Chapter 10: keep your promise

keep your promise

In the last couple of weeks I have been under constant pressure from Hayasaka-san, Tachibana-san and Yanagi-senpai. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried to do something about it.

My shift was over at work, the shop was closed, and almost all the employees had left except Kunimi-san and I, it was time to face my fate, so I had sat down at the table to chat with Rei-san regarding my trip with Tachibana-san, since after all… she was her mother.

—I had my suspicions from the beginning that you knew Hikari, since you go to the same high school as her… But I never imagined that you were her boyfriend.

Rei-san took a sip of her drink, and continued speaking.

—Okay, I’ll accept the trip. — She said as she placed an envelope on the table — I’ll give you your salary in advance, so don’t let my daughter stay in a strange place.

I thought she would flatly refuse my request, but this attitude coming from her was quite accommodating. I imagined she would be more strict and overprotective of her daughter. 

—I see that you are surprised. I don’t blame you, it wouldn’t be right of me to meddle in my daughter’s love life… On the other hand, I’m surprised at you too, Kirishima-kun, I thought you were going to try to convince me with an inspirational speech or something like that.

—Well, that was my plan B.

I had been planning it from the beginning, the moment when I saw the job offer at the bar run by Tachibana-san’s mother, so I didn’t hesitate twice and applied for the job. 

It was more than obvious that the problems that were generated in our relationship was because of the engagement between Tachibana-san and Yanagi-senpai. So I thought that if I could solve the root of the problem, there would be a chance between us.

—You never imagined that I would be this permissive when you first met me, right?

—Yes, it turned out to be very different from what I had imagined.

Rei-san was an intelligent person and very modern for a mother. In a way, she lived up to my expectations, now I see where Tachibana Hikari got that personality from.

—I have talked to Hikari on several occasions about canceling her engagement to Yanagi-kun. Even if it means paying more for the rent of this place… She’s not very good at thinking about difficult things, but she manages to instinctively pick up on when something goes wrong. 

Yanagi-senpai’s father’s company owns a lot of real estate around the city. And the place where we met was one of them, Rei-san pays rent for this place at a ridiculously low price considering where we were located. And this is thanks to the commitment that Tachibana-san and Yanagi-senpai have, as a benefit of this, Rei-san manages to give her employees a much higher floor than the rest of the bars in the area.

If the rent for this place goes up, and profits go down, it will clearly affect the employees’ pay, and Rei-san would even have to close several of its other bars.

—But, that commitment is now worthless Kirishima-kun. You may be able to undo it without taking any risk. 


—Oh, I see you still don’t know. Yanagi-kun has convinced his father to keep the rent of this place cheap in case Hikari doesn’t marry him. That means, she’s free to be with you… Although she’ll owe Yanagi-kun a big debt. 

—…I kind of understand that.

—Yes, but there’s an issue to deal with. Basically there is no longer any impediment for you and Hikari to be together, which leaves a question mark in the air… Will you be willing to take the risk and take her as your girlfriend?

Rei-san’s glassy eyes stare at me. It was as if she was seeing right through me, seeing her was like seeing Tachibana-san… She really is her mother after all, but with the distinct difference that she knew when to stop pushing. 

—Both of you are free to do what you want, do what your heart tells you, there is no reason for Hikari to be manipulated by Yanagi-kun’s words anymore. — she said as she stood up from her seat and placed her hand on my shoulder — In any case, I will only give you one piece of advice… Don’t make my daughter cry.


It was the night of December 31st, New Year’s Eve had arrived.

Tachibana-san had come to my house to spend the night, she brought a suitcase with her, because tomorrow we were going on a trip to Tokyo. I was watching her as she impatiently put the tangerines in her mouth. It was a very comforting scene, she was wearing one of my shirts and was sitting on the kotatsu next to my sister. She really felt like part of my family, and I liked that a lot. 

She and I hadn’t talked much since she came here. The reason was more than obvious, what could be one last journey in our lives was just an hour away. Funny how time often passes slowly when you know there is a difficult tension in the air.

While my sister and Tachibana-san played, I sat down watching TV until it was time to go to the shrine. 

