Chapter 2: New Hayasaka-san

New Hayasaka-san

The school we attended focused on higher education, so third-year students didn’t attend school during the third term except for one day a week. As a result, the school became relatively quiet when the new school year began.

—I don’t have a particular senpai who’s special to me. — Sakai said, gazing out at the empty courtyard. — But it feels a little lonely for some reason.

The day’s classes had ended, and I was cleaning the classroom with her as part of our tasks. Many other students had similar tasks to do, like sweeping the hallways or taking out the trash. As a result, it was just Sakai and me in the classroom.

—We’re graduating next year. Have you decided what major you want to study? — I asked.

—I suppose I’ll study humanities until something better comes along. — Sakai replied.

—That sounds kind of complicated.

—Yeah, it is. I’m not really sure what I’ll end up doing in the future.

I recalled Maki’s words during lunchtime. He was writing the farewell speech he would recite to all the students at the graduation ceremony, as it was one of his duties as the student council president. He stopped writing at the words ‘keep working hard toward your dreams’ and said something in an unusually emotional state.

—We can’t talk about our dreams like we did when we were kids anymore. — he said. — We’re not so young as to think that an ideal world awaits us, but we’re not quite old enough to make compromises with reality either.

He had a strong point. We were seventeen, and we were forced to think about our future. But we weren’t quite adults yet to take on more serious responsibilities. It was like being caught between a rock and a hard place.

—I suppose in cases like these, it’s good to have a more realistic goal that fits our situation. You know, decide on a university first and plan from there. Set goals that are more realistic and achievable to keep our feet on the ground. Don’t you think, Sakai? —  I said

—I see you’re still overthinking things. — she responded with a serious tone. — The most important thing is love.


—Yes, love is the most important thing. Akane is convinced that she’s your girlfriend. I think you need to take the issues you’re facing right now more seriously.

Certainly, Hayasaka-san’s perception was distorted. I wasn’t entirely aware of the rule that Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san had agreed upon. But according to her, I was aware of it and still decided to commit such an act with Tachibana-san.

—Don’t you think Akane looks more radiant than ever? That’s how she would look if you accept her as your true girlfriend. — said Sakai.

I can’t deny that there’s a different aura around Hayasaka-san. She looks very different in every aspect, both in attitude and appearance. She’s like the ideal girlfriend.

If both of us had developed a normal relationship from the beginning, I wonder how things would be now between them and me… Would it be exactly like this?

—Can you tell Akane the truth?

—I have already tried.

—But it’s hard for me to break the illusion she’s living in now.

—I think she also knows it deep down in her heart. But her reputation at school is getting worse and worse. — replied Sakai.

After the cultural festival incident, Tachibana-san and I had become a couple officially approved by all the students at school.

This caused Hayasaka-san to be seen as the woman who likes to flirt with guys who have a girlfriend.

—Unlike before, there’s a strange sense of reality in her now that didn’t exist before. Well, naturally, she thinks she’s Kirishima’s girlfriend, but you know, girls don’t like girls who flirt with other people’s boyfriends. Plus, this has also made Tachibana’s popularity explode. Everyone wants to be her friend now.

Apparently, the girls are confused by the attitude that Hayasaka-san has taken recently. Not to mention the fact that she was always seen as an icon of purity, so if the current situation becomes known, it will lead to a bigger social problem.

Luckily, we have managed to minimize the damage thanks to Sakai, who takes care of keeping her away from me whenever she gets too clingy and affectionate with me during break time.

—So, what are you going to do? Tachibana will never give up on you, since you were her first time. And Akane isn’t aware of the reality she’s standing in. It’s pretty bad for her to pretend to be your girlfriend while breaking her reputation.

Undoubtedly, it’s a situation that I must resolve no matter what. But the real question is how to do it without anyone getting hurt.

—So that’s why I thought about executing Kirishima’s soft landing plan.

—Hmm? Could you repeat that?

