Chapter 3: Behind the curtain

Behind the curtain

—Hmm? Has Tachibana-san left already?

Said Hayasaka-san, who was in the gym putting away the soccer ball she was using earlier in class.

—Yes, she left a moment ago. 

—I see.

Hayasaka-san looks around and locks the gym door. 

—Are you thinking of doing something bad?

—Yes, it’s been a long time since we’ve been alone.

She said while putting a very sensual expression on her face.

—Well, we’ve been very busy regarding the cultural festival.

—I understand Kirishima-kun is a member of the committee. So that means you’re in charge of evaluating the night festival, right?

Every year there’s quite a lot of interest directed at that festival. And that’s because all the couples in the school usually compete for the title of “Best Couple”. Besides the contest having quite an eye-catching prize in the eyes of the students, there is a belief that when a couple wins this prize, they usually get married. 

—It’s very exciting. It’s the last stage of the festival. 

—Yes, but I’m only in charge of preparations. 

I’m part of a team that puts the stage together, the planning is done by another group of students.

—So, Kirishima-kun, will you be free that day?

—I think so.

—In that case… I’d love it if you and I could… Compete together in the contest for the best couple.

—I’m not so sure, it’s more complicated than it looks. 

—Yes, you’re right. Entering the contest is the same as telling everyone that you and I are a couple… And if we do that, I won’t be able to be with senpai. And Kirishima-kun will have trouble with Tachibana-san.

—Yes, although that’s not the main point. But Hayasaka-san, you should concentrate on the activity that our class is preparing.

—Hehehehe, that’s right.

Hayasaka-san and I are in the same class. Because I’m on the organizing committee for the festival, I have the advantage of being exempt from all school activities until it’s all over, but Hayasaka-san has a more arduous task to carry out.

—What do you think of the cosplay cafe? I think it’s a bit silly.

—We all have high hopes for you, Hayasaka-san.

—I know. They even asked me to stay longer in the store and serve customers even at night…

Because she has such a big commitment, it’s impossible for her to compete in the ‘Best Couple’ contest.

—Even though I was willing to help in the café, I still feel like I want to compete. I think this is all due to the atmosphere of the festival. Although I keep thinking it all seems a bit frivolous to me.

—Well, I guess it’s all because of that special event every year. You know… Valentine’s Day.

The source of the magic for this festival is that there’s love everywhere in the school building. 

—And I’ve also heard that Hayasaka-san will have a lot of suitors. 

—Just a little.

—Are you sure you want to stay late helping out at the cafe? 

—I’ll be fine. It’s just the usual confessions of love and requests for a date.

—Well, I’ve even heard that a third-year guy is going to propose… Even the girls in the hall made a big fuss about it.

—Who exactly are you talking about…? To me they all have the same face and they all look the same. They just… Ah!

Right in the middle of Hayasaka-san’s banal reply, she seemed to have had an idea, causing her eyes to sparkle with great intensity. 

—Yes, that’s right! If he’s such a handsome boy, then I wonder if it could be him?

Hayakasa-san is really lousy at acting. Her desire to make me jealous is so obvious, it’s practically tattooed on her forehead. I wonder how I’m going to approach this situation, though I can’t help but think how cute she is when she acts like that. 

—S-Stop it ~, y-you hurt my feelings every time you say such things ~.

—Kirishika-kun, are you really jealous?

Fufu, you seem to have completely bought into my joke. But just when I thought of continuing to act in such a way, she approached me and grabbed my shirt with both hands.

—Hehehehe, don’t worry.

She said as she pressed her cheek against my chest. That was too easy. It’s a pity, I was ready to continue with my fake suffering.

—I’m glad to know that you like me…. If you want, you can caress my head and say nice things to me so I’ll stay by your side and I won’t want to go anywhere.

When I heard that, I couldn’t help falling for her tender words, so I proceeded to caress her head just as she asked me to.

—I like it, please continue caressing me more, don’t stop.

She completely succumbs to her emotions as she gets caressed. She craves so much from me. As I watch her being completely vulnerable, it makes me start to rethink what I am looking for in her. I think I want to have her by my side much more than I imagined.