When I looked at the clock and knew that the time had come, as it was very cold, I looked for a sweatshirt to put on, as did Tachibana-san. We both got ready and proceeded to leave the house. There were many people on the street, and walking proved to be somewhat tedious. 

When we arrived at the shrine, we stood in a small line until we reached the front, rang the bell, lit a couple of incense, and proceeded to pray. 

But I had not come here precisely to perform this ritual, but because I had a hunch… And to my luck, it was right.

—Happy New Year.

The person who was addressing us was Yanagi-senpai. As soon as Tachibana-san saw that, she was understandably upset, the expression on her face was understandable, and as if she didn’t know what else to do, she closed her eyes tightly while waiting for everything bad to end.

Yanagi-senpai became sad to see that reaction on Tachibana-san’s part.

—I’m sorry for playing with your feelings… It’s okay if you don’t want to see me anymore, you don’t have to force yourself to it.

Despite Yanagi-senpai’s words, this encounter is still difficult for Tachibana-san, as in a way, it can lead to feelings of guilt for abandoning her engagement with him just to want to be happy with another man, while the financial stability of her family falls on her former fiancé. 

—I’ve been the best at everything since I was a kid. I could study and play sports better than other people without even doing my best. I’m lucky enough to make many friends and have many girls like me just by smiling… I’ve quit soccer, just because I want to succeed in another way.

Everything seems to indicate that Yanagi-senpai has been keeping quiet about a lot of things since then, and wishes to make things right.

—I thought I could have you if I pushed you, but I understood that people’s hearts are not an object to be handled at my whim.

And it was for that reason that he decided to put an end to the binding commitment between their families.

—Hikari-chan, I’ve been a lousy guy, I admit it, but… Now we’re even, right?


Tachibana-san tried to say something, but when she turned to look at me, she decided to keep quiet.

—It’s okay. I don’t want to force you to say anything. But, if there is even the slightest possibility that you still have feelings for me. Please take it seriously.

The gaze with which Senpai looked at Tachibana-san is filled with a strong will.

—I like you, Tachibana Hikari. And I don’t want you to be my fiancée because our families decided so. I want you to be my bride, because that’s how I really feel.

Yanagi-senpai’s attitude was like that of a hero trying to rescue a princess. A great show of bravery, a simple straightforward appearance, a pure heart, and with an attitude of selflessness. 

After those words, Tachibana-san began to touch the ends of her hair. It is a typical habit of hers when something bothers her.

—I know you’re going on a trip, so, I’ll be waiting for you when you come back.

After saying that, Senpai left the place. He seemed to want to tell me something, but he didn’t dare to do it in front of Tachibana-san. It was probably something of which he didn’t want to make another bad image of him to be generated in Tachibana-san’s mind. The look he gave me as he left was not friendly at all, and I knew in my gut that we would never be friends again.

We wrote the fortune as if nothing had happened, tied it up and then returned home.

—… Shirou-kun. Choose me, and make me go crazy for you. — Tachibana-san said while leaning towards me and holding my hand. — I don’t want to think about anyone else, I just want Shirou-kun to exist in my mind…


—Shirou-kun, you can take the window side if you want. 

—Don’t worry, Tachibana-san, I can go on the aisle side without a problem. 

—Okay then… But that doesn’t mean you’re more grown up than me… It’s just a habit for me to sit on the window side….

Tachibana-san is a girl who still has many aspects of someone childish, so I’m sure riding on the window will be more satisfying for her than me. She proceeded to sit on the side of the window, and began to swing her legs happily as the train pulled away from the platform. 

It was the first of January, and we were on the bullet train headed for Kyoto. Our carriage was almost empty, as everyone had returned from their travels, so it was somewhat pleasant to be partially alone. 

