Chapter 3: Strengthening emotions

Strengthening emotions

Although it is not exactly periodic, I dream of things from the past.

I see my childhood self and my mother embracing. In this scene, my paternal grandparents are looking at my young self and my mother… This was right after my father died, when my grandparents said hurtful words to my mother.

Even though she was grieving over Dad’s death, my grandparents insulted her with cruel words just because they didn’t like her.

Our son was ruined by marrying a woman like you.

That’s right. If you hadn’t crossed his path, our son wouldn’t have had that accident.

At that time, I didn’t understand what those words meant.

All I knew then was that their words hurt my mother, and seeing them like that, I recognized them as enemies.

Not to mention that I was just an ignorant child, and of course my body was much smaller than it is now.

Still, I desperately stretched out my arms to protect Mom, using my own body as a shield…

—…That’s right. Now that I think about it, I remember it clearly.

Given the circumstances, it’s amazing how a single trigger can make memories so vivid.

If only my present self had been here at that moment, I would have been able to think about Mom more and give her more support. Well, there’s no point in thinking about that now, but somehow I can’t help but imagine that ‘maybe’.


It was because I was thinking about things like that that Mom saw me in my dream. I approached her naturally while she approached me with a warm smile… And then I hugged her with all my strength.






I tightly squeeze the figure in front of me.

It’s soft… It has a warm and comforting smell… Oh, it’s comforting… Wait, what am I doing right now?

Without knowing exactly what I’m doing, I still keep my face buried in the warmth and softness that envelops my face…

Was there such a luxurious pillow at home? I tilted my head out of curiosity, but even that was absorbed by the elasticity.

—Ufufu, Hayato-kun is so cute. If it makes you feel better, I will always be here to make you feel that way.


Now, without a doubt, I clearly heard a voice. And that soft voice I heard from above… It wasn’t Arisa or Aina, if I’m not mistaken… It’s Sakina?!

Overcome with fear, I lifted my face from between the two protrusions…. And there, staring at me, was Sakina once again, smiling sweetly as she watched me.

—I thought about waking you up since it’s time, but I never expected you to suddenly embrace me like this.


I finally understood the situation.

When I gently pulled away, Sakina’s cheeks puffed up slightly.

(She’s so adorable…)

I thought as I looked at the clock to see the time.

—It’s ten o’clock… It’s already late!

—Yes, Arisa and Aina should be finished getting ready soon.

Hearing those words, I corrected my posture… Or well, maybe that wasn’t necessary.

The winter holidays had begun, Christmas had passed, and a new year had finally begun.

I hadn’t had any major events since my parents died, but this time Arisa and Aina invited me to make our first visit to the temple of the year.

Even if they hadn’t invited me, I think I would have been the one to invite them… Anyway, as it was, I visited Shinjo’s house early in the morning, and since I was a little tired, I fell asleep on the couch.

We already finished the New Year’s greetings… It was great to be able to say ‘Happy New Year’ to them.

—And Sakina-san won’t get ready either?

—Haha, well, I admit that I had been preparing a special outfit to show you for several days, but this time I decided to enjoy watching my daughters in their ceremonial attire ♪


Honestly… I wanted to see her too.

As I stared at her, she asked me if I really wanted to see her, and I nodded sincerely.

—I think I’ve said this before, but I find you incredibly beautiful… How could I not want to see something like that?

—Fufufu. You’re brave, Hayato-kun.

—Thanks for the compliment… Even though I think everything looks good on Sakina, I want to see her in a look I don’t usually see… You know…

—No worries… I get it.

I wonder what she means by “I get it” while I imagine the different appearances of Sakina in my mind for a moment.

While I waited, I took the sweets she had prepared and enjoyed them. Time passed and finally the princesses appeared.

—Sorry for the wait.

—We are finally ready!

When I saw the two of them appear in the living room, I couldn’t help but stare at them as if it were natural.

You could say that I was completely absorbed… That was the truth. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.

