Chapter 3: Love that grows from the depths

Love that grows from the depths

No matter how hard I tried, moving was impossible. I am experiencing sleep paralysis right now.

And even if I tried to ask for help, no one would come because I can’t talk, not to mention the fact that I’m home alone… This is definitely a dead end. I have no choice but to stay still and wait for it to pass rather than continue with this useless procrastination.

Or so I had thought until I heard two voices.

—It’s okay, Hayato-kun.

—It’s okay, Hayato-kun.

It’s not possible, those voices are from… The Shinjo sisters! Please, you have to help me! 

I desperately tried to move my still mouth, hoping that somehow it could help me out of this situation.

—Of course.

—We will.

The next moment, I could feel a pair of hands touching my body, I assumed it was theirs. I could feel the soft touch of their palms caressing me reassuringly. 

But I was far from calm as I was still unable to open my eyelids.

—Don’t worry. Hayato-kun should drown in us.

—That’s right. This way, we will be together forever.

Both hands touch sensitive areas of my body, as if urging me to respond to what they want me to do.

I felt a tickle of their warm breath on my ear and I opened my eyes as if in panic.


I kicked the comforter as hard as I could and lifted my upper body, exhaling heavily.

After a while, I calmed down and composed myself, but, even though everything was dark and there was nothing in the room, I felt very guilty for dreaming of my classmates doing naughty things with me.

—I think I’m getting too frustrated…

The fact that I couldn’t see them and only hear their voices seemed to strangely arouse my emotions… Stop it, stop it, don’t think weird things!

—Arisa and Aina…

I talked to them about several things Saturday night.

I didn’t expect Aina to notice me, but when I thought about it, it wouldn’t have been strange for her to find out through my voice… Well, in her case, it was a problem before that.

—I was really scared when she told me she recognized me by the quality of my voice, my height and even my hands.

And that’s how the girls and I officially met.

Of course, as I said before, I’m satisfied with the fact that I was able to help them, and for that I’m not going to ask for more than a verbal thank you… Well, you don’t even need to thank me for it.

There’s also the little detail that we call each other by our first names. In a way it means that I’ve become close friends with two beautiful sisters. And as a man myself, I’m glad of it wholeheartedly.

Besides, they insisted that I come to their house to meet their mother. She also wanted to thank me in some way for my act of bravery in protecting them. So I had no choice but to accept.

The thought of how the high school kids would react if they found out that I was invited to the Shinjo sisters’ house… Well, there is no way they would find out either, there is no reason to make this public, and I doubt very much that they would like that idea too.

Enough thinking about this, I’ll go back to sleep…

Today is the first Monday of the week, the time I’m least excited about, but I’m a student, so it can’t be helped.

I get up, have a quick breakfast, get ready to leave and before closing the door, I say goodbye to the perpetual loneliness that floods my empty home.  

—I’m leaving.

As I walked down my usual path with my bag slung over my shoulder, I was just a few feet away from passing right in front of the Shinjo sisters’ house.


And coincidentally, I ran into Aina-san coming out of her house. She ran towards me as soon as she saw me. And the most hypnotic thing about her walk was to see her oversized bust jiggling.

—Good morning, Hayato-kun!

—Good morning, Aina.


The dazzling smile she shows me this morning seems to purify the bad feelings I had before. But of course, the fact that Aina has left the house like this means that her sister Arisa will soon appear.


And so it was, Arisa-san, who came out a minute later, noticed me and tried to approach just like Aina-san, but Aina-san stopped her before she could take a step.

—Sister, close the door first


With a sullen expression, Arisa-san turned around and closed the door, then turned around again and hurried towards us.

—Good morning, Hayato-sa… Um, Hayato-kun.

—G-Good morning, Arisa.


Why does her body shiver every time I say her name?

At first, I thought she would be embarrassed, but she seemed to act otherwise. Still, this is the first time we’ve had this kind of conversation early in the morning. I used to bolt if we made eye contact, so this kind of friendly interaction is something completely different.

