Chapter 3: Do you like it?

Do you like it?

-Do you like it?

Hayasaka-san asked me shyly. She was wearing a light blue shirt and a white knee-length skirt. It looks like she chose her clothes carefully.

I can’t stop looking at her.

-Say something, Kirishima-kun.

-You look very pretty. Quite discreet, I’d say.

-What a relief.

It was Saturday morning. The purpose of our date today was to go shopping together.

Even though we were exposed to other students seeing us, it felt great to walk with her. People kept looking at her every time she crossed their eyes. I am very proud to have such a girl as my girlfriend.

-You are getting taller and taller.

-Yes, I’ve grown up lately.

-Every girl has her own taste in men.

Huh? What do you mean by that? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter.

-Let’s go in here.

We entered the station building.

-Kirishima-kun, take it easy.

After a quick visit to a women’s clothing store, Hayasaka-san asked me.

-I understand that boys are not used to this. Do you feel uncomfortable?

-Don’t worry, I’m fine.

I know what it’s like for a boy to go shopping with a girl. Feeling nervous is absolutely inevitable. Being in a place where fashion is the main theme, in addition to being next to a gorgeous girl, makes you feel out of place.

But I’m open-minded about it. What’s bad is bad, and there’s no point in trying to be cool.

-You mean me?

Hayasaka-san shakes her head.

-No, I know Kirishima-kun can be even cooler.

She grabs my sleeve and leads me to a hardware store.

—I think you should try using this kind of stuff.

Hayasaka-san takes a hair product from the shelf. She puts a sample in my hand and combs my hair up and to the side.

I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed what Hayasaka-san had done to my hair.

-I like it. I’ll start using it tomorrow.

-But don’t get too pretty.

-Why not?

-If Kirishima-kun becomes popular, I’ll be jealous.

-You say that like you’re not popular yourself.

I’m surprised at Hayasaka-san’s honesty about such things. After that, she bought an apron from the same store. It looks like she’s been practicing the culinary arts lately.

-What is your favorite dish, Kirishima-kun?

-Boiled eggplant.

-I see. I’ll do my best to learn it!

Oh, Hayasaka-san, you have no idea how many points you gained with those words. You’re the perfect lover.

After that, we went to different shops.

-Kirishima-kun, come here.

As we passed an accessory shop, Hayasaka-san suddenly tugged on my sleeve.

-You just looked at a woman.

-What was wrong with that?

I couldn’t help but look at a girl who was dressed very elegantly, her ample breasts jutting out in front of me.

-Despite our evolution, we are still animals. It is possible that our eyes are naturally attracted to things that move.

-Whenever Kirishima-kun acts rationally, it’s because he wants to escape from an unfavorable situation.

-I’m not trying to escape, I’m innocent. If there were a trial for love, I would be considered innocent.

-I wonder if you’re telling the truth.

Hayasaka-san takes my arm and clings to it, pressing her breasts at the same time, as if to say, “If you want to look at breasts, look at mine. And as usual, she blushes.

It was a strange moment, a situation out of a dream. But I came back to reality when I saw Hayasaka-san looking at her watch.  

-Is it time to go?

-No, but it’s almost time.

Our date only lasts until noon, then she’s going to meet her friends.

-We only have an hour left.

-Let’s get a coffee somewhere.

And so we started to walk across the square to the coffee shop, but suddenly a girl came out of the bookstore, walked past us, then stopped and looked at us again as if she had just noticed our presence.


It turned out to be Tachibana-san. She was wearing a short-sleeved blouse and shorts, a radical change from her usual calm appearance. She had the air of a summer girl.

But I am strangely nervous because I can clearly see her legs sticking out of her shorts, and her arms bare up to her shoulders. Both of them were truly a feast for the eyes.

Tachibana-san looked at me, then at Hayasaka-san, and then started shaking her head between us, as if she was having a hard time processing what she was seeing.

But before she could say anything, Hayasaka-san quickly denied the situation.

-I-It’s not what you think. We ran into each other, so we decided to go shopping together.