—Seeing that reaction from Hayato-kun makes me know that all the effort was worth it.

—Yes, yes~♪ The fact that he is absorbed in looking at us makes us understand that it was definitely worth it for us to dress like this~♪

Although I don’t know much about kimonos, I do know that they are much more expensive and of better quality than Western clothes.

I looked at them with amazement and admiration. 

Arisa, first of all, was wearing a kimono in purple tones, and her hair was in a ponytail… Just that change in hairstyle changed the impression of her quite a bit. 

On the other hand, Aina wore a kimono in red tones, combining vibrancy and brightness. As for her hairstyle, she left her hair down and removed the bow that she usually wears… Yes, even Aina had a different look, even though it was short. 

—…The contrast is great… But they both look incredible.

Hearing this, Arisa and Aina smiled and approached me gently. 

A soft and pleasant floral scent emanated from them, mixed with a faint hint of sweet perfume… I felt tingly as I saw them in a special appearance that I don’t usually see, and I felt a sense of maturity. 

—It might be a little uncomfortable. Especially around the chest… 

—Yes, that’s true… It gets a little uncomfortable sometimes. 

—Exactly. Wearing a kimono when we have big breasts becomes a problem. — Sakina said. 

Arisa and Aina nodded in agreement with their mother’s words. 

As a man, I don’t really understand the topic of discussion and would prefer not to get involved in a conversation about breasts. But hey, I guess it’s kind of an advantage to be able to hear about these things.

(But they sure look uncomfortable. I can usually tell their size, but they seem pretty tight… Is it because of the structure of the kimono? I can’t say for sure, but they look really elegant)

It’s not that they look thinner than normal, just that the chest part looks smaller… It’s like magic.

Without realizing it, I was watching them carefully, but fortunately they didn’t seem to notice this detail, which relieved me. And finally, we left the house… Although just as we walked out the front door, Aina whispered in my ear.

—If you really want to touch her that much, you have the freedom to do so, you know?

—Ah… Ahem!


Damn, it seems like they noticed that detail.




The visit to the shrine at the beginning of the year… Even though I usually did it once a year, I usually didn’t invite anyone to accompany me.

Well, if there was nothing important going on, it was possible that I would have met Souta and Kaito this year, but being here with Arisa and Aina was something that would never have crossed my mind…

Although I had imagined coming here with a girlfriend when I entered high school.

—A lot of people.

—Yes, definitely. Ah, Hayato-kun, shouldn’t you stay nearby?

—Oh, yes, sorry.

To make sure that I didn’t take my eyes off the two in front of me, I walked next to Sakina.

When it comes to visiting the shrine at the beginning of the year, it is understandably crowded.

The atmosphere was very loud, and as expected, you bump into everyone who comes your way, but because of the crowd, I’m paying close attention to Arisa, Aina, and Sakina.

(In a place like this, there might be people who try to take advantage of the confusion to touch me inappropriately.)

Luckily, I haven’t met anyone like that yet, but the two in their kimonos and Sakina attract a lot of attention.

—Sakina-san, please don’t go away, okay?

—I understand. I don’t want to worry just Hayato-kun, but my daughters as well.

It’s comforting to know that she understands.

Still… It’s surprising that she doesn’t meet me with any acquaintances or classmates. Although I see familiar faces occasionally, I wonder if no one has recognized her yet? Well, maybe it’s because Aina is more reserved, but Arisa has changed her appearance quite a bit with just a different hairstyle.

—There are a lot of people wearing kimonos.

—Yes, well, it is something that is used only once a year.

There were many people of all ages wearing kimonos.

We passed some women who were perfectly made up and noticed some curious looks around us, but we didn’t get too distracted, maybe because they were already looking at Arisa and Aina.

—I don’t know how others see us, but Aina and I prepared as much as we could for this occasion. We wanted Hayato-kun to see us. — Arisa commented.


I was stared at when I heard those words and I felt a little embarrassed and inevitably looked away.

Maybe it was a mistake to stop abruptly, because Sakina gently pushed my back and urged me to continue.