—It’s the first time we’ve had a conversation like this in the morning in front of your house.

—Yeah, I guess it is. It’s going to be the norm from now on, though.

—Huh? Really?

Does this mean I can expect this kind of talk every time we meet in the morning when I head to school?




As I was exchanging words with Aina, Arisa looked up and stared at me.

As soon as I called her name again, her body shuddered for the second time and then she wiggled her hips… Am I right to think that she’s holding her urge to go to the bathroom? I think it would be disrespectful as a man if I point that out, so I’d better shut my mouth.

—You’re too disrespectful, big sister, can’t you control yourself?

—I don’t want to hear that from you. 

I didn’t understand the exchange of words they both had with each other, and it will be better if I don’t make an effort to understand it either. 

After that, they both looked at me again. Having Arisa’s cold blue eyes and Aina’s soft red eyes staring at me makes my whole-body shiver. 

—Are we going to school now?

—Yes, it’s time.

Both girls started to walk, but suddenly, they stopped in their tracks and then turned to stare at me.

—Aren’t you coming with us?

—Huh? Do you want me to come with you?

—I thought that was clear.

I see, so they’re expecting me to go with them. When I started walking, they did the same, and for some reason, they walked on either side of me.

—And don’t worry, it’s only halfway to school. I’m sure you don’t want strange rumors to spread about your relationship with us, right?


Of course, it’s a bummer to hook up with someone because of rumors. People will always talk about you even if the information is wrong, and that risk is doubled if the Shinjo sisters are part of the equation.

Rumor has it at school that if someone agrees to go out with the Shinjo sisters, he’ll be in big trouble. 

—You can rest assured, I won’t do anything that will cause you trouble, Hayato-kun… But, could you at least allow me to talk to you in places where there are few people or when we are alone?

—I also want to ask you the same thing. Although I’m not too keen on us treating each other as strangers for a long time either.

There’s no way I can say no to a request from these two girls. I’d be out of my mind to do that.

—You don’t need to ask for my permission. I’d be happy to do it, after all, we’re still getting to know each other, aren’t we? It’s my pleasure to become your friend… So please accept me!

As soon as I said this, both girls rolled their eyes for a moment, everything seemed to indicate that they didn’t expect this answer from me. But they immediately smiled and nodded at my request.

—Very well.

—Of course ♪

They both had such beautiful smiles. I’m sure that expression on their faces would disappear if I told them that I had a lustful dream about them.

That day on the rooftop, Arisa-san said she had a person in mind, but it’s still a mystery whether she dislikes men or not. I really don’t know what to believe about those rumors anymore, but when I see that smile, it doesn’t seem to me that she harbors this kind of hatred in her.

—What’s the matter?

—Well… I was remembering that rumor around school about Arisa-san hating men. However, you’re here, talking to me. So I don’t know what to believe anymore.

—I see. It’s true, I hate men’s… Well, I mean, I don’t like them in the sense that I feel indifference towards them. Mostly because they always look at us with leering eyes and don’t take into account how we feel. But if it’s someone normal like anyone else, I would usually respond to them.

—I understand…

—Although Aina is much worse than me.


What do you mean Aina is worse? I haven’t heard a single rumor about her, and in all the time I’ve talked to her I’ve never felt like anything was off.

As soon as I fixed my gaze on her, she proceeded to smile mischievously.

—I probably hate men more than my sister. To be honest, I think that all men other than Hayato-kun should die right now.


—Hey, don’t back away, I’m just joking!

Even if she says she was just joking, her tone of voice made it sound real. And for her to say that everyone should die except me makes me even more nervous. That sentence is just asking to be misunderstood… I even have a hard time keeping my composure in front of Aina.

—Is there anything else you want to ask us? Would you like to know our three sizes or something?

—Not at all.

I admit it, I was curious about that information, but it’s common sense to refuse something like that!

I felt completely trapped after Aina’s question, and the next thing she said made everything more destructive.