—Kirishima’s soft landing plan.

It sounds scary. But at the same time, I feel curious.

—And what exactly is it about?

—You have to be cold with them. Make them hate you.

—So, your brilliant plan is to make their love heat cool down and not turn into a battlefield?

Obviously, I told Hamanami about this plan, and as you can imagine, she didn’t take it very well.



There is still a part of the story that has not been told regarding what happened at the Tokyo station. Since everything had gone out of control, it was time for me to make a choice once and for all. As soon as I left the hospital, I met with both of them separately to choose who I would stay with, just as it should have been during Christmas… But luck was not on my side. Neither of them listened to me at all.

Hayasaka thought I had chosen her as soon as I met with her. The smile on her face was so bright that it was hard to say no to her. And as for Tachibana, she hugged me while trying to explain the situation, and by her own choice, she decided to believe that I had chosen her.

Therefore, Kirishima’s Soft Landing Plan, which involved being cold to both girls as a prelude to breaking up with them, was the most viable option. Both would be hurt and also dismissed while I ended up alone. It’s definitely a difficult task, but it’s best for all three of us.

Sakai advised me to have a time limit for carrying out the plan, and that would be until the ski trip. In our high school, most of the school events for third-year students are canceled to focus on university entrance exams. Therefore, the ski trip in early March for second-year students is the last event to enjoy.

It was understandable, after all, I have to think about the future of both girls. Given Hayasaka’s academic score, she is likely aiming for a top university, while Tachibana plans to attend the art university, which is considered the most difficult to enter, with a practical piano test as an admission requirement. Both must have a good result before we reach the third year. I want both of them to have a happy future.

—I plan to make a decision on the last night of the ski trip, no matter what happens.

—Even if this means severely hurting the one who is not chosen?


There was no other path to choose. If one of us suffers, then we all do. It was a crazy choice, and it meant throwing away all the feelings I had developed up to that point. But it was best for everyone in the long run.

—So you’ve decided to go as a kamikaze, right? In the opposite direction and without brakes.


Sakai was right, in a way. Even if I tried to choose one of the two, it might generate a reverse effect that would end up making the situation worse. But I didn’t care.

We can’t continue like this, we need to put an end to this unhealthy relationship.

—In that case, try to land softly. Do your best! Although we both know it’s a lie.


And so, I set my plan in motion. It’s not pleasant to harden your heart and treat a girl who has strong feelings of love for you with contempt. But since I’ve made this decision, there’s no turning back. I must execute this plan in the most positive way possible.

—Kirishima-kun, I made you a bento for lunch~!

During lunch hour, Hayasaka-san approached my seat with a bento. Because she thinks she’s my girlfriend, she strives to do every activity that an attentive girlfriend would do with her partner. This caused our classmates to have confused expressions on their faces.

Normally, I would have taken Hayasaka-san by the arm and led her to a place where we were alone to make her see reason. But that behavior on my part would only make things worse.

—No, I’m going to eat a bread from the convenience store.

I got up from my seat and headed to a convenience store.

When I returned with the bread in my hand, Hayasaka-san was looking at the bento she had prepared for me on her desk with a sad expression. As soon as she saw me enter the classroom, she changed her expression to a cheerful one.

—I’ll work harder to make Kirishima-kun think my food is delicious! — exclaimed Hayasaka with energy.

After hearing that, my body moved on its own, I headed to Hayasaka-san’s desk and took the bento she had prepared for me.

—Can I eat this for dinner?

—… Haha, sure, thank you.

And my pitiful attempts to be cruel to Hayasaka-san didn’t end there.

The next day, Hayasaka-san walked with me to school, and with a radiant attitude, she showed me a cute anime character keychain that she really liked. I tried to be indifferent to her flashy behavior and answered her bluntly that I didn’t like her new keychain at all. The unexpected happened. The day after that, Hayasaka-san stopped using her keychain on her bag. I was very surprised to see that she gave me a forced smile after that.

