Chapter 5: A bittersweet birthday

A bittersweet birthday

It’s February 5th, the day has finally arrived. 

Today is Arisa and Aina’s birthday, so I had planned to go to the Shinjo house this afternoon to celebrate. 

I also have today and tomorrow off, so I plan to stay at her house as well, so that we can spend more time together. 

—…I hope they didn’t suspect anything. 

As today approached, I felt nervous, and it seems that even my close friends who have nothing to do with this have noticed my change, so there was no way that the two people watching me closely would not notice.

Celebrating a girl’s birthday… That really makes me feel weird. 

Anyway… I’ve only been thinking about Arisa and Aina lately, but I’ve also been thinking about my two close friends who seem to be feeling lonely since we have less time to spend together. 

Maybe one day I will sleep over at Souta’s or Kaito’s house and hang out with them to make up for it. 

We can play video games all night long without sleeping… I will be exhausted, but it will be a night full of laughter. 

—Well, I guess I should finish shopping quickly. 

The main point of today is the afternoon… So I’m just leaving the house to go shopping. 

I want to buy toothbrushes, detergent, and bath salts because they are running out. I need to buy all these daily use items together.

—Ah… It’s cold…

As expected, February is still quite cold. I wrap the scarf around my neck a little tighter to keep the shivering down… But it’s still not enough to withstand the cold. 

Even though I controlled the shivering, my teeth collided with each other, making the typical “click” sound. 

Most of the everyday items can be found in a supermarket, so there was no need to wander around different stores, so I quickly finished shopping. 

As I was walking with the shopping bags in my hands, I saw the ice cream place. Eating ice cream in winter also has its charm, so I went straight to that area and bought mint chocolate ice cream. 

—Mmm… It’s delicious!

The freshness that expands in my mouth, the sweetness of the chocolate and the subtle taste of the mint blend in a perfect combination… In addition, this sensation of coldness acts as a kind of spice that enhances the deliciousness of the ice cream. Mint with chocolate.


While I was enjoying the ice cream, I received a message on my cell phone.

When I saw who the sender was, it was Aina… What could it be?


When I accidentally saw the message, I was so surprised that I almost choked.

—Onii-chan… Are you okay?

—Honey, is something wrong?

—Ah, yes… I’m fine.

The way I was surprised was so amazing that even a family who was about to buy ice cream was worried about me… In fact, even though I told them I was fine, the little boy still seemed worried.

(Sorry, boy… I’m sorry, ma’am. I can’t tell you why I almost choked!)

The reason is that along with Aina’s message, there was a photo that showed Arisa in the middle of changing her clothes.

Her black underwear with a lace trim was visible, and since Arisa was not looking at the camera, she assumed that she was probably caught off guard.

“Look, look! My sister’s wearing something so cool! She’s sexy!”

This is shameful…

I quickly put the phone back in my pocket and looked back at the family.

—Seriously, I’m fine! I’m sorry for worrying you. — I said as I leaned over with a smile to reassure them that everything was fine.

The boy and his mother looked relieved, and I was touched to see how kind they were to a stranger. However, I felt so pathetic that I almost wanted to cry.

—…I better go home.

I finished my ice cream and got up, grabbing my bags.

It’s noon now… Taking the opportunity, I decided to go to a ramen restaurant for lunch. I felt nostalgic as I enjoyed a bowl of soy ramen, as I hadn’t eaten in a while.

—Thanks for the food! 

After shopping and filling my stomach, I was getting ready to finally go home… However, it seems that today is the prelude to the challenge before Arisa and Aina’s birthday. I witnessed a scene that I could not ignore. 


Yes, the person I was looking at was Saeki. 

But she was not alone, she was accompanied by another guy with a strong body… He was about the same age, more or less. They both disappeared into an alley, the boy pulling Saeki’s arm.

—Ah… She seems to be in trouble. 

When I said those words, my feet were already heading towards the alley. 

Although there were some people who had also seen Saeki and the guy, people all seemed to pretend that they didn’t see anything, which really irritated me. But do I really want to get into trouble? 

Even if there was a chance that Saeki would agree to be with him, he was clearly trying to free herself from the guy’s grip, so that’s not an option… Fine, let’s do it. 

As I was about to run to where Saeki was, I bumped into something. 

It was a mask shop that would attract the attention of any child… And inside it was a pumpkin mask that obviously no one would buy: it was not the costume I had bought earlier, but a simple rubber mask that was adjusted with a strap.

