Chapter 2: Meeting the sisters

Meeting the sisters

For me, Aina Shinjo, meeting Hayato changed everything.

It still hasn’t changed anything in my daily life, but just thinking about him, my benefactor, makes me happy… I want more, I want to connect with him more, I want to ask him for more.

—What are you going to do now, Aina?

—I’m going to take a break. Can you tell my sister for me?

—Okay! See you later!


I think about Hayato all the time, but I never show it. When I’m around him, I don’t mind showing it, though when I’m around my sister, I try to hide such joy.

—This presence… Oh, Hayato-kun is over here.

I let my feet guide me, my whole body being drawn to the presence of my hero. 

It was time for PE, but since it was the last class on Friday, the teacher had granted us some freedom as a reward for a hard week of work. So I can do whatever I want, even sleep if I want to, everything is allowed as long as I don’t return to the classroom without his permission.

—Now, I wonder where Hayato-kun is?

The reason why I’m looking for him is because we don’t study in the same classroom, and this was a special occasion since our PE class today was joint with his. 

I started to feel uncomfortable at the unusual glances of people, but the occasional glances I know I’ll have with Hayato-kun diminishes that feeling… No, it’s quite the opposite, my body is starting to burn. Hayato is a man who invites me to sin.

—I’m sorry, sister. Let me monopolize Hayato-kun just a little longer. It’s my privilege as the first one to find him♪.

I apologize to my sister, who is not with me, and went back to looking for my special man. I was starting to give up, as he would surely be with his friends and I won’t be able to get close. However… All those fears were allayed when I found him.

He was sleeping comfortably behind a large tree in the corner of the schoolyard. I proceeded to approach him slowly, trying not to make any noise and sat down next to him, gazing at his beautiful sleeping face.

—…. I like you.

His sleeping face is so peaceful that it captivates me just by looking at it.

He may not be a handsome actor on TV, but to me he’s the most handsome guy in the whole world…Hey, Hayato, that’s how crazy I am about you.

—…I guess it wouldn’t be a problem if I sniffed him a little…

I restrained my heartbeat and approached Hayato-kun. As I approached, his manly smell tickled my nose.

—…This is bad.

Just looking at his sleeping face like this is enough, but when I smell the scent of his sweat, my lower half tingles.

I turned my attention to Hayato’s defenseless left hand. I was nervous that he would notice or wake up, so I grabbed his hand and lifted it.


Well, it looks like he won’t wake up, even if I take his hand. I took this opportunity and put it on my cheek.

Feeling the happiness of having his hand directly on my cheek, I took an even bolder step.

—Hey, Hayato-kun, do you like big breasts?

While asking that, I put Hayato’s hand on my chest.

I’m aware of my body, and that many guys want me. Even my bust is a little bigger than my sister’s. I recently passed the 90 mark, and it’s still increasing.

—Remember when I told you about the spiders? Well, right now I’m spinning my web, and you’ll get caught in it… And when you’re pinned down, I’ll eat you up ♪

Um… I’m still not satisfied. So I proceeded to move Hayato-kun’s hand to my lower body, and watched him closely. 

—…Hah ♪

I know I said I would eat him, but deep inside I want to be devoured by Hayato…


I woke up suddenly and looked around. I had forgotten that I fell asleep in the schoolyard after working out.

The last PE session of the week is basically anything you do as long as you don’t go back to class, and the fact that you can sleep in without the teacher getting mad at you or bothering you is the best thing about this day.

But for some reason, I felt a stare on me, as if someone was watching me.



I wasn’t entirely wrong, as the person next to me was Aina. So, I proceeded to stand up quickly to keep my distance from her, since we were so close to each other.

—Ah! Why are you leaving?

I thought that she would feel uncomfortable if I stayed close to her… But as soon as I tried to move away, the expression on her face changed, as if she didn’t like that I reacted that way.


I thought anyone would do it if they were so close… but when I tried to pull away, she looked angry and disgruntled, so I didn’t.

—We still have fifteen minutes left….

I see, so we still have some time before the class is over, I guess I can stay here and relax a bit with her.

—Can I ask why you’re here?

—I was playing softball, but then I felt like resting a bit. So, I looked for a place that seemed quiet, and I ran into you.

—I see.