The ride turned out to be uneventful all the way to Shizuoka. The sun was very bright, and we were both thrilled to see Mt. Fuji. However, from Nagoya onwards, the train started to go slowly, and this was because snow started to fall, and as a result, the snow had accumulated on the tracks. So the train had no choice but to stop partially in the vicinity of Maibara. The snowy landscape that could be seen from the window gave us the feeling as if we were alone in the world, and the inevitable feeling that this was our last trip hit us hard…

I still haven’t decided who I’m going to choose, but I can’t help but think that the snow falling from the sky created a sad atmosphere between us. The words Hayasaka-san said to me on the last day of school appeared like a ghost from a memory in my mind “come back, and tell me that you want to be with me“, and remembering her usual smile didn’t make things any easier…

If that wasn’t enough, she also told me that no matter if I love Tachibana-san or not, she wants me to choose her, and be with her forever. I have done so many things with Hayasaka-san, using the excuse of keeping her by my side in case things don’t go well with Tachibana-san. However, now that everything has been settled on her family’s side. There would no longer be any point in continuing to use Hayasaka-san like that.

But, I can’t help but wonder if I really did that using that as an excuse. Perhaps, there is something wrong. Therefore, I decided to do a little mental exercise. 

I imagined Hayasaka-san being with another man, and I didn’t like that scene. I repulsed her to no end, getting to the point where my head was about to erode. The more I think about it, I realize that I feel a possessive desire for her. I feel that it’s not normal, that there should be something more.


Without realizing it, Tachibana-san was tugging on the sleeves of my clothes.

Tachibana-san and I are so connected that we don’t need to say anything to realize what the other is thinking. And she may be right that I shouldn’t shatter my mind when our journey is just beginning. But there are still many things that still don’t fit together, doubts come up in my mind again, what will Tachibana-san really feel, how can she be able to leave Yanagi-senpai, who has done such an incredible act as securing her family’s future for someone like me?

So I couldn’t help but look at her out of the corner of my eye, and something in my mind came up with an undesirable thought… Could it be that, is she the one planning to break up with me? Maybe this last trip is like a method of exploring our feelings and emotions, or wanting to give me one last gift and then separate our lives forever.

—Let’s not think about it while we are on the trip, I don’t want you to torment yourself like this, let’s just enjoy this trip, I want you to have fun with me. — Tachibana-san said while putting on a puppy-like expression.

Then, Tachibana-san’s gaze went to a wagon where there were items and products for sale who was being attended by a middle-aged man. She seemed very interested in wanting something…

—Don’t even think about it.

—Shirou-kun, you’re stingy.

—Say what you want, but don’t spend money unnecessarily… I’ll go to the bathroom.

I got up from my seat, and went to another carriage in search of the toilet to relieve myself. But as soon as I returned, I was confronted with a scene that I didn’t know how to qualify, but deep down I imagined it would end up happening. 

—…What the hell did you buy?

What Tachibana-san had in her hands was a can of beer. And in my experience, this was a bad idea in the making.

—This will make our trip more exciting.

—I doubt it will bring more excitement to our trip, more importantly, how come you were able to buy it? Those aren’t supposed to be sold to someone underage.

Besides her age. Tachibana-san is a minor in every way.

—I told the seller that my older brother forced me to buy it for him, and that if he returned to his seat without the beer, he would beat me, and when we got home, he was going to punish me. 

—You make me look like an abuser!

The next thing I heard was the sound of a can being opened. I tried to stop it, but before I could get close enough, Tachibana-san held the beer can with both hands, closed her eyes very tightly and started drinking the entire contents of the can to the bottom. 


At this event, I had no choice but to lean back in my seat and wait for the alcohol to start taking effect on a charismatic Tachibana-san who was just around the corner.

—Shirou-kun — she said as she pulled my arm and pressed her face against mine.

—Don’t pull me! Calm down! I’ll do anything!

When the alcohol wears off I’m going to have to reprimand her… How did it cross her mind that a beer would make our situation change? I understand her less and less…


The train arrived at Kyoto station with a significant delay. The schedule we had planned fell through, so we went directly to see the statue of the four heavenly kings at To-ji temple and the statue of the thousand arms of Kannon at Sanjusangendo. Both were close to the station, so it didn’t take us long.

—I think we should have made a Plan B.

—I don’t care if everything goes wrong, as long as I’m with you Shirou-kun, everything is fine.

We both walked through the snow-covered city while I tugged on her hand, due to the fact that she had become a little clumsier because of the beer. In the evening we ate ramen at a restaurant, and then took a bus downtown bound for the inn we were going to stay at, which was located in the north of Kyoto.

