato-kun still hasn’t come… My older sister hasn’t come back either.

While I tried to calm myself by thinking about these things, one thought continued to occupy my mind.

—That mood of Hayato-kun… Could I have misinterpreted it?

When he came to the house, he seemed to have a somewhat somber expression on his face. But it was only for a moment, and since then we have been together all the time, but he never showed that expression again… Still, I can’t help but worry.

—…Anyway, what I’m going to do won’t change, right? As I said, I will just enjoy this winter vacation with Hayato-kun.

That is my… No, it is our hope.

Although I thought about it seriously, when I thought about spending tonight with Hayato-kun the same way we did before, my mind filled with pink fantasies.

—Anyway, he’s taking a long time. They must be having a friendly chat in the living room, ignoring me!

If that’s what they’re doing, I should join them!

Although it was cold when I left the warm room and entered the hallway, it wasn’t unbearable enough since I was still in the house.

However, on my way to the living room, my gaze somehow shifted to the bathroom.

Everyone should have had a bath by now and there shouldn’t be anyone using it… Oh, maybe Mom is washing?


I approached slowly without making a sound and noticed that the light was on.

Although I could hear Hayato-kun and my older sister talking, as I expected, since I was close to the living room, I didn’t care and continued walking towards the bathroom…



In the dressing room I found my mother.

When I called out to her, she let out a cry of surprise that I had never heard before. Looking over her shoulder, her chest, bigger than mine or my sister’s, trembled as she turned around. Her face turned completely red as she held the laundry paralyzed.

—Why were you so afraid?

—N–Nothing at all! You just scared me by suddenly speaking!

—I see… Hmm?

It was really strange that my mother was so nervous. And the clothes she was holding were my sister Hayato’s and mine… There was nothing weird about it.

Oh, maybe… Hmm~

—Mom… Are you embarrassed about touching Hayato-kun’s underwear?

When I said those words, my mother’s face turned deep red.

Hayato-kun’s clothes were mixed with our clothes and underwear… Although we would also blush if we saw them, so isn’t it strange?

Unlike me and my sister, my mother doesn’t hate men… Maybe this situation reminds her of when our father was alive.



I approached my mother from behind and hugged her.

—This is my sister, Hayato-kun and me. So you don’t have to worry.

—Oh… Did you think I was sunk in melancholy? This misunderstanding is also appreciated, but…


—No, it’s nothing. Thank you, Aina.


I love Hayato, I love my sister, and I love Mommy too!

Although Mom’s face is still red, she looks at me with that warm expression I love so much… I want to be a good mother like her. If I have a child with Hayato-kun in the future, I want to be a mother like her!

—I want to be someone like you in the future.

—Why do you say that all of a sudden?

—You are such a nice person, Mom. When I have a child in the future, I want to be like you!

—A child? With Hayato-kun?

—Yes, yes. I want to have one soon.

When I said that, Mother smiled ironically.

—That sounds really nice, but it’s also a challenge. Keep that in mind.

—I understand.

At least I don’t plan to go too far…

Even if there is ever a chance to be intimate with Hayato-kun, I have every intention of respecting the boundaries we must maintain. Both my sister and I have made a firm commitment to this, and most importantly, we will never ignore Hayato-kun’s will.

(W–Well, that’s something… turbulent, or rather tempting!)

While I was thinking about this, I suddenly noticed how soft my mother’s body was when she hugged me.

It wasn’t unusual, since we hugged each other a lot. But it was surprisingly soft.

I often hear that the body deteriorates after turning 30-year-old, but my mother seems to get younger as she ages, so much so that I find her increasingly attractive… Amazing.


I began to fondle my mother’s elastic, marshmallow-like breasts.

The pleasant feeling of being squeezed is addictive, and my mother doesn’t try to stop me, but lets me do as I please.

—I did the same with Arisa. She couldn’t stop thinking seriously about Hayato-kun, so I told her not to think so much, to make her head as soft as her chest.

—I don’t know what you’re talking about.

—Arisa said something similar.

It seems like my sister really took that advice to heart and became more sincere. Well, maybe I’m the one who tends to be too carefree… But the truth is that my sister is more alive and active now, and that’s great.

—You and Arisa have also changed since you met Hayato-kun.

—Yes, right? But what about you, Mom? You don’t seem to have changed at all. You look very happy.

—Really? Maybe you’re right. Who knows, maybe this is all because of Hayato-kun. 

Not only my sister and I, but also Mother is influenced by Hayato-kun. 

We can no longer do without Hayato-kun… So we want to cherish this relationship and keep it precious forever, both of us.

—When you came back today, did you talk to Hayato-kun? At that moment, he had such an expression on his face when he said that he was looking for us. Mom, remember that Hayato-kun appreciates us a lot, too. Don’t forget that.

—Yes… You’re right. I’ll keep that in mind.

Mom smiled shyly, but also with satisfaction.

After that, I went into the living room.

—Come on, Hayato-kun! The night is long for all of us!

Am I being too playful? But it’s okay, right? It’s just because I’m enjoying this moment so much.

(Come on, Hayato-kun, get ready, because just like I promised, I am going to make this winter really exciting.)

I whispered these words to myself, and my heart was filled with excitement at the prospect of spending the winter holidays with Hayato-kun and my sister.

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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