Chapter 6: A heart in love is impossible to ignore

A heart in love is impossible to ignore

Next weekend I will be meeting with Arisa and Aina to study for the upcoming exams. I’m secretly excited because it will be a different environment for us.

—Huh, it’s exciting too.

At the same time, I kept wondering if this was the right way to handle the current situation.

Both of them often make me food, come to my house, and say very sweet things to me… It’s impossible not to realize their feelings for me when they treat me that way.

—So I wasn’t so wrong after all.

The only way I wouldn’t notice their feelings is if I was the main character of a harem manga, those guys really are jerks… And now that I know how they feel about me, I can’t turn a blind eye.



The voices of those girls echo in my head. I wonder if this is happening because they’ve become very important to me. 

—…What should I do?

Will I be able to enjoy my current life being aware of their feelings? Or maybe…



I heard those voices again, and this time clearer than ever. Is this a product of me thinking about them?

—Dammit, at what point did I start caring so much about Arisa and Aina?

—Oh, do you really care about us, Hayato-kun?

—Oh♪ That’s good news, sister!

This is bad, I’m still hearing them. 

As soon as I exhaled sharply to calm down, I could feel both of my hands being grabbed. Worried by this sudden development, I looked to my left and right as fast as I could.

—…Arisa? Aina?

So, it was them… I was surprised for a moment that my illusion had become real, but there was a small problem with that; being that they were not illusions!

—Wh-What are you two doing here?

I didn’t expect to find them on the street by chance.

Arisa and Aina smiled and told me they were on a friendly sister date because they had some free time.

—It’s not like there’s any lesbian tinge between us or anything, so don’t get us wrong!

—Huh? Ah, yes…

Aina tried desperately to deny that fact, but it’s not like I’d ever thought of it in the first place either. Although, if there’s any sign of Yuri between Arisa and Aina, it would be precious.

—So what are you doing, Hayato?

—Ah~… I just left the house to distract myself.

—Oh, I see…

—Hm~n… Hmmm? Hmm~n?

After spending a lot of time with them, I’ve gotten better at understanding what they’re trying to convey with their gestures and words when they don’t want to be direct or in other cases, when they want me to be the one to make the first move.

I am surprised by this sudden encounter, and yet, my heart feels overjoyed.

—Are you two free?

—Yes! We have nothing to do!

—We’re not busy!

—I see.

I smiled wryly at their energetic response, and then we talked about going shopping together.

—By the way, about the maid uniform my sister bought, Hayato-kun picked it out, right?

—It’s not so much that I chose it… I just gave my opinion. 

—Exactly, I bought it because Hayato-kun liked it, that’s all.

—I’m so jealous! I want Hayato-kun to pick out my clothes too!

I thought this day off would be quiet, but it’s suddenly become somewhat noisy and energetic.

Because we don’t interact at school, we take advantage of as much time as possible outside of school to act as our emotions dictate without hiding behind a mask.

While it doesn’t make me entirely happy, I’m glad to know that they only show me a side of their personality that no one else has seen.

But in my head, I keep wondering how I should approach their feelings… I know that questioning it would be pathetic, but one wrong step could ruin things between us.

—Is something wrong Hayato-kun? You look worried.


—Then let’s go to karaoke and sing a song, then all your little worries will vanish!

—We can’t ignore your mood, Hayato-kun, we’re here for you if you need us, okay?

—Just kidding about singing, Hayato-kun. If you have any problems, I want you to tell me, okay?

—…Thank you both. But this is something I have to figure out on my own, so I need a little more time before I say anything.

When I told them this, they exchanged glances, and nodded as if accepting my words.

After that, we decided to hang out together, and went to karaoke like Aina suggested.

—Arisa… Is that the best you could do?

—Don’t say it like that! I’m not good at singing…

As soon as we got to the Karaoke place, Arisa was strangely reluctant to sing, and as soon as she tried to sing, I was stunned at the performance she gave. I didn’t expect that such a beautiful and angelic voice could turn into one so off-key.

