Chapter 5: A heavy and direct love

A heavy and direct love

Two weeks have passed since I went to the Shinjo family’s house. In a few days it will be December, and the cold in the morning is getting more and more intense. My body is shivering more than usual.

I was in the last class of the morning, and lunchtime was just around the corner.

It has become more and more common to lose myself in my thoughts during class, and it is two people who take center stage. Arisa and Aina. I remember their expressions of happiness when we are alone, it is something they dedicate only to me and no one else.

What I like the most is that now I can see them every day before going to school. Even if it was for a short period of time, it was the best part of my days.

As I was thinking about this, class had come to an end. A large handful of my classmates got up from their seats to go to lunch. While I remained seated at the desk and in turn, Sota and Kaito approached me. 

—I’m hungry!

—Yes, my stomach’s been grumbling for a while now.

While listening to my friends’ conversation, I took out a bento from my bag. Usually I wouldn’t bring one, since I don’t usually cook. But after that meeting with Arisa, Aina and her mother, they started cooking for me.

—Will you have lunch here again?

—Hey, Hayato, I’m starting to wonder who’s the person who prepares lunch for you.

—Hahaha… Well, let’s just say that I have a person who cares a lot about me.

My friends looked attentively at the bento that Arisa and Aina prepared. Earlier they told me that they would take turns preparing lunch for me every day. And somehow, I knew that it was Arisa who prepared it for me this time.


Fried eggs, fried chicken, mini hamburgers, fried asparagus with Bacon… It’s the perfect lunch, and at the same time, very delicious.

—It tastes so good.

My taste buds were having a party, and I couldn’t help but say it.

—You eat like a very happy man…

—…I’m very curious to know who cooks for you. But I’ll let it go for now.

If you expect me to tell you the truth, you are mistaken. I can’t for the life of me let them find out that Arisa and Aina are the ones who prepare my lunch. You never know what the kids are capable of if they find out about this.

—Oh, today’s Onigiri only contains dried plums… Hehe.

My cheeks became very relaxed as I tasted the plum in the Onigiri. No doubt this lunch is very delicious.

The school cafeteria also has meals that are not bad. But you can’t compare food made for a bunch of people to a meal that was made especially for you.

Come to think of it, I heard that Sakina-san also wanted to make lunch for me. Though both sisters don’t want their mother to meddle, so there’s a battle going on every morning to see who cooks for me.

It’s a very funny thing if you think about it. But I must admit that I’m curious to try Sakina-san’s food. I’m also happy that they take the effort and time to do this for me.

I had made it clear to both of them that they didn’t need to go to so much trouble for me. But they were so insistent that they wanted to do it, that I had no choice but to allow it.

I wonder why they are so nice to me… Maybe they like me?

No… That can’t be possible, I think I’m getting too much of an ego boost. It’s true that I saved them, but it’s something that anyone else could have done, right? Although… I admit that I would be very happy if I could have a sentimental relationship with them.

While I was lost in my thoughts, I finished my food without realizing it. It’s amazing the love and passion those girls put into this.

—Was it really that good?

—You seem very pleased with yourself.

—…Are you really so amused that you’ve spent all this time watching me eat?

When I said this, they both burst out laughing.

—Yes, but I’m curious to know who’s making you lunch, though. I’ve noticed you’ve been having a lot of fun too, you’ve been happier lately.

—Exactly, you’re smiling a lot more than before.

—Huh? Do I do that when I’m with you guys?

I don’t know how a heartfelt smile differs from a normal smile. However, whether they’re the cause or not, it’s possible that I’ve been smiling more than usual these days.

—And enough of you two staring at me too much.

—Well, my mother told me to take care of Hayato.

—That’s what I was told. Besides, how could I not care about my best friend?

I wonder if they realized that they are saying very embarrassing things… I felt embarrassed by their concern for me, but that also comforted me a lot.

—…Thank you both.

