Chapter 3: What’s your name?

What's your name?

It was a late afternoon on an ordinary day during the school week.

I was with Tachibana-san in the music room of the old school building. She was concentrated, playing the piano keys softly while emitting a clear and transparent voice.

I was standing next to the piano, waiting for her instructions, after all, we came here so I could practice singing. All of this was generated because of the choir practices we do for the graduation ceremony. Tachibana-san seemed to have a very good ear. And she proposed to practice together.

When I asked her if it was okay, she nodded saying something like: “What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t exercise a good influence on my special boy?”.

However, I could not afford to take this situation so lightly, I still have a plan to execute, and it is to be able to successfully break up with Tachibana-san. So, I tried to sing clumsily on purpose to make the situation more uncomfortable.

But before I could show my lack of interest, just three minutes after starting vocal practice, Tachibana-san got rid of all the sheet music, as if it were useless paper.

—Now that we’re alone, we should be more affectionate, don’t you think?

—I see that you don’t make any effort to even slightly conceal your intentions.

—Is it really necessary for you to want to practice your singing?

—Where is the girlfriend who “exercises a good influence over her boyfriend?”

Tachibana-san stood up from the chair and embraced me as if she were falling apart. She rested her little head on my chest and let out a sweet sigh.

—I love you, Shiro-kun.

Since our trip to Kyoto, Tachibana-san has been twice as affectionate and expressive as before. She lazily places her head on my shoulder or intertwines her fingers with mine.

Even in our everyday life, I can sense it in her melancholic expression.

Since that afternoon at the cultural festival, Tachibana-san suddenly became very popular among the girls. And many of them stayed close to keep any other guy from trying something with her.

Not to mention that she is still not accustomed to physical contact, and every time someone hugged her or held her hand, she let out moans that could easily be misinterpreted.

Certainly, Tachibana-san has acquired a more sensual air that even the people around her can notice.

Even now, she snuggles up to me with a pleading expression, displaying such a submissive attitude that seems to belong only to me.

If I continue to let myself be carried away by this atmosphere, we could delve into an intense sense of pleasure.

And right now, I’m on dangerous ground. At any moment, I could succumb to the temptation of Tachibana-san. But I have made a decision. Just like Hayasaka-san did, I must also be cold with her.

—I think you should let go of me. I don’t enjoy being held for too long.

With strong determination, I refuse to accept Tachibana-san’s love.

—I love you, Shiro-kun.

—I’m not comfortable with this situation, Tachibana-san.

—You know… Mom won’t be home this weekend.

—On weekends, I want to be alone and relax, you know?

—Although the downside is that my sister will be home…

—Um, hey, Tachibana-san, are you listening?

—But don’t worry, I’ll find a way to get rid of her.

It’s not working. This girl isn’t listening to me; it’s like she’s absorbed in her own world. Besides, I’m starting to feel bad for her sister.

Tachibana-san’s fingers trace my jawline and slide down to my neck.

—Shiro-kun, you’ve been saying boring things until just now.

—So, you were listening to me?

—Of course, but those are meaningless words. I know that you want it just as much as I do. – Tachibana said, placing her hand on my chest.

It’s true. I’ve been excited all along. It’s because Tachibana-san clings to me, stands on tiptoe, and presses her stomach against mine. Her movements, which seem instinctive and searching for something, evoke intense and palpable excitement in me.

Has she realized what I’m trying to do? I can’t explain why she keeps getting closer to me when I’m trying to be cruel to her.

I had to stick to my plan and execute it successfully. So, I decided to repel her. And the method for that was simple.

I took the initiative and drew her waist closer to me. I slipped my leg between her thighs and pressed against her hips while continuing to kiss her. Soon, Tachibana-san’s body began to tremble tenderly, as I tried to put my hand under her skirt and touch her underwear…

—Eh, ah… S-Shiro-kun… Um…

Tachibana-san let out her usual moan and escaped from my arms, hiding behind the piano, staring at me with surprise.

Although she and I have had physical relations, Tachibana-san is still very innocent when it comes to romance. Even if I tried to persuade her using carnal instincts, I failed in the process.

I can assume she wants to play it coy, considering the situation that has happened with Hayasaka-san, she has remained aloof throughout.

However, she won’t be able to stay like that forever. That’s why I must end this relationship.

It’s also a crucial time for Tachibana-san, as she needs to focus more on her piano practice for the university entrance exam…

—You still don’t understand my feelings, Shiro-kun – Tachibana said while looking at my face.