—Sister, Hayato-kun said he wants to know what your three sizes are.

—Very well. Eighty-eight, fifty-seven, ninety—…


—Fufu… Hahaha!

Arisa-san seemed to feel no shame in answering Aina’s request. And while I was panicking, Aina laughed hysterically at me as if it was something funny.

—Seriously, doesn’t it bother you to say something so important and personal in front of me like it’s nothing, Arisa-san? And from the expression on your face, I could tell you were desperate to say it.

—Haha, it’s fun to tease you, Hayato-kun♪.

—Not for me… You’ll make me go into cardiac arrest.

—Hmm… Hayato-kun, do you know what size clothes you wear?


—And you know that size because you obviously know your body, right?

—I think so…

—Then I guess you must understand that there’s nothing wrong with it.

I’m starting to get the point Arisa was getting at. But what I was referring to was that I don’t think it’s a common or normal thing for you to go around telling people your three sizes. But I decided not to enter into a discussion about it, and I just continued on my way to school.

After walking a long way while chatting with both of them, we parted at a certain point when a large crowd of students began to crowd the road.

—…I feel terribly tired this morning. — I said muttering to myself.

I thought spending time with those girls would radically change my school life, but the changes haven’t been much, except that time is now flying by.

—Hey, guys.

—What’s wrong?

—Did something happen?

Kaito spoke to me and Sota with a serious look on his face. We tensed our expressions and waited for his words, thinking that something bad had happened.

—I have a question…

—And what is it?

—I wonder how I can get a girl to like me.

Sota and I smacked our hands on our heads at the same time after hearing that.

—Don’t get me wrong! But we’ve been in high school for more than six months, and I don’t see any signs of any girl liking me. Even you two don’t seem to be worried about it. That means neither of us is enjoying the bittersweet youth!

—Well, now that you mention it…

—It’s certainly frustrating. But I’m not desperate to have a girlfriend either.

I completely agreed with Sota’s words. As a high school student, I long to have a girlfriend, but I’m also not looking forward to getting one because of the bad experience I had in the past.

—We’ve been together since the school year started. I enjoy spending time with you guys, and I want to keep things as relaxed as possible before being with someone.

—That’s true. 

—But… Still, I wish I could enjoy getting a partner, and doing all those things that guys my age do.

I can’t blame Kaito for feeling that way. After all, we’re at a crucial stage in our lives.

—You can try to get yourself a girlfriend, but don’t be a jerk either, I guess you’ve already heard what happened with that couple from the class next door.

—Ah, that’s right…

After hearing those words from Sota, I remembered that a while ago, in the class next door, a boy had been dating someone who happened to have another boyfriend on the sly. It was quite a scandal when the truth came out.

The poor guy ended up heartbroken and very sad.

—If you want to get someone, go ahead, but make sure it’s a girl who won’t cheat on you!

—Yes… I guess you’re right.

And that’s how Kaito’s spirits decreased considerably. Seeing that not everything is as rosy in a relationship, I guess his desire for a girl has completely vanished.

As I watched Kaito and Sota mope about the lack of female attention in their lives, I couldn’t help but chuckle through my teeth. But I immediately thought out loud…

—Well… It’s not all bad in relationships. From my point of view, having someone who wants to share their life with me no matter what they look like is something that would make me very happy.


—You’re right.

Ever since my parents passed away, I have had an insatiable hunger to feel human warmth and affection. It’s that need that makes me long for someone to be by my side as long as they want to be with me and give me their love. It’s all that matters to me.

—I’m sorry, I’m creating a weird atmosphere.

—What are you talking about? Keep saying things like that.

—That’s right. Bottling up those kinds of feelings isn’t good, you might as well let it all out before it explodes in an inconvenient way. 

—Thanks for your support.

I’m so happy that these guys care about my emotional health. They are the best friends I could ever have.

—Shinjo-san, I like you, please go out with me!

—I’m sorry. I’m not interested.

I just had a Deja Vu… This scene is just like the one Arisa had experienced a week ago. And this time it was Aina’s turn.