—Oh, Hayato is shy!

—How cute you are!

—I take back what I said before, you idiots.

After finishing my lunch and joking around for a while with my friends. I left the classroom to head to the bathroom. Just then I saw Arisa and Aina walking down the hallway, they were walking along with their friends.



The three of us made eye contact, but at no time did we greet each other in any way… But the moment Aina passed in front of me, she winked at me.

Only Arisa, Aina and I are aware of the secret friendship we have. The rest of the people were still unaware of the changes that have happened between us.

I watched their backs moving away little by little, trying to remember the reason why I had left my classroom. Seconds later it dawned on me that I had to go to the bathroom.

—Our relationship hasn’t changed at all while we’re at school… Well, I guess it’s better this way, since I won’t get harassed by other guys.

I’m the only one who knows that Arisa and Aina aren’t good with men, but they still show me their true colors. Girls are different in and out of school, and it makes me happy that they think I’m special, even if only in a small way.

But I can’t get my hopes up too high. After all, I’m that guy who couldn’t live up to expectations regarding his ex-girlfriend… Ugh, I’m starting to get depressed.

It was already afternoon, and classes were over.

I was on my way home when I passed in front of the Shinjo family’s house, and to my surprise…

—Oh, you’re home!

I met Arisa in front of her house, she was dressed in casual clothes and smiled when she saw me, although she pretended to be worried about her appearance.

—I haven’t seen you since lunchtime, Hayato-kun.

—Yes… Although I was surprised that you came home so quickly after school was over.

—I just wanted to get home quickly… Well, Hayato-kun, shall we go?


I had promised Arisa that we would meet today after school, and today she would come to my house. This has been one of the biggest changes in the last week. More specifically, it’s that Arisa and Aina visit my home more regularly, the intention of which is that they make dinner for me.

—How was the meal today?

—It was very delicious, and if I had to guess, I would say it was prepared by you, right?

—Right. Fufu, I see you’ve already learned to differentiate our flavors.

—Hmm, now I’m a little unsure when you put it like that. I’ll probably be wrong the next time you ask me that same question.

—I’m not going to get mad at you for that, Hayato-kun. Just keep saying that you like my food, that makes me very happy♪ — replied Arisa smiling.

That smile… That damn, beautiful smile is so attractive.

I think I’m being quite rude by staring at her for too long, so I averted my gaze as fast as I could while swallowing saliva.


—…Is it me or is it hot?

—Are you feeling hot? That’s weird, I’m cold—…

Arisa noticed my deception. So, she blushed slightly… I’m glad she was so perceptive in that sense, it would have been worse for me to give her an impression of being rude and cutting.

—Go ahead.

—Excuse me…

As soon as the two of us entered the house, she went to the Buddhist altar first.

And not only does she usually do this, when Aina comes to visit, she also goes to the Buddhist altar and prays to my parents.

—I have come to visit you today, father and mother.

The picture of my parents, Domoto Kanata and Domoto Kasumi at the altar had smiling faces. I wonder what they would say if they saw two beautiful girls suddenly come home to cook for me.

Surely my mother would let out a giggle while my father gives me a thumbs up… Yes, that probably would have happened. I think it’s worse to imagine a scene that can never happen.

—Well, I’ll get ready to cook dinner.

—Arisa, can I talk to you for a moment?

—What’s wrong?

I stood up, stared at Arisa.

—You know… I am very happy for the bento you prepared for me, and also very grateful for you cooking dinner for me. What I’m telling you now, I also feel for Aina.


—But… Are you sure you’re not putting too much pressure on yourself? I’m thinking that you two are wasting your time on me. That’s why you don’t have to do—….

Before I could finish my words, Arisa gently put her index finger on my lips.

—I’m fine, don’t worry. I don’t plan to overdo it or push myself to limits I can’t handle, because, if I did, it would make Hayato-kun worry, right? That’s why Aina and I try to do things very cautiously. 