Tachibana-san looks at me again.

-Yes. I wanted to buy some hair products, and since I don’t know much about them, I asked Hayasaka-san for help.

And I quickly showed the shopping bag.

-I bought an apron and nail polish!

Hayasaka-san does the same thing, but she shakes. She’s not a very good liar.

Tachibana-san, on the other hand, was silent, as if she was trying to decide whether or not to believe what she had just heard.

-That is a nice apron.

Tachibana-san approaches Hayasaka-san while saying these words, and Hayasaka-san can’t help but blush and get nervous at the same time. She’s the kind of girl who can make even someone of the same sex nervous.

-Um, Tachibana-san… Since we’re here, why don’t the three of us have some tea together?

Hayasaka-san says.

-Won’t I be in the way?

-No problem, I’ll be happy to be second.

Hayasaka-san says these words while making the peace sign with an awkward smile.

With these words, she makes it clear that she feels obligated to help me despite her clear feelings for me. It must be painful for her to have Tachibana-san with us when it’s supposed to be just the two of us on this date. I admit that I would have done the same thing in that situation.

So the three of us decided to have some tea together, so we went to a coffee shop on the top floor of the building.

I had a regular coffee, Hayasaka-san had black tea, and Tachibana-san had a drink with a sweet name. Tachibana-san had asked the clerk to add various toppings to her drink.

The three of us were sitting at a round table.

-What did you buy at the bookstore, Tachibana-san?

Hayasaka-san asked. It’s more than obvious that the two of them don’t get along very well, but that doesn’t stop them from talking nicely to each other at times like this… Even if it’s just for the sake of it.

-Music scores and a mystery novel. I plan to read them at the club.

-I see. So, Tachibana-san, did you join the same club as Kirishima-kun?

-How do you know that, Hayasaka-san?


-I didn’t tell anyone I joined the club.

-Well, that’s because…

Hayasaka-san rolled her eyes.

-I’m sure you and the President are very close. It’s okay, it’s fine.

Tachibana-san said in a calm tone with her usual expression. Then she went on talking about her book.

Actually, I’m the kind of person who likes e-books, but it’s a bit complicated to share them with the President, so I decided to buy them in person.

That reminds me, Tachibana-san usually puts her books on the shelf after reading them. So she was thinking of me.

-Then why don’t you lend him your tablet?

Hayasaka-san manages to regain his composure and asks Tachibana-san a question, who turns to the side and says, “This is embarrassing.

-I don’t want you to see my other books. And I have shoujo manga, too.

-Tachibana-san, do you read shoujo manga?

-Yes, I am interested in love.

Hayasaka-san, who was completely shocked, asked, “Love? At this point?”

-The more I read, the more I learn.

I wanted to ask her what she learned from shoujo manga, but before I could, Tachibana-san said something shocking.

-Hayasaka-san, you like the president, don’t you?


At that question, it looked like Hayasaka-san was going to spill her drink, because she was so surprised that the cup she was holding was shaking and shaking.

-N-No. Why?

-I just had a feeling.

-No, Tachibana-san, you’re wrong.

-My mistake. My instincts are never wrong… But if you’re telling the truth, does that mean you don’t mind if I do this?

Suddenly, Tachibana-san grabbed my arm and stood very close to me. Hayasaka-san froze, unable to react. Even I am surprised.

-Tachibana-san, doing something like that is…

-President, be quiet.

-I don’t mind. You look good together.

A smile appears on Hayasaka-san’s face, and suddenly her gaze falls on me… Hey hey, why are you looking at me like that? I’m not doing anything, it’s Tachibana-san who’s so interested in love.

-I am in love with someone else.

Hayasaka-san said while shaking her head. At that moment, Tachibana-san’s eyes lit up with curiosity. It seems that when it comes to love, she can’t help but get excited.

-Who is he?

-Well, he’s a year older than me.

-Older? That’s unexpected.

Tachibana-san was taken completely by surprise. It seems that she hadn’t considered the possibility of falling in love with someone older than herself.