Just like last time, while leaving class, I saw Aina staring at a boy’s back with an annoyed face while he was walking in front of her. So, I decided to follow her.

—Was this the same way you watched me that day with Aina?

—Huh, basically…

—I see…


Arisa pressed her body gently into me. The same way Aina did. I wasn’t used to this kind of thing, although it was the second time it happened to me, and I was about to let out a scream, but I stopped myself just in time.

—Fufu. I’m sorry. Is it okay if we watch together?


While watching Aina, I noticed that she couldn’t hide her expression of wanting to leave that place as quickly as possible. Even her pulse was trembling… I’m surprised that guys are so insistent with this kind of proposition, they definitely hope that they will change their minds.

—I don’t want to pity those guys, but I feel a little sorry for them.

—Now do you understand why I said that Aina hates boys more than I do?

—Yes, I get it.

I nodded, and Arisa continued talking.

—Both Aina and I have always attracted the attention of men. Now it’s just a normal act of confession from a classmate, but when we were in elementary school, our homeroom teacher would call us alone and touch us.

—Are you serious?

—Yes. And a lot of other things… When those things add up, it’s natural to dislike the opposite sex.

Apparently, the girls had a more difficult childhood than I thought. For my part, I didn’t know how to respond to that story, but I’m beginning to understand why they are reluctant to interact with men.

—…A lot has happened.


—But that doesn’t matter anymore… Thanks to one of those many bad experiences, we were able to meet you, Hayato-kun, and I think that’s something we can be very happy about.

I don’t know if I’m worthy to receive such a high praise. 

—But unfortunately, we are far from finding peace of mind.

—Hmm? Ah, I see…

As soon as Arisa said that, I looked at the rooftop again.

The boy’s frantic voice didn’t seem to reach Aina no matter how hard he tried, she was completely disinterested in wanting to hear him, and just averted her depressed gaze from him.

—That’s what I’m talking about.

—What’s the matter?

—He went on and on about Aina’s looks. It’s something that bothers her a lot.

—That’s not good…

After a few minutes, the guy seems to have given up. He then walked towards where we were without trying to hide his frustrated expression. So, Arisa and I proceeded to hide.

—Hayato-kun, I’ll go calm Aina down.

—Ah, yes, good luck, be a good big sister.

—Yes… –Answered Arisa as she went out to the rooftop.

After saying goodbye to her, I went back to the classroom strangely tired, took my bag, and left the school.

—I didn’t expect the two of them to have such a past.

All that remains in my mind now is what Arisa told me about her bad experience with men.

From the time they entered primary school, they were already the object of desire of the opposite sex. And one false step could have led to irreparable consequences…. It must have been very painful, and that those memories continue to disturb her further worsens her confidence.

That is reflected in the expression Aina had a moment ago when she was being confessed to by that boy on the rooftop.

—Well, I’m not the best person to talk about this either, since I’ve also thought of them that way.

They trust me, they see me as a different man than the rest, and I want to help them whenever they have problems, although I don’t pretend to get as actively involved in their private lives as I should.

—They say that the right man in the wrong place can change the course of the world. Maybe it’s me who has changed the world for both of them?

Maybe I’m getting too full of myself, but I want to take this opportunity to get to know them better and become good friends, even if we only do it when we’re alone and not at school in front of everyone’s eyes.

The fact that Arisa and Aina have been repeatedly confessed to by both classmates and other upperclassmen is proof of their popularity.

The girls are always seen next to other friends, no one remembers the last time a boy was walking and chatting next to them.

—Well, here I am.

After I got out of high school, I came to a very popular coffee shop. The facade, the furniture and the way it was set, it was the kind of place I would never have visited on my own.

As soon as I entered the place, I was greeted by a sales clerk dressed in a frilly outfit that very much matched the place.

A quick glance around the store showed that there were overwhelmingly more women than men, and if there were, it was a ridiculously small amount.

—Are you coming alone?