If she says so, I guess I can’t contradict her. Even her mother, Sakina-san, is willing to let her daughters do that for me. 

—If that’s all, I’m going to prepare dinner.

—…Really, thank you very much.

—Fufufu♪ That’s cute, why don’t you thank me once I’m done with the food?

Arisa said this while putting her index finger to her mouth in a mischievous gesture.

I was about to shout; “I’m in love with you”, but I managed to restrain myself. Still, my feelings were on edge, another one of those tricks, and I doubt I’d be able to resist again.

—…Ah, delicious!

—Thank you, Hayato-kun.

I was very happy to be eating the beef stew that Arisa prepared for me. 

—I’m very pleased to see your happy face when you taste my dishes. There is a lot left over, so please eat as much as you want, and the rest you can keep in the fridge and heat in the microwave tomorrow.

—And why don’t you eat with me?

—…Um, okay, I’ll do.

As if Arisa was waiting for my answer, she proceeded to pour the stew on a plate and sat down with me to eat.

—By the way, Hayato-kun, how are your final exams going?


Basically, I’m not a bad student, but I’m not smart enough to get a high score on every final exam, I’m only average to say the least.

—I’m doing the same as usual. For the midterms and finals of the first and second semester, I had a normal grade, it wasn’t outstanding, but I didn’t fail either. So, I guess I’ll do the same.

It would be nice to get a good score, but I’m not going to try that hard because I’ll settle for a slightly better than average score.

—I see… Would you like to study with us?

—By us you mean you and Aina?

—Yes. I don’t want to brag, but both Aina and I have very good grades. So, we could tutor you quite well. What do you think?

—…I’d appreciate it.

—That’s nice, I’ll be looking forward to the day♪

So, it was decided, albeit on short notice, that we will study together for the next exam. Although we will decide later where the meeting place will be, either at their place or mine.

—Hey, Arisa… Why are you wearing a maid’s uniform?

I had been thinking about it for a while, but now I dared to ask her. When I met her on my way home, she was carrying a bag in her hand. I didn’t expect that what was inside was the maid uniform she bought.

I thought she would only be wearing a simple cooking apron, but as soon as I saw the neatly folded maid outfit, I blinked many times thinking it was my imagination.

—I wore it because I wanted to do something special for Hayato-kun. I haven’t worn it since that day at the store, so this was the perfect timing.


—Yes… What do you think?

Arisa stands up and turns around. The maid uniform she’s wearing is the same one she tried on at the store, with lots of ruffles, allowing her body lines to be easily seen, and the type of mini skirt also lets her dazzling thighs show.

—Um… I think you look amazing.

—Fufu, do you think so? Doesn’t seeing me like this make you want to be my master?

With her hand over her mouth, Arisa said this with a bewitching air.

It’s the first time such a beautiful girl said something like this to me. So I froze, not knowing how to answer the question.

Earlier she had told me that she wished to serve a person, and I can see the level of seriousness visible in her eyes.

—Hey Hayato-kun, is everything in order?


I didn’t notice Arisa, who had closed the distance with me, probably because I was absorbed in my thoughts.

I take a step back to distance myself from her, who was close, but I lost my balance and fell backwards.


Since I was close to the sofa, I didn’t get hurt at all. But Arisa quickly held out her arms to me when I fell, so she fell on top of me.

—Are you all right?

—Yes… Ah.

The soft sensation I felt in my left hand was all I could concentrate on now. Without a doubt, it was Arisa’s ample bosom that I was holding, my fingers sinking as I applied the slightest force on them.

—I-I’m sorry…

I applied more force as I tried to push her away and my fingers dug even deeper into her chest. Arisa let out an agitated voice and brought her face closer to mine as she stared at me.

—What do you want us to do from now on? Ask me for whatever you want, Hayato-sama….

Her words were imbued with so much sweetness that it invaded my brain, and its warmth assaulted my heart completely.