—I don’t mind showing that we have a good relationship, but first, let’s move on, okay?




Stopping us would have been annoying for the others, so I’m grateful that Sakina brought us back to reality.

We continued walking and chatting as we reached the front of the main hall, where we dropped coins into the offering box and shook the bell rope.

The bells rang happily as she closed her eyes, clasped her hands, and murmured my goals and wishes for the year in my heart.

(May Arisa and Aina be happy… May we all have good times together, including Sakina. May Souta and Kaito have a good relationship… May my grandfather and grandmother be in good health.)

I prayed for the deepest wishes I could think of.

Normally, I’m not a person who believes in such things, but I want to believe in dreams if they are strong enough to be granted… Well, that should be enough.


Instinctively, I looked at both sides alternately. 

Arisa and Aina also clasped their hands and remained motionless and concentrated… It seems like they are seriously wishing for something, but unfortunately, I don’t know what it is. However, I can feel a glimmer of it in them. 

—May Arisa and Aina live healthy and happy lives… May Hayato-kun be with us and may we all be happy together. — Sakina said openly.

Of course, I couldn’t help but smile with satisfaction when I heard that. 

After we finished our prayers, we each bought amulets… Arisa and I bought amulets for good health and academic success, while Sakina bought amulets for good health, home security, and even good luck, which showed her maturity. 

—I don’t have any worries about my job, and I don’t have any financial problems either, but it doesn’t hurt to have one of these amulets. 

—Oh, I understand… 

I see… An amulet to attract luck. 

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have one to cheer me up a bit.

—Aina, which amulet did you buy? 

Although she had bought the same amulets of good health and academic success as Arisa and I, she had also bought another amulet… 

With a mischievous smile, Aina showed me the amulet and I almost choked, covering my mouth with my hand… It’s just… This amulet is for…! 

—Ta-dah! It’s an amulet to get a baby! — Aina said enthusiastically. 


She held the amulet that could make her partner pregnant in her hand and showed it directly to me. 

There were many people around her, of all ages, but some of them looked at her in surprise, while others looked at her with sympathetic smiles. 

It’s obvious that Aina looks like a high school student, so it’s no joke, but it’s surprisingly touching… Well, I want to believe it. 

—It’s to wish our child a safe delivery in the future, Hayato-kun♪ Although we’re still high school students and it’s very early… But still, don’t you think it’s okay to hear it from everyone?

Ah, well, a lot of eyes were on me…

I felt uncomfortable with all the stares around me, but luckily Sakina came to our rescue.

Sakina, thinking that I would be in the way if we stayed here, took my hand and started walking, followed by Arisa and Aina. 

—I don’t really understand this. — Arisa commented. 

—Aren’t you interested in having children at all, older sister? 

—No… I wouldn’t say that I’m not interested at all. 

—You see! Then why don’t you have one, too, older Sister?


At Aina’s words, Arisa thought for a moment, but then she shook her head as if disciplining herself, indicating that she would not do so. 

I have no problem if she decides to buy one… Well, as far as this matter is concerned, I better not interfere too much… Besides, it’s not something she has a say in. 

—Arisa and Aina are so young… I feel a little jealous. — Sakina mentioned. 

Although Sakina is also quite young… But from her point of view, Arisa, Aina and I are children who represent youth… Maybe one day, when I grow old like Sakina, I will be able to say similar words while looking at my own children. 

(I wonder what that moment would be like… What kind of scene it would be.)

A blurry image of Arisa, Aina and me with our own children appeared in my mind. 

Whether we will reach that point in the future will depend on our efforts… And how much we can nurture those feelings and want to spend the rest of our lives together.

(…Jeez. You would make me very happy if you could grant the wish for this future to come.) 

So please, God, hear my request! 

—Fufu, you have such a kind expression. It’s really charming. — Sakina said, looking at me. 

—Ah, thank you. — I replied shyly. 

After that, the four of us got our respective fortunes, and in some inexplicable way, Aina was the only one to get an unfavorable result. 