—You can rest easy, Kirishima-kun, you’re the only boyfriend I have. I’m not interested in being with any other guy. 

What just came out of her mouth was something completely unexpected. All of this happened as she turned her face away from my chest and looked into my eyes. They were a little wet from the tears that were starting to well up in them. 

—But… There’s something that keeps bothering me. 

—What do you mean?

—I’m always approached by other boys who usually confess their love to me. But, with you that’s usually the exception.

—I still don’t understand.

—It’s okay. I know what I mean.

The expression Hayasaka-san had on her face disappears instantly, like the fire of a candle being extinguished by the wind. And this does nothing but make a strange sweat run down my back.

I don’t think it’s what I think it is. There is no way she could have found out about my secret relationship with Tachibana-san. I usually communicate with her on my phone when I’m at home, and I’ve made sure to limit my presence together with her even at school.

Or so I was sure… Until I remembered that night at the train station when someone watched us while we were making out.

—Hey, Kirishima-kun, is there something you have to tell me?

Hayasaka-san broke the silence with a deadly question as she watched me with empty eyes. 

—Eh, no, well…. I mean…

—…There’s something I want to ask you, but I haven’t had the courage to bring it up because I don’t want you to think I’m being annoying. 

She held onto my shirt very tightly and continued talking.

—Why do you keep doing this, Kirishima-kun? Curiosity is killing me, so much so that I’m having a hard time sleeping at night. 

—I-I think we’d better calm down. 

—You’re standing next to a very beautiful girl who is desired by many boys. And yet, even though we’re all alone here, you don’t try anything, you don’t tell me anything, you just hide from me, even though I’m willing to accept anything from you… 

—You’re not quite getting it, I—… 

—Don’t you think I’m pretty? I don’t feel pretty. Maybe I don’t match Kirishima-kun’s tastes?

—Don’t say that. I do think you’re pretty, it’s something I think most of the time.

—I see.

—Are you okay?


—Hama? Hama, Hama… Ah…!

That’s when it dawned on me.

—You mean Hamanami!?

Megumi Hamanami, she’s a first-year student who’s part of the festival committee, and she also works with me. She’s a pretty smart girl, cunning and always willing to help others.

So, Hayasaka-san’s depressed behavior is due to a misunderstanding on her part. That’s quite a relief. I think I should clear this up as soon as possible. 

—It’s not what you think. This is all about the cultural festival. And she’s simply in charge of giving the new students participating the instructions that they need to follow. 

—I see… So that’s what this was all about… Very good!

Hayasaka-san expressed with much enthusiasm as her eyes filled with life again. 

—And I want to apologize for not having said anything to you all this time.

—No, you don’t have to. It’s all my fault for having strange ideas. I’m stupid, I know Kirishima-kun would never do something like that. 

She was very remorseful over the fact that she thought I was cheating on her with another girl. She then smiled again and hugged me back. 

—I know you wouldn’t be able to hurt me. Those insecure thoughts just invaded my head this morning. Looks like I made the right decision not to have brought that knife after all.

—Wait, what?

What Hayasaka-san just said left me quite surprised, although as surprised as I am, that’s not the issue at hand.

—Hayasaka-san, you are aware that we’re at school, right?

—No problem. I’ve been working very hard lately, so this is my reward.

She lifted her chin as she said those words, and brought her beautiful full lips closer to mine, making a kiss between us inevitable. She continued pressing her lips, as if she was letting me know that she wanted more, and with no intention of stopping. But in the midst of such an exciting situation, we heard noises from all the girls calling out to Hayasaka-san from outside the gym.

—I have to go… Hey, Kirishima-kun, do you consider me as your real girlfriend?

—Of course.

—Then… After the festival is over, we’ll have more time for each other. Let’s do things that couples do when they’re alone. Promise?

She said those words with a rather perverted expression on her face. After that, she turned around and walked out of the gym.

What couples do when they’re alone… What Hayasaka-san means is probably something very adult-like. I think there are quite a number of high school students who do it. But it’s an important issue for me and I have to think about it. But first of all… 

—You can come out now.