—No, someone is waiting for me…

As I was saying this, I heard a cheerful voice.

—Hayato-kun! Over here~!

—…Oh, you’re coming with those beautiful women over there? Okay, follow me.

The waitress nodded approvingly to the girl waving her hand in the back and, as asked, I headed to the table.

—I’m sorry I’m a little late.

—You can rest easy.

—Yes, I’m glad you’re here.

Yes, the people who summoned me here were Arisa and Aina. 

I met Aina at lunchtime, when there were few people, and she invited me to have tea in a shop after school, so I came relying on a note left in the locker where I keep my shoes.

—Although I was a little worried about the subtle threat that I couldn’t refuse to attend.

—Mm-hm. I took advantage of Hayato’s kindness a bit♪.

I don’t know whether to call it kindness, but I had some free time, and it’s a plus to be able to spend it with two beautiful women after class.

I sat down across from them and looked at the menu list to see what I could order.

The book is clearly illustrated with photographs, and there are many different types of delicious looking sweets that the girls seem to like.

I looked up slightly and could tell they were both staring at me. And as soon as our gazes met, they started smiling in such a cute way that I inevitably got embarrassed and covered my face with the menu.

—Sis, Hayato is ashamed♪

—Fufu, it’s adorable.

I wish these girls would stop saying such things…

I look around to forcefully change the subject and open my mouth to dispel this indescribable atmosphere.

—I’ve never been here before, but I see they have a lot of customers.

—Yes, it’s a nice place because almost no men come here, and we usually come with our friends.


—They have very delicious cakes and sweets, it’s one of my favorite places.

—Yes, I see.

Wow, so Arisa really likes sweets. I guess it’s something normal, after all, most women like them, therefore, I can assume that Aina is the same.

—My sister likes sweets too much. She’s so different from me.

—Huh? Really?

—Yes. I like spicy food.

—That’s true. Last time I took her out for spicy food, I thought she was going to die.


Arisa observed her sister very seriously, but she looked away when she saw the gloomy atmosphere that was developing around Aina… Who would have imagined that twins would be so different from each other?

As soon as I got to know more about the personalities of both sisters, I was able to decide what to order, and it was a cup of coffee.

As soon as the coffee was brought to me, its moderately bitter taste soothed the atmosphere between the girls.

—Hey, Hayato-kun, now that we’ve gotten to know each other better, how about exchanging contact information?

—Huh? Really?

—Yeah, let’s do it!

—Sister, calm down, your nostrils are flaring.

—Really?! Ugh…

Aina put her hand on Arisa’s face as if to put pressure on it, and in turn, Arisa was making…. Noises that girls aren’t supposed to make. She sounded like some kind of animal.

The fact that Aina, who had opposed Arisa’s vigor, had a slightly withdrawn expression on her face was very impressive and unusual.

—Well, then… Um, yes please.


—Thank you!

And that’s how I managed to get Arisa and Aina’s phone number. Which means I can text or call them whenever I want. But I’m still not sure if it’s okay for me to contact them casually… Even though we’re friends, I don’t think it’s okay for me to be so desperate.

—Thank you both.

—No, thank you♪


Aina was smiling happily, while Arisa was staring at her phone without making the slightest movement. A faint light was visible in her eyes as she mumbled things… What could be going through her mind?

—Finally… Now he… belongs to me…

—My sister can sometimes be a bit silly, don’t listen to her.

—That’s easy to say, but the curiosity I’m feeling right now is getting the better of me.

—Hahaha, I don’t blame you, it’s really funny sometimes to watch my sister like that. — Aina replied laughing while shaking her shoulders — Changing the subject, Hayato-kun, do you have any dreams for the future?

—Dreams for the future? I haven’t decided yet.

I’m drawing a blank on that topic, and it’s because I’m still in the first year of high school, and I haven’t decided what I want to do.

—What about you, Aina-san?

—I want to have a baby.

—Oh, that’s very simple and feminine… I mean, having a baby is the same as wanting to have a happy family, isn’t it?

