Chapter 1: The Kirishima Incident

The Kirishima Incident

I was in a private room in a hospital.

I had a minor accident, was compelled to remain here, and my head was swathed in numerous bandages. But…

—Are you crazy? — Hamanami said.

Today I was not alone. Hamanami came to visit me. She was wearing her school uniform and brought me a bouquet of flowers. That makes me understand that she came here after school.

—I’m fine, it’s just a small cut.

—I didn’t intend that. Sure, I’m concerned that you were hurt, but my inquiry is. Have my warnings not been sufficient? What were those theatricals that took place at Tokyo Station? How could you even consider getting involved in a fight between two girls?

—I see you’re a little excited〜

—How do you expect me not to be, you idiot?!

—I—I’m sorry… What are the rumors going around the school?

—No one knows anything. I’ve taken it upon myself to tell people that you’re in the hospital. Although… When I asked Hayasaka-senpai, she just smiled bitterly, and Tachibana-senpai looked away awkwardly. Sakai-senpai was the one who told me what really happened to you.

So, it was Sakai-senpai who told you, huh…

—So, will you tell me the story or do I just leave it to my imagination? — Hamanami asked while placing the flowers in a vase.

—On Christmas night, Hayasaka-san told me that I would have to choose between Tachibana-san and her.

—Sounds great — Hamanami replied, sitting down on a chair — After all, it’s the cycle you have to close when you intend to start a relationship with someone.

—Yes. She told me to give her an answer once I get back from my trip with Tachibana-san.

—Hmm~, I see. Since anyone could be discarded on that date, they both decided to share you. At least this way, they will have one last chance to conquer or make pleasant memories.

—Yes… The point is, I went on a trip with Tachibana-san, and we ended up having sex.

—Hm? Ah?

—It’s not something I had planned, but a lot of things came up between the two of us, and going all the way is something that became inevitable.

—Eh, ah, uh… Hey, Senpai, you don’t need to be so explicit.

—Once the trip ended and we both arrived at Tokyo station, Hayasaka-san was waiting for us on the platform.


—When Hayasaka-san watched us, she somehow knew what we had done on that trip.

—I bet Tachibana-senpai had an expression that exposed what she was feeling! She tries hard to hide her emotions, but when she’s really happy she usually shows it shamelessly!

—I guess… Anyway, after Hayasaka-san saw her, she told me that it was no longer necessary for me to have to make a choice.

—Huh? Why?

—They had both made a promise. If either of them ever had sex with me, that person had to give me up.

—It’s a promise neither of us could keep!

—Yes, after that, Hayasaka-san urged her to let go of me and leave me, but Tachibana-san did the opposite, she clung to me more and wouldn’t let go.

—I understand everything, anyway, thank you for telling me your story — said Hamanami as she picked up her bag.

She got up from her chair and headed for the door, but before she could make another move, I grabbed her by the sleeve of her uniform.

—Where are you going, Hamanami?

— I don’t need to figure out how it will end; you being here is already a major spoiler. I’m going to leave this place because I can’t bear to listen to your story any longer. You’re an idiot on purpose, aren’t you? I’m leaving; you’re doing it on purpose, aren’t you?

Hamanami tried to escape again, but I clung to her with much desperation.

—Wait, Hamanami!

—Now you’re going after me, Senpai~?!

—You think I’m a sexually depraved man?!

—I’m starting to believe it!

—I need a friend, I want you to listen to me, I don’t know what to do, I just want to get it off my chest…

—Bastard, selfish, pervert…! — exclaimed Hamanami — But I guess I can’t abandon you.

After that little outburst and venting, she sat back in the chair.

—Thank you. I appreciate your sweet kindness.

—Well, a little voice in my head whispers to me to help you. But before that… — Hamanami answered while touching my sheets.

—Hm, hey, what are you doing?

—I’m just making sure we’re alone. There’s nothing else here, is there?

—Do you really believe I could talk to you while having Hayasaka-san or Tachibana-san in bed?

—You should always err on the side of caution. You are horny, without inhibitions, and unaware of your boundaries. You may go ahead though because I’ve made sure we’re on our own.

—Okay… What was the last thing I said?

—The part where Hayasaka-senpai forced Tachibana-senpai to give up on you.

—Thank you… That fateful day that almost led to my death I called it ‘The Kirishima Incident’.

—Take it seriously or I’m out of here!



That day was dreary and cold.

The weather between the two cities was different. In Kyoto it was snowing, while in Tokyo a torrential rain was falling. It was a clear example of what was coming.

—You have to break up with him right now! — Hayasaka exclaimed.