After saying that, a girl comes out from behind some boxes that were in the gymnasium with a puzzled look. It was Tachibana-san.

When she and I were alone in the gym, Hayasaka-san came in by surprise, for that reason Tachibana-san had immediately hidden herself. 

—What does Hayasaka-san mean by doing boyfriend and girlfriend things? It’s not just kissing, right? I’ve got so many questions on my mind.

Tachibana-san is just learning love thanks to shoujo manga. It may sound silly, but it’s true, as she has no knowledge beyond kissing. Which is why she’s moving into unfamiliar territory.

—Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. Still, I’ve learned a lot. It seems Hayasaka-san collapses if she’s not with Shiro-kun.

But her words didn’t end there, she continued, and this time with a more deadly question.

—Shiro-kun, have you ever felt like kissing Hayasaka-san?

—Well, actually, Hayasaka-san and I—…

—It’s okay, I don’t care.

She didn’t really seem to mind at all. It wasn’t just words of rejection to show some “disinterest”, it really didn’t matter what happened between Hayasaka-san and me.


Tachibana-san grabbed my sweater with one hand and pulled, bringing our faces very close. Then she pressed her thin lips against mine. After releasing me, she said with a mischievous smile;

—I have to erase the taste of her lips from yours.


Hayasaka-san’s feelings for me are getting bigger and bigger. Especially these days, she now has this crazy idea of doing things that couples do. For now, everything is quiet because of the festival preparations. But sooner or later I will have to face her and make a decision.

And on the other hand, Tachibana-san is still cold and knows how to hide her thoughts and desires very easily. That makes it a real problem. Not being able to read her thoughts or the atmosphere in question only worsens the relationship between the two of them.

In any case, I have to try my best to keep my relationship with Tachibana-san hidden from her. But there is still one loose end to tie up, that being the photo that was taken at the train station.

Who benefits from having a picture of Tachibana-san and I kissing? It’s a question that kept going round and round in my head while I was busy setting up the scenery.

—I like the way you tighten that knot, Kirishima-senpai.

The person who approached me was Megumi Hamanami, the same girl Hayasaka-san felt jealous of. She’s carrying a folder pressed against her chest. She must have come to check the progress of my work.

—Good to see you, Hamanami. 

—What’s the matter with you all of a sudden?

—Nothing, I’m just happy to see you.

She is the opposite of Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san. Being with a girl who doesn’t incite thoughts that I later feel guilty about could be beneficial to my health.

—Hey, let’s talk more.

—What’s all this about, senpai? Are you sure you’re okay?

—You’re quite a nice person. I think you can be very helpful.

—What do you mean? Are you telling me that you’re surrounded by idiots, senpai?


Even when I make immoral decisions, Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san don’t condemn me for it. Rather, the opposite happens, somehow forcing me to continue doing morally unacceptable things. 

—That’s why I need someone to put my feet on the ground. Come on Hamanami! Tell me what I’m doing wrong!

—You’re crazy, senpai, I’m not going to do that.

—That’s right, I’m a bad guy, and I need someone to tell me!

—You need to control yourself, senpai! This isn’t right! 

—It feels so good, common sense feels so good. Now all I need is someone to tell me what’s wrong, someone to scold me…

—Senpai, you’re starting to scare me.

—Give me more! Tell me I’m an asshole! Tell me I’m disgusting!

—This is uncomfortable, that’s enough!

Those words from Hamanami were quite pleasant, it’s what my heart needed.

—The whole school is in a state of flux, you know? What are we going to do if we, the organization committee, don’t act accordingly?

Those worldly words were like a coat on a winter night. I took a deep breath, and tried to relax as much as I could.

—So what’s going on?

—The juniors lied to us. They said they were going to make a café, but they were actually trying to make a cabaret. 

—As a member of the organization committee, I will take action against this. The festival must maintain its purity in the eyes of the students.

—Exactly, we can’t allow any problems. For the festival to be a success, we have to make sure it’s moderated.

—I love the way you think, Hamanami.