Arisa and I received great fortunes (Daikichi), while Sakina received a moderate fortune (Chuukichi). 

Perhaps because of this, Aina’s disappointment was immense, and her expression was so terrifying that people around us instinctively moved away during the horoscope reading…

—A misfortune (Kyō)…? It’s impossible… Absolutely impossible… This can’t be a joke… I’ve never seen or heard of the character for ‘bad luck’… It just doesn’t exist! — Aina exclaimed in disbelief.

—Calm down, Aina. The character for ‘bad luck’ does exist. — I tried to calm her down.

—If it does! Just look at it like a horoscope, it’s no big deal. — Arisa added.

While Arisa and I were reassuring Aina, we heard a voice from behind.

—Huh? Arisa and Aina?

When we turned around, we saw two girls.

Although they were not dressed in kimonos like Arisa and Aina, I recognized their faces. They were classmates.

—So you came too.

—Happy New Year!

By the way, they were so absorbed in Arisa and Aina in their kimonos that they didn’t notice my presence.

Arisa made a gesture with her eyes in the middle of the conversation, and then Sakina gave me a light tap on the shoulder as we walked away.

—Maybe they felt uncomfortable?

—I don’t think there’s a problem, but maybe they just don’t want to be questioned by her friends.

Well, that’s true… I should thank you for not making me feel uncomfortable.

—Do you know these girls, Sakina-san?

—…Yes, I recognized her when I saw her at the entrance ceremony, but in general, my daughters don’t usually bring friends home, so I wouldn’t say that we know them very well.

—I see.

It seems that Arisa and Aina also tend to go out with their friends instead of inviting them over… I didn’t know that.

While we were waiting and watching Arisa and Aina, Sakina whispered something in my ear.

—Hayato-kun, are you planning to visit your parents’ grave?

—Ah, yes. I go every year, so I plan to go this year as well.

—Is it okay if we go together?

The proposal surprised me. While it was enough for me to pray at our home altar, she also wanted to accompany me to a cemetery. 

—Are you sure? — I asked. 

—Of course. In fact, she was looking forward to my prayers as well. 

In that case… I had no reason to refuse, so I nodded. 

However, while this was going on, there was also something I couldn’t give up… I looked at Sakina and said, 

—So, can I also say hello to Arisa and Aina’s father? And Sakina’s husband? I also paid my respects at the altar when I went to their house, but if this is going to happen, I should do it too! 

—I see… Are you sure you want to do it? 

—Yes, please. 

In the eyes of others, I may appear to be a man who has simply seduced the daughters of this family for my dark purposes… But the truth is that my feelings for them know no bounds. 

Prepared for anything, I have decided to respond to both of their feelings… And once again declare my determination to continue spending time with them and to let their late father know.

—Hayato-kun, Mom, I’m sorry to keep you waiting.

—I’m back! — Arisa shouted.

—Hueeh! — I exclaimed in surprise and tried to receive Aina’s hug as best I could.

Obviously her friends went somewhere else and couldn’t see us, but I instinctively stroked Aina’s head when she hugged me… And at that moment, I tilted my head slightly in surprise.

—What happened?

—Oh, well, you usually use a bow to tie your hair… it looks different without it.

—Maybe it’s the result of the ‘Kyō’… — Arisa joked.

—Oh, don’t remind me, ‘Kyō’ doesn’t exist! — Aina exclaimed.

Just for today, with the result of ‘Kyō’… I guess I understand how you feel, but I think it’s okay because theoretically we’ve done everything to purify it. 

—Everything’s fine, calm down. — I said as she tried to calm Aina down. 

—Aguuu. — Aina stammered and turned into a baby.

Well, at least we finished most of what we wanted to do, so we bought some charms to hang up at home and then headed to the food stalls. 

Since there were so many stalls, we decided to eat out that night. Anyway… I got into a lot of trouble there. 

I bought takoyaki and yakisoba, and right after I bought a grape soda, I accidentally bumped into someone and ended up spilling the entire contents on Arisa. 