-What does he look like?

-He’s tall, thin, but strong because he does sports. And his face… I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s cute.

-What is his personality like?

-He’s the kind of person you can trust.

-He’s not like the president.

-Yeah, he’s not like Kirishima-kun at all.

Those two girls are pretty cruel.

-Hayasaka-san, do you get nervous when you’re with this person?

-Yes, I get nervous. But instead of my heart pounding, I long for the feeling that he sees me as I see him.

-Hmmm… I see you the same way.

We talked for about an hour about what we were going to do in the classroom.

Through our conversation, I discovered that Tachibana-san and I had a common hobby. She likes late-night radio shows, and she always watches curling at the Winter Olympics. It’s nice to know that we have common interests.

-Well, I’d better be going.

Hayasaka-san said as she looked at her watch, then stood up to address Tachibana-san.

-It is time to meet him.

-Really? That’s great.

-Yeah, but it’s not all great. We’re going to be with a bunch of other people.

-Still, I hope it works out.

-Thank you.

Then she turned to me and apologized for what had happened.

-I’m sorry I left so soon.

She felt a little guilty about leaving. So she held up two fingers in a peace sign again as she said;

-I’m okay with being second.

And then Tachibana-san and I were left alone.

-President, I guess you’re feeling bad.

-That is not true.

-Of course I do. It’s because Hayasaka-san is going to meet the person she likes, right?

I see she’s still clinging to the idea that I have romantic feelings for her.

-Between you and me. The boy Hayasaka-san likes was my senpai in high school.

He’s someone who’s nice, has a great personality, and he’s handsome.

-And you’re okay with Hayasaka-san dating someone like that?

-Of course.

After all, I was the one who arranged this trip for Hayasaka-san to be with her Senpai. So I can’t regret it.


Tachibana-san wasn’t so convinced by my words.

-Why don’t you try to think of your Senpai’s face?

-Okay… And?

-Imagine Hayasaka-san hugging or kissing your Senpai?

-Okay… I’m imagining it.

-At that moment, Hayasaka-san has an expression on her face that she has never shown you before. She is happy and relieved. It’s an expression that only her Senpai can see, one that’s completely different from when she’s at school… How does it make you feel?

-It doesn’t make me feel anything.

-You spill your coffee.

I think I underestimated the feelings of lovers. It was quite painful to imagine.

When I was doing club activities with Tachibana-san, I wondered if Hayasaka-san felt the same way. I am very happy to be in a situation where I have Tachibana-san in front of me. It’s a very happy situation.

But no matter what I say or do, Tachibana-san has a boyfriend.

First of all, Tachibana-san has a boyfriend. And secondly, I have Hayasaka-san, whom I can hug and kiss, but unfortunately she likes someone else.

I don’t know where to go with my feelings. I don’t see a future with any of them. I will be alone at some point in my life.

-You’re leaving already?

-Yes. It’s summer and I’m very hot.

-I see. Well, I’ll go buy some clothes.

I said goodbye to Tachibana-san and left the station building. I wonder what will happen now. But when I think about it, I don’t think I can do anything about it.

With this feeling of stagnation, I boarded the train and sat down on the seat. That’s when I received a message on my cell phone. It was from Yanagi-senpai, the person Hayasaka-san is in love with.


Hayasaka-san had never told me about him before, but luckily I know the guy.

We went to the same high school. Besides that, we were on the same soccer team and played against each other a few times. The difference between us is that he was good and I wasn’t, but we became good friends.

Even though we went to different high schools, we didn’t lose touch.

He had been a member of the youth team of a professional soccer club since high school. But he quit the team in the winter of his junior year. He had been looking for the right time to quit. Now in his junior year of high school, he studies for exams and plays indoor soccer on weekends to relax.

Only once did I play in an indoor soccer game. His team was short of players, and he told me that it was a mixed team, so even beginners could join.

Yanagi-senpai is very popular. Many people came to cheer him on at the game. One of them was Hayasaka-san, who had not yet become my second girlfriend.