—Get a hold of yourself. 

She said as she placed her hand on my chest.

—So, from now on, senpai and I will be staying late into the night every day to do our evaluation rounds. We can’t risk something indecent happening at school.

—Why me?

—Because you’re one of the few members who enjoy setting up the activities for the festival.

—I understand.

And this way, I get to be a kind of policeman against unhealthy behavior. I think I’m too much of a hypocrite. 

—And the first task for senpai will be to advise Tachibana-senpai. 


—You two seem to be getting along very well.

—H-Hey, you… How do you know that Tachibana-san and I are friends?

The fact that she knows that I get along with Tachibana-san made my whole-body freeze. 

—Weren’t you both supposed to be part of the research and mystery club?

—Oooh, that? Yes, of course.

—Hmm, it seems that senpai is a bundle of nerves.

—But why do I have to advise Tachibana-san? What’s she doing wrong?

—They’re going to make an escape game with riddle and puzzle elements set in a haunted house, right? 

It looks like the excuse of going to the amusement park for research purposes was a success. 

—That sounds good, but there’s a problem with the way they plan to attract customers.

—What do you mean?

—I’m saying that because the reward that the person will get when they successfully get out of the haunted house will be Tachibana-senpai herself.

—Tachibana-san will be the prize? That sounds great…

—No, of course not. Everyone wants to participate so that they’ll have a chance to participate in the best couple event with Tachibana-san!

—I see. That’s why the kids are so excited.

And it’s all because of that legend that whoever wins the best couple award might get married in the future.

—I don’t think it’s good to have girls as a prize. It’s a delicate matter, so it’s hard to formally say something about it. So, Kirishima-senpai, please tell Tachibana-san to stop it.

—But, are you really sure about it?

I have to try to keep my personal situation as far away from this as possible.

—What if she’s dressed as a ghost and not as Tachibana-san? The prize would be like dating a ghost, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

—It’s still unacceptable. Even if it’s a ghost, it’s still Tachibana-senpai. On the day of the event, there will be a rush of people to the haunted house to get that prize. It will be quite the case!

It seems that Tachibana-san’s popularity has skyrocketed recently throughout the school.

—Well, that makes sense, after the truth about the fake boyfriend.

—Exactly. When the boys found out that she was actually available, they got really excited. Even the guys in my class went all the way to the sophomore homeroom just to see her. 

I see. So yes, there is a high probability of an accident happening that day. I personally don’t like the idea of seeing Tachibana-san competing in the best couple contest with another man.

—All right, I’ll talk to her. What else could be a problem?

—Well… The sophomores are trying to make a cosplay café.

—Ah, that’s my class. And to be fair, I’m not really up on it.

—Well, you’ll be pleased to know that they have a lot of rather inappropriate costumes for girls.

The person I immediately thought of was Hayasaka-san. I can easily imagine her face smiling in annoyance while everyone is asking her to do something.

—But what’s the need to do it now? It’s something that’s done every year and so far, there haven’t been any problems.

—Hmph. I know, but you know, some of the girls often wear costumes that they don’t feel comfortable in. As a committee member, don’t you think you should protect them? 

—That’s true, but what if there was a girl you didn’t like?

—It’s your class, you should find that girl and help her.


It was evening. Hamanami and I were evaluating all of the classes’ proposals for their festival activities, all with the goal of finding anything out of the ordinary. As I was doing this, I realized how excited I was for the festival to begin.

—Hey senpai, didn’t that couple run off without clothes?

—…Huh, I want to believe they were rehearsing some act for the festival in the gym.

—Let’s close this place quickly so it won’t happen again.

After walking around the place several times, I parted from Hamanami and headed for the student council room which was located in the old school building, which, in turn, was also where the research and mystery club room was located.

The place was deserted except for Maki, who was reviewing some documents of the proposals being made for the festival. He had a very serious expression on her face.

—What a surprise, it’s unusual for Kirishima-kun to come here.

—What are you doing here? Are you looking for other ideas equal to your project on YouTube?

—Are you against my idea?