Our destination was a Ryokan, a traditional inn with a large river, bridges that were surrounded by mountains, and last but least, hot springs.

Once we arrived at the inn, we did the check-in at the reception, plus a consent form to stay for minors signed by Tachibana-san’s mother. 

The young receptionist escorted us to our room without taking her attention away from us. Her eyes were brimming with curiosity. She was clearly suspicious of two teenagers staying in a place like this without adult supervision.

I started to scheme up a situation so that I could trick her. But suddenly Tachibana-san tugged on my sleeve.

—Shirou Onii-chan…

No… Not that again…

The receptionist looked at both of us and tilted her head.

—Onii-chan, I want you to brush my teeth before I go to sleep.

The receptionist’s eyes widened when she heard those strong words.

—And I hope this time you won’t make me choke when you brush my tongue… But I don’t care, I love you, Onii-chan, even if you hit me, bully me and punish me. So… Please don’t get rid of me.

The receptionist upon hearing that looked at me dumbfounded, and as soon as we got to the room, she left as fast as she could. 

—Tachibana-san, I think that little act you just did was too excessive…

—I wasn’t acting.

There was a bath in our room, but I decided to go to the open-air bath in the inn as a precaution. While I was in the outdoor bath, I watched as the snow from the tree branches fell into the warm water and melted. It was very satisfying.

As soon as I returned to my room after a long bath, Tachibana-san was in a Yukata under the comforter of her futon. Mine was next to hers, so I layed down without saying anything. After a long while, she continued to turn her back to me without saying anything.

Because of what happened today on the train, I don’t blame her for the fact that she was angry. I had my mood down too, and it was very hard to pretend that nothing was wrong with me, so I just stared at the ceiling until sleep took over my body.

As I was about to fall asleep, I noticed that Tachibana-san’s shoulders were shaking. The heater was working fine, so I could understand that it was something else. I got into Tachibana-san’s futon, and hugged her from behind.

She was crying noiselessly, and as she did so, she was looking at the photos that were on her smartphone passing them one after another. All those photos were of the two of us. Things that happened in autumn, winter, and even today during our walk around Kyoto. 

In the pictures we were both making a peace sign with silly faces, in others we were eating crepes with cream on our cheeks, there was also one of us on the Ferris wheel, and one of me while I was sleeping on the bullet train. I didn’t expect her to take pictures of me sleeping.

After looking at the photos, Tachibana-san put down her smartphone on the pillow, turned to me, hugged me and kissed me. She pressed her lips against mine many times. It was not a typical girlfriend kiss, these were very lewd kisses.

The proud Tachibana-san cries between every kiss she gives me. I know exactly what that impatient expression is trying to tell me. So I showed Tachibana-san what I held in my hand. It was a symbol of my cunning and cowardice, proof of how much of a piece of scum I can be. It was a small box of condoms.

—Let’s forget everything bad that happened today…. — Tachibana-san said as she looked at the box with a sad expression.


I don’t want to think about anything else, I don’t want to drown myself in thoughts that will damage my mood. This is a feeling I share with Tachibana-san, that’s why we made this trip, to be alone in a place where no one knows us, and to be together to the point of feeling each other’s warmth on a cold night like this.

We both took off our Yukatas and hugged each other. I could feel her soft skin as I caressed her back and thighs. She was breathing heavily while sticking out her tongue. This is a clear request from her for me to suck on her tongue, so I proceeded to do so as we pressed our bodies even closer together. 

Tachibana-san startles and stiffens for a moment, but quickly places an expression on her face as if giving me to understand that everything is okay, and clings even tighter to me. The kissing becomes more intense as she presses her crotch against mine. The feeling was mutual, there was no hesitation in our actions, everything hinted that tonight we were finally going to take the next step.

I stopped kissing Tachibana-san, and looked her body up and down. Her limbs illuminated by the moonlight coming through the window reflected how beautiful she was. She cringed in embarrassment as I looked at her, but this time she had nowhere to hide.

So the next thing I did was to place my body between her legs, making me stay on top of her, and proceed to slowly remove her bra. Up until now we had used The Love Notebook as an excuse to do lewd things, so it never generated that pure and intentional feeling of wanting to touch each other’s bodies without an excuse in between.