—My sister is capable of doing anything, but singing is not one of them.

—That’s not true! You’re too good! Besides, Hayato-kun also got a very high score.

—In my defense, I’m used to singing anime songs with my friends.

Aina was undoubtedly an extremely good singer, Arisa and I listened to her singing with our eyes closed and let ourselves be carried away by her melodious voice.

—Let’s come back again someday ♪

—That’s fine with me… Although I don’t plan to sing again, I’ll just listen to you both.

—That’s no fun at all…

Again, I’ve seen two different mannerisms and personalities from Arisa and Aina.

I thought Arisa was basically the type of person who could do anything, and she is in a way, but of course, even she had her weaknesses. That part of her seems cute, or rather one of her charms.

The more I get to know them, the more I realize how attractive they are in every way, my feelings for them have increased exponentially. And I’ve never been the type of guy to confide in a woman, but I’m starting to have the desire to do so.

—So what are we going to do now?

—Is there somewhere you want to go, Hayato?

—Hmm, I want to give it some thought.

The three of us walked aimlessly as I thought about what other activity might be fun. And that’s when I saw a little boy crying a few feet away.

The child was crying and running back and forth, and I instantly knew he was lost.

—Excuse me, but I have to go.

I proceeded to approach the child without waiting for Arisa and Aina’s answer.

—What’s wrong? Have you lost your mother and father?

—Eh? Ugh… Uuuuuh!

I guess that’s a yes. 

I thought he would get even more nervous due to the fact that I’m a complete stranger. But surprisingly, the boy didn’t try to run away from me, so I gave him a gentle pat on the head.

—Calm down, everything will be fine… So, are you lost?

—Yes… I walked down a long hallway with my mommy and daddy. So, I.. Uuuh!

—Ah~ I see, don’t worry, I’ll help you look for them.

—Huh? Really?

—Of course.

A smile is the best way to calm a small child, and I tried to put a smile on my face to reassure him.

—Hayato-kun… Oh, is he a lost child?

—Ah~ His eyes are so red. And his nose is running really bad. Come on, blow on it.

Aina approached the boy and wiped his nose with a handkerchief. She’s mentioned that she wanted to have children a couple of times, so she was probably more adept at dealing with small children than me.

—Thank you, oneechan.

—Mm-hm, you’re welcome♪

As soon as the boy calmed down, we proceeded to find his mother and father.

—Come, I’ll give you a ride on my shoulders. You should be able to find them if you’re in a high place.

—Huh? Really?

—Yes, come here.

—Thank you!

He is quite an obedient and cute little boy, both Arisa and Aina smiled happily at him.

There was a police station within walking distance, but we decided to walk around looking for her parents near that place in case they showed up unexpectedly.

And to our surprise, we quickly found his parents.

—Where have you been?!

—We’ve been looking for you.

—Daddy, Mommy!

The mother hugged the boy with tears in her eyes, while the father looked worried but relieved.

—I’m happy for him.

—Yes. Parents and children should be like that after all♪.

Yes, they’re right.

Seconds after such a touching encounter, a pleasant noise came from the child’s stomach.

—Ara Ara.

—Mommy, I’m hungry…

—All right. Honey, wait a minute.

The mother took the child away and it was just us and the father. However, perhaps because I was relieved that the boy’s parents were meeting again, I felt the need to go to the bathroom.

—I’ll go to the bathroom, will you wait for me for a moment?


—Be careful.

I don’t like the idea of leaving them alone, but when duty calls, I must go.

—Sis. We were very lucky to find the child’s parents super fast.


We unexpectedly came across a missing child. I’m sure Aina and I would have done something to help him. But Hayato-kun acted before we did.

After all, that’s the kind of thing you’d expect a kind man like him to do.

—I’m very pleased that beautiful girls like you helped my son.