-Look who it is.

-Oh, that’s Hayasaka-chan.

-Does she come here often?

-Yes, to support me.

-And do you like it? If so, I can help you with her.

Yanagi is very popular, but she’s also very insensitive. During the match, Hayasaka-san kept looking at Yanagi-senpai, but he didn’t even pay attention to her the whole time she was there.

And I couldn’t help but remember what Hayasaka-san said to me on the platform that day when he saw my phone.


-Do you like Tachibana-san?

I didn’t know what to answer, tell the truth? Lie? So I decided on a third choice.

-And you like Yanagi-senpai, don’t you?

-Yes, although it’s a complicated love. I can only watch from a distance, I’m too nervous to do anything.


That same month, after my first conversation with Hayasaka-san, I received a phone call from Yanagi-senpai.

-I tried to ask her out, but she just said “awawawa” and hung up.

-She’s very shy. Please call her again. Next time, wait until she feels comfortable and then ask her out.

The next day, after that phone call, Hayasaka-san looked very happy at school, so it seems that it paid off.

That was how things worked out between Yanagi and Hayasaka. I did it all on my own, and if I go against this relationship, I’ll look like an idiot. Now I have to endure the pain of seeing them together, and it hurts my heart just to look at them.

Hayasaka-san hugging me, asking me to kiss her, that bad girl who only shows me her true intentions… I’ve completely fallen in love with her.


As I sat down, I looked at Yanagi-senpai’s message. “Kirishima, do you like Hayasaka-chan?”

The train had not started yet. From the window, I could see a big electronics store in front of the station. And on the roof of that building, that’s where Hayasaka-san is.

I looked at my phone again and continued to answer.

-Where did this come from?

-Hayasaka is a very popular girl.

There are a lot of people who play indoor soccer who are interested in Hayasaka-san.

-If you like her, I won’t let anyone get close to her.

-No, I don’t like her.

-Really, Kirishima? You’re the kind of guy who passes the ball even when he could score.

-Soccer is not the same as love.

-Sure, but it’s all a matter of character. Well, it’s okay. Practice is about to start. If you feel like it, Kirishima, you can come anytime.

My feelings are mixed.

I want Hayasaka-san’s feelings to be reciprocated by the person she loves the most. But at the same time, I want her to come back to me.

My emotions are running high and I feel a little overwhelmed. I want to go home and sleep as soon as possible, but the train is still not moving.

After a while, the bell finally rang. The train doors were about to close. A long-haired girl slipped into the train with light steps.

-You know?

It turned out to be Tachibana-san, who was sitting next to me.

-Let’s go to the activity club.

-It’s the weekend.

-It will be weekend practice.

I see she’s very serious.


Tachibana-san is wearing a pair of summer sandals with white straps. The soles are a bit thick, which is strange since they are not usually that thick.

-President, you are not feeling well.

-What are you talking about? I’m fine. I feel like running and jumping.

Tachibana-san looks out the train window at the scenery. She has a calm expression on her face, but I can only assume that she’s been following me.

The train is going in the direction where my house is, but her house is in the opposite direction and on a different line from mine.

-Tachibana-san, you said you wanted to do a club activity. Where do you want to do it?

-At school.

-Then it would be right to go home and change our clothes, it’s not right to go in civilian clothes.

-We can go in the back door. No one will tell the teachers if they don’t see us.

It is certain that no student would do anything to harm Tachibana-san. She is a girl that everyone admires and many are in love with. But by nature, she is a girl who doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do.

I look at Tachibana-san in profile again. Her hair is long, as are her eyelashes, her nose is straight, and her cheeks are white. Maki compared Tachibana-san to a sports car, and she’s right. She is a very special girl.

She doesn’t look like a real person and it makes me feel uncomfortable every time I look at her. To be honest, she’s someone who gives me peace of mind and excitement at the same time.

While I was looking at her, Tachibana-san suddenly leaned over to me.



Her small head rested on my shoulder, and I could feel her slender body on my left side.

