Chapter 6: Jealousies and Insecurities

Jealousies and Insecurities


In the silence of her room, Arisa sighs.

Although she is undoubtedly in the middle of happiness lately… What makes her uncomfortable is Hayato.


She murmurs his name under her breath.

If he were around, he would surely ask her what is wrong and that alone would be enough to calm Arisa down. Besides, Hayato would hug her tightly and give her a sense of security.

Just by imagining that, even if he is not close to her, Arisa can smile naturally.

However, she sighs again… In her mind, the image of the girl who was next to Hayato reappears. And the fact that she reacted evasively to hide something.


People say that every time you sigh, happiness escapes you… Arisa understands this very well, but she can’t help but sigh again and again.

Just as she was about to sigh again, Aina entered the room.


—I’m here to disturb you a little, Sis.

Aina, who entered the room, gently sat down next to Arisa on the bed.

Arisa didn’t say anything in particular and accepted Aina, while Aina didn’t talk to her or ask her anything. Both of them just stared into space as time passed.

After a while, Aina, who couldn’t stand it anymore, got frustrated.

—Ugaahhh! Sis!

—Hey, wait!

Aina suddenly lunged at Arisa.

Arisa was knocked down by the force of her lunge, but instead of complaining to her, she let her do whatever she wanted… She even let out a sigh of relief while stroking her head.


—What is going on?

With a smile, Arisa looks at Aina as if to say “Tell me something,” and Aina leans over her, resting her chin on Arisa’s chest and opening her mouth. 

—…It’s about Hayato-kun. 


Mentioning Hayato’s name made Arisa smile ironically. 

It is understandable that the twins, being the closest, would worry about the same thing at the same time. 

—I know you feel the same way, lil sister, even though I shouldn’t worry about anything, I can’t get that scene out of my head.

—…I know.

As if comforting a child, Arisa stroked Aina’s head. As if absorbing Arisa’s tenderness, Aina buried her face in her ample bosom and spoke again.

—Hayato-kun said he just went shopping at that time… But we saw everything… We know it wasn’t just that… 


Arisa and Aina witnessed this moment… And that’s why they know that Hayato didn’t just go shopping that day… But when he answered that there was nothing more, they decided not to continue the interrogation.

If Hayato said that there was nothing else, then that was the truth… They accepted that. But it still bothered them because they were Hayato’s girlfriends.

—When we are in front of Hayato-kun, we are like always. But… We might be a little afraid.

—That’s true… I’m always thinking about how I can make Hayato-kun fall in love with me even more. — Aina answered playfully.

But Arisa looks at her with serious eyes. As if she had discovered something.

—Are you saying that… With the intention to not only make him fall in love with you even more, but also to create a compromising situation?

—Ah, you got me!

Aina replies with a giggle and then lightly slaps Arisa’s head.

After talking endlessly about Hayato, Arisa and Aina felt thirsty and wanted to get something to drink.

When they went to the living room to get some tea, they ran into their mother.

—Oh, what are you still doing up so late?

They explained that they were thirsty and Sakina looked at them in surprise. Then they took the tea from the fridge and quenched their thirst.

The cold of winter made their bodies shiver, but thanks to the heating system, the shivering was insignificant.

By wetting their throats and feeling the cold on their bodies, their minds cooled down at the same time, which naturally calmed them down… In other words, Arisa and Aina sighed again.

—This is about Hayato-kun, right?



When Sakina pointed as if she had discovered everything, Arisa was able to hold back, but Aina spit out the tea she was drinking.

Aina’s face at the moment she spit out the tea was not exactly feminine, and Sakina’s laughter was so intense that she even put her hands on her stomach. It seemed that Aina’s face was really funny.

—Looking at how you girls are in your daily lives, it seems like you don’t have any worries, and I even think it’s rude to worry about Hayato-kun… But I guess that’s a worry that comes with having a boyfriend, right?

—…I think so. 

—…I think so. 

However, they both agreed that it made sense.

They had never experienced romantic interest or a relationship before. Everything was new to them. But it is also possible that the weight of their feelings for Hayato is too great. 

Of course, it’s natural to feel frustrated and jealous when your boyfriend seems to be enjoying another girl. 

Arisa and Aina absolutely trust and love Hayato, so they have no worries. However, there is an insecurity stirring in their hearts, and a slight feeling of insecurity mixes with her unwavering confidence, which complicates things a bit. 