(What is this…? I feel a great presence.

The mask looked at me as if it was emitting a purple aura. 

The patterns around the eyes and the color were almost identical to the other mask… Before I knew it, I held the mask in my hands and placed a thousand yen bill on the counter. 

—Here’s your change… 

—Ah… I’ll pick it up later. I’m in a hurry! 

There may be no way to return, but I cannot completely rule it out. 

Although I still heard voices calling me from behind, I approached Saeki with a feeling of apology in my heart… And I quickly understood why Saeki had been brought to this place. 

—Hey, Saeki, I’m begging you. Seriously, I like you a lot!

—I already told you that I don’t have that intention with you! You are persistent even at school, and today we just ran into each other and you brought me here! 

Ah, I see, now I understand. 

Although the exchange was brief, that boy is probably Saeki’s classmate at the same school… 

(What’s going on…? I always seem to get involved in situations like this. My opponent is usually persistent with his victims…

The same thing happened with Arisa’s confession scene and the incident in the school hallway with Aina. Although the boys usually kept their distance when they refused. 

But compared to them, this gyuy seems to be quite persistent, because he didn’t take Saeki’s hand off his shoulder at all… Furthermore, he doesn’t even seem to pay attention to her words. 

Well, I’ll stop thinking about it for now… Even though she’s my ex-girlfriend, I don’t want to close my eyes and pretend that nothing happened. 

So I put the pumpkin mask on my face.

At that moment it seemed as if my consciousness changed completely… It was the same feeling I had when I went to the Shinjo family’s house during the robbery.

—It’s Enough.


—Who the hell are you?

When I spoke, they both flinched… Especially the guy.

Saeki looked at me with wide eyes, but no doubt, the boy also thought what a strange person I was.

—I listened to the conversation from the beginning. Don’t you think it would be better to stop when the other person is obviously not interested and you don’t want to make her even more uncomfortable? Don’t you realize that you’re ruining future opportunities that you may not even be aware of?

—This is none of your business, idiot!

The guy screamed with such force that he even spit out saliva. 

It’s true… As an outsider, I probably don’t have the right to interfere in this conversation… But I’m doing this because I want to. 

Old acquaintances… Ex-girlfriends from the past… Even if our relationship was superficial and ended quickly, I don’t want to pretend that I don’t see anything!

—If you care about this girl, how can you do something she clearly doesn’t want? How can you be so selfish? 

After saying that, he let go of Saeki and focused all his attention on me. 

It would be better for Saeki to get out of here as soon as possible, but she stayed stunned and didn’t try to move, just watching me and the guy… It’s frustrating, but it’s understandable that her body suddenly can’t move in this situation. 

—Shut up… I’ll punch you, bastard! 

Saying that, the guy approached me and raised his fist. 

He had an unpleasant feeling that this would definitely end in a fight, but somehow, because of the mask I was wearing, my mind was incredibly calm. 

Given his impressive physique, he seemed confident in his fighting ability.

—…Haa, what a nuisance.

When I sighed softly, perhaps thinking that I was belittling him, he looked at me with a fierce gaze… And he quickly approached me.

—Be careful!

Amidst Saeki’s screams, my mind was somehow surprisingly calm as I grabbed a nearby iron pipe.

To avoid misunderstandings, I would like to clarify that I did not intend to hit him with it or harm him in any way… It was simply a form of intimidation to weaken their momentum.


Remembering the feelings I had when I was practicing kendo, I held the end of the iron pipe right in front of his nose while speaking loudly.


Obviously, she was very frightened because she immediately lost momentum and froze.

I lowered the iron pipe and slowly approached her. As I did so, he looked at me as if he had seen something terrifying and ran away in a hurry. 

—…Is it really necessary for him to look at me with those eyes as if he saw a monster? 

Well, for now, the matter seems to be settled. I sighed softly, and as if planned, the salesman who sold me the mask came running up. 

—Sir, you have to get your change! It’s not right for me to keep something that belongs to you.

—Ah, uh… yes. Very sorry. 

And that’s how this tense situation ended. 

Apparently, the salesman asked several people if they had seen me, and he followed me here. I feel really guilty about this, so I immediately bowed my head and apologized. 

Today it seems like I’ve apologized to a lot of people… But at least the man in the store didn’t seem angry. 

However, the clerk walked away saying, “You were great, customer! I guess he was watching me until the end… Well, that’s not important right now. 