—No, but I would like to know what you did with all the materials you invested in it.

—It’s somewhere in this room. Find it if you’re lucky. 

I began my search in the cluttered student council room. I opened the bookshelves one by one, and after my disappointment at finding nothing, I slammed them shut. Then I stuck my head under the desks, and still got nothing… But it didn’t take me long to find them, as they were in a large black bag. They were some costumes that Maki had bought, all with the intention of doing more film-related activities. 

—Kirishima, are you going to give that to Hayasaka?

As expected from him, someone with great cunning and who knew my intentions from the beginning.


Today at lunchtime, when preparations were being made in the classroom for the cosplay café, Hayasaka-san was being treated like a doll in which all the people present were making her change her clothes at every moment in an attempt to find the most attractive one.

The cat-eared maid costume was the winner. And obviously Hayasaka-san was going to be the center of attraction in the place. She continued to have her usual friendly smile on her face, but sometimes her dark expression that denoted her clear displeasure at the situation at hand could leak out a bit. 

—It’s impossible to ask Hayasaka to be able to say anything for herself now.

—I know. It’s very rare when she refuses something.

And that’s why I came up with this plan.

—But is it right for Kirishima to save her?

—I think so.

—Then think about this, what do you think will happen when she’s in a situation like this again? Will you always be the one to save her?

Hayasaka-san has a tendency to let her feelings of love run wild when I help her.

—I have no idea what she’s going through right now, but do you know the situation you’re getting into?

—Probably, but that’s why I have to help her.

—That settles it!

Maki expressed with great impetus. 

—Very well, I’ll have someone from the student council take care of this. I’ll have it delivered to Hayasaka-san, that way your name won’t be mentioned.

Just then the first-year secretary returned and, at Maki’s request, took the large black bag to my class. Everything should be fine from now on.

—I guess there’s more to a man’s love than one tends to imagine.

—It’s not what you think.

—It’s not easy to like a girl, but when you do, they’re usually serious about it, and it’s probably a bigger feeling than you think.

—Lately I feel that way.

We don’t limit ourselves to conventional ways, but pursue our original love with sincerity. This stance has not changed. We don’t want to put ourselves in the middle of a movie or drama about love and ignore our true feelings.

But unconventional raw emotion is a torrent of power that transcends good and evil, and I have to be more careful about that.

—Well, I have to get on with my work.

—Okay, but it’s not good for you to keep working late.

Having said that, I left the student council room. I was talking to Maki for a long time. Everything was very dark, and the green emergency light reminded me of a hospital.

The sound of my footsteps echo in the air, and the hallway emanated a terrifying atmosphere that made me quicken my steps out of fear.

I cross the second chemistry room, and avert my gaze as soon as I see the dissection specimens lined up behind the frosted glass. It’s starting to get really cold. I feel someone is watching me, I could feel their eyes on me. 

Someone is definitely following me, so I decide to look back but there’s no one there, right? I think this old place is awakening my greatest fears lying deep in my imagination. Or so I thought, and that’s when it happened…

From the geology room there was a creaking sound like fingernails scratching at the door. I couldn’t help but stop in my tracks after hearing that. Then something jumped at me, causing me to fall backwards onto the floor.


I remember when I used to gather at Maki’s house to watch horror movies. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of that genre. I even once stared at the Sony logo on the TV for a long time and said afterwards; “It wasn’t that scary.”

So, when I was attacked by a woman in a dirty white dress with a knife in the old school building, it was completely justified that I screamed like a girl. 

I can’t see the woman’s face, because her long hair hangs in front of her face, hiding it. But finally, I could remember the reason for this, and it was the haunted house.



She pushed her hair aside and her face appeared. But even underneath her face, she was wearing horrible makeup.


—Honestly, yes. That’s some good makeup.

After shouting, the door to the student council room opens, and Maki peeks out to see what was going on. But as soon as she realized what happened, he slips back in and closes the door very quickly. 

—Tachibana-san, what are you supposed to be doing?

—I saw you enter the old school building and wanted to surprise you.