—Maybe it’s better for you to worry a lot now. Although I am sure there is nothing to worry about, this moment may be the only opportunity to worry so much. 

—I wish we didn’t have to worry so much…

—Haha, that’s love, honey.

With a mature and compassionate attitude, Sakina hugs Aina and then extends her arms to Arisa, inviting her to join her.

Arisa follows Aina and slowly approaches her mother for a hug.

—Well, even if something happens, let me take care of Hayato-kun. I will make him happy instead of you!

—What are you saying?

—We are the ones who will make Hayato-kun happy!

Both girls, immersed in the warm embrace of their mother, could not contain themselves at these words.

Arisa and Aina looked at Sakina as if they were challenging their own mother, but they also realized that Sakina’s words were a source of inspiration for them.

(…What Mom said didn’t sound like a joke.)

(…What Mom said didn’t sound like a joke.)

After all, they are twins, so they had the same thought and immediately distrusted their mother.

Turning their backs on Sakina, who laughed in amusement, the two returned to Arisa’s room.


—What happened?

—Can I sleep with you tonight?

—No problem.

Aina is visibly happy when she gets her sister’s permission.

She lies down on the bed and covers herself with the blankets to keep warm. Meanwhile, Aina smiles mischievously and slides her hand to Arisa’s breast.

—What are you doing?

—Hehe… Remember we’ve done this before?

While she massages Arisa’s breast, Aina continues to talk.

—Hmm… I remember I told you to think about it softly, like these breasts. 

—Yes, that’s right. 

—It was just like that. Instead of making things difficult for ourselves… How about we attack more like we always do? We should do it so that no one else can interfere and Hayato is even more dependent on us! 

Although Aina seemed to enjoy her words, she could not hide a feeling of fear.

While Aina was massaging her chest, Arisa closed her eyes as if she was in thought.

(I feel the same way as Aina… I want Hayato to fall in love with us even more. I want him to trust us so much that he can say that we are the only ones he can rely on… And most of all, I want us to be the only ones.

Their feelings were so obvious, as if they knew each other before… They were always directed only to Hayato and they longed for his love while they wanted to give him theirs. 


—What happened? 

In the darkness, the eyes of the sisters cross. 

—You and I love Hayato with all our hearts. And that’s why we don’t want to do anything to cause him problems… But maybe it’s okay to be a little more selfish, don’t you think?

—Yes… it’s true! We can be a little more selfish.

Of course, as long as we don’t cause problems for Hayato.

Then I let my memories of Hayato blossom for a while so that I could forget my fear, and they started talking a little about sex.

—Sis, would you like to have sex with Hayato?

—Of course.

At Aina’s question, Arisa’s eyes widen and she answers immediately, and Aina’s cheeks turn red, wondering what Aina had imagined.

—I feel the same way… I try very hard to control myself, you know?

—You’re still in high school… Still, I see no reason to refuse if Hayato-kun were to suggest it.

—Yes, yes♪ I would spread my legs for him right away.

—That kind of talk is vulgar, Aina.

—I’m sorry♪

Usually both sisters sleep together when they are involved in a scenario where they are worried and restless. If Hayato were there, he certainly wouldn’t overlook this.

They both couldn’t stop thinking about who this mysterious girl was.

If they could just ask, everything would be solved quickly. But since this is a new situation for them and they are afraid of being hated for asking something so inappropriate, as if they were spies… They are tormented by complicated feelings of adolescence full of uncertainty.

(…Hayato-kun, I love you.)

(…Hayato-kun, I love you very much.)

Even though they believe it deeply in their hearts, there is still a restlessness they cannot shake. With such overwhelming love, they become a bit complicated.




—It’s that time, brother.

—Yeah, that’s right, brother.


I sat in my seat, staring distractedly as I listened to my friends’ conversations.

The time is approaching… February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is a day that has a special meaning.

—Will I get chocolate this year?

—Let’s see how much chocolate I get!

—I want chocolate! I want chocolate from that girl so much!

The classroom became quite noisy as the boys tried to get the girls’ attention. Some girls watched with smiles, while others just looked annoyed… In any case, it was a bit of a mess.

—Are you planning to get chocolate from someone, Hayato?

—We’ve talked about it before… Do you have something with Shinjo’s sisters?

—Hey, get away from me! You’re too close! 

When his face got too close, I pushed Souta’s face back… But it looked like Souta wasn’t going to give up, so I asked Kaito for help. 