Soon after, I discovered that she had bought two keychains of different colors, one for herself and the other for me. I had behaved like a jerk with her, and I had no choice but to apologize. I bought her the same keychain again and gave it to her. As expected, she burst with emotion and hugged me tightly.

—Thank you, Kirishima-kun! I’ll keep it forever!

I’m a coward. I can’t be cold to Hayasaka-san at all. Even if I could for a moment, my body responds in a different way.

It’s useless. If I choose Tachibana-san, I’ll hurt Hayasaka-san even more. However, I don’t think I can be cold to Hayasaka-san. I was in such a complicated situation that I didn’t know how to progress with it.



One day, while riding home together on the train, I attempted to continue with my plan of being heartless towards Hayasaka-san.

—I liked it so much that I watched it twice!

she exclaimed enthusiastically, speaking about a movie she found entertaining. I thought that if I said something contrary to what she was excited about, it might lower her good impression of me.

—I think that movie is boring. — I replied, trying to sound dismissive.

—Oh, I see. I’m sorry. I don’t have much knowledge about movies, nor do I have enough criteria to determine which works are interesting. But I’ll study hard and try to be like Kirishima-kun!

Really…?! I never thought making someone hate you could be this hard. I can’t take it anymore; I feel like I want to pamper her and be kind to her. I can’t stand to see that sad face.

—I’ve been thinking, and maybe I’ll attend the preparation course. — I said, changing the subject.


Hayasaka-san’s expression lit up at the sound of those words. She has been attending a preparation course since the summer and has been subtly urging me to come along.

—Yes, I think it’s time I take my studies more seriously.

—Let’s go right now! There are also classes after school. Come with me, it’ll be fun. — Hayasaka-san said, holding onto my arm.

At the preparation course, interpersonal relationships are isolated. There, Hayasaka-san can also behave like my girlfriend formally. That was the reason why I agreed to go.

—Okay, let’s go.

That was when my plan of detachment crumbled before Hayasaka-san.



I get the impression that people attending a prep course are highly motivated individuals. They seem focused on studying with a strong sense of discipline, and the impression is that they have weak interpersonal relationships.

In fact, when I first entered the building, everything was quiet and the air was fresh. As it is a group of people our age, Hayasaka-san was very friendly with everyone and seems to get along well with them. This caused a group of girls to be surprised when they saw me holding hands with her.

—Is he your boyfriend, Hayasaka-san?

—Yes, he’s Kirishima-kun.

—Wow, he’s so handsome!

—Nice to meet you, I’m Kirishima Hiro.

As I exchanged a casual greeting with the girls, Hayasaka-san pushed me away without saying anything.

—Don’t you think that was disrespectful?


Hayasaka-san led me to a seat in the back corner of the classroom. At first glance, it seemed like everyone was free to sit wherever they wanted, so I suppose there wouldn’t be a problem with this.


—Because these girls are special. They have been working hard studying and taking lessons. And since they are not used to dealing with boys, even boys with glasses like Kirishima-kun might seem cool to them and they could easily fall for them. Wouldn’t it be a problem if that happened?

—That’s a little offensive.

—I don’t care, just don’t get close to them.

—Okay, fine…

Just before the class began, Hayasaka-san’s classmates approached us with interest and said things like “Your boyfriend seems serious.” And she just nodded shyly.

—The main task of a student is to study! We should not be distracted by love!

There are many things to think about, but once the class started, Hayasaka-san was writing with her mechanical pencil in her notebook with a serious expression. It was quite comforting to see that even she could switch the switch when it comes to studying.

I also focused on the class and started working on the formulas written on the board. I had confidence in myself that I could do a splendid job, and in turn, impress everyone in the class. But…the problems turned out to be more complex than I imagined. I was totally blocked. I looked around and noticed that the rest of the students were writing in their notebooks without any worries. This caused me to feel a little anxious.