It’s true that here, in the shade of the trees, the sun’s rays are blocked and the voices of my companions seem distant and silent.

—Don’t take this the wrong way… But I feel like we’ve been talking a lot lately, don’t you think?

—Yes, I think so too, it feels really nice♪ — she answered smiling.

I was touched by her smile, as beautiful as always, and I tried to hide my nervousness by changing the topic of conversation.

—By the way, shouldn’t you be with your sister?

—Hmm, Hayato-kun doesn’t want to talk to me?

That was a strong counterattack. And it’s not like I dislike talking to her, I’m actually glad, it’s just that I found it strange that she was with me and not with her sister.

—Well, it’s just that I’m a little shy when I talk to you, after all, you’re the most famous girl in school besides your sister.

I wasn’t trying to flatter her in any way either, again, I’m being honest.

As soon as I told her that, Aina looked down for a moment and her body started to tremble, but then she quickly looked up and smiled again.

—I see, so Hayato-kun thinks I’m beautiful?

—It’s not just me, everyone thinks so.

If no one thought so, then they wouldn’t be the most famous girls in school, now would they?

—…I don’t care what other people think, what Hayato-kun thinks is enough.


—Nothing… ♪ Oh, I’d love to talk some more, but it’s time.

—…That’s right!

When I looked at the clock, I noticed it was almost time to gather at the place where the teacher and the rest of the students were.

Panicking, we stood up, but in the process, Aina seemed to lose her balance a little, and I quickly put my hands on her body.

—T-Thank you, Hayato-kun…

—No… You’re welcome….

Although there was no major accident where Aina was injured, a somewhat awkward situation did arise for us. And that is… Because she lost her balance and rushed at me. One of my hands came in contact with Aina’s large breasts.


—Hayato-kun, I won’t get mad at you, okay? You saved me, so I have no reason to act in a rude way. Thank you very much for your help♪

Honestly, I thought she was going to take it out on me and I would get a big scolding, but surprisingly I didn’t, seeing her smile in that angelic way made me think she was some kind of goddess.

—You said a moment ago that you were under the impression that we talked a lot, but the truth is that lately I’ve been getting a lot of help from you.

—…Ah~, that’s right, I stopped a dictionary from hitting you on the head.

—I don’t understand… Why are you helping me so much?

—Huh? Isn’t it obvious?

If someone is in trouble, it’s natural to help them. And of course, it all depends on the situation. But helping people is something I learned from my father… And I try to apply it to the letter.


Aina looked at me worriedly while I kept quiet thinking about my late father.

—I’m sorry, I just remembered something. Or rather, it’s not the time to talk, Aina-san!

—Yes, that’s right! Let’s hurry up, Hayato-kun!

Is it my imagination or does time fly by every time I talk to Aina?

—Hey, Aina-san, don’t you think time goes faster when we talk?

—Umm, no, I don’t think so. — She answered while averting her gaze — By the way, Hayato-kun, it won’t be long now before my threads work their magic.


—Yeah, did you forget already? I told you I like spiders.

I’d like to know what she means, but I feel like I’ll get in trouble if I ask her that question. So, I just nodded as we made our way back to the rest of the group without incident.

Some people watched us in surprise that we arrived together, but it didn’t escalate into a major problem and no rumors were generated about it either.

And the answer to that is obvious; Aina is a goddess, and I am a mere mortal, there is no chance of her dating me. 

—That’s strange. I didn’t know you got along with one of the Shinjo sisters, Hayato.

—I don’t get along with her, I just happened to meet her on my way here. Don’t get any absurd ideas.

—Haha, I’m not surprised at all.

However, there were some accidents in between, like talking to her up close and touching her breasts, but of course I couldn’t tell my friends about it.

—Good work, everyone. You are dismissed.

After getting the teacher’s permission to leave, we all started to move at the same time, and in the middle of all that hustle and bustle, I remembered there was something that kept bothering me ever since I was talking to Aina.

—What is this?

I touched the fingers on my left hand, and noticed that there was a viscous liquid on them. It wasn’t really sticky, but slightly stringy… Also, the smell was sour and sweet, hard to describe. But I didn’t find it unpleasant either.

—Aina, where were you taking your break?

—Huh? Me?

My gaze met Aina’s again as she chatted with her sister, and in the middle of it, she winked at me for a moment.