—Hey, Souta. Even if Hayato gets chocolate from someone, we should say that he is okay, right? 

What a great friend you are, Kaito. 

—But tell us, do you have something with one of them, Hayato? 

I take back what I said earlier. Kaito, are you on the same side as Souta?!

Although there is a possibility that I will get chocolates. Probably from Arisa and Aina… Or maybe from Sakina.

Even though Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, I was told to look forward to it.

…I haven’t received homemade chocolate since my mother was alive. Even when I was in high school, I received some from my friends, including Saeki. 

By the way, we weren’t dating at the time, so it was obviously chocolate out of obligation. 

(But this year is different… It’s different!) 

I’m probably smiling right now. So I turned around so that Souta and Kaito wouldn’t notice. 

They are excitedly discussing yesterday’s anime and variety shows, unaware of my condition. And right now, I’m thankful for that.

(…But… Still.)

It’s natural to be excited like this, considering the upcoming exciting event of Valentine’s Day… However, there is something that worries me a bit.

—Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom.


—Don’t dirty your pants!

—Shut up, idiot. — I replied as I got up from my seat.

I sighed softly.

No matter how small the concern, they will notice. I’m glad my friends are watching me so closely…. But deep down, I don’t want to worry them too much.

It wasn’t a mistake to leave the classroom with the excuse of going to the bathroom, but my real purpose was something else.

As I crossed in front of the classroom where Arisa and Aina always stand, I caught a glimpse of the inside through the window.

—…They were there.

They were surrounded by a lot of friends.

I don’t know what they’re talking about, but I know they have a lot of close friends and seem to be having a good time.

That’s right… What really worries me is them.

It might just be my imagination, but on their birthday I noticed that they were very restless for some reason.

I want to be more useful to Hayato-kun…

I want to share more tender moments with Hayato-kun…

Those were words full of love and happiness, but… For some reason, I feel like there is something more.


I made it to the bathroom and enjoyed a moment to myself, feeling liberated.

Meanwhile, I keep thinking about her… After I finish in the bathroom, I go back to the classroom and look at them again.


At that moment, my eyes met Arisa’s.

At school, we don’t openly show our relationship, so we never make couple-like gestures in front of other people… But right now, she is winking at me.

When she makes that gesture, it makes me wonder if my current worry is not in vain. But what I feel at times like this is usually right… I feel like it is, so I didn’t want to dismiss these feelings as imagination.

However, if I tried to discreetly ask the two of them, they would surely avoid it… Am I really thinking too much about this?

—…Oh no!

I realize that it’s only a few minutes before class starts, so I run back to the classroom.

From that moment on, I find myself caught up in the waves of my thoughts, thinking about it again and again… Even after the class was over.

—…Did I do something wrong? No, I shouldn’t have done anything… right? 

Arisa and Aina are very important in my life.

It may seem silly coming from a sixteen-year-old teenager, but I value them so much that I want to walk alongside them in the future. I have no intention of doing anything to make them sad, and I don’t even remember doing anything like that. 

—Is something bothering you? 

—Something… I wonder if I did something to make them feel bad… Hmm? 

Wait, who am I talking to? 

I got far enough away from school that I should be walking alone today… But right now I feel the presence of someone behind me… Actually, I can’t go wrong with this feeling.

Just as I was about to turn around, everything in front of me went completely dark, and at the same time I felt a similar softness like a marshmallow on my back. 

—Who am I? 


Honestly, this riddle is too easy.

I can recognize her voice and even the softness on my back… Even if it sounds exaggerated, when it comes to her, something in me just knows.

It sounds very perverted, but hey… Let’s answer for sure and raise my rating!

—You are Arisa, right?

—…You answered with great confidence.

—I can recognize you from your voice.

—In that case… You were right! — She replies with a happy voice as she stands in front of me.

I thought this kind of thing was Aina’s exclusive territory, so I was a little surprised to find that Arisa was doing this kind of thing as well.

—And what about Aina?

—She went to sing karaoke with her friends. I was thinking of going home, but it’s natural to say hello to your dear boyfriend when you see him, don’t you think?

Arisa said and winked at me charmingly.

When I turned away from Arisa and looked around, I didn’t see any other students from our school, as expected, so I decided to go home together.

First of all, we didn’t have any plans after school today, so it might be nice to spend some impromptu time with Arisa.

—Hey Arisa… How about spending some time together?

—I would love to! In fact, I was thinking of asking you as well.

—I see.