—You are welcome. — I responded briefly to the man’s words.

I was still uncomfortable with a man talking to me, but that feeling was lessened by the thought that I was dealing with the father of a lost child.

That reminded me that Aina and I used to get lost when we were kids too. In those days we would walk down the street crying and holding each other’s hand, desperately trying to stay together in case we couldn’t find our parents.

The man smiled at my words as he heard my words. His smile reminded me that this is what it is to be a father, and nostalgia hit me, as I somehow began to miss mine. 

And just when I thought it was all over, the situation gradually started to become awkward.

—You’re both very pretty girls….

The man’s words felt unpleasant. And the familiar and comforting atmosphere from a moment ago vanished.

Aina also noticed the attitude the man was taking and took a step back to distance herself. He didn’t even notice it, as if he was blinded by our presence, and continued…

—My wife hardly spends any time with me lately because of the child… Do you have money problems? I earn a lot, I can give you my number if you want…

This man…  What is he saying? Of course, I understood what he was trying to say, but I was stunned to hear what he was proposing.

His eyes were like those of the man who tried to steal us… A lascivious look that only wants to hurt us and take away our purity.

My body shuddered all over, causing despair to wash over me. 

Even a lost child’s father doesn’t stop being just like the rest of the men Aina and I hate… Yes, she was right after all. Men cannot be trus—…

—[You’re wrong.]

A strange voice whispers in my head. As if it wanted to make me come to my senses and not let me be invaded by the fears of the past. For… Not all men were the same.

After all, I was aware of that. I already know one who is not the same as the rest of the abominations that exist in this world and have tried to harm us… There is a special man in my life who protects me and loves me.


—I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.

I don’t know if it was because Hayato-kun heard my call, but he showed up just when we needed him the most.

I don’t know if Hayato-kun had heard the proposal the man was trying to make to Arisa and me, but he kept staring at his back as if he was marking his territory.

—We have nothing to do here anymore. Arisa, Aina, let’s go.

—Hey, wait a min—….

The man tried to say something else, but Hayato-kun took our hands and walked away from him with us.

We had no intention of going against him, so we followed him without asking questions, and after walking for a while and getting out of the crowd, we sat down on a nearby empty bench.

—I don’t know what happened the moment I left… But I could tell that you two were uncomfortable… The pained expressions on your faces made it more than obvious something was wrong. Am I right?

—…Hehehehe♪ How insightful you are, Hayato-kun, you really want to protect us.

Aina replied cheerfully and I nodded my head.

I had no choice but to tell Hayato-kun what had happened, and what the man tried to do to Aina and me. 

He was very surprised that a man with a child would do something like that, and I don’t blame him, since we had that impression too.

—I thought all men were the same. But, Hayato-kun is different.

—Uh-huh♪ Hayato-kun always protects us.


I know he would never do anything to hurt us. That’s why he’s different to me, and I don’t see him the same way as the rest.

—Well… I’m glad you two think that about me. Thank you.

Aina and I nodded with a smile… But Hayato-kun continued talking.

—I’m surprised too, but surely there are many men who aren’t like that. And I’m not trying to justify them, but you guys are very pretty girls, so it’s inevitable that you’ll attract everyone’s gaze.

Hayato-kun looked us firmly in the eye, though he didn’t seem to have a clear idea of what he meant.

—Not every man in the world will look at you girls with bad eyes… And now that I say this, even I have come to look at you girls a bit with those kinds of eyes. As I said before, you two are very pretty… The casual gestures and even the things you have done with me have made my heart go wild…

The examples I can give are when Arisa dressed up as a maid, and Aina messed with me in the bathroom.

Hayato-kun brings up more than valid points, as that was our goal in the first place; we wanted him to watch us with mischievous eyes, because otherwise, we would have lost confidence in ourselves and our bodies when trying to romance the guy we like.