—What’s wrong?

—Nothing~. Let’s go back home, sis.

—Eh, okay…

Aina walked away without looking back, but it wasn’t me who reacted to her wink just now.

—Eeeh…? Did Aina-san just wink at me?!

—In your dreams, she winked at me!

—You’re wrong!

While my friends walked beside me euphorically because they were excited about Aina’s non-existent flirting, I was a little happy to have become friends with her.

This may sound a bit silly, but the truth is that Aina-san is like a black hole, once you’re close to her, you can’t escape.

Still, I’m glad to see that both Aina and Arisa seem to be leading their normal lives despite what happened. Since, for a woman, such an experience should have been horrible and traumatic.

It’s the only thing that makes it worth all the effort I made back then. I say this from the heart, I am happy that I risked my life to save them. 

—What’s the matter, Hayato?

—Why are you smiling? Do you have something erotic in mind?!

—Why does it necessarily have to be something erotic?

My friends’ stupid comments brought me out of my beautiful thoughts. How annoying…

With the last class of the week coming to an end, all I had to do was leave, but my eyes suddenly fell on a vase of flowers by the classroom window.

—…They forgot to change the water in the flowers again.

I don’t know about other classes, but in ours, it was the norm for the person on duty to change the water in the vase. 

However, there was no one left in the classroom for today’s shift, so I let out a sigh and picked up the vase. 

—Don’t worry, I’ll change the water for you, and you’ll be happier that way.

I walked over to where the water supply was located, and emptied the water out of the vase and put a clean, fresh one in it.

I know a lot of people would say not to worry about this, but my mother used to change the water in the flowers all the time, so when I notice these things, I can’t overlook them.

—It’s ready.

Now they’ll look more lively since they have fresh water.

—…Little things like this make me feel more in touch with my mother.

And, of course, my father… I can’t help but feel sentimental when I think of my family like this.

—I’d better get the hell out of here.

I then put the vase back in its place and left the school.

As I walk home, I reflect on all the things that have happened this week… No, really, a lot has happened.

—Maybe it’s just my imagination? But I have a feeling that things are about to change in many ways.

Maybe I’m getting Nostradamus vibes, but every part of my body was telling me that something strange was about to germinate as Halloween came to an end.

Today is Saturday, and I headed to Sota’s house just as it was getting dark, although it wasn’t in my plans to leave the house that late either.

In my bag I carry some fruit and a few items that are part of my costume.

—I haven’t worn you since that day?

I direct my gaze to the bag, and see the pumpkin head peeking out from the opening… The way the eyes and mouth are designed is such as if it expresses hatred. I got the impression that he didn’t care about anything that happened and in return he told me to “just enjoy the moment, bro.”

—But I can’t write it off as a bad thing, because of this gourd, I had the courage to face that thief… I guess I’ll ask for your help one more time to face what awaits me.

I placed my hand on the gourd and continued on my way to Sota’s house.

Kaito had arrived at the same time as me, and when we knocked on the door, Sota’s mother greeted us and then led us to the courtyard where the party was to take place. And there he was, wearing a suit that was frighteningly well-made.

—Welcome, guys, ready to have some fun?

—You’re too enthusiastic! 

—For a second, I thought; ‘Who the fuck are you?’

And we don’t mean that in a disrespectful way, but the costume Sota was wearing was splendid; he’s dressed like a magician, even his magic wand is of very good quality.

—I’m an otaku, what do you expect? I take these things very seriously!

—Of course!

I’ve seen photos of people cosplaying on social media, but I think it’s fair to say that the degree of perfection in his costume is on the same level.

I always knew Sota was an otaku, and that cosplay was one of his hobbies, but I didn’t think he would go this far.

—Well, go get changed, what are you waiting for?

—…Do you want to go first?

—Let’s get this over with quickly.

Kaito and I immediately put on our costumes and regrouped in the courtyard. He was cosplaying Dracula, he was wearing a suit, a cape and painted his face to give his skin a paler hue. 

—Dracula is a classic.

—You look really cool. Compared to…

They both turned their attention to me. I’m just wearing my clothes I came in, my pumpkin head and holding a toy lightsaber in my hand.

—You’re not very creative, are you?

—Shut up. I like the way I look.