However, I can’t give up. Since childhood, studying has been my only strength. Or so I thought…



—You don’t have to feel bad, we’re in the exam prep course, and we’re moving faster than in school.

On the way home, Hayasaka consoles me in the darkness of the night.

That doesn’t matter. If I keep going like this, I’ll lose my only strength. And I’ll just be a skinny guy with glasses.

—Do you want me to help you?

—You don’t have to do that. I can do it myself.

—Alright, calm down, I know you can do it! — Hayasaka said, clenching her fist — Start with math tomorrow!

—Yes! I’ll spend a lot of time practicing math!

—Math! That’s it! — Hayasaka repeated with determination — Come on, Kirishima-kun, rap with me~!

—No thanks, I’m too embarrassed.


—But thank you, Hayasaka-san. You lifted my spirits a lot.

—Hehe, you’re welcome… Oh! By the way! Remember to study English too, it’s very important, otherwise you’ll have trouble with the exams. Watching movies is highly recommended to get used to the language.

Hayasaka-san was infecting me with his enthusiasm. And my spirits, which had been dragged down, returned to me, making me feel renewed.

—You’re spoiling me a lot, you know?

—Hehe. I know. — Hayasaka replied, blushing.

Then he took my arm, stood on tiptoe, and kissed me on the cheek.

—Work hard, Kirishima-kun.

It was a supportive kiss. Holding hands, we walked together. The city lights illuminated the night street.

Hayasaka-san’s breath came out like white vapor. She wore a coat over his uniform and a scarf. Despite her wintry appearance, there seemed to be a warm air floating around her.

I love you, Kirishima-kun. — she said as she snuggled up to me. — I hope we’ll continue to be together in the future.


This version of Hayasaka-san was built on the belief that she was chosen. But without a doubt, she was a hundred percent adorable and cheerful girlfriend.

To what extent is it right to hurt a girl who is happy? How well would it be seen to make fun of her feelings and choose another?

I’m starting to believe that all of this is wrong… But for now, I’m determined to immerse myself in this illusion that Hayasaka-san provides me.



The dating life I shared with Hayasaka-san was fulfilling yet serious. We spent most of our time together in school and prep classes, rather than engaging in more trivial date activities. Even when we went out, our conversations often revolved around our future plans.

—I’ve decided which university I’ll attend. And you, Kirishima-kun?

—I still don’t know. I haven’t even chosen a major yet.

—If you think about what you want to do in the future, it will come to you naturally.

Unlike before, Hayasaka-san didn’t seem to want to attend the same university as me.

—Your wishes come first, Kirishima-kun. It’s moral for us to separate and study in different places. But even if I’m not with you, you shouldn’t cheat on me with another girl~.

Hayasaka-san said this with a smile on her face as she held her coffee cup. She had become a completely healthy girl who no longer tried to drink black coffee to please me.

—Let’s do it when we’re adults. — said Hayasaka.

She truly believed that the reason something had happened between Tachibana-san and me was because I needed to relieve my male impulses. She firmly believed that I was respecting her body by not doing something that could tarnish her name.

Ironically, if we did it now, it would let her know that I didn’t respect her. Or I would have to admit that I was pursuing Tachibana-san. That’s why Hayasaka-san became very scrupulous.

She had adopted the values of a good girl that she had denied until now. So we just held hands, hugged, or at most, gave each other kisses on the cheek.

And that was fine with me because I wasn’t really after her body.

We were a simple and friendly couple. We made a list of places to go on dates and went to them one by one. Hayasaka-san’s requests were usually warm and cozy places like a zoo or an aquarium.

After visiting each of those places, she wanted to go to a ramen shop, so I took her there, showing her how to order or prepare the dish she was most interested in.

—Are you enjoying this date?

—Yes, I’ve never been to a place like this before.

It seems there are girls who have never been to a ramen restaurant or a gyudon chain before.

—So, this is what a ramen restaurant is like.

On the way to the train station, Hayasaka-san expressed her first impressions of visiting a ramen shop for the first time in her life.