After the guy left, it was just me and Saeki… Just as I was about to call her, she spoke first. 

—Your voice sounds familiar… Domoto-kun, is that you?

—Oh yes!

Unlike the incident with the Shinjo family, she and I had spoken before, so it was natural for her to recognize my voice.

When I took off my mask, Saeki opened her eyes in surprise, but she quickly resumed speaking.

—So you really were Domoto-kun… Thank you for helping me.

—No problem, really. I just happened to see you… Uh, what about that guy?

—Well… He is a classmate from the same school. We used to be close, but then he became…

—…A stalker?

—I don’t think he’s that extreme. But today we ran into each other and he brought me here… I had never experienced anything like this before, so I was a little nervous.

Then I asked him for more details. It turned out that during the time when they were a little close, they had more conversations than usual, but there were no special feelings involved. It was a normal relationship between classmates, nothing out of the ordinary. 

—Well, I think I was at fault too. If I had been firmer and clearer from the beginning, he might have given up. 

—Well, that was a bit of an exaggeration… But I’m glad to see that you’re not afraid of what happened. 

—What happened? You breathe a sigh of relief.

—It is nothing. I was worried because you were brought here against your will. I thought you might have suffered an emotional injury or something.

When I explained the reason for my relief, Saeki smiled. 

Although her appearance is a bit more striking than Aina’s, there might be guys who are attracted by her discreet smile. 

—Don’t worry. I feel like I’m getting a revelation so that next time I’ll be more firm and forceful with my answers.

—I see. In that case, I’m calmer now. 

—Thank you, Domoto-kun. Did you really care about me?

—It’s obvious, isn’t it?

These words were inevitably followed by laughter.

We were tired of being in such a depressing place, so we walked out of an alley and onto the street together.


—Wait a minute.

Seeing Saeki sigh, I rushed to a vending machine and bought hot tea.

—Here you go.

—Oh, thank you.

I handed the tea to Saeki and she rolled it in her palm to warm herself.

While I drank the tea I bought myself, I warmed up my cold body… It’s strange, but it’s the first time in a long time that I’m alone with her.

—…It’s the first time we’ve been like this since high school.

—Yes. I was thinking the same thing.

—Hehe, I see.

At that moment, she naturally pointed to the shopping bag she was carrying with the pumpkin mask inside and asked the obvious question.

—I was out shopping… But why a pumpkin mask? She was happy that you came to help, but at first she was quite confused.


I would prefer that you not ask me that question, at least for now.

Seeing that I remained silent, Saeki understood and stopped asking about the mask. Instead, she asked me this question.

—Domoto-kun, do you have a girlfriend?

—Huh? Why are you asking that all of a sudden?

—I don’t know why… I really don’t know. But when you were protecting me, I felt like your eyes were looking at someone else. You had great kindness and compassion.


Well, I can’t deny that when I helped Saeki, I was thinking about Arisa, Aina and Sakina.

After thinking for a moment, I nodded.

—…I remembered a similar event that I went through. I was wearing a pumpkin head, not a mask.

—Uh… I don’t see the connection.

—Haha, I guess it’s understandable.

The situation at that time was not funny at all, but if I summarize what happened in a few words, it could be something like this… Well, I don’t feel good remembering it, so I won’t go into details.

After clearing my throat, I answered her previous question.

—Yes, I have a girlfriend.

—Oh, I see.

—Yes. She really is a wonderful person… I never thought that she would make me fall in love with someone so much… Now every day is incredibly fun for me.

When I say that, I naturally think of Arisa and Aina’s smiles. 

Of course, not just their smiles, but also the shy and embarrassed expressions, the kind looks they give me… And most of all, the provocative and sensual expressions that make my heart beat faster. 

—I see you’ve found someone, Domoto-kun. Someone who makes you happy and accompanies you wholeheartedly.

—Yes, that is true. I can only be thankful for this chance meeting. 

—Hahaha, you are completely in love. — Saeki replied laughing. 

—I can’t help but fall in love like that. She is a wonderful girl. Let me just tell you that if you asked me to talk about Arisa and Aina, I couldn’t tell you everything in half a day. 

While we were talking, Saeki finished her tea and stood up with a smile on her face. 

—I really think it’s wonderful. After being saved this time and hearing Domoto-kun talk about the person he loves, I found it really wonderful. 

—I guess you’re not sorry about what happened between us, right? 