—That’s not true, I understand… to a certain extent.

—Then, what is my idea about romance?

After thinking about it for a moment, I replied.

—That two people who met when they were little love each other without obstacles and end up together.

This can also be understood from how Tachibana-san cheered for Hamanami and Yoshimi-kun at the cultural festival. However, Tachibana-san frowned like a child.

—Bzzt, incorrect answer.

—What is the correct answer?

—The Taisho era.

—It’s impossible to guess that.

—I’m fifteen years old, and Shiro-kun is a thirty-year-old man with a beard.

—Now I’m confused.

Tachibana-san decided to introduce me to one of her fantasies and gave me the context for what she was about to tell me.

She just arrived from her hometown and is working at a café in Ginza.

—Shirou-kun discovered me, a young innocent girl, and took me to live with him. He taught me manners and shared all his knowledge with me, dressed me in beautiful clothes, and turned me into a refined city girl. And as a token of gratitude for taking me in, I put in a lot of effort into cleaning and laundry and dedicate myself wholeheartedly to you.

It seems that my treatment towards Tachibana is like that of a little girl, striving to make a girl who lacks that emotion happy.

—But one day, Shiro-kun realizes that he has turned me into a doll that he can control at his will. And although that sometimes worries him, one night, without realizing it, he gets into my futon with me. And even though I was embarrassed, I allowed it.

—At least you allowed it

—The climax of this story is a scene in which I am pursued by many high school boys, and Shiro-kun, upon realizing this and his love for me, proposes that we formalize our relationship, making me reject all the proposals of my suitors to live happily ever after with you forever.

—Tachibana-san, have you thought about writing a book? That was very good.

—Shiro-kun, focus… Because you don’t understand my feelings, let’s do this as a test.

Saying that, Tachibana-san took out something unexpected… The love notes.

—It’s amazing how you always appear with that notebook in unexpected moments… I don’t think it’s right to do it.

—Why? What’s wrong with it?

At the moment I am trying to break the type of relationship that I have with Tachibana-san, therefore, doing things that strengthen the bond between us would not be the most appropriate.

—I don’t know, I just think now is not the best time.

—You’re cruel — Tachibana replied with teary eyes.

—I’m not, I just believe we shouldn’t do something that will make us feel bad.

To some extent, Tachibana-san is right. That notebook is very appropriate for understanding your partner’s feelings or getting to know someone on a deeper level. But it’s also a double-edged sword.

—It’s okay, I understand. I know that Shiro-kun doesn’t want to understand my feelings. I apologize for making a strange request.

Tachibana-san had a sad expression and was preparing to leave the room. Seeing that again caused a pain in my chest.

If I take Tachibana-san’s feelings into consideration, there is no doubt that she has been enduring many things bravely on her own.

But this clashes with my plans to end things with her. I must not let myself be swayed by compassion just because she made sad faces. I am a man who has made his decision, and I will not back down. I have a strong will, and…

—Wait a moment!

This time it’s not my fault; my body moved on its own.

—Hehe. — Tachibana laughed cheerfully — I knew you would do the right thing, Shiro-kun.

—So, I fell into your trap, huh?

Saying that, I lifted the hem of my pants and showed my hairless legs.

—I see you came prepared.

—Yes, I received your message yesterday saying that you wanted to play this game.

—So, are you ready to do it?

—Yes, let’s give it a try.

Saying that, we headed from the old music room to the literature club room.

Once there, we both exchanged uniforms while avoiding looking at each other. According to her words, she felt very embarrassed and didn’t want me to turn and look at her until she indicated.

Once I received her uniform, I proceeded to put it on.

After the change, I saw Tachibana-san with a masculine appearance, her hair styled in a handsome male fashion.

Tachibana-san was wearing my shirt, a sweater, and the pants. In a way, she looked really good in them.

On the other hand, I can’t say the same about my appearance. In moments like this, saying something would be awkward, so I’ll focus on playing along.

—From now on, you are Hikari Kirishima, and I am Tachibana Shiro.

—Got it.

We nodded, ready to start the game.




What is your name?

It’s a game focused on humanism, where we both exchange roles to better understand each other’s feelings.

We can also convey our desires to each other by behaving in the way we want. Although objectively speaking, there is no real need for us to exchange clothes.