—You don’t have to think about it too much… It can be anything.

With a grimace and a sexy smile, she placed her hand on the button of her chest.


With a clink and a pop, the top two buttons unfastened, exposing the bulging cleavage that popped out over the fabric of the maid’s uniform.

I tried to look away, but it was impossible. Arisa let out a giggle, pressed her fingers against her breasts and continued speaking, letting out a sweet exhalation.

—I am a maid, Hayato-sama’s personal maid. I will do any kind of service for you, even naughty things.

—Ari… Sa…

An elegant and naughty maid all to myself, is every man’s dream, but this is… too stimulating.

Besides, it is precisely because of Arisa’s innocent appearance that she stands out, or rather because of her eroticism, and it is true that there is something about her that once she captures you, she won’t let go.

—Come on, Hayato-sama, tell me, what do you want me to do? — she asked as she whispered in my ear.


Unconsciously, my hand sought her chest as if guided by her voice.

But I was able to withdraw my hand a few inches from touching her bare chest. Just a little push, and I could have felt that softness directly.

—Hey! Don’t tease me, Arisa.

I feel like patting myself on the back for holding it so well. Arisa looked at my retracted hand in frustration and puffed out her cheeks.

—I’m not making fun of you… Hmph, you’re a formidable opponent.

As a result of these unforeseen accidents, the number of times I’ve unintentionally touched Arisa and Aina’s bodies have tripled.

Unlike Arisa, Aina does not thrust her body at me, but uses words and the atmosphere to make it happen. She releases sweet pheromones to melt my reason.

I still don’t understand why they do this.

—Hayato-kun. — Arisa said while pressing my face against her breasts — I want to be the woman who always welcomes you when you come home, and to be the one who pleases you and makes you feel happy, to let you know that you won’t be alone anymore.

Again, her words invade my reasoning and shatter it. Though I have a strong determination and try to keep my guard up at all times. The bodies and charm of these girls manage to melt my mental walls like a poison and take hold of me.

—If you find comfort in our presence, in our voices, in these moments of contact, do not hesitate to ask us to please you. I will always accept you, I will be there to tell you how well you have done things, even if they seem to be going wrong, we will be your refuge and your warmth. So don’t hold back.

Arisa’s words were not only as sharp as the most dangerous dagger, but they were also as sweet as nectar seeping through my ears. That warmth and tenderness make you want to drown in them.

—I will support you. I will always and forever be there for you. I will be by your side no matter what… I am completely yours.

This was no longer about me drowning in the love that Arisa was transmitting to me. I was already being irresistibly attracted by the love and affection, sincerely. 

I wanted to be close to her.

After that, I accompanied Arisa home, but before leaving the house, I asked her to change her clothes. It wouldn’t be good for her if the neighbors saw her wearing a maid’s outfit walking around in the dark.

—See you tomorrow, Hayato-kun. Good night, Hayato-kun.

—Yes. Good night, Arisa.

I watched her until her presence disappeared in the doorway, then I turned around and returned home shivering slightly from the cold.

It’s Friday, several days after Arisa came home to prepare dinner for me. I was in the bathroom washing my body, but I suddenly started to feel uncomfortable.

—I better quickly wash my body and get out of here. I have a bad feeling.

And the reason I’m saying this is because Aina came over today to prepare dinner for me. As soon as she arrived, she asked me to go take a bath while she was cooking, and that’s why I’m here. Although, I have a slight feeling that Aina is going to try something.

If Arisa tried to throw all her artillery at me in the maid uniform, then I can expect anything from Aina. They go to such extremes of…

—Hayato-kun, are you already dipping into the hot water?

Shit, there she is. I don’t know if it was because I called her mentally, or because she has a detector in her head to know when to show up at the wrong time.

Aina walked into the locker room and knocked on the bathroom door, giving me to understand that she wanted to come in.