For me it’s not important what kind of costume I wear or if it’s something very complicated. I just wanted to wear something that I feel comfortable in and can spend time with my friends in. 

Besides, it’s the same thing I wore at the time I saved the Shinjo sisters and their mother. So, it gives me some confidence to wear it as is. 

And I guess this will be the last time I will do something like this… I don’t know if we will repeat this same activity next year.

As I was thinking about this, they both looked at me seriously and said.

—But there is something atmospheric about it.

—It’s true… Dressed like that, he looks like a strong man.

—What the hell are they talking about?

Apparently, to them I now look like a very strong guy.

As if in response to their eyes filled with an expectation I didn’t understand, I swayed with flexible movements as if remembering my kendo days with a laser sword in my hand, and they applauded me.

—Oh, how cool.

—I think I’m getting a little scared.


It’s rare for my friends to tell me that they’re scared of me. 

Tired of having been giving a kendo performance and joking around, I sat down on a chair and took off my pumpkin head.

—Okay, now that the cosplay presentation is over, let’s go eat!

The table around us was full of food prepared by Sota’s mother, and my stomach had been growling for a while.

—Thanks for the food.

From then on, it was nothing but dinner in the name of a cosplay party. Kaito and I loved the food Sota’s mother prepared for us, and since we were in a growth spurt, eating a lot was inevitable.

Hah… Home-cooked food is like no other.

Aside from the school cafeteria, when I’m basically at home, I usually eat instant noodles or bentos from a convenience store. There are few times that I prepare my own food… That’s why I envy homemade food made with love and care.

—I’ve brought more food. Fufu, Hayato-kun, I see you finished quickly, I’m glad to see you’re enjoying it.

—Thank you! I’m not exaggerating when I say your food is the best!

What Sota’s mother had prepared for us was fried chicken, French fries and Halloween-style pumpkin soup, definitely the kind of food we like.

—That’s very good to hear. I wish my son was that sincere in thanking me.

—It’s kind of embarrassing, Mother.

It can be embarrassing to express gratitude to family members who are often with you, but I still think it’s important to do it whenever you can.

—It’s not that complicated, Sota, it’s very important to be grateful and to let your loved ones know.

—…Yes, that’s right, you’re right. Thank you, mom.

Kaito and I smiled as Sota was able to come clean with his mother.

He probably found my comment depressing, and he accepted it due to the fact that he knows my parents have passed away. 

—That’s cute. It’s always nice to get a thank you from my son…. Hey, Hayato-kun, is something bothering you?

His mother’s expression was one of concern, the complete opposite of the smile she had shown Sota a moment ago.

—I’m fine, there’s nothing to worry about. And as I mentioned before, my grandparents on my mother’s side take good care of me.

Because I’m still young, they try to send me enough money so that I don’t worry at all… I haven’t seen them for a while, so I’d better take a trip for the end of the year holidays and bring them some gifts.

—Hey Hayato, if anything bothers you, you can talk to me, okay?

—Yes, we’re best friends. Don’t hold anything back, okay?

—Ah, yeah.

Even though we usually do silly things together, they care a lot about me. Apparently, I have the best friends in the world.

—Hey, it would be nice to have a souvenir of this day.

—Yeah, that’s right, let’s take a photo together.


It would certainly be a shame for us to go to all this effort to have this whole party and come in costume to limit ourselves only to joking and eating. Even though it will remain in our memories, a photo is something that will make it more special for the future.

We stood side by side, and asked Sota’s mother to take our picture.

Even though it was just the three of us, the atmosphere didn’t feel empty, or if it took a big crowd, having an intimate party with the people you care about most is one of those little pleasures in life that we all have to experience sometime.

—Well, thanks for everything today. It’s time for me to go home.

—Okay, see you at school.

—Be careful~!

Kaito said he would stay a little longer, so I left Sota’s house before him.

It’s already evening and it’s very quiet walking alone on the street with the streetlights on back home. The contrast was great compared until a moment ago with all the noise at Sota’s house… But it was fun, and now all that is over. What awaits me is an overwhelming silence in my home.

If my father had not had his accident, if my mother had not fallen ill, now and always, there would be someone waiting for me with a light on in the house.

Inevitably, memories of those days when I was with my parents hit me in my head.