—That’s why I want to be the kind of man you need. I won’t act like other men. I want to make you feel safe, protect you, and be someone you can trust.



As I said before, Hayato wasn’t clear about the ideas he wanted to say, so what he blurted out of his mouth was what he felt at that moment of euphoria. 

Maybe it’s not the most elaborate way he would want to do it, but the way he desperately tries to convey his feelings to us was cute. Again, he proved that he was the kind of person that I already had idealized in my head.

I am happy to have fallen in love with him. And these feelings will never be reversed… I wonder, what kind of eyes am I looking at him with now?

I glanced sideways at Aina, who was enraptured at Hayato-kun and blushing deeply. She probably must be thinking that she wants to have so many children with him that she can form a baseball team with them.

Yes… Surely that’s most likely what’s on her mind right now. I’m definitely more eager than ever to give myself completely to him. I want to give him everything I have of me…. If I’m by his side, no matter how horrible the things he gets to say to me, it would be nothing but a reward. I want to be enslaved by Hayato-kun.

I’m more than sure he’d be mad at me if I tell him this. And that’s what makes it more charming.

After this, we can’t let him escape from our side. Aina and I will do everything we can to make Hayato ours. We want to love him and for him to love us!

—Hey, Hayato-kun, if you want, why don’t we have dinner at our place tonight?


—Yeah, well, I’d like to spend more time with you… And you?


Hayato bowed his head at our proposal. He thought about it for a while and then nodded his head.

—Yes, I would very much like to spend more time with you too.

—Welcome, Hayato-kun.

—Excuse me…

Aina and Arisa asked me to have dinner tonight at their house, and when they notified their mother, she basically subtly forced me not to miss it.



Both Arisa and Aina went to shower, while I was left alone with Sakina-san in the kitchen. I didn’t feel comfortable doing nothing, so I asked her to let me help her cook.

—Are you worried about something?


Even though she said that to me in the form of a question, Sakina-san definitely seemed convinced that I was in trouble.

—…Something like that.

—I understand. And it’s probably about my daughters, isn’t it?

I was amazed that she could deduce that just by watching me. I stopped cooking and Sakina-san gently took me by the hand and led me to the sofa, where she sat with me.

—Would it be a little mean of me to ask you to tell me what’s going on?

—No, no problem.

Maybe talking to Sakina-san is what I need in order to solve this unknown in my head. So, I was determined to tell her everything.

—The truth is…

I feel attracted to Arisa and Aina. I don’t want to let go of the warmth they give me and the feelings they have for me. I understand that it’s wrong to be with two sisters at the same time, but I also don’t want to follow the common rules that this world dictates.

I told Sakina-san that I love her daughters from the bottom of my heart, and I want to be with them until the end of my days.

—I see, Hayato-kun, you really love my daughters very much.

—Don’t you think you’re being unscrupulous?

—I don’t think so. In fact, that makes me happy.


Sakina-san placed both hands on my cheeks while looking at me with comforting eyes.

—To me, those girls are my most precious treasure. Hayato-kun, you care about their safety and want to take their feelings seriously. How can you expect me not to be happy about it?


—Not to mention, the way you met was an event that strongly etched your existence in their hearts. It’s common sense to expect feelings of love for you to blossom deep inside them… And of course, that includes me. 

It was then that Sakina-san pulled me and buried my head in her huge breasts. And as expected, I was shocked and embarrassed, I tried to escape, but she was too strong, and I couldn’t do it.

—All I can do is give you my support in this. I hope you take good care of my daughters, and thank you for wanting to accept this responsibility. As a mother, this makes me feel more at ease.


It’s strange… It’s as if I’ve been given a gentle push in the back and now, I can see the way forward, even though I’ve been struggling to find it for a while now.

—Surely, you’re calmer now, aren’t you? But I’m sure you would have found the way without coming to me.

—No, that’s not true, I—…

I was about to say something more embarrassing, but without realizing it I turned red and looked down.