Her shout echoed throughout the platform that was bustling for the late afternoon hour. People were coming and going from different destinations. Whether it was for work, travel or visiting a family member.

Every passerby had a place to go, but sadly, they came across a show that was less than impressive on the way.

But at such a demand, Tachibana-san did not want to obey, and just clung tightly on my arm while awkwardly averting her gaze and resting her forehead on my chest.

—Why do you keep doing this…? We… We made a promise! — Hayasaka asked with her voice cracking.

Tachibana-san remained static, she kept silent while waiting for the storm to pass. But Hayasaka-san wasn’t going to let things go that easy, so she had no choice but to answer. Only, the answer wouldn’t be as expected…

-…I’m sorry. — Tachibana replied in a muffled voice.

Yes… That was Hikari Tachibana’s answer. The answer of a girl who doesn’t want to face fate, the answer of a scared girl who wants to go home, the answer of a girl who… Seeks for the person she loves to protect her.

—No need to apologize. — Hayasaka replied, clenching her fists — I don’t blame you for what happened, because I knew it would happen as soon as they said they would go on a trip, and even so,
I accepted it.

Hayasaka-san’s voice trembled as if she was about to burst into tears.

—The only thing I expect from you is to keep your word. Follow the rules and keep your promise.

After hearing those words, Tachibana-san pressed her body to mine.

—Hey, why are you still not saying anything? Are you listening to me?

When Hayasaka-san lost all control of herself, she grabbed Tachibana-san’s coat and pulled, trying to yank her away from me.

But that wasn’t enough to make Tachibana-san give her arm.

—Why don’t you let go of Kirishima-kun? What’s wrong with you?

—….I’m sorry.

—I told you not to apologize. Keep your word, that’s all I’m asking… Please keep your promise… — said Hayasaka between sobs.

Nothing more needed to be done. And Tachibana-san was only apologizing because she secretly didn’t want to keep her word.

—I can’t do it.

—Why? It was an agreement we both had made. Why don’t you want to do it?

—Because I was with him.

—Th—That’s not a valid reason.

—Right… However, now that Shiro-kun and I were physically present. I can’t stay away from him any longer; he now invades my dreams, my desires, and neither my thoughts nor my wants are focused on anyone else but him. Furthermore, I am not even permitted to share him with another person. No other girl should touch Shiro-kun.


Tears began to flow from Hayasaka-san’s eyes.

—That’s why you forbade me to be alone with him. Despite the promise we made to each other, still… Still, you… You want to keep it all for yourself.

Hayasaka-san no longer cared to show her angry face. So, she tugged on Tachibana-san’s coat again.

—Get away from her, Kirishima-kun.

—No! — Tachibana-san expressed as she clung tighter to my body.

Tension could be felt in the air because the two were engaged in a tug-of-war and their emotions had grown intense. The future may hold anything.

—Tachibana-san, you fool ~!

—Hayasaka-san, you retard!

—Didn’t your mother tell you that it’s wrong not to keep your promises?!

—My mother didn’t tell me that!

—Normal that she didn’t tell you, you can already tell the lack of education. Besides, that’s what you usually learn in kindergarten.

—She may have mentioned it to me, but I forgot. But more importantly, Shiro-kun had his first time with me. And once that happens, rules and promises don’t matter anymore!

Our first time… Such a pure and important act for a girl that once it happens, it can no longer be forgotten or reversed.

As soon as Hayasaka-san heard that, tears started to well up because she was no longer able to withstand the pain she had been trying so hard to suppress.

—Hey, yo—…..

—Kirishima-kun, you… What do you think?

—Yes. You think promises should be kept, don’t you? You think rules matter, don’t you?

Hayasaka-san stares at me, her gaze was full of hope, and at the same time very expectant about my answer. On the other hand, Tachibana-san was looking at me with a rapt expression.

Now, they really want me to be decisive and straightforward. Without realizing it, I said innocuous things to get out of the way because I lacked the courage to speak up instead.

—For now, let’s calm down and go somewhere else where we can talk.

—No, let’s settle this now. — Hayasaka replied with a blank stare — Why do you care so much about what other people think? Am I that miserable?

—No, it’s not that…

I don’t think Hayasaka-san was miserable. We tend to live our lives thinking that we have to be mature, worrying only about how we look in the eyes of others, and that it is childish to express our feelings, so we try not to.

We develop a cynical outlook, the ability to project composure, and the ability to present a front that is only a façade over time. Once you become accustomed to it, you lose sight of your emotions and start acting rationally and coldly instead of emotionally.

The clash of emotions became as dangerous as it was beautiful as Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san began to express their emotions honestly. This conversation could be described as real because it involved laying bare what you think and feel.