—You think so?

—Yes. That’s what I think.

—I see… Ehehe ♪

It seems that my answer was right, it’s a small relief to see how easy it is to please her. And as soon as Aina told me what she wanted, Arisa also told me her wish.

—I want to be useful. I want to be close to that person and watch over him always. I want to exist just for that person.

To be useful is another very simple concept. Besides that, she wants to live only for that lucky guy, which means she wants to be an important factor in his life.

—What do you think, Hayato-kun? Do you think it’s weird?

—No, I think it’s a very nice wish. Or rather, isn’t it admirable to be able to say that you want to be useful to that special person?

I can’t make fun of Arisa’s dream, in a way, it’s what we all wish for when we fall in love with someone else, and I think it’s really wonderful.

—That makes me feel very relieved, thank you, Hayato-kun.

Satisfied by my answer, Arisa stood up.

—I’m sorry. I’ll go to the powder room, I’ll be right back.


As soon as Arisa got up to go to the restroom. I noticed a peculiarity from Aina, who watched her sister out of the corner of her eye with a look on her face.

—Aina, don’t look at me like that, I’m just going to the bathroom.

—Huh? Oh, yes, you’re right, I’m sorry.

What kind of reaction was that…? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter, the less I try to understand what is happening the better for me.

While Arisa went to the bathroom, Aina and I were left alone, I was still drinking my coffee, she was playing with a glass full of ice and a straw.

—Hey, Hayato-kun, I know it’s kind of late to ask this, but…


—For what reason did you help us that day?


I didn’t have a clear answer to that question. If I think about it, I didn’t have a particular reason that urged me to want to save them. It was just a coincidence that I was there, and it’s a miracle that no one was hurt or injured.

—Yes, I want to know.

—If I’m honest, I never expected that I would encounter a situation like that. I saw that the door was open, and I was curious to know what was going on. And witnessing such a scene with my eyes, I acted on instinct.

—I see.

—But I’m very glad that you’re safe. I’ve told you before, but now I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart.

—….Hah… No… Not now… 


—Not now… I must… Resist…

—Aina-san? Are you okay?

—Hehe, yeah, it’s alright, Hayato-kun, thanks for your concern.


For some reason, Aina was rubbing her lower abdomen until Arisa came back. And that’s when she approached Arisa and quietly told her that she needed to go to the bathroom too.


It was evening, and Aina let out a sigh of happiness after remembering what happened today in the shop with Hayato.

This has become a habit among the Shinjo sisters. When they are alone in their room, they can’t stop thinking about Hayato, their private parts tickle and their whole body goes into a constant state of boiling.

For them it is completely normal for it to happen when they are at home, in fact, it doesn’t bother them at all. But lately it has started to happen at school as well, that already makes it something worrisome.

—Um… Hayato-kun… Hayato-kun! Ah…! You’re so perfect!

Having heard Hayato’s words, Aina not only thought that he was telling the truth, but also felt it when she saw it in his eyes. This caused her body to crave him even more madly, and her newly awakened womanly instincts whispered louder and louder to devour the male named Hayato.

A sweet whisper that she had to suppress with all the strength of her rational mind, she had no choice but to endure such desire.

—I can’t take this anymore… Hayato… I want you in me now….

Aina had already made up her mind, to accept those carnal instincts and desires that were part of her femininity, she wanted to be with the man who saved her life and accept whatever he is. It was a feeling that grew more intense and that she could not stop.

—Hayato-kun, touch me…. I’ll do anything…. I’ll do anything for you. So give me lots of love.

—[Aina, I want you to have my baby]

Aina’s imagination again interposed itself over reality, she saw her beloved in front of her again, and the words that came out of this imaginary Hayato’s mouth were what Aina desired the most.

This caused her whole body to shudder enormously. Without realizing it, she took off her pajamas, revealing her large breasts, slightly larger than those of her older sister.

—Um… It’s okay, just because it’s you, Hayato-kun.