Well, even if someone saw us, it would be easy to hide it.

After all, her friends didn’t even notice my presence at the New Year’s Shrine… It’s a little sad, but that’s the way it is, so I’m sure we’ll be fine.

(…Is it a good time to ask her what happened?)

But since I’ve been torturing myself a lot about it, I think it would be better to ask her now and clear up any doubts.

We walked without a destination in mind, and now is the right time to talk about it, Arisa brought up the topic.

—Valentine’s Day is coming soon, right? Hayato-kun, are you excited?

Of course I’m excited, so I nodded my head.

This year is different from every other year, and I can’t wait! So I’m worried and hopeful, and most of all, I’m excited!

—I am very excited. And you two are going to give me chocolate, right?

—Yes, it’s really exciting that you’re so excited.

I make a tight fist and Arisa lets out a soft laugh as he stares at me.

The way she looks at me, with a sweet, protective smile, somehow reminds me of Sakina. I can’t help but think about it.

—Hey… Would you like to come to my house today?

—We don’t have a set plan… Are you sure?

—Of course. Besides, we already agreed that you can visit us as often as you want. — She replied with a playful smile.

I’m so glad she told me this.

Instead of going straight home, we decided to stop at a coffee shop, which was perfect since there were several things I wanted to ask her.

(This is my moment!)

Being excited inside, Arisa suddenly exclaimed out loud.

What’s going on? Is there someone she knows here? Or is it Aina? Thinking about these possibilities, I followed Arisa’s gaze and… I was speechless.


The reason is that I saw Saeki walking with her friends.

(But…why is Arisa so surprised?)

I tried to think calmly at that moment.

I thought I might have been confused, so I followed Arisa’s gaze once more… And sure enough, I could see that it was Saeki, and it was clear that Arisa was staring at her… But that raises the question of what kind of relationship she has with her.

—Arisa… What’s going on?

—It’s nothing.

It seemed like it was nothing, or at least that’s what Arisa said as she lowered her gaze… But obviously, there was another hidden reason. What was I supposed to do?

Aaagh, it bothers me that I can’t figure something out quickly, whether it’s my lack of intuition or whatever Arisa is facing… Well, there’s no point in thinking negatively right now.

—Anyway, how about we go to another coffee shop?


Since there is a cafeteria nearby, I suggested to Arisa that we go somewhere else, but before we could act. Someone called me.

Well, no matter who the culprit is in this situation, it’s just a bad coincidence…

When I turned my head in the direction of the voice, Saeki looked at me curiously… And then looked at Arisa.

—Hello, Saeki…

—Hi, Domoto-kun… Is that the girl you mentioned before?

At that moment, Saeki seemed to understand something and clapped her hands. Although Arisa normally didn’t get intimidated in front of anyone, her behavior seemed strange compared to how it always is when she faces Saeki.

After receiving this question, I nodded while staring at Saeki… At that moment, Arisa pulled my uniform tightly.

—Ah… That… I’m so sorry.

—No… You don’t need to apologize.

This worries me more and more, what is happening to Arisa?

While she tilted her head in confusion at Arisa’s behavior, Saeki opened her mouth and looked directly at us without looking away.

—I’m sorry, did I ruin a special moment between you two? Well, Domoto-kun and I were classmates in high school. Not long ago, I was dragged into an alley by a guy from my class. And he helped me at that moment.


Arisa was surprised by Saeki’s words. Then Arisa calmly turned her eyes to me, as if she was interested in what would follow, and Saeki continued to speak with a wry smile. 

—It was the first time we talked in a long time… There was also a time when I slipped and Domoto-kun helped me again. That was when I found out how important you were to him and how much he wanted to be with you forever… He couldn’t stop talking about you, he really is in love with you.

—Was it really like that? 

—Huht? Ah yes… 

Saeki nodded at Arisa’s question, although her face was still stunned, she seemed to relax slowly. She showed a small sigh of relief, as if she was somewhere safe. 

—So that’s what happened… What I saw at that moment was that, right? 

Arisa said some words that she couldn’t let go of. And they quickly caught my attention. 

—That moment…? Wait a minute… What moment are you talking about? 

Saeki laughed softly and shook her shoulders while I stood there stunned, ending the confusion we were experiencing.

—I thought that was what happened. Maybe she just happened to see us that day. Maybe you suspected something else, right? — Saeki asked while looking at Arisa. 

Arisa nodded slightly, her face flushed and her eyes slightly moist.