And yet, I’ve had a deeply ingrained thought that I care a lot about how people look at me. I know, it’s pretty pathetic.

—You always make such a big deal out of things like that. I’m talking to you right now, and the fact that you don’t care makes me feel very miserable.

—I’m so—…

—I don’t want to hear that! It’s really terrible what you’re doing… It hurts me. — Hayasaka replied as he turned her back on me. — I have no choice but to accept my fate.

—Fate? What are you talking about?

—When I had my part-time job, a man gave me his phone number because he wanted to have fun with me… I guess that’s the life I get if I can’t have you by my side.

—What? Wait, Hayasaka-san…

—I have no other use in this life. I only wished and aspired to be Kirishima-kun’s wife, you don’t look at me, you don’t listen to me, this whole situation hurts me. I… I feel empty….

Hayasaka-san burst into tears after saying that, and went downstairs while calling someone on the phone.

—Hey, Hayasaka-san!

—Shiro-kun! – exclaimed Tachibana grabbing my arm — Don’t go… Please.

I was stopped in my tracks when Tachibana-san said that to me in an awkward and depressed tone of voice.

—I don’t want Shiro-kun to go to Hayasaka-san. I want him to stay by my side.

—But if Hayasaka-san is doing something crazy because she’s in that state? Don’t you think it would be our responsibility to verify that she’s okay?

—Yes, you’re right, but…

—We’re in this together, okay?


I had no choice but to drag Tachibana-san up the stairs until I reached Hayasaka-san and could hold her hand as well.

—Leave me alone~!

I could tell that Hayasaka-san’s tone of voice had changed; it was no longer choppy and heavy. She might have been happy that I pursued her, in that case.

And as she pouted, her face changed to a slightly happy expression. However, as soon as she noticed that I was holding Tachibana-san in my other hand, she reacted…

—Why are you bringing Tachibana-san?

—The three of us have to settle this.

—There’s nothing to settle, we made a promise!

—Shiro-kun, step aside for a moment. — Tachibana said standing in front of Hayasaka.

There was a lot of shyness in her eyes. I wonder what she will try to do.

—Why are you obeying Tachibana-san?

—I’m here to prevent something bad from happening between the two of you.

—Hmph! You did something to him, didn’t you?!

Hayasaka-san puffed out her chest and pushed Tachibana-san with elation.

Huh? Don’t tell me the monster war is going to start here…? And while thinking about it, Hayasaka-san got carried away by her emotions and attacked Tachibana-san with words.

—Tachibana-san… You’re so lewd!

—That’s not true!

Tachibana-san’s face turns bright red, and she covers her mouth with her hand while backing away as if she’s out of her mind.

—That’s right! That’s what you do! Going on a trip with Kirishima-kun and doing lewd things with him!

—It’s because you push me to do that, Hayasaka-san! You’re always seducing Shiro-kun, always… Using that lewd body! — Tachibana exclaimed as she pushed Hayasaka

—Oh~… You little…!

Both girls start pushing each other.

The altercation began on the platform’s stairs, and since I couldn’t stand by and allow it to turn into a physical altercation between them both, I moved forward. I stumbled and fell down twenty-seven steps after tripping over my own feet.



—Ohohoh, so that’s what happened, you fell and got hurt because of your own fault~! It sounds really pathetic to make your accident sound like something serious when it was silly of you~.

—That’s very cruel of you, Hamanami.

—It’s what you deserve… And how do you feel?

—My head injury wasn’t anything major, but I did sustain a concussion, which is why I’m here.

I was informed that I had dropped 27 steps and that I needed to be examined and given further care to ensure my wellbeing. So they checked me into a hospital.

Tachibana’s mother and grandfather paid all the expenses.

—I understand, that’s why you’re in such a luxurious private room.

—I don’t think much of that sort of thing.

While having a conversation with Hamanami, she suddenly dropped, had a mysterious look on her face and stared at the door leading to the hallway.

—What’s wrong?

—My spidey-sense is reacting.

—Your what…?

—I have a sense that tells me when a troubled girl approaches. I got it when I started getting involved with you. It helps me run away from conflict.

From the hallway I could hear the sound of loafers hitting the linoleum floor.

—Mmm, apparently it has a high indication of tenderness. However, the amount of trouble her presence can generate is endless, she’s probably Hayasaka-senpai or Tachibana-senpai!

—Are you trying to scare me or something like that?

The room door then unlocked and opened. But neither Tachiban-san nor Hayasaka-san was the person who entered.

She had a petite frame and a noble, dignified appearance. As soon as our eyes met, she turned her head so I couldn’t see what uniform she was wearing.