He’s the only one who can do whatever he wants with such a voluptuous body that many men are dying to get their hands on. Aina wants to keep her body clean and in perfect condition for Hayato.

The boys at school have also noticed a strange change in Aina’s appearance, they think she has become more beautiful and attractive than her sister. And she is aware that she exudes a sex appeal that transcends the frame of a high school student.

And the reason her body radiates this aura is because the feelings of love that had been repressed throughout her youthful years due to her hatred for men were suddenly released, making her more feminine. 

Not only did her heart change for the better, her body also underwent a great transformation.


Aina proceeded to pick up her phone, and saw the new contact she added today. The name “Hayato Domoto” appeared in her address book, and every time she saw it, she felt unparalleled joy.

Aina was already drowning in Hayato to such an extent that, if she let her guard down, she would smile with a disgusting grimace. She longs so much to record the existence of that man in her body, she is desperate to feel him inside her body, Aina harbored an unparalleled and boundless feeling.

Even though she took a big step today by getting his contact details, she still continued to feel unsatisfied, she wanted to know more about him, she wanted to know what his days were like, what his parents’ names were, what he does at home when he is alone, and to spend much more time by his side.

Aina let out a giggle at the thought of what was to come. It was a distorted smile, but it was certainly the face of a woman who knew love.

—…I wonder if he won’t be angry if I call him to wish him good night…

The way she shows her smooth skin, the slight trace of sweat, and the way her body, which is not that of a high school student, is unabashedly exposed, may somewhat express the distortion of Aina’s initial words.

If the younger sister was like this, what can one say about the older sister? That, unlike Aina, she was at her study table, sitting in her chair with a straight posture, pen in hand and writing in a notebook.


Both Arisa and Aina are honor students and their grades are always at the top of the class. Arisa is the best student in her class and, therefore, it is not strange to see her at her desk with a notebook in hand.

But it seems that this time she was not studying. Because she was euphorically writing a single word in her notebook. And that was “Hayato-sama” over and over and over and over and over again.

Said name was written in the same handwriting and with the same force, without any spacing in between. Arisa’s expression was serious and cold. Seeing her like that made it difficult to deduce what she was thinking. 

But we can say with certainty that what she is doing now is thinking about a special man.

—Hayato-kun… Hayato-sama…

Just like Aina, Arisa’s expression changes when she thinks of Hayato, the man she wants to dedicate her whole life to.

Getting his contact number today helped her take the next step in her plans. But this was still not enough, Arisa wishes to know more and more and be useful to him.

—Hayato-sama is really terrible… How can you do this to me?

These words may sound cruel, as they give us the illusion that Hayato did something unforgivable to her, though nothing could be further from the truth.

The reason Arisa said this was because of her own change. Like Aina, she had an aversion to men, and had never felt anything in terms of love, and had thought that she would never love a man.

However, meeting Hayato was the catalyst that changed Arisa.

She began to notice that her body burned and she longed to feel his hands on her. Although she aspired to be a slave and a tool, she continues to long for Hayato to love her as a woman. She also wants him to be supportive and care about her well-being. That’s all she needs to be happy.

—Ugh… Again…

Aina muttered as she stared at her own breasts, which had swollen enormously, and her cheeks flushed.

The mere fact that Hayato calls her by her name makes her feel a tingling in her most intimate parts, and when he affirmed his feelings to her, she couldn’t stand it anymore, she accepted those emotions that were born inside her.

Aina is also aware of what her sister is going through, and avoids making inappropriate comments or making fun of it, as they both share the same fate. They both long for Hayato.

—Hayato-sama… what are you doing now? I… I… I… I’m doing things that I could never say out loud while thinking about you. — Arisa said in a muffled tone of voice.

Like Aina, Arisa’s opinion of men changed when she discovered love. But she may be the one to experience the biggest change.

At the thought of Hayato, Arisa’s body changes to become even more feminine. Cute, beautiful and lascivious. No doubt, it’s quite a destructive combination.

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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