—[Hey, Hayato, why don’t you be more demanding of your mother. Aren’t children supposed to be spoiled by their parents?]

—[That’s right. You should let me give you lots of cuddles. When you’re older I won’t be able to do it anymore].

They were right after all. Although I didn’t expect it to be that way….

—I must look pathetic right now.

I took the pumpkin head to disguise my bad mood and put it back on. There was no longer a sad face on me. It was completely replaced by the Machiavellian expression of a monster. 

—Well, since it’s still Halloween, I’ll take a walk around the area. At least the walk home should be a little more pleasant this way.

I bet if someone sees me wearing this now, they’ll get a big scare, I guess it wouldn’t be a rare thing in the city center, but since I’m in an urban area, I should expect such a reaction.

But I decided not to worry about that and continued on my way.


As soon as I turned at the end of the street where my home was located, I was met with a big surprise, and that is that I ran into two people in front of me… And the worst by far. 



Whether it was a trick of fate or a punishment for having been so trusting, the two people in front of me were Arisa and Aina. Two girls who shouldn’t have seen me using this pumpkin head for anything in the world.

Why on earth are the two of them here?! They both looked at me with a dumbfounded expression on their faces and didn’t make a move.

And because the tension was so heavy, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I turned my back on them and proceeded to walk away as fast as I could. 

However, a strong and sharp grip grabbed me by the shoulder.


Not only did she grab me by the shoulder, she also shouted as loudly as if her voice was sewing me to the ground.

The one who acted this way was Arisa-san. The urge to run away at that moment was palpable, but it was impossible, so I sighed inwardly and turned around.

—What do you want?

I sounded too inarticulate, but it seems I can be a different person when I hide my face like this.

Aina-san was the one who threw a stone at this too surreal scene, with the composition of a beautiful girl staring at me having a pumpkin on her head.

—Look, sis, he looks troubled, so let’s calm down first. There’s a park nearby, how about we go there?

—All right.

I guess I won’t be able to escape from this, right?

I had no choice but to accompany them to a small park nearby, and the three of us sat down on a bench under a big lamppost.



I was sitting in the middle, while they silently proceeded to sit on either side of me.

On the left is Arisa, who hasn’t taken her eyes off me, and on the right is Aina, who is smiling the same as always.

Seriously, could there be a more surreal scene than this? I’m a guy with a pumpkin head sitting between two beautiful women. 

But in a way, I’m very lucky that these girls don’t see my face dripping with cold sweat. I turned to look at Arisa-san, who had been staring at me with fervor for a while now.

—Aaah…! You’re… Charming!

Why does she have an ecstatic expression on her face? And because Aina-san noticed how strangely her sister was behaving, she stepped in to calm things down. 

—Sister, I can understand that you’re excited about this touching encounter, but keep your composure, okay?

—Huh… Yes, you’re right.

It was then that I finally felt Arisa’s gaze on me weaken. Then she coughed and addressed me again more calmly. 

—Thank you so much for what you did for us back then. You saved our family.

Arisa-san’s hand, which has been on mine since we sat down, squeezed them tighter.

I stared at her as she thanked me, and Arisa-san looked at me with the same gaze she had shown me at that moment, eyes that seemed to cling to me, eyes that seemed to see hope in the face of a being they could trust.

So far I had only focused my attention on Arisa, but Aina, who remained seated on the other side, put her hand on my arm, and gently caressed me.

—Can you tell me your name? — asked Arisa.

Her tone of voice was very serious. I’m sure she won’t let go of my hand until I tell her my name, and I don’t quite know what to do now, but I decided to answer honestly. 

I guess it’s not necessary for me to tell you my real name, is it? This will only be a one-time thing, I don’t think we’ll do it again, and she’ll forget about it as the days go by.

—My name is…


Arisa has been waiting for my words for a long time. This was the name I came up with to get out of the situation, without telling her my real name.

—It’s Jack… My name is Jack.

What better time than this to take Jack O’Lantern’s name as a reference, right? However, the expressions on both of their faces were quite different.



Arisa’s face turned red, and she muttered my name to herself. She looked very excited, while Aina laughed hysterically with her hands on her stomach.