Even at times like this, she averted her gaze out of embarrassment. I was beginning to question myself as to whether it was right to continue with this, but, just as if she heard my thoughts, in a low, sensual voice she said; ‘touch me as much as you want’. At that, she pressed her face into the pillow, while I began to impulsively lick her breasts. The look of pleasure that Tachibana-san was showing me, made me become the luckiest man in the world, because I knew that I was the first person to whom she was showing herself like this to. 

Her skin was getting wetter and wetter due to the sweat generated by her body, I put my hand on her underwear, which had changed color because of the fluids in her crotch that hinted how much she was enjoying it. As soon as she felt the touch of my fingers in that area, she reflexively stopped me with both hands. She stood there for several seconds, but finally withdrew her hands silently as she nodded.

So I proceeded to remove the last piece of underwear remaining on her body, then took out the condom and put it on. Tachibana-san put her hands to her mouth and closed her legs. But as soon as I approached her again, she gently opened them, she didn’t resist at all, she was just embarrassed, so I thought it was better not to look at her too much. The expression on her face was like that of a little girl.

I pushed my crotch into Tachibana-san’s body, and she immediately tensed up. I could no longer hold back, I wanted to be inside her, I wanted to make her mine, I didn’t want to give her to anyone else, I wanted to express my desires, how I feel about her, let her know how much I love her, and that I don’t want her to cry again either.

My little friend entered easily, I didn’t know how to describe the feeling, but it was as if her body was sucking me in. But that was only at the beginning, as the further I went, it became tight, and there was some pressure as I tried to go further in, it was as if I was being pushed back, the more I pushed, the more I felt like I was about to break something. 

Tachibana-san frowns and the expression on her face was one of pain. 

I stopped for a moment, and tried to pull it out, but as soon as I did, Tachibana-san shook her head, she wanted me to keep doing it. So in order not to be in that tug-of-war feeling again, I grabbed Tachibana-san’s body tightly, and pressed my body hard against hers, making me manage to enter completely inside her. 

It felt quite pleasurable, not only physically, but also mentally, it was as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I was quite happy to know that I was finally inside the girl I love.

Despite that, Tachibana-san’s expression made it clear how much it hurt her. So I hugged her tightly and we stood still for a while, our breathing intensified and the silence was such that we could only hear our heartbeats.

I was afraid to move even a little, as Tachibana-san’s expression would automatically be one of great pain. But despite my attempts not to hurt her any further, she said something that surprised me a lot.

—I don’t want to feel good.

I understand what you mean. This could be our last trip together, and we want to confirm the feelings we have for each other. We want to leave the traces of our time together as intense as we can in our hearts, that’s why, we had to test how far this will take us. 

I moved my body slowly again, Tachibana-san gasped in pain again while scratching my back. I loved that feeling, even if it meant she felt pain. Soon, a current spread throughout my body, a feeling of pleasure that was so strong that I felt my vision blurred, something in me was about to come out. I hugged Tachibana-san tightly and pressed my body to hers as hard as I could.

My whole body seemed to be swept away by the torrent of feelings of love I felt for Tachibana-san. The trembling of my body was so strong that it was such as if my brain had short-circuited, with that led to the fact that I couldn’t help but bite her neck while releasing all my love, and that it seemed to please her, as she asked me to bite her harder, so I did. 

I held Tachibana-san so tightly that I thought her spine might break. In turn, she crosses her legs behind my waist while letting out a cry of pain. The connection between the two of them was the best. When my vision and consciousness stabilized, I fell on top of Tachibana-san with no strength in my whole body. She held my head while hugging me, in turn she began to repeatedly kiss my neck.

—Can I tell you a secret, Shirou-kun? You did it …. You destroyed me… Now I only have eyes for you, you have completely invaded my mind, I am yours. — She said in my ear and then kissed me again.


On the second day, after we woke up in the morning, Tachibana-san did not speak to me once, she was silent the whole time. She was still dressed in the same coat and long boots as yesterday, but this time she was wearing a hat that helped to hide her face. Every question or indication I gave her, she just nodded her head or replied with short words.