Nevertheless, I didn’t want to create any discrepancy between us. So, I simply accepted her request. And I immersed myself in the role, starting to prepare the coffee the way Tachibana-san usually does.

To perform this task, she uses the siphon, which is an instrument that requires handling glass objects, and to be honest, it’s a bit complicated. Until now, I hadn’t fully appreciated all the work that Tachibana-san has to go through to make such delicious coffee.

I should thank her more often.

—Here you go.

I placed the cup on the coffee table in front of Tachibana, who was sitting on the sofa with crossed legs.

—Thank you, Hikari.

Tachibana Shirou-kun says that while gently stroking my head. Such gestures make me blush.

—Hikari, I will help you with your studies.


—The final exams are approaching, and I bet they must be very difficult, right?

Saying that, Shiro-kun opened the universal history book.

—Now, tell me, what is the name of the famous street in New York where the most important economic business is conducted?

—I don’t want to study, Shiro-kun! Thank you for caring about my exams, that makes me very happy… But I’m sure I’ll do well. And by the way, that place is called Baker Street.

—I guess I can’t force you to do it… You’re so cute when you’re like this.

Tachibana Shirou-kun began stroking my head as he said those words.

I still feel strange with this role reversal, but I can’t deny that it’s quite satisfying to receive Tachibana’s affection and care for me.

—And by the way, Baker Street is a city in London.

—No, I made a mistake! I confused the city where Sherlock Holmes stories take place! How embarrassing!

—It’s okay, it’s okay, if you say so… Although just to clarify, the place I’m referring to is Elm Street, little kitten. — Tachibana said, kissing my forehead.

Wait… Elm Street is a fictional city from a horror movie. The correct answer should be Wall Street, but if Tachibana Shirou-kun says it’s Elm Street, then it must be! Long live Freddy!

—Alright, let’s continue with this!


We tried to study with enthusiasm, but Tachibana Shirou-kun got bored at the second question. He’s not in the mood to study either.

—Hey, I’m tired. Let’s relax a bit, okay?

Tachibana Shirou-kun lay down on the sofa, so I offered him my legs to use as pillows.

—Hey, Hikari, what would happen if I got along well with other girls?

—No, no, I don’t want that! I don’t want Tachibana Shirou-kun to be anyone else’s boyfriend except Hikari!

—Don’t worry. I’m only yours, my lovely girl☆

We continued that lackluster and noticeably unintelligent conversation for a while. And then, I thought to myself. This game is a failure.

Both Tachibana-san and I have a low resolution and understanding when it comes to the opposite gender.

Perhaps people simply can’t become anyone other than themselves. And just as I thought that, it happened.

I heard footsteps growing louder as they approached us. The shadow of a person was reflected on the frosted glass of the door.

Tachibana-san remained immersed in her role as if nothing mattered to her, and she looked quite good dressed in my clothes.

But I was the complete opposite. Although I had been trying not to mention it, the blouse I was wearing was too small, with not all the buttons done up. Moreover, the skirt had the zipper completely open, and despite having shaved my legs, to be honest, it’s not a pleasant sight to behold.

If someone else were to see me like this, I would lose my dignity as a man. However… The door opened.




The wind today was colder than usual.

Aya Sakai walked towards the station, covering her mouth with a scarf. The sky hinted that it would soon start raining, but with the prevailing temperature in the air, it might even turn into snow.

Wondering if she had brought an umbrella with her, she proceeded to check her bag when she saw a familiar face approaching. It was Akane Hayasaka.

—Akane-chan, where are you going?

—I’m going to bring an umbrella to Kirishima-kun.

Akane held a vinyl umbrella with both hands, treating it as something precious.

—That bespectacled boy, isn’t he currently with Tachibana in the club?

—Yes. So, I’ll leave it in front of the club room. I’ve done it before.

—Hmm, is everything alright?

—Yes, of course. Kirishima-kun is the best. He would never betray me, he’s always kind to me and truly understands me. So, I think it’s fine for him to be with another girl in the club. I’m being a good girlfriend in that sense.

—And what if Kirishima does something with Tachibana-san?

Without answering the question, Akane tightly gripped the vinyl umbrella, her lips pressed tightly together, and her eyes seemed on the verge of tears.

She tried to leave quickly, but Aya grabbed her by the shoulder and stopped her.

—Akane-chan, do you have your own umbrella?

—I don’t.

—I see. Well, I’ll head home before it starts raining. — Sakai said as she took out her umbrella — You can take mine.