—Not yet! I… I’m still washing my body. — I replied with a nervous tone of voice.

Aina had told me earlier that she wanted to take a bath here after cooking, so I’d better hurry up and get this over with. But what kept bothering me was that Aina was still in the locker room, at no time did she return to the kitchen.

—Something wrong, Aina?

—Yes… The truth is, I got wet when I was cooking, so all my clothes are soaked. Can I come in with you? I’ll be in trouble if I catch a cold♪

—Wait, what?

Words I never imagined I’d hear penetrated my eardrums. I was stunned by Aina’s sudden question. And as soon as I turned to look at the door, I could hear her as she proceeded to take off her clothes, then, without warning, the door opened. 

—Sorry to bother you~

—Hey, hey, what are you doing?!

The scene before my eyes is such that it blows away all my previous thoughts and worries. To say I panicked was an understatement.

Of course, Aina was not completely naked, but had a towel wrapped around her body, and she looked at me with an innocent smile on her face, just like a little girl who has played a prank.

—I’ll wash your back♪ You have no right to refuse♪


All I could do was look at her with my mouth open. And when she shivered saying it was cold, I couldn’t tell her to get out of the bathroom.

—Give me that, I’ll wash your back, okay?


Somehow I was able to keep my cool, and proceeded to give her the bath sponge I had in my hand. As soon as she took it, she gently pressed it against my back and scrubbed it.

—Fufufu~n♪ Fufu~nfufun♪

Aina hummed as she ran her hand gently on my back, showing that she was in a very good mood. I felt so at ease that I no longer felt embarrassed, I even went so far as to think that I would like to do it again.

The warm water flowed down my body causing the bubbles to dissolve. Then her hands went around my stomach from behind and Aina hugged me straight from my back.

—I’m sorry. It’s just that it’s my turn to do this part now.

—I understand.

I think I spoke too soon. I’m feeling embarrassed again. And a lot of panicked thoughts came over me.

—Hayato-kun, you have a very big back. Even though you’re young, it’s very broad and toned… It makes me feel confident, it makes me feel good. This is the back that protected me… I love it…

With a last murmur, Aina let out a giggle, broke away from me and started washing her own body.

I tried to leave the bathroom immediately, but she stopped me. So I had no choice but to get into the bathtub.

—I’ll go in too♪

The bathroom in my house was very big, and the bathtub was also spacious enough for two people to get in.

Aina sits down next to me, and I do my best to maintain a sense of normalcy, trying not to look at her too much.


—Fufu, do I scare you?

When I look to her side, my gaze meets Aina’s. Her beautiful eyes are locked into mine. I can’t look away from her, and I can’t help but notice the way her beautiful brown hair is glued to her skin. 

Her cleavage, visible despite being wrapped in a towel, and her beautiful skin, white and healthy, make you wonder how there could be such a beautiful woman in this world.

—…I’m embarrassed too, you know? And you must be wondering; then why did we bathe together? Well, the reason is simple… I wanted to bathe with Hayato-kun!

—You’re very straightforward…

—Yes, and what we’re doing is very dangerous. I could get pregnant.

—What do you mean by that?!

Don’t tell me you’re pregnant or anything, it’s too heartbreaking. 

I mean, in the current situation, that word is really bad, and it’s too hard not to be aware of it.



I wonder if Aina, whose face is turning red, is aware that she’s been holding my hand since she got into the bathtub.

—Hey, Hayato-kun, I want to know more about your parents.

—My parents?


It seems a bit sudden, but I appreciate you asking.

—I don’t know where to start.

—Say what you want, I’ll listen to you carefully.

Aina stares at me, waiting for me to speak. I guess I can tell her more about my private life, after all, we are almost naked inside a bathtub. I’ll probably have to tell Arisa about my parents someday, too.

—My parents were very important to me. My father was kind and my mother was very strong.