—What’s the matter?


I was ashamed to tell her… But I gathered my courage again and said it openly.

—Sakina-san’s warmth… Her kindness in giving me advice, reminded me a lot of my mother. And I ended up thinking that you were like my mother.

As soon as I told her this, Sakina-san suddenly shook her body, opened her arms and hugged me tightly.


She hugged me so tightly that her breasts hit my head more intensely, crushing my face very gently.

—Mother… Yes, it’s okay, Hayato-kun. You can call me mommy! I’ll be your mommy if you want me to! Please call me that! Don’t stop!


As soon as I tapped her back, the excited Sakina-san regained her senses immediately, she turned away from me with a red face, as if even forgetting what happened. 

—I’m sorry… I was overcome with happiness and had a maternal outburst.

It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of a maternal outburst…

When Sakina calmed down and moved away from me, I had one more thing to tell her.

—Sakina-san, actually, there’s one more thing I’d like you to hear.

—Okay. You can tell me anything, I’m your mother after all!


As I moved a little away from Sakina-san, who was clenching her fists in front of her chest, I started to speak.

—There’s something I want to tell you about an incident that happened today.


—I told both of them that bad men aren’t the only ones in the world, but there will also be men who want to take care of them. For my part, I plan to be that kind of man… But, I didn’t know how to be more direct about it, as I’m afraid to impose my feelings on them.

Although at that time they laughed at my words, and then said that everything was fine since after all, they know that with me things are different.

As soon as Sakina-san heard my words, she had a cheerful expression on her face.

—I don’t think they think that. Arisa and Aina are not the kind of girls who let others tell them what to do. If they accept your words with a smile on their faces, it’s because they agree with your feelings.

—I see…

I feel a great sense of relief after hearing this, even if Arisa and Aina themselves did not give me confirmation of it.

After exhaling with relief, I quickly pulled away from Sakina-san as we were close enough to kiss each other. She noticed this too and her cheeks instantly reddened.

I found her really charming, which is not what one would think of an adult woman, but that’s what I thought of her.

After our exchange, Arisa and Aina returned from their bath.

—We’re back… What are you two doing?

—Yes, why is mom’s face red?

—It’s nothing! Well, I’d better get back to making dinner!

Arisa and Aina each sit next to me as if replacing Sakina-san, who quickly returns to the kitchen. They were staring at me as if they understood that something happened between us, even though we didn’t do anything!

Having both girls practically glued to me, the lovely scent of hot water filling my nostrils, starts to make my brain go numb.

They had dried their hair, but their skin was still slightly damp and they were wearing somewhat revealing pajamas. 

And I’m not saying that because it’s something very sexy, but because they were both wearing button-down pajamas, and due to their excessive bust, they were very tight in the front, giving the impression that at any moment one of the buttons would pop off. 

I had no choice but to look away, as what they were showing me was very pleasing to my eyes.

—Arisa, Aina, can you finish cooking? I want to take a bath too.



As soon as Sakina-san left the room, both sisters got up from their seats and headed to the kitchen.

As for me, I didn’t know what would happen if my heart were to beat any more than that, so I guess I was saved by the bell. Still, I didn’t want to stand by and do nothing, and I wanted to help them somehow.

—Hayato-kun, why don’t you relax?

—Yes, you’re our guest.


Seeing their eyes, I felt a great pressure in them, so I sat back down.

In this restless mood, time passed and Sakina returned. As expected from Sakina-san, who had just come out of the bathroom, her adult woman charm could not be compared to that of her daughters.

—Hayato-kun, the food is ready.

—Go ahead.

—The amount of side dishes has increased a bit, but feel free to eat more if you want.


There are many dishes on the table around which the four of us sit.

—I can’t remember the last time I saw a table full of so much food…

And no, it can’t be compared to that day I ate curry. 

After clearing my throat, I began to eat the food that had been prepared for me. It was so delicious that I ate my fill.