—Although, I wonder if girls like me would get excited about eating at places like these. It’s very cheap food.

—I don’t know. But I hope you’ll stay like this.

—Do you think so? In that case, I should ask for a very expensive brand bag next time.

The time I spent with Hayasaka-san was like being under a warm ray of sunshine. She was very calm and made me feel secure.



The moment her charm reached its peak was on a Saturday. There was a mock exam in our prep course that day, and after finishing all the subjects, I was exhausted. It was already starting to get dark as I left the building when Hayasaka spoke up.

—I’ve always wanted to go somewhere with Kirishima-kun. — she said.

I followed her, and it turned out to be the rooftop garden of a shopping center. There was an artificial lawn for children to play on, and several games, like a small slide. Since it was late in the day, there were hardly any people there.

—I used to come here with my family when I was little. This is my favorite spot. — said Hayasaka.

She pointed to a panda-shaped vehicle called the “Panda Car,” which moved slowly on all fours.

—It’s aged. It used to be much cuter. — she added.

She invited me to ride with her, and we climbed onto the back of the panda. Hayasaka sat in front, and I sat behind her. After inserting a coin, the panda began to move slowly.

—I loved riding this when I was a kid…I miss those old times. When you’re a child, your parents protect you and love you so much. It’s a stage of your life that you can’t appreciate until it’s gone.

Hayasaka said, full of nostalgia.

—And as you become an adult, those feelings of happiness and security disappear. Nostalgia lingers, and life makes you believe that you won’t be happy again.

Hayasaka turned her face and looked at me intently.

—But I was wrong. When I’m with you, Kirishima-kun, I feel happy again. You’re so warm and comforting…thank you for being with me. — Hayasaka said with a smile.

Unconsciously, I hugged her after hearing those words.

—Hehe, Kirishima-kun is so kind, it makes me happy~. — Hayasaka said, including my feelings in her precious memories.

Then I understood. I had completely immersed myself in Hayasaka’s feelings. And she also wanted to immerse herself in my feelings of love.

So, I thought it was time to express my feelings freely to her. It was easy to do so. I like this Hayasaka who laughs without worries. So, I squeezed her arm more tightly.

—Kirishima-kun, you’re hurting me~.

—I would like to spend more time with you, Hayasaka-san.

—That sounds good.

—What is the curfew?

—As long as I’m with you. My mother won’t mind.

Apparently, Hayasaka-san’s mother holds me in high esteem. This is because I have a serious attitude and since Hayasaka-san started dating me, she has focused much more on her studies.

—She said she wanted to see you again, Kirishima-kun.

Happiness emanated from Hayasaka. If I were with her, my life would be better. She is beautiful, serious, faithful, kind, and homely. If I had to marry someone, it would definitely be her. She is the ideal girl that every man dreams of.

We left the shopping mall and walked through the city at sunset.

—You know, I’ve never been to a manga café.

—Really? How about we go to one?

—Yes…I would love that. — Hayasaka replied as she took my arm.

And that’s how we both entered the manga café. She was noticeably excited as she carefully observed the inside of the establishment.

Once we completed the registration at the reception, Hayasaka went straight to the drink bar.

—Look at this, I ordered a melon soda ice cream. — Hayasaka said as she entered the room.

Since there were no individual rooms, we were assigned a couple’s room.

—It’s a little embarrassing, don’t you think?

—There was a computer and a mattress in the room, with two pillows neatly placed on it. It looked like a space that resembled a bed. But as we had a pure relationship, we didn’t worry about anything. However…

The situation changed as soon as we heard some moans coming from the adjacent room.

—Um… Kirishima-kun…?

—I know.

—That’s not right… is it?

Of course not. But in the next room, such acts were probably taking place. Although it was a private room, it wasn’t soundproof, and the clear moans penetrated the walls.