—I’m so sorry… 

Technically, it wasn’t entirely my fault… But it was also my fault for being careless. 

I know how expensive kimonos are, and I had also heard that the cost of cleaning them was quite high. 

And not only the price, but I had also soiled the kimono I had prepared for this day… I would probably look pretty desperate right now. 

—No worry, Hayato-kun. It’s true that it might be a little difficult, but what happened isn’t your fault. — Arisa said as she wiped the wet part with a handkerchief. 

It’s really comforting that you tell me that, but I still feel much more guilty. Aina also smiled reassuringly as she cleaned Arisa’s wet part. 

—See? It’s not your fault, it was that idiot who walked without looking ahead. So Hayato-kun, you have nothing to worry about.


—Arisa and Aina are right. It can’t be helped with so many people. — Sakina added. 

I nodded and agreed with her. 

Even though it wasn’t snowing and the sun was shining, the temperature was still low and there was a risk of catching a cold. 

So I closed the distance between us and put my arm around Arisa’s shoulder. 

—Oh… Ufufu♪ It’s warm, Hayato-kun. 

—If you like it, I will do it as much as you want.

When we got into the car, Arisa sneezed adorably, which made me nervous, thinking about the possibility that she might get sick…

And so our first visit to the temple was chaos.

Without stopping on the way, we returned home and Arisa went straight to the bathroom.

—Hayato-kun, don’t worry, okay?

—Ah… Yes. Thank you, Sakina-san.

Although I tried not to worry, it seems that my feelings were evident in my expression, and Sakina-san spoke to me again.

—Well… It’s hard not to worry about everything… But it’s okay! Seriously, I’ll take all your words.

—That’s okay. Leave the rest to your mom, okay?

—Huh… yes.

Ah, for Sakina-san to say that all of a sudden is a bit unfair.

—Aside from that, what did you think of my kimono? 

—Yes, it was very nice… Sorry for using ordinary words. 

—No, of course I’m happy to hear original and creative words. But in the end, aren’t the words that come from the heart the most exciting? That makes me very happy! 

—Ah, I see… 

Arisa and Sakina had been comforting me for a while. And now it’s Aina who’s trying to make me feel better. Why is she doing that? I really don’t need any more comfort… Hmm?

When I stared at Aina, she smiled mischievously. Somehow, at that moment, I felt a shiver run down my spine. 

With a mischievous look on her face, Aina patted me on the chest and began to speak. 

—Hey, Hayato-kun, how much do you know about the structure of a kimono? Well, maybe ‘structure’ isn’t the right word. Let’s say, do you know how to put on a kimono properly? 

—No, I have no idea. 

—Ahh, I figured… Maybe you could help me take it off? It’s hard to do it alone. 

Eh…? Are you asking me to help you take her clothes off… Right now?

—…So should I just undo it? 

—Yes, that’s more than enough, I can do the rest myself.

—Hmm, well, if it’s just that, I guess it’s not a problem.

Although I have never been a participant, I have had the experience of watching Arisa and Aina change clothes right next to me… But I guess she should be able to take off her kimono by herself.

(I suppose this is something that is normally known, but not something a woman would specifically research.)

I put my hand on the spot she pointed to.

It seemed to be tight around her body, but Aina had already loosened it a bit, so it seemed to be easy to loosen it… But at that moment, he was completely surprised.

First of all, since I didn’t know much about such things, I couldn’t help it, but I would soon understand the meaning of what Aina meant by “comforting me”.

—With this… Is it untied?

—Yes, it is.

—Okay… Huh?

As soon as I untied the obi, it fell to the ground and… The kimono Aina was wearing opened elegantly.


In an instant, my thinking stopped and I fell into the confusion of what I had done.

Although not everything was visible, Aina did not seem to be disturbed by the opening of the kimono. She looked at me and smiled sweetly.

—In such a situation, the obi is crucial, you know? By simply removing it, the kimono opens charmingly.