When I saw this expression on Arisa’s face, I was surprised and… Even more, I felt very guilty, not only towards Arisa, but also towards Aina.

(I… I lied to both of them.)

At first, I thought it wasn’t necessary to talk about my ex-girlfriend, but if they saw what happened, then that means I lied to them. Was it unnecessary to worry about them and only increase their anxiety?

—I’m sorry… Arisa. I lied to you at that moment…

—It’s okay, really. First of all, I knew that there was nothing there!

Suddenly, the atmosphere from before disappeared and turned into something warm.

With a perfectly beautiful face that captivates everyone and exudes a charming fragrance like a flower, Arisa brought her face closer to me, and it almost made me dizzy, completely forgetting that Saeki was there as well.

—Haha! You two look so good together, it’s really exciting to see you together.

Oh, for God’s sake! I need a moment to organize the information! I need time to calm down!

—That’s how it is! I had no reason to worry… Ngh!


While muttering to herself, Arisa hugged my arm tightly, and not satisfied with that, she rested her cheek on my shoulder and started rubbing against me.

It seemed like Arisa didn’t care what others thought, not even if our schoolmates saw us in the middle of the city…

—You were telling the truth, Domoto-kun. You have a nice and pretty girlfriend, so I guess I can understand why you said you wouldn’t let her go for any reason.

—Yes, that’s true… Thank you, Saeki.

—What kind of thanks is that? Well, goodbye then.

Saeki waved goodbye and went back to her friends, not turning around to look at us as she left.

After saying goodbye to Saeki, we went back to the coffee shop. We ordered tea to warm up our bodies, which were cold from the atmosphere, and also ordered a cake, since we were hungry for something sweet.

Then we started to talk about what had happened that day.

—Arisa Did you see everything that happened that day? Including Aina?

—Yes, I happened to see it. You were talking amicably, and when the girl was about to fall, you held her… There was also a moment when she touched your arm.


From an objective point of view, this might seem like a scene of infidelity. Of course, we know that it was not like that, and it was thanks to the trust that both of us placed in me that there were no misunderstandings…

But now that the reason for her recent strange behavior has been revealed, I feel relieved.



After everything that happened, I think it’s best to be 100% honest now.

—That girl… Her name is Saeki Aika. She was my girlfriend when we were studying together.

Saying that, Arisa opened her eyes for a moment in surprise. Her hand rested on mine, which was on the table, urging her to continue and implicitly telling her not to feel pressured. 

—What Saeki said was true. Although I mentioned that I had a girlfriend, I didn’t say who it was or that there were two of them… But somehow I let her know that I really cared for her and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. 

—Oh… So that was it. 

—You see… When you asked me that question on your birthday, I thought it wouldn’t be the most appropriate thing to mention that I had met my ex-girlfriend… Maybe I could have found another way to express it without mentioning her as my ex-girlfriend, to avoid unnecessary complications and lies that could have caused insecurity for Aina and you.


Although I had said before that everything was fine, I was actually the one who made her feel insecure… I made her think that something was wrong, that I was hiding something.

—I’m really sorry… I swear there was nothing, please believe me.

As I said this, Arisa squeezed my hand that was intertwined with hers. 

—I’m very sorry too. Even though I kept telling myself that everything was fine, somewhere in my heart, I was worried and couldn’t leave it behind… That made you worry too. 

…I guess this is what we have to do. If we don’t end this conversation, it could go on forever. 

—Let’s just say we’re glad it didn’t get complicated… Well, we probably don’t have much to worry about ourselves. 

—Hayato-kun… Haha, yeah, you’re right. 

Not that it’s exactly a misunderstanding, but I guess we can assume that that uncomfortable feeling you’ve been feeling lately is gone, right? Arisa is back to her normal self, as you can see from her behavior, so everything seems to be really good now. 



—When I saw that you two were trying to be close to me despite your insecurities… I thought it was great and it gave me a sense of personal happiness…

—Hayato-kun, you are so…

Actually, there was a moment when I thought about that too… Arisa seemed surprised by my sudden confession, but in the next moment, her face showed a defiant expression. An expression similar to that of a courtesan seducing a man.

—I just want you to know that both Aina and I are always thinking of you. If I could get rid of my rationality and live according to my desires, I would be willing to be tied to you. I would live for you… And I would always want to be yours, the slave of your soul, for all eternity.


These words were clearly defiant.