However, Arisa’s look became even more terrifying when I told her my name was Jack. I know it’s too late to take it back, especially when Jack doesn’t exist… Did I make a mistake? I don’t have the confidence or the character to be cocky and take credit for saving them. 

I simply want to run away, I don’t want them to see my embarrassed face. And both of them being on either side of me will prevent any escape attempt on my part.

It also doesn’t help that they are so close to me that I can feel their breasts. I feel my brain melting. The size and softness of those breasts will make me swoon if this keeps up. 

—Fufu, it looks like you’re in trouble, Hayato-kun.

—That’s right… Huh?

I involuntarily turned my gaze towards Aina-san as I realized that she had just called my name.


A puzzled voice is heard from Arisa-san, but I don’t have time to devote my attention to her at the moment. I thought Aina-san would be teasing me, but on the contrary, the expression on her face was such and as if she was giving me confidence to be honest with them.

—I’m sorry. But the truth is that I always knew who you were, unlike my sister who just found out.

Aina-san said that with a smile and an apologetic expression, and I let out a small sigh under my helmet.

—Are you Hayato-kun?!

I was surprised at first, but after a few seconds I calmed down. I was caught the moment Aina called my name even though I was hiding my real face. 

—Then there’s no point in continuing to hide my face.

If they’ve already figured it out, I had no choice but to take off my pumpkin gourd. 

As soon as I did so, Aina-san let out a small scream, and came even closer to my face than in the previous times. While Arisa-san was taken aback.

—Aina-san? It’s a bit embarrassing, so if you could, please move away?

—Eh~ But this is an unheard-of encounter!

Unheard of? But we’ve already talked yesterday, and the day before yesterday, this isn’t some kind of reunion after many years… And more importantly, how did she know it was me? I was curious to know, so I asked him, and the answer left me even more astonished.

—It was when I found you at the rooftop door while you were watching my sister’s confession♪.

So, what good did it do me to have kept my guard up and kept my distance from them? According to Aina, she actually noticed when we exchanged glances in the cafeteria, but the probability that it was me increased to 80% when we chatted on the rooftop.


—I’m sorry, sis, I wanted to monopolize it, even if it was just for a while…

—Damn… I don’t blame you, I would have done the same.

The two sisters are having a friendly exchange of words with me in the middle, but Arisa’s grip on my hand is really strong.

I thought that if I had gone this far, I would have no choice, so I looked at Arisa again and opened my mouth.

—Um… I’m sorry, surely you must not have liked me lying about my name.

Naturally I had no intention of introducing myself and saying that I was the one who saved them in the first place, as I said before, I wasn’t looking for glory or a thank you from them. I did it because I thought it was the right thing to do.

However, the fact that I was exposed in this way was simply the result of a combination of bad luck and coincidence…. But I guess the result would have been the same sooner or later, since Aina-san knew who I was from the beginning.

—Hayato… Sama….


Arisa’s face seemed unhinged for a moment, but she looked up immediately.

—It’s nice to meet you, I’m Arisa Shinjo. And I’m very happy to finally have you in front of me.

I’m worried about Arisa-san, she squints her eyes and makes a gesture as if she’s looking at something dazzling. I felt something unsettling in her gaze, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

—Nice to meet you…. Shinjo-san.

When I answered, Aina-san looked at my face sideways and spoke.

—No need for you and I to reintroduce ourselves, we already did it from the first day hehehe ♪

—Hey, Aina-san…


Arisa-san suddenly emanated a gloomy aura, but it soon faded and she leaned forward as if she was competing with Aina-san.

—Hayato-sama, would you like to call me by my first name too? That would make me very happy.


I have no problem with calling people by their first name. But just as it happened with Aina, I felt that something might get out of control if I did it with Arisa as well. And the fear that invaded me after that proposal was proof of that. 

Besides, I couldn’t refuse to do it, since, if I call Aina by her first name, and Arisa by her last name, that to some extent is unfair… But no matter if it was unfair or not, there was only one right choice.


—Haah… Please don’t stop. Treat me like I’m an object, use me, call me like I’m nothing… Um, I’m sorry, please, I would really appreciate it if you would address me as a close friend.

What kind of response was that?! I wonder if this girl is alright.

Arisa-san kept staring at me with her beautiful blue eyes, as if telling me that she wouldn’t take her eyes off me until she died.