Hamanami squinted her eyes and put her hand to her chin in an effort to recognize the girl, but she was hard to make out.

The girl’s eyes were like a cat’s and her facial features reminded me of someone I couldn’t place at the moment, but her face looked exactly like a girl’s and she must be a few years younger than me.

—Sorry for coming unannounced — said the girl as she ducked her head.

After apologizing, she regained her posture and began to play with her short hair, maybe it’s because she’s nervous… I’ve seen that gesture before…

—Oh, it’s been a while since we last met… Miyuki Tachibana.


Yes, Hikari Tachibana’s sister had come to visit me.

—I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you right away.

— Because I cut my hair, I can’t really blame you. Despite the fact that I had worn it in that particular style since I was a young child, I didn’t care if it was long once I left the athletic club. Although I started to think I looked more and more like my sister…

Miyuki with short hair had a girlish appearance and gave the impression of being a very feminine young girl.

—Would you like to have a seat?

—No, it’s okay, I just came to apologize.


—Yes, for what happened at Christmas.

—Oh, that…

That was the day I went to the hotel party with Hamanami to bring her my Christmas present Tachibana-san.

Miyuki seemed remorseful for wasting my gift, and she showed great compassion by coming to see me after learning that I was hurt.

—Don’t worry about that, you gave it to your sister in the end.

Tachibana-san was very pleased with my scarf. When I saw her going to school wearing it, I was very happy.

—But it was very rude of me, and I don’t have much knowledge of love relationships, so I was very angry with her because she had fallen in love with someone else. But my sister told me that Kirishima-san was the only person she was in love with, so I felt guilty for what happened. — Miyuki said while lowering her gaze — I even told her that I didn’t like you…

—I support you, Miyuki-chan! — Hamanami exclaimed jubilantly — You did the right thing. It’s natural to hate a man who was doing sordid things with his older sister acting like a schoolgirl.

I would like to tell her that it was all Tachibana-san’s idea, but I guess that would be a strong blow to Miyuki’s respect for her sister.

—Anyway, I’m really sorry. — said Miyuki nodding her head.

—It’s okay, I really didn’t bother.

—I see. My sister is right, Kirishima-san is an open-minded person.

—That’s what Tachibana-san said?

—Yes. We talked about you in my room, and she shyly hid her face with a pillow while saying how kind and cool you are. You’re basically her first love.

I find it unbelievable that Tachibana-san would say that to her sister.

—Oh, by the way, I brought you this as a gift.

Miyuki rummaged through the bottom of her bag, and took out a chocolate bar that cost about fifty yen.

When Hamanami and I looked at the chocolate bar, Miyuki’s face turned red.

—My allowance money isn’t enough to buy a suitable gift, like a bouquet of flowers or a bag of candy, even though I am aware that I should have. — she said in a weak voice.

This girl looks a lot like Tachibana-san.

—Thank you, I was craving something sweet.

Saying this, I tried to take the chocolate bar. However, Miyuki wouldn’t let go of the flashy bag of sweets.


—Kirishima-san is a man, right?


My fingertips and Miyuki-chan’s fingertips touch with a chocolate bar as a bridge. But Miyuki didn’t care about that and just looked at my hand.

—Very big…


—Your veins stand out from your hand, they’re kind of hard, not at all like mine…


—Kirishima-san, he’s a grown man….

—Miyuki, are you listening to me?

—Huh? Hmph?!

Miyuki seemed to come to her senses and hurriedly removed her hand from the chocolate bar.

—Uh, I, did I say something inappropriate?

I was about to say something, but Hamanami deliberately coughed and then narrowed her eyes.

—By the way, Miyuki, you’re in the third year of junior high school, aren’t you? — Hamanami asked with an indescribable expression on her face.


—Isn’t it a busy time for you, with exams just around the corner?

—Yes, I’ll be going to intensive classes after this.

—And it’s okay for you to come visit me?

—That’s right. I can’t afford to be a burden to Kirishima-san…

After bowing politely, Miyuki abruptly left the room.

—Hey, that was a bit weird. It was like you kicked her out.

—Well, that’s good. The day will come when Kirishima-senpai and Miyuki-chan will thank me.

—What the hell are you trying to say with that?

—I know what I mean. Anyway, what do you plan to do about Hayasaka-senpai and Tachibana-senpai? Something tells me you’re not being entirely honest with me, something else happened that day, right?



After I was discharged from the hospital, I was able to return to school.

Hayasaka-san gave me a hat for Christmas, and although I was a little hesitant to wear it, I eventually worked up the courage to do so. I’m unsure of where our friendship stands right now.