The atmosphere, the words and the expression on her face, all of it completely overwhelmed me… Still, I was happy with everything she had brought me.

—You are mine, Arisa. You all belong to me. And I will bind you to me so that you can never escape.


Hearing my words, Arisa showed an ecstatic expression, and at that moment, Shinjo Arisa’s seriousness completely disappeared.

After leaving the coffee shop, we went to Arisa’s house.

It will be like killing two birds with one stone by also talking to Aina… Really, I’m so happy that things didn’t take a negative turn.

(If they came to hate me… I don’t know if she could go on living.)

These are the things I came to think, I am completely captivated by them. It’s a fact that I can’t hide anymore, and it’s also a feeling that I can’t throw away.




[Aina’s Perspective] 


—It is almost Valentine’s Day. 

After singing karaoke with my friends, I walked home alone under the cold sky…

In the midst of all this, I am thinking about next Valentine’s Day. I have never given chocolates to someone of the opposite sex, but this time I want to make chocolates with all my heart for my beloved Hayato-kun… Of course, it’s not just about making chocolates, I also want to get into some mischief. I want to have a fun time and enjoy it myself. 


Hayato-kun… Domoto Hayato-kun, someone very important to me, someone I love… If he lets me, I want to have his child right away… That’s how much I love him. 

When I think of Hayato-kun, I feel a tingle in my crotch… It was amazing even before we became a couple, but lately it’s become even more intense… 

It’s really hard! My heart and body are searching for Hayato-kun, but… Lately, I have been worried. It’s about that girl who seemed to get along well with him. 

—…No matter how hard I try not to think about it, I can’t get it out of my mind… Ugh! I know there’s nothing to worry about because of Hayato-kun’s behavior. 

Jealousy… And fear. I talked to my sister about it, too, but I couldn’t imagine that the day would come when I would be plagued by such feelings. 

But that just shows how much I think about Hayato-kun… When I think like that, I feel a little warm in my heart.

—Ah! At times like this, I should call Hayato-kun before going to sleep to feel a little happy!

Or maybe… I should think about Hayato-kun and just enjoy it♪

With a little frustration in my heart, I returned home thinking about it, but an unexpected twist awaited me.

—…Huh? Hayato-kun’s shoes?

As soon as I opened the front door, I saw Hayato-kun’s shoes that weren’t supposed to be there. What does that mean?

While I was thinking that, he stuck his head out of the living room door… As soon as I saw him, I dropped my shoes and ran towards him.



Not only did I throw myself on his chest, but I also hugged him tightly and wrapped my arms around his back.

We stayed like that for a moment… Not wanting to let go, hugging me tightly as if to say I don’t want to let go of him while he enveloped me in his scent.

—You are very spoiled.

—I am! But why are you here?


It seems that he met my sister on his way home and ended up coming home. And from here, things become important to me… They told me about this girl who seemed to get along well with him, and I got to hear everything that happened that day.

—So… That’s what happened.

When I learned the full truth behind the events, I felt a tremendous sense of relief. There was nothing to worry about, and Hayato-kun really does consider me and my sister a priority.

—So… That girl is your ex-girlfriend.


We had a little  conversation, and it turned out that this girl was a very polite person. If I had the chance… I would like to ask her what Hayato-kun was like in high school.

Taking advantage of the fact that we were alone, I snuggled up next to Hayato-kun and wrapped my arm around his… Hayato-kun seems to like it when I hug him like this, squeezing him tightly and tucking his arm between my breasts.


—How about that? Soft, warm and wonderful, right?

Although Hayato-kun was embarrassed, he nodded.

A mischievous spirit arose in me, wanting to make his flushed face even redder while thinking about how cute he looked.

—Although it turned out that there was nothing to worry about and it was just a false alarm… I was still a bit anxious for the past few days… You know, Hayato-kun? Is it okay if you spoil me a lot?


—Hehehe, great!

Until dinner was ready, I just enjoyed cuddling with Hayato-kun… But during that time, I also thought about something else.

(No matter what happens, Hayato-kun always makes us smile… But we also want to make Hayato-kun happy.)

Thanks to him, we can enjoy this moment with a smile… But it is also the form of happiness we want to give. When Hayato-kun faces something difficult or goes through difficult times, we want to be by his side… That’s what my sister and I thought about together.

—But first…


—-It’s almost Valentine’s Day… I hope you’re looking forward to it.

—Yes, I’m excited.

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, I have to make it memorable.

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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