—Ah! Is that how you say it? Don’t worry, I’ll find someone even more wonderful than you! 



Ah… This reminds me of when we were friends before we even considered a relationship… Apparently, Saeki feels the same way, because her smile never goes away, just like mine.

—One day, I would like to meet Domoto-kun’s girlfriend… If you get the chance, please introduce her to me!

—…Sure, I’ll do that.

Even though I agreed to do it, I feel like this moment will never come… Our relationship, both Arisa and Aina’s and mine, is not something normal and I can’t share it with Saeki… It’s a bit disappointing, but that’s how it is.

—Well, it seems like it’s time. I…

—Hey, wait!

At that moment, Saeki skillfully slipped into an empty space.

Instinctively, I moved and held Sakai, as he was about to fall. 

Although at first I was embarrassed to even hold her hand when we first started dating, now my concern for her safety came first, as there were no special feelings.

—Are you okay?

—Y–Yes. I’m sorry, Domoto-kun. I’m a little clumsy.

—Don’t worry about it. My grandmother was like that.

—Hey, are you saying that I look like a grandmother? — Saeki replied with a horrified look.

—…Not exactly.


Um, Saeki-san… Wouldn’t it have been better to solve everything if you had directed that intimidating look at the guy from before?

Seeing you with that expression was really scary… Anyway, I’m glad that you didn’t get hurt. I walked away from Saeki after telling her that.

—Hey, can I ask you something?


Saeki started to touch my arm and I let out a small cry of surprise.

—Oh, you have some muscles now. You’re definitely different from when we were in high school.

—Yeah, it’s because I’ve been working out lately. It’s the desire to protect my girlfriend.

—Wow, you really love her a lot.

—Yeah, let’s not talk about it too much, I think I could talk about her all day.

—You’re taking it to the extreme. — Saeki replied between laughs.

After that, I quickly said goodbye to her.

She mentioned that she was in the middle of shopping for her mother, and she quickly left, waving as she went.

—I guess it wasn’t so bad after all.

Before, she was my ex-girlfriend and an old friend… Honestly, I thought the situation would be more awkward.

But it turned out that it wasn’t like that at all. Both she and I have accepted the present and moved on with our new lives… And most importantly, she told me this when I said goodbye to her:

—By the way, remember when I said we didn’t have fun the last time we saw each other? I didn’t mean it was boring to be with you. For me, the time I spent with you was fun.

With those words hanging in the air, she left.

I was worried that the guy involved in this incident was from the same school, but it seems that I shouldn’t worry too much since it is said that despite his appearance, he is someone who is afraid.

Nevertheless, she told me to be on high alert and not to worry.

—…Well, there’s nothing left but to leave it in her hands. But surprisingly, Saeki is also strong and it seems like things will be resolved somehow.

I guess it’s time to leave my things at home and go to the Shinjo house.




[Arisa’s Perspective] 

It was a scene I happened to witness. 

Hayato-kun… was having a lively conversation with an unknown girl. 

Who was she? If it was someone from our school, I would have at least recognized her face to some extent, but I didn’t have any memory of her, so it’s probably… Not someone from the same school. 

—Sis? What’s wro–…? 

Aina, who was standing next to me, froze as well when she directed her eyes to where mine were resting. 

—Hey, Hayato-kun, who is that girl? 

It seems like she didn’t expect to see something like that either, so it’s definitely not a dream. 

Today is both my birthday and Aina’s birthday… I told Hayato-kun that I would only be happy if he congratulated us, but it seems that he has prepared a gift for us. 

I don’t want him to try too hard… That’s what I think, but I can’t help but have expectations for the gift from the person I love. Aina and I have been eagerly waiting for this day.

—Who is she?

—Who is she?

We murmured these words under our breath.

Aina and I can’t take our eyes off this one spot…. Without noticing us, Hayato-kun was talking to her with a big smile on his face, the same smile he always dedicated to us, now he was showing it to another girl.


No… There is no reason to be afraid in this situation, and there is no reason to have doubts about Hayato-kun.

I know that Hayato-kun considers my sister and me to be his priority, and I feel his love firsthand… In fact, I have seen him talking to other girls at school several times… Still, seeing him smile like that, aside from us, bothered me. 

—Hey, what do you think they’re doing? 

—I don’t know. 

They were just having a friendly conversation… But the girl slipped and lost her balance. 

Even though Hayato-kun rushed to grab her, a strange thing happened. The girl who slipped ended up touching Hayato-kun’s arm in a sticky way… Hayato-kun didn’t object and allowed it. 