Akane’s expression brightened at the kind gesture from her friend.

—A—Are you sure?

—Of course. But with one condition. Leave the umbrella outside the door, and go straight home. Don’t interfere. Understood?

—Gotcha! Thank you!

Akane waved her hand and returned to the school.

After that, Sakai took out her smartphone and searched for Kirishima’s contact, but before making any moves, she hesitated, wondering if it was a good idea to do anything.

However, after thinking for a while, she put her smartphone back into the pocket of her coat. She felt that whatever she did now would no longer have any meaning.




The person who opened the club door turned out to be the student council president, Shota Maki. As for me, I was hiding inside the cleaning closet.

Just before the door opened, Tachibana-san pushed me inside. In moments like this, Tachibana-san tends to act quickly, after all, she cares about me.

The club room was in complete silence.

Maki and Tachibana-san, wearing my uniform, were facing each other. Although they don’t usually interact much, this is a strange situation. And I wonder what will happen next.

I simply observed the unfolding events from my position, wondering who would make the first move.

—Oh, hi Maki. What’s up?

It was Tachibana-san who spoke first.

Maki didn’t respond immediately, staying silent for a brief moment as if analyzing the situation, but then he replied.

—I’m writing my farewell speech for the graduation ceremony. I was wondering if you’re interested in helping me, Kirishima.

—Oh, that’s cool.

The conversation between Maki and fake Kirishima starts off very naturally. I’m surprised by their acting abilities.

—I want to make a memorable speech, after all.

—How about trying it with a guitar and vocals?

—That’s a great idea, thank you, Kirishima.


Maki, stop. You shouldn’t be accepting Tachibana-san’s ideas. She’s the type of person who either falls asleep or loses consciousness during the whole event. Surely nothing good will come out of it.

However, my thoughts have no effect, and the speech with progressive chords is completed.

After that, the two create a relaxed atmosphere.

From my perspective, I want this to end as soon as possible. I’m not accustomed to wearing a skirt, and I’m filled with the desire to put on pants again as quickly as possible.

But the charade between Maki and Tachibana-san continued. They’re definitely doing this with the intention of teasing me.

Determined to come out of the cleaning closet regardless of whether Maki sees me in this state, a curious question from Tachibana-san arose.

—Hey, Maki, who should I choose as my girlfriend? — Tachibana-san asked — Hayasaka-san can cook, is persevering, and I know she’ll support me if we go to university together. I feel that if we’re together, I can also grow as a person. I also know that if we were to get married, we could build a happy home.

—That’s true. — Maki nodded.

—And on the other hand, I have Tachibana-san, who has smaller breasts compared to Hayasaka-san.

—Well, um…

—She’s not good at cooking or studying, she’s selfish, easily bored. The only thing you’re good at is playing the piano, and you plan to go to a different university. So, our university life will be very different…

At that moment, Tachibana-san’s voice starts to weaken considerably.

—I… I’m useless and I have nothing positive to offer to Shirou-kun. So maybe Hayasaka-san is the better choice for him after all…

After all, Tachibana is very concerned because she felt she wasn’t enough for me. Which I found absurd.

However, Maki expressed his thoughts with great reason and sensibility.

—Don’t be silly. Kirishima wouldn’t choose someone based on those things.


—Yes. Well, let’s be honest, Kirishima is an indecisive, cowardly guy with no ethics whatsoever. He’s completely useless in every aspect.

Hey! That’s too cruel! And you call yourself a friend?

—But he doesn’t seek reciprocation from the person he likes. I don’t know who he’ll choose. But he’s not so stupid as to make a choice based on conventional values or trivial calculations.


—So, cheer up, Tachibana-san. Don’t be intimidated by something like that… Ah, sorry, you’re supposed to be Kirishima, right? Well, that doesn’t matter now. See you later, and that includes you, cross-dresser hiding in the closet.

After saying that, Maki leaves the clubroom.


Tachibana-san stands in front of the cleaning closet.

—Tachibana-san… — I responded from inside the closet — I don’t want you to think that way. I don’t care if you’re not a good cook, a bad student, or if you get bored easily. I find you enchanting, even if you don’t have large breasts.

After all, I can’t be cold or hurtful to Tachibana-san. I just want to handle things properly when the time comes to make a decision. For that reason, I want her to be happy, even now.