We resumed sightseeing as I had planned, and toured the places Tachibana-san had written in her travelog. She clung to my arm throughout that time. But as soon as I tried to take off her hat to see her face, she became defensive, and her anger was very much reflected by that act.

—Don’t look at me, it’s embarrassing!

I had no choice but to do as she asked, and simply apologized to her.

During the day nothing really interesting happened, we visited Kiyomizu-dera temple, walked along Sannenzaka street and when it finally got dark, we went back to the inn. 

I was so tired that I just crawled into the futon and immediately fell asleep. And it’s not like I wouldn’t have wanted to do it again with Tachibana-san, but she was feeling very sore from the previous night, and wouldn’t even deign to look at me, so I didn’t want to force something that was obviously not going to happen.

But it wasn’t until late at night that I awoke from my sleep to feel Tachibana-san touching my body. She was on top of me and kissing my neck and chest desperately.

As soon as I woke up, I saw her look as if she was begging me to do it. That made me instantly aroused, I turned her body around making me be on top of her, and started kissing her while touching her body.

I saw the bite mark I had made on her the night before, and it was marked with blood, so I licked it while apologizing.

—It’s okay, it made me happy…

We hugged each other tightly, and as I remembered yesterday, the urge to make love again with Tachibana-san came over me, she was more than willing, and when I least noticed, she had already taken off her underwear.

—I had no choice but to come… Since Shirou-kun didn’t go to my futon…

Tachibana-san recognized that she had been playing with herself due to the fact that she was waiting for me to sleep with her on her futon as soon as we arrived.

So I proceeded to take my little friend and put him back inside Tachibana-san, this time he entered more easily, and the expression on her face at this was no longer one of pain, but of anguish.

—I can feel Shirou-kun inside me… Aaah… I like it… I want to feel you inside me more….

I didn’t want to continue hurting Tachibana-san, so I barely moved my body, I just hugged her while enjoying the moment of being connected like that. I kissed her while touching her breasts and caressing her body at times. It wasn’t until a while later that I slowly moved my body. 

Tachibana-san’s expression changed from anguish to satisfaction.

—I love you, Shirou-kun.

More changes in Tachibana-san began to emerge, an ecstatic expression invaded her face, and gasps of pleasure took over the room. I moved my body more forcefully, and as soon as I did, Tachibana-san took on a more libertine expression.

That side of her was so incendiary that I couldn’t help but slam my body into hers harder. And as expected, a certain characteristic sound emerged from her crotch after only seconds. I thought this act was beautiful before. But now I think it might be something more special, more irreversible, it goes beyond those fleeting thoughts that are easily overridden by pleasure. The pleasure that invades Tachibana-san is such that it is no longer only me who moves her body, but she does it too even when she is under me.

Normally she would have said something like it’s not her doing it, but it’s her body moving on its own… But the pleasure she’s experiencing makes all of that go by the wayside, due to the fact that even she herself is forgetting who she is.

—Shirou-kun… I love you… Ah… I love you a lot, Shirou-kun…. Ahn…

Tachibana-san’s voice was especially high-pitched, and her whole body trembled. That same trembling was transmitted directly to me, and a great wave of orgasm swept over me, so I couldn’t take it anymore and started to move even harder. 

—Shirou-kun! No! Don’t move now! If you keep going like this… I’ll go even crazier!!!!! — Tachibana-san expressed between gasps , almost like a scream. 

I didn’t care anymore, I just wanted to make Tachibana-san the only one for me, I wanted her to love me even more, to be obsessed with me. I was acting under my complete selfishness of wanting to possess her.

—You are mine, and no one else’s. — I whispered in Tachibana-san’s ear as I held her body.

—Yes, Shirou-kun… I… I aaah… I am only yours… Yours forever, aaahn….

The orgasms had taken over Tachibana-san, causing that torrent of pleasure that had washed over me last night to now hit us both at the same time. And as a result, I fell onto Tachibana-san’s body with no strength at all, simply limiting ourselves to breathing and regaining our energies.

After half an hour of rest. We both went to the bathroom that was in the room, it was kind of small, but the perfect excuse to go in together and continue having our bodies glued together.