—He can’t be cheating on us, right? 

—Of course it’s not. Probably it’s… A friend of his.

Cheating… I know for a fact that it is highly unlikely… I know. 

But… I can’t get rid of this feeling of jealousy in my chest… Only Aina and I should be together with Hayato-kun… We are the only ones who are special to Hayato-kun! 

—Ah, she left… 

The girl Hayato-kun was talking to left with a smile on her face.

Hayato-kun waves back, too, and walks off with shopping bags in both hands… This address is where we are, and probably Hayato-kun’s house, so I guess he’s going home.

—Will he come to our house after that?

—Probably. We’ve already finished shopping, so we should be back soon.

When Hayato-kun arrives, we decide to go back together with Aina.

During this trip, our conversations were scarce… Normally, Aina provides so many topics of conversation that she can be annoying, but at that moment, Aina seemed different… Not in the sense that she was completely different, but she was quiet.

After a while, Aina finally opened her mouth.


—What is happening?

Probably our thoughts and feelings that we have in our hearts are the same, so I asked her in the kindest voice possible.

—I don’t feel any uncertainty, you know. Hayato-kun will not run away and will never cheat us… Of course, it is the same the other way around… But there is still an uneasy feeling in my heart. 


While pressing her chest, Aina shared her thoughts as if she was confused by this new emotion. 

To be honest, I’m a little confused too, or rather… Ah, this is what jealousy feels like, I realized clearly. 

When Aina got into mischief or dressed up to impress Hayato-kun and outshine me… I felt jealous at those times too, but of course it was much easier to control it because it was Aina. 

So this is what it means to feel jealous… This is what I feel in my heart. 

—Hey, Aina, this is what jealousy feels like, right? 

—…I think so. The jealousy I feel now is different from the one I felt for you, Sis… This is really instructive! 

Oh, it seems to be more common than I thought, I feel relieved. 

After that, Aina returned to her usual attitude… But still, the previous image did not disappear from our minds.

Who is this girl…? And what is her relationship to Hayato-kun?

—Well, Hayato-kun is a wonderful person. Except for us… although I don’t like what I’ve seen.

—I hate it too… But I still feel that uncomfortable feeling.

In the end, we continued to feel uncomfortable until we got home.

Even though I knew in my head that there was nothing to worry about, those worries seemed to slip through the small cracks in my heart.

Is she better than me?

Will she be able to satisfy him more than me?

Is she… Is she more useful to him than I am?

Even though I said it over and over again, there was no way to stop these worries from consuming me.




—Happy Birthday!!

—Happy birthday to you both♪

Amidst applause and joy, Sakina and I congratulated Arisa and Aina.

Well, it was time to celebrate both of their birthdays, that is, the moment they reached the same age as me, sixteen.

(…Although my sense of time was altered, looking like this at sixteen… It’s amazing, isn’t it?)

My gaze focused on Arisa and Aina’s necklines as they looked at the cake excitedly.

—It looks delicious…!

—Hey, let’s eat quickly!

The two girls didn’t seem to notice my glance and were completely absorbed in the luxurious cake that Sakina had brought.

—…It looks really delicious.

—Hehe. I will buy it if it is yours, Hayato-kun.

—Oh really?

Oh, that’s really exciting!

Afterwards, we enjoyed the cake that Sakina had cut for us. However, I could feel Arisa and Aina’s sidelong eyes looking at me.

What’s wrong with them? As a matter of fact, they’ve been looking at me in that strange way ever since I came here today.

Out of curiosity, I asked them what was going on, but to no avail, they both just smiled and said it was nothing… Did I do something wrong?

—Nom… it’s delicious~

Anyway, I’m going to get ready to enjoy this cake.

The whipped cream and the dough are delicious, but most of all, the strawberries clinging to the top of the cake are incredibly delicious.

—It’s good?


Sakina smiles and laughs softly, obviously pleased with my answer.

—This cake is really delicious.

—Yeah. Not only is it sweet, but these strawberries are the best!

Not only me, but also Arisa and Aina seem to be completely satisfied with this cake.

While eating the cake in bites, she mentally stimulated what the next development would be like… Of course, it would be the time to give the presents.

(I should give them normally, right? Will they really be happy with them? Won’t they secretly think they don’t need them or something…?)

Surely that won’t happen, but still, these uncertain thoughts cross my mind.