—Delicious, really delicious.

—Thank you. I’m glad you said that.



After finishing dinner, I begged the girls to let me do the dishes. Although they flatly refused, I managed to insist long enough for them to let me do it.

—….. It’s nice, it’s been a long time since my house has been this lively.

Sakina-san was watching us with a smile on her face the whole time and I was glad she thought so.

Well, I’ve finished dinner and expressed my gratitude for today’s events, but I still need to talk to Arisa and Aina.

—Good luck, Hayato-kun.


Unexpectedly, I felt Sakina-san’s hands on my shoulders and she nudged me towards where the girls were.

They cocked their heads at their mother’s actions, but I asked them to give me a little more time so I could explain what was happening… So the three of us headed to Arisa’s room.

—I can’t believe Hayato is in my room. I feel strange.

—I wouldn’t have minded if we went to my room.

Sure enough, an epic rock-paper-scissors duel ensued between Arisa and Aina to agree on which room we would be in.

Arisa’s room was clean and tidy. There were no dolls or similar objects that a little girl would have, and all the furniture was white… It was a room that somehow fit her personality.

—Sit here, Hayato-kun.


The three of us sat around a round table on the floor in such a way that they remained facing me, looking at me as if they knew what we were going to talk about.

—Thank you for taking this trouble with me today, even though it’s a little late, and for agreeing to listen to my selfish words.

—Don’t say that. In any case, the fact that I can spend more time with you makes me very happy.

—That’s true. If it were up to me, I’d want you to stay here all night.

I chuckled at the thought that I had gotten myself into a lot of trouble. 

Every word that comes out of these women envelops my heart and tells me to drown myself in their tenderness and warmth.

Everything seems magical, their presence feels very narcotic.

—What I wanted to tell you is that—…

—Wait, just a moment, Hayato-kun.

When I was about to express my feelings, Arisa interrupted me.

They both looked at each other and nodded as if they were determined to say something important, putting before that they should first listen to what I would tell them.

—I love you, Hayato-kun. From now on, I want to support you for the rest of my life.

—I love you too, Hayato-kun. I love you so much that I would like to have a baby with you.

—I see.

I love you; my heart leapt when I heard that. However, Aina’s following statement about wanting to have a baby with me made me die for a second. But I could sense that she was very serious.

And without pause, the girls continued talking.

—I’m serious when I say this, Hayato-kun. I love you so much that I have firmly decided that my purpose in life will be to support you. And if you were to tell me that you don’t need me, I wouldn’t doubt for a second that I would die of sadness. 

—I feel the same way. I love you so much that I want to give you all of me. I want to give birth to your child, and raise a happy family by your side. The only person I want in my life is you… I love you so much that I want to be attached to you always.

Her words were loaded with strong feelings. But as for me, I was a bit thoughtful because of the impact of everything they conveyed to me.

As soon as they saw my dumbfounded expression, they both laughed, then got up and sat on either side of me. 

Arisa was the first to grab my hand and continued speaking.

—You appeared to us at that moment, when we were about to lose everything. Surely you must be thinking that we are only with you because of what you did that day… But tell me, do you think my feelings for you are false?


That’s exactly what I was afraid of. What if they only “love” me for what I did and not for who I am?

—We can’t deny that such an event had something to do with it. Aina, my mother and I can’t get that event out of our heads, it still swarms around at times. But because of that, we got to know you, we got to know your past, your fears, your intentions, the person you are… That made these feelings for you grow stronger to the point that they can no longer stop.

Aina also opens her mouth to reinforce her sister’s words.

—That’s right. From that moment on, we fell in love with Hayato-kun and we want you no matter what. I want Hayato-kun, I want to be loved by Hayato-kun and I want to conceive Hayato-kun’s child.

—Why are your words so powerful?

—Powerful? Not at all, it’s normal♪

Normal you say? Aren’t you aware of the destructive power they have?! 