Tachibana-san was in front of me, and from time to time she would turn her head to where I was to kiss me passionately.

—Hey, Shirou-kun… I don’t think I’ll be able to stay away from you anymore. I’m so madly in love that, I feel like I won’t be able to live without you if I walk away…


During our train ride home, Tachibana-san stayed close to me at all times. She would try to sleep on my legs, bite my neck sweetly when I was about to fall asleep, hold my hands, and at times bite my fingers, and to top it off, she kept touching one part of my body or another.

As the bullet train approached Tokyo, inevitably the thought of what awaited me began to invade my mind. It was clear that this trip was going to be short-lived, and that at any moment I would have to face my fate.

—Just pretend all this never happened, Shirou-kun…

Despite Tachibana-san’s words, I wonder if it is possible to pretend that those two nights never happened, I wonder if we have changed so drastically from what we were before.

From there, I tried to think of what to do next. But with the lingering scent of last night’s sweet memories, I can’t think clearly. Meanwhile, the bullet train arrived at Tokyo station.

As I rolled Tachibana-san’s suitcase along the platform with one hand, she clung to my other arm while still very close to me.

—Hey, Shirou-kun, what do you say you come back to your place later and we go to mine first? My mother doesn’t come back until tonight…

At the same time that Tachibana-san makes such a proposal to me, I saw a familiar figure on the platform. A very pretty girl in a cream-colored coat approached us. It was Hayasaka-san.

—Excuse me for coming like this. Intrigue is killing me, and I couldn’t bear the thought of Kirishima-kun and Tachibana-san staying together for a long time anymore and—…

I see, so Hayasaka-san was waiting for us to return from our trip, she even bought a ticket for herself just to get in here. But her words were abruptly cut off as soon as she noticed the way Tachibana-san was holding my arm, and by then, the smile on her face had disappeared.

—I see, so you’ve already made your choice. — She said in an emotionless tone of voice.

I felt as if time had stopped around me. Tachibana-san held my arms even tighter, and Hayasaka-san’s eyes became empty, as if her soul had detached from her body.

—I’m an idiot. A stupid and naive girl… But I understand.

Hayasaka-san stood in front of us with a forced smile on her face.

Her bangs hung down her face, and I couldn’t see her expression at all. I tried to approach her to say something, but Tachibana-san held my arm and wouldn’t let go, it was as if she was telling me not to go. Hayasaka-san was silent for a while and then she opened the corner of her mouth.

—But it’s okay. I don’t mind. In fact, I’m glad you two did it, I always wish you had been the first, Tachibana-san. 

The air around us became sharp. I even felt like it was hard to breathe.

—I guess you remember what happens now. You remember don’t you? The punishment… The punishment we agreed on if one of us had sex with Kirishima-kun. I guess it felt nice, Right? To be the first one to do it. But okay, I’ll give you that privilege, you can brag about it for the rest of your life…. But in return, keep your promise, Tachibana-san. Keep it!

The tone of Hayasaka-san’s words were such that they intimidated Tachibana-san, causing her to back away a little as she hid behind me. I don’t understand anything that they’re talking about, but it’s clear that it was a pretty important promise.

—Kirishima-kun, it’s no longer necessary for you to choose between Tachibana-san and me.

—What do you mean by that…?

—What you heard…. Tachibana-san broke our promise, so… She has to break up with you…. In other words, the first one to have sex with you… Would be the one to give up on you. 

Hayasaka-san raised her head, her eyes flooded with tears. Her sobs mingled with her cries, it was hard for her to speak, it was to see a child desperate for help in a moment of panic.

—You promised, Tachibana-san! Kirishima-kun, break up with her! You have to do it now!

Hayasaka-san exclaimed with all her might as she collapsed on the ground and looked at Tachibana-san and me with a lot of desperation in her eyes.

End of volume 3…

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

Score 8
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese

Kirishima and Hayasaka are two classmates who have a secret relationship in public.

In their school life they pretend that they don't know each other, but behind the scenes there is much more to them than people can imagine. The two get into a relationship that is difficult to break and ends up being impure, unhealthy, and complicated, as the relationship between them was nothing more than an affair that simply created a love triangle before Kirishima's first love and his second love.


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