—All right, I’ll do it. But I’ll need some time. This is the first time we’re talking and I don’t want to be disrespectful, even more so since we’re classmates. 

—I see… So that worries you.

—Yes, I can’t help it.

Arisa-san was desperately worried, she felt a great need for me to address her without honorifics, but it’s something I find hard to do when there isn’t total trust involved.

—I understand, okay… Nice to meet you, Hayato-kun.

—Nice to meet you, Arisa.


Arisa’s cheeks relaxed as a beautiful smile appeared on her face. Her expression changed drastically though. I was really afraid of her, and I’m not saying that because of her expression, but because she had been mumbling things while looking down. 

I involuntarily turned my head in search of an escape, but I ran into another obstacle. I made eye contact with Aina, who had been watching me for a while.

—It’s not fair for you to call my sister without honorifics. Can you do the same with me?


—…I love it. It makes me horny♪

Everything had gotten out of control. On one side, I had Arisa, who was staring at the ground and mumbling things I couldn’t understand, and on the other side I had Aina, who was shaking and fidgeting her body nervously. And among all that chaos, I was in the middle holding a pumpkin.

This scene couldn’t get any stranger, could it? Luckily, it was over quickly and it was time for us to go home.

—I would like to ask you both something, could I walk you home? No… Rather, let me walk you home. 

It was already dark, and after that incident, I was more concerned about the safety of these girls than my own.

—After what happened, the police have intensified patrols in the area, but if I’m honest, I’ll feel more at ease if I see that you arrive safe and sound. 

—Are you worried about us?



Women must be protected, and I don’t intend to impose my protection on them, but in their case it was different.

Luckily, they accepted my proposal, and the three of us walked together to their house. Although the scene itself seemed more like they were protecting me.

—We’re here, Hayato-kun!

—See you at school.

As soon as the two beautiful girls said goodbye to me, I continued my way home. I was very tired after the intense time I spent with them.

But my cheeks were heating up as I remembered the warmth, softness and lovely fragrance I experienced having been so close to them. 

—…I guess I’m a fucking high school boy after all.

If you tell me this is fate, then I will believe it. I finally saw him again, and it has only been a few days since that incident. 

At first he introduced himself to me as Jack, but it turned out that Aina already knew him, and that he was a classmate from our same school.

—Domoto… Hayato… Hayato-kun… Hayato-sama.

As soon as he took off his pumpkin head and showed us his real face, I felt my heart pounding at the sight of his slightly tousled hair and those eyes full of kindness. 

I imagined he would be someone muscular, but that was not the case, although I could tell he did work out, maybe he played some sport. 

This may sound very sudden, but I think I fell in love with him at first sight. I want to talk to him more, I want him to look at me more, and I also want him to call me by my name every moment.


I’ve never felt so cheerful before.

That man is mine… I feel a tingle deep inside me when I imagine him. I want to be with him more, I want to please him, I want to support him with everything I’ve got…. That was all I could think about.

—What if he’s been taking care of us all this time…?

Hayato-kun has been watching us for a long time. On many occasions when we went out every morning to classes, we always bumped into him, sometimes I would say hello to him, even though I showed no interest.

I want to curse myself for not having met him earlier. He has always been around to protect us.

—Yes, Hayato-kun was protecting us all the time…. It was inevitable that he would save us at that time.

So… What have I been doing for him? I haven’t done anything. I just ignored him. Jeez, what a bad person I am. I have no choice but to become an instrument of support for him.

If he dedicated his life to protect us, then I have to stand by his side as his property. To be there for him and take care of him at all times.

—It’s wonderful.

I will live as his sole property, that was the reason I was born. There’s nothing wrong with that, with having the desire to be enslaved by Hayato-kun, is there? Well, it’s not like it matters what others think either… I’ll listen to my heart and do what he asks me to do.

—Fufu…… Hahaha ♪

Beautiful, what a wonderful world.

Hayato-kun… Hayato-sama… This sweet name courses through my body like pleasure. 

And this is how I will start my new life. I, Arisa Shinjo, am Hayato-sama’s slave… Uuff, I feel so ticklish down there.

—But… I’m afraid he’ll turn away from me if I propose this to him. I have to think of something, I have to find a way to make Hayato-kun accept me as a slave….

It was a problem that interfered with my desire.

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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