I’ve been with Maki for an hour. In other words, Tachibana-san has been waiting out here by herself all this time. What’s wrong with her?

—Tachibana-san, what is this all about?

—It’s the only way to see each other since there are no activities at the club and I can’t go out either.

The day she broke her curfew, her mother had strictly restricted her from going out. So, we can’t go out anywhere on weekends, and after school, we each have responsibilities to handle for festival preparations.

—I don’t blame you, we’re both busy.

Tachibana-san looked a little lost, and then said,

—I’ve been feeling a bit lonely all this time…

She looked puzzled that she had developed such feelings.

—Still, I want to take advantage of this moment.

Tachibana-san kissed me without hesitation as she continued to straddle me. She pressed her lips against mine and inserted her tongue into my mouth, then circled between them.

—What a nice feeling. 

Tachibana said with a look of satisfaction. If it wasn’t for her makeup, she would have looked quite pretty.

—Well, I’d better get back. The others might get suspicious if I’m gone for too long.

—I see you’re working hard at the festival.

—It’s because Shiro-kun told me that I should value these events.

Tachibana-san has the obedience of a dog.


After that, Tachibana-san ran back to the school building.


—Hey, senpai, you’re late. Where have you been?

I met Hamanami in the AV room, which was the committee’s headquarters. Hamanami was to check the lights on the first floor and in the special classrooms, and I was to check the lights on the second and third floors.

I started with the third-year classrooms on the third floor. There were still a few classes left, so I asked them to leave. With exams on the horizon, none of the third-year classes had put much effort into organizing the festival. However, they continue to stay after school, perhaps to mourn the passing of their youth.

The school building at night, after the late preparations for the school festival, has a strange charm. It is a mixture of fun and a bit of sadness, similar to that night I was with Tachibana-san. I walked downstairs and toured the second-year classrooms.

At the end of the day there was one classroom with it’s lights still on, so I entered it. It was at the very same moment that I turned off the light that I was hugged from behind. I didn’t need to look to know who it was. I knew by the softness of their touch.


Her voice is sweet and her breath is warm against my back. It’s Hayasaka-san when she’s fully aroused.


It’s an autumn night, the school is preparing for the school festival and we are alone in the classroom. The lights are off, but the moonlight is shining through the window, creating a completely romantic atmosphere.

—You and Tachibana-san left the old school building, didn’t you? What were you doing?

It was a question that made me shudder. But the way Hayasaka-san clings to me lets me know that I’m out of danger.

—Tachibana-san wanted to take the books from the club room home, so I opened the door for her.

It was a completely vague excuse, but Hayasaka-san seemed satisfied after hearing it.

—I see. So Kirishima-kun hasn’t had time alone with Tachibana-san yet.

—We haven’t had a meeting at the club since the festival preparations started.

—I see… I saw her sneaking off with Yanagi-senpai just now.

Tachibana-san has been looking for little moments with me to satisfy her desires. And all this while hiding from me the fact that she always leaves with Yanagi-senpai. It’s really annoying.

—Hey, Hayasaka-san


—I hope this can help you.

—Thank you, Kirishima-kun.

In a corner of the classroom, Hayasaka-san’s gaze falls on a plastic bag brought from the student council room. A huge head of a bear character was peeking through it.

When Maki started the Student Council project on YouTube, he spent 1 million yen to buy the costumes. This was all with the intention of creating a mascot and having more impact, but the number of views did not increase at all and the project was abandoned as soon as it started.

—The student council gave me that costume so you can wear it to the cosplay café.

—Thank you. Everyone wanted me to wear several revealing costumes but I said I wanted to dress up as a cute bear and wouldn’t wear anything else. Luckily it all worked out well thanks to you. And I also didn’t feel comfortable wearing an outfit that highlighted my breasts.

—It wasn’t me. It was the student council that decided.

—No, it’s because of Kirishima-kun. All these things are because of Kirishima-kun.

Hayasaka-san clings to me again and presses her face against my back.

—I guess I can accept it.

—Hehehehe. So, you saw me today at lunchtime? I had a feeling Kirishima-kun would help me. Because it’s Kirishima-kun. Although it won’t be like this forever. Kirishima-kun’s true love is Tachibana-san.