-President, you look like someone smarter now.


Ever since Tachibana-san decided to organize a club activity, I have been expecting something like this in my heart. My desire to hug and kiss Tachibana-san is now greater than ever.

To make up for the fact that Hayasaka-san left me to go with someone else, I subconsciously want to replace her presence with Tachibana-san’s, but it is somewhat illogical since she is supposed to be the one I am really in love with.

And without realizing it, I gently touched her cheek.

-What is it, President?

-Nothing, something just crossed my mind.

-What is it?

-Honestly, I’ve been thinking about you.

-I see.

After a short pause, Tachibana said.

-I like that.

Her eyes were like glass, staring at me. It was as if they could see through all my devious feelings.

I hugged Tachibana-san instead of Hayasaka-san. This is too good to be true. I’m not dreaming, am I?

-I don’t mind if you are.


It was a bit of a thrill to go to school without anyone seeing us in civilian clothes. I entered the club room and couldn’t help but laugh.

Tachibana-san also wiped the sweat from her neck with a towel and said cheerfully, “Fufu.

-There’s a quiet atmosphere here.

-Wait a moment.

I took out a cup of barley tea from the refrigerator. When I handed her the cup, she deliberately touched my finger. Tachibana-san took it without getting upset.

-I’ll leave the book here for you.

Tachibana-san puts the book she bought at the station on the bookshelf. Then we each take a book and read in silence.

I am more interested in Tachibana-san, who is in civilian clothes, than in the novel in my hand. Both her shorts and short-sleeved shirt are more revealing than her uniform, so more of her white skin is exposed than usual.

Seeing her like this is something that will probably never happen again in my lifetime.

-I’m sure she’s out with someone she loves right now.

Tachibana-san noticed my look and lowered her book.

-I hope things are going well with Hayasaka-san.

-Me too.

-When you play soccer, you tend to expose yourself to a lot of physical contact.


-I bet she must be very excited. 


-President, you’re shaking. 

-This room is too air-conditioned… 

-If you don’t support her, why don’t you tell her?

Tachibana-san was holding the Book of Love. She was reading the thirteenth page, and on those pages were a series of games invented by the author.

This must be a joke.

The game is presented as a way for men and women to get to know each other, but the author’s desire to make out with girls is blatantly obvious.

Perhaps the author’s research into romance led him to want to make out with the girls himself, and he finally got the drop on the last page.

It’s the kind of game a man with an ulterior motive might play at a party.

-But isn’t that what boys want to do with girls?

-But if Hayasaka-san does it with the senpai she likes, I’m sure she’d be happy, right?

-I don’t know, I doubt it would work.

-Well, let’s try it then.

-You want to try?

-Let’s do a little experiment.

On the page she showed me, there was a game called “Secrets in the Ear”. I would like to play this game with her. But considering the fact that she has a boyfriend, it wouldn’t be right to do something like that. And it’s not easy for me to say no to her, it’s too painful.

-It is time to go home. It’s late.

-It’s only three o’clock.

The sky is clear and cloudless, and the cicadas are chirping.

-Anyway. I’m going home. I feel like I’m asking for trouble.

Tachibana-san wrinkles her forehead and closes the book.

-This time won’t change if you’re worried.

-President, you look worried.

Of course, it’s my fault that we’re here.

-It’s okay, I won’t ask you again.

With a sad look, Tachibana-san starts to get ready to leave. I feel like I’ve hurt her and my heart aches. I’ve seen this before, but I can’t help it. I slap my cheeks and yell at her.


I sit down next to Tachibana-san and whisper in her ear.

-The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

After hearing the title, Tachibana-san whispers in my ear.

-Arthur Conan Doyle.


When I heard Tachibana-san’s voice whispering in my ear, I felt a wave of pleasure running down my back. Her voice is too beautiful.

-President, I see you are in a good mood.

Looking away, Tachibana-san speaks to me with a smile.

-Okay, let’s do it.

-Yes, let’s do it.

And so we start whispering things into each other’s ears.