Even after saying those words, I didn’t receive a response from her, just faint noises. And after a few minutes, the door finally opened.

Tachibana-san was only wearing a shirt.

Her long legs were visible, she wasn’t wearing socks, revealing a sexy appearance.

—You enchant me too.

Tachibana-san replied, blushing and averting her gaze.




Tachibana-san and I were very close.

We stood facing each other. I embraced her beautiful and slender body, causing her to tremble in my arms. That sensation reminded me of that night in Kyoto.

Gasping, trembling, and lying beneath me. Feeling her slender body drenched in sweat.

Tachibana gasping, trembling, and flustered beneath my body. Her white limbs glistening with sweat.


Ignoring those words, I approached to give Tachibana-san a kiss. Their lips were soft. As I slid my tongue into their mouth, both tongues quickly intertwined sweetly.

When we separated, a strand of saliva stretched and Tachibana-san exhaled a moist breath.

—Hey, Shirou-kun… — Tachibana-san said desperately —That act we engaged in that night in Kyoto, I hadn’t planned on doing it with you. However, we both knew that if we stayed alone, we would inevitably hurt the people around us.

And that’s how we had decided to leave that trip as our final memory and then go our separate ways.

—However, during our journey back on the bullet train, the way I held onto you, I felt so many things that made me want to keep clinging to you, Shiro-kun. Even now, I still feel the same way.

Tachibana felt secure and desired when being with me. That’s why they undressed on their own without me suggesting it in any way.

They weren’t wearing underwear beneath their shirt, and as I touched their breasts, I could feel a distinct softness coming from that area.

As the touch lingered, the hardened nipples became more evident through the shirt.

—Don’t look at me, Shiro-kun. — Tachibana said, shyly averting their gaze.

I proceeded to lick their nipples through the slightly transparent shirt, thanks to my saliva. Their pink nipples became slightly visible.

Using my fingers, I began to play with their nipples, then resumed licking with my tongue. Tachibana-san gently squirmed in my arms and trembled adorably.

—Shiro-kun… I… I can’t… Stand anymore…

As I directed my gaze between their legs, I saw how the fluids were sliding slightly.

Witnessing that, something inside me was triggered, and I slipped my hand between their legs. Their underwear was wet, and their intimate parts were soft.

While I stimulate them using the tips of my fingers through their underwear, I began to lick their neck.

—We shouldn’t… We had P.E…

The more Tachibana-san resisted, the wetter their crotch became.

The intervals in which their body trembled shortened, causing them to lose the battle against orgasms with each passing second.

—Ah… Shiro-kun… Shiro-kun… Shiro-kun!

As droplets fell to the ground, their hips trembled with intensity.

The expression of ecstasy on their face was quite enchanting. The strand of hair falling over their face, their reddened cheeks, their pleading gaze, and a radiant smile on their face.

In the face of such a scene, all words and values seemed insignificant. And as if being absorbed by their presence, my body moved on its own, and I proceeded to lift their shirt.

But before I could go any further…

—Don’t do it…

Upon hearing that voice, a chill ran through my body, and I slowly turned my head in the direction of the voice.

It was Hayasaka-san, standing at the door of the room, with a shy expression on their face, holding an umbrella pressed against their chest, protecting it as if it were something precious.

—I—I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt your club activity…

Hayasaka-san spoke with a very reserved demeanor.

—I feel sorry for Tachibana-san. You only use their body as a means to satisfy your desires.

For Hayasaka, these kinds of acts that I engage in with Tachibana are seen as me using them for my carnal desires, avoiding taking advantage of them and keeping them pure for the day they get married.

Tachibana doesn’t stay silent in the face of such words and responds to Hayasaka with a sharp tone.

—Get out of here right now.

—I can’t. If I leave you, Kirishima-kun will use you again without considering your feelings.

—Shiro-kun loves me.

—He doesn’t love you. If he truly felt love for you, he wouldn’t be doing those kinds of things with you.

—Um, maybe we should calm down a bit…

Trying to maintain a calm atmosphere, I intervened in the little argument they were having… But it was futile, as they didn’t seem to listen to me.

The argument was running in parallel and escalating quickly. And eventually, the fuse was lit.

—We do those things because he loves me. I gave him my virginity because I love him, and he loves me. He loves me so much that he also gave me his first time.

—That’s not true!

Hayasaka loses her composure, who had been nervous until now. It was evident that hearing those words turned out to be very shocking for her.