—Ah, A–Aina, nooo!

—Awww~♪ How naughty, Hayato-kun~♪

There were no words of apology for seeing that or for undressing her.

I just screamed as I closed my eyes and covered my face, trying to block out the image. I maintained a defensive posture with my eyes closed and my hands in position… But that was just the beginning of his fierce attack in front of me.



I felt a strong impact on my abdomen, and then I was pushed and fell onto the bed behind me.

Thanks to the soft sensation protecting my back and head, I did not feel any pain, but even if I had, the shock would have made it disappear in an instant. Anyone would react like that if they saw a beautiful woman with her kimono open in front of them.



Aina, with her beautiful skin, her cleavage and her underwear exposed as she looked at me from above, seemed to be thinking about something… After staring at us for a while, she murmured quietly:

—You know something, Hayato-kun? If we continue to be in this tempting position, my older sister will eventually appear.


—Remember, it was the same during Santa cosplay. Every time we enjoy a fun event like that, my older sister…

Before she could finish, the door burst open.

Aina and I exclaimed in surprise and turned to the door to see Arisa coming out of the bathroom, just as she had predicted.

Arisa sighed as soon as she saw us.

—Aina, change your clothes first.


—No excuses… Okay?

—Yes, mom.

Arisa gave us both a challenging look.

Aina stood up quickly, bowed and immediately started to change her clothes as she was instructed, while I discreetly left the room.

—Thank you, Arisa. You saved me.

—Oh really? Weren’t you disappointed at all? — Arisa asked.


—Hehe, I like it when you’re honest.

Well, it was certainly a difficult moment, but as a man, I definitely got a little emotional… So yeah, like Arisa said, I was a little disappointed.

—Shall we go to my room while Aina gets changed? — Arisa suggested.


We went to Arisa’s room and sat down at the round table.

—Today was a perfect start to the year. Although there was a small hiccup at the end, it was no big deal compared to this. — Arisa said.

—I guess… But I really felt guilty.

Ugh… Although Arisa and his family say that there is no problem, I still think that if this had happened to someone else, they would have had to pay for cleanup or compensation.

I shouldn’t just think that I was lucky to have made such a mistake with Arisa. Although it has already happened, I have to make sure that I am careful to prevent situations like this from happening again.

—Oh, by the way. I told Aina as well.

—Oh really?

—Yes, they were really beautiful today. Even though I told you before I left, I felt the need to say it again.

—Thank you. We really wanted to look stunning.

Although Arisa had said that the start of the year had been perfect, being praised like that by the two of them made me feel happier than anything else.

—Hey, Arisa.


—I wonder… If I’m able to make them both have fun and if I’m fulfilling my role as a boyfriend adequately.

Somehow, without realizing it, those words came out of my mouth.

Arisa opened her eyes in surprise at this sudden comment, but as if she understood something, she took my hand and brought her beautiful face close to mine.

Even though my head was spinning from the soft scent, I kept my eyes on her beautiful eyes.

—As long as we are together, we will be very happy… If you are asking this question, it is for a good reason. Did we have a certain disagreement that made you feel so insecure?

—No, you two are always smiling.

And that was exactly what Arisa was doing now.

—Yes, I’m smiling. Because I’m by your side… Because you’re here, Hayato-kun.

Arisa said as she ran her hand over my cheek.

—I always feel when this happens… It’s because we’re so close to each other that our gazes are so intertwined that there’s no one else around us, and it’s natural for us to continue with actions like this.


—I just… I want to spoil you a little more and have you keep looking at me.

Taking advantage of the fact that there was a cushion behind her, I pushed her down.

Forgetting everything else, we immersed ourselves in this sweet atmosphere, enjoying Arisa’s warmth. Without saying anything else, I softly said “Thank you.”

—No, thank you, Hayato-kun.

After that, we spent some time in the same position with Arisa downstairs… And then Aina came up to us and the situation was reversed again.

—By the way, you looked really good with your ponytail today, Arisa.