Secrets in the Ear is a trivia game where one person says the title of a mystery novel and the other person responds with the author’s name.

What makes it different from a normal game is that the questions and answers are whispered in the other person’s ear.

It should be noted that whether the game is fun or not depends on the taste of the person playing it. However, the author’s intentions in creating this game are clear.

-Is this position okay?

-I think it’s fine.

We sit next to each other on the couch in the corner of the room and turn our bodies to face each other. Then we bring our faces closer together and cross them.

-So we just have to take turns asking questions?


The game started and I started with the first song.

-Ten Little Indians.

-Agatha Christie

After Tachibana-san answered, she asked the next question.

-Dogra Magra

-Kyūsaku Yumeno

We tell each other the title and answer with the author. In a closed room in summer, a certain rhythm is born, like a metronome.

Tachibana-san’s voice whispering in my ear was very pleasant, and it made me feel like I was drunk. I think she knows how to make her voice sound like that.

-Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Thief.

-Maurice Leblanc

-Akuma ga Kitarite Fue wo Fuku

-Seishi Yokomizo

Every time Tachibana-san’s breath hits my ear, my spine tingles. And for some reason, I feel provoked, so I lower my voice a little so I can breathe into her ear.

-Le piège de la marionnette.

-Jirō Akagawa

-The Feast of the Perishable Sheep.

-Honeobu Yonezawa

This is just a game where we breathe into each other’s ears. Tachibana-san’s breath tickles my ear. Every whisper caresses my eardrums.

Sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes loud, sometimes faint. Sometimes I shake my shoulders, sometimes Tachibana-san shakes hers. It’s the rhythm we have all the time.

Words mean nothing and I can’t think of anything. I feel like an idiot. I can only see Tachibana-san’s ears. I can only hear Tachibana’s voice. I can only think of Tachibana.

I have no doubt that the author of this book has an IQ of 180.

-Initiation Love

-Kurumi Inui


-Kanae Minato

We are in close contact with each other before we know it. Tachibana-san’s knees are between my legs, which should be knee-to-knee. You could say they’re almost hugging.

My mind is breaking down. Every time I responded gently, Tachibana-san stiffened her back and let out a sweet “ah”. Her breathing is excited. I get excited and do the same thing again, but this time I want her to feel more excited.

-A love story set in a parallel world.

-Keigo Higashino

-My pretend girlfriend


Tachibana-san’s shiny hair, her white neck, her smell, her breath. The two of us alone in a room, whispering things into each other’s ears.

Yes, I want you to shake your thin shoulders more. I want you to wriggle. I want you to melt. And I want you to breathe in my ear more. I want you to feel me. I want you to break me.

-My Blood & Bones In a Flowing Galaxy

-Yuyuko Takemiya

That’s when it happened.


I can’t help but make a strange sound.

-What is it?

-Your tongue…

I felt a tongue tracing the outline of my ear. It didn’t quite touch me, but I definitely felt something wet, and an incredible feeling of pleasure ran down my spine.

-Yes, it might have gone in a little.

Tachibana-san doesn’t flinch. Or is she trying to hide it somehow?

-Let’s move on.

-It’s okay.

We whisper in each other’s ears again. But before I know it, I’m on the defensive. From time to time, Tachibana-san’s tongue made contact with my ear. It can be a bit awkward. Each time, I would shake my shoulders with pleasure. That was when I got used to that kind of stimulation.


And again I made a strange sound.

-President, please be quiet.

-Hey, but I felt you bit my ear.

-It is normal that bites hurt.

-Yes, but it didn’t hurt. It felt like a sweet bite, like a dog gives to its owner.

-Then maybe you were right.

-Then we have no choice but to continue… 

-No, no, no!

She even stuck her tongue in my ear when she was talking, although that felt good.

When the game resumed, she continued to lick and bite my ear intermittently.

My consciousness is fading.

-You look better. You were so pale on the train. You like Hayasaka-san, don’t you? She disappointed you, didn’t she? Are you feeling better?