Every word that comes out of her mouth, makes my whole-body shudder. But they also make me relax quite a bit.

There is a big clash between the intentions of both of them. Arisa wants to be supportive and an important factor in my life, while Aina wants to have a baby with me and start a family.

—The day you told us about your family, I discovered that you, the person who saved us, have a big emptiness in your heart, and a very lonely life. I don’t want you to continue living that way, I want you to bury that sadness and drown yourself in the love that we can give you — said Arisa while she squeezed my hand more tightly.

—As long as we are by your side, and we give you the love that you need, I am sure that you will not want to leave us, and you will always look for that affection that we can give you… What do you say? You don’t want us to leave you alone, right?

—It’s true.

Our meeting was not normal, but it is precisely because of that situation that we are together now. And I, I don’t want to get away from this warmth and love that they give me. 

—I… I don’t want to be alone again.

—Yes, we know.

—Yes, we know.

They both hugged me on either side, making me stay in the middle of them and their breasts… It feels so warm to be like this, it’s like a swamp full of love, and I don’t even care if I get swallowed up in it.

—…But, it’s not enough.



As much as I helped these girls and they want to return the favor, it’s not fair if we don’t have an equal relationship. 

—I can’t just accept that you guys want to support me and make me feel loved. So, I also want to do the same for you.

I’m sure they’ll tell me that won’t be necessary. But I simply cannot allow these girls to give me everything without me giving them something in return.

—I still stand by what I said before. Arisa, Aina, I will never make you sad. I will become the man you deserve, someone you can trust, so that you will never regret choosing me.



I put my hands on both of their shoulders, making Arisa and Aina stare at me. Seeing their beautiful blue and red eyes gave me the final push I needed.

—I will always be with you to support you and to protect you… I don’t want to limit myself to be the one who receives all your love and gratitude. Therefore, I will also do the same for you. I—…

Yes, I have it all clearer, I will not miss this opportunity.

—Arisa, Aina, I love you….




I was pushed down so hard that I didn’t even have time to feel a sense of accomplishment at having told them that I love them. Their big breasts crush my body, and they hugged me so tightly that for a moment I thought I was in a dream because nothing could be so perfect.

—I want both of you to stay by my side… I don’t want you to leave me.

—Yes. I’ll always be by your side.

—Yes. I’ll always be with you, Hayato-kun♪

The girls hugged me much tighter. I’m getting addicted to this kind of hugging.

Unconsciously, my body and heart didn’t want them to leave me, I wanted to receive this warmth all the time, making me completely dependent on them.

I am so happy…I chose to drown myself in their love so deeply that I could never come out again.

—…Hey, Hayato-kun.


—Aina and I knew that this love was quite unusual. But we couldn’t escape from it.

—Yes… To tell you the truth, we both fell madly in love with you…

After saying that, they kissed me on both cheeks, making noises with their lips, and then looked at me with a big smile on their faces.

—I’m going to serve you a lot from now on♪♪

—And you and I are going to have many children.

—Um… Yes.

Wait a minute, I just nodded, but isn’t that a bad idea?

—Aina, I understand your desire, but we’re still in high school… We’ll have to wait several years for that.

—Eh ~ Yes… it’s true.

Even though everything we felt was already said and we seemed to come to an agreement. I had to ask one last important question.

—Hey… I know I ended up choosing both of you as my girlfriends, but are you okay with this?

—Huh? Is there something wrong with that?

—I don’t get it, should there be something wrong with it?

Apparently, there was nothing to worry about. 

Dear mother and father. For the second time in my life, I have a girlfriend again. And this time it’s two beautiful and wonderful girls.

That night, Arisa and Aina were on the balcony looking at the sky.

They were remembering the day that special boy entered their lives. Despite such misfortune, they were able to be with the perfect man that both sisters longed for, and they were happy to be able to connect with him, and officially form a relationship between the three of them.