Although she had such worries, the moment came closer and closer… Finally, it was time to deliver the gifts she had prepared.

—I will be here to watch. Good luck, Hayato-kun.

—Thank you

Pushed by Sakina with a strong slap on the back, I approached the two holding a paper bag.

Although there are things that intrigue me, like what those looks meant when I came here, or what was the reason behind the furtive glances I’ve noticed, this moment is crucial for me.

—…Once again, happy birthday to you both!

—Thank you, Hayato-kun!♪

—Thank you~ Hayato-kun!♪

It’s common to stare at their smiles, but I held out the two paper bags I had hidden behind my back.

—Even though they told me not to worry about the gifts, I couldn’t help but prepare them… So please accept this.

They both looked at the paper bags I held out to them and then looked at me, smiling slightly.

—We knew you had prepared gifts. But when we finally have the gifts in front of us… It really makes us very happy.

—Yeah♪ Hey, can we open them?


…Right now I might be experiencing the most stress of my life.

No, maybe that’s too much… Compared to when I confessed to them, this should be easier… I’d like to believe that!

But my nervousness is so intense that I feel like I’m losing feeling in my legs.

—This is… A stuffed animal?

—There is also a bow… Oh, the color!

Seeing their happy reactions, I was relieved that they weren’t disappointed at all.

As I watched them carefully hugging the stuffed animals and bows, I realized that they were worth buying and that I didn’t have to worry about whether they would like them or not.

—Thank you, Hayato-kun!

—Thank you, Hayato-kun!

…Yes, definitely. Just looking at that smile, I can tell that I would be happy even if I were to die right now.

—…I don’t think I care if I die right now. — I muttered to myself.

—No, you can’t say that!

—You are not allowed to say that!

They grabbed my shoulders and shook me gently to stop my apparent ascent to heaven.

—Hehe, how tender youth is.

As I look at them with a smile, I also receive Sakina’s loving gaze.

—I won’t go anywhere and leave you two alone, that’s for sure. Although I admit that I used the wrong words earlier.

—Oh, Hayato-kun…

—We couldn’t live without you, Hayato-kun.

For a moment, I thought my words were exaggerated, but Aina’s words conveyed an overwhelming certainty, and Arisa’s expression next to mine was incredibly serious.

After clearing my throat, I stared at them.

—You know, I have never prepared this kind of gift before. That’s why I wasn’t sure how you would accept them, but seeing your reactions… I feel extremely relieved.


—Hehehe, I’m really happy♪

Seeing them both smiling in front of me, I find them so adorable that I open my arms and hug them tightly.

Since they hold the gifts I gave them in their arms, I can’t walk around their backs, but instead they seem to be telling me without words that they don’t want to be separated from me for a while.

(…Maybe it was just my wishful thinking?)

The meaning of those looks from before… Hmm, all things considered, maybe it’s okay… But I’ll keep that in mind.

After turning away from me, the two of them stared at the gifts once more.

As I watched them, Sakina approached them with a paper bag in her hand.

—This is my gift to both of you. This year I focused on a gift for a grown woman.


A gift for a grown woman… For some reason, she made me wonder what that could be and why she fascinated me more than her.

However, it seems that Arisa and Aina noticed something and immediately pulled out something from inside… And when I saw what it was, I quickly looked away.


It’s because what they took out was underwear.

Although I admit that I don’t know much about women’s underwear, I have heard that they can be quite expensive… I only saw it for a moment, but I could vaguely tell that it looked expensive.

—Thanks Mom.

—Hahaha, it’s underwear to win!

Underwear to win?!

I took a quick look at them holding the underwear… Arisa had red clothes and Aina had purple ones… The color combination seemed quite… No, quite surprising.

Standing in front of the two holding the gifts that Sakina and I had given them, I said my congratulations once again.

—Congratulations, Arisa, Aina.

—Arisa, Aina, I hope you enjoy this day.

They both smiled and showed their beautiful smiles that I like so much.

—Yes, thank you!

—Yes! Thank you very much!

While thinking that she might die again, the two girls went to her room to present their gifts… Maybe she won’t make it out alive.


—Yeah, what’s happening?

Sakina probably has no idea what will happen next. As proof, her eyes widen when she sees me holding the last remaining paper bag.

—Actually, I have something prepared for you too, Sakina-san. It’s not for your birthday or anything, but I wanted to thank you for everything you do for me.

—…For me?


The stuffed animal I gave her is a fox.