—Hey, Kirishima-kun, maybe the two of us…

Hayasaka looked at me with passionate eyes. Normally, I would say no, but at this moment, I really wanted to show my love to Hayasaka.

That’s why I tried to hug and kiss her… However, she put a finger on my lips, stopping me in my tracks.

—No… We agreed to wait until we’re adults to do this kind of thing. We’ve been doing things right so far, let’s not ruin it. Right?

I can definitely help you adapt this novel excerpt into English. My goal is to preserve the original message, make it very reader-friendly for English speakers, elegant, and convey the characters’ emotions effectively. I’ll make sure it’s easy to read and doesn’t repeat certain words too much by using various synonyms.

—I was only allowed to stay still. Hayasaka-san nestled up next to me, and the light physical contact we had was limited to kisses on the cheek and her pressing her head against my chest. According to Hayasaka-san’s standards, “romantic interaction” was limited to cheek kisses.

—I like this chivalrous version of Kirishima-kun. — she said.

Hayasaka-san wore a knit sweater that showed off her slim figure and was dressed in shorts and stockings that accentuated her thick, fleshy legs. While pressed against her body, I wasn’t allowed to feel the softness of her skin or the dampness that used to emanate from it.

—Stroke my head…haha, I love this~. — she said.

I remembered the thread of saliva that dripped from her lips, her soft and sweaty skin, her wet and faded underwear, and the way she blushed and gasped. Even though I had even changed the sheets in the past after Hayasaka-san got too wet, now I was forced to do nothing.

The situation continued for an hour. I wanted to show my love to Hayasaka-san, so I tried to do what she wanted. Therefore, if I was told to stay still, I did. But as I continued with this punishment, my head began to bubble, and my thoughts became strange and inappropriate.

The feelings of “I love you” and “I want you” took over my mind, and I melted them into a bath of love. Despite that, Hayasaka-san seemed to have returned to her previous state of innocence and started to have a childish love for me. How could I bear all of this? I had similar impulses, and in this situation, I couldn’t take it anymore.

—I love you, Kirishima-kun~.

Hayasaka-san clung to me without a care in the world. I wanted to touch her shorts that left little to the imagination. I wanted to touch her chest and feel that dampness.

—You should give me a kiss too, Kirishima-kun~. — she said while offering her cheek.

The love we both felt was a torrent of energy that one wanted to convey to the other, and I had been receiving that energy from Hayasaka-san all this time. I was being swept away by this current, feeling overwhelming pleasure, and thought that perhaps she had also been seeking the same from me.

—Kirishima-kun, kiss~.

Love is destructive. And I can’t take it anymore, so I pounced on her.


—I let my tongue enter her mouth freely, driven by passion.

—This isn’t right… Um… If you do this to me, I’ll go crazy…

As I make her swallow my saliva, I invade her completely with my tongue. Hayasaka-san also responds quickly, and our thick lips and wet mouths merge into a passionate kiss. The sounds of our kisses are intense.

—Why? Why? We shouldn’t… be doing this…

Hayasaka quickly loses her reason, and as she squints her eyes, her values as a pure and healthy girl merge with those lustful feelings that have been hidden until now. And now nothing else matters, as we’ve been pushing each other with our love as if we were destroying each other.

I proceed to open her legs and press my crotch against hers, as if trying to tell her how much I love her.

—Ki… Kirishima-kun… Aaah… This… This isn’t right… This is something that bad girls do…

She’s been the one provoking me for a while now, but I’m the one taking the initiative. And now she’s the one being dragged by my love and is about to drown.

I move her hair and lick her ear as she lets out a muffled scream. Her hips rise, and I keep licking her ear without stopping.

—This isn’t right… The fabric is thin… Even through our pants… ahhh…

Hayasaka writhes beneath me. I’m attacking her constantly, not even letting her take a breath.

If I had to choose between Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san, I’d choose Tachibana… But now, in this moment, I want to express my feelings of love to her.