Hayato had already gone home, but they couldn’t get to sleep as they were so excited for everything to come. 

—Aina, now I can finally serve Hayato-kun.

—Yes, that’s right. And so will I♪.

Apart from Arisa, who puts her hand to her cheek and lets out a heated sigh, Aina’s face became a mask that she couldn’t show to anyone else as she imagined how things would be between her and Hayato.

However, she seems to worry about her sister Arisa.

—I understand that you want to devote yourself to Hayato-kun, but if you want to be a slave or something, keep it to yourself, okay?

—I know. I doubt very much that Hayato-kun would accept it… It would prevent me from acting that way. But…


—Don’t you think it sounds kind of wonderful? I… Hayato-kun’s slave…

—Are you serious…?

—This to me is just like your desire to have a baby with him.


They both have strong feelings for Hayato, and although the goal for him to fall in love with them is the same, they have totally opposite plans. Anyway, Arisa wants to be enslaved by Hayato, and Aina wants to have children.

It is a different form of love, but fortunately they also understand the weight of that love.

—And even if our love is strong, we cannot bind Hayato-kun in any way. We have to make him accept our love as it is.

—Yes. This is just the beginning, we still have many years ahead of us to change and be better… So, let’s limit ourselves for now to support him and make him not regret having chosen us, Aina.


When Aina nodded to Arisa’s words, a breeze blew as if to mark the moment. The wind was enough to ruffle the girls’ hair, it was already December and the nights were quite cold.

—It’s freezing! Let’s go to sleep now, sister.

—Huh? Will you sleep over here? Well, you’re welcome anyway.

Before Arisa could give her the green light, Aina had already laid down on her bed, she understood in such a way that her cute little sister was excited about Hayato.

Lying side by side on the bed, Aina opened her mouth with a soft smile.

—You know, I didn’t expect Hayato-kun to be so sincere with his feelings.

—Yes… Just remembering it makes my heart beat faster.

They were both impressed by Hayato’s words. They didn’t expect him to be willing to take so much responsibility. And they were not only delighted by that, but also by the performance he showed when they were away from home.

—I was very disappointed with that child’s father. For a moment I thought again that I couldn’t trust any man, well… I don’t, but, that hatred was intensifying again, until Hayato-kun appeared… Hearing his words of despair at that moment was kind of cute.

—Right. When I looked at Hayato-kun, he looked a little tense, but at the same time I thought he looked cute. I felt like I was going to explode with love seeing him in that state, and I really wanted to hug him.

Even if Hayato couldn’t properly phrase it, his desperate attempts to convey his feelings to the sisters turned out to be endearing.

As Arisa said, she was deeply disappointed with the father of that lost child, but again, it was thanks to an unfortunate situation that Hayato appeared to be the ray of hope between them, and in turn, clarify her feelings once and for all.

—I don’t blame Hayato-kun for thinking that we feel interest in him because of what he did for us. But it was also not a lie when I said that after getting to know him better and seeing the intentions he had for us, those feelings became even stronger.

—You are right. When I learned about his sad and lonely life, I had the compelling need to fill that void with my love for him. And his personality also attracted me a lot. I’m so glad I fell in love with him… I made a good choice♪.

The suspension bridge effect, the momentum of the moment and the shocking experience were nothing more than a staging by life for these three people to meet each other.

Even though all these events were responsible for the sisters being attracted to Hayato, it was up to him to make sure that this love would not remain superficial.

—Aina, let’s love Hayato-kun very much from tomorrow on.

—Of course it won’t be one-sided, since we will be loved too.



The sisters’ smiles were pure enough to dazzle even the darkest heart… But, let’s not forget that, underneath those beautiful smiles, there are very unusual feelings of love.

—Hayato-kun, I will serve you better than ever.

—Hayato, let’s love each other deeply and deeply until… Kyaaa♪

There is no doubt that happiness awaits Hayato, but at the same time he will have a hard time with both sisters.

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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