While Tachibana is right about something, my first time was with her, and that is an unchangeable fact.

—Tachibana-san, you… You’re just being used as an object, your body is being used like a human-sized masturbator, and once they’re done with you, you’ll be discarded.

Hayasaka’s response turned out to be even more provocative. She probably learned those words recently; it’s the first time I’ve heard her say things like that.


It was more than obvious that those words didn’t sit well with Tachibana. The expression they put on their face was quite comical. But they quickly composed themselves and adopted a cold expression.

—…Say what you want, but Shiro-kun has shown me his love countless times.

As Tachibana approached Hayasaka, they placed their hand on their abdomen as they spoke.

—You don’t know how that feels, do you? To engage in such an act, to be naked with the person you love, to have their hands roam your entire body…

Tachibana-san begins to talk about the nights in Kyoto.

The first time, when I unconsciously bit Tachibana-san due to the overwhelming pleasure.

The second night, when we repeated our intimacy multiple times. And as Tachibana recounts those experiences, they get caught up in their own words and start saying things they wouldn’t normally express.

—As we continued, Shiro-kun held me tightly, kissing me as he penetrated deep inside me… Reaching climax had never been so easy for me.

Hayasaka’s bangs fell over her face, hiding her expression. She remained motionless, listening to Tachibana’s words.

—And then, it kept happening over and over again. Even when I begged him to stop… He didn’t spare me any of those nights. But I understand. I know that because Shiro-kun was doing it, he was trying to make me his own, he wanted me to become his girl so badly.

Tachibana didn’t hold back. They didn’t care about the harm it might be causing Hayasaka; the only lingering desire within them was to make it clear the kind of relationship that existed between them and me.

—He wanted to exert his dominance through pleasure, making me feel foolish. But the truth is, that didn’t matter. Because I wouldn’t have gone anywhere without him. Because I am madly in love with Shiro-kun, and yet, he continued to shower me with possessiveness.

That night, we had taken a bath together. And even though we tried to sleep, our desire to do it over and over again was stronger than us.

That was our last night in Kyoto. We couldn’t sleep; Tachibana and I were too busy exploring our emotions and pleasures.

—I was so exhausted that I couldn’t stand on my own, so Shiro-kun held me from behind as we showered together, and he washed my body. But even in those moments, he didn’t let go. He held me tightly as he groped my entire body.

Tachibana’s expression became more and more evident; they couldn’t hide the ecstasy and excitement anymore. It was like seeing a different person.

—I tried to hold back, but I reached my limit and begged him to do whatever he wanted with my body as long as it felt good. I really tried to be strong, but… Being with Shiro-kun, it’s inevitable to lose your sanity. He played with my body so much that my vagina climaxed again and again. I felt humiliated, and I cried. But it felt good, strangely pleasurable.

With a red face and an ecstatic expression, Tachibana whispered their entire experience from that night into Hayasaka’s ear.

Inevitably, the girl standing with the umbrella pressed against her chest, hiding her face, became so angry that she slapped Tachibana.

But that didn’t stop Tachibana; it didn’t make them retract their words or even attempt to mend things. It was as if this was the end of a battle, and they were determined to finish off their opponent. They delivered a final blow.

—Do you want to know something else? After that frantic night, the most beautiful thing of all was waking up embraced by the boy you love in the morning, feeling him gently caress your head. Undoubtedly, that was the most satisfying part, and believe me, Hayasaka-san… After that night, Shiro-kun has no intention whatsoever of having your first time.

An uncomfortable silence filled the club room. The sound of the wind raging outside the building could even be heard.

The previously motionless Hayasaka began to laugh, breaking the heavy tension in the room.

—Hahaha, you’re just a sexual toy, Tachibana-san. There’s no value in that, that’s not how true love is measured…

Tachibana’s gaze sharpened, and it seemed like they were about to say something more. But before they could even open their mouth, they abruptly stopped. It wasn’t necessary to respond to Hayasaka’s comments.

Although she was laughing cheerfully, a sea of tears streamed from Tachibana’s dark eyes.

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese

Kirishima and Hayasaka are two classmates who have a secret relationship in public.

In their school life they pretend that they don't know each other, but behind the scenes there is much more to them than people can imagine. The two get into a relationship that is difficult to break and ends up being impure, unhealthy, and complicated, as the relationship between them was nothing more than an affair that simply created a love triangle before Kirishima's first love and his second love.


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