Even though those words may be very hard for her to say, she has a cheerful expression on her face.

—Yes, but that doesn’t matter now, you must be aware of the situation we are in. There are still several students around, what do you think they will say if they see us like this? 

And as if she had understood the meaning of my words, she took me by the hand and led me to the back of the classroom, next to the window. Then she pulled the window down and we hid underneath it. Her eyes were glazed over.

—Kirishima-kun is the best.

Saying this, Hayasaka-san reached out and pressed her lips to mine.

—No, I’m not the best…

Despite having kissed Hayasaka-san, I could still taste Tachibana-san’s saliva in my mouth, and I’m sure she might have noticed it, but she didn’t care. The next thing she did was to stick her tongue in my mouth. It’s wet, warm and thick. 

It’s very different from Tachibana-san’s tongue, which is small and delicate.

—All the other guys are disgusting. They just look at my body and undress me with their gaze. But Kirishima-kun is different. That’s why you’re the best.

—No, I’m not like that.

I’ve done nothing but compare Hayasaka-san with Tachibana-san so far. One girl’s body is quite soft and pleasant to the touch, while the other is so delicate, it makes me want to possess it.

—No, Kirishima-kun is different. He’s not like those guys. I know how other guys look at my body. But I won’t let them see it. I won’t let them touch me. But I’m willing to do that just for Kirishima-kun. I’ll show it to you and let you touch it. I don’t just want you to see me, I also want you to touch me. You can do whatever you want with my body, Kirishima-kun, and I don’t mind at all if you use me as a toy.

Hayasaka-san proceeds to take off her blazer, and with an ecstatic look on her face she says;

—…Let’s do it.


The next thing Hayasaka-san took off was the sweater. I quickly averted my gaze, but she continued to laugh. At times like this she acts in a very daring way that goes completely beyond my imagination.

—Here… Let’s do it.

The loop of her ribbon was the next thing to fall to the floor, causing her shirt to fall open and her breasts to be exposed. 

—Touch me…

I tried to hold her to prevent such an act, and placed my hands on her back. But my right hand remained a little lower, and as soon as I moved it, I felt a hard piece of fabric and metal on my fingertips.

—If you move it, it comes off easily.

I did what she asked me to do, shifted the hook out of place, and as a result, a piece of pink fabric fell out of her shirt… And after a few seconds of witnessing it, it dawned on me… It was her bra.

—Wait a moment, Hayasaka-san. This is not right!

I’ve gone too far, I have to control myself.

But Hayasaka-san doesn’t listen to me, she grabs my hand and tries to pull it towards her bare chest. It feels bigger than I had imagined. But then… I hear some boys talking in the hallway.

—I think Hayasaka-san is still here. Bah, the lights are off…

—Maybe she’s still inside. 

—Are you sure you want to confess?

They were about to enter the classroom. Good, I’m saved.

—Hurry up and put on your clothes, Hayasaka-san!

I tried to talk some sense into her, but her answer was really unexpected.

—I wish all the boys would die except Kirishima-kun. I’m really annoyed. Why are they always, always, always interrupting me at times like this?

She said while looking at me coldly. And if that wasn’t enough, a smile was plastered on her face. 

—Hey, Kirishima-kun, let’s show them what we have together.

—What do you mean?

—Let’s do it in front of them.

Hayasaka-san has officially fallen into the depths of her darkest desires.

—They already know I’m here, but you’ll be fine, Kirishima-kun. Let’s just stay behind the curtain.

—No, this is not a good idea, Hayasaka-san.

—I don’t care. Let’s make them see that I’m that kind of girl.

She usually comes to her senses when people approach us. But this time, she wants to go all out.

—It’ll be alright, you’ll see.

Said one of the boys who entered the classroom. I could see that they were immensely excited to talk to Hayasaka-san.

But what they encountered was something really different from what they expected. They saw the silhouette of Hayasaka-san hugging a man behind the curtains. At her feet were her blazer, bra and skirt. She then smiled brightly and ran her hand over the back of my neck.