As a gift for a grown woman, it might be a little weird, but I was inspired by the fact that it was given to me in the past.

She stared at the cuddly toy and, like Arisa and Aina, hugged it lovingly to her chest and smiled.

—Thank you very much, Hayato-kun. I am very very happy.

Just like with Arisa and Aina, Sakina-san’s smile was etched into one of my memories.

After that, as we enjoyed the happiness of the celebration, time passed… And when it was decided that we would sleep in Arisa’s room, both she and Aina cornered me.

—Girls… You…

—…What do you think?

—…Do you think we look good, Hayato-kun?

They both immediately showed me the underwear their mother had given them.

Thanks to the heating system, the cold had no place in the room, but even so, the winter season meant that any comments about putting on clothes were silenced by the atmosphere they both exuded.

(How did we get here…?)

At first we were just having a normal conversation.

And suddenly, as if they had planned it, they began to take off their clothes and approached me wearing only their underwear.

Although I tried to move away from them as they crawled closer, they continued to approach me slowly… And finally, I found myself pinned against the wall.



—Do not run.

Their faces slowly approached mine and whispered in my ear.

The slightly darker sound of their voices and the breath they blew into my ear sent shivers down my spine and a chilling feeling enveloped me.

Everything happened very quickly, because before I knew it, their bodies were gently squeezing mine.

When they thought about it, their bodies were already gently pressed together.

It’s hot. It’s hot in the room… And in our bodies… The temperature change shouldn’t be that much, but I’m so hot that I’m about to pass out.

—Hayato-kun, is there anything you want me to do?

—Hayato-kun, touch me more…

They whispered in my ear again and simultaneously took both my hands and brought them to their large breasts.

Not only the soft texture of the underwear, but also the feel of her breasts made me feel as if my hands were sinking into her, completely destroying any sense of reason.

But instead of getting carried away, I forced myself to keep my composure and address her.

—Girls, did something happen? Why… Why are you acting like this…?

My question is because I noticed strange looks in their eyes and something urgent in them that I said those words.

Even though they both seemed surprised by my question, they never left me… And not knowing whether to be happy or worried, my hands continued to touch their breasts.

—You always worry about us, Hayato-kun.

—Yes. Maybe we were more desperate than we thought.

—So… Arisa? Aina?

Eventually the two moved away from me.

Even though I said they moved away, they were still close enough that I could reach them with a little effort. They were sitting there wearing only their underwear.

—Asking again… How do we look?

—Yes… Do you think we look good, Hayato-kun?

It was a very different question than asking if normal casual clothes looked good on them… But at least I couldn’t leave it unanswered. I had this feeling somehow.

—…You both look so sexy and sweet… I feel like you’re showing off all your charm without reservation…. Although I’m already thinking about you every day.

Even though I am verbalizing something I usually think about every day. It seemed to be the right answer at the moment as they both smiled with flushed faces and overflowing smiles.

—Well done, sis!

—We have to thank Mom for that.

Just seeing them laughing together made me feel happy.

—But I really want you to get dressed… What do you think, girls?

—How about you dress us?

—Yeah, that would be a good idea too.

Even though I said those words, I still had the urge to see them like that for a little while longer.

But if they continued to stand in front of me in their underwear, there might be some complications… In fact, I was already starting to feel it in my crotch.

—…Hey, Hayato-kun.


—…What did you do today?


Today… I just went shopping for some everyday things… And then I ran into Saeki.

There was a little conflict there, but should I really tell them that I ran into my ex-girlfriend? I have nothing to hide since there was nothing suspicious, but I guess it doesn’t need to be mentioned.

—I just went shopping. I needed some everyday things.

—Is that all?

—That is all.


—Is there a problem?

—It’s nothing.

—It’s nothing~♪

For a moment… I felt the atmosphere become tense, but it was also true that in a moment, I completely stopped caring.

And with that, this day came to an end. No doubt, this day has become a precious memory for me… No matter how many years pass, I hope to be able to celebrate her birthday.

—Hayato-kun, can I be by your side forever? May I always be useful to you?

—Hayato-kun, can I be by your side forever? You’re not going anywhere, right? That will never happen, right?

—Of course, isn’t it obvious? I will always be with you two. That’s what I promised.

As soon as I said those words, they both smiled again.

After we turned off the lights and went to bed, I couldn’t see in the dark…. But I felt those furtive glances that they had both cast at me throughout the evening.

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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