Now is the time for Hayasaka-san to be mine. I want her to fall into my web, to worry and feel overwhelmed by my love. It’s time for her to drown.

I tightly embrace her body and press my body against hers with more force.

How is it, Hayasaka? Do you like this?

I’m definitely winning… Or so I thought.


Hayasaka timidly laughs.

—I get it now. After all, Kirishima-kun is just a man controlled by his impulses. — she said as she held her phone — But shouldn’t we at least wait until we graduate from high school before doing things like this? Because we’ll become a couple who don’t value each other… Like so many out there.

After saying that, Hayasaka-san kissed me on the cheek.

—Okay, that’s why I prepared something so that Kirishima-kun can be strong in the meantime.

While fidgeting with her phone. After a few seconds, I heard a notification sound on my phone.

I took it and as soon as I opened the notification, I realized it was a video that Hayasaka had sent me. It showed her in her pajamas, looking a little shy, in her bedroom.

—Isn’t it incredible how men desire to do such an act with women? — Hayasaka said, blushing and looking away. — I admit… I feel guilty for making you wait. So, I asked Aya-chan and she told me that men, to satisfy these desires… they touch themselves. And that’s why I decided to do this for you… so that you think of me… while you do it.

As soon as she said that, Hayasaka placed the phone on the desk and lay down on the bed. “I’ll also touch myself thinking of you, Kirishima-kun,” she said, turning the camera towards her and slipping one hand into her pajama pants. Moans quickly filled the room as she called out my name.

Hayasaka’s thighs moved restlessly, and if you listened closely, you could hear her wet breathing and a slight sound of water, while the thin fabric of her pajamas clung to her body. Eventually, Hayasaka couldn’t contain her voice and turned over onto her stomach, burying her face into the pillow. One of her hands, visible on camera, was inside her pajama pants, while the hand that couldn’t be seen seemed to be stroking her chest. Muffled moans escaped her throat.

Spreading her legs and lifting her waist, she screamed while burying her face in the pillow. Her body shook several times, emitting a particularly loud cry. After a while, Hayasaka got up, blushing and with a drowsy expression, and returned to the camera. Part of her pajamas was wet and had changed color.

—If you want me to do anything else, just tell me, Kirishima-kun. I’ll do it while thinking of you, and I hope you do the same with me… I promise we’ll do it once we’re adults.

At this point, the video had ended.

—So… what do you think?

Hayasaka, who looked perfectly calm, looked at me with a brave expression like that of a child waiting to be praised.

—Is it enough for you? Since I’m not a boy, I don’t understand these things.

—No, that’s not important. It’s not good for you to do these things.

My entire body chills as I see this. The lustful behavior I had until a moment ago disappears, bringing me back to my senses.


—This video could end up leaking. Of course, I have no intention of doing such a thing. But often times, these types of videos fall into the wrong hands without one’s consent.

—Alright. If it’s for Kirishima-kun, I would even be willing to ruin my life. Besides… I like it when you hurt me and make me feel terribly low…



—When you treat me coldly and hurt me, I feel like I can’t bear it anymore, but then you show me a little kindness, making me feel loved. Because of that, something in my brain makes a connection and makes me fall even more in love with you. — said Hayasaka with a happy expression. — So, from now on, keep hurting me a lot. Betray me and make me feel broken. I’m okay with that. I’ll do anything for Kirishima-kun.

And if those words weren’t enough. She even said it was okay for me to show the video to Maki-kun.

—Besides, make sure to tell Tachibana-san that what happened between you was just a moment of irrationality. She still thinks of you as her boyfriend, and that’s embarrassing.

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese

Kirishima and Hayasaka are two classmates who have a secret relationship in public.

In their school life they pretend that they don't know each other, but behind the scenes there is much more to them than people can imagine. The two get into a relationship that is difficult to break and ends up being impure, unhealthy, and complicated, as the relationship between them was nothing more than an affair that simply created a love triangle before Kirishima's first love and his second love.


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