—Really? I just did it to change it up a bit.

—Hayato-kun, do you think so too? Somehow, even she can look like a priestess with certain outfits. — Aina said.

—Yup! — I exclaimed.

—A priestess… A priestess cosplay might be a good option, too.


—Older Sister?




—Is everything alright now?

—Yes. I’m sure he’s happy too. — Arisa replied.

We lowered our intertwined hands and I stood up.

In front of me is the grave where Sakina-san’s husband lies… Today is the day reserved for visiting the grave.

A while ago, I had already finished visiting my parents’ grave. And now the Shinjo family was doing the same with their father’s grave.

—It is strange that our relatives’ graves are in the same place. — I said.

—True, this graveyard is big. — Arisa replied.

Perhaps… We passed each other without remembering, sometimes without leaving a lasting impression.

—He was a very kind person. He cared a lot about Arisa and Aina… And of course, he thought a lot about me, too. — Sakina said.

—I have no doubts. Not only as Sakina-san’s husband, but he must have wanted to take care of and spoil two such wonderful daughters. — I added.


When I told her this, Sakina was surprised and quiet.

I watched her with concern as her eyes began to tremble, thinking of the possibility of something unexpected. But nothing of the sort happened. Sakina looked back at the grave.

—The words you just said… He said similar things. — Sakina said as she stared at the grave — He talked about how adorable Arisa and Aina were and gave them a look full of kindness.

From this perspective, it was difficult to tell what expression she was wearing because her hair obscured her view and I could only see her profile.

However, I still couldn’t sense any gloomy atmosphere coming from Sakina, and that made me feel a little relieved.

—Hayato-kun, what about your parents?

—Probably… They would have told me something like: ‘Please take care of yourself, son.’ — I added with a smile.

 –-Oh really? That sounds like something a mother would say. 

If it were my mother… No, even my father would probably say something like that at this point. 

He’d probably say something like, “Make sure you make Arisa and Aina happy, or you won’t be a real man” while patting me on the back… No, no, that’s something only my mother would say.

—Visiting the grave… It brings a nostalgic feeling, but at the same time it makes us feel a bit alone. — I commented. 

—Yes… But that is why those of us who are left must find happiness. 

Yes, I completely agree with those words, and they are words that we must always keep in our hearts. 

Well, both you and I have done what we wanted to do here. As I turned around to go back, I saw someone familiar approaching. A couple of old people were walking towards where I was.

If they were just an ordinary old couple, I wouldn’t care. But this special couple… They are strangers to me, but at the same time, they are someone I can’t just ignore.

(I guess… It’s already that time of year, so we might run into each other.)

The two elders were my late father’s parents… That is, the people who hurt my mother.

From my perspective, I don’t have a single good memory of them, and I hate them so much that I never want to see them again.



The two elders called out to me in unison. And I raised my head sharply.

But that seemed to be enough for them.

First, Arisa covered my head with the hood of my jacket, while Aina hugged me tightly.

I didn’t really have anything to say to them, so we just walked past the old couple without stopping, breathing a sigh of relief.

—Hayato-kun, those two people… Could they be? — Arisa asked.

—Yes… They are exactly who you think.

—I see…

—I just want to go home with you… Without any stops along the way.

—Understood. — Arisa and Aina replied.

So the three of us got into the car with the goal of returning home.

Inside the car, Arisa and Aina had a lively conversation, while Sakina joined in from time to time. The atmosphere was very lively.

All the way to Shinjo’s house, we had a lot of fun talking about various topics… And we never touched on the subject of my paternal grandparents. It was probably because Sakina was thinking about how I would feel.

I probably made her worry… Still, the unexpected meeting surprised me, but compared to before, I feel calmer.

And I think that is also because I have developed a great peace of mind in my heart by meeting her. Of course, it’s not only that, but I’ve also been trying to become stronger and change more than before.

This is how I spent my New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day: sweet, warm days that I shared with them… And yet I felt that it was not over, but just the beginning of something even greater.

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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