In any case, the days of Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san sharing me are over.

I’m reminded of the question Hamanami asked me at the hospital that day regarding whether I was keeping information from him. Sadly, yes. Contrary to what I said, the situation was actually much more serious.

What happened at Tokyo Station was much more intense. I just decorated it as if it was no big deal, a simple fight between girls in love.

Significantly more intense events occurred at Tokyo Station. I simply staged it to look like a minor argument between infatuated girls, as if nothing had happened.

What happened left them both feeling extremely hurt. Tachibana-san was screaming so loudly that for a split second I thought she was someone else, and Hayasaka-san was sobbing so hard that her voice was hoarse. I had never before seen that side of her.

When I fell down the stairs and they helped me, the heightened emotions were abruptly put on hold. The pain, however, is still very much present for both of us, so that was only a short-term fix.

And the thought that I will have to face them today makes me feel a lot of pressure.

I haven’t seen them since I was admitted to the hospital. I told them both not to worry about me even though I had a concussion and was in a weak state of consciousness.

Despite that, I could still clearly recall the images. While Tachibana-san was so upset that she was tossing her hair, Hayasaka-san appeared to have lost all emotion.

I let them know that I was fine and that I would soon be released in a message I sent to them. And yet, Hayasaka-san called me once, sobbing and apologizing to me the entire time.

Tachibana-san just sent a message saying she felt guilty. According to Rei-san, she had locked herself in her room, and depression took total control of her mind.

And that’s how these past few days have been… A madness that seems to have no end.

I started looking for a place to make time as soon as I got to school so I could face the two girls. I’m not sure if they will agree to talk to each other to resolve this or if they will already have done so and reached an understanding.

But I have to check the state of their feelings and see that there is no clash of emotions again.

After wandering around the school and finally arriving at my classroom…


The gazes of my classmates focused on me, none of them approached to ask about my state of health or if I was already feeling better, they all had puzzled and somewhat irritated looks.

In the middle of all of them was Hayasaka-san, who approached me with a big smile on her face.

—Congratulations on recovering, I’ve missed you!

—Hey, Hayasaka-san… What’s the matter?

Our classmates look at us in puzzlement. Hayasaka-san noticed the stares on us and her mood changed.

—People don’t believe me at all.


—That you and I are dating.


—Everyone thinks Kirishima-kun and Tachibana-san are dating. It’s funny, isn’t it? No one believes me that you gave me an engagement ring for Christmas. That’s why I had no choice but to show them the proof when you went back to school. So today I’m going to show everyone the pr-….

—Hey, Hayasaka-san, wait a moment. — Kirishima replied while holding Hayasaka’s hand — come with me.

—Wow, it looks like my boyfriend wants to have a private talk~.

After taking Hayasaka-san, we went out to the hallway and I confronted her for an explanation.

—Are you telling everyone that you and I are boyfriend and girlfriend?

—Yes! I’m so glad that you finally accepted me, Kirishima-kun.

—Um, about that…

—I wish you would have told me in a more direct or romantic way instead of stopping me from leaving that day at the train station, but still, it made me very happy, hehe…

—Wait… What?

— It’s okay, I’m touched, you have nothing to explain. Kirishima-kun, I will make every effort to win your approval. Don’t worry; I won’t exert myself too much. I am aware that I tend to make you care deeply about me, which makes you put high demands on yourself. But, no matter how important I am to you, this is not good for Tachibana-san…

—Hayaska-san, what you are saying is…

—Kirishima-kun, you want to do it with me when you’re a responsible adult man, don’t you? I know, we’re high school students, and we can get into a lot of trouble. I understand that you’re a guy, and… Well… You know, you tend to have those urges…

Hayasaka-san’s cheeks redden and she moves her body in embarrassment.

— It’s okay, I’m not upset; I know you did it because you cared about me, my body, and that we don’t have any accidents of any kind. So you decided to do it with Tachibana-san, right? Or that they assume I’m a simple girl. I’ll allow it this time because I don’t want to be the typical girlfriend who gets upset over everything. But…

Hayasaka-san took both my hands and looked me straight in the eyes.

—Tachibana-san still makes me feel bad. That is how a woman should be treated. Don’t continue to manipulate her feelings; end your relationship with her once and for all. Inform her that you are no longer interested in her. Promise.

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese

Kirishima and Hayasaka are two classmates who have a secret relationship in public.

In their school life they pretend that they don't know each other, but behind the scenes there is much more to them than people can imagine. The two get into a relationship that is difficult to break and ends up being impure, unhealthy, and complicated, as the relationship between them was nothing more than an affair that simply created a love triangle before Kirishima's first love and his second love.


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