—Hmm… Hmm…

We started kissing and deliberately making noises. The humidity around us began to increase. And by not controlling our tone of voice, Hayasaka-san’s own excitement was getting higher and higher. 

—My tongue, suck it. 

When I did as she asked, her back arched and her sounds of pleasure became more intense.

—Oh, mmm, that feels good…. Give me your saliva… Please give it to me…

She stood on her tiptoes and pressed the inside of her thighs against my legs. I could even hear the boys salivating.

—Ah, touch me here… 

My right hand reaches into her white shirt. I feel my chest swell as dread washes over me because of the unfamiliar territory I’m entering. Her chest turns out to be softer than I had imagined and weighs nothing. It changes shape with the movement of my hand. And the skin feels moist and absorbent in my hands.

—Ah, ah… There… Yes… More!

Hayasaka-san can’t seem to continue kissing me anymore, just writhing in pleasure. I’m excited too. And it’s not just the sensation at the touch. It’s Hayasaka-san’s reaction when I touch her.

When I touched her hardened nub, Hayasaka-san clung to me, letting out an extraordinarily high-pitched voice. She could barely stand and her cheeks were flushed. 

—I like it… It feels really good… Please… Give me more…

Her sweet, pleasure-filled and pleading voice invades my eardrums between the white curtains as the moonlight reflects our silhouettes.

—Here… here too… Touch me more….

The next thing she did was press her crotch against my legs. I could feel the heat through her thin underwear. This made the boys who were in the classroom run out of the place in a panic.

—Heh. Boys always talk a big game, but when push comes to shove, they run away. But Kirishima-kun is different, right? Kirishima-kun is…

—No, I’m a little scared too.

When I say this, Hayasaka-san’s face suddenly turns serious.


The pause is a little scary. But suddenly her serious expression disappears, and is replaced by a smile that lit up his whole face. It looks like she’s thinking something weird.

—I’m so happy! Kirishima-kun, you’re thinking about me a lot!


—I know, I understand you. We’re still in high school. It would be terrible if someone catches us doing these things, and you always think about protecting me.

Hayasaka-san gets excited and presses her wet body tightly against mine.

—Next time we do this, I’ll make sure I’m ready to finish it.


After Hayasaka-san put her uniform back on, she headed home. I stayed with Hamanami until we made sure no one else was left and then we locked up the school.

—Senpai, let’s stop by a convenience store. 

Before heading home, I decided to accompany Hamanami to buy some food. I took the opportunity to buy something for myself too and we stayed in the store’s parking lot eating fried chicken.

—Kirishima-senpai is so careless. Your knee…


—You have a stain.

—…Ah, that. I think I spilled some tea on myself at school.

Another complete lie. This must surely be Hayasaka-san’s doing when she pressed her crotch against me. 

Even pure and innocent Hayasaka-san is helpless against her own worldly desires. In the end, I guess the way we present ourselves to the public is but a facade to hide what we truly are and what we become behind closed doors.

I turn to look at Hamanami. She might not be so different from Hayasaka-san… I mean, she’s an energetic, helpful, and kind Kohai. But that’s the image she shows in public. The real her must be much more complicated to guess. But it’s not impossible.

—Hey, Hamami. Delete it please

—Hm? What do you mean?

—The photo that you took of me and Tachibana-san kissing.

Hamanami stares at my face. She put three pieces of fried chicken in her mouth, chewed them, and then said.

—You don’t want people to see that photo, right?

—That would be a problem.

—I see. So that photo is indeed quite useful…. I’m afraid I can’t delete it. Unless…

Hamanami stood in front of me, and while pointing her finger at me she said.

—I want you to tell me how much you like me.

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese

Kirishima and Hayasaka are two classmates who have a secret relationship in public.

In their school life they pretend that they don't know each other, but behind the scenes there is much more to them than people can imagine. The two get into a relationship that is difficult to break and ends up being impure, unhealthy, and complicated, as the relationship between them was nothing more than an affair that simply created a love triangle before Kirishima's first love and his second love.


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