—Yeah… I probably don’t fit that definition very well. But that was my perception of her… My father had an accident when I was in elementary school, and my mother got sick and died when I entered high school. Even though they were only with me for a short time, they raised me with a lot of love and affection.

Although I no longer remember the details of how we spent time together, the memories of my parents have not faded.

—I can’t have an opinion on how Hayato spent time with his parents, but from what you say, it’s more than obvious that you loved each other very much.

—…Yes, we were very close… Just like you are with your older sister and Sakina-san, right? I can tell that you are very fond of each other, and continue to have a certain emotional attachment towards your father.

—You think so? 

—Yes. I see a lot of love between you.


As soon as I said this, Aina became thoughtful. I worried that I had said something wrong, but she let out a giggle with moist eyes.

—What’s wrong? Are you okay?

—Yes, I’m fine. I’m sorry, it’s just that…How can I say it, Hayato-kun’s smile looked like my father’s.

I’m being compared to her father again… I don’t know whether to take it as a good thing or a bad thing.

—As my sister said, there are times when Hayato-kun overlaps with our father. You give off an aura that makes me feel safe, that I can trust you. As if you’re always there for us with the goal of protecting us.

—Yes? Although nothing important has happened since that day, so I don’t know how right that is.

—Fufu, you staying by our side gives us that comfort and security. It means we can lean on you♪

Aina said as she rested her head on my shoulder.

I am surprised that she is so calm. I don’t know if it’s because she’s already used to this situation, or maybe talking about her family calms her down a lot.

After that, Aina and I continued talking about our respective families, until we reached the bitter point of the story.

—Needless to say how happy my parents and I were. But not everything was rosy, as my father’s family hated us.


Aina’s eyes widened. 

When I asked if we could continue the conversation, she nodded.

—Thank you.

My parents met in college, and had a movie romance that brought them to the point of wanting to get married. The touching part comes at this point, because my father’s family placed so much importance on lineage.

Because my mother was born and raised in an ordinary family, they were vehemently opposed to the idea of my father marrying her. Of course, it was an impossible love between the two… However, my father decided to follow his heart, and ran away with her in order to stay together.

—This no doubt caused my paternal grandparents to want nothing to do with us. They hated my mother and me with all their hearts.

—I understand.

—A few days after my father’s death, they showed up for a visit, as if nothing had happened. At that time, I didn’t understand it, I was too young… But now that I remember things clearly, I understood that they were very abusive to my mother.

Faced with such a scene, I had the need to protect my mother, so I stood in front of her and protected her, as she was still devastated by the death of her husband.

Since that day I have not seen them again. But I still remember exactly what my mother told me that night.

—[Hayato’s back was really big. Just like your father’s. I am very happy that you are here, my son.]

Despite having said those words, her tears kept flowing. I cried so helplessly to see her like that.

That incident made me feel that I had to protect my mother.

—Mom used to tell me to be demanding. She constantly reminded me that children should be protected by their parents, not the other way around. But when I saw her cry, I felt the opposite, I wanted to be the one to protect her.

Aina put her finger to my eyes and wiped away my tears. I was crying remembering those days. I felt ashamed of my weakness, and I tried to look away from her, but I could not.

—Now I understand everything. And I also know why I like Hayato-kun’s back so much… How do you expect me not to be fascinated by someone as cool as you? — Aina said while holding my head gently — You are a very strong person… But not strong enough, this loneliness you live in, is destroying you inside.


—Let us fill that loneliness. We’ll make sure you never feel lonely again. We will be there for you no matter what, anytime, anywhere. So put that responsibility in our hands, and drown in our love.

Drown in your love… Those words enter my brain like a sweet narcotic. When I looked up, Aina was watching me with compassionate eyes.

I was reflected helplessly in those eyes, like a lost child looking for warmth and affection from someone else.

—By the way, I’ll tell you a secret… I was dying to take a bath with you, that’s why I soaked myself with water on purpose♪.


If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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