-No, it’s just that…

Before I knew it, I collapsed on the sofa where Tachibana-san was sitting.

-That’s enough…

-We’re just playing a game. Right?

Tachibana-san is a very sensitive person. And despite her cold appearance, she has a great spirit.

Ever since she found out that I liked Liszt’s “Sigh,” she would play it for me every time we practiced piano in the music room next door.

Hayasaka-san went to be with Yanagi-senpai, and I was really hurt, so I wanted to be with Tachibana-san to make up for it.

I don’t normally do things like that. But would she like it? That was what I thought. I wanted to ask. But instead I answered.

-I don’t want to continue.

-Well, I’ll continue. So I’m going to ask all the questions from here. You just have to answer.


Tachibana-san grabbed my head with both hands and started licking my ear right away. She didn’t hold back at all.

She licked along the intricate inner lines of the ear, dipped her tongue into the hollows, and took the earlobe in her mouth, biting it sweetly.

The sound from Tachibana-san’s mouth came directly to my ears. The back of my head went numb. I was at the mercy of her tongue and let it hurt my ear. Every now and then, she would ask a question and I would answer.

-Asura Girl

-Ōtarō Maijō

-Disuko Tantei Suiyōbi

-Ōtarō Maijō

It seems that Tachibana-san likes Ōtarō Maijō’s books.

I don’t know what to think, but I don’t hear any of those excuses, only the sound of Tachibana-san’s saliva and her agitated breathing filling my ears.

-School Seizure Syndrome

-Ōtarō Maijō

-Smoke, dirt or food

-Ōtarō Maijō

I close my eyes and let my ears experience the sensation of Tachibana-san’s tongue and lips. Like me, she was very excited.

I can feel her panting. But Tachibana-san should be more aware of this. I’m a man too, and if she continues like this, I’ll get excited and want to do all kinds of things to her.

While I writhe in agony, Tachibana is happy. I also want to do something to her and punish her. So I use the last of my strength to fight.

I raised my head and stuck my tongue into Tachibana’s ear. Then I moved it roughly.


Tachibana screamed inaudibly with a single blow, her body shaking and collapsing on top of me. She has a strong offense, but a very weak defense. That’s the point. I whispered into his ear for the last time.

-I love, love, love, love, love, love you.

A moment later, Tachibana-san looks up in surprise.

-Um, President, did you…?

She is confused. Despite her mature appearance, she is still a girl in love at heart. I didn’t confess to her. I just asked the question, it’s the title of a book.

Tachibana-san finally realized that it was a question because of the game. She tried to stand up while her face was flushed. But she didn’t have enough strength and fell back to the ground.


Tachibana-san is weak. So we called it a day and prepared to leave quietly.

What the hell just happened?

-Now I understand why it was forbidden to take this book out of this place.

-I agree. It’s not something to be taken lightly.

Tachibana-san is also back to her usual self. It’s like nothing happened. But the feeling is still in my ears.

-Hey… You shouldn’t do that to me. You’re supposed to have a boyfriend.

I finally mentioned her boyfriend. But the answer I got was totally unexpected.



-Why can’t I do it if I have a boyfriend?

I’m a little confused as to why Tachibana-san would ask me such a casual question.

-I don’t think that’s something that’s approved or allowed.

-Who doesn’t approve of it? 


-And who is society? Do I need somebody’s approval or permission to do something with the president?

-That is not what I mean.

As I said that, I came up with a reasonable answer.

-This is not good for your boyfriend.

-He is not my boyfriend.

When I heard those words. I was very relieved… For a moment, because the next thing she said broke me in two.

-He is my future husband.

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

Score 8
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese

Kirishima and Hayasaka are two classmates who have a secret relationship in public.

In their school life they pretend that they don't know each other, but behind the scenes there is much more to them than people can imagine. The two get into a relationship that is difficult to break and ends up being impure, unhealthy, and complicated, as the relationship between them was nothing more than an affair that simply created a love triangle before Kirishima's first love and his second love.


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